2021 Schedule for Daily Practice Course with YogaMonks and Mithila  


The program of study of YM is now on offer for anyone looking to start a daily practice discipline as well as a YogaMonks Yoga practice including physical movement, breath practices and simple sitting meditations.   

With the positive results of 100's of students making this their daily practice method and studying on this program we are proud to present The Starting Sadhana Course, A YogaMonks Foundation Course Year 1-5. 



Starting Sadhana Course (Years 1-5)

Sadhana: Daily spiritual/yogic practice 

Courses are 1-2 days of the month where the practice

is enjoyed in the group with the teacher 

and the homework for this month is thoroughly covered.

Self practice every day for a minimum 15 minutes a day.

Course weekends are held  10-12 months of the year.



For more detailed information about the Sadhana Course click here or please contact us