Ascension Symptoms / Upgrade Signs

(...a continuation of the account on 5D Earth Upgrade)


These are my personal direct experiences. (Please see also: Channeled Messages for your journey as well as upgrade energy handling tips that I place there also on video.)

Other guides may provide other / more information about symptoms that I am not yet familiar with. I will update this as my own understanding deepens.

The greater part of the process is one of deep within feeling deep bliss, peace and well being (despite the symptoms)… so I want you to know that these symptoms written below are focusing only on the ''challenging'' part of the process in my experience. There is a lot of wonder and wow-ness that compensates for the purely physical integration process as we assimilate the new and higher vibes. The more we can relax the better we feel.


Radical Ease and Revolutionary Relaxation is called for. 


I am very intuitively attuned and due to over 15 years of daily spiritual practice, I am mostly aware of when I am actually ill and when something else is happening in me that is not an illness or dis-ease. 


Even so, there are times when I have doubted my knowing and wondered if I am actually becoming ill. Since I am attuned to this I follow my inner knowing and act accordingly. 


Even so, I go for annual health checks to get proof that my sense of being well and healthy are actually true in terms of what can be measured in medicine, both alternative and mainstream.


The difficulty lies in that many of the upgrade symptoms occurring now in humans are very similar to dis-eases, illnesses such as anxiety, burnout, and other nervous system disorders. 


Also symptoms are symptomatic of life cycle phases such as what we may consider age-related or phase related changes in both men and women, such as peri-menopausal or menopausal etc…and if you are in that age bracket you might start to interpret the symptoms to be related to that. 


Yes, of course it could be and you should check what you need to check to confirm your well-being.

This is a complex subject as medications, diet and lifestyle might affect your overall experience.

If what you are experiencing is NOT medical then this list might help you understand and relax into a new and different experience.

You may have some of the symptoms or none. This does not give a free pass to ignore real health issues that should be looked after by a medical professional or make real lifestyle and diet changes that will be of benefit to you. 


I encourage you to build on your own intuition and sense of self through silence, meditation, relaxation, daily practice, creative processes etc… to get to know and follow you inner voice, your sovereignty at all times. Trust your naturalness. 


This list is only a guide to give you an understanding of experiences that are not illness or dis-ease but have the same physical expression that I have personally experienced and understood has to do with the current vibrational shift. 

The below is NOT the experience of the Trance Medium States through which I channel. The two are not related. If you want to know more about my Trance Medium experiences please write me and I will share more about that in the future. 

These upgrade symptoms can last for days or weeks sometimes and then disappear completely and then reappear.


 28.07.2022 Ascension πŸ§—‍♀️ Symptoms Update for August portals

Beloveds, what a dragon sky we had last night (photo on @mithilakaraenergy instagram) - and I am so on fire myself with the upgrade energies since The entrance into Leo season that I feel the need to share my energy work symptoms in case someone out there needs to hear it and be affirmed.

As always note that this is not medical advice - if you are not sure it’s the ascension symptoms then seek medical professional advice and check ups.

This month of July and during this new portal season I personally have
- more ringing in the ears and ear locks like when flying
- strange aches and pains elbow /knee / finger joints
- feeling of atrophied muscle as the energy field upgrades like shaking in the muscles when trying to weight bear which makes exercise not possible in these phases, I just wait it out as I know from experience that my body movement capacity returns after these shifts have happened
- this week not being able to move much or do much, just being and receiving
- jaw tension or release through the jaws
- groggy feeling, woozy feeling, eyes fuzzy and brain fuggy, teeth sensitivity and yawning excessively at times ( which is a form of release and creating space to receive more downloads )
- irregular sleep and food cravings
- feeling that ones energy is occupied and busy elsewhere therefore needing lots of rest
-heat rising

I think I covered most of it πŸ˜…and as usual I go with the intuitive flow. Even as used to this as I am now after two years in the process it is still astonishing how deeply we are being transformed and how deeply the solar code plasma transference affects the human being. I take rest and read books and relax ( screens are not great for me in these upgrade phases ), I drink lots of water, I eat what I need, I move when I can, I open to receive saying Yes and thank you and affirm that I receive with grace and ease. It is really energy consuming to go through these shifts for some of us - be kind to you and know you are not alone.


Latest 16.11 update

I have noticed that the ringing in the ears is a message to slow down, listen inwards. You are being communciated with. Relax and pay attention.

I also notice that the feeling of being between worlds (between dimensions) is continually strong both before and after the 1111 portal opening. A feeling of groggy, drugged, drowsy-ness and blurred vision.

Recently there has been a big shift in shoulders and neck, aches. Elbow and Knee aches. General need of lots of rest, lots of water. 


Upgrade Symptoms


Itchy Scalp

Sore and hyper sensitive scalp

Head pressure/migraine like pressure/ feeling of wearing a helmut

Fugginess of the brain, difficulty focusing, needing lots of rest

Jaw tensions



Strange feeling in eyes, shifting of how you experience your sight, eye pressure

Sinus shifts, runny nose, cold symptoms in ears, nose and throat without actually developing a cold.


ringing in the ears


Itchy throat, dry cough



Tingling, feeling of being electrical

''Seeing stars'' feeling like when raising your head suddenly

Increase in 3rd eye visions


aches and pains in joints that come and go


difficulty or changes in your pee and poo routines.

Difficulty sleeping at times, sleeping loads at times, irregular sleep patterns


digestive symptoms, changes in digestive process, from suddenly loose to suddenly dry motions


needing to drink a lot of water


excessive yawning


feeling like there isn’t enough energy for day to day activities but you have no logical reason to not have enough energy 


feeling sensitive in the skin, like if someone squeezes an arm or leg, or you bump into something that it hurts a lot more than it should 


detox symptoms in skin, hair, nails, digestive processes, bad smell from your pores 



changes in how you experience your memory


heavy or restless legs



Pressure over heart centre chakra 

Shifts, changes in all the chakras at different times



changes in how you desire to move your body, how much exercise you need or can tolerate


things that used to work for you in restoring balance through diet or other lifestyle choices stop working as well as they used to, your needs shift dramatically, eating more carbs or sugars as the body tries to integrate the shifts…or other changes that you don’t recognise as ‘normal’ for you



changes in how you dream and experience the dream state


changes in your experience of time, how much an hour, a day, a week is


a sense of buzzing, vibrating, pulsing that is difficult to digest and ground through your usual modes of operation or practices


a sense of being even more sensitive to the shifts of the moon, the seasons, the affect of the sun and nature in general, being able to tolerate less nature (needing to stay indoors more) or needing more nature (finding being indoors intolerable) 


heightened sensitivity to other people and animals, plants and environments


more visions, unusual thoughts, recognising greater synchronicities in your life, a feeling of unexpectedness


difficulty at times in handling electronic devices and internet / phone connections /computers, digital screens etc


if you are a spiritual practitioner, you might find your practice is heightened and you cannot stay in practice for as long as you are used to in the past…


you might find you are in a feeling of ‘always being in practice’ and actually needing a ‘’break from practice’’



Handling the upgrade, visit the Channeled Messages Page.