YogaMonks Breathwork and Pranayama


Please read the Scrolls on Breath, Breath-Work, Prana and PranaYama, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa first to get a broader understanding of what is presented here.


In movement…

In YM we move with Natural Breathing. We practice breath-work in stillness lying down or sitting. We wait for the natural merging of movement and breath to happen through practice. 


This merging of breath and posture (either dynamic or still / held postures), through energetic channels of the bodies is the very Science of Hatha Yoga. I consider this Advanced Practice. Again this is all relative to how often and for how long you practice, see further info on Breath.

See also YM Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for more information on Breath in Movements.



In stillness…

Even though I personally practice Intermediate Breath Practices, where I have expertise and confidence and expertise in providing teaching and teacher training is in the range of Breath-Work where I use the Natural Breath, the Belly Breath, as well as the separate and gathered parts of the Full Yogic Breath as a starting point. 


I use these techniques to assess the breath, the starting point of the practitioner and then guide accordingly. Just like in any training, as the practitioner practices, the techniques will require refining and re-defining so this is an organic process. 


When certain pre-conditions are naturally there or arise from practice we can take the breath practice further into more challenging breath movement patterns. For example if someone has already a certain level of breathing practice (e.g a singer or athlete who has trained their diaphragm and breath apparatus) I can start directly with the YM 2 Part Breathing technique to pave the way for Ujjaji Breathing. 



The YM breath practices…

If someone is studying YM Sadhana, after 2 years of Natural, Belly and FYB breath practices we introduce a YogaMonks BreathWork practice known as 


2 part breathing 

(equivalent to Yogic Abdominal Breathing at first in shape and form. Then the practice is adapted to create more ease, space and Diaphragmatic movement ability.


With regular practice of 2 Part Breathing, and some cues in the meditations we find ourselves in YogaMonks

4 Part Breathing

... a natural extension of 2 part breathing into Ujjaji breath preparation. All this and more is thoroughly covered in the Sadhana Course Year 3-5.

 We also have a

Diaphragmatic Stretch Breath practice

that is part of our YM Breath-work tools.


We also have Vinyasa / Movement Meditations to help us access deeper breathing called

Pranayama Vinyasas. 


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