Aura & the Auric Field

The whole aura can be measured as an Energy Field about 1 meter surrounding a human. Let us call this your personal space :-D. 


It is made up of (by the definition I use in the YM Method) the 5 bodies. (See also Bodies). 


An Aura can be whole, healthy and colourful, light-filled and beautiful. It can also have holes, be cluttered, contaminated, heavy and imbalanced. Our Aura is composed of our Subtle Energy Bodies, which in turn affect and are affected by our Physical Body primarily through the Chakra system. Therefore overall well-ness is a result of constant and dynamic communication of multiple layers, dimensions and characteristics of being (diet, lifestyle, habits, thoughts…the list goes on).


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Merriam Webster Dictionary 

Definition of aura



: a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source

The place had an aura of mystery.


: a subtle sensory stimulus (such as an aroma)


medical : a subjective (see SUBJECTIVE entry 1 sense 4b) sensation (as of voices, colored lights, or crawling and numbness) experienced at the onset of a neurological condition and especially a migraine or epileptic seizure


: an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being


: a luminous radiation : NIMBUS


First Known Use of aura

1686, in the meaning defined at sense 1b

History and Etymology for aura

Middle English, from Latin, puff of air, breeze, from Greek; probably akin to Greek aēr air