7 - 365 days
15 minutes per day

Manageable Movements 

 simple body awareness practices

Breathing Better

simple breathing practices

Simply Sitting 

simple seated guided meditation practices


with myself, Mithila, as your guide.



Set aside 15 minutes per day

- ideally in solitude and relative silence -


You need a chair

- ideally someplace relatively warm and clean where you can practice undisturbed -

 If the above ideal situations do not happen, practice anyway.


Come as you are

- however if you have a tight belt or tie on then loosen up for these 15 minutes, and take of your shoes -


You can use gentle background music to accompany the practice if you prefer 

- find out what you like by practicing with and without music -


Do the practice of the day online with me starting with Day 1.

The next day, start again with Day 2 and so on.


Day 7

There is no video guidance on every 7th, 21st and 40th day of practice.

Only a review video.

These days are an opportunity for you to grow your independence in your daily. 

Set aside the time and space for 15 minutes practice.

Show up and practice whatever you remember from the days before. 

If this feels too challenging simply repeat ANY of the previous days of video as your self-practice choice.

Then watch the review video.


The practices though simple, when done daily are very potent in their affect on the being. Therefore please follow the program as it is given, and do not overdo the practices. Allow yourself several months of daily practice to understand HOW these particular practices affect you. Since I cannot be with you personally to see your practice it is very important that you check in with yourself how much is suitable for you. If you have doubts or concerns you should schedule a private session with me to check in. 


How to practice during

Illness, Pregnancy, Womens Period Cycle, Burn Out/Exhaustion

These daily practices can be done everyday, it just depends what you choose to do as your practice.

If you are very ill with fever etc...it is best not to do the physical  part of the practice. Instead watch the physical part, and simply lie down to do the breathwork and meditation.

If you are very ill then skip a day or two and start again when you are well enough. Its as simple as that.

THE DDI program is suitable during pregnancy or when a woman is on her period cycle or if you are suffering from burnout/exhaustion.

Make sure you are feeling good in what you do and that it feels good after as well, and if any doubts or concerns contact me for a private session.

You can always do LESS REPETITIONS than on the video if you need more time for each movement.

You can always MOVE SLOWER than what I instruct by pausing the video and then taking MORE TIME to do the movements. Find what suits your energy levels of the day.

With time and practice your mastery of your energy will expand.

Whenever the movments are not accessible to you, visualise yourself doing them while you watch and listen to the video as this will help create neural pathways that do benefit you even if you are not doing the movements yourself. 

The practices of breath and simply sitting can be done lying down on days that sitting upright is not available.



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The great holistic benefits...

such as physical purpose, mental relaxation, emotional focus and spiritual expansion,


...that are a result of daily presence practices...

such as meditation, breathing, body awareness practices


...are RECEIVED when we practice DAILY.


Getting to DAILY is a challenge for most people. This program is designed to help YOU get to DAILY.


I am Mithila Kara and I have been practicing yogic spiritual practices for 20 years.

I have been teaching practice for 15 years.

I have been practicing DAILY since 2010. I have been teaching others to get to daily since 2011.

I have distilled my experience, in what has been my life's work so far, into this 365 day program of guided daily practice, for anyone to practice, anywhere.

These are starting steps to a lifelong journey of mastering your own energy.  




With joy and love,