What is YM?

 YogaMonks is a unique, fascial based Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga method founded through the self practice

 of Jonathan Monks. 

Originated in 2001 and influenced by Jonathan's study in Daoism (currently with London Taichi Center since 2006) and his personal spiritual study with Guru Kriyaji (since 2007), YM is a body of work of Jon's creative design and innate and unique knowing of the body and movement. 

Today it is a method tested and tried by 100's of dedicated students and several professional teachers of YogaMonks daily (with Mithila since 2010 and many others thereafter) and is an ongoing journey of practice and progress as a method, as a school and as a movement. 

We work on freeing the spinal column of its restrictions (object of Hatha Yoga), through fascial tissue expansion within whole body movements (body as one unit), from the core bone structure with simple and precise directions

Meditation happens as a result of the way the YogaMonks method moves you.