Lunar Galactic Party


Together with the Galactic Councils I am organising colourful, joyful, high spirit, high vibe Galactic Parties to Channel Light Language and other guidance and healing, integration help and much more for those who are interested in this expansive journey. With love, Mithila



This is now a LIVE EVENT at Arken Hotel, Gothenburg. Also possible to Zoom LIVE.

SPECIFIC INFO JUST IN: We might be working with crystals - is the message I received about this Sunday.

Read Party Guests Reviews from the 12.11 Event here.


''One of the most important shifts in this process right now is

shifting out of Fear Based Patterns in ones life.

Assistance in transmuting the fear based narrative of the world.

To hold the vision of love and light for oneself and others.

Empowerment. Sovereignty.''



Galactic Parties are an experience of great wonder, great love and healing.

These events are multi-disciplinary, non-denominational, Multi-Dimensional and Earth Energy Consciousness upgrades. 



I am not only a channel for telepathic spoken messages and communication.

I channel actual high energy vibrations into the space that we open for the session (whether you are there live or on zoom this is felt and experienced) and in that way I act as a conduit for quantum healing, specific higher dimensional vibrations, Light code activations etc...through sound, Light Language and other Energy Meditations. This is felt by all in the session in different ways suitable to each individuals needed experience and capacity. 

I will be channeling what is needed for the group that has gathered, myself, and for the place we are in within the new Timeline of 5D. For more details on the 5D Earth Upgrade Project read this.


Therefore each event will be unique. 

They will contain elements of Light Language, Breath, Voice and Mudra Energy Activation and Integration Processes, they will contain messages from the Higher Dimensions and Galactic Guides (such as Angelic Realm, Animal Spirit Realms, Pleiadian, Arcturian and other Alien/Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), prayers from all world religions and spiritual traditions and more that I have yet to discover myself as a newly initiated Channel.

Also activation of new Light Codes that are entering Earth vibration but also activating dormant Codes in us humans as we who are alive at this time are meant to experience this extraordinary vibe transformation in our lifetime. 

The integracion and assistance to assimilate the new paradigm, new tigmline (timeline) and energy vibrations to our human experience.

You can access previous messages channeled through Mithila here. 


Registration terms

Cannot particpate LIVE?

Sign up and we will send you the recordings 7 days after the event and you will have access for 30 days.


  • the event will take place whether it is 1, 10 or 100 people who are present
  • the event will only be cancelled if Mithila is for any reason unable to hold the space
  • the event requires your registration using the form below, by DEC 11th to ensure a LIVE EVENT
  • if you have not received Party Details and/or Zoom confirmation details at least 24 hours prior to the event please e-mail us 
  • if you need to cancel, let Mithila know, however, there is NO cancellation fee OR cancellation timeframe for the Zoom Events
  • For the LIVE participation there will be a non-refundable downpayment prior to the event to cover event hosting costs, and the remaining Energy Exchange is something you offer after the Event as per below details
  • arrive on time for the event, fresh and in your bright, colourful clothes, that are comfortable to move, sit and lay down and relax in, bring a yoga mat and meditation blanket if you wish to lie down or sit on the floor, we will provide chairs
  • for Zoom, have a space that is clean, a comfortable chair to relax in as well as floor space in case you want to sit in meditation during the event or lie down warm and comfortable
  • have plenty of water at hand, and some snacks in case you need to ground the energy
  • try and be uninterrupted, and you can leave for the bathroom etc... as you wish but get back in the zone as soon as you can, and you can also leave the event entirely if you need to, just send us a message after so we know you are well
  • PRIVACY: it is very important that all participants feel their privacy is protected. NO recording of the event is permitted, NO video sharing, ALL Social media and other devices and apps not needed for Zoom should be shut off during the whole event, NO SHARING of video material or pictures of the participants during or after the event. If you wish to share pictures of yourself attending the event after the event, that is ofcourse up to you. :-D
  • Mithila may record the event. If the recording is of the Zoom video where you are visible, you can rest assured that this will NOT be publicised in any way. It will be ONLY for Mithila's internal records. If the video is recorded for public then it will ONLY be Mithila on video separately from the LIVE or Zoom event.
  • DRUGS: NO drugs or other intoxicants are used prior to or during this event by the hostess or any particpants. This is a DRUG FREE ZONE.
  • On occasion we might introduce a glass of (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) beverage and food as a celebratory gesture AFTER the Main Event. For the Zoom events you can prepare for this as you yourself wish to do.
  • Set aside 2-3 hours. Each event is given plenty of time, to  gather, relax, enjoy, share and be together.
  • we welcome your feedback after the event, to share with others who might be thinking of joining next time, and we appreciate your help in spreading the word of the Upgrade Project with those who you feel are drawn to it or need it in their lives in someway.



  • The exchange asked for is € 110 / 1100 SEK per Party per Person.
  • If you need a concession simply offer what you can. If you wish to offer more, we welcome your donation.
  • You can be multiple particpants in one household (example on ZOOM)  joining the party at the same time and the energy exchange requested is per person particpating.
  • Your children under age 18 may join for free, and under parental discretion and advice.
  • Remember we will not cancel even if it is just 1 person, YOU, attending.
  • All payments are to be made in the week AFTER the event.
  • For those who wish to go regularly to these once a month Parties there is a multiple session offer from 2022. You can book a 10 session bundle for €880/8800 SEK (ex 25% VAT for business invoicing / inc for private persons). These sessions can be used as tickets for Galactic Parties or individual sessions with Mithila or used to pay tickets for other events on the calendar
  • All payments are made following this information. If you need a receipt/invoice let Mithila know BEFORE you pay.







19 December 2021, at 18:00–21:00


Arken Hotel Gothenburg, Sweden / and Zoom Online






Galactic Party 01.01.2023 Event

For the LIVE Event register by Dec. 1st, 2022. Zoom event registration possible up to an hour before the start of the Event.

Before signing up, please read all details below. If you are one of our regular guests, what is new will be right at the top.