Thank you for your participation in the Challenge!


I made this online program so that the wonder-filled benefits of daily practice success

is available to as MANY people as possible. 


 That’s why the 'Daily Does It' online program will market at a blissful

365 SEK 

Dec 11-22nd there is an even more special, limited time, seasonal blissful price 

299 SEK 



199 SEK 

(per registration for all purchases before December 22nd)

You can purchase up to 3 registrations for you and your loved ones at the above unit price.

An ideal Seasonal gift or New Year Resolution. to order


1234548020 (Lotus Lectures AB)

PayPal (+10 SEK):

contact us to receive a request for payment 

Bank Transfer:

BankGiro: 5475-6689 Lotus Lectures AB

International Bank Transfer: 

IBAN SE39 8000 0810 5993 4397 1264 


(Organisationsnr 556928-8615 SE556928861501)


Program Module Overview - read here


Additional Private Session Package 

30 minute online private sessions 


5 session card to be used during 2020

2500 SEK (ordinary rate 2700 SEK)


10 session card to be used during 2020

4200 SEK (ordinary rate 5400 SEK)


*240 € and 400 € respectively*

-to be combined with the above online course offer only-