In Workshops and Events we share with you the YM flavor and style of vinyasa in beautiful choreographic sequences, all with specific energetic affects and benefits. 

Our workshops and events are known for music, movement, fun and challenging playful practice. Involving also sound and silence and lots of partner work and games that share with us how much more we can reach in connection, how much further we need to go and celebrating the joy of our yogic practice and journey as it is today. 

On workshops we also share some of the YM methods speciality practices to give you an insight to the variety of the YM body of work such as the Earth Rite Vinyasa. We also have specialist workshops in KettleBelle, Sound Movement and Taste of Touch.

Rarely will a YogaMonks workshop or event show what our daily practices look like. The vinyasa practices of our daily practice are as specific though far simpler and more digestible as a daily activity, even if equally challenging as some of the more complex routines you can experience at our workshops. 

New ONLINE workshops coming soon.

Or join our open sessions in KettleBelle, Sound Movement or Taste of Touch.

To learn the principles behind these more complex vinyasa shared in Workshops and Events we encourage daily practice through Sadhana where the method is studied from the foundations. 

For more information see our Courses page.