Daily Does It

online 365 days of daily practice... 

365 days
15 minutes per day

Manageable Movements 

 simple body awareness practices

Breathing Better

simple breathing practices

Simply Sitting 

simple seated guided meditation practices



...for you... 

This program is for anyone, anywhere. The practices are simple so that you can do this no matter where you are in life. They can be done sitting and/or standing depending on your days situation. You can even follow the program lying down if you cannot sit up. If you cannot do the physical part of the practice (due to illness or any other reason you are chair or bed bound) or you can only use one arm or leg (due to any reason) I encourage you to follow the movements on the video and use the power of visualisation to 'do' the movements. There is great power in the connection between mind and body and you can strengthen that through visualising. Pregnant? Exhausted? Injured? This program is accessible for you too and if you have doubts or inquiries contact me first and test the free trial. Do not let anything stop you from building your daily connection to your source and center. Just 15 minutes each day is a most excellent start to building this connection. Just show up. Press play. Practice. The next day. Start Again.


...the 365...

18 Modules in total. 

21 days per Module.

Embedding and Embodying new habits into our lifestyles and into our selves, usually, is said to take 21 days in order to create lasting change. We will follow a 21 day cycle in this program. During each 21 days there will be a repetition of the cycles practices, giving you a chance to repeat and learn well the techniques that are given in those days.

Every 21 days the program progresses with repetition of the previous module and by adding on of new movements and techniques. 

40 days...is an important number in the initiation of yogic practices so we will also take a review every 40 days to check in with how the practice is progressing and other inspirations to keep you motivated, informed and energised in your practice.


Review Days

Every 7, 21 and 40 days are Review days where you practice by yourself and then do the review video. These days are for you to build your independence in practice. You create your own practice instead of following a video with guidance. You use your memory of previous weeks to practice your 15 minutes OR you can choose a previous day that you wish to repeat. The important energy here is that you choose and create your practice yourself. Building independence in your daily practice and finding silence, solitude and sacred connection to your inner-self is a vital part of getting to daily and this program enhances that through your Review days.


...18 modules...

Module 1

Finding the spine in sitting and standing, softening techniques for feet, hands and belly, upright posture, lower back and upper back releases, basic alignment of standing posture, shoulder release techniques, horse stance hip opening practices.

Basic Belly Breathing (preparation practices for all yogic breathing techniques)

Basic Simply Sitting (Mithila's meditation technique based on the sitting posture itself)

Module 2

Adding turns of the torso, neck releases, eye and kidney relaxations

Breathing on an even count

Centering practices using the hands - a handy tool for everyday use anywhere, anytime!

Module 3

Adding cross energy turns, arm stretches, deepening shoulder releases.

Basic Belly Breathing deepening the practice.

Hands to sacral center simply sitting practices.

Module 4

Adding: Deepening neck and shoulder releases

Basic Belly Breathing deepening the practice.


Hands to sacral center simply sitting practices.

Module 5

Adding: Subtle shoulder blade releases and

Side bends with turns of torso.

Breathing evenly.

Hands to heart center simply sitting practices.

Module 6

Adding: Cross Energy turns of the torso.

Breathwork lying down on the floor, longer breath practice than before.

Hands to heart center simply sitting practices. 

Module 7

Longer Simply Sitting Practices than before.

Module 8

Longer Simply Sitting Practices than before. Getting comfortable in our own skin in silence and solitude.

Module 9

Adding: Hand and Finger releases.

Lengthening the exhale in breathing better.

Midline awareness practice in Simply Sitting.

Module 10

Adding torso twists and deeper upper and lower back releases.

Module 11-18

Sessions that repeat all you have practiced up to module 10, taking you into different tempos of practice, giving you experience of several days of the same practice, exploring what repetition gives you, varied with days of a mix of previous practices. Gradually increasing the time spent in Breathing, in Sitting, or in Movement so you can experience the affect of each practice within 15 minutes of practice over several days.  


...Review Talks.

The review talks guide you through:

how to address what you are finding in your practice,

how to overcome the challenges you might face in getting to daily,

how to observe and see what changes are coming with your daily practice,

how to enjoy and make your practice time rewarding,

how to prepare for the next module of practice and inspiration to keep moving onwards,

teachings on the different practices you learnt that month and answers to questions you might have had along the weeks of practicing that module.


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Personal Guidance

The program is self-sufficient. It takes time to get the initial feel and experience of what daily does for you (at least a year of consecutive daily practice). Many questions will arise and they will be good ones, however I know from long experience that many of those questions you have in the beginning get answered by practicing. Write your questions down in your practice journal and get back to them after a few months of practice. You will probably have discovered the answer yourself or I will have covered it in one of the Review Day Talks as you proceed module to module. 

Even so if you feel you need more assistance you can always book an online private session with myself, Mithila, to complement your commitment to your daily 365. 


Private Sessions Online: 30 minute sessions: 540 SEK (€ 52)