Love Letter 7 : to the family

Posted: 19 August, 2017 By Blog


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 Love Letter 7: to the Family

Dear Crew and Friends,

A few days ago was my fortieth. This month I am offering my gratitude to those who have seen me through many beautiful birthdays, the closest of the closest family and friends who on a personal level have supported these past 10 years of my professional life. 
These friends, family really, and my birth family have seen me through the transition from one career to another with joyful appreciation.

My parents had courage. They had the courage to leave me the choice of staying in Sweden when I was at an educational crossroad, and then they had the courage to accept that all they had worked for in terms of bringing me a professional successful career in IT was going to be abandoned for a different future, a different career. For these courages choices I am forever grateful to mother and father. Thank you. Moreover my first teacher training was gifted by them and many months of practice in Sri Lanka over the years has been supported lovingly. Thank you for believing even when it seemed unclear to you.
I love you.

My brother not only has been technical support during my first company creations and website adventures, he has himself been an inspiration as an ever creative entrepreneur and business dare-devil. Bold and brave. I have appreciated that. It gave me faith to do my thing. I love you.

My oldest and closest friends have encouraged every step of the way, financially propped me through low liquidity phases, offered their minds eye over decisions and travelled with me on new adventures that my work took me on. They have themselves many become dedicated students of the practice. They have expressed in words and actions their faith in my choices of lifestyle even though it changed how we knew each other from before. They rolled with it gracefully. They embraced and enjoyed.
Mezada, Louise, Stina, Niklas, Nina, Malin Å, Abimani, Mahesha, my Uppsala family Leif, Christina, Jessica, Johan and Jennica - I love you. 

Friends who got to know me during this decade who have become co-conspirators in creative living, Zaki, the Dahlmans, Jurgen, Anna Q, Eva, Emily & Emily, Ella, Erica, Karin, Liselotte, Anders, Johan, Jonas, Calle, Rohini, Deah, including many of the YM friends/students already 'named' in previous emails are among these bright lights. And the many children.
I love you.

As of recent months several new beloveds have joined this light list. I love you. Too. :-D 

These words were not moved on to the page without tears.
How could they be?

With Love, and Gratitude for your Love,

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