Channeled Messages with a multi-dimensional diary and an accelerated (5D+) expansion experience


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I apologise for spelling errors, I'm working fast to get these messages out and simply don't have the time/energy right now to correct all text perfectly. Please note I only Channel what I experience directly. I am following others who work with similar work as I do, but I do not read much or repeat information I have read from other Channels. I want to understand my own insight and channeling experience as purely as possible. I do compare notes with other Channels to see if we are receiving similar messages or general direction of Energy readings at the time.


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“dear ones, the divine plan is unfolding, there is nothing to fear, all is well, We are the Arcturian Council of Light and we are of the ninth dimensional reality and we have a higher perspective than most. And we see, we see what is unfolding, we not only see what is unfolding we are part of creating what is unfolding, planet Earth has a great deal of protection from the Great Cosmic Councils that work together to preserve Light, and even though things may look difficult, chaotic, completely out of control, we ask of you, of each of you, to remember this message and take a higher perspective. Hold that higher perspective in your own energy field and you will assist all the forces of Light that are working constantly through the chaos, through the great turmoil, through the many changes that are still yet to come on Earth, but know that we are in it, we are in it, we are in it with you and we are holding the Light.  We have never been closer to planet Earth than we are now and there is nothing to fear. Help us hold the Light, help us raise the Light. We of the Arcturian Council of Light thank you for your presence, for hearing us and for assisting us. If and when you see us know that we come with love and peace, that is all.”


This message was channeled on the April New Moon and I felt it signifcant to transcribe and share on this diary. 


6/5 Chording Continues

On my plate, the chording work described below continues daily, every afternoon in a sleep like state. Some hours before and after is challenging too. This work is some of the most tiring I have experienced yet ( or I am just worn out from months of energy work with no time off from it...). I am eating a lot and resting a lot this week and experiencng the energy work described on today and the previous update. How are you all doing out there? With love, Mithila

P.S I have deactivated my facebook accounts and I am taking a longer social media break from Instagram as well, so please e-mail or text message to share experiences. Thank you. 



5/5 portal and energy update 

I felt the 5/5 (5th of May) portal opening on May 3rd afternoon. When the portal opened I received the channeled message that this portal is about Telepathic Energy Codes/Keys entering the Collective Consciousness field. I am suggesting that this means that the ability to use Telepathy will become more known and common for humans again. I am suggesting that this will awaken communication not only between humans telepathically but also the multi-dimensional ability to telepathically communicate (as I do when I channel etc…) with other dimensions and beings will become more able again for humans. We all have degrees of multi-dimensional abilties such as telepathy, being human, but this means that the abilities will expand moving forwards. 


Lets see what happens next on this expansion adventure.

Meanwhile I am catching a moment to update the Energy experiences of the previous week. To recap, at the beginning of last week (end of April) I was engaged in Energy Work/Light Work that involved the bringing of the 5D subtle energy planet into corporeality, the filling out of the energy grids of subtle Gaia into physical space/time, and other mind-blowing shenanigans. My own role in this was partly to do the energy work (as reported in previous days updates) and to report on the process by my being made aware of what was happening on inter-dimensional plans. Naturally multiple things are happening simultaneously and I can only share what I am privy to see and record. What else? After the few physical days of being in this energy work I started to get an inner sense that the Accelerated Expansion Timeline that I and some others have been on for 2-3 years is about to come to a close. Meaning that we will soon be at the end of the accelerated timeline and fall into a more gradual expansion timeline again. 

What I have seen happen this week in my own expansion experience is that I have been spending a lot of time in a dreamless sleep state and I believe the process of anchoring the 5D formed Gaia into the 4D has been happening this week. This (according to previously received channeled information) would mean that the collective consciousness will start to awaken to the energy of the new planet in the dream-state :-D. We should see people literally waking up feeling differently about themselves and their world. How lovely that would be and what a wonderful way to experience an expansion of consciousness. I do not have further info on this point but if you see and hear something along these lines, witnessing uplifting changes in peoples energy and attitudes (for no apparent reason) around you that wasn’t there before - do let me know!


I was involved in this sleepy 4D job :-D for a few days and after that it switched for a more personal process. I found myself being untethered/unchorded from the old planet (physically letting go of attachments to the old life). I did not have much to let go of at this stage in my process but there was still a feeling of wanting to close down all external communications and chords in order to be connected directly to Gaia and to God Source and not use any other means of connection at this time. This manifested for me in some deep heart to heart talks with God, some break-down of stuff but also a physical gridding and chording of my physical corporeal being to the 5D corporeal being and to God Source within that new field of connection. I felt the work happen Tuesday to Wednesday this week, May 3-4th, and it was primarily through the Sacral chakra, the Navel chakra and the Chakra in between these two. Then it moved to Solar and Heart. Most of the work was the back body being chorded to Earth Energy downwards and the Navel Chakra being chorded upwards to God Source Energy. I am doing my best to describe what I experienced but it may not be a clear picture or useful to you dear reader. 

I am currently writing a longer article on the Accelerated Expansion Process as per inner sensings last week and a nudge from my Guides to do so. As soon as this is ready for reading, you will be the first to know. With love, Mithila


02.05.2022 πŸ›Œ Energy Update zzzz

Dear Ground Crew, perhaps the last two days - are you one of the light workers who have experienced extreme drowsiness / sleepiness and in fact spent most of your time in a sleep realm state day and night ?

If yes I would be curious to know. I certainly have and I know I didn’t expect this job to be a job and not just me catching up with recouping from the intenso energies of the accelerated ascension timeline of last two weeks or so. I have understood for my part that there was an actual energy job in this sleep state and as soon as I have further clarification on what it is I will write up on my channeled diary. Just curious if you’ve found yourself unable to keep your eyes open or do anything but sleep?

Dreams of contact with our galactic family πŸ‘½is not uncommon right now eitherπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’–. I will type up the GFL message about this from the new moon channel last Friday as soon as I can.

With lots of love,



29.04.2022 Summary New Moon Channel


Video clip from Heart Song Space activation

Video Clip Higher Self Light Language of Gratitude from Mithila 

Video Clip Light Language during Pleiadian Heart Song Space Guidance



Light Angels, Pleiadian, Arcturian and Heart Song
Wow what a magical evening - the vibe was so high I was shaking in my seat trying to stay grounded - that’s what the Angelic Realm brings in. I thought it wonderful how these pics show light angels behind me πŸ€“πŸ’«
Graced we were:
πŸ˜‡ Angelic realm guidance, presence and sound / song 
πŸ’œ πŸŽΆHeart Song Space meditation to assist us to find the song of our hearts and our connection to Universal Spirit and teachings / guidance on this
🌟 Pleiadian stargate energy and guidance to sing more and the power of song and just how loved we truly are by our galactic family shared with humor and joy as always by these beautiful beings 
πŸ‘½ Arcturian message to hold the higher perspective as the world changes / to help hold the light of the Divine Plan high as the galactic work proceeds to shift vibration.
And more talks…
Thank you to all involved and participating in creating this lovely vibe and space togetherπŸ’–
Some video soon, for now good night πŸŒš 
With love Mithila Kara

29.04.2022 Pleaidian Star Gate Portal New Moon

Looking forward to journey Multi-Dimensionally with you today.

I have received some pre-cognition about this New Moon. Yesterday for about an hour I was in a vision of a Pleaidian Stargate, it was a 3D geometric gateway of Light surrounded by beautiful blue light Beings that were dancing around and holding the gateway for this New Moon Portal. What I learnt from this vision is that the Pleaides are actively involved in the Energies of this new moon and the eclipse weekend. Let us see if they channel through today or what naturally unfolds for us. I am excited for us to gather in remembrance.


28.04.2022 New article from my newsletter related to Accelerated Expansion and my personal story in this process. 

27.04.2022 April Retrospective and Energy Update


Dear friends, allow me to summarise the energy experience and share what has been happening this recent week on Inter-Dimensional Planes. Whoa! It's mind-blowing stuff. 

Primary themes during April:

- Heart Space becoming the primary Portal for receiving Activations from and allowing through the...

- ...Massive Light Codes Influxing through Solar Emissions etc...(Galactic Energy), clear change in the type of energy since Easter, a heightened vibration of these codes compared to previous months, the LIGHT has been STRONG people!

- Massive integracion issues with above codes creating, tingling, shaking, shedding, cleaning and clearing out of our bodies for integrace of upgrades. Of course plenty more symptoms depending on who we are and what we are purging. Also though a lot of bliss and beauty in the 5D experience.

- Light workers like myself have had JOBS almost every day to physically and inter-dimensionally be anchors of this energy, to be prisms through which the energy moves into being - tough (though not heavy) work my friends, it's a lot of energy to handle, but we did it, we are being it!

- This week I have sensed a particular job. I was given insight in trance mission meditations every afternoon since Monday. The subtle energy planet of 5D has now long been in existence, in fact we were many who helped this happen, to my knowledge I have been active with this work since September 2021, and the Galactic Guides confirmed it being done and ready a few months ago (see previous channels).

This subtle energy planet is now being ''filled in''. Here is what I have seen through my inter-dimensional work:

Monday afternoon: Deep Masc/Fem Energy Alignment and Rebalancing

Tuesday afternoon: Holding open the Golden Gates of Gaia so that the currency of the LIGHT CODES that are needed for her manifestation or filling, can happen. I receive the words ''corporeal''

 (having a body, in this case the body of the new 5D Gaia planet)

and ''firmament'' to describe the energy process that I am witnessing.

(Firmament has so many meanings, look it up and be awed, I do not know yet fully why this word is what came...but there it is.)

Wednesday afternoon: Golden Molten Lava like energy flows through the golden gates, entering the subtle energy grids of subtle energy 5D planet GAIA, filling out the grid. We sing this. It was so beautiful as I was part of a group singing through Light Language song, singing the GAIA golden light flows into the Golden grids of the subtle Energy Gaia. I tried to record some of the song out aloud and if it is possible to share it I will. Might take a few days for me to get to the point. So much else going on. So it was a form of filling up the subtle planet so it can be more substantial and it is in a sense (if I 'got it' right) a walking in of Planet 5D Gaia on Planet 3D Gaia via the 4D Gaia astral reality dimension. One dimension step at a time? :-D

Many of us can already access 5D and 5D Gaia energetically and we do, we even feel the split between the two worlds acutely in our sense ability which is in fact rather stressful at times.

I expect (and dearly hope) that we will all feel fully settled/anchored in our energy bodies when this merging (if that is how the planet ascends...) of the planet is complete. In the new 5D access we can expect a different life experience, one that we can already sense energetically when we can tune into that higher dimension, but will be just here for all to access when the shift is complete? I put a question mark as I am sensing out aloud where this is going and what we can expect. Let us expect what we cannot yet expect. :-D Clearly both planet and beings on it (us etc...) have to ascend to accomplish this journey and that is the journey we are all so long on...


I asked what this all means, are there many planets at once, how will we experience the filled out 5D planet? This is what I sensed in answer to my queries. There are Gaia Tri, three planets, one is the 3D which we have been feeding with our 3D consciousness and the one we see physically to a certain extent (we don't fully see all the dimensions of the planet in the 3d Reality and with 3D vision either). The 4D astral version of the planet is also visible and sense able due to our collective astral consciousness of planet earth 4D, here is where we already can move beyond the veil of the Matrix of 3D - a realm many of us spiritual workers have been moving through and into for a long time.

The 5D planet now has been formed in the subtle energy (5D as a dimension could always be reached by those who could move inter-dimensionally but it is the planet Earth 5D energy we are relating to here not the 5D dimension in general which includes (?) other planets, beings etc...).

This subtle energy 5D Gaia is walking in on the 4D and through the astral dream realm many people on 3D earth will waken to the new 5D sense and reality, this process will gradually allow 5D Gaia to manifest as the primary consciousness or version that we collectively hold as reality, or the new paradigm. Essentially it will replace 3D Earth? 

In this new paradigm we have access to 5D being on a far greater scale and ease than we have now. This is the ascension process as I have now understood it through the download yesterday. I do not have a fully clear knowing, hence I place question marks around what I am writing, and yet I have shared fully here what I sensed was being imparted to me. 

There are several theories on what this is and how it will be, when I see and follow other channels reporting on the 5D evolution. I have not had any resonating experience or felt yes or no to any of those theories and this is the first time I am getting information directly myself about what and how this process is. Take what resonates. I am in wonder at it all and grateful for receiving the information. I have felt all week that I am not to schedule any other work as I will be needed for inter-dimensional work almost full time and and so it has been. 


Today Thursday as I write this I have felt a very emotional energy, and I understood that this feeling I have like 'I cant do this anymore' in relation to the light work and energy work (it is so all consuming my friends that I am at times overwhelmed) but I recognise that this feeling means we are all in a break-through. We are at a point of break-through and the emotional energy I am picking up on is just the message that we, the prisms of this new light paradigm, have done good work and have transformed ourselves and the collective with galactic assistance (absolutely they are super involved as are our higher dimensional selves that got on board this timeline and incarnated to do this work on Earth), along with all other life on Earth and Earth Herself to shift into a new Golden Age. We are in it now. It is continuing to happen now. 

We might expect people to experience this shift through their ordinary physical ailments becoming aggravated or 'worse' (as an energetic sign and prodding to stop and make changes in their life, or to slow people down to be able to receive the energy upgrades - I have seen some signs of this around me, please let me know if you notice this too in yourself or others). 

I might also at this point onwards, due to the download yesterday, expect people to have dream states that guide them into 5D knowing. Let's see what happens next! Let me know what you see and observe around you. Thank you! with love, Mithila



26.04.2022 Transfusions


What an Energy Shift in the past two weeks. Since Easter I am picking up on a totally new Light Grade of the incoming Light Codes from Solar Flares etc...and it is making us wired, fried and cooked in some cases and perhaps heavy purging of denser energies for some of us as well. Even if we are not purging, and I have not been lately, just holding the intensity of the energy and anchoring it into the Earths grid is challenging energy work for us Light Workers. I have written quite a few updates in past weeks and if this resonates and helps you to understand your own experience then I have done my job.


I am expecting an epic Channel on this Fridays New Moon Meditaton. Hope to see you there.


25.04.2022  Energy Update: Left/Right Imbalance ?

Beloveds, I’ve just been agonizing over the energy discomfort I’ve been feeling for the past hours - it became more acute and I had to go deep into it to understand what’s happening. At first it was an overload on the heart chakra that sent me to horizontal stillness, it became very difficult to remain still and the discomfort suddenly got worse. I tried movements, savasana, breathwork you name it but nothing took the discomfort away and I was feeling all my physical imbalances for no reason. I asked and kept asking until I understood the energy. There is a big Left/Right or rather masculine / feminine or ida/pingala energetic rebalancing going on in our collective energy field - this can appear or you might sense it as your own left/right body acting up in discomfort. I found that the insight helped my body to better handle the process for myself and collective energy reading response from my own field. 
I hope this insight assists those of you who might be acutely and stressfully feeling this imbalance right now. For me the insight helped more than any movements or anything I was trying to do. Now I know what the job is :) or what’s happening around us it’s easier to relax and allow the energy to flow through and do our job as light workers and grid anchors of these new light codes. Blessings to our work πŸ™πŸΎwith love Mithila Kara


23.04.2022 Integrace the Light
Beloveds, I keep saying “what Light!” The Light Code Activations are intenso πŸ’«. How are you doing out here ?
I am not feeling any particular chakra but just a general cooked and even fried feeling from all the upgrace we are now receiving. 
A few days ago I made a Light Language Channel to assist myself in absorbing the Light Activations that were then so strongly affecting 3rd eye and heart chakra domains. For whatever reason I could not upload the video but I use the video again and again myself and felt such a relief, soothing calm from it that I will make a new attempt to upload them for you. 
Please note these are NOT activation codes energies. This Light Language Channel is for integracion, absorption, to soothe and calm the physical and astral nerves as we go through such huge energy body change. I feel we are constantly receiving such massive activations through Incoming 5D+ Light Codes to the planet and from the planet ground up into us. I don’t feel we need much assistance or spiritual practice that is designed to activate at the moment - as everything is constantly activated for those susceptible to this process right now. 
( I am writing here for those who are in a similar timeline to mine who are undergoing huge 5D change processes/accelerated expansion symptoms - but I believe and hope the LL in this next video also can assist even if you are not in this big shift process at the moment). 
 I hope it will help you as it has helped me. 
With love, Mithila 


Beloveds, the influx of heightened Light Codes incoming from the activation of the Great Central Sun and our Sun is the name of the game this April. Solar flares, CMEs, you name it, if you are in the accelerated ascension process you will be sensing this in no small way.

Previous posts I’ve been tuning into the primary energetic activation or expression when and where I have been receptive to it myself. Today’s primary activation that I am sensing is the solar plexus. This might express itself as nausea as it does for me today or other symptoms as this chakra gets lit up and cleansed/purged of older density. I am also sensing a general wooziness due to the overload of Light codes upgracing us right now.

Sometimes this accelerated expansion  feels fabulous with no symptoms but when there is clearing, cleaning out or other energy work to do we might get symptoms of that. I find I need to pause and go deeper when I have symptoms and when I don’t I can just go about my everyday life. See what works for you and get help when you need it. Especially from your Guides and Guardians. ☝🏾

About to go deeper into it now to see what else might reveal itself to be known. How are you doing on this day?
with love, Mithila



21.04.2022 Yoga Asana Roots and Expansion Energy Update 

This week I am reconnecting to my spiritual roots with hatha yoga asana and YM Vinyasa Asana preparations with the experienced practitioners YM Sadhana Crews and it has been such fun and good work. (videos on IGTV @yogamonks)
One of the weirdest ascension/expansion symptoms I’ve been through during this 5D upgrace is that the physical body can be completely “weak” and/or unable to move during long periods of energy work/light code receptions/ downloads or other activations and then return itself to “normal/usual” capacity almost overnight when a subtle energy process is complete. As the expansion is accelerated the experience is both bizarre and brilliant! 
e.g: This weekend I could barely walk - it felt like my muscles were atrophied and I was in such pain when I tried to move about like normal ( I felt fine when I was still which is what was needed ) - and then a day or two later I’m back in my body and like the previous experience never happened. 
I have repeated patterns of this process over the last 3 years and I’m amazed every time. Anyone else experiencing this or wondering about it - do let us know.  
With love, Mithila 


20.04.2022 3rd Eye Activations πŸ‘ 
Beloveds, I have had two days of painting, potting and general pottering about with no accelerated expansion symptoms or energy work (😲) for which I have been most grateful - but now, just now, I started picking up on some incoming energy activating the 3rd eye center. So intense I had to lie down for awhile. And just be with it. Receive it. I also sat up to do some light language for myself to help integrace the incoming Light Codes. 
Anyone else having this today ? If I am able I will record some Light Language for integracing these energies during this coming day. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸΎ
Be well!
With love, Mithila


19.04.2022 Heart Space Activations update 

How are you doing ? I was hoping to have a channeled update for the full moon but I needed rest so I cancelled the event at the end of the day. 
What I can share are my own experiences. All weekend the Heart Space activations were full on. Personally I had them all night with no sleep during Saturday and Sunday ( see previous post for further details on the energy ), and on and off I feel the presence of this expansion symptom every day. I am fortunate to say it is not at the moment accompanied by any purging of incompatible vibrations - so I am only experiencing a pleasant albeit intense activation / expansion of the heart space.
I prefer a natural and organic process - so I will channel again when it naturally happens or when I’m actively called to do so. There is extensive channeled info already on this page from previous weeks. It can help you understand the timeline of expansion you might be on right on, especially if you are just noticing expansion symptoms, it can be a helpful guide. Also today I want to share the hopefulness of the 5D energy that becomes more available when we have purged the vibrations of our previous timelines that are no longer compatible with the new now. 
Even in the good vibes it is a lot to digest. Hydrate, rest, meditate and go deeper into the energy you are experiencing to connect directly to your inner sense ( innocence )πŸ’«πŸ’œ. If you need assistance we are many who have been through this expansion process intensely for some years now who can help. 
If you need my help, welcome to email meπŸ™πŸΎ.
With love, Mithila 

16.04.2022 1111 HEART HEART HEART 1111

Dear friends,
I made it to a dinner with friends despite tough crown chakra upgrade symptoms ( yesterday’s two posts ), and then it all to my great amazement and gratitude - stopped. For the few hours of dinner and hanging out with some of my dearest I was in everyday life mode. 
Yet afterwards - all through a perfectly relaxing but perfectly sleepless night - I had heart center downloads and heart center energy anchoring for Collective all through the night hours and when morning came I wasn’t tired. πŸ§ 
Now after a short afternoon nap I am still sensing in what it was specifically - but as the full moon portal opened, yesterday afternoon to my awareness, and I was filled with a delicious portal light code reception energy - my feeling is Light Codes connected to Christ Consciousness Heart Awakening were being travelled through us in a big way. Earlier in the day there was so much crown and eye centers receiving the Light. If any of you were feeling big crown and / or heart center shifts - I am affirming a similar expansion experience. During the night shift I felt that part of it was not personal upgrade but energy work for collective - anchoring of the incoming Light Codes for gridding and dispersion to our collective consciousness field. 
Some of us Light Workers have these type of “jobs” and in these years more than ever. Maybe you are one of them sensing this happening to and through you!
This being my 1111th post (on Instagram)  - I do feel Father Jesus and the Ascended Master presence even as I am writing this. What a divine number timing for Easter Day πŸ₯°
I will channel this full moon portal with greater precision during Monday’s meditation evening, welcome to join us. If I receive further intuitions or other info revealed to me by my Guides sooner, I will keep the Channeled diary updated as soon as possible. 
With love, Mithila
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15..04.2022 Crown Chakra activations - again β˜€οΈ
No sooner that I did write that there haven’t been much Crown Chakra Activation Upgrade symptoms on my timeline lately that I started to get them. 
Since yesterday evening and waking up with the headachy / eye achy / prickly vibes that I’ve come to recognize as the crown chakra activations are full on today. 
My beloved and I are both feeling it and we are wondering how to get on with our family and friends holiday plans in the midst of these activations. πŸ˜… That’s life right now for those who are in this Acc. expansion. Not complaining - it’s an amazing adventure to be living πŸ’«
Here’s what works for me: drinking lots of water 
and the Akashic Mudra 
( see previous posts ). 
Even though the lunar portal is also open I feel that this is not directly related to the energies of this full moon - these symptoms feel more to me like the heightened solar energy based expansion energies that we have continuously been receiving and absorbing into our field for expansion.
So much Light. I haven’t channeled anything or received a download yet on more specifics about what I’m feeling this day - just wanted to share that I have these particular symptoms today and how I handle it - in case you dear reader are experiencing the same. 
As you know this is not to be taken as medical advice. If you are unsure of your experience seek professional medical and spiritual guidance. 
With love, Mithila 
14.04.2022 HANDLING the LIGHTπŸ’«
Gosh golly Gosh what a light influx we are experiencing this week.
What is helping me greatly this week are the techniques I’ve described in the video Integrating the Upgrade: Tips  
( available in my IGTV as well as via the showcase on Vimeo linked up top on this page.
Especially the technique that was given to me in October last year which I refer to as the Adam Kadmon Light Body Sweep/ integracion. This is wonderful to calm the Etheric Body ( what I call the field just above the skin in our aura) which in turn helps the nervous system to relax while we receive this incredible light code exchange at this time. 
In the timeline I’ve been on up until March there was massive change primarily absorbed through our crown chakras ( and the Akashic Mudra in the upgrade tips video works well for that - see previous posts). 
Lately I’ve noticed in my timeline that the process is primarily heart chakra based changes now. Therefore the energy medicine I recommend is the etheric body sweep I demo on the video. From the heart out to the palms and finger tips through the inside line of the arms. From the heart down through the inside line of the legs to the feet and toes. It helped me greatly yesterday and I hope it helps soothe you too as you integrace this new light πŸ€²πŸΎβ˜€οΈ.
Yesterday I had so much restless agitation in my energy field it was super hard to settle ( and I am an experienced energy worker and yoga practitioner who has been working with this stuff for many years πŸ€£). This is why I call it an accelerated expansion and why many others call it rapid ascension/upgrade symptoms.
If you do have accelerated Expansion symptoms: You are not doing anything wrong. It’s just a lot for the being to go through and adapt into. Relaxation is key. Softness too. Surrender absolutely. And I say Yes to it. I Say Thank You. I find this helps me in the moments when it gets muchlyπŸ˜…
With love, Mithila 

13.04.2022 Golden Ray High Priestess Channeled Message

Dear friends, I have now transcribed yesterdays magical channel. It is linked on this separate page. Enjoy!


12.04.2022 GOLDEN RAY GATEWAY April 12th 
Today I was called to Channel and work with Higher Dimensional Energies. Again this took place in the afternoon, beginning with a Heart Space activation and at first it was just as unclear what it was about, as yesterday (see past post).
Soon though a Space Journey began accompanied by my Guru Kriyajis music CD ( called Space Journey πŸ™‚). Together with Her music, my own words and LL sounds wove together magically. 
My job, it became clear, was to hold a Galactic Gateway open ( not alone πŸ˜… ) and I was channeling for the Golden Ray. This was a contribution to the process of Great Cosmic Consciousness Expansion and for Mass Consciousness Awakening for Planet Earth with specifics on Psychic Abilities Upgrades that opens from today. 
The message revealed that there are several celestial bodies in alignment today in a rare unique way that makes it possible for this to happen now. As Divine Order. 
I am now writing from the top of my head as I have not replayed the recording to transcribe yet. Will do so as soon as possible with all the channeled verbatim details but I wanted to share the gist of the message with you on this day when I received the direct experience. Right now I’m still reeling from the magnitude of the channel - it was massive - not in physical time but in power. I have yet to recover β˜ΊοΈ.
I call it the Golden Ray Gateway as this was the primary energy my Higher Dimensional Self was asked to host and channel. There surely is more to todays Energy story than the aspect that I was called to work with and that other Light Workers might be sharing in their channels. 
With hindsight I can say this was what was journeying through (on my post yesterday), or being prepared for that I could not quite name then. The energy portal for this expansion opened (for my sense ability ) yesterday and today it was held and journeyed out through the Heart Portal to here.
Wow! What a life! πŸ’« and as we say in the YogaMonks School “I wonder what will happen when…” and we relax into the moment… to be surprised by joy🌞.
With Galactic Love, Mithila Kara
11.04.2022 πŸ’œ HEART TRAVEL
Beloveds, last few days of energy work has been of the nature of heart travel. The theme of past life timelines integracion work that began about a week ago has continued in my 5D expansion experience. 
Lately I have had the pleasure of working with collecting the sparks of past life timelines and future timelines to integrace into heart coherence of the “now now” timeline. This is the only way I can for now word these mystical journeys. Here is what it looks like in practicality:
1. I feel the energy activation happening in the chakra ( heart chakra mostly right now ) and it’s been in the afternoons lately. 
(Side note: related to yesterday’s post this morning I could get up easily so that too has changed and recent symptoms are instead eye scratchy-ness / eye area energy work vibes since last night)
2. I lie down to go into the energy activity I am sensing and this takes me into the journey of the day 
3. Some journeys were just a sense of the energy thread that tells me if I’m in past or future timelines, some journeys were astral/time travel into other dimensions/ all journeys were had lying down on my sofa with this view β¬†οΈπŸ˜ƒ though mostly πŸ˜Œ. (image on Instagram)
4. Most journeys were about 40 minutes to 1.5 hours but today’s has been over 3 and I haven’t actually yet figured out it’s content except that it was future timeline and “something”being brought through into the present. 
5. I have felt the energy activation in the front heart or back heart energy field or in the whole vast cosmic heart space depending on the journey.
6. The type of knowing I have retrieved on these journeys are my starseed origin information, my known name in the higher dimensions and other sparks of light from past and future selfs. 
7. I AM accounting for my direct experience and nothing else and only as a guide for those in the accelerated process of expansion and I hope the account serves you. Your experience may not relate. I do see similarities in what my closest ones, who are in this process who are on a similar or close by timeline to mine, experience and my experiences.
As you know I advise anyone with any doubt to their health and well being in this process to get checkedπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’œ.

11.04.2022 Correction to 22 portal in February

CORRECTION to the post of the 22 portal in February: what I saw in the meditation that I interpreted as the Tree Of Life Sacred geometry, may acutally have been Metatrons Cube (which I was not so familiar with at the time I channeled the 22 portal). Either way it was a wonderful yantra meditation that we received but I feel now that it was most likely Metatrons Cube that was appearing in the sacred geometry of this meditation and not the Tree of Life Kabbalistic Sacred Geometry.


10.04.2022 πŸ’«β¬†οΈ SYMPTOMS UPDATE ⬆️

Good morning 🌞, it’s a glorious sunny day in Sweden and the snows are melting. I have noticed a shift also in the expansion symptoms in the last 4 days and felt moved to write my experience in case anyone needs to hear it.

If you see previous posts on my website diary I have described my physical 3D experience of the energy work in quite some detail over past months. At the beginning of this week that has been, I had 3 days of what I now call everyday life - where there is little or no energy work/upgrade symptoms at all and I jump out of bed in the morning and spend the day in my everyday life tasks.

This has changed now again at the end of this week. In the mornings I feel physically that I’ve been run over, like I did heavy weights or a burst of exercise the day before ( which I haven’t ), and it takes a long time to gather myself into the physical body in the mornings. I wake up but need hours more in bed to bring myself back into the body. I believe this is how the current currents are expressing itself in 3D. I have been informed that this weeks crystalline integracions are rejuvenating the physical body ( and it sure sounds good even if it doesn’t feel like it yet for some of us πŸ˜‚), and I am just noting how my own body is expressing a shift in the current influx and integracion processes.

I spend a lot of time just being in the afternoons and I have continued to have downloads and energy work/healing as previously described in posts. 

When I have the feeling of a download ( expresses itself usually as a chakra pressure or activation of sorts and a groggy kind of vibe and/or feeling very tired suddenly like all my energy is busy elsewhere ) I now immediately make myself still and go into it and start communicating with the energy and my Guides. (I can also just let it be and the energy runs it’s course and the info is gradually received but I am finding that if I consciously engage the process is shorter and easier.) I go into the energy and meditate with it and then the content of the activity is revealed and I receive an insight on what is happening on an energy level. Then the download symptoms also release as soon as I have absorbed the info. This is a short description of how I work with the expansion energy symptoms. I will write more details as soon as I can and meanwhile I hope this helps.

With love, Mithila


09.04.2022 Energy Update and Light Language share

This short extract (video) from today’s Healing Circle I share with you now as an example of mySelf Light Language expression. This week during rapid downloads I have been given further insights and awakenings to LL, to be able to distinguish different types of Light Languages. I will do a proper write up about this as soon as I can. Soon🀲🏾. When LL became activated in my being 8 months ago I was awestruck by its presence and power to heal and also just how much FUN it is. Both for me the one who is channeling and for the one who is receiving. I keep speaking nowadays of the 5D upgrade and the accelerated expansion that is happening. I have realized I have been in this process for 2 years (along with about 5 other people in my immediate vicinity making it about 5% of the people I know roughly estimated...). For those of us who have been in this so far it has been a real roller coaster of ''what the fruit is happening to me'' to ''this is the most awesome life experience ever''. Yes, it is all that and more. Utterly extraordinary.

In past months I was made aware, in Channeled messages if you see below posts form the Galactics, that another wave of people will begin to go online to the new timeline that I ( among others ) have been moving into during 2021. It is during this phase that I have been activated in this gift of Light Language - something I find so remarkable. I knew about LL before as I have expertise in yogic Mudra practice ( which is one form of LL ) and my Guru is an expert in all forms of LL and I have been on the receiving end of the experience through Her for many years but never known or tried to access sound or written LL and or be with it myself. Now I do. And I see more and more people around me coming into the same skills just recently - I am now concluding that the next wave is fully in progress now and more people will 'wake' and literally wake-up to their multi-dimensional abilities just like that - just like I did. What beautiful remarkable shining times we are in.



06.04.2022 GFL Message to all and with a Light Workers Message 

Beloved readers, yesterday evening my beloved and I received a spontaneous call to Channel from the GFL. We have transcribed the messsage and it is rather long so I have linked it on this separate page. There is a special message to all Light Workers that are going through the Accelarated Expansion Process  right now.  (previously I've been calling it the 5D Earth Upgrade)


I also have a short notice for Light Workers right now. Recently I wrote about how the Ancestors Council called on me to make prayers to bring more Light into a situation. I assumed that it was my family Ancestral Lineage although I felt at the time that I did not recognize them the way I usually recognize the presence / appearance of my actual bloodline family ancestry. But they did look like a large Sri Lankan family photograph :-D... so I assumed it was some group I had not met before. I was right on the latter but not on the former. I did not recignize them as they were the Land or Country Ancestors Council. So I learned in this process that perhaps every country has their own Council overseeing the energy of the country and its people. So the prayers I was asked to do was for the current situation in Sri Lanka and after 2 weeks of daily prayers the 'job' I was recruited for came to an end. I give this description to exemplify the kind of 'work' or 'jobs' you might find yourself recruited for and to be able to recognize the energies and communications and also when the task begins or ends. Wishing you exciting Energy Experiences that enrich your soul and nourish your spirit while you live your glorious earthly life! With love, Mithila


05.04.2022 Intuition Tips

This morning I spontaneously engaged in an activity that I have not done in awhile but that I find very entertaining.

I took my bedside journal and without thinking wrote down questions I have at the moment about my life and day and wrote the spontaneous answers in one long flow. Question then answer and so on until no more questions wrote themselves or I paused to think. Then I stopped.

I love how this can reveal to us our soul conversation at the moment on whatever we are pondering.

It’s an excellent way to reveal intuitive knowing to yourself and also to have communication with your Guides. Very nice way to start my day today with this simple creative conversation.

04.04.2022 further updates
Strange “pressure” in πŸ’œ chakra space lately?

Have you or anyone you know been feeling an unusual pressure over the heart chakra area in the past week? You might want to read my energy updates on my website and see if it helps you understand your experience.

I have found the Mudra which I call the Akashic Mudra to be one of my essential go to’s in the expansion experience I am in. It helps me in so many situations of energy work that I have lost count. Video on IGTV “upgrade tips” or via videos linked above on this page (search for the Upgrade Tips videos). I make this Mudra even when I’m reclining with the fingers pointing to the ceiling.

πŸ’«helps access Akashic Records
πŸ’«helps disseminate incoming light codes and downloads into the auric field with greater ease

Especially if you feel heavy crown /head pressure or heart center pressure from incoming upgrades.

Just today I’ve been working with it to access my Akashic records and channel past lives/future lives timelines into present timeline for coherence and healing where needed. It is delightful to help yourself in this way using your multi dimensional connection. I love helping others with my abilities and it is my job to do so - but it’s deeply satisfying to assist myself with my own healing and well-being.

Many people out there are teaching courses on these subjects. Please look it up if it interests you. At the moment I am not teaching comprehensive courses but I can provide individual sessions to assist you in your journey. I also have weekly events where each guest receives just what they need in the Light Energy Exchange that I channel. Activation of your own sovereign connections to your multi-dimensionality can and do happen in these events. This is also the financially lighter way. Most of us in the timelines of accelerated expansion process are unable to “go to work” and “earn a living” while we are in this process so the group events will assist you at less cost per hour in intergracing and understanding your experience through mine.

Share with anyone who might need this info.πŸ™πŸΎ♥️ with love, Mithila


44 Portal

I wrote updates for you below and the very fact that I woke up earlier today, was able to get myself in front of the computer and write you these updates etc...are all signs to me that my process of expansion is entering a new energy chapter. I am yet to find out if ''anesthesia will be administered and further operations'' take place this afternoon but certainly the day is different so far compared to past 2 weeks. Numerologically we have a 4/4 portal today as every month up to 12/12 has a number repetition portal day. Explore this in the coming months and see if you sense a shift of energy winds on these dates 4/4, 5/5 etc... Sometimes they coincide powerfully with Lunar portals and as it is now we also have Geomagnetic Change due to intensified Solar activity that magnifies all that is in the numerological and lunar portals even more. We can use this information to understand our own emotional, physical, mental experience. To discern what is of yourself and what is environmental or part of the expansion experience and above all to not judge too quickly or jump to habitual conclusions. Nothing is as it was. Begin anew. 


04.04.2022 Energy Update

Looking back on the past week with the CME (Solar flare activity) and corresponding Light Upgrades my experience is that the energy centers most affected have been Heart, Sacral/Root and Throat. Personally I have been in an expansion experience that I call the Healing Surgeries. I have had them many times before in past 3 years (to Head, Skull and Brain especially) and this past week it has primarily been the heart space. 


Open heart surgery week with Pleiadian assistance 

Experience : subtle energy anesthesia (in my case every afternoon) knocks you into a deep sleep like state and energy expansions and realignments take place in the heart space which you might feel as a strong energy, presence, activity / this feeling of activity continues long after the 2-5 hours of Light Work surgery and the anesthesia has worn off - and you feel shortness of breath and difficulty speaking and really no need to do much, just being, receiving and integracing takes all the time there is. You might sleep at night and still find it difficult to get the day going the next day. I feel that I have been in a convalescence phase after the afternoon surgeries until the next day of surgery begins. 

I remember a time when my daily sadhana was one part of many things I did in the day. During this past two week phase I have only done the daily sadhana and spent all the remaining time I have resting and receiving the above described healing experience. It’s not a difficult exhausting thing like the purging experiences of March noted below - but it’s energy consuming to go through these experiences none the less. For my part: a week ago it was anchoring 5D bliss being into the earths grid and this week it has been heart space operations and in both weeks the schedule has been the same: wake up late integracing and convalescing, daily prayer at noon, then an afternoon of Surgery lying in bed or on the couch receiving the healing or anchoring the 5D energies and then recovering/convalescing again from the daily 'operation'.  Sounds fantastical but this is the actual experience to my ability to describe it - and as I said before it is not the first time I go through this experience in my expansion experience. Perhaps you recognise this in your own process? Do let me know!


I have seen that one main thread of the energy of this heart space work is the ''coherence of past lives timelines''. Perhaps you have sensed or received info on some of your past lives in this weeks energy. Most of it isn’t conscious work I find. It is happening for us. For me it is clearly the ongoing expansion experience we are all in at this time and those who are in this timeline that I am in. Other timelines may be experiencing Ancestral Healing Processes, Inner Child Processes, Past Life Recovery and Resolutions, Cosmic Self awakening, Soul Work, Higher Self Integracion, Receiving of New Skills and Gifts or the Awakening of dormant skills and gifts etc...or not feeling any expansion symptoms whatsoever. It all depends on who, what, where and why.  (There are as I see it many aspects to an expansion experience and as soon as I can I will write down more of what I know about this from my experience here but also from a yogic spiritual theory point of view and what is known and documented on the stages of the Self-Realisation process. More research needs to be done on my part to put this into meaningful words.)


There is less and less doing 

More and more being

Another characteristic of the past two weeks I feel is that there is less and less doing and more being. 

There is less thought based mind activity and more being in and through the body's energy field. Aside from a few work commitments I’m only resting. Sometimes with a light read or a bit of telly but it’s mostly not even doing that, just being.  Physically my need for food is so weird. I don’t eat much at all and when I do it’s not very satisfying or fulfilling. I drink lots of water and tea and miso broth and don’t feel a big need for solid food. My craving is for a warm liquid diet at the moment. This has been so diverse during the expansion experience that I do not want to put too much weight or too many words on it as the individual experience may vary greatly. 


I feel we are encouraged to go within and sense and follow and trust ourselves to know what we need through the experience. Also it is for developing our own deep connection to Source and to trust in the Spiritual Energy and God connection to provide us with guidance and to lean on the energy field to help us through the process. I do not think we can have this experience with anyone else's assistance in the physical world. This needs to be deep in ourselves and through our own sovereign connection to the Light. We can however learn to master our own energy through spiritual practice, to create healthy spiritual boundaries and to work and play with our energy in a skilful way. Others can help us open pathways and understand and discern experiences and provide the practices and tools but ultimately this expansion experience is personal and solitary (yet you are not alone) and it must be lived.


I also find it very difficult to move the body. I am used to being extremely active and the past 3 years of my accelerated expansion experience I have moved so very little and sporadically in bursts and phases, not at all regularly like before. (As always there is more to be said about this as this is not nuanced enough an account but I share it as an indication of how things express themselves in the 3D).

It is simply as if the body subtle energy expansion activity (which is extreme at the moment) cannot coincide with the physical activity - only after the subtle energy work phases do I have the ability and also the need to move the body through walks or exercise and yoga. I am grateful for my long yoga practice experience as I have been needing to be so very still through so much of this process. Just being and mostly laying down, breathing deeply and moving slowly. Sometimes in meditation poses but rarely and often only when I have consciously chosen to practice yoga or been guided by the energy to do so in parts of the process/experience. Fascinating! I do not know where this story ends as I am still in it. :-D

Again, my account of this might not apply to you so if something doesn’t feel right then move on to what does. If in any doubt about your health and well-being during your process seek both medical and spiritual professional advice.



01.04.2022 NEW MOON PORTAL β˜‘️ 

It’s such fun to spend time with the Galactics - what a great evening we shared. πŸ™πŸΎ
️ some space travel with sound and the Vast Cosmic Heart Space with the Arcturians opened our evening 
What do you want to know ? Opened the floor for Q&A for each guest and that took us into many personal quests and responses, deeply moving!
️after the break we received talks on the great Galactic questions, universal life and how to relate to this and how to enjoy the process of expansion piece by piece
we ended with my Light Language DJ:ing πŸ€©where requests were trance missioned into LL - that was a fun game and I look forward to more next time πŸŽΆ 
️we ended with a strong LL song courtesy of (as far as I could sense ) an ancient Egyptian lineage connected to God/Goddess Ra coming through for us ( video in next few days - stay tuned )
Thank You BelovedsπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’«
Happy New Moon πŸŒš 
Night night 
With love, Mithila
p.s I promised both the meditation evening guests and the Galactic guides to do a write up on some of the retrospective energy updates for March. 
I mention below how Energy/Thought does not manifest straight away into the material reality. However, I do find in the past few years that the tolerance levels to deviate from alignment of being is decreasing, Now there is almost no space between non-aligned thought and the feeling that you are not aligned. Briefly expressed: you cannot go for any length of time in a thought direction or vibration that is not your truth because your whole being will respond strongly and re-direct you. In all areas of life, whether it is the music you choose to listen to or a conversation you are having or an activity you decide to do etc..etc..etc.. If it is not of the moment aligned with your vibrational resonance of highest good it cannot be sustained. You might even feel irritated, annoyed, disturbed, uncomfortable beyond reason and that is the messaging system to say 'move away from this - don'r bring this into your vibration' in that moment. Very challenging but super cool at the same time. Do you notice this too?


March retrospective

A few thoughts, in brief, on energy that I have from my own experience and study of energy, as well as a message being enhanced by the Galactic Guides and encouraged by them to share this update with you. This is not verbatim from the Galactic Trance Mission. It is myself, Mithila, who is writing this. When we see difficult things in the world as we have seen in the past month, it is easy to despair and feel that all is going down the drain and life will never be good again. It is however interesting to understand that everything we experience in our 3D physical reality is not happening in this moment. What I mean by that is that the situation we experience was first manifested as energy, thought, vibration before it became an earthquake or a war. Everything is energy. It is a long term energy repeated vibrational process that becomes physically manifest.


Example: if I have a difficult thought about something in my life, something unpleasant, it doesnt immediately manifest as reality. The thought itself will disturb me and as long as I repeat the thought it will continue to disturb me and eventually become part of my energy field, and that will then manifest a matching vibrational pattern in my life by attracting a situation that matches the feeling or frequency of that thought. Yet it didn't happen overnight. Thankfully it doesn't happen overnight. We can conclude that much of what we experience in the 3D reality is ''old news''. The actual news will want us to recognise it as a now event and keep us ticking along in the very vibration that caused the event to manifest in our reality in the first place. So how do we make sure we head towards a better future? Recognise that it is our now moment vibration that manifests the future experience. If we want a different experience we need to repeat the vibrational pattern or energy pattern of what we desire so it can and will manifest.


The more people who do this (Collective Consciousness) the more things manifest on a larger scale and not only on the individual - but it starts with the individual attunement. The 5D shift can be understood in the same way. Many people, you and I and many other beings too, have desired a different future for our world and we have held on to that vision for a long time, believing against all odds of evidence in this so called reality of 3D and focusing deliberately on the beauty and wonder of the 3D reality, and this is now shifting consciousness collectively towards a brigher, lighter, more peaceful, more wholesome, more loving world. It is already here, but we have to choose to see it. Many people will say ''but you cannot ignore reality, this is foolish and unrealistic''. I personally find that focusing on what you don't want, looking at the problem and merging with the problem, rarely solves it. Great solutions arise when we energetically step away from or move above the problem, in a moment of relaxation and ease or when we are consciously merging with the energy that vibrates the resolution of the problem. Any other action, which is a reaction caused by fear, anger, doubt etc...can hardly bring about healthy long term solutions. Also if reality is what is in the now moment, we can recognise that what we are experiencing is energetically speaking old news, it is not the now reality. The now reality is what we choose to create. SO yes we can focus on reality, the reality of the now moment, the one we choose to create, and move forwards from that. I recognise that this is complex when it comes to national action or global initiatives as that is all based on a collective but also on an individual consciousness of those in positions of power responding to act on behalf of others or the collective. I am speaking here of how we, you or I, as individuals can respond to the chaos we see and contribute to the energetic shift that manifests a future that you or I consider more desireable. Energy manifests and transmutes. So even what has made its way into our 3D reality, that we feel is not a palatable experience, can be transmuted by how we respond to it. Prayers, meditation, energy healing of planetary grids etc...all assist in this type of transmutation. Take what resonates, drop the rest. 



After bathing in bliss all afternoon I felt drawn (hihi) to draw (!!) a bath πŸ› and to soak in some crystal energy yesterday evening. Following my inner sense (innocence ?… how related those two words are πŸ€“) I soaked in rose quartz waters and did some self healing. It felt great but as soon as I came out of the bath I felt a bloated pressure like pain in my lower abdomen. Backstory: I have had flatulence and bloated lower tummy issues all my life and I can see with varying age, exercise, and food preferences I’ve had over the years nothing has directly benefited or aggravated the condition but it has more or less always been around. I’ve been focusing on it this week as it has been more than usual and Guru Kriyaji’s meditation class also provided me a mantra meditation assistance that among other things is good for this condition, so you could say my focus has been more on it this week. I decided perhaps more than ever that I wanted to get to the bottom of it πŸ§ Yesterday after the relaxing bath, as I was repeating the mantra to see it’s affect on the condition I decided to apply my multi dimensionality to further assess the situation. Very soon I saw a past life situation express itself very clearly where I perceived I had received considerable damage or trauma to this area. Aha! So I will now revisit this in myself with the new information I received in my assessment and explore my self healing further on this note. TBC.
Are you also finding that you can access many timelines now with greater ease? It’s a sign of the exceptional times we are in. πŸ’«
On my weekly events there is opportunity to improve your multi dimensional sense ability and sovereign connection to what I fondly call our spiritual entourage and to strengthen and deepen your already established connections. 
It is so beneficial to enjoy the expansion of consciousness. Crystalline Energy work has been an ongoing theme in the 5D meditations we have received so far.
This week it is a New Moon Meditation Evening Friday 18-20. All details on the YogaMonks website events. Welcome.πŸ™πŸΎ♥️
If I had an employer to answer to 
I would feel sorry for my boss 
Today I would do nothing other than stare out the window in wonder
Bathing in bliss 
That’s ALL I Am for 
And my only job is to be in this bath 
Of 5th dimensional love and peace 
To seep it through me 
Let it gravitate into the grid of Gaia 
So that you and I beloved 
Somewhere in the world 
Right now or tomorrow 
Will soak it up through our feet πŸ‘£ 
And feel a sigh of wellness 
Fill us
And you will thank the Earth 
And so will I
That is All and I love you!
For many days of March, like many others, I have been purging deeply as a result of the high energy influxes. I’ve shared my journey with it on my website diary that I keep on YogaMonks/ Channeled. 
I know many are still in the deep purging. What I’ve known for some time is that each wave of purging is a result of the high vibration and once we have cleared some of the stuff we easily access what we are anchoring and receiving - the Peace and Love, the Harmony that signifies 5D. It’s hard to remember this while we are being fried to exhaustion in the expansive energy work - but it IS here. I’m reminded in the past week of bathing in bliss everyday that it is right here. Old Timelines are released. New ones come online. We ARE doing this πŸ™ŒπŸ½ and with a lot of help from our galactic and higher realm Families πŸ’«. Well done to all of us πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏾 πŸŒΉ.
What a ride !
With love, Mithila

29.03.2022 RES(e)T

With massive transformation comes a massive need to rest and reset. The body is a remarkable place and it handles the most incredible amounts of energy exchange. Thank you for that ! 

Did I mention that a week ago I had the most brilliant experience of my Higher Self and I AM Presence descending into my physical being? Now that was wowweeee! If it hasn’t happened to you yet I’m sure it will. If it can happen to me it can happen to you. 

If we load heavy weights on muscle one day those muscles need to rest before we can reload more weights. Energy upgrades or changing our capacity to master and manage more energy is no different. Sometimes the rest required is pure bed rest and if possible lots of sleep. 

I moved out of the “twilight zone” energies (I have been writing about) a few days ago but have retained a blissful 5D experience of peace and love vibrations. I expected that to translate into creative activity but it has been quite the opposite intuitive direction. I’ve been resting and sleeping most of the days and nights - though sleep evaded me completely last night - the desire or need to act, plan, do is not yet visible on my horizon. 

When we go through massive change ( like what I am referring to as the 5D upgrade that I and others are experiencing last few years but really any massive change in life warrants the same respect ) it is not unusual that some time of pure bed rest is required to reset all systems. Past 2 days every day I wake up and leave the bed for prayer at noon and then each afternoon I was back at bed rest until sleep time only getting up for showers and food and some chores. While I was in bed I could not read a book or watch telly or meditate or consciously breathe and relax like other times during upgrade phases or the resting phases that follow it  - it was just pure bed sleep/rest being. Feeling really well AND resting. Rather lovely actually. 


Though I haven’t tuned in to channel this information I do sense that resting is what is needed right now for many of us to digest the Solar Light Upgrades that are continuously upgrading the light levels of the planet right now. The widespread auroras and the incredible sunrises and sunsets we witness at the moment are the visual evidence of the massive energy changes our sun ( and the Great Central Sun ) is bestowing on our solar system thus affecting all of us beings on the planet. In brief the Light (codes) entering our sphere purges us of density and upgrades our energy bodies massively and I have absolutely been in a purging phase again lately (see previous posts ). The rest state that I now find myself in I am happy to share - is just divine. Those of you who like myself are on this upgrade timeline will be having weird symptoms on and off and it is a most peculiar experience indeed. We each have to find our own way to harmonise with the changes, communicate with our Spiritual Entourage, ask for help when needed and listen to our intuitive self to guide us through. In general I have had good use of what I call the “Akashic Mudra” ( in my upgrade tips videos ), drinking lots of water, meditation and relaxation, prayer, breathing slowly and deeply, living gratefully and above all relaxing deeply, softening tremendously and resting when needed as much as is needed. I take care about the vibration of information that I allow in through media etc. I will write more on this another day.

I hope my energy updates assist you in navigating your own process of 5D explorations and / or any big change process that you may be finding yourself in. I am resting and dedicating myself to my own needs at the moment so I’m not providing that many one-to-one sessions and yet usually many things fall into place for my guests on my weekly events. This week it’s a channeled new moon meditation on Friday. Welcome.



27.03.2022 ''Twilight Zone''

 ''Old ways won't open New doors'' it says on an image in one of my journals where I make hand-written notes of my multi-dimensional experiences. I just did not know that new doors meant astral travel and inter-dimensional light work πŸ˜… 

This week I found myself in a twilight zone like drowsy state almost every afternoon of the week where a lot of healing and expansion happens. 2 years ago this type of energy process began for me around this time of March 2020. As the pandemic unfolded I went down Alice’s rabbit hole it seems. So it is like coming full circle now - although I don’t know what comes next.

On Monday after my prayer session I ended up making a short astral time travel jump that led me to a gathering of the Arcturian council and the lord of Arcturus. Mind boggling to say the least to jump through space and to see these magnificent 9D Beings close up albeit briefly. The Arcturians introduced me to Astral Travelling and something called 6th Dimensional Time Travel in the past months again albeit briefly, and I’m very new to this Astral and Time travel stuff so I’m not going to share more about it until my direct experience of it is deeper. All I know is that it is 6D + spheres of activity. 

Meanwhile…I promised to try and describe the “twilight zone” state of consciousness so here goes. It’s a very drowsy feeling but you don’t sleep. It’s not dreamy as I don’t see dreams or visions - often it’s just a passive state of receiving healing and light upgrades but not active like it is sometimes with heavy pressure on the head and eyes which I refer to Crown Chakra DownLoads. This Twilight is a feeling of being held in bliss. Hours can pass without being able to open your eyes or barely lift a finger. The inner feeling has been one of folding in on oneself like the Torus energy doughnut. A continuous folding in on oneself. Not unpleasant at all. Rather wondrous really. This week it was accompanied by or initiated by a strong heart center chest area expansion feeling. I’ve written on the Vast Cosmic Heart Space ( VCHS ) prior through the GFL meditations and cosmic channels I have had - that too is different to this as the VCHS is a galactic space that you can drop into and be in and it’s actually outer space Iike in appearance when you see it. This was not that. It was internal within myself and I didn’t see anything but felt a huge dynamic energy in that area of the chest and heart - a healing expansive energy like pressure and after which I had the folding in on oneself experience in what I am calling “the twilight zone”. Very hard to give all these energies and states definitions or descriptions but I’m going to try as it will be of use to have a record for myself but also to compare notes with anyone else going through these shifts and eventually with writings or teachings or channels on this from masters of energy that can give it the “correct or known” names and descriptions.

In terms of dimension I felt the experience was 5th dimensional. 

Despite a week of these other worldly states I managed to drive to the city and teach my amazing YM Crew and after a fabulous class that ended with us exploring the what-how-why of the Warrior poses I was driving back home. I started feeling the twilight energy entering and my getting yawns and drowsy. 

You guessed it - I don’t recommend this but I did a huge LL channel out aloud right there in the car which kept me alert. I was close to home when the states started enveloping me so I managed to get back with no problem. This is why I don’t go anywhere or make plans much these days because there is a lot to do and receive with my eyes closed at the moment. 

Once I got home it was deep dive into the energy as usual and together with many other light workers we had a job to do using Light Language sound spells to clear away some dark debris that needed transmutation. I have written in the past about being recruited for Light Work at times alongside others in other dimensions. This was such a job and the work was overseen by Mary Magdalene who already channeled through to me on Friday asking for prayers - a call to which I had already responded on Friday evening as I groggily stumbled out of my twilight zone and channel of Her message. I write this for anyone who might be interested but also for those who might be going through similar experiences that defy belief and prior knowing and an expansion of energy mastery and consciousness that is so weird and wondrous that it is just easy to disbelieve it. If you are in it and having these experiences I can assure you we are not alone. It has always existed here and many have shared it with the world before but it’s one thing to read or witness someone else’s connection to the 4D + spheres of consciousness and another to be in these experiences yourself. I hope this record serves you. With much love Mithila 



24.03.2022   Good Grief

I’ve had some wondrous experiences in the past 3 days and from my passion to enhance our mastery of our own energy I share this with you. 

Both Monday and Tuesday after my daily noon prayer I was brought into a twilight zone kind of states where everything slows down massively and I’m just lying still and receiving. I have had this state quite a few times in past years and I would say it must be like smoking Shisha or weed. Full disclosure I have never smoked anything in my life so I would not know but this state is super mellow and chill and it is hard to open the eyes and you kind of drift in a bliss like existence for hours and hours horizontal. It is not sleep but super drowsy. This week it has been accompanied by an expanded energy in the heart consciousness. (Profound energy experience, blissful and big. Today was the third day of this energy expansion and I have been keeping a close eye on the experience so I can write about it soon...but first let me get to my point on the energy experience of Wednesday.)

After those hours in that state I need some hours to integrace it all and the feeling is one of needing lots of rest. I realised that this expansion comes as a result of the space created through the ancestral healing processes of last weeks that “ended” Sunday night as I’ve wrote on last posts. BUT after my noon prayer on Wednesday I felt so tearful and I needed to cosy up in bed with my duvet and my soft toy and soothe myself and comfort myself all afternoon until sunset. No blissful twilight zone states - what happened? I interpreted it as integracion of the big energies of the days before.

Trusting my naturalness as I am want to do, I did what I felt I needed, crept into bed and after hours of soothing myself in bed by evening I was rewarded by the insight that I was experiencing a grief. Not old grief from old experiences or grief from my lineage inherited karmic patterns or anything of the past. Not a grief due to present life circumstances of friends or family either or the ongoing world situation (which could warrant some grief!). No, not this. This was a new grief, in the new now moment in the current timeline. My emotional self was grieving the loss of the old self aspect that has detached, transmuted and transpired out of my energy field in the last weeks of energy work. That blissful expansion of Monday and Tuesday was perhaps a result of the new available space and the grief was the part of me that was acknowledging that something of myself has gone or left. Something no longer needed but had been and was needed in the version of me that was in the timeline that I left. I am not even sure yet to name what it is exactly that fell away and no matter. I am not even sure I know how to word this experience but it was so wondrous that I must try. What’s deeply moving is how the energy expresses itself (in this case grief) and how the Self acknowledges itself and loves itself. When I realised the fresh and good grief experienced by my (emotional body) self over aspects that once were a part of me, I was deeply moved, so deeply moved, by the brilliance of life and the extraordinary-ness of the Being to know oneself and witness one's own energy field. I have never before so clearly witnessed this process in myself - the self that grieves the loss of what is of itself and what itself has chosen to let go of. How remarkably tender we are. What a life!



A pattern I clearly see when the Ancestral or any deep healing process is happening: Once the subtle energy or non physical side of things have lifted off, or moved through, then the physical body goes through a phase of releasing and clearing and restoring you after the deep energy work. Right now I have found that the flip switched for me on the previous almost now 4 weeks of Ancestral Processes on Sunday night. Since then I have been in a physical sense releasing through the digestive system, skin stuff like pimples etc.. and through excessive yawning and feelings of the body realigning bone and muscle etc... I have had repeated experience of this pattern of energy work in the past years of intense Ancestral Karmic Clearing processes and it is in this process where I have seen this pattern of energy movement as clearly as stated above. From energetic to physical layer after layer with the physical release being the last port of departure so to speak. SO much is NOT in the physical at all even though we experience it through our physical sense of our energy bodies such as mental, emotional etc...and through expressions of the physical body as pains or discomforts in an area or organ of the body, change of breath patterns, heart rate and more and even physical symptoms at times such as marks, blemishes, aches and pains. If medical advice is needed you should always respond to that by seeking medical advice.

I am writing this just to share how much of the 5D upgrade as well as any deep healing work is on a subtle energy level that then moves into the physical in some way but is rarely a physical health condition to begin with. In my experience so far as an Energy Worker and Healer, the physical body is the final phase of any illness or release, not the first. However as a Yogini I have personal proof of how we can move and activate and realign the physical body vehicle to access subtle energy and thereby promote health and healing on a subtle energy level via the physical body. Vice versa applies just as well when using healing modalities involving the subtle energy bodies that then assist the physical body in healing that which has become manifest in the 3D. What I find most interesting in my experience written above is how almost nothing is actually physical body based until it is very far along the process of energy work and release.

Be well dear friends! Breathe slow and deep.


 19.03.2022 Meditative Moon Mode

This full moon was just outstanding for meditation. Did you feel it too? On Friday night after meditation class ended with my Guru, I continued to just sit and sit effortlessly long after class and from that space came a Light Language Trance Mission that I shared a few days ago on my igtv. 
On Saturday we gathered for a full moon portal channel and I immediately felt that conducive meditative energy from the day before right there at our finger tips. I began with smoke and smudging out the winter decay to make way for spring bloom. Then the Arcturian Council took us into a crystalline grid patching meditation mission deep into the core of Mother Earth. Very beautiful way to plant seeds this equinox and to assist in the strengthening of the crystalline grid of Gaia. After a short break we entered prayer portals through my prayer recitations bringing us light upgrades and light language Trance missions and individual healing and messages/guidance for each guest in the gathering. This completed we received new light codes for our auric field and ended with grounding and integracion assistance as per always. And yet the time for our event was up and we couldn’t end the meeting, we simply continued to meditate in silence and when I closed the zoom call 40 minutes past the end of the event the group was still there absorbed in their personal meditation. That is why I say we experienced this moon to be so very, very conducive to meditative being. Mmmmm.
Hope everyone had a bright and balanced equinox weekend. On my part the ancestral work continued in between the lovely portal energies and I wouldn’t mind a bit of a Spring Break πŸ˜…
Thank you to all who gathered and assisted our wonderful moon portal and equinox journey πŸ™πŸΎ


VIDEO Full Moon March 18th

A gentle energy that came through in the form of LL after I had been sitting for a long meditation on March 18th full moon evening. May we bloom πŸŒΉ
Video Peace Prayer during a recent healing circle.

18.03.2022 Energy Update

The Full Moon Portal opened and I look forward to channel the Equinox and Moon Portal Energies on Saturday. 

Today I will join Guru Kriyaji in the beautiful and evolutionary Full Moon Hrudaya Process Teachings She gives.

And now an update on the past few weeks:

I work closely with a few Light Workers in my inner circle network and we have first hand witnessed the most tremendous personal shifts in our Light Work in the past 3 weeks. It has been a non-stop, daily deep shadow work and personal and ancestral healing. Coupled with the Light Upgrades of recent Solar Storms entering our planet, it cannot be unrelated. Nor can it be unrelated to the darkness that is exposing itself to the Light on a collective and global scale. I have however only my personal journey to share as insight as there has been no room for any other energy work on my part. I hope it sheds light to your own possible weird or tumultous experiences last weeks and explain the tremendous fatigue you might have been feeling alongside everything else in terms of upgrade symptoms. 

I have been praying a lot lately. (I have written more about Prayer here.)

From the morning when I wake up (late) to when I get to sleep, constantly thoughout the day asking for assistance (from my Spiritual Entourage including my own Higher Self and I AM presence) and also formally sitting to pray each day as a daily offering. I was told by my ancestors that they needed healing energy at this time and I have engaged in a daily prayer for this at noon Sweden local time. I will be doing this process until mid April daily so if you wish to join me in prayer around that time virtually, light a candle and join me in sending light energy to yourself, your ancestry or the world as the light of prayers are so greatly needed at this time. I noticed that on a daily basis a new energy would emerge (from myself and my ancestry) into my field of awareness and into my aura. When I fully experienced it and named it - it would begin to dissolve and release and each process took about the waking hours of 1 day to manage though some took longer. There were some physical symptoms of this process as well though mostly energetic and emotional awareness of the healing. I went through in the last weeks the energies of irritation, rage, anger, madness, sadness, bitterness, despair and hopelessness. These energies arose, I sensed them, named them and then relaxed myself so they could transmute and pass through and I also prayed for help all day long to clear, heal, transmute and bring to Light all that is no longer needed.

This past 3 weeks of ancestral work is not in any way a new process for myself ( or indeed for anyone doing spiritual practice and spiritual healing work). I recognize it as a shorter and actually lighter (less tough but tough enough) experience of a bigger and heavier Ancestral and Karmic Healing process I went through from the start of the pandemic in 2020 to August 2021 after which my multi-dimensional and 5D capacity and channeling was enabled. I write this as I have found the two to be related. The healing process was a pre-cursor but also a result of 5D multi-dimensional ascension. All 3D vibrational processes need to be released from my aura, my being, my Akashic records etc... and will continue for me to fully step into my new higher vibrational timelines. I do not know if everyone has to go through similar processes as they upgrace to the new levels, but I know that I and several Light Workers in my network have experienced this. And it is a full time job. We are not doing this on the side of something else, it is actually a full time job. I am sure there are those who can go through the ascension without this experience as it all depends on our personal timelines and jobs. I write this merely as a reference from which you can compare notes on your own process and also ask me for assistance if you need based on what I am sharing.

The process of listening, feeling and going deeper into the energy that appears to be healed is not easy. It is easy to feel like you are losing yourself in the energy experience and you resist it happening instead of relaxing to receive it and it feels difficult to maintain boundaries of what is yours and what is not yours. No matter if it is yours or not, I have found that you lose a sense of yourself because the two vibrations, that which you are and the vibration needing release is so different from each other that the two cannot co-exist in you. Therefore you either feel one (the darker vibration that needs healing) or the other (your own Lighter vibration). I find it is very different when I am working with energies that are from the outside, external, environmental, collective or with a client etc...compared to inner vibrations being released through cellular, DNA, Genetic coding, Ancestral coding, Karmic and family and personal karmic coding etc... The external is in my experience far easier to master and transmute than the internal as it is being peeled, healed, extracted, drawn through and out of your energy field in the contrast of your own raising of vibration.

This work is refered by some as Shadow Work. I can understand the naming as it is really the bringing to Light of things that are lurking in the shadows of your unconscious or subconscious (and this might be stored not in the brain or mind memory only but in the cellular etc...). Simply said when you bring yourself to the Light the other energies can no longer stay hidden in the shadows and therefore surface for release. 

Your own raising of vibration can be happening through, connection to your Guru, your spiritual sadhana ( which often on a daily basis is more gradual and manageable to digest and still live ordinary life etc...) or happening as a result of the vibratory changes of the planet or very deep and intense sadhana and/or time with Guru, or the Light Upgrades that you are sense able to receive at this time which is a far more accelerated process than the daily sadhana. (This is not a thorough explanation and I have written more about this in the 5D Earth Upgrade Project Write Up as well on the subject of Sadhana, you can find links in myScrolls.) Regardless of the why it is happening the daily practice of sadhana is such a fundament in being able to center and ground yourself, to know your own energy fields and to master incoming and outgoing energy flows so I always come back to this and encourage everyone to establish themselves in the daily source connections. If you need help with this, we the YogaMonks school are experts on this and we have a tried and tested program to help you develop your daily practice ability with movements, breath and seated practices.

IS there a correlation between the inner work and what we see happening in the world? I believe there is at least in the sense that any Light we create in ourselves is of assistance to the greater Light of the world. If this work is calling you it is because you can shed light in darkness just by being yourself. Enlighten yourself. Make Light. Be Light. Delight in life in any small or big way.


08.03.2022 Energy Update

Dear friends, I hope all of you are managing well in keeping your center and sovereignty in these times of great change. I also hope that the little information I have to share today will be a guidance that assists you and if not, as always, let go of anything that does not resonate. 

The last week, since Shivaratri I can conclude that I have been in an ancestral karmic healing phase (again!). I have also seen that though my process was personal (and also my partner has his own wave of it) I have been given the sense that it is a global energy in supporting these individual processes right now and you might even have been wondering why you have such weird old thoughts, memories, patterns showing up related to childhood, upbringing, relationship karmas that you felt have not been in your field for awhile. It might feel like you are going backwards. What I know of this right now is we are not backwards, but as we move forwards this is again resurfacing for further clearance and may continue to do so as Spring unfolds. This is not entirely unrelated to the situation we experience in Europe regarding our neighbouring states to the East. I have been so occupied with my personal work that I had to cancel last weeks New Moon Channeling and in general have had to lay low in regards to channeling as I have needed all my energy for my own process and honoring my humanness :-D.

Yesterday, however as I took a walk I had a quick conversation with the Galactic Guides in order to shed some higher perspective of the situation for my own understanding. I have now decided to share what I was told and I hope it will be of help as it has been for me.


1) I asked why we (in Europe/Sweden) are having the experience we are having with this situation (which gives rise to so much fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, but also empathy, solidarity, good will etc...). 

A: '' This is happening in order to shock you out of systemic belief''

I did not immediately understand the message but then I realised that 'you' does not mean that this is being done to us or for us but rather the situation arises as 'us' who are long held in a certain belief and political system collective need to change awareness and shift direction and in this instance of the trance mission it refers to us living in the 'west' with western 'mindset' and socio-political systems that we are being 'shocked' out of, perhaps such as belief in democracy etc...

( I might add that in general over last months of my channeling there has been a communication of how many systems connected to old vibrational patterns are changing from the roots. This causes great disruption but is not to be 'feared' as it evolves better systems aligned to higher vibrational being that will replace it (as has happened many times throughout the history of humankind). But being in the change is super tough and we must not forget that we are here at this time for a reason and therefore to take strength in our role and also the power in the present experiences.) 

It is also significant that not all countries of the world will react the same way to what we are witnessing (with regards to any global event not just this one) as every country has there own history, vibrational consciousness with regards to war and human rights, animal rights etc...and therefore not everyone will respond the same way to this particular experience. What I wanted to understand is why are we in our present experience having this in our lives and what our role in creating it is. I base this question on my understanding that everything happens for reasons that we have individually or collectively drawn into our experience - and if we have not done so it could not exist or manifest in our lives. Why we draw it or why it happens is a very complex energy mastery that I am in no position to say. But the Guides above response gave me a sense of why it is here in our 'western' lives and how our potential role and response will be in it.


2) I asked why the peoples directly in the conflict or affected by the conflict are now having this experience?

A: ''There is a karmic ancestral energy being played out in this conflict, and that is why they go through this.''

Again I wasn't sure of the meaning of the message but then felt that it partially at least means that these particular countries and the peoples in them are in this conflict due to an old pattern that is now once again rising to the surface for clearance. Everyone who is affected by this negatively (or positively) in those physical places are in some way connected to that lands collective lineage and karma? Perhaps. I am not saying this is the message but that is my interpretation. 


3) I asked why the leader / leaders of Russia are creating this situation.

A: ''He needs to create a situation where he creates his own demise. There is no other way 'out' for him''.

So again I understood this as the role the leader / instigator plays in this is for his own 'release' or ending of position etc...


Now when you read the above you can have other interpretations than the ones I sensed and maybe none of this makes sense to you dear reader. It matters not. What matters is that we do not succumb to panic and fear and we are able to transmute our fear, worry, anxiety etc into higher vibrations and stay as steady as we can in ourselves, get help for this from others who can hold that flame and stay connected to Source Energy and where possible help others to do the same.

However, after this short and rapid Q&A where I asked and I received the answer instantly I was left with a feeling of the deep and deeper interconnectedness of all beings on Planet Earth. When we see something happening somewhere and it involves and touches our lives in a close way, then we are all part of the process of creating this event and also all part of the solution or dissolving and transmuting. If it was not so then it would simply not happen and / or it would not enter our conscious experience. Example: there are things happening daily in all parts of the world that we are not directly conscious of because it is not part of ''our movie'' so to speak to be involved in whatever chaos/drama/injustice/disasters are unfolding on vibrational planes that are not part of our immediate or peripheral reality of experience. It still affects us as its part of the collective consciousness but its ripples are small as we do not move in the same zone or fields of energy epxerience. It can be even in our own country of residence, just not part of the fabric of our 'needed' experiences and therefore it does not attract us and affect us with as much impact.

In this case we are in a situation that in some way or another affects us closely if not directly ( in Nothern Europe). That means in some way we need this experience to move forwards. Why we ''need'' it is different to the ''need'' of those in the direct experience of it, whether on the side of the attacked or the attacker. Overall though there is a deep interconnectedness that moves us as a collective or partial collective through certain experiences that change the fabric of consciousness and changes our lives. With this in mind then when we are willing to surrender our belief systems on things that no longer support 3D consciousness which is fear based, and move into love and peace based systems of belief, then the need for these experiences will also dissolve. That is why holding a high vibrational flame is so important in times of chaos and difficulty and it is easier for those of us in the periphery of the situation to keep our faith, our vibration of peace and love for ALL involved, for the highest good to unfold for ALL involved (without judging what that may be) and to act from that place of higher vibration. This is why prayers and meditation and sending good energy assists the situation as well as the practical help and emotional support/healing etc that we can provide for those in need. If each one of us raises ourselves then we raise the collective and ultimately change reality to reflect that new consciousness. Whatever time it takes.




…and we chanted out aloud and we chanted in silence and we bathed in absorption and we were moved and we were changed. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ§˜πŸ½‍♀️ two very different sittings during Shivaratri celebrations that provided deep and new experiences into mantra meditation. Today I palpably felt the Shiva consciousness guide me into and hold me in lotus posture defying my “normal” ability. A dear friend had other magnificent experiences as she took over the chant and led it for us. 
Grateful to our small but mighty gatherings - we worked up a sweat today in “just” doing mantra πŸ˜…πŸ“ΏπŸ™πŸΎit simply works !!! And we were awed yet again. And again.
And now I look forward to entering Light Language and energy Trance mission through the portal of this almighty mantra Om Namah Shivaya in tomorrow’s New Moon Meditation gathering. All details on website events. 
Welcome, with love Mithila
Shiva Mantra πŸ“Ώ 
In yesterday’s mantra meditation gathering I learnt new things about mantra meditation as well as about the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra - so familiar to me and yet not known, so infinitely much to absorb and experience through the gateway of the Shiva Mantra.
Yesterday I felt such a strong lineage connection as we prayed. To Immortal Babaji and the Shiva embodiment. The above picture is Babaji’s Murti at Guru Kriyaji’s temple. Om Namah Shivaya.
Today we repeat the mantra practice at 12 noon Sweden time as I wish to attend the evening meditation class with Kriyaji on zoom tonight. Visit Kriyaji’s website for details of teachings and events.
Energy Update: There is a lot going on in the unseen field and it continues to influence the sense-able to a deep degree. Keep up the good energy management practices you have and if needed watch my videos for boosts and tips. Link up top.
These are the times when our prayer and meditation practices really bear fruit. 
We will pray:
For the victim and the abuser 
For the wounded and the attacker 
For those in fear and stress and those in anger and greed 
For those in captivity and those holding captive 
For those in darkness and those who block the light 
For clarity and unity out of despair and division
For ourselves to anchor the strongest vibration of peace, harmony, unity and love the world has ever seen.
Who is with me? 
Using the auspiciousness of Shivaratri to chant the all pervading Om Namah Shivaya Mantra with the intention of bringing highest good to our worlds. 
When I organised this home retreat a week ago I was not aware of what would unfold. Now that it has I want to make use of the scheduled events and this retreat to gather our focused Consciousness towards Light Work. 
Om Namah Shivaya! πŸ”±
More details on YogaMonks website and I hope to see you in the πŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸΌπŸ§˜πŸ½πŸ§˜πŸΎπŸ§˜πŸΏπŸ§˜‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜‍♂️ circle.
So many light workers are gathered in this energy work right now across the globe. 
Even if you are not actively able to do anything have faith and hold the light high and let it guide you in if and how to assist, contribute, help and heal this situation. Meditation often leads to practical actionable guidance on how you can take your own lows to highs. Meditate to Liberate.
With love, Mithila 


Shivaratri and Mantra Meditation today. I am feeling much lighter in my being today after yesterdays heavy energy work. Looking forward to the benevolence of this New Moon to take us into March smoothly and vibrantly.



Sunday and soon after I made this below post on yogamonks instagram I went into a very heavy energy work phase, very heavy indeed and even though the symptoms of energy work were with me from waking up in the morning it especially intensified around 15 sweden local time. A few hours after it passed and I took a long bath and pampering time. How did you feel duirng the Sunday? It was such a beautiful day outside but I wasnt able to step out even once to enjoy it due to the work that needed to be done which brought with it very unsettled, anxious energies (not energies I am normally prone to and I could tell it was not personal stuff). 

I have been doing the portal meditation almost every day since the 22nd. Finding it works! Enjoyed myself with teaching and healing work on Friday and Saturday in Gothenburg and was completely taken by surprise at the intensity of Sundays 'jobs'. Hope you all weathered it with hearts open! 



These are the times when our prayer and meditation practices really bear fruit. 
We will pray:
For the victim and the abuser 
For the wounded and the attacker 
For those in fear and stress and those in anger and greed 
For those in captivity and those holding captive 
For those in darkness and those who block the light 
For clarity and unity out of despair and division
For ourselves to anchor the strongest vibration of peace, harmony, unity and love the world has ever seen.
Who is with me? 
Using the auspiciousness of Shivaratri to chant the all pervading Om Namah Shivaya Mantra with the intention of bringing highest good to our worlds. 
When I organised this home retreat a week ago I was not aware of what would unfold. Now that it has I want to make use of the scheduled events and this retreat to gather our focused Consciousness towards Light Work. 
Om Namah Shivaya! πŸ”±
More details on YogaMonks website and I hope to see you in the πŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸΌπŸ§˜πŸ½πŸ§˜πŸΎπŸ§˜πŸΏπŸ§˜‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜‍♂️ circle.
So many light workers are gathered in this energy work right now across the globe. 
Even if you are not actively able to do anything have faith and hold the light high and let it guide you in if and how to assist, contribute, help and heal this situation. Meditation often leads to practical actionable guidance on how you can take your own lows to highs. Meditate to Liberate.
With love, Mithila 


CORRECTION to below post: what I saw in the meditation that I interpreted as the Tree Of Life Sacred geometry, may acutally have been Metatrons Cube (which I was not so familiar with at the time I channeled the 22 portal). Either way it was a wonderful yantra meditation that we received but I feel now that it was most likely Metatrons Cube that was appearing in the sacred geometry of this meditation.

All Right everyone, the 22 Portal Presence Meditation did happen as predicted on Feb. 22nd at 2.00 PM Swden Local time. I (and my partner) were in a constant downloads/upgrace activity phase for 3 or more days until Monday evening and then it started to lift and I was able to do something other than lie down and rest and receive (and there were some interesting energy experiences in all this but that is another story!!)  :-D.

By Tuesday morning I could feel I was more myself ( I have been on an offline retreat during this Portal as the energy was so potent and prevailing that I could not do anything else and I report this in case any of you have been in a similar situaton!).

I felt the portal opening for channel energies build as usual the hours before the ceremony that Patrik and I chose to have at 2 pm privately and not as a public event (though I felt some of your presence there clearly dear regular Crew, I will message you individually about that and wondeful to have you meditate with us even though not live on Zoom). 

The video is now here for your receiving and repetition of the meditations. It was a subtle yet very full, a still but deep water session in the sense that there was so much energy trance mission to absorb and receive. They recommended that we use this mediation a few times per day or once per day in the next coming days following this official portal day to keep reinforcing and deepening the trance mission of the energies. I started with an invocation and opening of the meditation space and this particular Portals presence as usual (however this is not on the video but you can assume it is so.)

When you use this video light a candle, and use some form of smoke such as sage, palo santo, insence before you start your practice.

Then follows the 40 minute guided part of the Energy Trance Mission that takes you through a Tree of Life 10 Sphirot (Kabbalistic Tree of Life Sacred Geometry) meditation with assistance of ArchAngel Metatron (grateful!), then comes the Master number 22 Code activations and Golden Light reinforcement of this activation into the Auric Field, also we received individual assistance/downloads and a Soul/Higher Self Alignment and finally back to the Tree of Life and Metatron Energy. There are many spaces in this meditation to just be and meditate and receive, where the energy is being trance-mitted and there is nothing to do but just be in it. Enjoy, I hope it will serve you. After the first hour I took a break and then returned but when I asked further questions and waited for further trance mission I was told it was not my job at this time (to ask the questions I asked) and there was nothing else to channel, not even Light Language at this time. I was surprised but happy to rest as I continued to be donwloading and absorbing in the Portal Energy and still am as I write to you. Zonked!







2202 2022 Portal Update

Dear beautiful brilliant souls,
Looking back on the past 6 months and going wow what a life! 
The 11:11 portal in 2021 propelled me into a “public channeling life” like I never could have expected and it’s been continued to be my way and work since then. I expected the all important 0222 portal to be the same, and that I should show up to serve, and it goes to show how life is dynamic and in the now newness this is not at all what I am experiencing. 
I had planned events around these days in order to share the portal energies in live channeling however I am now called in a different direction. 
I am and have been feeling the influx of this portals energies very very strongly and so has my beloved P. He has been experiencing the upgrade symptoms more than ever before in past weeks and we are both in a state of receiving downloads after downloads and being quite blown away by the vibrational upgrades. 
My self is needing silence and solitude to digest, absorb, sense and wonder at it all and I don’t feel like working with public channeling or even speaking much at this time. 
To try to channel and serve actually feels exhausting right now. I realize it’s not what’s required of me at this time.
Therefore I invite you all to connect with us in our personal portal ceremony on Tuesday Feb 22nd, at Sweden local time or wherever you are at 2.00 pm. We will not be live on zoom but we be live in the Field, receiving, sensing, vibing with the Master number 22 and the portal ( which opened days ago I’m sure some of you have been affected !!!) full connection available during this significant day and the transition it brings for the 5D Golden Era. Meditate, move and vibe with this glorious day in your own stunning naturalness and I would love to hear your experience whenever you are ready to share it and I too will share mine.
I will be offline for a few days and wish you a most beautiful time with your sovereign self and portal date. May it bring you great strength and clarity for the next phase of your lifes work, light work, to build the world and personal experience that is true to your higher heart. Until then beautiful beings, bowing out for a bit, with love, Mithila.

17.02.2022 from @yogamonks instagram post

Full Moon πŸŒ• meditation highlights

I like to empty my head of the experiences as soon as I can after the event to enjoy all the many moments in meditation all over again.

🌝first we were guided by my Higher Self through a Moon Meditation, visualizing the moon, moon walking, moon light bathing etc a really fun visualisation Medi as well as a wonderful, steady, full vibration of moon energy and guidance in meditation
πŸ“† followed by advice on the energy of the moon cycle and how to work with it and explore and master energies around the moon with a bit of astrology

πŸ’Ž after the break a Diamond light vibration meditation with many layers of teachings
✨ pure energy work where the diamond light was cutting through areas in the auric field that needed to breathe
♦️guidance on working with diamond crystalline energy to precision drop into decisions and topics
πŸ“Ώ A totally unexpected but appropriate dive into a Pali Buddhist Jewel sutra the Ratna Sutta ( very lovely to return to my Buddhist spiritual roots with this chant - I haven’t chanted in Pali in so long!)
πŸͺ‘ threaded through by Light Language to integrate, expand resonance and to ground

I shared the diamond posture meditations that have been coming naturally to me in the past few days as a closing of our 2 hour gathering.

It was both relaxing and steady as well as sharp and piercing this evening. Ooof I feel like I’ve missed stuff on this list - so many moments this evening to recapture.

Thank you everyone who joined me in smiling at the moon and remembering we belong to our Galactic Family too. We are never alone.



Energy Update Mid February

Today I am hosting a Full Moon Meditation and it will be fun to share what happens there in the next few days. Meanwhile an Energy Update thus far.


This amazing Energy Portal and Unique Numerology keeps giving energy upgrades into our lives. Today I could say there is a bigger shift that has happened, a newness that I have not sensed before, a difference in the way the Upgrade Energy feels and moves, not similar to the vibrations I have been reading and sensing for the past 6 months or more. There is something distinctly different in the now. What is this? My sense is that the Full Moon Portal opened Sunday 13th and in the last few days the Feb 22 portal opened. My sense is that these are the new vibes that I am sensing but what they mean and bring I am not sure yet, but the following insights have been with me lately:


Last few weeks in terms of Light Workers Energy Work and Cosmic/GFL Energy Work have been on the Media. Shifting the Media Apparatus into a higher vibration. I have also sensed and seen in last weeks Channeled Events since the Lunar New Year Portal that there has been a focus on new Money related Energy and Abundance Codes. I had a spontaneous Channel fo Abundance Codes and the spontaneous Lakshmie Mantra channel on February 8th with the 888 Codes and a few days later on Friday 11th February a huge download of Abundance Codes and Energy that began and then led to a spontaneous private channeling event with two of my Light Worker Friends in Dubai. I am sharing here the last part of that event on Video my Light Language Channel for my friends and myself and hopefully it will also bring you many abundant blessings dear ones. We were so strongly united in an Abundance Codes Work across time and space so I am sure there were many more of you out there doing and sensing this type of energy work in the last weeks.


This week with the Full Moon Portal I am picking up on the Diamond Light Codes, Diamond Crystalline Grid Energies. Many other channels are reporting the heightened Solar Storm activities although I personally have only felt the Full Moon portal opening activity and the 22 Portal opening activity in the last few days. The upgrade symptoms and the general energy feels very different to me compared to prior months so I cannot say a general advice or reading. I can however confirm that those who are upgrading now are getting a bucket full! :-D


More insights: to spend as little as possible time on phones etc especially in the dark hours of the day (not because of screen time or sleep disturbance but due to other AI related negative energy vibes that hijacking on the technology). Though I have never been a huge fan of using Facebook (so I am biased in this) but lately I have even stronger vibes/insighs on not to invest time in social media and Facebook related apps as they are likely to disrupt in near future. To build your work related (and even social but more importantly business related) information profiles, databases etc... on websites and more long term databases where you own the data and the publication rights etc and are not dependent on the social media methods. To not become dependent on financial sources coming through this conglomeration of Media.


Since some of the insights that come through might not be relevant to your life and work, and as always take what resonates and ignore the rest. Thank you. 







I AM Divine LoveπŸ’›



From our spontaneous class today a share of the Love we cultivated for our Self through movement meditations from top to toe, some of the Light Language of Love that came through Sound, Mantra and Mudra. Let your Love Vibration fill you and overflow from you πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’ž. I hope you enjoy the short clips from our sessions and that you feel the love!  




We began with gathering our Higher Heart Love Vibration into our own hands and spreading it on and around our body from top to toe and ended with a Vast Cosmic Heart Space Meditation. πŸ™πŸΎ thank you beautiful hearts for today’s gathering. 




A Golden Retreat πŸ’›

Our Golden Light infused “at home meditation retreat” ended yesterday evening with a practice and sharing of the excellent things this weeks meditation gatherings have anchored for us individually. 

From London, Zurich and Sweden we journeyed together from the Lunar New Moon New Beginning to a week into the Lunar New Year raising vibration in areas in our lives that we wished to shine more Light on. 

I had never hosted a “from home retreat” but the experience was so very good that I will consider it again and again. 

If you couldn’t make this retreat week but would like it to happen again - do let me know and I will host it again and again if desired πŸ™πŸΎ♥️πŸ₯°


With love, Mithila  



This was a LL blessing that came through at the end of a 1 hour healing circle that I host once a month. The theme of the healing was remembering who we really are.

4 minute Video available on IGTV on Instagram @yogamonks

I hope you will receive good vibes from it. Close your eyes and just listen and feel it or watch the movements and the sound. 

Up to you, if and how you choose to receive it πŸ™πŸΎ

With love, Mithila


Healing β­•οΈ 


This evenings circle started on the note of how I approach healing and that the only thing we really need healing for is our forgetfulness - our true healing is remembering who we really are. 


πŸ’¨ This led us onwards to a breath of Life healing meditation, πŸ•‰ the Pavamana Mantra gateway to light language and sound healing, 

πŸ•Š the Divine Dove of Peace energy descended to guide us through a peace healing meditation, 

🌍 we were guided to send healing from our own fullness out into the world and once emptied to refill ourselves and flow in the life current of giving and receiving effortlessly, 

🌞 we closed the circle with solar plexus healing ( partially on video - let’s say I didn’t get the camera angles correct today and didn’t want to correct it in edit mode as I felt amused by it as is πŸ€—πŸ˜‚), 

πŸ’‘ and a Light Language channel at the end for Return to Remembrance and Soul Recall. ( video in future posts )…


πŸ€”how can so much experience be fit into an hour ? It’s amazing but it does and it’s divine πŸ’₯ ♥️✨♥️


Welcome to the monthly healing circles πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸ½ 

With love, Mithila


2022.02.02 ENERGY UPDATE

Image: my watercolour painting of the Great Central Sun



Dear friends, I have been wanting to make an Energy Update for this past weeks for some time now and finally today on this magical numerical timeline that we are on 02.02.2022 to 22.02.2022 - I feel the timing is write for me to get this written. Aside from the messages I already channeled in January below, here is what I have picked up on. The last two to two and half weeks of January was for myself and other Light Workers some of the toughest Energy Update / ascension process phases yet experienced. Perhaps you as a Light Worker can recognise yourself in this experience. Personally I was absolutely floored by it for 14 days. What I could sense during that time were two main trends. 1 had to do with the anchoring of the Vast Cosmic Heart Space for the Gaia Planet. On a collective level this is the ability for more and more beings to move, live, be from the Heart in the new Age. This job was massive on both a personal and collective level and you may have experienced it in both as I myself did. The second trend I could sense was the preparations for a huge shift in the world.


Everything is Energy, therefore when something is going to change in the world we live and experience and see, the change first happens energetically. This can be experienced on the smallest personal level change to bigger global shifts. Those of us who are here to work on the Global Energy field before things manifest on the planet can be sensitive to the changes on a collective level, sensing the changes and even being part of the work of creating the changes before it manifests in the world we see and live in. Whether we pick this up consciously or not will depend on whether it is our job to do so, also whether we have the sense ability to do so even if it is not our job to work with Energy actively.


So now to the actual shift that I was sensing I was part of working with as well as had the ability to sense the background Energy Work. The shift is in the Big Pharma. There was a massive energy job related to Big Pharma and the shift in the balance of Power related to Big Pharma. This is partially being played out in the role of the vaccines and the free will choice contra mandatory vaccinations. What we see in our own actions and choice in this is only a small part of the shift. The primary reason this is becoming such a big media issue and personal issue for people is only the icing on the tip of a large energy wave that is moving in to shift the vibration of the co-dependency on medication for well-being to more natural sources of health and healing.


This is not news in the alternative medicine world and there is great benefit in so much of modern medicine and health technology and pharmaceuticals in terms of curing and creating long life for those with serious illness etc...those benefits will remain. What is being shifted is the energy imbalance between manipulation of the sacred human life vibration through unnecessary (because there are and there will be far better holistic and natural energy medicine being known and shared and available) and downright harmful medication due to financial gain or for keeping people powerless. The trust and reliability on, as well as new methods of, natural healing, more advanced 5D and higher vibrational energy healing methodologies and technologies are being raised to the forefront in this shift. We will begin to see this power shift unfold in the coming years ( I do not have a timeline yet I only know that the energy foundation for this has been layed in the higher dimensions). Also people will start to individually feel the restorative energies of nature, the sun, the wind, the water, the earth as their first base of health and healing. The individual sovereignty and innate self knowing will guide people more than propaganda and marketing budgets behind unnecessary or harmful medications or methods.


You might have noticed that you were drawn to the sun more than usual lately, more than you were conscious of in the past winters (if here in the North). The Great Central Sun has been strongly working with sending Surya healing energy on the 5D expansion and has made progress on Gaia. We have received and continue to receive this. Whether from indoors or outdoors soak up some sun. OFten we think of the health of the skin when it comes to sun and beneficial versus harmful rays. You can be safely covered if that is your concern because the Auric field gets Sun too. Just as important that we get it around us as on the skin (Vitamin boost etc...) and within us as warmth and glow.

The above shift I am mentioning is all part of a complex energy transformation for this Aquarian Age and I am only sharing the little what I have sensed/channeled clearly and well enough to express. There are considerably more changes going on but I have not sensed or tried to channel them as the energy work above took all my resources in the past few weeks. As I mentioned in September 2021 when I started to share the Channeling publicly; it is clear to me that I have one part of the job to work as A Light Worker on other dimensions during certain projects and partially to work with people and to continue to teach Yoga when I can in between it all. If you have been going through very strange experiences in your being that you cannot explain and is not medically related then you too might be part of a larger Light Worker Collective that has been recruited for these shifts happening now.

I hope this has helped you understand the energy aspects of the past month in some way. Your own intuitions may have guided you to observe other shifts that you are more attuned and aligned with to sense. It all depends on what our job is or is not. If you need one to one assistance with anything I have written please book a Session. With love, Mithila





Whoop πŸ™ŒπŸ½ we have started our 7 days at home retreat with a groovy groove. I had one of the most fun Light Language channels so far with the guests gathered for the New Moon Medi. I made a short cut of clips on video to give you all a glimpse of the 5 minute LL session that came through at the end of our evening. Here also the longer video of the LL channel.

From the top of my head from the Galactic guides channel yesterday:

✨awareness on the self and the many aspects of self
✨guided through the question of “How do you know you are breathing” and taking us into the eternal part of self and the changing parts of self
✨how we can influence the changing parts and how the eternal parts are indestructible
✨Light Language energy work to support the 40 minute guided meditation
🌚guidance on the primary energy of this new moon portal the Golden Light vibration
πŸ’›3 meditations based on the golden light - one for anchoring Center to the Golden grid of Gaia, one for infusing the auric field with Golden light, one for picking up area sun life we wish to vibrate higher and infuse them with golden light
πŸ’›this coming week is exceptional to be in the Golden Light meditations so we will continue on those during this retreat week.

Thank you Beloveds for all involved in another New Moon Portal gathering. Such a treat for the whole Self.

With love, Mithila





I’ve had to ( enjoyably ) eat those words of mine many times since they first came out of me early 2020. Before we knew of the pandemic. Before I went through the most intense spiritual fire of my life in an 18 month process of ancestral karmic healing. Before I knew of my rebirth from those fires as a cosmic channel and multi-dimensional energy worker.

The past two weeks I have experienced some of the most intense energy storms yet in this ongoing earth energy ascension process - not heavy, not sad, not scary, not even personal - just a LOT. SO MUCH. That has meant me reducing my life to the bare essentials again in order to go within and feel my way through it. And like most storms there isn’t much you can do about it except weather it. But sometimes it’s nice to know what the storm brings with its oh so turbulent winds.

As a dear light worker sister of mine expressed it several times, as we compare notes on a daily basis, “ it’s not for the weak at heart “. So I’m saying, if what I’m saying is what you’ve been through then Yay You for weathering these storms. Breathe slow and deep.

What I can sense, these storms clear the path to our Vast Cosmic Heart Space portal and strengthen us further in our sovereign freedoms and truths. The vulnerability that comes with this heart space activity also means it can be tiring to speak, or rather silence conserves energy and induces relaxation, as the heart space activity affects the energy of the throat. Also as the heart energy connects deeply to the arms and hands it’s difficult to move or activate them at this time. You might feel the need to be still and not so creative or productive except in the dreaming creative inner vision. The whole heart space area needs to go through the change, whatever time that takes, and then find rest into its new normal.

A breaking of edges.
A clearing but not only a clearing.
An expansion but not only an expansion.
A polishing.

Yesterday evening I clearly saw the diamond in the heart - the Diamond πŸ’Ž Heart Activation. It was beautiful and serene. 

Those of you undergoing this process right now - take heart, have courage! And have heart, take courage from these words. I acknowledge your experience of these turbulent shifts with my own. I have had to cancel my teaching commitments past week and ongoing due to the above as well as cold symptoms that come with the clearing energy in order to digest and absrob but as soon as I can I will return to serve through my events schedule. With galactic love, Mithila



16.1 Full Moon Medi


The New Year New Moon meditation a few weeks ago came with a message of Empowerment and acknowledgment of ones own power. Today’s full moon meditation came with a potent peace.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti πŸ•Š 
To our guests and Galactic Guides a big thank you from my heart. I love this work so much - I cannot express it in words.
From the top of my head what came through for us gathered on zoom this evening:
✨30 minute guided meditation on peace, being held in peace vibration. Just so good!
Message on how this moon portal opening has been turbulent energies last week but with the full moon days how peace codes are entering our energy fields as we exit the storms
✨guided meditation in effortless deeper breathing and absorption of peace codes 
✨peace energy bath, full moon waters transfusions of peace into our energy field 
✨incredible detailed vast cosmic heart space meditation and guidance to visualize, enter the portal within and move into ones multi-dimensional self, galactic and divine origin
✨teachings on the heart space and heart center 
✨some LightLanguage energy work to end the evening 
I am for always in awe of the beauty of these experiences πŸ™πŸΎ
πŸ’• with love, Mithila 

9/1 Healing Circle

Premiere for the new event Healing Circle

THANK YOU to the gathering of souls for this Sunday healing circle.
I am moved by our premiere event, in a state of wonder really, and already look forward to the next.
Here are some reflections from today’s guests and I feel grateful to be able to facilitate these responses.

“So very beautiful experiencing your joy and riches of the prayer ~ thank you deeply”

“I feel so much better, thank you so much”

“Thank you so much for today, I got an activation of my lightbody in the end. It was wonderful.”

“Absolutely beautiful meditation πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Thank you!!!”

Until soon again…Mithila with love πŸ’•



Video 2/1/2022

My own Higher Heart/Higher Self came through me, myself and I in the here and now ( first time I recognized the vibration to be my own Higher Self channel ) and with well wishes for all of us in that gathering. 
This Light Language blessing of sweet light hearted joy for a new earth life year this 2022 to us all I now share with all of you - from my βœ¨♥️ to your βœ¨♥️.
As this was at the end of our gathering, as always with divine orchestration, the channeling tuned into grounding of the energies for our benefit. I kept that part in as well on this 3:33 min video.
Camera angles / lighting etc … none of this in place - as I am spontaneous about what I film on these meditations and my focus is on the live event participants. I’m just glad I managed to press record πŸ˜†πŸ˜….
I hope you will receive good vibes from it. Close your eyes and just listen and feel it or watch the movements and the sound. 
Up to you, if and how you choose to receive it πŸ™πŸΎ
With love, Mithila


The 1/1 and New Moon Portal opening was deliciously enjoyed by our group yesterday evening with ( yet again and with huge gratitude to) our Galactic Federation Guides. 
From the top of my head what came through to the 12 of us gathered on zoom this evening:
✨guided meditation on breath and it’s decision making abilities (similar to things I usually teach as a yoga teacher but this had the channeled guidance touch)
✨Teachings on patterns and how to reach the energy behind patterns we are trying to shake off including a fully guided experience in practical energy work choosing one such pattern 
✨guidance on new moons /new Year portals and how we can use this coming week to magnify change in areas we wish to bring in newness including practical meditation on how to do this 
✨lots of Light Language to accompany all the above including clearing of old energy from the aura and replenishing with new sparks of Light codes for the new Year 
✨a new year LL blessing from my heart to all present ( once edited I will publish this part of our event as it was such a precious and new experience / recognition / remembrance awakening moment for myself that I want to share with all who wish to see it)
✨grounding of energies and integracion of the evenings experiences 
I am for always in awe of the beauty of these experiences πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨ thank you dear all who made this such an unforgettable start to a New Year! 
✨we send and share all the beauty and blessings we received now to you who is reading and receiving this πŸ’«
This morning after not sleeping much as moon times usually are for me I wake up ravenous !!! πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹ let’s have a great day all πŸ’• with love, Mithila 
New Year New Breath New Moon
Take a breath with me and welcome to join our gathering this evening to sit in energy intentions for the New Year. This evenings meditation, if at all similar to my previous channeled meditations on the Moon portals in 2021, will give us the time to sense the New Years energies ( a portal that opened a few days before the New Year what I could sense ), and a moment in meditation with our higher self, soulful presence. I feel this gathering will help us clarify what our individual energy needs for soul direction in 2022. 
A few days ago the 1/1 portal of energy came through. I experienced this as a sense of needing newness - a Renewal of myself. During 30/31 this expressed itself clearer to me as a need to make new the physical spaces I move in - to reflect the new flow of creativity I wish to have in my life. One that represents the huge changes I went through in 2021. In practicality I will spend the next week clearing up and changing my office, art studio, yoga spaces, and wardrobe to better harmonize with the new inner flow that manifested in 2021. My external self hasn’t yet had a chance to keep up with that inner change πŸ˜…πŸ˜ and that will be my first moves in the new year. 
I know that I will get further clarifications after this evenings channeled energy expansions. From previous guests reviews of similar gatherings - I know that this will bring you what you need for a clear and clearer start to 2022. These gatherings also help us tap into some beautiful healing vibrations and powerful clearing vibrations too at times. Let’s see what today’s New Moon Portal has to sayπŸ™πŸΎβ˜ΊοΈ


Solstice Energy reflections after 4 pm

Dear friends, I have had the solstice trance mission and it did arrive at 12 noon as planned - the energies were just there for it, the channel portal opened and by 1230 I was in trance mission. I have recorded the message and I will upload everything on video for you to enjoy and I will have the transcription here as well as soon as is ready.

Although this was initially a paid event on the schedule - due to the change in nature of the energy today and how I felt it will no longer be considered a paid event. Donations not expected but always appreciated. The subject matter was a continuation of the Galactic Party downloads. On releasing fear based narratives and specifically about releasing Abundance Blocks. 

GALACTIC Dec 19th short clips - this galactic was completely different to the previous one. Here some short clips from the trance dance elements of the mission.


Donations not expected but greatly appreciated for this Solstice Portal Message, Meditations and Energy Medicine:

Solstice Portal Mission Part 1

Solstice Portal Mission Part 2

Solstice Portal Misson Part 3

I had recorded a 4th part based on LL sound and mudra that I invoked for the main messages of releasing fear based patterns and opening up to greater abundance and a beautiful energy medicine came through ....but it for whatever reason did not record, therefore it was received but not left on record to share. 


Last week Monday, after the 12.12 energy shift I noticed that something palpably had changed in the vibe. I understood this to be that 5 D Gaia is now fully in place. What I felt as one of the first wave energy workers in the upgrade process (and you might have sensed this too if you have been part of the first wave...) is that we are fully in 5D experience but during last week there was still more shedding of old 3D paradigms happening. It was a tough energy week, a weird feeling overall up until Saturday the 18th evening. On Satruday evening around 540pm I noticed the Lunar Portal opening and with it, after this weird week of shedding, I felt that the energy shifted again and the feeling and vibe I interepreted was: from now on we who have been in ascension mode should feel that there is less shedding and more being in the fifth and the new Gaia energies - less discrepancy between the old and new, for now we are not only fully in the 5th but have also shed the old 3rd and 4th remnants. This, if my theory is right means, from now on up to the 21st and beyond it gets easier and easier to just, see, and feel 5th and be in the 5th, and from 21st there is another big energy shift for many more towards the 5th AND it becomes even easier to shift and shed the old paradigms. Does it resonate with you as well?
 That is my intuitions on the vibe I sensed and take it if it resonates, otherwise just drop it. :-D.
If there is something you are wondering about and you would like me to write more about it or channel information about it, then please write to me and when I can I will answer here on this diary for all to read and share. If you need a more urgent answer or personal guidance then book a session with me instead. For all the free sharing, I get to it when I can and I hope it is assisting you.



 SOLSTICE meditation portal 21.12.21

Wishing you brilliant Soulstice Insights and Levels Up of light ,and shadows released, dear online familyβœ¨πŸ™πŸΎ
I am enjoying a sense of open peace and wide calm and…
…Sensing deeply inwards to tune into the right time to channel the energy meditations for this day. Intuitive living is an adventure and I love it. And highly recommend it βœ¨
I had scheduled this meditation to 12 noon today but I’m not sure when I will actually sit with the mission perhaps closer to sundown perhaps later this evening not sure yet - I will send it out spontaneously to those on my SMS list ( unless I choose to do this one by myself ) and if you want to know when it’s happening send me a message so I can keep you in the loop to join Live Online.
Solstice Prayer Meditation and Q&A trance mission tomorrow at noon dear friends.
Today 6pm for the daily light of life prayer circle and we are just relaxing now after our awesome Galactic gathering yesterday evening at Arken Hotel - glimpse above of during and after. 
From the top of my head:
✨ancestral and family lines healing energy and Back Heart clearing 
✨guidance on how to release fear based patterns and thereby step into 5D 
✨voice and sound activations
✨Arcturian 9D attunement and the Cosmic Dance 
✨exquisite and powerful 12 Chakra anchoring meditation for  multi dimensionality and charging our crystal with this energy 
✨mantra prayers for Earth and that led to our own healing energy and further Christ Consciousness meditations
✨light language to assimilate the experiences 
All in the presence of and guided by the Galactic Federation, Arcturian, Angelic, Ascended Masters and more celestial assistanceπŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸ‘½πŸŒ and our own gathered group live and on zoom enjoying the expansion and celebrating with refreshments.
After two awesome events we now know that we need to book 4 hours for these gatherings !! 
Preliminary January 21st and February 22nd. Spread the word and gather with us on these exceptional journeys into your expanded awareness.
19.12.21 Galactic Love live at Arken this evening!
…And we are ready to teleport ourselves to Arken and take off to our Galactic Federation Family of Light gatheringπŸ€£πŸ˜†βœ¨πŸŽ‰β˜„οΈπŸŒžπŸŒπŸ€© πŸ‘½ ♥οΈπŸŒŸπŸ’«β­οΈπŸͺπŸŒ
I cannot describe how excited I always am about these parties - just the thought of it bubbles joy in me and lightness - it’s such a fun and futuristic experience in one sense and on another so very present and natural. 
Multi-dimensionality has always been and always will be our true natural state of being, timelessness and the eternal now our forever home, and vibration our currency. 
Any yoga ( spiritual path ) worth its salt helps us awaken to this and I am grateful for the Channel that I can open to bring remembrance into our consciousness through these experiencesπŸ™πŸΎ♥️ and to feel the great love and generosity of our Spiritual Families in the higher realms. 
Welcome friends, we have space on zoom and live, if money is an issue then pay what you can, but don’t hesitate to meditate or to put passion in your prayers βœ¨
A vibe I received about this evening (and also the additional info that we will work with our personal crystals) is:
''One of the most important shifts in this process right now is
shifting out of Fear Based Patterns in ones life.
Assistance in transmuting the fear based narrative of the world.
To hold the vision of love and light for oneself and others.
Empowerment. Sovereignty.''

18.12.21  Kundalini Rising

In the past week the main ascension energy I’m sensing in the collective human experience field is the rising of Kundalini energy. This can happen even if you have not done any specific spiritual practice - it can happen spontaneously or as I sense now as a result of ascension energies in the new field of 5D.

If you are experiencing kundalini ascension and need help in mastering and managing your energy then welcome to any of my Light of Life daily calendar events ( many of which are free to attend ) and I will be able to assist you there. See website for daily schedule.

Ascension symptoms examples of kundalini rising can be:

Aches, pain in the root ( perineum/ pelvic floor )

Electric like sparks and spasms / especially originating in the spine

Increase in sexual energy / arousal

A pulsation, bubbling, stirring sensation in and of the root area

I cannot provide inclusive general guidance in writing right now due to lack of time therefore I invite you ( who might be challenged by rising kundalini and anyone else who wishes to bathe in prayer and high vibe energy work ) - to the live / online meetings on my website calendar πŸ™πŸΎ♥️.

With love!

16.12.21 FLUID PRAYER  and I continue to serve prayer drops to nourish our Light. Today at noon Sweden local time with the Bronze Rosary given by Guru Kriyaji. Particularly nourishing for prayers for πŸŒ Mother EarthπŸ™πŸΎ♥️
Yesterday we were transported into many mini meditations for prayer energy through the third eye, the clearing of the Vast Cosmic Heart Space, for Back Heart Opening through mudra vinyasa, a very deep grounding of these energies into Earth through our bodies, a spontaneous candle gazing / trataka meditation, planting of the prayer seeds into Earth and some sound healing in the middle of it with Light Language and other otherworldly insights. 
New experiences every day these days and blessed to be living the energy expansion. As a channel and energy worker for these prayers and energies it does take a lot out of me but I rest lots to recover - and it’s so worth being able to serve my dharma in this way right nowπŸ™πŸΎβœ¨. This Sunday Galactic Party Event is a longer conversation and interaction with the Galactic Guides and opportunity to rest in meditation and receive quantum healing and insight into ones own life desires. Welcome πŸ™πŸΎwith love, Mithila

14.12.21 Light of Life prayer today 12 noon Sweden local time.

I just finished transcribing the 12.12 mission and wow I cannot get over the love and wealth of communication provided by the Galactic Family and all higher D beings. Of course Im relatively new to this even if the evolution moves at the speed of light - but I cannot imagine not ever being in a state of awe at this experience and of who we really are.

Calling on the Allowance of the I AM presence to reverberate in all our beings with this messageπŸ™πŸΎOm Tat Sat. So it is.

I’ve also been exploring the light language channel more and it’s just such a spectrum of energy work that I’m only just beginning to sense it’s communication ability - again totally wowed - what else can I say !!! 😍 I will share more on this as soon as I am humanly able πŸ€— its wonderful work but it does take resting and digesting on my part to learn and explore it and to work on my own resistances and heavier energies that need clearing in the process.

I would share more if I could but I’m sure the time for that will come. If you wish to book one to one sessions I am available for bookings in 2022.

However, the Galactic party event and the daily prayers are great chances to be “in the room” of receiving these higher vibrations, improve your sense abilities and energy mastery, and it’s as easy as just relaxing and receiving - there is literally nothing else needed from us ♥️♥️♥️in these trance missionsπŸ™πŸΎπŸŒŽβœ¨



Access the FULL Trance Script from this day. As it was a paid participation event we kindly request a €11 or pay what you can donation for this reading. There was a given information trance mission from the GFL but also a Q&A.

General Questions we asked were: What are the energy properties of inflammation ? , How does AutoImmune diseases relate to the 5D shift? , Will humans have form in the future?, How can we better handle the energies of shift?

short summary below:

Golden Age Gaia
There are those that are far more in the know about numerology than I ( as I have never studied it to any length ). Yet during the whole channeling process that I’m in the midst of discovering and learning I have been guided to work with dates, portals, gateways. I have started to sense better when a new energy wave is coming and moving through to be released into our collective experience and yesterday 11.12.2021 at 11-12 we had our beautiful sadhana gathering as planned but not as planned was the lovely energy we were able to receive and be guided by in a long and perfectly poised meditation that took each of us in the room and on zoom to where we needed to go. The channeling is rarely what I am expecting will happen and it’s always a jewel of an experience.

Today’s planned trance mission at 12 saw us receiving GFL messages as well as a Q&A session bringing us brilliant insights into healing, health and energy mastery. Today we also received further insight into why the dates and times matter as well as how new grids of energy are being and already are laid for Gaia’s energy evolution. And oh the presence of all the Ascended Masters returning through this 1212 portal to be here for the great change that is upon usπŸ™πŸΎβœ¨♥️ infinitely grateful to you our beloved Galactic Family. Will take some time to transcribe the full trance mission - will let you know when ready πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸŒŽπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŽ¨πŸ₯³πŸ€©

Love to you all on these days of light celebration in Sweden ✨✨✨✨

11.12.21 Energy Evolution

As much as I’m available daily now for prayer circles I’m feeling the need to retreat to silence to sense, pray, go deeper into the energy evolution that is happening right now. I feel already that I will use the days 24-31 to do that. My sound and Light Language vibration and prayers channeling is coming through stronger and clearer for each day since the 2nd of Dec. I have yet to learn what the languages are, what they speak and who is trance missioning at times as it’s all so new ( and feels incredibly healing and beautiful )…just lately an inner circle soul worker confirmed that one of the messages I spoke was from White Calf Buffalo / a Shamanic wisdom keeper healer sage woman. So there is much to meditate on and breathe into on my part as the energy evolution is strong, sacred and star studded. I hope to open further into all the goodness we can receiveβœ¨πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨.

Meanwhile I am available during this light of life prayers - today 18-19 Sweden local time as I first now have my beloved YogaMonks sadhana Crew class to join and teach first. ♥️

The energy evolution right now has much to share with us and I am excited about the 12.12 trance mission as well to hear more from the Galactica and other multi dimensional planes of existence - let me know if you will join us then.

With love, Mithila 

 10.12.21 light calendar

We continue on the Light Of Life Calendar through prayer to receive the grace and light of high vibrational existence and essence in and through ourselves - last few days I’ve been feeling a big increase in ascension symptoms and hope all of you out there are doing well through it all - hydrate massively - rest as much as you can - welcome to join the prayer circles for additional support and share this with those who need a boost of light in their life✨or simply wish to be part of spreading their light further πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜ƒ in group meditation.

Planning for the 12.12 trance mission as well - let me know if you will join us then. With galactic love, Mithila

Today’s Prayer Circle 16-17 Sweden Local time (donation welcome but not required to participate)

PRAYER CIRCLE Light Calendar 8.12 and 12.12

Upgracing our light levels through prayer every day in this Light of Life Calendar. Also highlighting today the trance mission I am planning for noon Sweden local time on 12.12 ( an important energy portal day this month ) and this will be an opportunity to speak directly with the higher dimensional beings and energy, I and we will be asking questions to the guides to receive further understanding on some of the teachings and messages that have come through in the channeling and also receive what is to be known and shown to us in this time to help the process of planetary and individual healing and evolution. πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸ˜ƒπŸŒŽ

4.12 Lunar Portal Meditation Evening

...continued to bring us into the heart space of Love, Peace, Unity and Harmony - the essence of the 5th Dimensional planet that Gaia is becoming and the support of Father Jesus and Christ Consciousness awakening in the heart center in this process. Every channeled event is unique and yesterday consisted mostly of rosary prayers and through these we received moments of great ease in meditation and guidance of energy meditations that were just sublime. In particular a Light Code activation of our auric light field - to saturate it with Light and speed up the vibrations of the individual Light field and expand our own Light ability. Another memorable moment was when we were guided to see Mother Earth and to send our love to Her our sacred πŸŒŽ physical home, and then to see Her sending Her love to us Her children. Always our Guides end each session in helping us grounding the energies with grace. So grateful for the high vibe guidance I am able to Channel on these occasions that assist all of us to Light Up and to be the Light. Thank you dear ones from all over who made up our small but powerful circle of Light on Zoom yesterday.πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨ I appreciate your presence.


Is there any message for the coming time? Jesus Full Moon (Dec 18/19th...).  What do you mean by the Jesus Full Moon (Dec 18/19th)?

This Gateway opening Father Jesus, Father Jesus, Jesus Christ Energy, Jesus Christ Codes, the Jesus Codes become more and more active in the planetary Light Code Activations from this point of 4h Dec. onwards up to 24th Dec. the Jesus Codes will travel in through this Gateway this Eclipse Portal and in the weeks to come up until Christmas building momentum spreading its Light spreading the Presence of Jesus into our hearts and minds, this is a type of Ressurrection, a Resurrection of the Christ Consciousness of the Jesus Codes. Amen. 

You will feel the Love of Jesus coming to you on the Wings of the Angels. (I've been given the prayer to do on the portal meditation, I thank them for the guidance, it is one of the Garlands of Roses from my Guru Kriyajis teachings, a Master Devata Rosary).


"There is a Stargate for Christ Consciousness approaching the planet. This Stargate illuminates all hearts and minds into the Presence of Jesus. This Christmas will bring an awakening, a true awakening of Christ Consciousness more than has been for a long time, people will turn into their hearts to find Christ Consciousness more than ever before. This is a resurrection. Enjoy the peace that the Jesus Codes brings, activate the peace of the Jesus Codes throughout your cellular structure, throughout your celluline DNA, Jesus Codes will integrace with your human bloodline, restoring peace generations back, generations forwards, world without end Amen.

We thank Jesus, We thank Jesus for returning to help us establish Christ Consciousness once again. Christ Consciousness immediately elevates you to 5th Dimension and beyond, it is Pure Peace Crystalline Light Energy, Pure Love Devotional Light Energy, Pure Harmony Unconditional Being, it is very much the Fifth dimensionality. We thank Father Jesus for this Gift. Say your prayers, your prayers are received your prayers are returned, the prayers help you to elevate to the consciousness of the Pristine State of Mind, Body and Soul of Christ. 

Prayers when done correctly are extremely powerful, pray with the pureness of heart, pureness of body and it will purify your soul and your destiny (this means it gives CLARITY), Galactic Federation of Light thanks you for receving this message. Share it with others."

I received some Astro information next. When I looked it up I could not make the info ''add up'' with the current Neptune and Uranus data as Uranus is now Retro and Neptune has gone direct so this reference might be about a future timeline example June 2022, that the portal opening happening now is activating changes for 6 months ahead. Again, I apologise I do not feel I made a confident reading on this channel about the astrology and I will need to go deeper into the meditations to ask further questions on this subject. Nevertheless here is what I received and I hope for further details in the future.


"Neptune goes retrograde (this is either referring to the ending of the Neptune Retro Dec 1st or to the future one June 2022), as Uranus goes direct, there is an astrological balance shift that creates an opening for cosmic consciousness clearance, clarity, clarity through the cosmos, this can be felt and received by earth beings, clarity, tap into that clarity in this stargate, Dec 4th, New Moon Eclipse Portal, powerful opportunity to tap into clarity consciousness, to clear once heart and mind of debris, and to see what truly matters to the Sovereign Heart to the Sovereign Mind and to move forwards with grace and ease through what is received in this stargateway. Peace restores clarity, the Jesus Codes help you to find clarity assisted by the planets Neptune and Uranus, this stargate is both Sagitarrius and Pisces, with strong influence of the Aquarian, the Sagitarrian Arrow is accurate, never missses its mark, hence the clarity, use that clarity to align your consciousness with the Higher Good, the Higher Dimensional Self, remember to take time to rest, the resting helps you to receive, the resting shows that you trust, make time for rest, make time to receive, give the gift of your inner peace to all the world, we the Galactic Council of Light adore and appreciate you."



1.12 PRAYER 🀲🏾

Today’s prayer circle took me on new experiences - we received Light Code activations and were held in meditation as usual in the Trance Mission but we were also guided to plant the words of the prayers like seeds in the soil of Mother Earths Center. After this we were guided into a Tree of Life meditation and it was all very beautiful and charmed. 



Dear friends, it has been a calm time for me with respect to channeling that happens spontaneously. I have not been recruited for that lately but I have been guided to offer the following 24 days of Light Level Up calendar where there are some important dates where I expect the Channeling to be particularly potent. Example 12.12, 21.12, the 4.12 Lunar Portal and the 19.12 Lunar Portal Events. For the whole prayer filled Light of Life Calendar go here. I hope to see you on these days. The ascension symptoms are being felt even though I do not feel them as stongly personally anymore, and there have been further timeline shifts ( I have personally sensed at least one per week), CME's and Solar Winds over the past few days and weekend. The communications of previous days and weeks still stand strong in terms of guidance and how to handle the shift. If there is any new information I will post it in the coming days on this page.

I just added a short video clip from the 19.11 Lunar Portal Event see below link. 


19.11 Lunar Portal Meditation - the Pleidian Portal

Short video clip from the event. For the approx. 80 minute video channeling, e-mail me for paid access.

Lunar Portal Meditation Evening…

…Was another wondrous moment in these months of great wonder since my work as a channel began.

Highlights in brief from the top of my head…

( will update website plus video clips after some rest days).

✨receiving of activation keys for Peace in sacral and root chakra
✨cleanse of solar plexus
✨ receiving the new Light Grade Activations to our auric field
✨prayers for Mother Gaia through Gayatri Mantra and the names of Goddess with light language activations (one of my personal favorite moments of these Trance Missions - I’m just stunned by the beauty and power of the experience)
✨guidance on remembrance of ones multi dimensionality and relationship to free will
✨connection to the opening of the Pleiadian portal, how to meditate and receive Pleiadian assistance
✨awesome guided alignment and grounding meditation held us energetically and expansively in the higher self to grounded reality of 5th dimensionality, a very clear experience of here and now alignment and meditative beingness, such a great end note to our 2 hours together.

All of this received by us with gratitude to the Galactic Guides and Angelic Realm.πŸ™πŸΎ

We are so moved and so blessed by this Mission and I’m happy to say that I’ve been asked to host another one for the next Moon transition on December 4th, 1800-1930.

Thank you to our intimate small gathering November 19th. πŸ™πŸΎ


Trance Mission 3:40-5:00 pm 

I felt the trance state coming on for awhile before I sat down to download and the word that came through then was 'Pleaidian ships'. Then the Trance State begins with 3rd eye activations. Some toning.

''Lunar portal of Pisces Sept 23, closing of the gateway opening (that occurred then). Opening of the new Pleiadian Portal, Lunar Portal in Taurus, receiving the keys to the Pleiadian Gateway, downloading of the keys. Part of the 1111 Ascension Portal. 999. 999 gateway. Pleiadian Pisces Portal (vis: a fish symbol). Galactic Sensory Dimensions. Clearing of the Dependency Codes. Clearing of the Codes of Dependency  (vis. 3rd Eye Chakra Vortex spinning), (vis a bat like, dragon like, prehistoric, reptilian with tail and wings creature). (at this point the 9D Arcturian Collective Gateway and Channel Portal opens for my channeling). (vis. 911)

''Look at the download from (November) 911, go back, anchoring of that energy today. That energy is being anchored through this Trance Mission. Many are going through big changes, they will need help, to understand what is happening. The Pleiadian Portal will help bring understanding to the masses for the evolution of consciousness, for the next stages of the upgrade. Akashic Record Downloads are being received by many individuals simultaneously at this time. This is an important transition of the Pleiadian Portal, that each person receives a direct connection to their Akashic record and their Divine DNA Blueprint, as designed by God Source in the name of Creation, Amen. Arcturian Energies support the planet at this time alongisde Pleiadian assistance. This is by command of the Galactic Federation of Light, part of the unfolding of the New Earth codes. As given in the 1111 Ascension Portal Download of upgrade codes. (I am going to add here that this is one of the most powerful energy trance missions I have received, I am barely holding it together with the Akashic Mudra, reclining, because I am so blasted by the energy, it is immense!) 


''Heart Chakra energy, speaking through the Heart Chakra, (as this happens I have the very interesting feeling that I am not talking with my vocal chords but that the speech is moving from the heart - such a cool and new energy experience), we will be speaking more and more from the heart, we will be acting more and more from the heart, new energy dimension for people to be and act through the heart, through heart mind, we are giving you the keys for the heart activation through this Pleiadian Portal, new way of being and moving in the world will be known to all mankind, relax deeply to receive, we are beginning the grounding of the energy of the Pleiadian Portal  today, this will accelerate, accumulate up until Friday, for the official portal opening and the release of the keys, for Heart Access, Heart Activate, Heart Modulate, Heart Based Being, keys for humankind. This is a massive upgrade that will be felt widely by the populations of Earth, largely supported by the Pleiadian ships, Arcturian ships surrounding the planet, we are so close. 

We are so close. We are here, we are helping Earth we are helping you. You are helped. This is the next wave, the next acceleration...after the pure Pleiadian Channel, Lemurian Light Key Activations, Crystal Activation of the Divine Heart Center, (vis. sacred geometry and crystal in the heart center, the vibratory feeling of the channel voice coming through the heart is still strongly with me), Solar winds are blowing in to the magnetosphere, these wil be felt strongly in the Heart, they will blow through the Heart chakra cleaning and clearing and preparing the Pleiadian Portal Light Grade Activation, Lemurian Crystalline DNA activation, Dolphin Energy Activation, Dolphin Codes, Arcturian Energy Grid supports this process, it is in place already and is supporting this process. This will be felt widely.

Time will stand still, time will stand on its head, people will wonder what has struck them, be clear that this is for the highest good, this is for the evolution necessary for all humankind and for Earth, Gaia Earth Mother for the complete upheavel of the chaos that has been seen and felt. It is all needed, the darkness transmutes to the light, do not fear the darkness, see it as a necessary part of the whole transmutation into the White Light planetary evolution, it is all one. You will not recognise yourselves for awhile, this is normal for this evolution to happen, you will feel between worlds, you will feel a bit lost, you will feel dynamic shifts of reality, the timelines shift as you jump, those who have not yet jumped you will feel the jump, jump willingly, jump happily, we support your jump, those who have jumped witnessed already that it is possible, ask Mithila, she already made the jump, it is possible, and she lives to tell the tale, she is alive after all (this comes with humor :-D ), it is safe, others have done it too, you can do it too, jump freely, jump happily, we are here to catch you in the new crystalline grid, Heart Evolution Consciousness. The Pleiadian Portal assists in this and more, in the next few days it accelerates towards this evolutionary key.''

(the energy coming through the Mission is so strong I cannot sit up and do any LL. I simply wasn't able, I had to work a lot to ground the energy!!),   

''The recent auroras have brought in mass ejection of healing light, the Green light codes of Archangel Raphael have assisted in the transmutation of the Heart Center energies in preparation for the Pleiadian Portal Light Code Activations Crystal Heart Center White Light Activation, for the peoples pf planet earth, this brings in the new wave of upgrade energy, you have sensed correctly that a new wave of energy is coming to the people, this will be felt strongly by the masses be preapred to help All lightworkers, Earth Energy Workers, Ground Staff who have already received the upgrade enmasse in the last months that have been, you will be needed to help assist, the new wave of upgrades of the people in the Pleiadian Portal Downloads of Heart Key Code Activation from the 1111 portal moving forwards, 999, Energy Work new key codes for the next wave. This is a massive upgrade that will be felt in many ways by the people, especially in the heart, many more Assistant Keys will come through in the next few days to all on earth receiving this message now, those who are able to receive will receive more information on how to integrace this new code energy of the Pleiadian Portal, you are doing right to host group meditations to assist in this shift, all such activity will assist in this shift to ground these energies with grace.

''Everything is Divinely planned, everything is Divinely orchestrated, everything is unfolding as according to Divine plan, everything is paved with the Light of Love Vibration, everyone can rejoice in this knowing, of heavenly ascent, be blessed beloved beings by this Light of God Prayer, that now enters your heart, surrounds you holds you and guides you, into Everlasting Love, into Everlasting Peace, into Everlasting-ness, Forever and Ever Amen. The energy of the Pleiadian Ships, can also be sensed in the right mind, like a breeze blowing clear the cobwebs of Illusion, that have gathered there over decades of 3D reality, this now breaks free, Cosmic Truth enters, guides and liberates, every being into the new Dimensional Existence, Vision, Depth.''



''Soul Workers Unite in your common mission, to spread the Light through the darkness that has taken hold in the eyes of the 3D vision, stay true to what you know, stay true to the Light Vision, do not succumb to the so called 3D reality, that passes through like a film on a screen, it is only as real as you focus on it, shift your focus, stay strong, stand strong, anchor the Pillar of Light of Love Vision, So Be It and So It Is. Be prepared to support this massive upgrade of the next generation of upgrades. Be ready to help the masses, we are preparing you by opening your heart energy field to be able to help.

 We are confirming, we the Galactic Federation, that you have tuned in perfectly, you have received the message perfectly, you are on point galactic guide we confirm you, we affirm you, we affirm you, we affirm you, you are fully affirmed hereby to guide others through this transition, this message to all Galactic Guides, Ambassadors, Channels, Federation Assistants of the Ground Earth Staff. Share this message with all of them, affirming their duty and activity in this process, we thank you we thank you, we thank you for your work, we the Galactic Federation, we the Arcturian Council, we the Lemurian Council, we the Pleiadian Council, we the Sirian Council, we the Zion Light Gate Portal, we the Arcturian Light Gate Portal, we the Councils of Light affirm you.
​You stand in your true power, and we affirm you through this message and this message channeled through Mithila all Light Workers all Galactic Guides, all working Ground Staff Earth Beings receive affirmation, confirmation, reassurance, assurance, knowing that you are perfectly aligned and attuned with what is happening, you are perfectly aligned and attuned with your highest good, and the greater collective highest good, rest assured, rest assured in this knowing, you are receiving the first wave of the Lunar Portal Heart Activation Pleaidian Portal Assistance Codes, you are receiving the first intergracion, if you have been feeling massive energy shifts now, yesterday, tomorrow this is what is happening, relax, rest and receive in comfort, this is no joke, this is massive (with humour), these shifts are massive and you feel them as such, you all sensing being, you sovereign being, you knowing being, you in-tune being, you attuned being, you are receiving, you have received, you continue to receive, in Gods name Amen. Nobody needs to be present to receive, it is received, it is already received, present or not it is received, over time it intergraces with the peoples, and through all channels, working with this reception from the Galactic Federation of Light.''





Earlier that day....

Dear friends, I have been needing rest after the intensive work leading up to the 1111 portal and the Galactic Party and my regular Yoga Teaching schedule last week. I have been spending lots of time just resting and sensing what is next here for me as well as for us. So far I am aware of the following from the 12.11 Party Trance Mission and the days following Incoming Downloads.

- Lunar Portal 19.11 is Pleaidian Portal. I am to host a meditation evening via Zoom 1800-1930 for this. Go here for details on how to join this Trance Mission. 

- the upgrade symptoms moving forwards, as the next wave of people are upgraded, may look and feel different to what those of us who were under the upgrade in the past 18 months. As more of the 5D Energy is now here, the timeline merge has happened, those who now make the upgrade and transition the timelines will have a different experience than the initially upgraded Ground Staff or Light Workers (myself, perhaps yourself and many others...). Those who have not yet senses the shifts we are speaking of here will as time passes onwards. The next wave of upgrades will start to take place. All is perfectly orchestrated and there is nothing to fear in this natural evolution of Planet Earth. I have today updated the Upgrade Symptoms page with some new understandings that came to me recently.

- Message from Mother Gaia on 13.11 as we prayed to Her through the Gayatri Mantra in the YM Sadhana Practice gathering, '' Your prayers are received and your prayers are returned. Do not worry about Mother. Along with a mudra, posture and breath meditation we received 'inherit the earth, inhabit the earth' as an energy meditation. We also received the visualisation meditation of the crystalline grid underneath each and everyone of us that connects us to Earth, we also received the presence of the Guardian Angels. ''

- I remembered one of the most important downloads I received in 2020 April that I forgot to initially add to the below list under 2020 Messages. 


This message is so much clearer now as we move towards the Upgrade Abilities that are becoming readily available to all to access in meditation and being. We will also create and do with greater ease. Dropping the illusionary idea that we must struggle to live well in life. However these upgrades come with a lot of shadow work, releasing the old timelines and energies, cleansing and clearing ones own Karmic Line, Ancestral Line Healing. I have myself done this intensely in past 18 months but that process has ended for me now so that I might serve others through the upgrade process with ease and joy.

During your personal upgrade you may well encounter the darker energies of your own or (as Light Worker) also collective energies that need to be transmuted into the Light. If you need help with this welcome to book a Sovereign Session with me to meditate and release the old.






Review of the 11.11 Group Meditation by Ella in the UK. '' what a blessed event this was! Such a joy to be part of it and witness the emergence and Cosmic Dance. Im feeling the desire to coin a new phrase for the global yoga community, one that takes us beyond the knowns of the ancient sages and avatars, and into the beyondness of the Eternal now...Galactic Self-Realisation is definitely a thing!! And oh how happy am I to be dawn-treading this new voyage with you.''


11.00 AM Group Meditation / Trance Mission 11.00-12.00 written and video

I introduced the meditation as: for us to receive the 5D Energy and also for the planet, portal is already open, opened yesterday, and to send it out to the planet, with our physical bodies connected together in this meditaion with the planet, people in our lives, all the beings on earth and the planet itself, the primary intention of todays meditation, I wished everyone a wonderful sitting and a lovely time and thank you for gathering. 

The Channeling begins with movements and mudra (see video, here some important verbatim messages)

On video part 1:

''Peace on Earth Vibration, Peace on Earth Intentionality (Mithila toning), LL- The Light of Lemuria, Galaxy Portal Ascended Masters Portal, Dimensionless Dimension, The Grounding of the 1111 Ascension Codes, directly receiving, from the open portal, grounding 1111 codes, star seeded codes, the ascension dimension,  lots of LL (see video), continuing to Ground the Ascension Codes through the Heart, ( I see a light vibration matrix surroudning us), each of sitting in this ovaline, diamond like, light pod shape (see drawing), Lemurian Light Vibration Codes, Ascended Master Codes, (visions described in Video), Clearing of Blockages to Receive, global level clearing of blockages, especially from the mind, Lifting of the Veils, Clearing of the Illusion Dimensions, Clearing of the Right Mind, the Ascension Dimension portal helps with this, lifting of the veils, releasing the illusion blocks. (in the vision the light pod opens like a flower and we are each sitting in the middle in our meditation).

Not on video:

With the crystal meditation that I did including intonation, sound healing I received further messages: we will be able to sense higher vibrational beings, we will be able to communicate with higher vibrational beings, this will be the new earth, all beings united, all beings experiencing one another with love, unity harmony peace

Arcturian 9 D Collective tuning in, helping with the clearing of the right mind, Om Tat Sat,  sound healing for the clearing of the Right Mind, Dolphin Sounds.

On video Part 2: Beautiful Heart Center Mudra Meditation and words received.

''Heart Mudra Activation, Global Peace, World Peace, World Unity, Love from our own hearts, Love to our own hearts, Love to the world, Love to all beings, here we send out the message of love to all beings, Lemurian Love, Atlantean Love, Arcturian Love, Pleaidian Love, Galactic Love, Galactic Source Vibration, the Jesus Codes, the Ascension Codes, the Ascension Dimensions 1111,1111,1111, Archangel, Archangel Love, Angelic Dimension, Pristine Crystalline Love, Diamond Love, Diamond Vibration, Pure Infiinity Codes, Infinity Codes Vibration, Om Tat Sat. Bowing to Earth, Giving to Earth, Gaia Love Gaia Love, Earth Star Reunion, Galactic Reunion, Om Shiva Shakti, Root Chakra Earth Chakra Awakening, Rebalancing, Reconnecting, Reintegrating, Reinventing, Reinventing Life, Rejuvenating, Re-responding, Re inhabiting, ReNumerating, Renumerating, 1111, Root chakra rebalancing, Galaxy Portal, More clearing of the Right Mind Illusions, Right Mind blocks. (Lots of LL), transmuting right mind blocks into higher vibration, assistance of Archangel Zadkiel and the mighty violet flame, (video ended abruptly as the sounding began, ran out of video space on phone).

A lot has cleared on the Right Mind Illusions and I give thanks for all the help even though I feel there is more work to be done there on individual and planetary, a gateway opens, I sense a gateway opening, I dont get a clear sense of what this gateway is, then I get a sense that it is the clearing of Past Lives, Transmuting of Past Lives Karmic Disillusionments, (lots of LL clearing happens and some toning),

Video Part 3: Cosmic Dance begins, Anchoring of the Cosmic Dance Vibration,  The Great Cosmic Light dance is received, Entering the Great Cosmic Heart Space, The Great Cosmic Heart Space (toning and sound healing along with the LL), as the meditation begins to end, reside in the bliss of meditation, they (my Galactic guides) give thanks to me, I give thank you back. Akshic Record Complete. Download Complete. Dissemination into the energy field. Merging of timelines. Timeline Merging Complete.



10.11 Trance Mission 11.00-11.20 am

''Light Language healing of Karmic Debt, Karmic Entanglements, Karmic Debt and Karmic Entanglements out of the web of life 3D Matrix, Influx of energy for clearing of Karmic Debts and Karmic Entanglements'' (rapid LL work in the hands, itchy forehead and eyebrows were my physical symptoms),

A sense of strong emotional purging for the planet, 4D astral level purging

(I felt nausea at this point and I also made the lion pose tongue stretch to purge the energies, intense yawning and decharge), 

''energy of ''I know what I know'', the individuals sovereignty, the individuals sovereignness, the connection to Higher Self, individuals alignment to Source, the strength and power of the 5th Dimension Individual, this information is coming from the Galactic Federation of Light, the Galactic Federation of Light wishes us to know how much they praise our sovereignty, our sovereignness, individuals power to know their own truth, to align with the Love Codes, Unity Codes, the Higher Divine Alignment, the Higher DIvine I AM Presence, the Ascension Dimension.''

at this point more LL began in my hands.

''the Ascension DImension Codes 1111

portal Opening 1111

Ascension Dimension Codes descending, disseminating, entering the vortex, spinning the vortex (this LL was primarily aligned with Heart Chakra and I keep seeing 1111 repeatedly in 3rd eye meditation vision, my whole body shakes at this point, hand moves super fast and then all becomes still)

''Dimensionless dimension vibrations''

I get the feeling of Emanating the 5th Dimension Vibration (such a beautiful feeling of being in this vibe for awhile as the Trance State melts away).


9:11 Trance Mission and 10.11 Trance Mission

Dear friends, I have so much to share but I will not manage it all today. I have 2.5 hours of voice recordings to go through to pick out the parts that were messages to all of us and related to the daily portals and energy downloads. I have from the top of my head the most important messages for yesterday and today here, but I will need more time to get the verbatim messages from my recordings. 

Both 9.11 and 10.11 have been continuations of 8.11 for me personally, a lot of personal attunement work in Channeling school for the Arcturian 9 D Collective. Its amazing but also quite hard work, full on whole body attunement processes. More on that another day...

Main messages: Today at 1100, I was shared that the 11:11 portal is already open. This and in combination with Solar blasts will bring on major Upgrade Symptoms for many, I too am feeling the energies and their shifts acutely, even as I do work on the process and share the process I am working on my own upgrade simultaneously so I am aware of how intense it all is in the now experience. I am using the Akashic Mudra (see previous videos), drinking lots of water, getting lots of rest and relaxing as much as I can and I say to myself over and over ''I ascend with ease, I intergrace with ease' to allow relaxation into the process so that we can elevate with less stress. For those of us who are feeling the feels its pretty intense transformative work, but I know that this is temporary.  I have felt the 5D Vibration surround me yesterday and today, with plenty of light, joyful, easy, peaceful beingness and it has anchored much more now than ever, a result of the 11:11 portal opening. It is such a peaceful energy. 

Today I have mainly been working with the energy healing of Karmic Debt and Karmic Entanglements in the Life Web Matrix. That has been the primary Light Language work and energy work of the day. I did not video it as I was not requested to. 


On 11.11, Thursday Nov 11, I am hosting a group meditation at Sweden local time 1100 am.

Join us if you can either on the zoom or just at the same time wherever you are. I will place the Zoom link on this page as the top post for anyone who wants to join the meeting. Arriving at 1100 am to the meeting is important. 


We continue to plan and prepare for the Galactic Party Live in Gothenburg and Live Online. Register via Party Invitation. Namaste, Mithila



8:11 Trance Mission 4.04-5.10

This was exciting to me personally, though there is no public message to share and I only did a voice recording of it. It was more like Channeling School :-D and I had lessons to learn.

What happened was that I was taken through a series of attunements, physical and vocal, movements and mudras, to help attune to 6D to 9D vibrational frequencies. I learnt about the difference of the frequencies and how the whole body being here (me) has to attune as a Channel to receive the 6D and higher vibrational dimensional communication. At the end of the Download I also received a glimpse to some graceful movement meditations that are cosmic dance, putting us into grace. It was a very beautiful time for me. I have no idea what comes next in this adventure but I am open to receive and share. Thank you! 



7:11 Trance Mission

4.00-4.44 pm


This morning I was guided to hold a spontaneous session meditation for my student Crew at 4-4.44 pm. 4 gathered for practice. What came through in the meditation was 3rd Eye Activation Energy, Holding Mother Gaia in our hands (I have done videos of these so we can see the mudras and meditations) and sending the planet love (both these meditations related to the Trance Mission earlier today), then more specific for the Group receiving the meditation moment there was Life Purpose, Life Work Energy, Angelic Assistance for Life Purpose, Activation of the Angelic Code 444, this was absorbed through the portal opening of the soles of the feet, then we received the grounding of the Angelic Assistance. What a beautiful time, thank you all for joining me this evening.


10:04-10:44 am

As the trance mission began I entered meditation and could see The Galaxy portal above the crown that was activated in yesterday's Trance. I felt itchiness in the clearing of the throat, I've been using the Akashic Mudra a lot as very intense incoming energies/Solar Flare energies. Very strong vibes to integrace. This Misson also cleared up what came thorugh in yesterdays LL Trance Mission, see the video connected to yesterday. We received explanation today for Galactic Light... I was called to send out one of my spontaneous sessions for a group meditation for those who wish to integrace with the vibes that are being channelled now. 4.00-4.44 pm Sweden local time. If you wish to be added to the Spontaneous Sessions Live Online List, use this link, I will hold sessions as often as I humanly can :-D. Now todays message:


''Divine Eye, Divine Dimensional Intentionality, 3rd Eye information, Divine Eye, Divine Dimensional Intentionality

Align with the Divine Dimensional Intentionality

I now Align with the Divine Dimensional Intentionality, For the Galactic Federation of Light, We are Here, We are with you, We want us to be known, We come in peace, We come for peace, We want us to be known, We are here, We come in peace, We are for peace, Multi Dimensional Intentionality Awakens, Root Chakra Energy Activations, Root Chakra Healing and Restoring to its true power, Downloading vibrational frequencies for the Earth Chakra and Root Chakra, this is a downward flowing energy current from the crown through the body, through the root, through the feet, brings with it a sense of great harmony and belonging here on earth, I receive it and welcome this energy activation (this meditation goes on for 5/10 minutes), I am a star born seed here on Earth, Dancing with the Lights, of Light Born of Light Being, To Lightness I return, Gaia, Mother Gaia, We love you, make way for the Galactic Federation, To help and Support, transformation of Gaia, the Light is spreading, more and more are being awakened to the reality of God, the Light and the Power, True Source, True Knowledge, Harmonisation with Divine Intention, Return to Home, Gaia is protected through this process, by your holding the Light, Light Bearers, feel Source Energy supporting your work, this (message) comes to you from the Galactic Federation of Light, Amen.

Opening the 3rd Eye Channel'' (at this point I am in a mudra, hands in a position to embrace the 3rd eye energy, I do this together with a Galactic (Alien) being, we hold the mudra together, a very sweet experience, this meditation goes on for 10 minutes...during which the meditation switches to): ''3rd Eye connecting to the Lunar Portal, receiving the Lunar portal vibration, I enter another mudra unknown to me but looks like Chin Mudra on each hand but pointing towards each other like a pyramid in front of the heart center but not touching the hands, then I start to see a diamond crystal multifaceted pendulum with a point, the point is in front of the throat chakra and there is a blue light emanating from the point where it interacts with the throat chakra energy field, the hands a bit lower than the point energetically holding the point in place, and I am held in this position for another 10 minutes or so), Throat Chakra Diamond Point Clearing, polishes the surfaces of the Throat Chakra energy, Polishing the throat chakra energy with the Diamond Pendulum,  Crystalline Clearing of the Throat Chakra for Light Language Activation, You will hear us, You will see us, You will feel us, We are the Galactic Federation of Light, We come in love and in peace, to be with you, Let us be known, Time is not linear, rememeber that time is not linear, you are here and everywhere at the same time, you are simultaneously here and everywhere at the same time, it is part of the great wonder of Life, that you are here in the Earthly Body at this time, sharpen your senses to receive your Galactic Light, Mithila can help you to channel some of your Galactic Light back to you, it is a reflection of you, reflect yourself in the stars, this is your Galactic Light, we thank Mithila for her time today, that is all for now, thank you.''



6:11 Trance Mission

Between 4-5 pm

I started to get the signs of the Trance State approaching and that it would be a Light Language Activation. I have not had any LL in a few days and was missing it so that was a lovely moment today. I did not have time to comb my hair or change my clothes, I just had to sit up where I was resting after my mornings long work hours, and pressed play and on it went :-D.

Among other things this was primarily a heart center activation, also a Galaxy portal and Infinity portal activation, a peace energy activation.

It was beautiful. I hope it will serve you.

Access the 15 minute free video here. If this helps you, donations are welcome. Share with anyone who needs it.


6am-11am I was in a dream state Trance Mission. Part of my work is to share the news of the Galactic Fedaration and the Earth Upgrade Project. Yet I also, as many of you, have a job as Light Worker to among other things access and anchor certain light vibrations at different times. I consciously noticed this happening already in March 2020. This morning it was clear to me that such a mission was taking place in the first hours of the day in a dream/sleep state. The second trance mission of the day was a Light Language Energy Activation which is on video for you to receive and enjoy.



5:11 Trance Mission 

I want to give a big whoop for how good I have found the Mudra for Akashic Records that I showed on the video on yesterdays account. I have been doing the mudra myself many times (sitting and lying down) in the past 24 hours and have sensed so clearly how this mudra helps to disseminate the strong incoming energies through out our body energy field. Truly brilliant. I recommend it. Also I have seen a connection to a previous trance mission where I was shown the ''structure'' on the planet placed by the Arcturian Council of Light. That structure, if I understood it correctly, disseminates the Solar Blasts Energies to the planet, and is related to the Akashic Mudra in the way that the mudra helps us to disseminate the information / upgrade from the Solar Blasts into our individual fields. I am so touched by the message of Sacred Scripture is written in the stars and it is at your fingertips! How beautiful that each and every one of us has direct access to the Sacred Teachings through our own physical being, literally at our fingertips. This to me is Yoga! Grateful to my Guides for showing me this infinite beauty. Grateful to my Guru Kriyaji. 

Verbatim from todays Trance Mission 945-1030

 ''Receiving the New Moon Energies. New Moon Vibrations are entering our field. Bringing vibrations of calmness. Compared to the turbulence of the solar energies, solar flares the past few days, this energy is one of calmness, coolness, like a cool breeze, enjoy,

(we feel the peace and the relaxation as this happens and we enjoy the ease, there are a lot of long pauses in this Trance Mission as I am experiencing the meditations myself, receiving the time to rest during the Trance Mission),

''this new moon in scorpio an energy that will change as we enter Sagittarius, an energetic shift up to the point when we enter Sagitarius, the cusp in November when we enter Sagitarius, Mithila Invoking Archangel Zadkiel''

(we are very sleepy and drowsy as this happens)

''Be in the sleepy drowsy states to receive these vibrations, relax to receive, the new moon heralds peace, time of great peace is upon us, welcome the fifth dimension, energetic activation of peace, the peace code, the peace codes, Arcturian Council of Light, Jesus Codes, the Jesus Codes, integrating the Jesus Codes through the heart chakra, illumination, celebration of the festival of light, starseeded codes, ( I cough at this point), throat chakra clearings, (then I sneeze), the discomfort will pass very soon, you are all clearing, you are all clearing, you will feel it in the throat, the heart, the ears, the sinuses, the eyes, there's so much help right now to release the old energies, if you've been feeling daydreamy lately, drowsy, daydreamy as you go about your daily life that is a sign that you are tapping into and receiving these energies, its a good thing, its a good thing. a good state to receive these energies in, alow yourself as much time as possible to be in this state, wherever possible, whenever possible, and you will receive, you will effortlessly receive, these peaceful vibrations''

(they tell me I am getting better at integrating the trance state and congradulations :-D...)

''releasing the doubt, releasing the fear, establishing peace, place your hand on your heart, the heart center, now there is a circuitry of peace energy running from your hand to your heart through your body through your arm through your hand to your heart, circulating circulating circulating the vibration of peace throughout your being Amen, you can place your other hand anywhere on your body and the circuitry is complete. Stay in this position for as long as is comfortable, enjoy. Allow your breath to deepen and relax you. All is well in every cell.''

(we stay in this meditative peaceful place of circulating the peace energy state for 10 minutes and then the trance state fades away and the session is over, such a wonderful time this morning with this meditation, I also note now when I transcribe from the audio that I enter the feeling and vibration of the Download no matter how long ago it had taken place, I also remember how clearly all the energies they describe in the meditations feel in the actual Download moment and meditations that we receive. So beautiful. Thank You).





4:11 Trance Mission

10-11 am 

In the past few days I received information about a mudra and the sense that the fingertips are connected to the Sacred Scriptures written in the stars. I did not understand what this meant and therefore did not include it in the write up. However in the last 24 hours I have received further information on this.

The mudra is on the new video here. I have also included a practice that helps with the face and jaw and eyes and ears and nose. At the moment I sense that all the sense changes we are experiencing, weirdness in the eyes an upgrade of our sense abiltiies to the new dimension capacity. Not easy to go through but hang in there, relax and I hope the guidance that I provide through the channeling is of service to you. It is certainly helping me.

Back to the other thing. The fingertips are related to the Sacred Scriptures written in the stars. We have the Sacred Scripture at our fingertips. The mudra helps to connect with the Akashic Records, our Divine DNA blueprint. Enjoy the meditation. I felt so good in it. Let me know how it goes. With galactic love, Mithila


3:11 Trance Mission 4.00-530 pm


Dear friends, I was asked to video the 3.11 Trance Mission. I also request a donation per viewing of this 1.01 long video.

Euro 11 donation every time you view it thank you. Donation details.

I was already in the Trance state for awhile when the video was recorded, so all words are verbatim what I hear in the Mission. What came through was a very long and intense Trance, Dance, Light Language Mudra Clearing for the Masculine Energy, and giving thanks to the Kali Yuga among other things. Most of it you can just watch and be in, some things you can do with me, meditations that are guided through the Download.

Link to video.


2:11 Trance Mission 5pm-615 pm 

I felt the now familiar symptoms telling me that a Trance Mission was on its way. I prepared with candles, insence and comfortable lay on the sofa with the voice recorder close by. I was ready and....nothing happened :-D. So this is what happened: I was deeply in the Trance Meditation State, drowsy sleepy and ''listening'' for the trance mission but what came instead was waves and waves of well-being. Deep rest, deep relaxation, such a feeling of well-being, a glimpse of what is to be the norm. I was in a slow breathing, deep resting mode for a long while just feeling the well-ness but not ''hearing or seeing'' anything as in previous transmissions.

After awhile I saw what I knew to be a beautiful crystalline DNA grid hovering close to my body, and I saw and knew how this is now entering my / our individual energy fields. I cannot tell you how peaceful this was and I hope this message conveys the deliciousness of this evenings Trance Mission. Thank You Thank You Thank You. That was all.



During the October 31st and November 1st, hour long Trance Missions, I, Mithila was very tired and it took a long time and long pauses before I could receive and speak the message. The following is a transcription of the recording we took. In '' '' are what I received verbatim, otherwise I write what I saw and experienced during the trance. I do not personally 'understand' all of the Channeling yet, but have the feeling that more will become clear as we move forwards.


1:11 Trance Mission, 6.00 pm - 7. ish 

The 1:11 Trance Mission was a big mix of downloads, some or much of it was personal to me Mithila as a Channel, both in the form of healing, emotional release on my part and activations to help me Channel, confidence boost form my Guides and a lot of love as they realised how tired I was and they wanted to reassure me that I am safe, that this will get better and easier etc... So sweet. I have tried to distill from the voice recording the parts they expect me to share however it will feel a bit disjointed as I am excluding the personal parts and jumping in the Trance Scription. Where it is verbatim it is in '' ''.


I began to feel the Trance Mission coming on and I began with prayers and giving thanks.

I began with Rosary Prayers

then this happened, phrases are repeated many times and this is signified by //:


‘’Om Tat Sat //

Om Shiva Shakti //

The I Am That I Am presence Amen //

Super strong flares. Saturn, Jupiter

''Nava Raksha Nava Raksha //

Nava Graha Nava Graha //

Ascended Masters portal

Om Shri Shakti Ma  //

Nava Graha //

Om Sri Shakti Ma //

Om devi Ma //

Diwali ha Diwali ha //

Archangel Zadkiel Mighty Violet Flame invocation

 and the Beloved I am prayer in full (both these invocations are known to me through my Guru Kriyaji)

''Massive third eye opening, Massive third eye energy, Solar energy for the 3rd eye

Like a spiral galaxy, upon the 3rd eye, visualise visualise spinning spinning wheel (all visions are super clear to me as I speak them in the state, I see the meditation as well as feel the energy as well as receive info about it)

Archangel Zadkiel invocation, Kriyaji invocation (emotional release Mithila)


''Let all that you no longer need fall away. Amen.

The galaxies cry for you let all that you no longer need fall away

light a candle for the Gods light a candle for the Galaxies Amen (Patrik lights the candles)

Zadkiel invocation, Amen

where there is a will there is a way 

let Thy will be done

Sweet Jesus, sweet baby Jesus

This is the Angel of Healing, Archangel Raphaels Divine Light 

Crystal Chalice the Holy Grail in your womb the Crystal Chalice of the womb the Holy Grail (this is a visualisation meditation that we are guided through)

woman and man

embrace woman and man

You are light You are the light divine

guide us God guide us let Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

pure chamber of light sacred womb healing chalice of light visualise in the womb area man and woman in the womb area the chalice of light, the holy grail

Zadkiel invocation

Holy sacrament the wine and the bread, the wafer 

Scripture, Divine Scripture, Holy Scripture, Holy Sacrament, Holy Script

Holy Scripture is written in the stars, guide us God guide us


I am dry, I am the dry well, Fill me with thine light, God is good all the time, fill me with Thine light, thy Light Divine

Hold us in Thy Form, Hold us in Thy Shape, Thy Image, Thy Form, God is good all the time

God is Source, Source within you, Source in the stars, Source of life, Source of distant galaxies, Source of All, heaven heals, heaven helps, heaven holds, heaven knows, heaven gives, this heaven is earth  (see link to a poem of this title that came to me a few weeks ago)


activation of the channel portal

3D vision 

5D vision

4D acceptance

6D…Galactic light 

Cosmic light 

Great Central Sun


''help us send this message of safety to the world, let it be known that you are safe

Galactic Parties yes yes yes absolutely yes

100 percent yes we celebrate you

have fun that’s all we ask of you have fun have fun and enjoy the ride

Pleaidian collective message

we laugh with you we joy with you'' 

Saw: Outer space earth vision, white light elliptical shape, Pleaidian energy hovering close to the earth, helping us, also sensed Arcturian energy 

''You can ask questions are there any questions?'' (pause while Patrik was gathering thoughts for a question meanwhile:

 ''we are the great subconsciousness, becoming conscious

it is all one

there is no you separate from other 

it is all one''


Patrik Q: why is there ego in humans?

''to know the difference, between one and other, to know individuality to know ones part in the whole, to know suffering is not necessary, to enter states of consciousness otherwise unavailable'' 


Q: will our visual perception of 3d change as we move to 5d, if so how 

''Yes there will be change''

the pauses are long and I realise we are receiving the answer but not in words. Then,

''that which is known to man will change''

 I get the feeling we are rounding off the session 

 the words ''super nova'' appear.

''time of rest and ease is coming with the new moon

all is well

Lakshmi mantra

Mithi sounding off

''Your voice is being prepared with the 3rd eye activation

you are tired now, it will be easier'' 





October 31st


Channelled through Trance state information from the Arcturian Council of Light.

''Arcturian Council of Light, Dissemination of information for the peoples.''

What I saw and understood:

There is a tower like structure, geometric structure/building structure in strange angles, space station structure?  placed on the Planet in space. A receving station. For the dissemination of information. From the Arcturian Council of Light. A physical structure placed there by the Council. 

This is to translate the solar flare communication into our planet, to assist in the dissemination of information. 

I was given a meditation for the integration of the Solar Flare Energies that are entering the planet at this time. CME Coronal Mass Ejections. We are safe and it is safe to receive these.

Meditate on the Crown Chakra, you might see it like planet Saturn sitting on your head with the rings of Saturn surrounding your head like a halo. You might see it like a spiral galaxy of light spinning on top of your head and then entering your being through the central column, like a light rod. Light Rod. Relax to Receive. Visualise pillar of light entering the crown. Helps to channel the CME vibration integration, travels through and unites with the earth - like a Light Rod receiving the solar blast, this channels through you and you will feel the feet opening like portals and the energy will transfer through the feet into the earth. 


''What are the solar blasts?  Dissemination of information from the Arcturian Council of Light

111 Akashic Records

1:11 Nov 1st.

Akashic Record Complete''

(Message to Mithi: Expect many donwloads in the coming 11 days, Stay prepared, This is an important time for the dissemination of information, stay home, receive, rest, be)

''11 day activation portals

We are your Akashic Guides

we love you

stay in the dark space (this was what I saw in the meditation, the blackness of space)

see the stars the reflections of the light

you are infinitely loved


This breath is the Breath of God 

let it fill your soul

divine center of your being  

(Mithi: for the record I note that I entered the breathless state for a time (25 seconds or more), happened twice 25/30 seconds or more. Amazing beautiful bliss, quiet spaciousness, being held)


Opening of the Divine Channels of Breath

Akashic Record Complete


Gift us God gift us your breath so we may breathe the Divine Light

Source Creator Almighty 

Great Central Sun Cosmic Light 

heaven above heaven below

o where art thou great spirit

reside in me beside me


Thank You


A Large feather resting on us now, the angelic touch, is on our heart.

''by law Arcturian Council of Light 

message complete''.





Channeled a portal opening through prayers (Rosaries and the Lakshmie Mantra) and Light Language for the Vast Cosmic Heart and the Flower of Life and Adam Kadmon Light Body Activation. 


October 29th 

Incoming download the 888 Infinity gateway 


October 28th

Incoming download The Golden Mean


October 27th

This is a rejuvenation process. Youth Restored.



October 26th Tuesday Evening at home


in the presence of a dear friend who was visiting and my beloved Patrik I was drawn into a deep trance state.


I was in a Trance Medium State for 2 - 3 hours and in a light trance mission state for 3 days following.

The 2-3 hour deep Trance Mission was primarily for myself, a job I had to do, and guidance for those present. 



Arcturian and Pleaidian Galactic Guides, Angelic Guides, Father Jesus, Mother Mary, and my Yogic Gurus were known to me in this Mission. Incredible Love and Light flooded into us.


Light Language Healing and Light Language opening of Light Gateways for the entering of new Light Codes into our vibratory field.


Crystalline DNA activations on our cellular level.

‘’Space Craft’’ Bubble of Light with grid surrounded us.

The Divine Rose of Mother descended

Rosary and Yogic Mantra Prayers were chanted and activated with Light Language 

Grounding and Integration of the new Light Codes globally and individually

Activation of Angelic Wings

Spreading of the Wings

Seeing and playing with the galaxies in our hand palms (very playful energy)



You are safe to receive. 

There is Nothing to Fear. 

Even the Dark is of the Light.




October 22-23rd

I sensed that we had jumped Timeline into the Golden Age.


‘’We are arrived’’. 



Patrik and I had channeled messages in the car.


Timeline: a vibratory field, a vibration field of existence


Crystals: the keepers of time



Sept 23-Oct 23

I became aware that I was activated in Light Language Channeling as it started to happen naturally. I had sessions where I could invoke the Galactic Guides and the Light Language with myself and with a close student and with Patrik on several occasions after the Full Moon Portal and also in teaching Yoga in Gothenburg, it happens spontaneously now.


Some of the messages from these sessions: 

this is the galactic ocean, swim swim twirl twirl, 

cellular integration of light, 

galaxy portals in palms of hands, 

DNA helix Light activations, 

throat chakra cleanings

this is the vast cosmic space, 

dimensionless dimensions, 

the vast cosmic space is in your throat and your throat is in the vast cosmic space



September 23rd Full Moon Equinox at home


Two days after the Full Moon I was drawn into a deep trance state for many hours over 2 days.

I was very moved by the experience and saw a most beautiful galactic vision which I then tried to paint in the weeks after. The painting you see here. my painting skills cannot quite convey the beauty I saw but you get an idea of the Light Gateway and the galactic spaciousness.


Activation of Lunar Portal in Pisces Light Gateway 


Channeled Message:


‘’To try to solve what you perceived as problems in a past and fading paradigm is not only not possible but also keeps you stuck between the past and the current unfolding paradigm. To step into this new TIGM you must perceive yourselves as already whole.



You cannot do as you did.

If you try to do as you did you will feel struggle. There is no struggle if you embrace the ancient ways of doing.


In the past you could force yourself to do and to an extent it served you. This is no longer possible. This no longer serves. If you find yourself struggling to do then know that you have dipped a toe, or maybe even a whole foot, or more into the new TIGM but haven’t yet fully released the other.


Come. Go through the portal. It is open for you.’’




March / April

Most important general messages then received, that are still activated.








(I was drawn to re-read Abraham Hicks during this phase and this message of Abraham was the most prominent from that reading) 


the poem:


All is done

All is solved

All is healed

All is Gold


was given me as an introduction to the Golden Age.