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Dear friends and Crew,

I love to travel. Guru Kriyaji was just in Gothenburg sharing Her Divine wisdom and love with us for 5 glorious days and with Her I went on a journey. On Friday I journeyed deeper into my breath with Ujjaji Pranayama, on Saturday into my heart with the Hrudaya Teachings, and on Sunday into a Rose Garden with the Rosary Prayer practice. Journeys. The yogis journey is primarily an inward one that leads to an expansive journey of cosmic proportions. The Guru illuminates the road map to that journey and embodies the destination. It is invaluable.

As a yoga teacher I hope to share the road map that I have already well travelled and experienced through my daily journeys into Sadhana (daily spiritual practice). 
I do love to travel. Some of my best travel experiences are on the magic carpet of my meditation mat.

I have the good fortune to have friends in Bali. I plan to visit them in April next year and wish to invite you all to the retreat we have created there. My beautiful friend Erica and I are also planning a return visit to Solhälla Kursgård next year and a journey into silence. My next few months will be travel intensive. I have Malmö, Dubai and Sri Lanka on the itinerary and look forward to time with friends and family and all the opportunities to share YogaMonks. I have a few more open classes and monthly workshops on my diary in Gothenburg before we end for the season and I hope I will see you at Our Space for these events. See schedule below or on the website.

This month I also have a special party planned for End of Term and offer ideas with the lovely things we have in our shop such as beautiful hand crafted malas and yoga/meditation mats, and other items for your Christmas giving. We plan to sing with Anna&Martin, dance and drink tea together. Welcome Sunday November 20th.

With much love and until soon,



the YM Method

- relieving you of common aches and pains
- supporting you with better posture and spine health
- giving you ease in movement, breath and being still
- preparing you for Hatha Yoga and other advanced spiritual practices

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Lunar Home Retreat 7 days

Guaranteed a deepening of your personal practice ability and affect.
Be prepared to find meditation very easy in the environment that I create for you.
From February 1st to February 7th you can join me every day for a daily practice spiritual connection.

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Stand in your Power

This year is brimming with NEWNESS. Have you felt it too?

I am talking about the energy we feel in the natural atmosphere around us, in the planet herself and the way the moon, sun and stars speak to us, in the sense of time, in the inner awareness experience.

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5th Dimension Planet

Are you curious about the planetary shift into 5D?
Are you interested in awakening your awareness of your multi-dimensionality?
Are you aware that we entered a new Golden Age?
Have you been experiencing weird physical symptoms and emotions that make you feel as if you might be ill or anxious but you know deep inside that there is nothing really wrong with you?
Read on to discover Mithila’s 5th Dimension Upgrade experience and related services.

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