the YogaMonks Method

YogaMonks is a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Method with a strong emphasis on daily practice and is both a preparatory practice for Hatha Yoga as well as an Advanced Level System of Practice for Hatha Yoga. 

We work on freeing the spinal column of its restrictions (object of Hatha Yoga), through fascia/connective tissue expansion within whole body movements (body as one unit), from the core bone structure with simple and precise directions. 

Meditation happens as a result of the way the YogaMonks method moves you. 

Your Being Moved (YBM)*

Key features of the method is that it is a Body as One Unit* movement meditation system. A Fascia Movement Method*. A preparatory Method not only for Hatha Yoga but as a foundation for all types of movement. It enhances your ability to move well in many areas of life.

It is from a Tantric Yoga tradition. - its design is deeply embedded in the physical realm and the integration of the Bodies* through living in the world. The main energy movement is down towards the Earth. We prioritise the downward flow of subtle energy to encourage and open space for the upward flow of energy. 

YogaMonks is inspired from Kriya Yoga. - its design aspires to the Kriya Yoga 

(active purification practices) tradition of practice and works potently on the nervous system. This makes a little practice enough, for the purposes of Hatha Yoga Practice, on a daily basis.

It is a complete practice of Hatha Yoga involving purification/preparation through breath, movement and meditation practices for Raja Yoga. YogaMonks is a kundalini yoga practice - its design prepares the practitioner in all Bodies* for, and especially the Spine and its alignment for the awakening of Kundalini. The latter is a very advanced level of the practice and nothing we work on actively to do or pursue. We only prepare the stage and allow the natural unfolding of Spiritual Awakening to happen in a healthy and safe setting. If you are having difficulty handling Kundalini Energy in your practice (conscious Kundalini awakening) or life (spontaneous Kundalini awakening) then do contact us as Mithila may be able to assist you in understanding, managing and channelling this energy in a safe way. See also Scrolls: Kundalini Shakti*.  



We measure our practice by the ability in ourselves compared to ourselves to: 


Move in stillness

Meditate in movement 




If Hatha Yoga is the preparation for Higher Yoga, Raja Yoga, Self-Realisation Practices then YM-Method is a preparation for Hatha Yoga.


We practice by seriously having fun through Vinyasa and Asana, Breath-Work and Pranayama and Meditation. 



Vinyasa - an asana poem - a coherent string of shapes with specific energetic resonance for spiritual evolution


Asana - a shape of stillness - physical shapes with specific energetic resonance for spiritual evolution


Pranayama - the rhythm of life current - Breath movement patterns with specific energetic resonance for spiritual evolution


Meditation - the divine abode - Mind and Heart movement patterns with specific energetic resonance for spiritual evolution


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Mithila is a passionate advocate of the benefits of daily spiritual/presence practice and therefore it is an integral part of the YM Method. 

See also Daily Does IT*, Sadhana* and the YM Sadhana Program.


The purpose of this practice is for the practitioner to better connect. 

To Connect, to join. To bring together. To include all of ourselves. 


The correct practice of YM results in wonderment. 

Of being moved rather than moving. 

Of yoga doing us rather than us doing yoga. 


The practice brings freedom to our Being by liberating the spine through

physical movements, breath movements and seated posture practice. 

Therefore it is a Hatha Yoga/Hatha Vinyasa Yoga method.


The practice brings fluidity and strength, 

passion which enlivens our very marrow.


The practice moves us towards greater freedom and purpose.

The practice encourages creative expression in our every day.



Origin: YogaMonks is a unique, fascial based Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga method originally founded through the self practice of Jonathan Monks (UK). 


Originated in 2001 and influenced by Jonathan's study in Daoism (with London Taichi Center since 2006) and his long journey in Hatha Yoga, YM is a body of work of Jon's creative design and innate and unique knowing of the body and movement. 


Today it is a method and a practice program (THE YM SADHANA COURSE) tested daily and tried by several 100's of dedicated students and a group of professional teachers of YogaMonks (with Mithila since 2010 and many others thereafter) and is an ongoing journey of practice and progress as a method, as a school and as a movement. 


Since Jonathan retired from his public teaching role in 2016 to pursue his own practice and other career paths, Mithila is now the sole Director of the Global YM School and the YM Method from her home-base in Sweden. 


There are many YM Professional Teachers actively teaching in Sweden having completed a 5 Year Teacher Training Program with Mithila.