Spinning energy centres/vortices or wheels from the astral/energy body provide essential life functions in intimate collaboration with the nervous system and its plexuses in the physical body. ( See also Bodies).


There are chakras relative to many parts of the physical body. The ones I work with actively in practice and teaching are the ones in the hands, feet, and the 7 main ones along the spine. There are in other philosophies other numbers, names and definitions to the concept of the Chakras than in the Yogic and it is a recurring theme in many spiritual traditions of our world.


The 7 main ones along the spine are the most famous Chakras in the yogic philosophies of practice and indeed are highly important to the awakening process of Kundalini energy. The Chakras, seemingly esoteric and mystical, have everyday functions that help us maintain good mental, emotional and physical health and there is much to be enamoured by in exploring these spiritual entities that we all have and can create a conversation with. 


From the top down, or rather from the crown of the head to the base of the spine the 7 famous Chakras are:


Sahasrara (Crown)

Ajna (Third Eye/Pineal)

Vishuddhi (Throat) 

Anahata (Heart)

Manipura (Solar)

Svadisthana (Sacral)

Muladhara (Root)


Chakra Balance

Chakras are active energy centres, and it is the balance of energy in each centre and relative to one another that harmonises the activities of human being living life. When we have imbalances in chakras, expressing itself as…


  • too closed or too open vortices
  • out of alignment with one another and the spine/central nervous system/central primary nadis, misplaced if you will
  • damaged due to physical or karmic/astral injury 



…then we experience life as a struggle in those areas affected. The functions that are governed by one or more chakras, or the relationship between all of them is affected. It is the balance, individually in a chakra and in the relationship to the whole system, we experience as well-being. 


Chakra Characteristics

Chakras are known in names, functions, numbers, colours, sounds, deities that reside over them, elements, psychological aspects, physiological aspects, emotional aspects, glands, planetary aspects, smells, powers, energetic characteristics and states, movements, minerals, dimensions, metals, food, body parts and states of being. These examples are the subjects I know have been researched and recorded about Chakras by experts on the subject in books written about these intricate sacred wheels. 


What this gives us is a picture of a fascinating multi-dimensional, incredibly multi-purpose, unfathomably multi-layered, beautifully all-rounding, all-encompassing, wildly complex, each unique and yet universal, existence that is being human, being you and I, living in this world. 


There is the theory and then there is the direct experience. As a yogini I am staying open for the direct experience and put myself in a place where this can happen. We are not all born with the ability to read or see auric energy fields. We might not yet have the capacity to communicate and have an active conversation with the Chakras or see them in all their splendid colours and characteristics. We can however, with the tools of spiritual practice, begin a conversation. I invite you warmly to this conversation with the Chakras. It is an enlightening one. 


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Merriam Webster defintions:   


chak·​ra | ˈchä-krə


, ˈshä-, ˈchə-


Definition of chakra

: any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body according to yoga philosophy


esoteric adjective


es·​o·​ter·​ic | ˌe-sə-ˈter-ik


, -ˈte-rik


Definition of esoteric

1a: designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone

a body of esoteric legal doctrine

— B. N. Cardozo

b: requiring or exhibiting knowledge that is restricted to a small group

esoteric terminology

broadly : difficult to understand

esoteric subjects



: limited to a small circle

engaging in esoteric pursuits


an esoteric purpose

3: of special, rare, or unusual interest

esoteric building materials