Here's to greater spontaneity, less scheduling and timelines, and going with the flow of the day.

  • You get a phone text on the day of the spontaneous class, with the theme, time and price
  • Classes range from €10 (45 mins), €13 (1 hour) to max €20 (1.5 hours) and some sessions are FREE
  • You answer YES, spontaneously, if you want to join the Zoom class that day.
  • I send the Zoom link 10 minutes before class, to all who have replied with a YES,
  • What we practice will depend spontaneously on the theme of the day and on who joins the class. Generally it will be Hatha Yoga, YM Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Mudra, Mantra, and other Yogic practices, Dance Jam, Chanting etc...
  • We enjoy the class and we handle payments after class.
  • Privacy, Agreements of participation etc... are found here. Joining the spontaenous classes mean you understand and comply with the agreements.

This is spontaneous so I do not know what days or times it will happen - but it happens! 

Do YOU want to be on the SMS text/WhatsApp messaging list for the Spontaneous Sadhana Sessions?

Spontaneous Sessions

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