Lotte Boman when she was in Sadhana Year 3  

"This is my third year of sadhana with Yogamonks. Before I used to do yoga but not until now I found a practice that does me good. For me YM is a yogic process that alters mind and body. It brings life, vibrance and connection to spirit. It is also a helpful selfcare method because you get to know yourself better along the way. I don´t know about now but a few years back a yoga school that used all the yogic teqniques was not to be found nearby, not that I knew of. I choose YM because of that. It has all the beneficial components needed to maintain a full yogic practice and it enables me to take care of my life and others for a long time ahead. There is breathing, meditation, postures to prepare for asanas and asanas. For a lot of reasons I had to start all over with my practice, take it slow and allow myself to feel more. In YM that is more than ok. I need to remember not to be ahead of myself. I also like that in YM body and mind is seen as one unit where there is not one without the other. When starting from the begining this was something I embraced. Through the combination of physical and mental homework I let this into my foundation. In the beginning I needed the mental practice badly. I had to alter my attitude and practice patience, self forgivness, letting go and as a daily I still do. Another thing with YM is the language and style. If anything YM is about having fun and be together. It is obvious when you learn YM language wich is so filled with humour and playful words that you simply relate to others in joy. I have acknowledged a new way to socialize less stressed and suppressed being inspired by YM. It brings a lot of cheerful moments and ease. Last thing to mention is the teaching that is one of its kind, rare and beautiful.  YM is not to be found elsewhere like a hot dog stand or a gym. Instead you are lucky to find it and when you do let yourself be swept away. I let go and in return I'm learning to fly."  



Carina Dahl Törnkvist  

"Yogan ger mig verktyg för att varva ner och må bra. Min dagliga träning, Sadhana, gör mig starkare, smidigare och fyller på min energi."