Testimonials from Breathe in Bali Holiday 2017:

If you are into deepening your relationship with your breath this is probably the best yoga-teacher to to it together with. There is nothing she haven't inquired into without profound depth. Please join if this resonates or share if you think it sounds worth sharing. =) It will be an amazingly rewarding holiday for sure. - Jonas Freeman - Conscious Business Coach Bali
''The teacher was amazing, lovely, joyful, professional :-) The teaching was perfect for me as a beginner. The poses were not too hard, which made me focus on doing it correctly. Since we were a little crew there was time for the teacher to correct everyone at every session. I have NO complains at all! The venue was like being in Paradise (as my son said when he saw my photos "It is like a hidden Paradise") - it was calm, beautiful and peaceful. The staff were smiling, accommodating and helpful. The food was excellent, fresh, healthy and beautifully served every day. I have already recommended it to many friends!! ...the place, the food, the crew and the surroundings combined with yoga was the very best. I came home purified, calm and happy. - Karina Nordtorp - Denmark


Jag har haft en fantastisk tid på bali tillsammans med underbara människor. Jag var lite orolig inför retreaten eftersom jag är en total nybörjare vad gäller Yoga,  jag kände ingen som skulle vara på retreaten, jag är inte så social och hade även ont i väntra höften. Om det är någon som känner oro som jag vill jag verkligen rekommendera att åka ändå! Mithila är en varm och öppen person. Hon tog hela tiden hänsyn till min höft och gjorde korrigering. Hon lärde oss de viktiga termer och rörelse/positioner i början så nybörjarna kunde hänga med. Jag skulle säga att det är perfekt för en ny börjare att kunna spendera en intensiv vecka för att komma igång. 
Alla som var med på retreaten var mycket avslappnade och trevliga. Ibland umgicks vi tillsammans och ibland tog man tid för sig själv och gjorde vad man kände för.
Det var en helt magisk upplevelse med god mat, skön massage, vacker natur och gott skratt. Jag ser fram emot att åka tillbaka...
Tack Mithila och alla som var med♡
Thank you for wonderful 'weeks'. It was an experience that is impossible to put into words. I'm still dreaming about it.

 Mai tanaka - Stockholm 

Why YogaMonks? 
At a a point in my life where time feels shorter than it used to and activities really count, good movement feels fundamental to a healthy mind and body. My personal need to ensure a beneficial daily practice led me to choose one that will offer positive change, and the opportunity for deep work to occur on all levels. This is what I feel the YogaMonks movement / practice provides. The fundamental principles are both simple and profound, and the repetition of these concepts through movement invites the possibility for true change.
In a world where 'everyone does yoga' it is rare to find a teacher who so lovingly embodies her journey and offering. Mithila's whole being invites you to join the journey and the joy she takes in guiding others is palpable. It is also rare to find a movement practice that feels far deeper than an exercise work-out. YM ticks all these boxes and more; its origin is ancient yet modern, simple yet sophisticated, and delightfully graceful :o)
Whether you've done yoga before or not, YM will offer a body experience that you will enjoy and want more of! It creates a feeling-experience of space and stillness through simple shapes which are adventurous yet accessible. Even after a few minutes, I feel a reset and connection beyond the chattering mind. 
Gajah Mina on Bali is a breathtaking backdrop for taking time out to breathe more freely. It has been lovingly created to host a peaceful refuge with views of crashing waves below and and unspoilt miles of tropical coastline stretching into the distance. The abundance of colourful flaura and fauna make it a feast for the eyes, I happily lost time just absorbing all the natural beauty around me whilst listening to the oceans' swell, world's away from urban stress and pollution.
A sumptuous menu was laid out for us 3 (!) times a day. Bountiful breakfasts to satisfy after morning practice, followed by creative and delicious vegan treats for lunch and dinner, from local delicacies to apple pie! I felt very well-fed and nourished supported by outstanding service from the Gajah Mina team. The Balinese smile should be bottled!
I loved the freedom of holiday-vibe alongside the sense of community and connection that was created through the daily practice together. Just having time out in such awe-inspiring natural surroundings was enough to kickstart the pranic reboot! And a real highlight for me was the discovery of a little waterfall nearby that when immersing myself under felt deeply healing and revitalising. 
Ella White - UK
Am still reaping the benefits from the daily practice.. so deep! and juicy!!
I can't thank you enough- this retreat could not have happened at a better time for me, the reconnecting to myself and the sadhana have been so powerful, thank you! - Paula Magee, UK
The week after returning from Bali I went to see my chiropractor with my lower back pain. He was amazed to find my body so relaxed that he was able to massage deep and directly onto my core muscles. It was a great reminder for me as to how tense the body gets in daily day life and how much good such 10 days in Bali does :-)
My practise is going well. I've missed only one day since Bali.
The venue - what a fantastic location. I love the privacy of the beach and the small bay and the quiet. The desolate beach with the fine black sand - so wonderful. 
The food - it was good and my body felt so good because of it. 
Teaching/teacher - I know you quite well by now, I know what you stand for and it works for me :-) I have faith in you :-) The yoga was great. The talks, I might suggest you consider a narrower scope for each talk. I did not take many notes on the yoga. And the notes I did do, I did after the sessions. Not sure what works best, an idea might be to allow 2 minutes here and there where you want people to take notes.For you to have Jonas there seem very important to give it a good flow without having to worry too much about practicalities.
Bjarne Rask Thomsen, Oslo


Yogamonks it a Most profound & beautiful yoga style invented by a genious (referring to Jon Monks the founder of YM). I study it now for five years and I enjoyed every minute and every challenge of it! It helped me to heal and understand my body a lot better. I can recommend it to everyone that is dedicated and curious.
Michael Kallina p.hd.