September MuseLetter

Posted: 26 August, 2020 By Blog

Dear readers and friends,

Aside from a thriving herb garden I have not been able to harvest more than a few radishes from my vegetable garden this summer. I harvested nearly nothing from seed. Reaped nothing edible from what I had sown.

I had attempted Kålrabbi, Carrots, Mangold, Turnips and Sallads. First due to rapid weather changes, then due to rabbits and ants, slugs and bird attacks it all withered away before it even began. To this list of thwarts I must add my own absolute beginner-ness to the field (literally! haha). I have not given up on it yet and next year I will begin again. 

As poor as the vegetable harvest has been, the healthier my inner creative garden has grown and I have harvested from seeds I planted many, many moons ago. I am looking forward to sharing that harvest with you in this and upcoming newsletters throughout the Autumn and Winter. I hope it nourishes you and feeds your body and soul for years to come. 

My first offerings to lay at your table are below starting with a collection of showcases of video based practice. These free instructional as well as inspirational videos are collections that you can browse at your leisure. Links are here below as well as on for easy overview and access whenever you need it.

You can also follow Mithila Kara on Vimeo to get the latest uploads directly. 

My second offering is a fresh looking Instagram. 

My third offering is the blog on

That is just the first harvest. 
In another month I will have more that has grown up and out and be ready for the picking. 

Happy munching!

With Love,

Hatha Yoga

“I have lived in my body this long, yet how well did I really know her many folds, her many crevices?’’

The merging of breath and posture (either dynamic or still / held postures), through specific energetic channels of the Bodies is the very art and science of Hatha Yoga.

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Online Course

Your online daily practice success resource with Mithila.

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Manageable Movements

simple body awareness practices

Breathing Better

simple breathing practices

Simply Sitting

simple seated guided meditation practices

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