5D Earth Upgrade

I am Mithila, yogini and director of the YM School of Yoga. 

I am also a Galactic Channel, Light Language and Trance Medium Communicator. 

I have written my experience on the 5D Consciousness upgrade for the Earth Tribe and hope this will be of assistance to you in our collective consciousness ascension process.

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How do I know I am upgrading?

I have written here a detailed account of my own upgrade / ascension symptoms. Hope this helps you to get a better understanding of what you might have had recent years or might experience moving forwards. 

Not everyone goes through the upgrade process at the same time. 

Not everyone will be feeling the effects of upgrading to the same degree. 

We each have our own path in this and it is up to each one of us to connect personally to the collective consciousness shift in the way that suits best. 

Many, however, are experiencing inexplicable and uncontrollable weirdness in their physical reality, and that is what I wish to help out with by my own account of experiences and what I understand about it. There is nothing to fear.


First a short account on why there are upgrade symptoms.

It is my experience that in any spiritual/consciousness/life change/growth process/evolutionary practice there are symptoms of change as we up level from one vibratory field of being to another. As we ascend to a higher vibratory field we change on many level of Body (See Scroll on Bodies). When this happens slowly and gradually in day to day life it is not very dramatic, and can easily be integrated into every day existence. When we go on deep retreats/change processes, spend time with Guru or are in elevated high vibratory locations on Earth, the evolution is rapid and strong and we will experience more/stronger symptoms in our being as we adjust and calibrate to the new higher vibration. Eventually we land in a vibration that is adjusted to our evolution and we experience a 'new normal' for a while and so the process continues as we continue to evolve. 


Right now the evolution is, with the help of the Galactic, happening upon us and the higher vibrational frequencies are entering the Earths atmosphere at an accelerated speed and frequency and some of us are experiencing the symptoms of this upgrade very strongly.

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Is this for real?


Those who know me as a yoga teacher are aware of how much I value the direct experience. I have always had faith in the Spiritual Teachings and my Teachers and I would be a poor yoga/meditation teacher indeed if I did not believe in the extraordinary capabilities of the human potential to expand consciousness and enjoy great freedom in earthly life. I have always known there is more to life than what we are limited to sense. (For more reading on Yoga and further teachings Scroll here. )

I have always prioritised, wanted and needed the proof of the spiritual expansion in my own being. Daily practice, spiritual study and studying with a teacher who has gone further than oneself provides for a gradual and direct experience of that expansion. 

Even prior to the Trance Medium that I now channel from, I am a High Sense-Able Intuitive who has long operated from that place of intuitive living in my personal as well as professional life. I can confirm that this experience I am having of the trance medium states is absolutely for real in myself and those who have witnessed it around me. That it is a leap from the 4th Dimensional awareness of for example the astral energy body work such as we reach in Hatha Yoga practices into this 5th Dimension and beyond has made me scratch my head and ask IS THIS FOR REAL? The fact that I have always believed in the theory of it and the experience of others and witnessing others direct experience is one thing. Going through it myself is another.

Yet, it is happening to me and I am living it and therefore certainly cannot say anything other than it is for real. Above all it feels so, so, so, good. So very good. The upgrade symptoms for those who are experiencing them and the Trance Medium states that I channel through are processes rather challenging for the body/mind as it goes through the integration and calibration process. I will not say otherwise. I am studying it and asking for guidance on how to make the process smoother for myself and others. Stay tuned.


An Extraordinary Life

The world has known very high vibration civilisations. It is part of Earth history that there have been times of great consciousness expansion where the Earth Tribe has moved in what we would today call super conscious or super human abilities. It is my understanding through the downloads that I am receiving that these abilities, that we have previously known to be something you either are born with or are something that comes through cultivation of consciousness expansion - something that can be trained for example through meditation and other spiritual practices are now being downloaded on a mass scale. Even though the abilities are not the goal for the yogi - the consciousness expansion is.  (Read more about Yoga here.) 

Now it is not about the individual practitioner or seeker. We are moving into a being-ness here on Earth that will move us all into an expanded state and bring these qualities into daily life as the next few decades unfold. The primary energy of this New Earth is one of great unity, harmony, love and peace.


the 5th Dimension.


This is an incredibly exciting time to be alive in. For us who are already here it is a bit of a journey to make the leap and we are getting tremendous help in this. Those who are being born into this time now are already well prepared for the evolution that they will see and be part of creating in the next generations of human being. It is a super-humanness compared to what we have known and are used to. And it is absolutely natural every day reality for 4th Dimension and higher vibrational beings. 


I playfully say this: Hold on to your socks and enjoy the ride.

To read a written and videoed account of my Channeled Messages go here.


Back Story

It has been clear to me for about 4 years (since 2018) that we have entered a great shift in time and consciousness. Yogis have documented and foreseen the planetary yuga or eras that Earth experiences and the cycles of these. We have been in the challenging Kali Yuga for a long time and are now entered a new Golden Era. 


As a daily meditator and working closely with daily practitioners over many years I have seen collective or group consciousness expansions irrespective of where we have been physically located on Earth. Also there is the consciousness expansion that comes from activities such as daily practice, or regular spiritual practice, or deep spiritual retreat work just to give examples. These shifts are on the individual level, the practitioners connection to the Divine and expanded states of awareness and spiritual evolution. 


The shift I am speaking of now is not the one that is occurring from within us through our own efforts. The 5th Dimension shift is a planetary one assisted by the Galactic for the evolution of Earth and all Earth Tribe. It is helping each and every one of us to do a huge leap in our consciousness (without loads of hours of personal spiritual work) as the Earth shifts vibration on an epic and beautiful level. Daily practice however helps us get out of our own way, to relax, receive and enjoy this new consciousness.


In my personal spiritual evolution the last 3 years I have been in an intense process and initiation into becoming a Trance Medium Channel, a role that was given me. The last few months I have a greater knowing about my role and new job. The what, the how and the why. 

I enter into trance meditative states and communicate messages and experience multi-dimensional energy work in different ways. This process of expanded consciousness is coming readily available to all beings on Earth. Some of us are going through the changes in a very tangible way. Some of us are not yet activated. 

It is not everyone’s job to be a channel and activate others to this energy. 

It is useful and joyful for everyone to tap into the expansion and enjoy this great Galactic ride and we who are Channels for it can help both the individual and the planet to make a smooth leap.

What I have been shown and what I sense is a very beautiful time ahead for the whole Earth Tribe. The transition itself, like all change, involves some growing pains. Yet there is much help for us at this time and it is my honour and job to provide some of that awareness and channel that help for us. See here for all the received channeled information I have so far. Save this link as that is where I will update future channeled messages. 



Welcome! We are arrived.



Sovereign Services


As well as Yogic Sadhana through YogaMonks, Breath and Meditation coaching I do work with personal energy upgrade on a one-to-one basis, chord releasing, spiritual coaching and other karmic healing that comes in the moment of meditation together. If you prefer to work with me through Angel Cards and other Card readings I can offer that assistance. These tools are just to help you find alignment with your own guides and intuition. To help you sense what you already know. To help you clear what you need to clear that is in the way and might be muddying your sense abilities. All tools and sessions are to help you experience your own sovereignty. 


For one to one sessions e-mail me to book an appointment and read more here.


I do not do future telling or channel messages from ancestors. You will need to contact other mediums who are experts in that type of communication. 


For more about Mithila on our About Mithila Kara CV page.

I will continue to teach Yoga and the YM Method, however I have been asked by my Guides to prioritise this work. Therefore most of my natural flow moves towards channeling the upgrade energy through my art, writings and Light Language and other Trance Medium Communications. 


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Other experts, channels and guides

There are many on Earth who are working with the specifics of the 5D Upgrade. 


If my work is not resonating with you personally, but you want to know more about 5D and possible symptoms of upgrade that you have, please seek out other experts and channels.


I will provide a list of recommendations of other sources working with the 5D upgrade as soon as I have had a chance to meditate on this. 


All is One.




Do you have tips?


Do you have tips for Mithila about the 5D process through others that you follow and resonate with you?


Are you yourself a 5D Upgrade / Galactic Channel and want to contact Mithila to share experiences?


Are you going through upgrade symptoms and you want to share your experience with Mithila for her records of the 5D process?


Please write to me and let me know.  Please expect delays in e-mail communication as this Channeling work is becoming a full time job for me right now and I do not have the resources to do practical administration on a regular basis at this time. Thank you kindly for your understanding.



How to help Mithila

If you are able to financially donate towards this process, I welcome all donations towards this work, small or large, with great gratitude. 

Though extraordinarily worth all the sacrifices, I have not been able to ‘work as usual, business as usual’ in the past 3 years due to this shift in my energy work.

If you wish to donate time or your skills, that too can be very useful in the coming months. It is hard for me to predict at the moment how things will unfold but I will keep you posted as soon as I know.


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