7 days
15 minutes per day

Manageable Movements

 simple body awareness practices

Breathing Better

simple breathing practices

Simply Sitting

simple seated guided meditation practices


with myself, Mithila, as your guide.


Tell me more about this program.

All you need is a device with which you can stream video online. 

Link to the 7 day Free Online Practice on Vimeo 

Link to Practice Guidelines for the 7 day trial


Further Information 


If I want to continue to practice...

what does the online program streaming cost after the 7 day free trial?


...when I teach my daily practice group class programs live in Sweden or through private lessons...
the value of my daily practice programs, in minimum, are 10800 SEK* per year.

The value for this year long daily online program is 4200 SEK* - unlimited user access to the program.

The price I am actually setting for this online program is far less.

Why ?

I made this online program so that the wonder-filled benefits of daily practice success

is available to as MANY people as possible. 


 That’s why the 'Daily Does It' online program will market at a blissful

365 SEK 

The 7 day trial is free
The full program is 365 SEK - just 1 Swedish Krona per day of practice *

It will be available for purchase from December 11th.

Good or Great ? :-D

Inquiries and bookings to





**** 365 SEK - €35         10800 SEK - €1030       4200 SEK -  €400