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I apologise for spelling errors, I'm working fast to get these messages out and simply don't have the time/energy right now to correct all text perfectly. Please note I only Channel what I experience directly. I am following others who work with similar work as I do, but I do not read much or repeat information I have read from other Channels. I want to understand my own insight and channeling experience as purely as possible. I do compare notes with other Channels to see if we are receiving similar messages or general direction of Energy readings at the time.


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Ascension/upgrade Symptoms



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Transcripts for January

Transcripts for February 2/2 and 9/2 ready for reading

 30.12.2023 December Retrospective Energy Update

Beloveds, today is the first day in a long time ( again ) where I’ve felt a small and short break in the upgrade symptoms and energy work assignments. It’s been a very intense end of year in the upgrade process as all my previous posts will show on the subject. Several new symptoms and just a newness of the way the ascension feels these past two months compared to before. Not less activity or higher ability to assimilate the process necessarily but an actual difference in the ascension codes and process itself. It had become familiar and recognizable to me in the past two years and now it’s something else again.

I hope you have weathered it with softness as that is the only singular answer I find to all of it.

Entering the new year with a sense of expansion about the wonder of it all, what does it all mean, where is it going, how will we journey in it with grace and grounding and who and what will we become beyond our wildest dreams!?

Being continues to be the one key word of action I take with me from all of this year into the next. As for things released, just this week I felt that we were helped to release many very deep patterned conditionings from family/karmic origin and that is a huge blessing and gift both in healing the past timelines and bringing into presence more fully our future potential Higher Self and Future Selves Timelines. The speed of how it all changes is phenomenal. I’ve never seen anything like it but that is also why it is so tough at times. The bliss is never far in the relaxation into the experience of the ascension though but it requires our faith to surrender when the heart being calls.

In Love to all our 🍾πŸ₯‚ 2024 βœ¨πŸ’›Ka Ra

27.12.2023 Full Moon Portal Summary

What an amazing full moon portal beloveds!

The GFL delivered with a sublime journey into the center of the moon ( surprisingly hollow ) and teachings about the Moon as a satellite and a lot of further guidance on the relationship between Moon, Earth, the interaction and communication and more.

There was a lot of general info as well as personal message and download during the transmission moon journey.

After we were brought back to earth we entered a phase of Golden Age song and GFL guidance on 2024.

For one we can expect a rocket like year where things speed up even more, for another we can expect the process of the earth upgrade to evolve into a stage where the manifestation into physical evidence of what is 5D in a more substantial and real way.

We were advised to be prepared for the turbulence to continue awhile longer in this transit but that meanwhile far more signs of the new earth will become manifest. In a very precise way the GFL spoke that we will notice this personally in two ways primarily; the coming online of multi dimensional abilities and spiritual gifts ( if they haven’t already and the continued deepening of this ) and number 2) the dream projects of our hearts that have just not been moving or have been stuck for ages - the timing is now shifting on these and they will start to move move move.

The message was strong and clear of the hopefulness of the time ahead, and the need to stay the course and hold the vision of the world we know can be. And they were very clear on how we will see the reality of the vision we have been holding so far oftentimes without proof, will manifest tangibly and visibly before the end of 2024.

Thank you to all involved and from my personal midnight moon party goodnight, sleep well if you can and see you in the Bright New Year βœ¨πŸ’›πŸ™πŸΎ in Love, Ka Ra

22.12.2023 Solstice Channel Summary

Winter solstice channel entirely about the sun, the timeline reset and the current Light Codes assisting with this ( continuation of th energy medicine and messages we received on the healing circle earlier this week ), Surya Namaskar through solar codes, Great Central Sun, energy transmission, Light Code, absorption and integration into the auric field into the physical body into the Merkaba Light Bodies, into our Solar Plexuses and into the Earth through prayer, light language, transmissions and songs from the Golden Ray Temple of Ra solstice celebrations. Thank you to everyone who came and received the Light, to the I Am Light energy medicine and meditation, to all who brought us these transmissions and for all the Light we can be for ourselves and one another Amen!

21.12.2023 Energy Update

During last weekend The space weather reports showed one of the biggest solar flares in six years. You might have seen pictures or even with your own eyes the incredible Auroras and other light phenomena in the skies lately.

Even without this information for us who are highly senseable to the energy influx into earths atmosphere have been having some of the most intense weeks of the year.

When it comes to the symptoms, some of the new stuff I can share:

Feeling like electrical nodes have been placed all over the skull, especially around the temples, creating pressure points and electrical influx points just like in a medical facility to read the energy of the head and brain.

This is one of the most common symptoms I’ve had in the last two weeks aside from the usual head and heart activations. I’ve also felt many changes to internal organs and the teeth through aches and pains, shivering vibes and a truly deep exhaustion as the body acclimatized.

When one cycle has ended there is only about one hour of pause in the process before the next cycle has started. After the healing circle channel on Tuesday I slept for five hours straight in the middle of the day and then again at night. The Equinox portal work had already begun the days before and was in full gale winds. Thereafter I had one day of break on Wednesday this week - was the first day off of 3 weeks of ascension symptoms in my rechord. And yesterday the equinox portal energy work started again - there have been quite intense Light Code downloads and anchoring for the last weeks in connection with both the 1212 and the Equinox energy portals.

The ascension symptoms i Clyde also wobbly eyes, not being able to work with screens, shoulder aches, and pains and the usual Crown and Heart activation symptoms.

Even though it’s all familiar processes by now for many of us I still get blown away that these are the times we are in and how extensively the consciousness shift is affecting us on every level of being. A year passes like a blur in these timeless ascension processes and I wonder what new adventures 2024 is opening us to through these mind boggling journeys of Soul and Spirit.

In Love, KaRa

19.12.2023 Healing Circle Summary

the energy that opened the healing circle was one that gave the understanding of a timeline reset with the word Aleph as a symbol for the beginning of the alphabet, a, a restart.

We were also given a Surya, Light code download, referencing the energy upgrade timelines of this time, here I am referring to the extensive solar activity. More on that in the next post.

A Lemurian Crystal Light waterfall midline energy activation came about for the specific energy medicine of clearing genetically modified DNA that is not healthy for the human consciousness evolution.

Here the reference was to previously channeled information in the last couple of months where the current light codes of recent months are working on removing manipulation done by species, other than human onto the human race, human design, which is not for the highest good.

the Lemurian waterfall energy was greatly assisted by ninth dimensional dolphins through sonic healing - as you can see in these pictures they are not always flattering however, the sounds that I am able to produce in the channel and transmission are totally worth looking a little bit silly for! It was extraordinary.

The energy continued with a sacral water and third eye healing to then move into a pure sacral water healing with the infinity codes.

Followed a heart and womb healing transmission together with the words you are safe, so the energy of you are safe, was transmitted into the heart and womb chakras at the end of the healing circle.

The word Yesof/ Yusuf, also Joseph, came up with an Aramaic light language transmission - meaning God will give.  Aleph also represents the oneness of God returning us to the oneness of God, to source, so I felt that the starting message of oneness of God and the ending message of God will give opened and closed our circle today. At the end was simply a pure blessing of light. Thank you to everyone involved, and to everyone participating in receiving these energies.

I also heard the words to the song Heal the World at the end of this channel. I recommend listening to it soon to absorb the significance of the message.

In Love, Ka Ra

November Retrospective Energy Update

Beloveds, that my Nov. retro. Rechord comes to you in the middle of December says a lot about what December has been like but that’s the next post…

The main Earth Upgrade Energy signatures I noted in November and worth repeating are:

Considerable upgrade of the upgrade ( intensity of vibrational elevation ) from the 1-11 - 11-11 portal.

Parallel processes meaning the acceleration of the individual ascensions to contain activations, downloads, purging, physical integrations, restorative processes all at the same time rather than in consecutive days or processes.

I can say that those trends that I noticed have continued and I therefore rechord them as the new norm for those on the frontline ascension timelines.

This does not mean that you have had to have started this process in 2018-2020 like I did or before - even those entering the rapid ascension process this year can find themselves in the frontline timelines and experiencing what I am speaking about here.

It is an utterly indescribable outrageous cathartic maddening and brilliantly awakening adventure that takes everything and gives so much more βœ¨πŸ’›πŸ™πŸΎ hang in there peeps - keep relaxing receiving returning the LIGHT.

In Love, Ka Ra

12.12.2023 Summary of new moon / 12:12 Gateway channel

Beloveds, a joyful and strong message from the GFL about disclosure and the threshold of recognition of a Galactic Family that unfolds in this golden age.

Christ Consciousness Energy in the form of A light code transmission for the revitalisation of the Single Eye, the Heart and the wings of the Holy Spirit in the sign of the Cross in our own person. I felt this came from Angels of Christ.

It was a week ago and I don’t remember further details now without looking at the video - as I’ve been so exhausted with current energy work I haven’t been able to make the updates and I tend to forget as so much happens in the personal and collective processes in these days. Apologies - this summary might be incomplete…πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› in Love, Ka Ra

14.12.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, I’m dealing with an intense exhaustion for many days now. I drag myself around the house to do the necessary tasks and I again have to let go of everything to rest and restore my batteries. Literally! -  as when I did a health check yesterday the adrenals were indeed depleted.

And here is the thing - I haven’t been overworked or stressed or strained in everyday life at all, there is no significant change in my schedule or anything else. This is purely the affect of the ascension energies which have been ON 24/7 for the past weeks ( no breaks in it at all to report on my end) and the inner work in the ascension processes and the outer work - the energy work needed at the time in the timelines we are in - and it’s been exhausting in a way like I cannot seem to rest enough, rest itself is not restorative enough, I’m hungry all the time but food doesn’t appeal, satisfy or give energy, I sleep but it’s not enough either and I feel this is just another expression of this process that we need to relax deeply into and wade through.

Perhaps many of you out there have had a similar time of it without any “logical reason” for being so tired. It is the main rapid ascension symptoms I have on rechord for you today. I’ve noticed that in this time I’m referring to I have had difficulty breathing deeply which is not at all normal for me as a person or for me during the rapid ascension symptoms. I feel that the breath normally deepens as a result of the ascension processes naturally. Yet in this last week I have found my breath to be unusually shallow and that too is a symptom on my rechord today. The remedy is to take more conscious time to breathe deeply, a deep Pause is again called for by these signs and symptoms and yes we are “on hold” in this and accepting the holding pattern can bring ease.

I do take seriously my physical body’s message that there is a depletion of resources that needs restoring and harmonizing.

Take great care of yourselves if you recognize yourself in the symptoms of the timeline I’m describing here above as we prepare for the upcoming Holydays downloads.

In Love, Ka Ra


11.12.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, this new moon and 12:12 is cooking us with ascension symptoms and all related experiences. I’ve been flat out exhausted by it for days and today trying to do other things I almost made myself ill. It’s so important to care for your Being through these intense shifts of vibration and expansion.

Fabulous symptom I’ve had since yesterday is tingling / shivering teeth !! Otherwise the usual scalp sensitivity, restless legs, deep tired, strange wobbly eyes, cannot handle electronics or screens, etheric body sensitivity, plugged ears, feeling of not getting enough sleep to recover energy levels etc…it’s tough to bear though the bliss is also present in the experience - and if you hear this and recognize yourself in it know that we are many in it and we are creating/anchoring this vision and vibration together.

I continue to feel that the places of affect ( Crown and Heart etc ) are familiar to previous years / phases of this the upgrade but the energy experience /feeling of it is now changed.

When I rested today I felt the peace my Being needed to weather the experience. So important to listen, feel and allow your individual experience to guide your actions through your rapid ascension if you are ( like me ) sensing and experiencing the energy very strongly.

Onwards! I’ll be channeling these portals tomorrow at noon. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Ka Ra

08.12.2023 Healing Circle Summary

For all gathered in person and the distant healing we received transmissions for :

Physical body relaxation
Aura sweep
Midline spine and physical body energy raise
A Cosmic Heart Space Cosmic Rose Divine Feminine aspects of Christ Consciousness Energy ( from the current Cosmic Energies influx)

An energy medicine / operation to release the heart of heaviness / relieving heavy heartedness

Messages on how spiritual growth comes through discomfort / moving beyond one’s current capacities as many know. A reminder to be balanced by comfort the being needs in human life - that too being a necessary ingredient for spiritual expansion. To nurture the physical, mental emotional and spiritual comfort one needs on life’s journey so as not to overdo the discomfort to “gain” spiritual evolution. To value and acknowledge and allow the need for comfort on the path when your being calls for it.

Also the reminder that healing happens in a state of relaxation.

in Love, Ka Ra

08.12.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, I’ve noticed since yesterdays energy work that the places of symptoms/activations are the same: crown and heart chakra for example, but the feeling of the activations are different to any previous years - something has changed in the nature of it. The intensity of the Light Codes / vibration levels have increased over the years in levels and leaps as I’ve reported past, but this is the actual nature of the energy work symptom - same places but a very different feeling. Can’t put my finger on it yet but somethings new about it. What isn’t new is that there has been a great deal of Solar activity again causing the Plasmic shift we are experiencing now and the specific energy of this time.

I feel such a need to be slow and breathe slowly and just be and not care about anything else !!! πŸ˜†it’s more than enough to just breathe slow and deep and this feeling is a typical ascension process symptom for me in these years- it comes in phases of deep activations / upgrades / or energy work.

How are you doing in it all?

With love, Ka Ra

05.13.2023 Energy Update

Due to a busy start to December I haven’t had time beloveds to make a November retrospective. I’m just checking in here quickly to say that December is already major in terms of ascension symptoms. Today I find myself horisontal with Heart Light Code anchoring mode most of the day and yesterday most of the day and night I was feeling this incredible vibe in the whole body as if the physical body wasn’t really here - so strange and special feeling that occurs occasionally during the accelerated ascension but more than ever the last 24 hours.

Other symptoms as usual - nothing unusual yet except for the intensity of the activations and resulting purging I see in those around me. I’ve felt the process mostly since last night and I believe I am in my usual quarter moon portal work. The healing circle I usually have every quarter moon will be on Friday instead this week. The energy work however cannot be re-scheduled πŸ˜‚as it is happening in the now moment of time.

All the best to all of you in your Light Work out there and I’ll check in again as soon as I am able πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Ka Ra

27.11.2023 Full Moon Portal summary

Beloveds, today we received an important message: to look within where we might be judging or denying our mundane/Worldly/life experience true desires of our heart because we feel / or others tell us that it’s not good/worthy/spiritual/etc etc.

To recognize the human experience and the living of life to its fullest and enjoying life as part of the spiritual experience.

To know and honestly connect to one’s own heart wishes and bring forth the Cosmic Heart energy through what you desire to experience in your life journey.

If we hold negative judgments on our true desires for this Life we hinder the manifestation of those experiences.

Todays beautiful assistance from the Pleaidian GFL team was to help recognize and heal those parts of ourselves where we hold ourselves back due to judgment that our desires are not good or spiritual. To bring the mundane and the spiritual into harmony in the embodied being.

We also received a Kingdom of Heaven Within Light transmission and message. Connecting to Love, Christ, and the Heart Path.

We also received a transmission to integrace the intensity of current portal Diamond Light Cide influxes - especially with focus on the back of the neck and shoulder area where many of us feel the intensity of the light codes working on and through our Beings. Todays transmission was therefore to assist with assimilation, digestion, absorption and anchoring of these new energies / ascension processes through the sacrum/tailbone connection.

Gratitude to All involved today πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› in Love, Ka Ra

23.11.23 Energy Update

Beloveds, the moon though not fully full yet has been powerfully dissolving density with higher Light vibrations lately. Here is my experience this week.

From about a week ago I have found that there is daily energy work for the ascension process happening with a mild to medium degree intensity, allowing for some functionality in every day life. But as the week progressed and the closer we get to the Full Moon, I have found the Light work requirements are once again on high. I find myself able to function in my daily life most mornings with energy work going on in the background. Every afternoon it picks up to a full time job of anchoring Light Codes - mostly Crown and Heart Chakra as per usual on my end. Head pressure and all the usual symptoms related to head and face and intense activations in the heart center are my primary symptoms.

Several days I also had deep restlessness in the legs following Root chakra changes, and also yesterday a huge emotional release of the Heart Center that was then followed by one of the most intense anchoring LightCodes through Heart center that I’ve had in awhile. I experienced it as the release before cleared loads of space and this space was filled with the new Light - this was a Collective clearing too. I didn’t have much personal stuff going on so I felt the release was truly a purging taking place from/for the Collective Heart Space - both the release and receiving that followed. Downloads have been intense in those hours of the afternoon making most evenings and nights tiring with integracion and absorption. We are attuning to the HUGE rise that we received in 1111 and moving forwards through the portals and passages of consciousness evolution in the December ascension protocols. Though there has been little time to review and reflect on what has gone and what has come, I do sense and see that the elevated experience of Higher Light Guidance on earth and a deeper connection to Higher Self is more and more obvious. It stands in stark contrast to the heavier more dense energies that are surfacing for clearing. Where your attention flows consciousness grows.
Tune in to that which frees you. βœ¨πŸ™πŸΎ

Other symptoms : nausea, unsettled vibes… I’ve had an unusual amount of stomach aches and pains this week too which I attribute to the energy processes of this week.

17.11.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, a quick note to say after a day or two of calm and being functional again in the beginning of the week the energies are now increasing and picking up again.

I experienced a huge purging day yesterday ( will report on this later next week as I’m taking some time offline for a short holiday with friends ).

There were new ascension influxes during the purge process begun already the days before - as I mentioned in early November what I notice is new is that many processes happen at once instead of in succession as it did in the previous phases of this rapid ascension process. This makes the experience much more intense but we are also calibrated for the higher intensity work so it feels as intense as before - only so much more happens at once. When the purge cleared I started to feel huge download energy last night and is ongoing now when I wake up to the new day. A new cycle of downloads, Light Code anchoring heart and crown, and physical assimilation from the 1111 phase are all happening in parallel.

All the best to each and every one of you in or out of these ascension timelines and see you next week for further updatesπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›.

My next healing circle is Tuesday 18-19.

With Love, Ka Ra


14.11.2023 New Moon Channel Summary

A Peace Portal
Beloveds, todays message was Peace. A sacred peace prayer swept through us today touching areas in our life where peace is needed, sweeping through the loved ones in our closest community, moving onto the global plane and then the Astral worlds and then all other worlds, galactic families and between worlds and galactic families to the universal.

An amazing journey of anchoring peace and being peace and bringing peace upon us through light languages, song, affirmations, visualisations and transmissions. Assisted greatly by Ascended Master Jesus and the Christ Light and Angels. Naturally a continuation of the themes of the times and the deep call for peace on the tip of our tongues and the center of our hearts and minds. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› The response to this call is great and peace is upon us. We were advised how peace is only possible if we believe in peace.

Being peace filled  brings peace. The guided meditations today were so that every Being will be resting in peace within themselves in the now moment and so it is πŸ•ŠοΈ πŸ•ŠοΈ πŸ•ŠοΈ Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.

The prayers you are making are working. Don’t stop. Keep up the peace efforts - it is working and also helping the departed souls in the Astral Realms. Thank you to all the prayers sung for peace on earth in this and other worlds and today we too sang for peace in this and other worlds πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›.

I Am Peace.

I feel sublimely peaceful after todays strong channel. For this most sacred gathering this evening my profound thanks to all involved πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› in Love, Ka Ra


1111 Energy update continued…

Beloveds, I think I left off on Nov 10th…

Nov 11th
From Nov 10th evening I felt a huge increase in Crown Chakra activations - these continued until ( in my personal experience ) until Sunday night. The incredibly intense 2 weeks of ascension energies did not decrease even in the slightest before during or after the 11th. These crown chakra activations were so strong I was completely knocked out by them. Symptoms such as a “tennis head band” of pressure temple to temple and very high right side of the head energy work were the primary symptoms. Also root chakra activations. Between crown and root I felt the activations were crystalline DNA related upgrades and it was super super strong for those in this Timeline that I’m describing.

All the usual related symptoms of eyes, ears and shoulders, neck and jaw, face are likely with these types of upgrades.

Nov 12th
I was so relieved when the pressure lessened Sunday evening after 48 hours of non-stop accelerated ascension following 2 weeks of non stop heightened accelerated ascension in other ways. I could not comprehend that I woke up on this day without any symptoms and had a whole day free of energy work symptoms other than that it went into the physical as it usually does after energy body upgrades have taken place. Usually during energy body upgrades I find my physical body blissfully relaxed even if there can be centers that give physical symptoms of where the upgrades are taking affect. However when the energy body work ends it goes into the physical and I find I feel my physical body responds with tensions and aches and pains as she integraces all that has been received.

Nov 14
Since yesterday evening - thankful for the break day I had - the new moon portal work has been what I am sensing. Today I feel that energy work happening but I am also functional with it and will channel the new moon tonight at 18.
Cont in comments …

It is going to be very exciting to discover and uncover what massive shifts have been given us through the 1111 ascension acceleration timelines. I feel I already notice a different level of creativity and response ability to situations that are vastly improving my life experience. It really has been a very tough process lately and we are yet to see the massive results of these deep shifts. Be prepared to witness that you have shed a lot of things and created new narratives that are going to blossom the story of your lifeπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›.

1111 Channelled Meditation Summary

Beloveds, todays higher perspective shed light on a dark subject matter. Today we were asked to look at the children, or specifically at the Child Soul Consciousness Collective referring to all the energy that is fed by the children’s Being on Earth - a very important consciousness field that sustains so much of the Heaven on Earth experience of life on earth.

Embodied by the children Energy the innocence, the joy, the Source connection, the purity and so on. This energy field also holds our Inner Child from our own childhoods but also all the experiences of  children collectively. At this very time we are gravely shaken awake by the mass suffering of children - but todays trance mission was also about all atrocities suffered in childhood that harms the Human Consciousness Field as the Children Consciousness energy is so vital to Humanity and Earth. Todays message came from guardians and keepers of this energy field- asking us to remember the importance of the children and the childhood contribution to the collective and to honor and pray for this suffering to be lifted and transmuted.

There was guidance on how to process the horrors we are witnessing, whether it is shootings in schools, war torn places, slavery and trafficking , poverty and starvation to name the big ones but also the less severe but endangering lack of respect and acknowledgment by adults of children and childhood that then leads to so many problems in life.

If we cannot physically do something then what we can spiritually do to visualize our ideal life on Earth and the world the Children shall inherit. To take this pain and face it and let it break us open to the Higher Good. It was also about gratitude to the brave souls now undergoing tremendous trials to heal the old patterns and programming of war, violence abuse etc past and present. To bring Humanity back to sovereignty and source. To understand, however uncomfortable it was for me to channel it, that these souls have taken on a purpose that is beyond our comprehension and that there is much to be grateful for in their contribution to the elevation of these times. We were advised strongly to not fail in upholding the Light and Peace - which begins in our own hearts and in our own lives. This is what we CAN do to bring help and healing.

We were also encouraged in the prayer to use the 1111 ascension Gateway to ascend the Souls who are now undergoing these terrible trials.

A difficult subject to work with today. Hard to put into a few words here a subject that is so complex as the witnessing and processing of the suffering of children on planet Earth and yet we were held in the empowerment as always from the GFL even if the message was strongly administered. Do not fail in holding the vision of an Earth that allows for the “perfect poise of childhood” to be experienced by all of Earths children.

The Flower of Life was the primary theme of the energy transmission for the Child Soul Collective Consciousness prayers and with the imagery of the children being the Flowers of Life in our collective consciousness.

Thank you to all involved in todays channel, thank you πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Ka Ra 


10.11.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, here is my continued report on the 1111 week ascension symptoms etc…

Nov 7
The first day I felt a break in the intensity and though the day started with several hours of restless energy as the physical body started to process and integrace the last 7 days of energy body work. In the afternoon I was completely free and I even managed a long walk - the first physical activity made possible in 7 days πŸ€ΈπŸΎ‍♂️I was LOL happy about it.
By evening new energy work rolled in and…

Nov 8th portal work for the 1111 rolled in, very intense for most of the day, functional in the morning but horisontal all afternoon and most of the evening before sleep.

Sometimes the ascension work happens in the background and I call that Functional as I am able to do other things. It is not enjoyable or pleasant but it’s possible to do other things while the energy work is going on. The other state horisontal πŸ›Œ is where I can’t do anything else where the energy work is so intense in the multi dimensional that the physical is in total rest mode.

Most of my portal energy work is like that and also when I am receiving healings or doing bigger downloads and anchoring energies - then I am so busy elsewhere I cannot function in the D3.

The portal work this week for 1111 has been for me Oceanic Portal energy work.

Nov 9th similar to Nov 8th. A bit more functional.

Nov 10th similar to Nov 9th. A bit more functional.

The light codes seem to create a tight band across the temples and round the head in the current influx and I also feel digestive issues today as integration goes on. Other than that I find it’s mostly crown and heart receptions as per usual.

It’s a constant on tap flow this 1111 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Tomorrow I channel the portal live at 11 am Sweden time. Email : to join.

In Love, Ka Ra

06.11.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, above pic is recent space weather news from Yes we continue to receive high Light emissions from the Sun and other cosmic sources. These in turn are affecting the ascension timelines, the constant acceleration thereof. I can only speak experientially from the start of November that things have leapt leapt leapt in intensity. See previous post.

Nov 4
Again I spent most of the day in downloads and anchoring work Heart and Crown. Super intense all day and all night. Very little sleep. No napping. Just constantly experiencing the energy. What I noticed that’s new on this day is that I could feel one part of my Being downloading Light Codes /anchoring, another part receiving personal healing upgrades, another part purging old traumas etc and another part witnessing it all. This told me that the acceleration has accelerated even beyond my previous experiences where normally each of the above processes would take place sequentially - albeit often in one day at times due to recent speeding ups of processes, but not in parallel. This day I witnessed these paralleled processes and if you think that must be tough for the Human - you are right - I couldn’t move hardly all day.

Nov 5
This day started with strong portal work and then was a purging process. A process related to ancestral/family healing that I had been noticing all week from the corner of my eye came fully to surface for release. Soon after these hours of clearing this old and unpleasant energy pattern I went straight into the next layer of energy work. No breaks in this acceleration process at all. First I just felt strange in my Being but still needing deep rest and then I noticed familiar portal work symptoms arising. Going deep into it led me to the ocean and through several ocean floors to the court of Lord Aquarius. I understood in this mystical journey that I was working now with oceanic portals within the Earth. Soon thereafter new crown and heart download work began. Symptoms I forgot to mention earlier of crown activations are sensitive scalp / can’t put your hair up in bands or barely touch the scalp for the sensitivity. Cont πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

 Also a feeling of a tight band across the temples is a symptom of some of todays energies.

Nov 6
Still very little sleep and 24 hour ascension protocols. Today has been marginally easier but I still spent most of the day in downloads and anchoring. Much more portal work today for the 1111 portal but for me unusually not Galactic portals but a continuation of the oceanic portal work. What I’m learning from this is that the earth upgrade process is assisted by energy influxes from multiple sources Galactic as well as from within the Earth itself just as the Guides have been showing lately. Also that I might now have new assignments to work with oceanic portals which is new to me.

My report is personal but a reflection of the intensity of light work that is taking place for many at this time. Human me is πŸ›Œ in this shape as I go through any and all of what I am writing. Trying to do any other activity brings me immediately into a state of burnout symptoms due to the high activity multidimensionally. I knew 1111 would be busy but I truly did not know it could be this busy !!

Other notes are that the masculine energy healing that I wrote about recent weeks continues and I notice it in the body right side as well as in the nature of the personal ancestral healing that is taking place.

To all of you who are in similar timelines of accelerated ascension πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› hoping my rechord helps you navigate these really weird experiences and inexplicable strangenesses you might be going through and continue to relax and receive as best you can 🫢🏽. It all feels massive and monumental to me in the way I sense the energy experience through my own Being - at the same time stillness is the only possible action in my current state. I will write again in a few days as I am doing my own deep work this week I’m not updating more often. As always - none of this is medical advice.

In Love, Ka Ra

03.11.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, so powerful are the ascension protocols of this time that I will need to do regular updates just to remember what I am sensing in this 1111 Gate Way.

As I mentioned in the October retrospective post we entered November with very high ascension activity.

Oct 31: I was horisontal πŸ›Œ whole day with energy work and could only function in the 3D towards late evening

Nov 1 : I spent most of the day in heart light code anchoring mode - as well as I noticed that the MerKaBa light body activations were on super high levels the day before and the day after. I find myself using my previously described Merkaba mudra a few times to anchor the changes coming into the Merkaba light body vessel.

Nov 2
Crown Chakra activations and downloads the last few days have been very intense. On this day I felt like my crown was a big open hole and a minor waterfall of energy was in constant downpour through it πŸ˜†Typical symptoms of this: third eye and crown pressure vibes, hole in crown πŸ‘‘, pressure ringing or other vibes in the ears, jaw and teeth sensations, physical eyes feeling very drowsy, groggy, not seeing clearly at times, neck and shoulder tensions and movements. Ache under the eyes, burning sensation in the eyes - like eye burnout. Yeah very intense. Rest, sleep, lying down and being still during these downloads and hydration are my primary feel good factors during this type of energy activity.

The downloads persisted for many many hours on this day.

Nov 3: I had no sleep the whole night into the 3rd and also no drowsiness or sleep during the day but intense energy activity that was a form of electrifying heebie jeebie, pins and needles, prickly kind of vibe through the whole day accompanied by intense heart center activations on and off all through the day.

These light code activations arrived with two main insights: that it was not possible to receive these particular changes during sleep / the being needed to be in awake state to receive these current codes and also that “amazing things are coming” with these very new feeling light codes of this now timeline I’m experiencing and witnessing.

In Love, Ka Ra

31.10.2023 October Retrospective Energy Update

Whoa I’ve been trying to write the October retrospective for a few days but not managing it due to the intensity of the 1111 weeks incredible acceleration of ascension on the earth upgrade process.

More on that in a future post. October gave us a run for our money in the ascension process. We have received so much and we have also done a lot of energy work for the going’s on during October’s turbulent processes around the world. It’s been full on to say the least and November hasn’t started any less in activations.

We are not all affected the same nor do we all have the same jobs or roles to play in this shift - but for those of you who haven’t even been able to sit or stand upright during the most of October for the level of downloads, ascension symptoms, energy work, multidimensional expansion and processes, assimilating and anchoring etc etc etc I see you 😍. It blows my mind that we are living this now. It really does blow my mind even after or maybe because of being in this process for 3 plus years. Others are only now entering their accelerated ascension timelines and yet others will never need to go through an acceleration at all but will gradually find themselves in the new timelines with significantly altered consciousness and being. God has a plan for each and every one of us - is a message that my beautiful Guides gave me early on in my process and it returns to me often when I level up my trust in all that is.

This past month, aside from my channelled posts on the prayer work for the planet, I’ve seen a remarkable sacral chakra energy shift happening and a masculine energy repurposing happening through the October energies.

Not to forget that despite the intensity of accelerated ascension and symptoms and purging etc there is a whole lot of freedom, bliss and beautiful spiritual gifts being bestowed/awakened/restored on us in this awakening process. Not to forget. If you don’t feel that side of it yet rest assured it is there and will go online when your timing is ready. This I know from my own direct experience.

In Love, Ka Ra πŸ’›

30.10.2023 Full Moon Portal Summary

Beloveds, life as a Galactic Channel is one trippy ride. Today was such a spacey journey. Thanks to the Arcturians we received my beloved Cosmic Dance Trance Mission - I absolutely love being in and channeling this energy and it always comes to me courtesy of the Arcturian Guides. Even though the Arcturians have been incredibly significant in my multi dimensional expansion journey since 2020, I still find attuning to them more challenging than other Guides and yet it’s so worth it for the energy and guidance provided through them and the GFL.

Today was all about the Diamond white light codes and various potent meditations on how we can see ourselves as Light Beings just as they see us.

Several meditations were given to bring more light into this world right here and right now. Messages to trust in the creative power of the universal consciousness that resides in ourselves when we visualise and meditate to create a higher vibrational self and Collective.

Guidance on Light Fractals and the makeup of the universe was spoken and we were blessed to share in this moon gathering with each other and the GFLπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›.

To All involved my gratitude,
In Love Ka Ra

Energy Update: I feel strangely liberated after 3 weeks of aches and pains in the sacrum related to Collective and personal energy work releasing. It has been energy consuming energy work weeks and I’m curious as to what my Guides will show us in terms of where we are at on the journey with the consciousness evolution on Mondays channel. I wasn’t able to do the New Moon so I am curious as to what energy medicines are being worked with at this time and what the 1111 Gateway of 2023 is going to be highlighting and magnifying.

Today I feel mild moon Portal symptoms but I seem to have received the majority of my moon work in the days prior to the full moon on this cycle. Todays energy read feels far more restful and relaxed in my being and invites a time to recover before the 1111 process takes on in earnest.

How are you faring in these intense of days ? πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›

If you need help or wish to learn the techniques I use for my daily light work and to advance your subtle energy meditation practices and consciousness expansion methods -  I will be hosting the Light Guides Course again with start in April 2024.

In Love, Ka Ra

27102023 Energy Update

Beloveds, funny story - I had scheduled the full moon portal channel for after the weekend due to other work I have on and in this process forgot that the actual full moon days are already here with tomorrow to Sunday being the peak.

So I was confused to as why I was having such incredibly strong portal work symptoms and hardly being able to keep my eyes open all of yesterday. Today I’m so groggy with it I can’t even comprehend the full affect and ascension energies coming with this moon portal on to my radar of energy readings. No wonder I’m so affected, drowsy, not sleeping a whole night and then being sleepy barely awake all day. I’m elsewhere and I’m working on my portal duties and it’s all part of my multidimensional being. At this point it’s no surprise to me but yet it surprised me as the dates were “off” in my head but the energy is always accurate- the portal opening work started a few days ago already. I was there πŸ˜‚ and now my experiences of these days makes much more sense to me πŸ€“.

So now when I saw other people’s posts on the full moon eclipse dates it was like aha - of course - that’s why I’m so “gone”.

To be fair all of October has been an ascension accelerator and we are all exhausted by all the recent personal upgrades and the Collective energy work and the intensity of this full moon isn’t helping much in that department.

But by now we know that this process is the new normal as we absorb, shed, heal, elevate with each Light influx cycle to an ever more pristine energy expression and experience that provides the anchoring of the Golden Age. This is the timeline. This is its experience. We are in it now.

Relaxation and letting go and letting Godness is for me still the very best practice (and hydration πŸ’¦) in navigating the extreme experiences of accelerated ascension - whether it is the personal deep inner changes or the witnessing of the external Collective ones. It is all connected. May we all find ease in acceptance of the now moment.

I will channel this full moon live online on Monday evening. Meanwhile May this eclipse full moon bring you more of your Highest Good πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, KaRa

20.10.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, I’ve experienced myself and heard from those close to me that these weeks of October have been incredibly challenging in the Light Work process.

Among other things I’ve had sacral pains for one week and it’s the longest I’ve had a symptom persist during an upgrade Light influx. This tells me that big stuff is in the works! Is working on us and through us. Relax and receive as best as can be.

These changes, these transformations of late have been piercingly painful. The downloads and anchoring work has been constant too and I’ve had all the common symptoms of ascension work all month - every day. This week however it went up a notch in weirdness and I was so exhausted by the activities that I had to drop everything else again and therefore I wasn’t able to channel the new moon last Sunday. The need for rest and being in the release and transmutation processes of these current energies has been a full time job for many of us in this process. Kudos to you for all you have revealed and released since the eclipse moon.

I’ve experienced burn out like exhaustion one day, I’ve received hours of surgeries in the astral spine nervous system affecting all the chakras but I felt it mostly in the back of the sacrum and heart and throat. The recovery from these energetic surgeries felt like a total disconnect day and disassociation from it all while the human me tried to cope with the energetic shifts 🫠and then I started to feel a bit more functional again the day after and today I would say it feels like “normal ascension work/symptoms” again.

Give yourself a break in trying to live ordinary life. It’s not easy to understand it all. The why, the how, the what. The benefit of these influxes don’t always reveal itself directly but eventually they do and you will know what it brought you to.

Return to the heart and rest yourself as best you can in your process and Light Work. I always remind myself when I’m feeling the personal or collective work become deeply uncomfortable and painful - that this too shall pass and that it is what life is about right now in the fire of accelerated change in Consciousness in this time.
πŸ’›Ka Ra

16.10.2023 Energy Update

When I was describing the energy last week I found myself saying we are dealing with fires - the world is on fire and many have both individual and collective firefighting going on in this intense and heartbreaking week.

Funnily enough the eclipse moon that just came is also called a ring of fire eclipse. I wrote a bit about the collective heart consciousness energy work that I was a part of last week in a previous post and I know so many of you out there have been crying, feeling, being, praying and holding Light in this pain and assisting in the release and transmutation of this by the fire of your caring hearts. Thank you to everyone going through this work right now as we are all affected by the current fires of change in some way.

I mentioned that I’ve noticed a huge shift to the sacral chakra center in these recent energy influxes and for me it’s been one of the longest standing symptoms in the upgrade process now with more than 5 days of feeling physical pain in and around the sacral chakra as this area goes through huge and fiery shifts collective and individual. I’ve stretched, bathed, hiked, done sauna and heat balms etc but there is no relief as it is energetic and in my experience we must just relax as much as possible and allow the changes to take place during the time it takes. Today I find it concentrated in the chakra itself and the pain in the hips has subsided but intensified in the chakra itself and the bones connected thereby and it’s hard to breathe for the pain ( phantom like pain as it’s not purely physical it’s more energetic ), so breathing slowly and deeply through this fire is all I can do.

Other new moon eclipse and Portal energy work symptoms I had have been heart palpitations, broken sleep cycles, energy hangover drowsiness grogginess, crown chakra activation symptoms, heart chakra energy anchoring download symptoms.

Opening the heart center to flood more Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity Light codes into this world.  Dissolve the pain. When I was reading the energy on this last week I felt the presence of hope and light hearted ness. Keep faith in the Light and Highest Good.

10:10 Gateway summary and 13.10.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, the 10:10 Gateway took us on a healing journey into the back heart space and the breaking open of gateways that have been blocked ( for whatever reason and by whomever in attempts to control human consciousness ) in past timelines - this took place in the way fo breaking down walls or solid rigidities that have formed over time and once this was broken through for the collective consciousness we were then flooded by galactic lights through crown and heart space to travel into the karmic consequences of those blocks and to transmute and bring healing to those consequences. This is now the second time we see the theme of removing blocks places by other races/beings been addressed in the light code influxes of recent weeks.

An amazing collective consciousness healing journey. Later this same week I started to feel a heavy hearted ness that I understood to be the collective heart consciousness pain that is now surfacing in these times of deep trouble in the world as more and more situations purge purge purge. When I met with my YM Crew for our online class we meditated and brought forth healing through our heart spaces for this energy consciousness and I did feel light hearted ness return to the field. I also felt an energy of hope in the Collective Heart Space and that was deeply reassuring to sense beyond and beneath the pain that is being felt by many.

To this energy cocktail I have one last update this week. I have been feeling an intense ache and pain in the physical region of the back of the sacral chakra and out to the hip bones all on the lower back area - I read this as part of the collective energy process right now - which also you might be experiencing as phantom or seemingly random pains coming up and then dissolving. I feel it’s less today - soon dissolving.

It may also be part of my personal ascension process from last weeks shifts - but my point is it is not unusual to experience physical symptoms to these energetic experiences ( personal or collective ) as old energy surfaces and moves through the bodies as healing/transmutation takes place. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Ka Ra


 10.10.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, since the last full moon in September I have experienced medium to high ascension symptoms and energy work related to the recent portals and gateways of cosmic light influx.

Everyday, for at least a few hours, I’ve had to be horisontal πŸ›Œ in light code anchoring work, downloads, integracions etc.

This weekend it ramped up even more and I also went through a strong purge.

Mostly crown and heart ascension and reception symptoms as per usual. I did feel this last week deeply personally - as in it was my own ascension process and not only collective work. Therefore I’ve needed lots of time and space to process those changes and barely could function with anything else.

The emotional nature of this last weeks upgrades had my feeling very raw and very open in a new layer of Being. It has been intense and I am still digesting the experiences. Though I’ve had glimpses as to what these healings have brought forth it is still too soon to say. Perhaps you have also found yourself in a similar process these past ten days, where great inner change has been (once again or for the first time) brought upon youπŸ’›.

The usual symptoms associated with crown and heart activations have been present: groggy, strange eyes and ears symptoms, drowsy, needing lots of rest and being, aching shoulders and neck, jaw tension releases, breathless / hard to breathe or move fast or function normally in the body/ feeling a need to be ultra slow as it often feels when being between worlds ( transiting vibrational shifts ), headachy when downloading or just feeling overload ( especially if trying to do other things at the same time). Those are some of the common symptoms I have when the crown and heart activations take place. These are often followed by phases of purging and physical integracion symptoms as per usual in this accelerated ascension process.

This is not medical advice. You should seek medical advice if symptoms persist and you are unsure if it is a spiritual or medical process.

In Love, Ka Ra πŸ’›πŸ™πŸΎ


09.10.2023 Healing circle summary

Beloveds, a potent healing circle today with energy medicine for higher heart and heart healing with the overarching theme of Truth. To bring us into knowing our truth, alignment with Truth, being true, recognizing in ourselves and other situations where things are not truthful and so on. Many aspects of this theme was addressed in the healing energy received today with the assistance of Christ Light as well as a Divine Feminine energy that I felt had Shamanic/Native American roots.

The potent light language song and prayers removed veils covering truth from the heart Energy field and where we can be returned to Love.
A long silent transmission worked this theme through our timelines and current situations and also we received teachings and guidance on observing this theme in our lives and where we need to cleanse and clear untruths, encouragement and the tools to do so.

Super intense Energy days in general. I have so much to share about the last week Energy updates but haven’t had capacity to write it due to the intensity of life in the ascension energies lately.

Thank you to all involved in todays transmission. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Ka Ra



September retrospective Energy Update
Beloveds, September goes down for me as the easiest month of my accelerated expansion process. Such mild ascension symptoms and processes with only a few hours here and there of intensity. I did as always continue to have my Portal energy work and download work etc but it’s all been relatively easy living. This resulted in my having time energy and capacity to build my art web shop on mithilakara.seπŸ˜ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ½
The main themes from the channeling have been earth planet healing processes and also 5D 12 chakra activations among other highlights. 
These last few days of the start of October has been intense energy work again from the portal but also intense symptoms again. Perhaps like me you have had heart beat racing, breathless exhaustion from hardly nothing and strange aches and pains especially in the extremities of the body? It’s all been a bit weird again as this new light code influx takes over. As always your timeline will determine what part of the process you are experiencing, how intensely and how often. 
As per always i rechord primarily Crown and Heart center activations as the main gateways affected in the energy body receiving downloads, anchoring etc. 
Wishing us all an October that we can relax into no matter what is going on. Radical ease. Revolutionary relaxation. May you be well πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› 
in Love, Ka Ra

23.09.2023 Autumn Equinox Summary 

Beloveds, today we were showered in the emanations of crystalline energy in so many forms:
πŸ’Ž for awakening remembrance, activating, enhancing our crystalline Light pathways in the body and to the Gaia crystalline grid 
♦️Diamond Crystal heart Light transmission from galactic heart into individual heart crystalline chambers, Diamond light center of the heart
 πŸ’Ž crystalline temple Light from Golden Crystal Light sources / temples 
🧬 crystalline DNA Light code transmission 
πŸ’Ž prayers for the crystalline temples and angelic assistance in the transmissions 
πŸ”οΈ Mt Kailash spiritual crown chakra energy transmission for helping the current processes on planet earth now 
πŸ’ŽThird πŸ‘οΈ pineal gland Crystal cleaning and clearing of energetic cobwebs and other amplifications of this crystal and song to honor this crystal 
Many messages about the crystal significance of earth, human crystalline energy, spiritual evolution and crystal connectivity.
Looking forward to transcribing the teachings received today as soon as life permits…πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› 
Immensely grateful to all involved and the energy of Light Assistance in all its forms right now,
in love, Ka Ra 
21.09.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, a quick energy update for this week. I’ve had mild to medium energy ascension symptoms - and on Tuesday some usual Portal opening energy work. The Light Code symptoms have been the typical sharp and zingy electrifying feeling of the Diamond White Light Codes that we typically experience around the Moon portals and I felt it mostly after the New Moon Portal than before this time. 
I’ve had more people reporting ascension symptoms to me this week. More people coming in to their ascension timelines and heightened sense-ability. Very interesting and exciting ! 
There is a big purging experience of ancestral patterns and karmas again in this past weeks ascension processes. Maybe you have witnessed than in yourself or your family recently too. I also feel that we have returned to old situations to make new choices and to thereby choose to no longer hold those vibrational patterns that kept us and keeps us in those timelines and energetic circumstances and experiences. The powerful choice is here now. Let’s pay attention to that and choose new directions when and where we feel old and unwanted patterns are arising for dissolution.
Anger rising for transmuting is another thing I’ve noticed and also as a sign of the return of power and sovereignty where anger acts as an agent to make new choices and create a different and more desired reality for oneself. Physically I’ve noticed a lot of leg πŸ¦΅πŸΎ related symptoms with tension and stuckness in legs as old energy is released from the body / root - as well as the usual joint pains that come with the high Light influxes. Just today I’m noticing a lot of shoulder aches and pains - again typical symptoms of vibrational adjustments of the body nowadays. If symptoms persist and you are not sure then seek medical advice too. 
Autumn Equinox is here and I will be channeling it live on Sunday noon Sweden time - as I will be on holiday and offline for a couple of days now with a dear friend. 
In Love, Ka Ra
20.09.2923 Healing circle summary 
Beloveds I will be brief as I’ve had a long and busy day today, ready to relax and rest now. 
Thank you to all on the distant healing and in person booking today. 
We received:
Energy for Aura through Blue White Light from the Blue Ray of Mother Mary and the Christ White Light emanations combined. Very beautiful and healing πŸ™πŸΎ
Then a solar plexus energy work for cleaning any blocks to sovereign power due to energies other than our own influencing our sense of self and personal power 
Then a Crown chakra energy receptivity and capacity assistance transmission 
Then a Higher Heart love transmission to help us further in keeping higher heart perspective on others, life on earth etc, to be unconditional love in relationships with others, to hold the higher perspective 
After this we went on personal requests for the remainder of our time together. 
Blessed work today as always πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›gratefully in Love, Ka Ra

14.09.2023 New Moon Summary 
Beloveds, todays channel was all about the 12 Chakra system and the 5D ascension process of the Collective consciousness.
We were shown that the Light Codes of this time are assisting in clearing the disconnect to this system and awakening the remembrance of it for the Golden Age. Though 12 Chakra activations and alignments are common themes in my channeling I was excited by the level of detail in the downloads today. I’ll write more about it as soon as I can. 
As per the theme of recent months there was also prayers for the Earth in connection with the Earth Star Chakra activation of the 12 Chakra system today. 
Many special moments in todays meditation. Thank you to all who joined and all involved in bringing through this beautiful meditation evening and transmissions. 
In Love, Ka Ra
12.09.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, I’ve been quite quiet on the energy updates lately - taking time off while I’ve been given time off from the ascension symptoms and other energy work related to our accelerated ascension process. 
I know many of you have not been on a “time off” timeline at the moment. I know what it’s like. I’ve personally been extremely surprised at how mild I have experienced the past 7-10 days as it has been the mildest I’ve experienced since my ascension process went into high gear in February/March 2020. 
The primary symptom I’ve had recently are mild download and activation symptoms of the upper chakras / head as per usual and some sleeplessness for 3 nights over the weekend and still having lots of energy and feeling expansive throughout the days. Challenging to hold that much energy sometimes but we are being leveled up for this. 
This evening as I’m coming out of a bath I notice I’ve had heart center activations and I’m beginning to sense the Portal opening vibes of this New Moon. Here we go new πŸŒš. I’ll be channeling this moon portal live on zoom on Thursday evening 18-1930. 
I’ll also host a healing circle the evening before that. 
Welcome. In Love, Ka Ra
9:9 Gateway summary 
Thank you Beloveds for todays gathering.
The energy of prayers for the planet continues as the primary theme in my current channels and we were guided fluidly by the GFL through messages about energy gateways, understanding one’s own aura and interdimensional communication and extrapolating that understanding to the Earths aura and inter dimensional exchanges through among other things portals and gateways. We continue to learn on these subjects in most of the channelled sessions. Super fascinating and exploratory. 
The prayer for the planet included working with the Oceans, energy of beings who can breathe under water was a special highlight today - awakening the remembrance of Beings who have the ability of gills and underwater breathing, and it seems that Atlantis has a special connection to the 9:9 Gateway as we did receive transmissions about Atlantis and El Alhambra that may be connected to where Atlantis geographically lies. Personally I don’t know enough about it but it’s what was shown us in todays channel and transmission through sound and Light Language Song. Evocative and soulful today. 
Further energy was about the Love Light Codes. 
I didn’t understand it all but I was certainly moved by it all. The non-verbal communication is bigger than the verbal and so the knowing and understanding will arise if and when needed in the journey we are on. Some downloads don’t unpack straight away. They are stored and surface when the timing is right. And all is transmitted, received and held in the Name and Energy of the Highest Good for All involved. 
So sweet today. Thank you All.
In Love, Ka Ra
04092023 Energy Update 
Sending you my energy work update so you can see if you’ve been going through similar things lately with the Earths energies and upgrade.
I had a very mild upgrade experience before the recent Full Moon Portal but since Thursday afternoon last week it’s been full on with ascension symptoms as well as Light work related to downloads and anchoring of this full moons Light Codes. I’ve been mostly horisontal πŸ›Œ for a few days with only a few brief pauses like when I was teaching on my light guides course β¬†οΈ Sunday evening. 
Most of the current activations I’ve been feeling them in the left side of the body as well as the usual crown/third eye and related area affected greatly. Lack of sleep and just general exhaustion too but also when I surrender to the energy deeply it’s also very peaceful, blissful and sweet. 
Today as I write this I’m back to only mild symptoms and no light work that I’m required to do and have been able to get on with some of my creative projects. And so onwards we ride the energy waves. I’ll be hosting a Healing circle Wednesday evening at 1800 Sweden time. And the next Galactic Gateway I am channeling is the 9/9 Saturday at noon. Sunday a live yoga class and private session opportunity in Gothenburg - I have room for 5 more in the yoga class and 1 more private session. No bookings yet for the group healing circle so I’ll probably cancel that this time.
With Love,
Mithila Ka Ra

August Retrospective Energy Update 

Beloveds, from the first super moon of August 1st and all the preparatory energy work of that portal and the powerful Lionsgate Gateway to this last super moon of August it has been a very busy Energy and Light work intense month for many of us. I barely had time to notice that we didn’t have much summer weather but those days available in terms of less energy work and even on days with heavy energy work we took ourselves out on hikes and excursions to make the most of this end of season. 
I have noticed that my channeling of light languages has upgraded as well as the personal healing journeys I’m able to guide people on have also taken a lift and these are some of the signs I personally have of what the recent intense Light Code Updates have been bringing. These changes we’ve had in August have been tough to absorb and digest and integrace but they do bring great things that are life enhancing and valuable in the now as well as for the New Earth transition.
Personally I can count on one hand the days where I’ve been completely without any symptoms of upgrade or without any work connected to this months energies. 
I’ve seen primarily Light Codes coming in to give Energy for helping Planet Earth and the areas of earth that has been struck by natural disasters and difficulties. There has been a strong theme of this in my August channels and light work guided by the Earth Upgrade process and teams.
This last week, since Friday, I’ve had only mild or no energy work πŸ˜…. It’s  been a good reprieve to restore my own energy. 
How has it been for you? Have you had a break or has it been a super intense super moon upgrade flow as I know it has been for many? 
Most moons I have that too and some moons I just don’t - so it really does vary.
Yesterday, with the full moon portal, I did come back into some new Light Work energies and work so let’s see what unfolds in September and where we will be needed to serve on this process and in our different roles and situations in life. 
I wish you all a strong September and for us to keep relaxing/remembering how softness/ease is key to connection and expansion. 
With Love, Ka Ra πŸ’›πŸ™πŸΎ
31.08.2023 Full Moon Channel Summary 
Primarily messages from the Arcturian and Pleaidian Messengers from the GFL bringing us into the currency of the Ascension process as well as a read on this full moons potential to enhance and support our hopes and dreams. Homework to spend time these moon days to write down our hopes and dreams. 
Two potent light code activations in the form of 
golden ray light transmission from the Great Central Sun and Galactic Heart 
Diamond white light transmission with the specific purpose of healing and supporting the physical body through ascension shifts 
My portal work started a few hours before the live channel with light code anchoring work but now I feel I am rather on the recipient end of going through some ascension activations myself after this evenings strong Channeled transmissions. 
The primary Symptom I’m having is a peculiar buzzing around the left side of the head which is a relatively rare symptom for me personally during the ascension process so far. 
As always trusting in the process and going inwards to sense and speak to the energies or just relaxing and trusting that whatever unfolds is for the Highest Good.
I teach my own long term practices and also well known and accepted Light work methods in my course “The Light Guides”. 
Next course will start in 2024. Sign up if you want to be kept in the loop of the next course start. 
Thank you to all involved in tonight’s gathering and transmissions πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Ka Ra

 22.08.2023 Energy Update  

I managed to sit upright briefly during the Light Guides Course connection last Sunday on the theme of chakras ( and a what a wonderful time we had of it !! ) … but most of the days before and since then are very busy with the Light Code anchoring work. I feel the activations all day and night at the moment and I sleep copiously during the nights - and during the day aside from a few hours at the start and end of the day I am in horisontal πŸ›Œ anchoring mode for a good 5 hours of the day. 
Today the midday session was lighter than previous days but the evening was the more intense for it with portal work where this quarter moon starts to rev up for the next super moon influx of energy. I’m for sure feeling it and working with it as part of my inter dimensional work. 
How about you ? Many of us sense able beings can be affected by the energies and receiving upgrades even without having light work jobs to do inter dimensionally. 
The symptoms I’ve had are the typical energy hangover feelings, being groggy and woozy, falling asleep during the strong activations and anchoring sessions which have primarily been heart chakra receptions so there has been activation symptoms on that chakra area as well as a strong sense of sacral and root chakra activations lately. 
Whoa πŸ€― it’s a lot and I hope you are staying as relaxed and hydrated and grateful for the vibrational shift as you can be under your life’s circumstances at this time. Let’s not forget that this is a spectacular shift taking place and we are here to live itπŸ’›. In Love, Ka Ra
Healing circle is this week on Thursday at noon πŸ•› πŸ™πŸΎ
20.08.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, it’s been some really strong energy activity days in the Earth Upgrade process. I have had medium to high level energy work since 5 days. Daily downloads and anchoring work as well as personal upgrades through Crown, Heart, Solar, Sacral chakras/other energy gateways. It’s been a lot! How are you getting on post Lionsgate?
I had so much to deal with that I cancelled my new moon live channel but it came through anyway as it often does spontaneously. This channel happened yesterday while we were in the car ( I was obvi in the passenger seat πŸ˜‚ ). 
The channel was very beautiful albeit intense. The main theme I’ve been seeing in my channels since August 1st is planetary healing transmissions and prayers. Yesterdays channel in the car was no exception and it was mainly for assisting the processes happening in the world such as the wild fires affected areas and other difficulties. Healing energy for the planet as well as all beings affected by these scenarios was the energy of the transmission that I sang through/ anchored Light Codes for.
My feeling is we would have received this also in the group live channel if I had been able to keep to the schedule. Regardless - the job needed doing and it was done. Most of yesterday I continued to be in a semi trance state as I was working elsewhere ( on a GFL space station this time ) and meanwhile tried to be in 3D meeting dear friends on a lovely terrace in Gothenburg city at the Dorsia hotel. 
Inter dimensional life is never boring but it is challenging to master the energy and to experience it and ground it properly in the human vessel and sometimes I’m OK with it being uncomfortable and allowing the jobs to happen wherever I am even if I’m most comfortable with it when I’m at home for it and can get the rest I need. 
The more acclimatized we become to the vibrations the easier it is to navigate but in the phase where we are attuning to a new light level or are doing a particularly demanding Light Work energy job then it can be very taxing for the human vessel to interact and be out and about on the earth plane. A time and place for everything πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› Ka Ra
17.08.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, the above picture is from the 2nd of August. On that day I had just started to get a sense of a new timeline I had entered. I knew that I had due to a feeling, a vibe I was experiencing around my return to work after the summer holidays. Now two weeks later the vibe is still with me confirming that I am actually experiencing a new timeline and not just a relaxation from the holidays. 
When I went back to work August 1st I noticed that something had changed in me that was bringing about an even deeper feeling of relaxation, trust, ease in all things related to work, money, time and daily flow and that things were better and improved from the month before. The month before wasn’t bad but it’s a sense that something had irreversibly changed. 
This is how I often recognize spiritual shifts, expansions. Not only through spiritual abilities coming online but also in the ease which is felt in everyday life. To me this was not only a smaller shift that accumulates later into a bigger timeline shift. I felt it as an actual timeline shift. I’m in a new vibe. 
This is among the many things I’ve received through the recent energy upgrades in the accelerated expansion process as the Earth shifts into 5D. Naturally it can happen through spiritual practice as well but as my main practice right now is to receive and anchor the influxes of Light Codes it is through that constant and continuous activity that I am noticing these life enhancing gifts and shifts.
During the Lionsgate week I spoke of the symptom of stiffness I felt in the whole body as I received the Light codes for that time. That stiffness released this Monday and my body returned to its “normal” state. 
Yesterday I was soaking up the new moon energies and I felt the Light codes primarily working on the entire spinal column and the cerebellum. Like an energetic surgery for the spine and it’s DNA database. I didn’t meditate on the what as it was a full time job to be in the experience itself and I had to cancel my new moon channel in order to fully rest, mostly horizontally, and receive the upgrade. It took all day. Today the work continues and I’ll write more when I can. πŸ’›
16.08.2023 Energy Update
Beloveds, yesterday on the evening of the 15th I was called in for the usual portal opening work for this new moon portal and had an intensely “trancey” and lovely time hearing/singing the Portal Song as I was in the inter dimensional energy work. It’s a very beautiful experience. 
Both Monday and Tuesday evening I also had some intense Light Code anchoring work through the Heart and Crown Chakras and especially the Heart work - once I had totally surrendered to it - was as usual a blissful experience serenading the 5D energy and it’s ongoing impression on our new Earth vibration.
During the day of the 15th, also my πŸŽ‰ birthday πŸ₯³ - I had an energy work free zone and didn’t feel any activations until the portal work at the end of the day. 
Today however, waking up I’m still in the zone of the light activations that I sensed incoming yesterday evening and I’m sure will carry through into tonight’s live channeled meditation for this New Moon. 
How are you doing in these timelines?
The rechord as always for those for whom it resonates and for those who are either entering 5D upgrade timelines or are already deeply invested in the Light Work of these times and need to hear of other similar experiences from others.
In Love, Ka Ra

13082023 Energy Update 

Coming out of a lovely Light Guides Course Gathering where I spoke about many of the energy reading meditations I used myself this very day. Past few days I felt a release of energy activations as everything dialed down to mild towards the closing of the Lionsgate gateway yesterday. However I did still find myself having moments of intense activations during yesterday though with plenty of room for ordinary life including a delicious rainy hike in the woods, a long sauna and a cosy fireplace after-dinner drink with my beloved at our new favorite backyard hangout the Åkulla resort. 
Sleep was fitful ( a word my mind always translates to being good or fit but actually means disturbed / spasmodic ) and my late start to the day was a clear sign of intense energy activations happening again.
Primarily today’s sense was on the heart chakra and I soon realized it was a light code anchoring transmission day today and when I surrendered to it an hour before my course start this evening I had the usual experience of deep bliss that comes with light code anchoring work through the heart center. Though most of the job was complete before my course started even now late evening I feel that crown activations and general activation symptoms are present. Not bad or heavy feeling - just a lot happening. If this is similar for you then hydration, rest, meditation, baths and any other intuitive guidance you receive as you go through your upgrades is your best response to it.
I have been using the “Where am I” and “I am here” meditations that I spoke and taught on today’s course to read my energy field today and to conclude what was happening and to respond in a way that brought harmony to my being. Thanks to this I had that blissful hour of being deeply in the heart chakra light code energy reception and anchoring mode today. 
Goodnight sweet hearts - let’s see what tomorrow brings. I didn’t read today’s energy as the new moon portal opening so I expect that is to come with its own energy signature and experiences - probably sometime on Monday. I’ll be channeling the portal live on zoom on Wednesday night. Welcome. In Love, Ka Ra 
Healing Circle Summary and energy update 11.08.2023
Beloveds, thank you for our power filled healing gathering yesterday.
The August 10th day was the first for me in a long time where I felt rest and recovery from energy activations. My body continues to feel very stiff but less than before and I enjoyed a day with mild to no activations symptoms or other energy work. How was it for you? In the evening I started to sense some unusual fluctuations of 3rd eye activations and also pinging in different parts of the skull and brain / cranium so yes the upgrades are in my rechords still very much on and especially at night - expressing itself in that I sleep a lot and can’t quite wake up in the mornings…that’s my energy report for now. As for the healing circle we shared:
πŸ’›firstly it was a reiki like healing transmission 
πŸ’›secondly a very intense solar plexus portal energy work also related to the Lionsgate energy passage and for both Individuals and Collective Consciousness 
This started with a diaphragmatic release, clearing, massage type energy medicine that moved on into a strong Solar Plexus energy medicine with focus on clearing cords related to timelines that are no longer serving the highest good of the individual /collective 
It was quite tough work but together we did receive, release and transmute a considerable amount of gunk that was blocking the solar plexus energy from past timelines πŸ’ͺ🏾
πŸ’›last but not least we were bathed in a beautiful Buddha energy meditation transmission that had a delightful golden glow to it in our Auric field 
Stunning! Thank you. From the transmission : 
“I AM ready and willing to release all cords connected to past timelines that no longer serve my Highest Purpose, Highest Timeline and my Highest Good”. And So it is.
In Love, Ka Ra
Lionsgate Follow Up Energy Update 
Beloveds, I had a really intense activation afternoon on the 8:8. Before and during the channel I was in great form but soon after was knocked horizontal for many hours with intense activations and consequently major physical symptoms of this integracion. I did not feel bad or emotionally unwell at all and it was not a purge kind of energy work - no rather just a super strong reception of this Gateway energies. Especially the physical body I’ve felt has been so stiff and achy as a result of these recent energy activations - more so than I’ve written about in a long time. Massive shifts in other words. 
Today when I woke up ( late these days as I just cannot seem to wake up and get going as my body needs so much rest and sleep time to handle the current influx of upgrades ), I felt there was much less activations and it’s been more a day of recovery and rest and every day life. The physical body is still stiff like but much easier than yesterday’s levels.
It’s been 8 days in total of daily activations / energy work related to this passage of time with a big ramp up to the full moon prior to that so I’m curious to see if and how the upgrades continue onwards in August and depending on the results of these upgrades and on what timelines we are journeying on.
Very exciting, blissful and similarly  exhausting times!!
How has it been for you ?
In Love, Ka Ra
08.08.2023 Lionsgate channel summary
Beloveds, thank you for today’s magnificent Lionsgate channel. It opened with the ease immediately and I was infused with a sense of great joy from the very start of our gathering.
🦁 first came energy medicine for the heart and crown/3rd eye chakras for greater receptivity for current higher light influx 
🦁 secondly healing of threads of disbelief that are impending our spiritual evolution and some messages/guidance on this subject 
🦁a transmission of pure 5D energy and verbal messages about this subject 
🦁Sirius stargate and White Lions transmission for activating / infusing the Diamond Light Chambers of the Heart 
🦁 Golden Light transmission from the Temples of Egypt and the Golden Ray Temple of Ra with a Golden shower of light guided meditation 
🦁 888 abundance codes prayer for the planet ( continuation on the theme we received on the recent full moon channel) and empowering message connected to the theme of Light, Light Being, Bringer of Light
Thank you to all involved and all who participated. I personally particular enjoyed the Light Languages that I was able to communicate in today’s channel. Magnificent Sonic Healing and Energy Work.
All afternoon I’ve continued to be “in” the energy of this gateway and feeling many changes especially in my upper spine area. Also after the channel I just sat smiling for quite some time to myself - content with my channel and also at the wonder of it all. To take us out of disbelief and into wonder was the first message we received in today’s channel from the Galactic Federation guides.
In Love, Ka Ra 

Lionsgate update 

Beloveds, today is the day the Lionsgate energy peaks. 
Today I’m channeling the portal live however my portal work started already on Sunday when I was called in to sing the energy open and through for this portal and it had all the typical signs of a transmission for a Galactic Gateway but also typical Portal energy signs. 
On Sunday I was out walking in the woods but had to deliver a long transmission whilst out there. It was a new experience for me as I’m often at home when these things happen. It started by my being unable to walk and feeling just so weird and then I realized that there was portal work to do and simply started to let the Light Language flow through and let the work happen which took close to two hours to fully complete. I walked slowly and channeled out aloud until it was done. 
I write this as a rechord for others who might not yet have realised their Light Work roles or new assignments of the Soul and instead just feel strange, weird, not understanding what’s happening to them. These things / these jobs/ these abilities coming online happen and it’s real and more so now as we transition to 5D than ever before. 
I also write this for those who recognize what I’m saying to affirm your experience of your multidimensional experience and energy work. 
Other than the Sunday transmission I’ve only had normal signs of the Lionsgate energies such as upgrade symptoms ( see previous post). Last 24 hours it’s been intense with heart activations and crown as per usual and also intense physical signs of change as the body handles the new light levels. Lots of aches and pains as well as I feel a need to be so slow, breathe incredibly slowly and deeply, just being as much as possible to integrace with this new Light. 
Wishing you all a beautiful Lionsgate peak day and I’ll report back soon after today’s live channelled meditation at noon.
In Love, Ka Ra
06.08.2023 Lionsgate Energy Update 
Beloveds, days like these, when the ascension acceleration is on high you might find yourself having many of the symptoms I often write about. Intense head and upper chakra activity with accompanying wooziness, drugginess, vertigo, feeling of having brain surgery in broad daylight, aches and pains in joints, lead legs, and so on. 
The past few days I rechord daily activations and symptoms of activations. It hasn’t stopped since the Full Moon August 1st really and (for me) typical of this Lionsgate phase.
Today I am starting to have a resulting purging cycle as well. 
I felt it as a personal energy purge rather than a Collective one. It was a job for myself this time but nevertheless what we are receiving Collectively through this years Lionsgate 
Energy portal. I am actually curious to what I wrote about this time in 2022 and 2021 and I’ll get back to you on that when I’ve read up. 
As I was doing my energy work in the bath this morning, witnessing old karmic thought patterns emerging for healing and clearing, as I sang through mantras, called in assistance and different forms of energy to help me heal the situation and to purge the stuff that is no longer serving my path I felt as I often do in those moments. Something sacral. Sacred. 
I am so grateful for Sadhana, for Guru present past and future, for my Spirit and Guides for all the connections that I have access to in order to live life more and more wholly and fulsomely. 
So grateful to handover to God that what I cannot fix, and to feel mastery in what and where I can. Yes these moments are sacral and sacred. 
See you on the 8:8? I’ll be channeling the Lionsgate portal live on Tuesday at noon.
In Love, Ka Ra

Full Moon Portal Summary

Beloveds thank you for our gathering today.
A beautiful dive into the Vast Cosmic Heart Space with Light Language transportation as well as verbal guidance from my Galactic Guides 
A multidimensional awakening process continues and today on the minor chakras/energy centers around the Heart along the collarbones front and back, also with Angelic Light assistance in the form of a type of quantum massage πŸ€—. Assistance to access the portals of the hands happened today too.
An angelic pillar of light transmission followed this.
A Moon Portal Diamond Light transmission also to infuse earths Crystalline grids and to then send this rejuvenating energy into the places on earth where healing and abundance is needed. We were taken along on this beautiful light work journey and prayer for the planet.
Lastly a long reiki like healing energy was beamed through a deep trance state on my part. This infusion into our auric fields is to assist us individually but also to transmit to whoever we meet and wherever we go. We do this naturally as humans anyways but in this instance we received a huge injection of healing energy that will now naturally support us and transmit to those around us. And the intelligence of the energy will go where it is needed and for the highest good of the recipient. And so it is.
Deep thanks to my Guides and to all involved in today’s gathering. It was wonderful to channel live again after this 2 weeks pause in my workπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›. In Love, Ka Ra

 01.08.2023 July Retrospective Energy Update 

Beloveds, on Thursday/ Friday end of July I started to first feel the strong activations of this full moon portal. By Saturday the intensity was on high and I spent most of the day in horisontal mode and this carried through most of Sunday. On Saturday I enjoyed hearing the portal opening Songs when I went into the meditation of the energy I was experiencing. 
What a super moon and such strong crown and third eye and heart chakra activations is what I’m primarily rechording in this phase of the Energy shift. 
When Monday came about my symptoms went to medium/mild and I started to be filled with a sense of potent optimism and a sense of wonderfilled expansion. I looked around me to see what caused this energy to come in thinking I might just be euphoric for having hired cleaning help πŸ˜‚ for the days after our lovely summer guests had retired to their own home…and although that is a delight I soon realized that I was picking up on the codes for the transformative Lionsgate portal that is now in the opening. This energy is so bountiful and I’m so relieved to be sensing this optimistic excitement expansion vibration showing up for us all in August. It has been such a tough July with intense activation-purging-integracion-purging-activation-cycles with each uplevelling of portals and gateways. Exhausting even if necessary and resulting in so much good and founding and grounding the new Light. To feel this euphoria in these days is to me such a  great boost, to see the rewards of all the light and shadow work we have all done. πŸ’ͺ🏾 
May the opening to the possibilities and potential of August allow us all to be in and sense the Light  presence right here and now.
I’ll be channeling this full moon later today. And the 8:8 on the 8th of August.
In Love, Ka Ra

24.07.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, it has been a really intense few days again. Daily activations and purges since the 20th July. The 20th itself I found to be Ok, a sort of rest day. 21st I was up against some real rage and anger energies purging Collective. The energy I sensed was destructive, I just wanted to break things. Instead I funnelled into cleaning the house but it was truly urgh! I found this day to be particulary tough in terms of energy work and had to constantly remind myself that it is something I am sensing as it is releasing and not something in the now. That helped to be in it, feel through it, and allow it to transmute.


On a personal note that day the anger captured my feeling so tired of being in energy work and not being able to "live my life" and exaggerated it to max. I was raging in how I felt about it. Whatever your particular vulnerability is at the time, the purges can exaggerate the personal vulnerability and it is so important to remember that it is most likely not what you are thinking or feeling about something in the now, but a general energy that is being shifted out of the Collective Energy Field and you are either tasked with transmuting it, witnessing it, or ever if you have no job to do related to it, you might just be so sense able so you pick up on it and it can be overwhelming and confusing. When the purge releases you know that it wasnt anything you were thinking and you return to your sense of balance and center. It is in a way an "illusion" and just requires us to feel it, meet it, allow it through without tensing up or gripping or getting caught up in it. This I feel is the training for mastery. To witness and wait.


The Friday that followed had instead the feeling of being broken, helpless, hopeless, an energy of brokenness purged through the Collective. Oh fun! Jokes aside, it is positive change, and this too I remind myself of and remember to say thank you especially if the experience I am having is really tough and uncomfortable. Try it next time you are going through something you find is awful and take a pause and say thank you for the experience. For me this has been one of the most miraculous methods of healing and transforming my life, especially now during the accelerated expansion process of 3+ years.


Friday evening new activation energy came in and Saturday continued to be a mixture of activations and purging. The 22nd Saturday evening was the first time in a long time where I felt completely free of energy work and was just back in my own energy completely. Sunday and Monday have been on my record mild activation days compared to how it can be. People around me however are going through a different intesity / purging / activation phases than my own, so my rechord may not resonate with you, but if it does, rest assured that there is just so much going on behind the scenes and we are truly being tumbled.

Again I note that the cycles are 24 hour ones from activation to purge of a type of energy thread in one day. 

I apologise for the cancel of healing circles I have taken a health leave to help my toothache heal. August 1st for the Full Moon is my next scheduled live channelled meditation session. Welcome, in Love, Ka Ra



19.07.2023 Energy Update 

Beloveds, did any of you spend the whole day in bed yesterday like I did? Well it wasn’t as cosy and comfortable as it sounds β˜ΊοΈ. After the day had begun with a few chores I soon got that drowsy feeling of energy work taking place and as I tried to persist with my chores I started to feel nauseous and unwell. Now well knowing the symptoms of incoming Light Work I took to horizontal mode pronto and the Heart activations began in earnest. Yesterday was a typical Light Work day in the sense that it was all about anchoring the current influx of Light codes through the heart center portal. I’ve described in the past as a feeling of being impaled by a light beam right through the heart center. 
In the last few years this activation and job can also be accompanied by the most incredible bliss feeling. Yes it’s nice β˜ΊοΈ. Yesterday however I found it far from blissful. It was uncomfortable to be in. Not bad. Just uncomfortable. When we receive higher vibrational energy it doesn’t always feel good. It’s challenging to receive, be in, embody or anchor. Just as if we zoned into any vibration very different from our own, it becomes challenging for our Being. The intensity of this energy showed me that the current Light Codes are once again seriously raising the bar on the planetary vibrational shift process.
I half slept and rested through most of it, found as always great benefit from my Akashic mudra in assimilating the energy into my field and stayed hydrated. In the evening when it released I had a few hours I could get back to my chores. By the time I came to bed again I had a huge but very short purge from the heart center as a result of the activations. Like the solar plexus purge last week this felt like a cord and threads of energy releasing from the back of the heart chakra. 
I was personally very tired of energy work yesterday and a bit grumpy at it all, really just wanting a holiday but this process has other plans. πŸ˜‚
Today I’ve been taking the morning super slow but cannot feel any new energy activations except a mild grogginess that comes with the sensation of receiving new higher light. I’ll keep you posted…
18.07.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, I did have to cancel the New Moon channel yesterday due to my toothache and I might need to make another dentist visit later this week so I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to host a channelled meditation this week at all.
In terms of the energy work I have continued to sense solar plexus related purging ( not sure if it’s a Collective energy right now as my personal process on this has been dominating ). Themes I’ve seen purging are loss of power, fears related to money, powerlessness. Beliefs we’ve bought into that are either not our own true belief or simply beliefs that are unsustainable in the 5D vibration where ease, trust in the abundance of the universe, faith in your own place and connection to Earth, the sovereignty of your personal power to know and trust yourself and many other empowering alignments are the norm. 
I’ve clearly seen a connection between the uprooting ( another layer ) of these themes from my personal belief conditionings ( mostly energies absorbed unconsciously in childhood ), that have surfaced to be released with the current Light Codes. For me there is a connection between these energies and my tooth ache - it’s part of the purge. Seeing and understanding the connections help me relax and heal the disconnections.
As usual we have intense space weather solar activity happening and I’ve been feeling such a gratitude towards how the current Light Codes “are doing the work” for me and taking me through these processes of healing and rising without any conscious effort, plan or particular activity to make it happen on my part. 
All I’m required to do is pay attention and allow the process to unfold through as much relaxation, softness, surrender, acceptance, patience (my particular challenge), and trust in the naturalness of my Being, and trust in Life as it is right now unfolding from now moment to now moment. This is the “work”. All else is so generously being gifted upon us. 
Wishing you all a smooth upgrace this week and until soon, in Love, Mithila Ka Ra. 
15.07.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, so much happens in one week of the upgrade process that I often find I cannot keep up with it all, or remember all the stages. Here is a short recap for this week, if I recall.
Monday - see previous post on healing circle summary as it had many current energy signatures. My day before and after I had channelled proved to be one of the first days in a long time without any energy work activity. It was a day of rest except for the work hours I put in with clients.
Tuesday continued to be quite calm. On Wednesday on the way home from a short road trip I found myself having to do a major energy transmutation job whilst we drove through some towns we’ve never been through before. I’m rarely involved in this type of jobs as I’m rarely on the road but it happens. In this case I felt extremely weird during the time we were in the area where I had to do the job and the pressure and discomfort released once we had left that area. It was one of the more exhausting experiences I’ve had in recent times of energy work. It took me a long time to shake it off too after the fact.
On Thursday I had a day of purging a personal childhood / family trauma energy that had been surfacing all week as part of the light code activations clearings for this week. Did you also find yourself circling back to family related healing of patterns this week? It was the primary theme of my week and the entire Thursday I could not move for the intensity of the release that was taking place and the Solar Plexus was where I significantly felt the work happening. It could well be that we are all receiving some Solar Plexus chakra upgrades this week? Have you felt yours this week? I experienced the activity and clearing primarily in the back of the chakra and a releasing of cords related to the particular trauma that I was receiving healing for with this weeks Light influx. 
Friday a whole day of new Light Code activations courtesy of the new moon portal. Friday night it released from subtle into the physical and I had a toothache that signaled that something is really being worked out and through for me this week. 
Today As the tooth ache continued I did a long bath and healing session for myself to clear the inflammation. To be continued. I write this detailed personal rechord as examples to show how the earth upgrade energy processes can show up in your life and the type of experiences it can lead too. Especially if you are actively sensing the activations and the cycles that follow. This week however I have been able to be more physically active despite the energy work levels. Yet a great need to be, just being, was prevalent throughout the week as often is in this upgrade. We are really being asked to be, learn and practice being, and allowing being to anchor the new earth energies. May this rechord help and support those who need it. Take what resonates. On Monday I’ll channel the new moon (unless I need to be at the dentist that is πŸ¦·). 
In Love, Ka Ra 
Healing Circle Summary 
Today’s session was all about the current Light Codes and an extension of the journey we began last week through the Full Moon and the 777 Gateway.
With assistance of the current Light Codes themselves guiding the way in the healing circle today…
- 3rd eye and Higher Eye chakra activations of the most stunning crystalline vibration 
- heart chakra anchoring of the above as well as more heart chakra de-chording though mantras and other energy medicines for individual to planetary chakra and higher heart chakra 
- some beautiful energy work for planet earth again today through mantra and rising on the love and care we have in our heart centers for Mother Earth and the “suffering” of the planet and all Her Beings - this was transmuted into - beautiful light language song of healing and purification through mantras and more 
- lastly more energy work on one of the prominent multi dimensional awakening gateways of the body for all gathered on today’s healing - with dragon realm assistance  
After some cleaning and clearing and grounding and anchoring we concluded today’s circle. With gratitude to all involved and all participants in person and on the distant healing πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In love, Ka Ra

777 Gateway Summary

Beloveds what a beautiful journey today. 

- Multi Dimensionality awakening energy work for the Gateway of the upper back area, an energy medicine we have had before but today also with new sound language to assist in making this gateway more accesible for all gathered, to be able to receive energy Light Code communication through this gateway connecting us to multi-dimensional abilities etc...

- gorgeous Heart Portal energy transmission like a sweeping wind from the back of the heart chakra through the front, a flow of galactic light breezing through us into this realm

- Heart Light (just like on Mondays Full Moon portal gathering) transmission and prayer to ignite the Divine Light of the Heart Light Chambers, individual, collective, global. This beautiful prayer session merged into a very special Light Worker Session where we were all taken on a journey of transmuting the old out of this earth plane field into the higher dimensions of Light and then holding the globe in the Glow of the Golden Light Gloria. On Tuesday I was called in urgently to do transmutation work (I did this on the go in the car while my beloved was driving us)... for the Collective and was also given a directive to host more sessions for this type of Collective Light work during this 777 portal time. I was planning and expecting to be called into this in the past few days but due to other energy work (see previous post) it did not naturally or organically come to pass. Here today in our gathering this directive did come to pass and we did together, using the Violet Flame and calling in Archangel Zadkiel assistance and energy, perform some wonderful Light Work for the Gaia Globe and all Her Beings. I am so glad that this moment was shared in a gathering and not something I did by myself as is often the case.

- We were given the message that the reason this 777 Gateway is the most potent energy passage of 2023 is as it is bringing in the waves of Light that are sustaining, for the next 7 years, significant changes for the Golden Age evolution of this planet in this Galactic Age. I know we are many who have been knocked on the head (literally !) by the recent energy influxes and our dear human bodies continue to ascend in this process through the rigors of physicality. Onwards! Moment to Moment.

Thank you so much to All involved in todays transmission and all who joined the gathering. 

In Love, Ka Ra



07.07.2023 Energy Update
This week is far from boring. 
In my own experience…
Tuesday - major purging and transmutation day. I was on the road for errands with my beloved but was called in to do energy work to transmute for the Collective. Stuff that is now purging out thanks to the huge influx of Light upgrades into our Collective energy field. As usual when I had done the “work” the pressurizing feeling in my own energy field ebbed out. 
During that day there was mostly purging to witness and transmutations to assist. 
*Awhile back I received a great question on how you know it’s collective and/or personal energy work you are sensing. Since we are all part of the Collective Consciousness it is interrelated but I do find that when the energy I’m feeling is personal to my karmas/lifetimes or ancestry lineage the purge is far tougher. I feel it more and it’s uncomfortable/emotional than when I’m mostly sensing Collective Energy work. That is one of the ways I have seen a discernment between when I’m experiencing primarily my own stuff or Collective stuff.
@lindahammarstrandart πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›*
I first noticed the 777 Gateway being fully open on Tuesday evening.
Wednesday: was one of those blissful energy work days where I couldn’t move an inch hardly all day but I was suffused with beautiful easy vibes - this was an anchoring of new light codes day. I was bathing in it and not particularly through the Crown or Heart - just being and receiving and letting it move through into this realm in a less defined way this day. 
Thursday: another purging day, this time it was a personal “this life” trauma insights and release day for my part and during the afternoon more Heart Chakra activations again for this 777 Gateway. In the evening I finally managed to take a walk but moving the body was so weird as per usual on these strong energy activity days. 
Such an intense phase these 10 days have been and today I’ll be curious to see if after the 777 Gateway work is “done” if we will enter a calmer time in the Field work. 
Or if it’s just going to keep escalating through to the LionsgateπŸ˜…
3 years ago I was a novice to it all but now I feel prepared. 
In Love, Ka Ra

June R e t r o s p e c t i v e Energy Update 

Beloveds, I woke up this morning remembering to write this post and finding I haven’t really had time to reflect retrospectively on June either as it has been my busiest month of the year - with more scheduled work than I have had or been able to do since my accelerated expansion process slowed my life down to bare essentials and to the Earth Upgrade project in 2020.
June has therefore marked for me a turn of events in my function ability in the 3D but my sense is that the process continues to be a very slow one (in 3D linear time) for most of us who are highly sense able to the energy and are more or less actively on jobs/roles connected directly to this process. 
In non-linear time the processes are faster than ever. I’ve said this before and I noticed it again during June that a cycle of “downloads/light code upgrades leading to receiving and anchoring - and being activated - to purging and clearing and transmuting - to assimilating and digesting and processing in the physical body can now go through a single 24 hour day now. This is also what I find allows me to have more days of functional ability in the 3D realm compared to before and perhaps that is the same for some of you others whose lives have, like mine, completely changed due to the Energy ascension process.
In May there was a clear shift towards creative pursuits and new soul directions and I feel that energy has been prominent in June as well. 
My beloved and I have been able to travel a bit more in the last months despite strong energy work waves and days but there is still for me a strong “anchoring and being where I am” energy to my work which keeps me close to the geography of home. Whereas for other Light workers there is a call to travel and work with the incoming light codes in different places. It all comes down to listening, feeling and allowing (as we say in the beautiful YM method of yoga) what your heart and soul are guiding you towards and being devoted to follow that inner voice and knowing into the unknown unfolding moment to moment. Now more than ever before. It becomes compulsory rather than optional. Heart-Light-Guided. 
πŸ’›Ka Ra
03.07.2023 Full Moon Summary 
No doubt it’s a super moon Beloveds, the power and potency of recent upgrades from current portals are having many of us in a permanently druggy, woozy, trancey state and it’s not always easy to ease into relaxation and being in that state - and to accept that upgrading and ascending does entail this as well. Receiving, absorbing, releasing, digesting, expanding on repeat πŸ” for many of us right now.
I went into the portal channel feeling drugged and came out feeling drugged but we did have a valuable time nevertheless πŸ˜ƒπŸ™πŸΎ
✨light codes to assist in assimilation and absorption of current energies was first up 
✨third eye chakra transmission and heart chakra transmission were the primary ones today 
✨connection to individual collective planetary and galactic line through the heart chakra center was a beautiful message and explanation by the GFL on the current energy activity in the earth upgrade 
✨physical eyes and ears and senses changing to be able to physically see other Beings/Galactic family 
✨a sense of “there’s no going back” and “everything changes from now” - not a new sentiment in the Shift but it came again today in a strong way about the phase we are now in 
✨Etheric and Astral Surgery Energy Medicine on the Heart Chakra Chambers of Light - to enhance the ability and receptivity of the Heart Chakra to hold Higher vibrations of Light and to elevate the Heart Light 
✨Soothing, sealing and grounding anchoring light codes to close the channel 
After a short talk on today’s transmission I ended the channel with a blessing from my Higher Self and the Golden Ray Temple of Ra.
I might have missed something here but am too affected to really use the phone or type so this will have to do πŸ˜…
See you on the 7/7 GalacticGateway Channel ?
In Love, Ka Ra

 02.07.2023 Energy Update  

The incredible light of the night sky early this morning on a night when I had no hope of sleeping. πŸ₯± During a day full of client activities I was gifted a day with no energy work symptoms and an easy flow and focus to teach yoga and channel healing on no sleeps. 
On the way home I started to sense that this full moon portal has swung open wide and is making some serious noise πŸ˜…πŸ€―πŸ’“βœ¨
I’m feeling this primarily in the head and eyes grogginess ( though that’s also due to lack of sleep at this point ), but strongest in the heart chakra center. 
A powerful full moon, a 7/7 Gateway energy and a build up to Lionsgate 2023. Hold on to your socks πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈ
Perhaps you will join me on the live portal channel Monday evening for the Full Moon or 7/7 Day time for the second session I’m doing this week on Zoom. 
In Love, Ka Ra
30.06.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, if you are feeling this Full Moon and the current energy influx of Galactic Light Codes and alignments in the form of intense symptoms such as grogginess, wooziness, intense headaches, eye, ear, and other pressures or weirdness and needing lots of sleep or not being able to sleep, limbs feeling strange or weird and a host of other strange experiences then know that you are not alone in this. 
Naturally if you are reading this and have doubts about your medical health and well being you must consult appropriate professionals and get a check up. But if you are not ill or imbalanced physically and feeling and experiencing strange and weird phenomena in your Being, well it could well be that your sense ability is increasing and that you are among those who get symptoms of accelerated spiritual ascension at this time. 
To relieve symptoms we can follow our naturalness ( our innate wisdom that guides us towards this or that ), relax to receive the upgrades, take baths and hydrate and simply say Yes and Thank You among many options to ease the process of absorbing, integracing and uplevelling our Being in these intense and potent times.
Personally I’ve not escaped having strong symptoms on this recent moon and gateway cycle ( as I’ve been mentioning in recent posts) but I’ve also experienced a buoyancy despite the strong upgrade experiences. 
I even had a remarkable day yesterday where I had intense symptoms of crown chakra and third eye upgrades but instead of just resting ( as per usual ) I had a strong need to work and I did lots of energy work for private clients who had booked healing sessions and it was satisfying to the Soul. Funnily enough I couldn’t do anything else. This aspect of the energy work process I have to say is new as I’ve not really been able to feel a need to do anything other than rest and recover during many of my previous accelerated ascension cycles in the past 4 years. If this is a new feature or trend in the energy remains to be seen over time πŸ˜
I will be channeling this gorgeous full moon ( have you seen it’s glow? ) on Monday night live on Zoom. Welcome πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In Love, Ka Ra and the GFL
28.06.2023 Energy Update 
Beloveds, since Monday night I’m in the next wave of the upgrade and here to rechord the energy experience of the incoming vibrational shifts through the next weeks Full Moon and 7/7 Portal. I was most surprised when I started to feel intense Portal energy work begin Monday evening as it’s not usual for me in the moon phase we are in now - and with that I realised that things are already cooking for July through to the 8/8 Lionsgate Portal Energy.
Primary symptoms I’m having of this latest influx and rise are Crown Chakra and Third Eye Activations and expansion energy work as well as some Heart Chakra. 
Drowsiness, grogginess, strange eye  sensations are all the usual symptoms of ascension related to the higher chakra activations but unusually I also have changes on the tongue these days - a type of purging happening through the tongue with these current influxes.
I am rather tired πŸ₯± feeling through it all and sleep patterns are all off in past two days and waiting to see what this round of the upgrade will be all about.
Please note that not everyone experiences difficult upgrade symptoms and/or an accelerated expansion process at this time and this does not mean that you are not expanding your self or lacking something. 
We each have different roles and jobs in life and this post is intended to support those who are going through what I am experiencing or similar and to help navigate that journey which can be and is for most of us totally overwhelming and frightening at times. 
πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› in Love, Ka Ra 
Solstice Summary
Beloveds, what a Sonic Journey.
First through some beautiful LL song connecting us to the Heart Portal for the current energy influxes. 
Swiftly transitioning to Higher Heart and Heart Chakra integrations to assist the 5D chakra process. 
Talks from the GFL on the Solstice this time in conjunction with a transmission to open gateways to remembrance of our connecting to Gaia’s Sun Dial ( example for re-harmonising circadian rhythms for better health).
Guided meditation to the Womb of Gaia for rest and replenishment and deepening connections. We were then taken on a sound journey through the Sonic Earth, Water/Oceanic, Air/Wind, Fire/Heat and Ether/Sky Wombs. 
By the time we got to Fire and Sky I was exhausted by the calibrations it took for me to connect to the Sonic Energy transmission but nevertheless it was an awesome journey with the wisdom that we can mimic any sound of our planet as we are part of it and everything.
After a quick summary and giving thanks to Lord God the Sun, the Great Central Sun and Mother Gaia and each other’s presence for today’s beautiful transmission we ended our gathering.
It tickled me that as soon as the channel ended I received the Sun on my face as just at that moment it broke through the clouds. A magic moment of a really busy Solstice Day (see my previous post). As I’m writing this I’m not too sure that the work is over for my part and maybe I have more to rechord tomorrow for you here. 
With deep gratitude to the Temple Of Ra, my Celestial home, In Love, Ka Ra

 21.06.2023 Equinox Energy Update 

Beloveds, this has been one of my busiest energy work days in the Earth Upgrade Project in some weeks. Already the week up to this day have shown rampant increase and changes through galactic space weather and portal light codes influxes and most significantly in the major change in the Schuman resonance pattern of planet Earth a few days ago. 
Those of us working actively or sense able to the Shift have constantly sensed “something big is happening” in our own Inner knowing in a personal and collective level often in this journey. 
Today I have the following rechord from what I’ve sensed:
My energy work day started around 10am today with intense Heart Center activity and Crown Activity.
The HC activity was as per usual a big download and anchor job through the Vast Cosmic Heart Space and my Heart Space for the Solstice Portal Light Codes. 
The typical Light Work that many of us are assigned to at this time.
Using the Merkaba mudra ( see previous posts) I noticed that the Merkaba upgrades were yet again a big part of the current influx . Also however I found myself using the Adam Kadmon Light Body integracion method (see above image for videos in my Earth Upgrade series on Instagram series for details).
This told me that today the Merkaba and Adam Kadmon Light Body were in a symbiotic upgrade process. 
After some hours the energy changed and I checked in with my multi dimensional meditation question “where am I?” And I noticed I was singing the portal open /holding it open for the light codes streaming as per my usual portal priestess tasks. Hearing my interdimensional self in Light Language song felt blissful and I stayed there as long as I could until the job receded from focus. With that also the pressure feeling on the Heart Chakra released.
All of this took all day and after a bath I’m slowly getting ready for the live channel tonight. 
It has been a very busy and intense day on my rechords where I was physically lying on the sofa all day from 10-4 with a few breaks for food and water. I could barely walk for the intensity of the multi dimensional energy work. Hope this assists anyone else who’s in itπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›M
16.06.2023    M E R K A B A mudra work 
A quick energy update today before the New Moon Portal meditation. This week I have noticed the incoming energies are primarily (in my reading) affecting the Light Body Upgrades. I’ve been drawn to use the Merkaba mudra ( above shown ) many times this week. I call it that as it is how it was downloaded to me in a trance meditation through my Guides. This week with the activation codes I’m sensing I’ve found great relief from ascension symptoms when I’ve been holding this mudra. I mostly hold it lying down flat on my back as it’s been very hard to host these Portal energies in the upright position as per usual.
Even though I’ve sensed these activations since early in the week and have been using the mudra - it was yesterday as my “portal work” began in earnest for me that I felt the great use and relief from tending to this mudra. 
Affirmations such as “I download and anchor with ease” or “I upgrace with ease” along with the mudra also help any symptoms you have. As usual I’m hydrating a lot. This new moon and this week is building up to the equinox portal no doubt - and we are looking at some really strong influxes on the Shift process πŸ˜…πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›. If having strong ascension symptoms in this week you find relief using above mudra then it may well indicate that you are also assimilating the Light Body Activations. I sense it’s strongly tied to further the Crystalline DNA awakening process in our human forms. 
Maybe I’ll see you on this evenings channelled meditation to hear what else the GFL have to share on this occasion. It’s always uplifting, fascinating, useful and rewarding to be in the presence of these higher perspective Beings and receive energy transmissions and I too am at your service as High Priestess Ka Ra to bring forth Sound and Light Healing and to channel the GFL and other High Vibe Tribes.
Let us gather and receiveπŸ™ŒπŸ½.
In Love, Mithila Ka Ra
May Retrospective Energy Update 
When I’m writing the May retrospective 11 days into June I know I’ve been so moment to moment that there hasn’t been time to reflect and review. It is that - I’ve not really had time to catch up with every shift in May as just being in the Upgrade processes and corresponding work/life unfolding in 3D had been moment to moment as it has been full on with activities multi dimensionally. 
I noticed both an increase in energy upgrade work compared to April and simultaneously being able to function more in every day life in parallel and alongside the Upgrade related Light Work.
I also noticed a strong energy movement taking us towards our next step / next life direction in a significant way with regards to creativity/career/purpose. Whatever energy and activity you were strongly drawn to in May could be indications of where your new life path and roles may be in your new timelines. 
June has started no less busy in terms of Energy work and I’ve not really had time to review - just hanging in there on each days energy adventures in this great expansion process and trying to stay soft and relaxed and present with it all. It has so far in June been for me personally difficult to function in every day life alongside the Upgrade Light Work. So there is no pattern that I can sense that we are on one side of it or the other. Light code intensities ( and space weather reports ) are no less but our capacity to handle it (for the front runners of the uograde at least ) seems to have increased considerably. We have assimilated and leveled up much more than before and can work at higher frequencies with greater ease. But as far as I can tell we are not done with these jobs - even though I often find myself thinking is it done now ? - am I back to “normal”? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ since I’ve been saying that for 3 years I know better now to just laugh with myself.
For June’s Earth Upgrade energy reports so far read previous posts πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›.
In Love, Ka Ra

11.06.2023 Energy update 
Whoa πŸ€― Beloveds what a week. Last week: I experienced in the Earth Upgrade project a Planetary and Collective/Individual 3rd Eye Chakra ascension process. This week: it is a similar Crown Chakra Ascension Process. Downloading and anchoring these keys to Ascension is a huge Light Work job at the moment and many of us are consciously or unconsciously involved in this. 
Yesterday during my YM Sadhana gathering we experienced a spontaneous download & transmission of this energy work for Heart /3rd Eye and Crown and the beautiful Light Codes for Heaven on Earth streaming into our realm at the moment. The interrelationship of this to the planetary purging happening around the world cannot be dismissed. I sense this weeks energy work intensity to be directly related to those 3D phenomena of deep change that the GFL have been speaking about through our past years channelled events. We are in it!
Personally I feel completely knocked out by the Light Work and will need to spend most of today in meditation to go deeper into the activities happening in the Field. 
When this Crown Chakra energy activities began in earnest Friday, I woke up Saturday morning well slept but could not walk on my two feet, I stumbled around for quite some time before I could ground the energy and realize what was happening. As I was combing my hair and massage my scalp I realized that my crown chakra felt completely different to before - like an overnight change! It’s bizarre and beautiful this journey of life we are in right now. What a time to be alive on this earth. Who could have imagined or anticipated these experiences ? I know I did not and as we journey on I stay open to the Light Divine guiding our way into a Golden Age.
Personally I have also noticed a huge leveling up of my channeling and energy work abilities to the degree that it is tough to handle as I have not yet acclimatized to the new vibration of these gifts. Phew πŸ˜….
Bizarre and Beautiful sums it up for me πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
Symptoms you might be having are grogginess, wooziness, helmet head feeling, tingling or pressure in the head and shoulders and neck, dizziness, vertigo, the need to lie down…

09.06.2023 Healing circle summary 

A short and strong transmission today for the healing circle with 

- Eros Energy and the opening of the heart to greater capacity to love and care for others and to receive love and care from others

- energy to assist in releasing worry from the heart 

- energy to support caregivers / care takers 

- encouragement to become the observer when the burdens become heavy and the life serious - to see the Leela, the dance of life and the play of life, each moment a drop in the ocean of time and to dissolve into this.

All through Light Language Song and verbal guidance conveyed and channelled by myself Ka Ra.

In Love.


 6:6 Gateway Channel Summary 

Beloveds, what a great gathering today. I could not have anticipated today’s Light Work journey even though it’s obvious it being Sweden’s National Day - I still just didn’t see this coming and was so touched by the presence of Mother Svea. pastedGraphic.png

 After the channel was opened through sound it became clear to me that we were in a prayer ceremony honoring of Sweden, the land and country. This prayer ceremony graced by the presence and essence of Svea was a journey of bringing down blessings on to Sweden, the land, the people, Her animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, Her soil and waters, ley lines and grids. Honoring of the ancestors of the land back in time as well as our personal ancestral connections whether new or old to this land and a prayer to the Gods/Deities residing over Sweden past and present.  

After the break I received some insight in answer to a question I posed at the start of the channel as I wanted more info about what I’ve been experiencing in the Field lately and in my own Light Work jobs. Tying to the threads of my rechord for Friday with full moon portal I am now aware that this time has been a Third Eye Ascension process on a planetary level for the Earths 3rd eye chakra and today we experienced a transmission to connect our personal third eye to the planetary and to consciously assist and connect to Her ascension. 

Amazing Light Work today. Even a prayer mantra came through for the Ascension of the 3rd Eye of Sweden in this form “Om Kriya Svea Raja Swaha” of which I did a full mala pastedGraphic.png in Light Language transmission. 

A beautiful honoring and blessing on this auspicious day. We were encouraged to make a physical offering to Mother Svea in these days too. Very moving very beautiful land and country Light Work Ceremony today. My deep thanks to All involved and all who gathered for this energy today pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png.

In Love, Ka Ra 

p.s on a personal note I now know what happened in the energy update I made about yesterday. My partner and I experienced a huge change of timelines in that deep sleep state and I had that confirmed today - in case it’s relevant to anyone else who might need it. See previous post for the details.


06.06.2023 Energy Update 

Beloveds it’s been some intenso days with the upgrade energies. I’ve had strong symptoms daily of downloads, activations, purging, clearing and transmutations work. 

Yesterday, in particular my beloved and I had a special new experience. An overwhelming feeling of needing to lie down / receiving activations and then falling deep into sleep without any preamble or slow descent - just plop into deep sleep and then coming to again an hour or so later and taking another hour or so to completely recover. 

Today we are both finding our body and digestive systems processing this energy reception yesterday. I can’t yet tell what happened but only carry a profound sense of something big having happened in that reception yesterday. My experience took place at around 2 pm Sweden local time and my partners at around 630. Different timelines but same experience. And we just couldn’t explain what happened pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png only that it was a new one on this upgrade journey.

Life is truly a mysterious and miraculous thing. And it’s all energy. 

Today I’m channeling above pastedGraphic.png event. 

See you soon, in Love Ka Ra.



03.06.2023 Full Moon Channel Summary 

Beloveds what a sweet channel today - as I had cancelled the recent new moon channel event due to an energy work overload I have really missed these brilliant gatherings. 

Today the GFL delivered a strong message on personal power that I look forward to transcribing verbatim as soon as time permits. 

We also received a delicious portal opening LL song and the Diamond White Light transmission of this Full Moon.

Teachings on the Crystalline DNA activations came through on this channel too.

After a short break I was sung an Eden Song as we were transported into the energy of the Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth reality. This was I felt connected to the first hours guidance on the Golden Age transition. 

All very beautiful as well as useful and helpful as always. 

Thank You to All involved and All who guested this gathering pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png in Love, Ka Ra


02.06.2023 Energy Update
Beloveds, is it June already? Wow time flies when you are (Earth) Upgrading πŸ˜…πŸ€£
This week is in my records a very active upgrade week ( again - though I have had quieter phases in recent months). 
Similar to last weeks post I find that activation symptoms come in strong waves several times throughout the day with some pauses in between. 
New this week for me personally is how swiftly the symptoms change within short time periods. One moment “out of nowhere” my whole being is shaking like a leaf and I feel I will collapse to the next moment I feel so strong and energized I need to move move move and cannot settle into stillness at all. One moment I feel like my body is cracking apart on the horizontal ( especially across the shoulders ) and the diagonal  to the next moment feeling so loose limbed and with the utmost ease of physical being the next. It is bizarre but then when has this accelerated expansion (rapid ascension) process not been bizarre? 
The head/heart chakra activations are on as per usual too with accompanying symptoms of grogginess, drowsiness, eye fuzziness and fuggy ness, arm joint aches, pressure feeling on heart center etc. I do notice that the feeling of these usual activations are new in this and last week. It’s not the same type of activations as has been in the past months. It’s new. Again.
Absorbing and integracing the current full moon portal and 6/6 gateway higher vibrational energy transmissions will be different for each of us but here is what I find works as usual: hydrating, resting when the energy waves come in to my field, taking time to connect and communicate with the energy through breathing, meditation, conscious sensing in. 
When I tune in to the energy I’m sensing at this time it is so very very active and activating almost every tune in I make. Most of the time I’m not actively tuning in, I’m just being and going with the natural flow of my daily activities aware that the waves of energy come in and require pauses to absorb and digest. 

31.05.2023 Healing Circle Summary

Beloveds what a beautiful healing circle as always and all new energy medicine transmission experiences.

The energy opened with a Peacock Energy working with the higher higher chakras above the Crown.

Then we were moved to the Womb and a Chalice energy healing medicine.

A strong and sweet Kidney Cleanse energy medicine followed. At this point I was infused with a feeling of how successfully the Healing had transmitted to all gathered.

This first Sound Healing part of the session was so powerful I was quite tired after and the energy paused for a good 10 minutes before continuing. What came through then was an Aura Health Transmission designed to assist in filling Auric holes and strengthening weak spots in the Aura where holes can arise. This was a long and slow and saturated energy transmission. All in all a great hour. Thank You to all involved and all recipients in person and on distant healing.

In Love, Ka Ra



26.05.2023 Energy Update 


Beloveds, how are you ?

It’s been a really strained week with the upgrade on my end. 

I have had a pattern of energy work symptoms where I wake up with it, function for a few hours in the mid morning, then fall asleep for a few hours with activations, function for a few hours in the mid afternoon and then again needing rest due to activations, and an hour or two before bed where I can function again. 

By bedtime it’s full on activations again and I just fall heavily asleep with it. 

This has been my week since Monday where only today the pattern changed …though the activations keep on coming. 

And yet this weeks upgrade feels completely diff to previous months and years. It’s just different - again. That’s all I’ve got for you today. I haven’t spent much time actively tuning in or channeling as it hasn’t called. When it calls and I have more to share I will keep you posted. 

Hope you all are navigating the shifts of this week with as much ease as possible and I’ll check in again next week sometime. Will be offline for a few days to focus on other things pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png

In Love, Mithila  


19.05.2023 Energy Update 

Since my last report I seem to have an “every other day” intense energy work activation although yesterday and today are particularly strong with the New Moon Portal integracions. We are also accompanied by strong Galactic weather with these portals so it’s not just “one thing” we are experiencing in the Multi dimensional leaps right now.
I’ve had to deep rest many hours in the middle of the day to anchor energy through the Heart Portal as per usual and the rhythm of being active and available suddenly followed by abrupt tiredness and collapse have been the symptoms I’ve had indicating the Light Work taking place lately. 
I am not sure I have the reserves even to channel the New Moon meditation this evening. I might need to cancel and simply receive, absorb, anchor and rest as the primary job for this Portal. 
How are things with you this New Moon?
In love, Ka Ra

16.05.2023 energy update 

Another lovely evening session with the Light Guides Course yesterday, thank you to all involved. 

Just as I posted my energy update saying there was a break in the energy work activity for me - I spent the afternoon in a new Light Code download mode. Same as per usual this began with my feeling I had to stop what I was doing and lie down and become still. Soon the heart activation was so strong and in a way that I recognized happens when there is a Light Codes anchoring job. This went on for about 2 hours before I could again move and function. By now on the Earth Upgrade project this is one of my typical energy work jobs.

I was fully available and ready to teach by the evening but I have lingering affects of the energy work where sleep was not possible until very late last night affecting today’s status. 

What this might mean for you? Perhaps you had similar work yesterday to anchor and grid new Light energy or perhaps you felt symptoms (+~ or neutral) of ascension that affected your day/night that cannot be explained through medical/lifestyle conditions. 

Let’s see what this day brings.


15.05.2023 Energy update 

This is me a week ago when the energy activity was strong and I was feeling symptoms. Today is the first “break” I’m sensing in the recent cycle of activations.

Writing today to report a new symptom I’ve had in this recent cycle. A pressure over the temples that came and went persistently over many days. Like when receiving a pastedGraphic.png and someone is holding the temples pressed in. 

Another symptom of recent cycle that’s new was movement and activations in the brain and skull without intense crown chakra activation.

Find myself and others around me in strong unstoppable creative flows. 

In channeling I’ve noticed how my Light Language skills are leveled up. 

Usual stuff of feeling more tired, physical body not being able to move much and feeling physical exhaustion from “nowhere” when even just going up the stairs ( yesterday evening I shifted back into being able to move pastedGraphic.png), not being able to work on screens and sleeping lots and drinking copious amounts of water continues on these ascension cycles.

How have you been feeling the recent shifts ?

This Friday I channel the new pastedGraphic.png moon. 

In love, Ka Ra 


09.05.2023 Energy Update

Beloveds, with the recent busy Moon Portal weekend where I’ve been Channeling, then teaching my YM Yoga Crew and the Light Guides Crew, I’ve barely had time to catch up with the rechords. 

I have been experiencing mild to medium Ascension energy activations and some deep purge processes in recent days ( the latter was not fun, tough energies to process, ancestral for sure and perhaps collective too ). 

 This on top of “normal” work was really tiring and yet when the purging was done and it was only the activations again I do find myself being functional through it and with energy available for other things in life.

How are you picking up on the pre and post 5/5 energies?

I’m feeling the activation vibes mostly in different areas of the head and brain however not Crown Chakra like usual more… movements and activations in the sides, one side, feeling of stuff happening pastedGraphic.png, prickling sensations, rewiring, rearranging kind of feels.

I am also feeling as usual the Heart Center activations.

I haven’t read all the space weather reports I’ve received lately but it’s no surprise that there are continuous high influx of Light Codes from our Galaxy / Sun Weather Storms.

May your week be filled with Light 

/Mithila Ka Ra pastedGraphic.png


May 5th, 5:5 & Moon portal summary 

Beginning with the most lovely welcome energy courtesy of the GFL with words on the subject of meditation. How the universal consciousness is a big fan of meditation and more juicy details on the subject with the reminder to receive the blessings the Source connection bestows on the meditator. 

More details about Source Key Codes and the primary light transmission today was the Diamond White Light vibration that accompanies the full moons. 

This 45 minute long energy transmission was accompanied also with teachings on the Light Languages and a how to get your own Heart Song and Light Language Activation going with your Higher Self and Higher Heart. When you are ready to activate it - sit down to meditate and call it in. pastedGraphic.png 

I am also requested to work more with the Promotion of Light Language and so will be able to assist in activations.

The message that the Collective Consciousness is now and moving forwards being assisted in Light Language access and remembrance. 

After the break a review and Q&A on the session. Also I received guidance to shorten the sessions to 90 minutes moving forwards as past few sessions have been one transmission and short review and Q&A. We will proceed with this template from now onwards on the Lunar Portals and Gateways and I will be able to do a few more each month this way.

Thank you to All involved in today’s lovely gathering pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png

In Love, Ka Ra



 April Retrospective Energy Update πŸ’«  

Beloveds, I’ve been meaning to write this for days but it’s been so difficult to be on screens or focus the brain with the current high intensity energy work going on. 
So in essence that is the retrospective! πŸ˜†
I started the month with no ascension symptoms, we went on holiday, I was able to do my teaching work and function in my training and more. Better than in a LOOONG time - yes this is an experience of an accelerated expansion process.😡‍πŸ’«πŸ˜…
Now at the end of the month, since the Eclipse of the New Moon, I’ve been back on medium to high level ascension symptoms and tough energy work days where I can barely do anything on a computer or be active physically due to all else happening for and through me. 
Those are my typical symptoms and I’ve written specifics in recent past posts.
Today the 5/5 Gateway being open came to my awareness strongly and I will be channeling this Full moon and Gateway on Friday at noon.
If you’ve noticed your energy go towards certain activities in April, that you are not used to spending time on or allowing yourself to spend time on - observe where your energy went. It is very likely that you are being guided into your new direction as April brought life purpose / new job / new life work directions from what I could sense in my own energy field. 
Collectively there has been so much released and transmuted in April (!) and it has been very high intensity Diamond light codes through most of the month among other changes. Super solar power blasts and key energy portals.
It hasn’t all been easy to absorb and digest or anchor and yet we are doing it. We are being it. The only way is through the present. I AM here.
As May opens I sense that so much of what we have worked for through the Light Connections in previous 2 years will bear fruit. Now.
Until soon and in Love, Mithila Ka Ra 
300423 Energy Update 
Beloveds I’ve been having this πŸ‘†πŸΎ view a lot lately as I lie on my sofa πŸ›‹ with lots of energy work for the Earth Upgrade Project.
Symptoms I’ve had: 
groggy eyes, feeling drunk/hungover/groggy in head and having heart center activations /pressure
- some tensions in the hands
- lead legs
- needing to rest loads, even the smallest activity leading to a feeling of “exhaustion” 
Jobs I’ve had: primarily to anchor the incoming light codes and I’ve worked with “ I Am here” and “I anchor the Incoming Light into this Earth Plane with ease” to make the process as easy as possible on my own Being as I’ve felt it all deeply and intensely.
In other words / typical ascension symptoms for those who know what I mean. 
I have had to put on hold my teaching work etc… as this has now been a full time job for the last few days. I have only managed some art studio activities as screen time has been out of the question.
Alongside this I have noticed that I’ve had two noteworthy processes.
1. The GFL tells me my job has changed and though I received this insight mid last week I’m still waiting to understand the practical implications of the change…
2. The main purging energy in the Collective that has been also part of my job to transmute in past days has been the energy of: 
lower vibrational energies and tendencies of wanting to cause harm to other beings, violent and aggressive tendencies that lead to physically harming other beings.
Needless to say this latter has been rather πŸ˜© to transmute and process but I remind everyone that so much is releasing from the Individual/Collective consciousness fields at this time thanks to the Higher Vibe influxes making way… and we need to stay in the Light vision even when the feeling is πŸ˜©, celebrate the release and the transmutation as this is truly the Light direction. We are anchoring higher octaves of Light for each passing Energy Gateway and the recent ones have been ( at least on my rechords ) huge happenings in the energy fields.
All for now Beloveds, may you fare well and at ease through these shifts. I will be channeling live again on the 5/5 Gateway and Full Moon Portal combined.
In Love, Ka Ra 

26.04.2023 Healing Circle

Higher Voice (higher aspect of Throat Chakra Healing Transmission)

I felt this was part of the current energy influx and a general theme for the Earth Upgrade.

Then we began to receive specific transmissions for the 20 + Souls in the Healing Circle on the Distant Healing list and the in person gathering.


Themes that were channeled through LL song and mudra and also pure (silent) energy:

Soul Contract Energy Healing

Life Journey to support in ease, comfort, strength for the current life journey

Soul Elevation Energy

“You are precisely where you need to be” energy transmission to accept this in the now moment.

 Clarity of Purpose Transmission. Hereafter, verbatim from the transmission that was interlaced with LL and English:



“Energy transmission for clarity of purpose 

whatever situation every Soul in this gathering is living through, their now moment, 

to receive clarity of purpose in the role they are to play for the Highest Good of Oneself and all involved.

The specific energy transmission for the ability to accept one's role in one’s situation, no matter how unpleasant it is in the now moment on the path to that which is for the Highest Good. 

The unpleasantness that accompanies the growth of the Soul, the unpleasantness that sometimes that accompanies the growth of the Soul and the journey towards the accomplishment of one’s Soul purpose, whether with oneself, or others, to bring strength and acceptance for any unpleasantness as one sheds one’s skin, from one skin layer to another, that we may journey though this unpleasantness with Acceptance, with Grace, with Strength, with Courage, with Wisdom, understanding its temporary nature, its temporary nature in the greater scheme of the Divine Design.

Energy for Acceptance, Grace and Strength through any unpleasantness, any turmoil that is being experienced in the now moment of any of the Beloved Souls gathered in this gathering today as they pursue the decisions and actions for the Highest Good.”

The session ended with brief individual transmissions in the form of spontaneous Light Language Blessings unique to each Souls now moment. It was an epic Healing Circle in many ways for me personally and I am very grateful for all the new experiences and clarity of transmission that I sensed and evolved from as a Healer.

Thank You to All who participated and facilitated the Energy on this Healing Circle.

In Love, Ka Ra


25.04.2023 energy update 

I haven’t had a chance to read the space weather reports fully but from the corner of my eye I’ve seen that we are yet again under a strong geomagnetic storm influence ( also visible through all the auroras reports from unexpected places ).
The light ( including the auroras ) continues to bring cleansing, clarifications, alignments, healing and much more to our Planet and Her Beings. 
Symptoms I’ve been having from the recent Light Code activations, downloads and upgrades are:
- grogginess and locked ears and fuzzy, fuggy eyes 
- pressure on the heart center / hard to breathe / needing to slow down and just breathe 
- aches and pains / almost a feeling of being cracked open in in shoulders and spine - especially top of the spine where it meets the shoulder bones
- legs becoming heavy / hard to move 
- teeth and jaw soreness
- what else β˜ΊοΈ?
From those around me I see that we are all receiving in varying timelines and for me this round of (relatively mild to medium strength) symptoms began Sunday night and are still on today Tuesday morning.
- hydration, rest, being thankful for all the help, allowing, healing baths, moderate movement where possible, massage, kindness and care towards self and others as we  go through another huge wave of accelerated expansionπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› can help with tougher symptoms. As always you might have other symptoms (also the many positive signs), and if you are not clear on what is happening with you then please seek professional and medical advice.
I will be working with the current energy and the needs of the group who gathers in the healing circle on Wednesday evening.
Today I plan to rest and receive as much of these delicious heightened vibes as best as possible and prepare for any purges that may happen as a result of the activations ( emotional releases, energetic purges and physical purges to let go of stuff that is now ready to leave my energy field and is now able to transmute).
Wherever you are in your upgrade timelines and whatever your personal experience, I wish you deepening relaxation and ease, inner knowing and trust in your process πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› in love, Ka Ra

Energy update details 

Beloveds - some details of the day…

Since yesterday evening and this morning I had a very groggy and grumpy energy in me - a typical result of activations becoming a bit too much in relation to other life activities. This morning I felt a need to just be and give myself space to reflect and go inwards and sense. 

What I sensed was a very emotional heart opening blessed with the recent Christ Light Diamond White Codes influx. This heart expanse energy released me from the grumpy and soon after for about an hour or two I kept getting flows of goosebumps. Waves of feeling these shivers of energy running through me especially root chakra and legs - it was rather lovely and moving like blessings showering on my being. Yesterday I also noticed root chakra pressure so there has been in my notes quite a lot of sacral and root activation in these days aside from Heart center which is at the center of it all pastedGraphic.png.

After these morning hours observing with the Light Codes, I was able to function onwards in my day but the activations continued (feeling groggy and unable to move my mind into tasks etc ) and I wasn’t fully present in the 3D as it took so much energy. 

Quite a few head restructuring / remodeling sensations especially in the back of the head happened and as usual the eyes received further activations. 

We are being transformed in so many ways in this earth upgrade process - so much happens in a day or week it’s hard to keep up with it all or even remember what happened when. I try to keep a diary but it doesn’t always work. As timelines shift it’s hard to even sense how long ago something happened and things that were dropped yesterday feel like a distant memory of something from long ago.

Your symptoms may be different to mine as we each individually respond to the energy ascension in our own capacities. 

I remind myself to say “thank you God for all that I am given pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png” whether the experience is pleasant or unpleasant and this always provides a softening of resistance and an easier allowing of transmutation and transformation into Higher Light.

That and hydration are my top two go to’s during any ascension symptom challenges.



19.04.2023 New Moon and Eclipse Portal Summary 

Today’s channel started immediately with energy medicine for the Higher Heart. This came in the form of Light Language for the fine tuning of the HH.

We used tapping to integrace the energy transmission.

There was Akashic Records download to the HH.

Primary activation of wisdom of the HH to accept and feel contentment in that all is always perfect in the now moment of existence. To apply this to ones everyday experience of life. 

How this wisdom translates also across time and dimensions. Making right the wrongs we felt we did in past timelines when we thought we should have been somewhere other than where we were. Moving the intellectual understanding of that I am always where I am meant to be with the wisdom and embodied presence of this experience.

Messages and guidance on this subject as well as strong energy transmissions to bring Elasticity into the HH experience and to then absorb the transmission into the auric field and then ground.

After the break the channel was fully silent so it became clear that we had received the energy exchange for the day. We went on to discuss our experiences and q&a to the great rejoicing of my Guides who witnessed the higher perspective energy exchange in our group sharing.

Thank you all for the experience in every way pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.pngIn Love, Ka Ra


18.04.2023 Energy update Earth Upgrade…
Feeling delighted to be back in movement and YM after a long hiatus for the Energy Work Process and Accelerated Expansion I have been going through. I have missed it so much and it feels great to be back in it and to feel it is all better than ever before.
The Upgrade we are going through as a planet, as tough as it is on all of us in many ways, is leading us in the Light direction. For me, the fact that my yoga practice has sustained AND improved despite not being able to actually do my practice and YM as I am accustomed to during these past 3 years, is just one more sign of this. We are in the Light Way. Keep the faith. Stay strong on your Course of Love and Miracles.
This week the energy has been sparking so brightly with the New Moon and Eclipse Portals activations and for me it’s expressing itself as a restlessness - I cannot quite settle fully in my being even though I’m fully functional and energized. 
How are you? 
In love, Ka Ra

17.04.2023 Mid April Energy Update


Beloveds, I have not written an energy update in awhile and that is because I haven’t been writing in awhile at all. I have enjoyed being functional in movement and creative flows and on Easter holiday for the past 10 days and experiencing the results of the high intensity accelerated expansion of my past 3 years. I have never been this functional for this long since the process began in all its seriousness in 2020. And so I have found myself just enjoying that incredible energy flow in daily life. 


This I write as a reminder to all who are currently entering or still in the midst of their intense receiving, purging, integracing cycles. It does and will shift. This is the shift. 


I too do not know if my current phase is temporary as the past two days I have once again felt a strong energy work undercurrent in my experience. I should also add that the light code intensity and upgrade processes last week have been as High as ever, there is no decrease in the incoming expansion energies and their affects on humanity as far as I can tell. The difference for me personally is that I can sense the energy work happening but I have not had the ascension symptoms cycle/process as I have many times before described. 


Others around me have been going through the usual loops of the ascension symptoms and I know that this is the Light direction. We continue to level up and integrace and anchor this process into higher timelines for every day and week of this potent year in time. There is more to receive and more to intergrace. There is more to transmute and more to release. There is no other way but through our darkest layers. 


The purging of the collective consciousness and old world continues in its upheavals, painful challenges, shocking violence and costs.


Light workers- we must remember the message of the Higher Light Guides. Stay strong in the Light, keep the energy focused on the vision of the world we need, the Love, Unity, Peace and Harmony of the 5th Dimension. 


Keep drawing, hosting, anchoring and gridding the Heart Consciousness. Transmute the negativity whenever and wherever possible into the Higher Dimensions of Light. We’ve got this!


In Love, Ka Ra


 14.04.2023 Healing circle summary 

Such a beautiful healing circle today. First a grounding and surrounding energy shield followed by heart apace clearing. Working on “the heart that has turned black”, black-hearted ness that comes from severe dark energies polluting the heart space. When this passed there was a beautiful transition into the heart center with a Rose of Adoration energy transmission surrounding us with the Pink light and the energy of Jesus.
This was a long beautiful transmission meditation. The words “you are safe” and “you are loved” came forth to be embedded in the heart space in a special sound language.
Unusual amount of verbal energy medicine today for a healing circle event as we started with the meaning of the untouchable and unchangeable within each Being, the sacred space of what heals and what brings forth healing.
The session ended with a grounding and assimilation energy which also called forth a root chakra clearing energy medicine.
Beautiful energies and beautiful souls - thank you to all involved πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In Love, Ka Ra

4.4.2023 Full Moon and 4:4 Channel Summary 

That the last few weeks have brought us to a new level was most evident in this evening gatherings many new-nesses.
Consciousness lifts through Galactic Guides High Vibe messages on the subject of Sovereignty and Unity. πŸŒŸ 
Primary energy transmission through some incredible Light Language song and new types of LL courtesy of myself as Ka Ra Priestess transmitted through this Lunar time the Codes of Sovereign Seed Consciousness- our Sacred Sovereign connection to the God(Light). 
This was the main theme of the hour long transmission journey with some other themes of Heart and Tuning (Forks) in the new Codes into the DNA consciousness of our Beings. 
The whole hour was for me as the channel was one imbued with a holy, sacred, profoundly silent ( even if there was more Sound Healing and at potent volume and intensity than usual), and Reverence for Life vibrations of Energy. 
Personally I have leveled up from the recent Upgrades - that was clear to me in today’s work - and that also means that which we are receiving as and for Collective Multi Dimensional Awakening is. It just is. It is here. Now. Witness the “schism and chasm” of transformation around and in you.
After the charged hour of energy medicine I needed a break and and then we ended by recollecting the journey for the remaining time on our call. 
Thank you beloveds for a magical evening with this Lunar Portal 4:4 Gateway. 
May your Easter (Weekend) and/or other High Holiday be filled with Peace and Joy. 
In Love, Ka Ra

March retrospective & energy update 


Human me is slowing down tremendously in order to catch up with the Supra significant shift of the Galactic Light code influx onto planet earth. 

I am called to witness in the past two days yet another crescendo of the frequency that is being beamed on to earth and I am quite breath taken by it’s magnitude. I am so immersed in it myself that I cannot yet decode its meaning fully - perhaps on the live channel with my Guides on Tuesday more will be revealed. 

Meanwhile looking back at the changes of the Solar Activity in March being in itself an escalation unlike anything we had in 2022 it is not strange at all that we are in another huge energy ascension spiral. Even though ( in my witnessing) yesterday’s crown activations and today’s heart activations have similar symptoms to previous activation upgrades - there is something different in these two days. A new point in the Earth Upgrade Timelines and I can’t put my finger on it yet but I know for certain that it’s very different to the previous light code receptions.

It has been an energy work intense month of March but I have also been able to enjoy greater functionality in the every day during 2023 than I have in past two to three years. I hope this is also your experience dear Light Workers who have been in personal intense upgrade processes for years to bring us as a collective to this point. 

I have seen that Mainstream media is now highlighting terms such as Starseeds, the discussion on Aliens/ETs are being more openly acknowledged in mainstream, and the energetic shift for Galactic Family recollection and recognition is in a slow but steady process of becoming a part of the Collective Consciousness once more. 

This is a huge shift for the multi dimensional evolution of humankind - a spiritual expansion of consciousness that is the foundation for the unfolding Golden Age.

Today we embark on our year long Light Guides Course journey and from my dot of a spot of perspective shining on the greater, vast fabric of the Now moment - the timing is just perfect.

In Love, Ka Ra 



31.03.2023 Energy Update

Space weather reported another massive flare a few days ago and on the immediate day I felt lots of strange joint aches and pains and today I’m sensing the usual “burn” or “fry” of the incoming energy and it has me horisontal and hydrating. 
There have been times when I’ve sailed through these flares without any symptoms so I’m always open to what happens naturally. We don’t all need to sense or receive every upgrade with debilitating symptoms. It all depends. On many many factors. I really don’t try to over analyse it. Just going into my own sense of what I need and consulting with the energy updates to see if there may be “good reason” for my ascension symptoms if I have any. 
Where are you at with your ascension process and are you sensing symptoms these days?
For me it’s a need to slow down, just be and go deep into my own energy field and wait to sense what’s new in this phase of the upgrade both personal and collective.
If you find yourself or others around you “agitated” in ways you don’t recognize - keep at heart that we are all in great change, whether we are aware of it or not, and kindness is the answer. 
I wish you good weathering πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In Love, Ka Ra 

25.03.2023 Energy Update 

Wow Beloveds what days we have had on the Earth Upgrade project. 
Here is a quick report on mine. I have since Saturday morning felt that I’ve come back into an intense Light Code Downloads and Anchoring Mode. ( I had a break while I was teaching with my Yoga and giving healing sessions but soon after my 3D work day ended the 5D work days continued). 
Today the whole day I’ve been in download and anchoring mode through Heart Space and only now coming slowly out of it to make my rechord. 
From what I can sense from my personal quest to understand what I’ve received I extrapolate to what I sense is being brought in, held, anchored for the Collective at this time by those like myself who have this “job” in their Light Work. 
I sense that we are receiving expansive multi dimensional ability codes, codes to further awaken multi dimensional skills and remembrance in the Collective (yes we had such a download in previous months too and it is the phase we are in on the Collective Timelines). Many of us Light Workers had this awakening happen to us during past years in preparation for this now phase. Even so I feel I personally received further upgrades to my Light Languages abilities and that is also what gave me the hint of what these current downloads are enabling for the Collective. 
Even though doing this job meant I could not “function” in my day I am so excited now to rechord the receipt of these downloads. It is a very expansive energy and it feels just brilliant! It is so, so good for us. 
Download Energy takes time to integrace and I do not know when these downloads will manifest as physical change and realisations, but it sure will be an exciting time to see it unfold in our Collective Consciousness awakening to Cosmic Consciousness and Galactic Awareness.
Anyone else on this or similar jobs in their Light Work today? Or just feeling the immense energy expansion in other ways ?
In Love, Ka Ra 
24.03.2023 Energy Update 
I’m drowsy and sleepy today in the “typical” geomagnetic energy storm kind of way today. My symptoms are mild I am sure compared to what many of you might’ve had today with nausea, headaches, pressure etc among the less pleasant signs of the activations. How are you? What’s happening with you?
These waves keep coming to lift the LightLevels of the Planet and All of us with it. Hydration is key in my experience and also allowing enough rest / sleep time. Children and animals are also very sense able to these shifts - not just us adult humans. 
My personal experience of today’s energy is a very positive one. It isn’t sharp and piercing as it can be at times. I feel the brightness and exuberance in the energy codes even though they are a lot to take in and I am drugged and sleepy from it. I am reading the energy behind my symptoms and it fills me with light. As my Guides would say: Alleluia! 
I always keep in mind the undercurrent as we experience symptoms that are not always an easy or good experience - the undercurrent is what tells me of the nature of what’s come in and what is being made available once the symptoms have passed. 
This is a “spin repeat πŸ” “ cycle that is the norm since the Sun systems started to shift gears a few years ago and we will continue to see these spin cycles for quite some time as we gradually rise, rise, rise in frequency as a planet πŸ™πŸΎπŸŒ
If anyone around you or you yourself are struggling with strange symptoms that you don’t recognize as part of your usual health and self and yet there are no medical reasons for concern -  then do not hesitate to contact anyone of us working with the Earth Upgrade project to help navigate these times. Pass the message on to anyone who might need it πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› in Love , Ka Ra 

 23.03.2023 energy update

Up to the Equinox it was possible to sense the agitation and enormous effort of nature to shift seasons and this week Nature  is different perhaps in your experience too.

The same purge happens in our personal energy fields and even without the intensity of the Earth Upgrade Timelines and Sun Codes influx it is an active time.

The equinox brought in a buzz / excitement energy in the Light Code reading I did on my channel (see older posts) - and we are in the Ascension Timeline going through another Sun Codes Plasma blast and I for one am feeling the groggy πŸ₯΄ these days even if I am far more functional through it than I have been in last few years.

Physically too it has been a feeling of density being purged and that is not only personal but also the Collective transmutation at this time.

LightWorkers keep objectivity as it may mostly be things outside of your personal energy field that you are sensing / transmuting. If it is personal things that need your attention you will know. Relax and trust and allowing yourself to release any judgement on your own progress and path in your Ascension.

If it is yours then you will know. If it is Collective work then it is a job and you simply are doing the work and / or call in assistance as always to transmute and direct prayers towards the changes that are happening for the Highest Good.

For every phase of this process I keep coming back to the words I said in the beginning of 2019. Radical Ease and Revolutionary Relaxation ! I find myself several times during the day needing to pause and take long slow and deep breaths. I am not feeling stressed. It is just the way this new energy coding expresses itself in me. Slow. Long. Deep. Breaths.

All the best to you all with this weeks energy upgrades and may we all Collectively breathe deeper and deeper.

In Love, Ka Ra



21.03.2023 Equinox New Moon Channel Summary

A diverse channel today.

🌸an excitement energy was present at the start of the session with the GFL presenting yet another beautiful higher perspective message of nature, seasons, astrological year and more

πŸ’ƒπŸ½ πŸ•ΊπŸΌ free dance and movement followed with further transmissions

Sun mantras brought in the Diamond White Light Codes of these portals to our Light Body with several different energy medicines including infusions to drink

πŸ‰ finally a dragon realm message on energy work related to the Earth Mystery Portals by the Green Dragons of Gaia. These beautiful beings brought forth a message on the work done now for the New Earth rejuvenation processes and a request to all who wish to work with these portals to join with them.

They even asked me to host a session to do such a journey together and it’s hard to refuse these beautiful beings. I will take it into consideration for future gatherings.

It was a delight for me to work with today’s trance missions and I thank all involved and all who gathered for this gorgeous light experience πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›. In Love, Ka Ra



16.03.2023 Solstice Portal energy update

Woke up to start my day with intent to shower, get dressed, do admin, prep for my client (you know…) 

…after a cup of Gun Lu tea and toast ( peanut butter, marmite and banana on artisan sourdough if you must know pastedGraphic.png), yet ended up not going anywhere. Portal work was calling.

The Solstice portal and New Moon portal are wide open and the energies are streaming in high and vibrant. Wow. I spent an hour just being horisontal, in a blessed sense of expansive well being and being breathed by this energy. Remarkable. So deeply breathed by this energypastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png.

 Most of the afternoon I spent resting and napping due to this energy influx and soon by evening it was integracing with the physical body so I went for a walk to dispel some “heebee jeebees” / restlessness ( though I slept like a log again at night).

 Symptoms can vary for us but symptoms are likely with these huge Light Code transfusions. Also just the speed of the process in one day is tremendous for our human self - be easy on yourself.  

Other symptoms on the rise this week are strange dreams.  

If you can, take the time in this week that hosts the Equinox and New Moon to spend a few hours here and there just being and absorbing this light influx. 

 I will be channeling the energy and messages around these portals on the 21st at noon if you want to set aside the time to tune into this Cosmic experience, receive assistance to absorb this energy upgrade and enhance your multi dimensionality in our meditation group gathering.

In Love, Ka Ra


Mid March Energy Update 

This will be a personal experience update - perhaps what I’m seeing in my own life is a sign of the energy of the times as we all are part of the Collective and the Upgrade is taking us all to new heights.

Two weeks ago the primary energy shift I noticed was a major rebalancing of the right side of the body - the masculine energy being. It was a shift like no other I have felt on the right side of my being and gave me a hint as to what was happening also for the Collective. 

This past week I slept very well ( not a given during these uplevelling times ) but this weekend sleep is scarce, purging is on ( I experience it especially through teeth pastedGraphic.png and roots of teeth and through the digestive / solar plexus symptoms. ). 

I’m finding now that major life decisions, the big ones, are coming into greater clarity and receiving a “go ahead” energy. Powerful stuff!

Other outstanding signs and symptoms are the ever changing and increasing Light vibrations of the Sun and Moon. For my part the purging and transmuting from the mouth I wrote about awhile back is milder but not fully cleared yet.

A huge shift for me is that I have less symptoms overall. Affected and super sense-able to the energies yes - but functional in the 3D in a way I haven’t been in 3 years. pastedGraphic.png 

Others around me however continue to be in deep in their symptoms heavy Ascension processes pastedGraphic.png so again the different timelines are apparent and I too am not sure I am on “the other side” of the symptoms yet in my process. Time will tell. 

I read recently that “official sources” have acknowledged surveillance of an Alien Mothership in our solar system. Whether the news post itself is true or not - I’m not surprised. In the past year I’ve visited this Mother Ship via Remote Viewing through the invitation of my Guides the GFL. Our galactic family is more than ready for reunion with Earth and Her Beings and watch over Her transition to the Golden Age with great Love and Presence. This is a long time coming. We are just getting up to speed with the Multi Dimensional way of Being.

All for now Beloveds. Keep me posted on your process when you can and let me know whether my energy update corresponds to your current timelinepastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png


 07.03.2023 Full Moon Portal Summary 

The gate opened with energy medicine related to Kundalini Shakti and Root and Sacral Center work. It moved through yogic Mantra prayer medicine through honoring the Divine Serpentine Energy in both Masculine and Feminine aspects.

Then through Yogic Divine Feminine mantras clearing of left and then right side of the body. The right side also received Kriya Mantra energy. Then an honoring and invocation of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadi to top it off with a Crown chakra Mantra invocation of the Lord of the Three Worlds. 

Anchored right back to the root to end the first part after which we spent some time in silent meditation to rest and digest 

Part 2 was GFL messages and Energy transmissions about the all important Heart Energy Field to be transcribed as soon as possible.

I feel quite worn out by all the portal activity lately and the channel and yet so calm and peace filled in my heart. Thank You to all involved pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.pngin Love Ka Ra


3:3 Gateway Summary 

I had no idea what would come through today from my amazing Guides - and here is what happened:

A long talk/ teaching/ message about Time and how the structure of time is changing as we transition to a higher dimensional vibe and how to adapt to our experience of time changing when and where needed. 

The context of time within all the other major upheavals happening ( financial, health, government etc ) and how it relates to the Earth Upgrade process. 

There was a strong current of what this now moment energy is about and how it is assuring ascension and how these trials of accelerated expansion are bringing triumphs of multi dimensionality into our Being. Praise be the Suns that are providing these transformations.

Then came along an energy trance mission that seemed to be a large part of the recent light codes received by us all lately -  in the form of A Time Reversal Anti Aging Serum - yes this was one juicy Light Language Energy Medicine and I can’t wait to bottle it in the future pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png

The channel only lasted 1 hour but it had speed and potency packed into it and we spent the rest of the time discussing what we received. 

I’ll transcribe this powerful message flow as soon as I can. 

My gratitude to the GFL guidance and all who participated in sending and receiving today’s communications. pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png in love, Ka Ra



01.03.2023 February Retrospective Energy Update 

There was a week in mid February and this weekend where I had no energy work symptoms - but very soon another wave of Galactic influxes brought me right back into the upgrade process.

I also felt a difference this month in the intensity of the upgrade symptoms and the increase of the underlying well being feeling of my Self. A significant shift in the overall experience of the Upgrade process. 

If you have been in the Ascension Timelines lately you might have felt:

Incredibly sleepy - like you have to nap all day and sleep all night 

Purging through skin and scalp 

The usual Crown chakra and Heart chakra energy activations symptoms and all related purging of nearby body parts and organs 

The usual fuggy eyes and pressure in head ears etc 

 Old thoughts, situations and emotion patterns surfacing for another layer of release 

Nervous system unrest 

Just to name a few of the things I’ve experienced personally or around me.

It has been very energy consuming but as always ( if you are not medically ill) this is A wellness process and you will soon feel what you have let go of and what you have become from this pressure cooker. 

I am in the energy flux tumble of the recent Solar storm affects as I write right now and wishing you all a great start to March. A month full of significant Galactic passages that I will be channeling live and look forward to seeing you there 

These recent days it’s Heart Activations in the Collective Consciousness Field and depending on your role in the upgrade you may be feeling this process deeply.  

In Love, Mithila Ka Ra 


27.02.2023 Healing circle summary


Today’s healing circle carried the general energy consciousness Upgrade light codes of the current influxes for The Collective and brought us what I call Open Heart Surgery from an Energy medicine point of view. Energy Medicine that assists us in opening our Heart.


Today’s theme was Heart Cognizance Codes - allowing greater access to our Heart Mind, ability to cognize our Heart and Higher Heart Energy, opening and strengthening the valve between Heart and Higher Heart communication and anchoring this expansion through the Root and Earth, Midline and Crystalline DNA. 


The space of the Heart Center energy field within the Auric Field was also reinforced.


I felt that today’s healing was about the general Consciousness expansion energies of these times in the Earth Upgrade Timelines and we all, in person and distant healing recipients, benefitted from this deep Light Work integracion today. 


To know our Hearts better, to live with that connection more and more.


It has been pretty intense energy work days last week and now today. More on that in an energy update later this week.


Thank You to all who joined in pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png


In Love, Ka Ra


21.02.2023 Energy Update

Personally I am deeply feeling the Crown and Heart activations and/or the light code anchoring light work for the past 3 days. It’s been rather intense again. Perhaps the energetic expression of the recent 2.2 X class solar flare I mentioned earlier, that came in with the New Moon and the 22.2 portal openings.
Though deeply influenced by the incoming light codes and having symptoms, I feel my underlying joy and a feeling of being myself, which is not often that palpable or accessible in past upgrade phases - so that’s new on this phase in my rechords.
I am definitely in horisontal mode today than I’ve needed to be in awhile - so lots of resting, reading, sleeping, being, epsom and Crystal baths, and hydrating as usual. πŸ˜ƒ 
Depending on your Timeline you might be having much more symptoms and purging now during this time than I am describing. Or less. Take what resonates.
During the New Moon channel two days ago I read the Light Codes to be an opening and clearing of channels in the Being to access and embody higher vibrational energy as well as ability to access ones Akashic Records being implemented. Naturally there can be more happening with these current Light Codes than what I describe but those are the primary ones I was shown as I channelled for this time.
Personally I’ve also noticed a clearing of the right side of the body - a masculine energy activity/healing happening in these past few days.
These light codes are sharp and penetrative and it isn’t strange if you feel you are suddenly not able to function as usual or  become irritated and annoyed at the smallest thing - just to give some examples of how it may be playing out. Soften, relax, receive. 
Thank You to All involved in helping the Earth Upgrade project global, galactic and multi-dimensional. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In Love, Mithila Kara

19.02.2022 New Moon and 22 portal vibes channel summary 

Another amazing journey into the multi dimensional today with so many Guides and Beings assisting our process. My thanks to the Dragon realm for the Upper Gateway to the Spine Energy Medicine Work, we’ve had it before and there was more today. We understood also that it was for energy trance mission to awaken the Crystalline DNA Origin Codes in the bone marrow of the Spine. In general the first part today was all about opening channels in our energy field individual and collective to be able to receive our multi dimensional self more and more. 
Thanks to the beautiful Elohim Angels and Elohim Energy presence and Shiva Energy in today’s Light Language Prayers, Songs and Sound Healing.
We had some past Timelines related to Ancient Arabia coming forth today to be reconciled with the now moment. 
Part 2 of the evening was as silent as part 1 was full of all kinds of new and weird light languages sound.
This part became a deep silence and profound Akashic Record download and activation of (greater) access ability/recollection to ones personal Akashic Record for those gathered and as part of the Collective Consciousness Expansion in the Earth upgrade timelines. It appears that these portals are supporting this process now in the Collective journey.
The Guides of those gathered spoke a collective message to the group and we understood that this trance mission also allowed improved ability to communicate with our “Spirit Entourage”. 
It all came to a close with a truly monumental grounding and anchoring to Gaia with the assistance of the Elementals. 
We ended these long meditations with a q&a before we bid each other goodnight. Thank you to all involved πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Kara

19.2.2023 Energy Update

22.2 Portal and the New Moon 
The portals for the New Moon and the upcoming 222 portal are having a blast literally. First we were blown away by a proper clean out of energy with yesterday’s storm in the northern hemisphere of Europe and what a beautiful day has dawned from it - do you feel great out there or what ?!?! - and if you are under the weather it may well be the space weather as a rather intense - to put it very mildly - solar flare is on the go. (pictures on instagram)
It tickles me no end that the 222 portal is incoming on an Xflare categorization of 2.2, it tickles me no end.
Let’s see how this one plays out in our magnetosphere.
I’ll be online for these portals to channel live Sunday 19th at 16-18 Sweden local time.
In Love, Kara 

14.02.2023 Healing circle summary 

Thank you beloved souls who joined in person and who booked distant healing for loved ones.
Today’s Healing Light came from the Crystal Temples of Lemuria and the Crystal Waters of Lemuria to assist in:
- activating remembrance of past timelines in Ancient Worlds such as Lemuria 
- activating the powers of the Human Crystalline DNA to its ancient origin templates
- using the Waters and the water element to clear and balance mind and emotions 
- bringing the “wild waters” of mind and emotions into balance and harmony 
As the primary healing energies. 
Secondary was energy medicine for ears: tinnitus and other ear afflictions and blockages received a healing, also head and ears and grounding of Crown, Ear and Root in a geometry of a πŸͺ kite or Diamond πŸ’Ž Diamond ♦️ structure within the Merkaba ( light body ).
Perhaps this quarter moon in February is particularly conducive to Lemuria but I am not sure of that - in any case we loved this beautiful Crystal Healing energy today. 
During the second half of the session we were graced by the trance mission of Angelic love and comfort through an Angel Wing Auric Sweep that was so soft, cuddly, cosy and comforting accompanied at the end like a bed of Angel wing softness to lie on and by Angelic Light Language Song.
Super interesting work as always and am grateful to be the conduit for this trancemissionπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In Love, Kara 
12.02.2023 Energy Update 
I’ve been observing last weeks upgrade symptoms from the corner of my eye and not really been able to word what it has all been about. Now I feel I’m able to write about it.
Firstly last week I experienced the upgrade symptoms changed. I did not have intense head or heart activations but I still felt deeply worked on and found that I had to sleep a lot during the days as well as nights. I was tired even after all that sleep. That was a clear difference from previous weeks and months symptoms. I wasn’t sure what was going on and I felt myself just saying I don’t know, I don’t know.
For a few weeks now I’ve noticed personally that old childhood illnesses/discomforts have been surfacing for clearing. Have you had something similar happen?
Yesterday I felt the clearing of a condition was complete ( for now ! ) and then instead a birth trauma appeared for clearing. 
This means I actually physically felt the birth trauma ( not the first time in my healing process ) and I had to relax into it until it passed (hasn’t yet but has moved from energetic only to now physical as well, so I know it’s on its way out of my field…). 
Along with the birth trauma pain surfacing there were ( most likely due to the x class solar flare yesterday ) enormous energy activity and I fell asleep several times during the day and I also felt I received another surgery - of the frontal lobe this time - in one of the downloads. 
The above things I’m describing are typical of the accelerated ascension process so it’s just to assist anyone else who might be going through this now or future. 
(These things are also typical of a gradual ascension process but then it rarely becomes a full time job! As far as I’m aware and from my own previous experience with myself and clients/students).
Did you experience some birth or childhood trauma release lately?
My theory is that the recent energy incoming has - as always dug out for clearing another layer of old timelines that is being released and healed - the theme birth or early childhood trauma / related illnesses - but that may be personal to myself.
In this process we do sense or feel the experience as if it’s happening now but it’s important to remember this is not a regression or new ( if it is new and of the current timeline it feels different - with energy mastery you will be able to discern what is what ) but it is a necessary experience in healing and letting go of the old energies that no longer serve our being. If this is happening find the words you need to let go. Whatever resonates. I’ve been using “I am safe” “ it is safe to let go” “I choose to release this condition” etc… and of course work with your spiritual team. 
You can learn more about all this type of energy work in depth in my Light Guides Course starting in April.
For a few months I’ve had the horrid symptom of bad breath - which I have attributed to an energetic clearing of bad mouthing, foul talk, wrong speech in all its forms within both my personal and ancestry and the collective. Anyone else had this experience November 2022- to recently? Thank goodness it is better now though not fully cleared - and no amount of oil pulling or tongue scraping has helped !! Oooof it’s a nasty business.
Transmute transmute transmute!
I think of all the Internet age has brought us in terms of “trolls” and mindless commenting that is harmful, hurtful and vile and am not surprised that we have a lot to clear on a Collective level as well as in our personal fields. 
Onwards beloveds. 
11.02.2023 Quick energy update 
Above info from Spaceweathers newsletter.
Beloveds, I’ve been deeply affected by energy work today on an intensity level I have not been in since last Sunday, during the Lunar portal.
I’ve had many weird and wonderful symptoms and insights today on the Accelerated expansion experience and will share more as soon as I can - but for now just saying that I just found out that there has been an intense Solar Flare activity affecting Earths atmosphere and if you are on the sense able spectrum of these and/or in the earth upgrade ascension timelines you may well have felt this strongly today just as I have. 
Headaches, groggy, emotional, exhausted, weird aches and pains to name a few of the wild symptoms that flares of this magnitude can cause.
Hydrate with good water and rest (whatever that means to you) are my best tips for the day. Personally I’ve had no choice in the matter as I’ve fallen into deep sleep/ rest 4 times after waking up today and during which many upgrades/energetic surgeries have been happening. More on my findings from today and last weeks of energy work in a post as soon as I am able. Right now I too have to just be in the process of the downloads and upgrades. πŸ˜…
Wishing you well in these intense times beloveds πŸ’›πŸ™πŸΎ
06.02.2023 Full Moon Summary 
- beautiful message on why and how to step out of linear time thinking 
- invoking inner child and child like playfulness, wonder and openness 
- a complete revolution of time - dropping linear time to  recognize the oneness of spirit at any age, the ability to in the now moment access any age/time you’ve been or will be 
- beautiful energy transmission called the Dew of Innocence to invigorate our cells with the energy of childlike innocence, freshness of spirit.
After the break a Galactic Light trancemission for Vast Cosmic Heart Space ( light codes to assist in remembering Galactic Family, Cosmic awareness ) followed by A Higher Heart operation of the 5th Dimensional Higher Heart. An opening, unblocking and recalibration of a valve on the top of the Higher Heart Center to better receive downloads/ energy transmissions from Crown descending into and through the Higher Heart Center. This for each individual in the gathering but also primarily as a Collective Consciousness Upgrade moment in the Earth Ascension Timelines. 
After that we were done for the day - softening into another moonlit night - sweet goodnight and with deep love to all who assisted and all who participated in tonight’s trance mission. 
In Love, Kara
2.2.2023    2:2 Gateway Summary
Todays 2-2 at 2 pm we launched into the Channel for the Gateway of the numerological day and wow were we rewarded.
I had very “earthly days” up to this channel and had no pre-cognition of what it would be about. Happily surprised by
- the long held deeply meditative Higher Heart stimulation and activation guided by the Gatekeeper Dragons of the Gateways to the Higher Heart Consciousness. A key feature of this 2-2 Gateway incoming Light Codes.
Amazing download and teachings ( to be transcribed as soon as…)
The second half was a power blast πŸ’₯ message on transmuting fear. A true GFL emboldening empowering message to the Light Workers Collective that I look so forward to transcribing verbatim so you can receive the power transmission that came with the words.
Thank you to all involved - this was such a blessing that will serve us for many many days ahead πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In Love, Kara 

31.01.2023 January Retrospective Energy Update 

Wow how did we make it through this month people ?!?! pastedGraphic.png what an energy upgrade month it has been. I can count on one hand the number of days where I haven’t been experiencing some form of intense upgrade related energy work, Light Work or ascension symptom. On one hand.

It is not for nothing - it is all moving us inwards and upwards and onwards back into this world. And today when I’m having a day where it’s all integraced and come together in me ( at least for a day ) that’s when I truly remember what and why and how this is expanding us beyond our wildest imaginings. Into the wildest most beautiful existence possible here on Earth.

To the Light Workers on the front lines of this process - take time to stroke yourself gently on the cheek - you are doing massive work right now and the rewards are perhaps only rarely visible (yet) and if that is the case then know  I’ve seen the rewards / the return - and I see them and I feel them and embody them with my own eyes and being and you will too once some energy hurdles have been jumped. And there is more on its way. We are not done. This is not it.

It’s not that we are suddenly doing something new spiritually - it’s that we are accelerated into a process that otherwise would have taken many many many years to release within each individual under the old/past timelines. These new timelines that are increasingly coming “online” or becoming available bring vibrations that allow multi dimensionality to blossom - for human potency to become fully visible and for Galactic and inter dimensional life to become the new collective perspective of Life on Earth.


This excites me. It truly excites me as a yogini and a human that we can, we are, we will and we be. 

The energy consciousness revolution is happening and there’s no return except to Source connection pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png

Soon I’m channeling the 2/2 Gateway to hear what the GFL have to share and as usual bringing in energy medicine for multi dimensional awakening and expansion, anchoring and grounding for us and Gaia.

In Love, Kara


30.01.2023 Today’s Healing Circle 

gave us some “heart ease”assimilation and absorption assistance ( for ongoing processes ) and a strong alignment and grounding ( pranic tube and pillar of light ) and then some other specifics ( drawn by the now moment needs of those in the circle both in person and those receiving distant healing ) followed by a “breathe ease” ending trance mission.

Always a pleasure and an adventure dear beloveds. Thank you for being part of this journey pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png

This is a busy week - 2/2 portal on Feb 2 at 2 pm and private sessions live in Gothenburg on Saturday ( I might be able to fit one more session in so do let me know if you want the time ).


See you soon 

In love, Kara pastedGraphic.png


28.01.2023 Energy Update

The quarter moon lights up the skies these days and I’m reflecting on the intense energy week we have been having on the ascension timelines. 

One of the energy threads I’ve seen that has been purged for healing and transmutation is the energy where consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, I, you (we) have been led to doubt ourselves. To not trust ourselves. The karmic consequences of this self-doubt, lack of self-trust is up to the surface now, being transmuted and healed within the individual and the collective.

A very necessary process in any spiritual journey and certainly so in the 5D evolution and expansion of human consciousness that we become sovereign in knowing our Self and trusting our Self. 

May this now heal into remembrance on all levels and across timelinespastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png

As it has been such an intense week it is my intention to use the Healing circle on Monday noon to channel assimilation, integration, absorption and digestion and grounding for whoever gathers. Even if you haven’t been on the ascension timelines I’ve been describing this week - this type of healing is beneficial for any processes you may be going through in your spiritual practice and every day life journey. Welcome.


In Love, Kara pastedGraphic.png



Additional comments added on 26-01-23 post

I/we have heard similar messages about Earths self-rejuvenation and how we can assist these processes -  in previous messages from my Guides and I look forward to transcribing those for further meditation.

In today's journey into the deep Oceanic womb I felt death and rebirth as energy threads floating through this experience. Bying to be reborn again and the sense of a vas oceanic embryonic womb. It was so special I don't know how to word today's journey and imprint but I am called to rechord it best I can. 

There was the sense of the heart space (individual, collective, galactic) and the connection to the Oceanic depths of the Earth. I couldn't quite read the whole thread of this imprint but did see and sense the impression of the connection being established through the energy downloads of this day/time.

In awe at the great beauty and depth of today's journey and excited to see and sense what it all may mean now and in the future fro all of us as we journey on in the timelines of Gaia. In Love / Mithila Kara



27.01.23 Energy Update  

This mornings sunrise captured here will mark the first day in a long time where I felt a slight decrease in the energy influxes and symptoms, only slight, but there it is, meaning a chance to integrace and absorb all that had been received lately and to take much needed rest. Did you sense a decrease of affect today ?

I know I’m feeling exhausted! …even if I know how extraordinary this time and this experience is. I’m still feeling exhausted. I can imagine you are too. But I also know from 3 years in this experience that it can flip like a switch and it’s as if the phases of intense reception, anchoring, purging, never happened and you’ve never felt better. Like a flip of a switch. 

Radical ease and revolutionary relaxation is called for to navigate these times as I’ve been saying since early 2019. I’ve been made to bite into my own words many times since then but I do find it still holds true especially on the toughest of days of this expansion process. And we had some really rough ones this week! Well done us . 

I wish you a wholly restorative time ahead and if the intensity continues for us, well then that’s what we will take on together. 

As it has been such an intense week it is my intention to use the Healing circle on Monday noon to channel assimilation, integration, absorption and digestion and grounding for whoever gathers. Even if you haven’t been on the ascension timelines I’ve been describing this week - this type of healing is beneficial for any processes you may be going through in your spiritual practice and every day life journey. Welcome. 

In love, Mithila


26.01.23 Energy Update 

Oceanic Templates 

Beloveds, when I slowly emerged from this days energy work I saw this beautiful sunset settling over the horizon. It has been an epic day for me on the earth upgrade project and I’m still trying to find the way to rechord todays downloads.

In terms of symptoms yesterday evening was again on high with crown activations and resulting drugginess and after waking up this morning it continued with heart activations.

I had to go very deep beneath the surface of the symptoms today to read the energy signature I was being asked to anchor and witness.

- in the New Moon Portal we were told that the codes for awakening the Galactic chakras and the Vast Cosmic Heart chakra was now enabled in the Collective/Mass Consciousness Field. Exciting news for the multi dimensionality expansion of consciousness for the 5D Gaia. The consequences of this I’m sure we will witness during 2023. 

Today I was called to witness another type of anchoring of Codes through the Heart Space. It was again new layers of templates for Gaia Golden Age gridding into the Consciousness Field of the planet. That was one aspect of the Codes and those of us who were the embodied beings who needed to receive and anchor might have felt like me today - completely immobile and desirous of deep silence and solitude to do this job. For me it was the whole day. During that process I also saw:

Oceanic templates. Awakening of dormant oceanic DNA (?) codes that will rejuvenate the oceans of The Gaia planet. As I was taken on a deep and silent dive into the oceans I was also shown the borders to Hollow Earth which seemed to me to signify that at the moment there is an Oceanic activation happening in the Earth Upgrade Process, the Hollow Earth borders and Beings are touched by this activation, Mother Earth will rejuvenate Her waters through this process assisted by Her Galactic Family and those on Earth assigned to holding the Water Templates and healing to restore the Oceans to its pristine states. Just as we the Humans are being restored to our Pristine Templates so too is the Planet in this transformation of Galactic proportions. What a world, what a time. 

I/we have heard similar messages about Earths self-rejuvenation and how we can assist these processes -  in previous messages from my Guides and I look forward to transcribing those for further meditation.

In today's journey into the deep Oceanic womb I felt death and rebirth as energy threads floating through this experience. Bying to be reborn again and the sense of a vas oceanic embryonic womb. It was so special I don't know how to word today's journey and imprint but I am called to rechord it best I can. 

There was the sense of the heart space (individual, collective, galactic) and the connection to the Oceanic depths of the Earth. I couldn't quite read the whole thread of this imprint but did see and sense the impression of the connection being established through the energy downloads of this day/time.

In awe at the great beauty and depth of today's journey and excited to see and sense what it all may mean now and in the future fro all of us as we journey on in the timelines of Gaia. In Love / Mithila Kara


Be the Baddie - Be Boundaried

Beloveds, in my own perceptions of the energy of the last few weeks I have seen an energy, light codes, coming in through the new moon portal that assists us in setting boundaries. I noticed this in my personal process, in people around me going through this and I was called in to do a Collective energy job to clear the karmic negativity created by situations where people, situations, countries boundaries have been crossed in an unhealthy way. 

Have you also been dealing with an uprise in the need to set healthy boundaries in your life ? Perhaps you have been picking up on this energy influence that’s been in the air the past few weeks?

It is not other people who are responsible for honoring our boundaries. We ourselves have to honor and set our boundaries when we feel our interactions with people and situations becomes unhealthy for ourselves. 

Often times when we set a boundary in a situation or towards a person where we had not had one before, the other party is likely to consider this very rude, unhealthy, unnecessary etc, etc and you are likely to be judged harshly and labeled the “baddie”. 

Your setting a boundary for your own health and well being may cause you to be known as the “bad person” from then on in the eyes of others on the other side of that boundary. Not everyone will accept or respect your needs to setting your boundary. 

Sometimes we have to be the “baddie” to be healthy and boundaried. And in those situations I say to myself 

“Be the baddie Mithi, be the baddie, and be free!” 

You know what I mean? Be the baddie and be boundaried! As the Galactic Guides showed us in the trance mission last Sunday, the more we expand our consciousness and sense ability the more clear our boundaries need to be. We need to be patient with ourselves in those areas where we haven’t yet mastered our energy towards people or situations in a healthy way, and be brave to be labeled the baddie when it supports our health and well-being to set boundaries that assist our journey towards mastery. 

Healthy Boundaries are an integral part of our Sovereignty as a Being. Only you can know what is healthy for you. 

In Love/ M 

25.01.23 Energy Update 

Etheric Surgery 

Beloveds, how are you doing? I don’t normally give a play by play of the energy updates daily like I’ve been doing this week but hey ho going with the flow. 

Normally I would just say there has been intense, or moderate, or mild, or no energy work during a week as a summary at the end of a phase, but what I mean by “energy work” are the type of things I’ve been writing about this week. 

It varies greatly both personally and collectively even though we can see general themes in the energy influxes and the affects of it on our beings as a group of Beings in the upgrade process. 

Yesterday after my post, I had a few hours of blissful break from all activations during which I enjoyed a walk. 

Soon I had both Crown and Heart activations moderately all evening. 

I barely had a chance to start my day this morning before I was drawn into another kind of energy work. Now I can say that it was an etheric surgery experience. 

Area worked on was back of the heart / from shoulder blade area to base of the neck.  

When these surgeries happen I usually experience it as follows:

- the world around me goes quiet and distant 

- I have to lie down and relax myself and be very still 

- I cannot speak or function in a normal 3D way 

- I experience sensations that something big is going on - it usually feels very delicate and massive at the same time 

- I feel sheltered and safe 

- when the actual reconfigurations are happening in the ether I experienced intense restlessness, agitation on my ether field, it’s disturbing and very difficult to stay in, and I breathe deeply to master it and wait it out until the work is done (often by my spiritual team and others who are called in to help but mostly by the Light Codes themselves as far as I can tell from these experiences so far)

- after some time (several hours in today’s case) I start to feel I’m returning from the type of anaesthesia I was under and that I’m slowly back in function in 3D

- like in a physical surgery there is a convalescent time after that which may take hours or days depending on, but it’s all a lot faster than a physical surgery processpastedGraphic.png.

All for now / In Love 

24.01.23 Energy Update 

Today I woke up feeling much better for it but soon ( around 11/12 noon Sweden local time )…I became intensely affected again…

 (I refer affectionately to this state as “affectated” just to distinguish between what is upgrade related and what is not pastedGraphic.png)

…and I stopped resisting it and “trying to do something else” and instead released deeply into it in relaxation/sleep and went into a very blissful state of rest for quite some time. 

It was beautifully peaceful. I find these states are very healing and help the ascension process greatly. They are indeed part of the process to integrace, to receive deep inner knowing and guidance, to activate dormant codes and more…

I recommend valuing this type of rest / sleep for those affectated  ( and if no other medical condition persists).

After yesterday’s post I can report that there was intense purging after the activations of yesterday afternoon - stuff processes through the full healing cycle at rapid speeds these days so let’s realize that the speed is helping us along but it is also an extreme challenge for the Being on all levels. 

Perhaps you felt extremely prickly, irritable, outraged, anxious etc etc. Try and see these “undesirable emotions” as something being released rather than something of the now. It is old and it’s on its way out. That’s the purge. When we can step away from identifying with the emotion and see it as a necessary part of the upgrade, of simply energy that needs to be released and transmuted as the personal energy field ( and collective if you are part of the Light workers assigned to this type of work ) goes up in light levels. Something has to give for us to be able to hold the higher light and the releasing energy is part of the make up of what we need to let go of. Yes - what I’m writing here is a very general description of the process, specifically for those on the ascension timelines and experiencing the symptoms, but it can and does apply to other spiritual and healing experiences too. It also can be totally inapplicable to your situation and if so you will need to dig deeper as to why you have the above emotional symptoms given in this example.


27.01.23 Energy Update  

This mornings sunrise captured here will mark the first day in a long time where I felt a slight decrease in the energy influxes and symptoms, only slight, but there it is, meaning a chance to integrace and absorb all that had been received lately and to take much needed rest. Did you sense a decrease of affect today ?

I know I’m feeling exhausted! …even if I know how extraordinary this time and this experience is. I’m still feeling exhausted. I can imagine you are too. But I also know from 3 years in this experience that it can flip like a switch and it’s as if the phases of intense reception, anchoring, purging, never happened and you’ve never felt better. Like a flip of a switch. 

Radical ease and revolutionary relaxation is called for to navigate these times as I’ve been saying since early 2019. I’ve been made to bite into my own words many times since then but I do find it still holds true especially on the toughest of days of this expansion process. And we had some really rough ones this week! Well done us . 

I wish you a wholly restorative time ahead and if the intensity continues for us, well then that’s what we will take on together. 

As it has been such an intense week it is my intention to use the Healing circle on Monday noon to channel assimilation, integration, absorption and digestion and grounding for whoever gathers. Even if you haven’t been on the ascension timelines I’ve been describing this week - this type of healing is beneficial for any processes you may be going through in your spiritual practice and every day life journey. Welcome. 

In love, Mithila


26.01.23 Energy Update 

Oceanic Templates 

Beloveds, when I slowly emerged from this days energy work I saw this beautiful sunset settling over the horizon. It has been an epic day for me on the earth upgrade project and I’m still trying to find the way to rechord todays downloads.

In terms of symptoms yesterday evening was again on high with crown activations and resulting drugginess and after waking up this morning it continued with heart activations.

I had to go very deep beneath the surface of the symptoms today to read the energy signature I was being asked to anchor and witness.

- in the New Moon Portal we were told that the codes for awakening the Galactic chakras and the Vast Cosmic Heart chakra was now enabled in the Collective/Mass Consciousness Field. Exciting news for the multi dimensionality expansion of consciousness for the 5D Gaia. The consequences of this I’m sure we will witness during 2023. 

Today I was called to witness another type of anchoring of Codes through the Heart Space. It was again new layers of templates for Gaia Golden Age gridding into the Consciousness Field of the planet. That was one aspect of the Codes and those of us who were the embodied beings who needed to receive and anchor might have felt like me today - completely immobile and desirous of deep silence and solitude to do this job. For me it was the whole day. During that process I also saw:

Oceanic templates. Awakening of dormant oceanic DNA (?) codes that will rejuvenate the oceans of The Gaia planet. As I was taken on a deep and silent dive into the oceans I was also shown the borders to Hollow Earth which seemed to me to signify that at the moment there is an Oceanic activation happening in the Earth Upgrade Process, the Hollow Earth borders and Beings are touched by this activation, Mother Earth will rejuvenate Her waters through this process assisted by Her Galactic Family and those on Earth assigned to holding the Water Templates and healing to restore the Oceans to its pristine states. Just as we the Humans are being restored to our Pristine Templates so too is the Planet in this transformation of Galactic proportions. What a world, what a time. 

Cont in comments…


Be the Baddie - Be Boundaried

Beloveds, in my own perceptions of the energy of the last few weeks I have seen an energy, light codes, coming in through the new moon portal that assists us in setting boundaries. I noticed this in my personal process, in people around me going through this and I was called in to do a Collective energy job to clear the karmic negativity created by situations where people, situations, countries boundaries have been crossed in an unhealthy way. 

Have you also been dealing with an uprise in the need to set healthy boundaries in your life ? Perhaps you have been picking up on this energy influence that’s been in the air the past few weeks?

It is not other people who are responsible for honoring our boundaries. We ourselves have to honor and set our boundaries when we feel our interactions with people and situations becomes unhealthy for ourselves. 

Often times when we set a boundary in a situation or towards a person where we had not had one before, the other party is likely to consider this very rude, unhealthy, unnecessary etc, etc and you are likely to be judged harshly and labeled the “baddie”. 

Your setting a boundary for your own health and well being may cause you to be known as the “bad person” from then on in the eyes of others on the other side of that boundary. Not everyone will accept or respect your needs to setting your boundary. 

Sometimes we have to be the “baddie” to be healthy and boundaried. And in those situations I say to myself 

“Be the baddie Mithi, be the baddie, and be free!” 

You know what I mean? Be the baddie and be boundaried! As the Galactic Guides showed us in the trance mission last Sunday, the more we expand our consciousness and sense ability the more clear our boundaries need to be. We need to be patient with ourselves in those areas where we haven’t yet mastered our energy towards people or situations in a healthy way, and be brave to be labeled the baddie when it supports our health and well-being to set boundaries that assist our journey towards mastery. 

Healthy Boundaries are an integral part of our Sovereignty as a Being. Only you can know what is healthy for you. 

In Love/ M 

25.01.23 Energy Update 

Etheric Surgery 

Beloveds, how are you doing? I don’t normally give a play by play of the energy updates daily like I’ve been doing this week but hey ho going with the flow. 

Normally I would just say there has been intense, or moderate, or mild, or no energy work during a week as a summary at the end of a phase, but what I mean by “energy work” are the type of things I’ve been writing about this week. 

It varies greatly both personally and collectively even though we can see general themes in the energy influxes and the affects of it on our beings as a group of Beings in the upgrade process. 

Yesterday after my post, I had a few hours of blissful break from all activations during which I enjoyed a walk. 

Soon I had both Crown and Heart activations moderately all evening. 

I barely had a chance to start my day this morning before I was drawn into another kind of energy work. Now I can say that it was an etheric surgery experience. 

Area worked on was back of the heart / from shoulder blade area to base of the neck.  

When these surgeries happen I usually experience it as follows:

- the world around me goes quiet and distant 

- I have to lie down and relax myself and be very still 

- I cannot speak or function in a normal 3D way 

- I experience sensations that something big is going on - it usually feels very delicate and massive at the same time 

- I feel sheltered and safe 

- when the actual reconfigurations are happening in the ether I experienced intense restlessness, agitation on my ether field, it’s disturbing and very difficult to stay in, and I breathe deeply to master it and wait it out until the work is done (often by my spiritual team and others who are called in to help but mostly by the Light Codes themselves as far as I can tell from these experiences so far)

- after some time (several hours in today’s case) I start to feel I’m returning from the type of anaesthesia I was under and that I’m slowly back in function in 3D

- like in a physical surgery there is a convalescent time after that which may take hours or days depending on, but it’s all a lot faster than a physical surgery processpastedGraphic.png.

All for now / In Love 


24.01.23 Energy Update 

Today I woke up feeling much better for it but soon ( around 11/12 noon Sweden local time )…I became intensely affected again…

 (I refer affectionately to this state as “affectated” just to distinguish between what is upgrade related and what is not pastedGraphic.png)

…and I stopped resisting it and “trying to do something else” and instead released deeply into it in relaxation/sleep and went into a very blissful state of rest for quite some time. 

It was beautifully peaceful. I find these states are very healing and help the ascension process greatly. They are indeed part of the process to integrace, to receive deep inner knowing and guidance, to activate dormant codes and more…

I recommend valuing this type of rest / sleep for those affectated pastedGraphic.png ( and if no other medical condition persists).

After yesterday’s post I can report that there was intense purging after the activations of yesterday afternoon - stuff processes through the full healing cycle at rapid speeds these days so let’s realize that the speed is helping us along but it is also an extreme challenge for the Being on all levels. 

Perhaps you felt extremely prickly, irritable, outraged, anxious etc etc. Try and see these “undesirable emotions” as something being released rather than something of the now. It is old and it’s on its way out. That’s the purge. When we can step away from identifying with the emotion and see it as a necessary part of the upgrade, of simply energy that needs to be released and transmuted as the personal energy field ( and collective if you are part of the Light workers assigned to this type of work ) goes up in light levels. Something has to give for us to be able to hold the higher light and the releasing energy is part of the make up of what we need to let go of. Yes - what I’m writing here is a very general description of the process, specifically for those on the ascension timelines and experiencing the symptoms, but it can and does apply to other spiritual and healing experiences too. It also can be totally inapplicable to your situation and if so you will need to dig deeper as to why you have the above emotional symptoms given in this example.


23.01.23 Crown πŸ‘‘ Chakra Energy Update 

Beloveds, again I’m taking some time off from “work” until my next online event  - but just stopping by here to say that there was an unusually strong activation and downloads to the Crown Chakra today in the ascension timelines - around 2 pm Sweden local time. This is a common occurrence and I don’t report all of the ones I experience but I felt today’s one was worth mentioning. Maybe someone out there needed to hear thisπŸ™ŒπŸ½.
Around the same time yesterday - I was doing a big energy clearing job for a few hours - one I was also called in on ( not planned on my end ). This stuff is wild.
Our channelled new moon portal gathering gave us insights and tools that I’ve been applying already today πŸ™πŸΎ
Here’s a typical scenario I experience: 
I had spent this morning with unusually little “energy work and hardly no symptoms” going on and managed to get some much needed business banking work done. 
Around 2 pm I had to double quick lie down and was under download for the most part of 2 hours. This means a migraine like pressure to be fair πŸ€― and you just have to relax as much as you can and I find lying down flat helps. No I’m not sitting like a πŸ§˜πŸ½‍♀️ yogi during these. I refer to this state as horizontal and that’s how I weather them. 
I have no idea what the time is now but this is today’s energy update in case it helps anyone else navigate the weirdπŸ˜…
Ok over and out for now. Good luck with the upgrade and the Light is with you.
With love, Mithila 
22.01.23 New Moon Portal Summary
Beloveds, this new moon portal has brought in an intense lift of the light code activations ( I know I keep saying that but it’s the times we are in so I reckon I’m going to have to keep saying this for awhile…), and today’s gathering revealed deeper information about the type of codes and activations.
Firstly the GFL gave us a long and useful talk about the current world situation. How to stay the course and hold the vision of the Golden Age Gaia.
Very “pleasing and hopeful” in their own words described the vibe of the transmission which came accompanied with their message. I am several transcripts in backlog at the moment for past many events so I don’t know when I’ll be ready with this one but it’s worth waiting for πŸŒŸ 
In part 2 we received Light Language for Crown to Galaxy Star Chakra ( my own terminology) improved communication and Vast Cosmic Heart Space Heart Center Expansion of Boundaries and setting of healthy boundaries within that expansion.
We continued to receive energy work for setting boundaries ( a theme I’ve noticed recurring this week in my own Light Work associated with this new moon portal. I will write more on that soon.)
A beautiful energy medicine we can use for quick and easy activation of healthy boundaries in a crisis was received. 
We ended with the usual grounding trance mission. 
I had a big and rather heavy energy work job just hours before the channel and I was tired by days of portal activity but somehow I felt light and easy about our 2 hour gathering and indeed it was Light Work in all its meaning. Thank you to all who participatedπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’–
In Love, Kara

20.01.2023 Energy Update for the New Moon Portal

The New Moon Portal is open and the energies are once again (on my readings) bringing in Crown Activations only a few days after intense Heart Center Activations.

If you feel you are affected by the ascension energy you might find that you are sleeping/needing sleep more or less than usual, you have emotions you don't recognise as your usual modus, you have physical sensations that are not your usual, your having more or less energy feels unusual to you, in general you feel that things are different to how you recognise yourself normally. If you have no medical reasons for these vibes then it is likely that you are in the Earth Upgrade Ascension timelines.

If you have been having these symptoms /changes since 2012, and/or since 2017/2018 and or 2020 it is very likely that you are on or have been on the Earth Upgrade Ascension Timelines.

I also noticed an ascension timeline come online in Spring 2022.


You can read more about my findings on this page.


18.01.2023 Energy Update 

Huge Heart Activity days
I’m on holiday this week but I felt today I needed to still come on and make a report about the earth energy project activations this week. It might be personal ascension symptoms or it might be general so here is what I’m in.
Since a few days back the intensity of head and crown chakra activations described in my previous update reduced and Heart Center activations went right up. As usual it starts with the feeling of a pressure, like a friendly giant is sitting on your chest. I read that as the light codes affecting the being and the energy center changes it brings and we feel it as the pressure or being pinned down through the heart.
The next stage ( which I’m in today) is the whole area becomes very expansive and vulnerable feeling - like it’s not quite together or integrated into the rest of your body and it’s very fragile but also very big and free. 
In each of these stages I’ve sensed that other related symptoms are: shoulder neck aches, arms and fingers aches and other things, breathlessness ( even when not moving fast ), unable to move fast or do anything fast, having to slow down greatly in every way, difficulty speaking (breathless), breathing is not difficult but it feels different and slow, the physical heart may also show signs of rapid heart beats and other speed and rhythm changes during these activations.
If you have any doubt on medical reasons for your symptoms then rule that out first. If it’s not medical it could well be what I’m describing here as we are many who are sensing and experiencing the accelerated expansion and the demanding and challenging physical being and process it takes us through as we shift consciousness. 
We are in the days that open the New Moon Portal. I will be channeling it live with my Guides and myself as Kara on the 22nd.
In Love, Mithila 


14.1.2023 Energy Update  

Beloveds, who’s fried ? 
My goodness the speed at which things are being processed right now πŸ˜…with the assistance and timing of the incoming energies and timeline is like a wild fire. 
You might find that situations arise and you process it super fast in your thoughts and emotions, at speeds that are unprecedented, exhausting but also a fiery positive ride. You might not sleep because a process wants to work it’s way through quickly. There’s a push to get to the other side of certain situations to create and quickly the new timeline opportunities.
Speaking of fire the kundalini energy activation is on fire these days too and that might be something you are also sensing dear ones. Pulsations/ pressure or other signals in the root and sacral chakras. A feeling of more heat in your being in general. Very fiery and hot energies is what I’m reading. Is it so for you too?
Other upgrade symptoms ( for me it’s been daily since the full moon…) are all the head and face related symptoms especially ears, mouth and eyes. 
All sorts of weirdness going on there as the activations layer into the being. 
Cooked and fried sums it up but also a very empowering vibe despite the intensity. Hydration is key. Baths can help. Being helps. That’s my experience this week.
The other day some friends and I connected on the need of more laughter through all the very serious processes that are happening personally and collectively and we / I have been laughing my head off at my upgrade symptoms, at the intensity of being right now, at the processes that I’m going through and just changing the patterns of response in me by laughing where I hadn’t considered it possible or “appropriate”. 
It has helped so much. Laughter down into the soles and toes, through the pelvic floor. We may need to laugh where it’s “inappropriate” to do so in order to shake ourselves, “shaking with laughter”, into new perspectives on old entanglements or “very serious” issues. 
Wishing you a great big laugh and maybe I’ll see you on the healing circle tomorrow. Laughter is such an excellent energy medicine! Let’s laugh together.
In love and laughter, Mithila 
p.s Also heart chakra activations 

10.1.2023 Solar flare image 

Beautiful isn’t it ?

It tickles me that the report shows that a X1.9 solar flare happened on the 1.9 ( 9th of January ). pastedGraphic.png 

Information is from the space newsletter. 

In the Earth Upgrade project there is a correlation behind the heightened activity of the Sun, the geomagnetic storms it causes on planet earth and the energetic affect on human beingness. 

Solar activity (sun spots, winds, flares and more ) has increased in past few years and continues to do so.

What triggers these changes in the Sun? 

What science says about this I yet do not know in depth but According to what I’ve understood from my own and other people’s channeling ( from Galactic/higher dimensional communication ) about the Earth Upgrade: the Great Central Sun is involved - in other words Source, a Most High Light aspect of God Source. All part of an galactic evolutionary process that evolves consciousness into new dimensionality experiences. Earth being a major part of that Galactic change. I hesitate to say more about this until I know more, but there are those who have spoken of this many years ago and many who are documenting this right now as I write. 

In spiritual science the Being that is the Sun has an enormous impact on our consciousness evolution and Light Levels. For example in yoga practice there are many mantras, rituals and ceremonies connecting to the energy of the Sun, Sun deities, Solar Beings and Sun Activations and Expansion of Consciousness.

It’s not for nothing that so many ancient cultures worked consciously and devotedly with their Sun to elevate themselves. What might now be judged as primitive practices might reveal themselves to be deep inner energy work / light work that allowed people to awaken their consciousness, their galactic communication and live in harmony with the planet. I feel that a lot of this lost knowledge is under deep retrieval and revival as we upgrade. 


On my gatherings we take each month step by step through the multi-dimensional awakening experience - each individual where they are in their own process (including myself) - and the Collective Light Work to support the shift of consciousness globally.


6-9/1     Full Moon Portal Summary  

Transcripts for January

Today we had the most lovely messengers - Unicorns - guiding us through Third eye activations, transmitting light and light language from their Being, guiding and informing on subjects of multi dimensionality, nature and the multitudes of creation.

The Diamond light codes dominated the energy, both with the Unicorn 3rd eye transmission and the energy medicine of these codes worked in such a way today that it was aligning and realigning the Ante Kharana and working on the back Heart energy field and the Heart Field before grounding into the Crystalline grid.

 After this high note vibration transmission we took a break to absorb.

When I tuned into part 2, the channel was satisfied with this exchange after we rounded off summarizing the learnings from today’s trance medium communications. It was and is a potent Portal indeed. Thank you all for your presence.

In Love, Kara

Later that same day…


Dark vs Light 

This pic is me straight after a 1.5 hour energy job for the earth upgrade project. It was truly one of the weirdest jobs I’ve had yet and though I cannot be overly sure about multi D experiences this is what I could see and sense on this job. 

- it had to do with the 11.1 gateway and it was a type of gate keeper task ( so far so good as that is familiar to me by now )

- it had to do with the removal and/or blocking and preventing of dark/corrupt and mutated reptilian energy influence ( so weird experience and energy, I can’t begin to describe this )

- it was and/or a blocking of negative forces entering through this gateway and / or removing of the (last? pastedGraphic.png ) strands of negative reptilian influence on the human consciousness field (that caused this Kali Yuga?) as part of the ongoing consciousness shift project for Golden Age

- it was a nasty business to witness the vibe of it as well as to be part of the team healing and transmuting the energy. Needless to say I had to throw everything I’ve got at it but it was primarily done through sound and mudras (light languages) and I had to experiment as I went along…securing my own boundaries and yet allowing the work to unfold organically was a tough call and then holding myself to the Light alignment to transmute the energy was a tight rope 

- this all happened during a bath as often times I feel called to take a bath when a lot of deep energy work needs to happen (both personal lineage and collective light work)  and I feel the water element assists me and also buffers me in the process, the acoustics are also impressive in the small space!!

- I did not feel it was a personal attack or anything of the sort, it really felt like a collective job/light work at this point in the timeline and a reflection of the dark versus light battle in the dimensions affecting earth and humanity, and it felt like (as per usual during this process ) I was both a witness for the rechord as well as to do the job (and thankfully not alone).

- the actual process I cannot describe as it went from moment to moment intuitively and through many phases but I had a huge pressure all day before this took place. This pressure on my being I recognize as a typical indicator that a multi D job is in the works or even happening simultaneously in the background and when I bring it to the foreground the pressure then releases after the job is done.  

After this job, crashed on the couch, I was super tired all evening and ate and slept gratefully (but not as tired as would be expected) and the pressure I had felt all day (which only paused during the lovely channeled meditation gathering for the lunar portal) was released. And that’s also a common experience in these multi D jobs. There’s a pressure and then it’s released once I’ve gone into it and done the job 

- This was one for the rechords for sure - one of the weirdest and most disturbing jobs I’ve done yet and indicative of so much happening in the unseen/behind the scenes of aspects of our current human experience. 

- from Unicorns of Light to Dark Reptilians in the space of an afternoon, multi D is a wild wild ride

I am looking forward to what I hope will be a Q U I E T day today !

Wishing us all victorious of light vs dark in our work and personal battles. It all adds up to the bigger picture of our collective consciousness expansion story. Onwards!

In Love, Kara 


9.1.2023 U N I C O R N energy emergence
Beloveds, look at this moon! Last night I was moon bathing yet again ( not voluntarily as I was so affected with upgrade symptoms and the power and pull of this moon I had no choice πŸ˜‚), but just look at how beautiful she is. And all the other little orbs of light captured here with their beauty.
During the evening before sleep I had head splitting chakra activations and in a trance state I did meet some beautiful beings - unicorns πŸ¦„. I have not had much experience with this realm of beings in the past, only a handful of encounters and most clearly in connection to channels I’ve done for clients - so it was not a personal experience. Yesterday evening was personal. Having said that I am not sure if this unicorn energy is related to this full moon / earth upgrade timeline. Or whether it is my personal multi D awakening next step.

- it was a unicorn with a Diamond Light Crystal light horn
- it pierced my 3rd eye with its horn and we merged and were forehead to forehead for awhile which completely eased and soothed my head splitting energy experience which is also how I knew I had seen/sensed the energy accurately
- it was shimmering beauty around the herd that I saw - just very lovely
- I also had an Inner Unicorn emerging as I morphed into a unicorn during this experience
- I sensed that these unicorns were of a 9D - Christed Light energy unicorns. As I said I know very little about this realm of beings so I don’t yet know details - to be discovered in future connections or through study.

- I also heard the light language of these particule creatures or herd. Heard / herd πŸ˜‚

I have not necessarily been drawn to this realm in the past / even though I think it’s a beautiful magical realm of beings / so I was surprised to have this direct encounter happen as part of my expansion process. I thank these gorgeous creatures for their visit and introduction and I look forward to future encounters.

With this shimmering full moon - I can totally see how these glowing beings might be dancing around in woods and fields basking in the moonlight and shining their effervescent luminosity.

In Love, Kara Mithila


8.1.2023 January 8th energy update 
I had set the date today to return to office after taking some time off from teaching, clients and office admin. The earth upgrade project does not go on holiday as we all know by now πŸ˜† and I had no time off during Christmas week but had lots of time off from energy work in the start of the new year. Today on my return to office I’m finding the Full Moon that just bloomed is flooring me with energy activations, anchoring and gridding work and heralding in another wave of Light Codes. 
Mamma Mia it is so intenso today ( for me - how are you doing? ). I’m feeling all of the usual Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakra ignitions on full blast. Specifically feeling the bones of the face and base of the teeth aching from the activity reception. Finding myself doing the Lions Pose facial yoga, tapping the skull and face, working with the Akashic Mudra to disseminate the energy through my field and also resting in savasana with deep breathing and being being being.
Hydration is as always super important and quietly tuning into the energy I find that I read 
Diamond White Light Codes ( as we have learnt from the Galactics that this is common on full moons ) with their heightened brilliance and sharpness feels a bit like pins and needles through the auric field.
Today being the 8th there is also in the mix another levelling up of our ability to reside in infinite abundance codes.
In the last week I have witnessed another surge of family and ancestral karmic healing energy activations for the movement into new and higher timelines for individuals as well as elevating soul family units and connections.
That’s all for now folks. I wish you well in the bathing, absorbing and integracing of the full moon light and this particular time in the earth ascension process. Light Workers I’m using these mantras to assist me in handling the intenso experience of these current codes and downloads and expansion symptoms:
I AM the Diamond White Light of Christ 
I anchor these energies with ease
I upgrace with ease
I receive divine downloads with ease
I align and ground with ease
I Am I Am I Am
I AM Here
Don’t forget to say “ Thank You” and surrender to the needs of the process, remembering that this is a journey and not only a destination of the 5th Dimension. May your work flow smoothly.
I will run my live channel for this full moon Monday 9th at noon πŸ•› Sweden time.
In Love,


1.1.2023 has begun pastedGraphic.png



Transcripts for January

1/1 Gateway summary…

I felt for some old school glamour with Galactic vibes to be the right dress code for today’s 1/1 Event and it was sure worth dressing up for. 

We received some channeled guided meditations and energy medicine to close the door on the old Year and walk into the new. 

We chose to keep or drop certain threads of energy lingering from 2022 that needed continuation in 2023.

We opened to view the new year and all its potential and possibilities. We heard Teachings about numerology, energy and 1 / oneness.

We were guided in a ceremony for our new year, enhancing each individuals primary personal intention with the energy of the 1/1 beginning seed, power to allow the intention to have vitality throughout this year and serve our highest good. 

We heard empowering and uplifting messages about the opportunities, Timelines, choices open to each of us as we enter the Golden Age timeline of 2023.

The GFL Pleaidian perspective took us through a whimsical guided meditation about creating a Light World. The best bit was to carry the pastedGraphic.png in our hearts and hands instead of our shoulders. Don’t use the shoulders pastedGraphic.png

It was truly delightful and by the end of the meditation when we were in 3 rd eye practice guided to meditate with the primary colours, when the grounding transmission was complete everyone was in a deep state of meditation or relaxation and we left the call so everyone could continue to rest in their own experience. This also meant that I could not impart the channeled meaning of the primary colors but I’m sure that teaching will come through at another time.

Here we are. With the whole world in our hearts and we in the world. 

Happy New Light Year and may the highest good unfold. 

What a great start to this Galactic New Year !

In love, Kara


30.12.2022 Nov/Dec 2022 retrospective energy update 

Beloveds, what can I say about these two months. They have been so light-work intense that I even forgot to write a retro for November and haven’t had a chance to catch my breath to update on all the recent symptoms and affect of the space weather and galactic waves storming into our systems for this outrageous dimensional expansion next level since 1111 of 2022.

All through the Christmas days (as peaceful as they were) I was bedridden with my personal upgrade and if I look back, only 1 or 2 days stand out in the calendar of November and December as being somewhat re-cognizable as an “ordinary day”. All else has been handling the light code upgrades, ascension and descension symptoms and what have you to do with this multi dimensional accelerated expansion process. Not everyone goes through these intense timelines and I’m happy for you if you are cruising along with the greatest of ease right now but this update is for those for whom this resonates now or in the future timelines.

I would sum it up as this. Most days in the last two months and especially for me personally in December and all through Christmas has been / continues to be like:


  • being drugged, hungover and having an intense burnout all at once and for no physical reason that validates that experience
  • That is the light code activation and/or purging symptoms. 
  • Then there can be above and beyond the above other purging symptoms mental/emotional and physical. 
  • Add to that the super natural and psychic experiences that become available and you have an intense galactic energy cocktail working through your being on multiple layers and on all fronts. 

I kid you not. My own experience has been so intense that most days I cannot function at all - surrendering to the process is the only option and applying all previously stated methods to relax deeply into the process as in past posts. 

Then suddenly there are days of intense release and the symptoms lift off and it’s like it never happened. Like it never happened. Until it does again. 

Even with these two plus years of experience of this energy roller coaster I am still so surprised and stumble on the complete demand of this process on all available energy ounces of my being and also the incredible journey it signifies. I cannot wrap my mind around it and I do believe that is the point.

Etheric surgery being performed on you, you yourself doing known and un-known light work, light codes anchoring and gridding, personal clearing and cleaning of timelines, collective light work and I could go on in the list of what I know to be some of the things happening in these upgrades. And there is much that I have no clue yet of what it is, why it is, who it is and for whom it is. So much that is beyond grasp. Even so the experience in the here and now is as tangible as can be. You really cannot move, ultra slow motion is required to allow the body to acclimate to the new speeds of Light vibration entering your being, you will need hydration and deep rest at unprecedented levels for someone who is not ill, you will not be able to function in the normal every day world or interact with it at times to any degree, a bubble within a bubble and yet when the bubble bursts you are in a new world, at astonishing rates of return even if the process feels long and never ending whilst in it. 

"Naturally we have to look after ourselves dearly through these incredible seismic shifts. Call on your spiritual family ( here and in spirit) to assist you. Check in with those in the know or in similar experiences to anchor your own wild ride into something tangible that can provide support. This isn’t always easy. Continue to be patient with the unknown now and ahead. Trust that this cannot be any other way than exactly how it is."

 These words I write are my own reminders to myself when:

The head is fuggy, achy, exhausted, activated in energy reception, eyes tired and sight shifting, ears ringing or blocked, jaws and teeth aching, bones of the face sore, neck and shoulders pains, body being light one day and heavy sluggish another, pressure over the heart centre or other chakras, not being able to move at all and then being incredibly restless, limbs and muscles feeling like rubber or just tingly and weird, sleeping all night and most days and then not being able to sleep, being intensely hungry and then not, needing hydration and ridiculous amounts of rest/stillness, digestive issues, heart rate shifts and a general feeling of losing time and space (just to mention some of my own recent symptoms, there are surely more and others).

Feeling deep and incredible healing of past and present issues, weird and wonderful psychic experiences, clarity and realisations beyond time and space, moments of intense bliss, deep peace, all the “claires” awakening, and more multidimensional-ness are also part of the experience (just to mention some of my own recent experiences, there are surely more and others).

Well, when I put it that way it all sounds absolutely wacky. I promise you, though I enjoy a glass of good wine, none of this is induced by my doing any spiritual practice or by psychedelics/drugs of any sort. It just is happening (at least for me personally since 2020 in full affect and 2 years in milder affect prior to that). In fact my personal sadhana has to be kept extremely light and fluid now for me not to experience overload of spiritual energy and nervous system burnout due to the external to internal change I am receiving from the upgrade process. Again a big subject that I cannot get into the necessary details of here, but my point is that it should not be believed that intense spiritual practice (or lack thereof) is the reason for these dramatic changes (though it can be) and receiving the upgrade or being greatly affected by the upgrade. As far as I can tell it is not dependent on that at all. It has more to do with your personal timelines, soul contracts and jobs in the upcoming timelines. 

But underneath all the unfathomable day to day reality of the experience there is also a deeper knowing that this is all for good reason. If you don’t have that knowing make sure you get help and check ups to assure yourself that your symptoms are not medical issues.

I repeat that the accelerated expansion is a wellness - not an illness. Though we can never predict certainty on how things turn out in the long run no matter what we are going through or doing in life, while we are in this intense and truly at times tough and rough journey we do need to know that we are moving in the Light direction no matter when or where the story ends. In the now moment you need to know that you are (in) the Light, a knowing that you are going through a metamorphosis, personal absolutely, but also of a new Golden Age. 

Stay true to yourself, be patient, develop your trust and sovereign connection to Source God and relax as much as you can. Does a full time upgrade process have social and economic consequences on my life? Yes absolutely. I will write more on that subject as soon as I can. 

This process is not easy but we can be easy about it. I find there is no other way to enjoy this challenging and demanding process of change and growth. All my love to you beloved Light Worker. See you soon in 2023. With Galactic Love, Mithila



22.12.2022 New Moon Channel Summary

Transcripts for December

Many new moments this new moon channel and some threads woven from the Solstice into today’s energy tapestry that showed us a picture of:

πŸ’– The Heart of Christ Consciousness and the thread of connection to
πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³Kwan Yin - very special to channel this beautiful Buddha Master Goddess Kwan Yin for the first time - I declare Her welcome back. She guided us through a Diamond Kwan Yin 3rd eye activation to awaken the connection to mysticism, mystic realms in all their forms such as wizards, seers, unicorns etc
πŸ”₯ the feminine fire energy rising was another thread also drawn towards mother earth and
🌌 a galactic federation comm on there being no shortage of energy and further explanations on this subject. A great and humorous but also to the point reminder to use the “in house” resource to energy mastery - Mother Earth Herself as Teacher and Guide to all energy resources problems in life - She being a Master of rejuvenation and longevity and resourcefulness.

We ended with a beautiful prayer blessing for the holy days ahead and my own thanks giving to the group and all who assisted today’s journey.

In Love, Kara

21.12.2022 Winter Solstice Summary

Transcripts for December
Beloveds, what a blessing to be with you to make conscious the Solstice Gateway of 🌍.

❄️ after welcoming a new face to our gathering the channel today opened right on the subject of the Equinox, with memories of its significance to the season, the planet and the cosmos.
πŸ’¦ 🌍 πŸ’¨ πŸ”₯we were taken on an elemental energy awakening through some “new to us” light language and energy medicine. A reconnecting to lost knowing and innate knowing of the elements, their role in the equinoxes and the energy that is being generated from and for the planet each solstice Gateway for the next phase/season to manifest destruction and rebirth. Elemental energy, realm and beings was the focus of the trance mission.
πŸ’Œ a message on the interconnectedness of humanity and earth, how healing is created through rebalancing and rechording to our natural and seasonal rhythms ( transcribed later on on the diary)
🌌 after the break a beautiful alignment meditation that tapped us into the current cosmic event of the Great Galactic Center, Great Central Sun, Galactic Sun, and our Earth through our own being, to receive this brilliant Light illumination to fuel our aura and days ahead. It was magnificent.
πŸ‘ΌπŸ½ as we were absorbing this energy an Angelic Seraphim light came through and we ended the channel today with my drawing that Angelic light into our auric fields and into our homes for the holy days ahead, for ourselves and all who enter our homes.
πŸ™πŸΎwith these light blessings and my personal prayers of gratitude to all involved we ended today’s session.

Funny moments: at one point I said “to end the transmission today…” and before I could finish my sentence zoom shut down and I had to restart the meeting ( haha words have power πŸ˜† ) and also I specifically announced today as a gift from me to you ( it was a seasonal gift to my community of clients and practitioners, and spiritual family) and indeed my Galactic Guides took it literally and they did not join today’s session at all🀣. It was all channeled by me directly as Kara priestess of the Golden Ray and my Higher Self. My gratitude to all involved in today’s transmission.

In Love, Kara

12:12 Stellar Gateway Activation and Self-Mastery Meditation Summary

Transcripts for December

Today’s journey πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸ’› I am so grateful to be able to give and receive so much from these channelled gatherings even when I feel so wiped out myself by the high vibe light levelling up of last few weeks upgrade energies. Phew πŸ˜…

- it was rewarding to have the sweet taste of Inner Calm energy transmission open the channel today

- GFL teachings on the relationship between Inner Calm and high self mastery, how to approach situations where we lose our calm and how to actively consciously work to heal ourselves into mastery - πŸ’₯ it was GOOD!

After the chat and break:

πŸ’«a truly crisp star light energy transmission and message from new Guides speaking and moving us through 12 Chakra activation and Stellar Gateway Light Code activation for Galactic Origin, StarSeed origin and multi dimensional awakening. This a typical and reoccurring theme in our sessions but today a notably different step in this subject as well as type of light code and light language that came with it. Crisply high in frequency followed by a grounding and anchoring.

I closed today’s session with heartfelt prayers from my Higher Self Heart Song.

Thank you all - now I will continue to sink into the druggy drowsy state of energy activations and integrations as there seems to be no pause in this process right now.

See you soon - perhaps on Wednesdays third eye chakra workshop ?

In love, Kara


11.12.2022 Solar Activations Symptoms Update

Beloveds, it’s been an intense week of upgrade energy (solar, lunar, cosmic waves) and anchoring of new Light Codes.

Personally I’ve had:

Intense πŸ‘‘ chakra activations with all accompanying, brain, head, facial features and ears going through massive change - again.

Huge heart center activations where I’ve mostly been in the “light anchoring” job mode through the heart space ( as usual, see older posts on symptoms).

After several days of energy body shifts today I feel it mostly in the physical body - integracing the affects but there is still the “hungover” feeling of the activations ongoing.

I have been approaching this as usual through lots of horisontal πŸ›Œ being, stillness, hydration, gratitude and doing my best to relax through the discomfort of expansion. It has not been comfortable. Though movement is second nature to me I cannot move through these states, for me it is stillness that is needed.

But then I remember that this is one of many loops of upgrade over the past 3 years. Each one has brought massive personal and collective shifts towards the Golden Age and 5th Dimensional Being. My multi-dimensional abilities awakening have leapt through the roof and I am able to live life in a different frequency than ever before. Age old karmas have dissolved and healed. Just this week I had the biggest energy blocks in my current lifetime dissolve completely as I stepped into a new timeline. Healing happens and is possible just as I have always believed. I am so happy to rechord this event.

I still need to take a lot of time for my own process but when I can work with and for clients - my ability to assist as a spiritual guide and energy worker is also enhanced by each loop of these upgrades. I notice skills, tools, abilities, gifts awaken and come online. Yet it takes ( in my case ) all my energy to be in this upgrade when the activations are on and coursing through our dear human vessels. To accept that as “the job” still trips me up some times and I remind myself: to say thank you for the discomfort, the energy and time it takes, the sacrifices made to experience the gift of consciousness expansion that the planetary shift is bringing. In fact I remind myself that this is a short time to go through such tremendous shifts. It is greatly accelerated and it’s a blessing that it can happen in this way with so little “difficulty” to the human vessel. And so I rest, relax and receive another level of Light as best I possibly can. And this is what I wish for you too dear Light Worker. The ease of surrender to absorb and ground. / Mithila πŸ’›

Perhaps I’ll see you tomorrow as we tune in for the 12:12 gateway and the powerful light accelerations that are happening. I remember that the GFL mentioned on the last full moon channel that the golden age process has now gone into a new timeline shift itself. A significant new stage of the overall transit into the 5th - the Peace, Love, Unity and Harmony Consciousness. In Love, Kara



Transcripts update

On 1111 week channelled events we had some wonderful career counseling downloads from the GFL. I just finished transcribing those sessions ( linked on the diary via website ) and here is an extract.

“How do you know then what is your job in this time and in the time to come? You find the answer in your Heart Codes, you find the answer in your Heart Space. Many do not understand fully that what your heart desires is God's will. This is a truth that is not fully understood - what your heart desires is God's will. So when you deny yourself what your heart desires you deny God's will for you.”

“You might feel like you're losing your free will. We want you to understand that you are not losing your free will. We want you to understand that your hearts desire is getting stronger and as the heart desire gets stronger and your energy, your consciousness moves more through the Heart Space, there will be less tolerance for that which steps you away from your heart desire. It will be less tolerance because the energy of your heart, your heart purpose, your heart connection, your hearts desire, is strong. Do you see what we mean Dear Ones? Remember that your true hearts desire is God's will for you. Your job therefore is to follow your heart. It is nothing new Dear Ones, this is nothing new is it not? Only now the tolerance to step away from it will not be allowed. Do you see Dear Ones, do you see?”

“You emanate a unique Light into this world, let it shine, let it shine Dear Ones, let it shine, that is your job.

When you see the Radiant Beauty and Glory of your Heart Space there is no turning away from it, do you see what we mean Dear Ones? When you see the Radiance and Beauty and Glory of your Divine Heart, it is impossible to turn away from it.”

In Love and on behalf of the GFL

Link to transcripts from the 1111 week of events.



08.12.2022 Full Moon Channel summary

Transcripts for December

One of those channels that has me smiling unstoppably from the moment we begin 😊

🀩 such a joy, playful and abundant energy coming through from the GFL today tuned into the full moon and the 8th, infinite abundance codes and a very timely message on abundance, joy, the cup that runneth over, the Golden Light and how to stay abundant and thriving

β›ͺ️ at one point we were tapped in via myself Kara and the Golden Ray Temple of Ra abundance codes and activation of Golden Eye in third eye center with a golden elixir dripping down our spines! Whoa ✨

πŸ† Activation of both outer and inner abundance codes, the knowing of abundance.

Awesome verbal guidance on abundance, joy, multi dimensionality and moon phases and timelines both individual and collective, moving into Golden Age.

A wonderful new experience in the form of light language written in ether given as an individual transmission for everyone in the group. A very short and sweet moment one to one. The channel today started and ended with this etheric light language writings with the smoke.

Great talks on how to practically use what today’s energy brought our way.

We won’t forget those playful dragons πŸ‰ with their golden egg “football” game, playing abundance into our beings and their potent light language to activate inner dormant abundance codes.

(Video in next few days…)

Thank you all for a delightful evening meditation event and thank you to the gorgeous moon whom I am so activated by these days that sleep is scarce and energy downloads and anchoring in heaps and spades.

Channeling takes a lot and yes I am worn by it…but still smiling…

Hope to see you all again at the 12:12 Gateway in a few days.

In love,



27.11.22 How are you? πŸ’› 

It’s been a rather active upgrade energy week Beloveds since New Moon Portal. I’ve been sensing primarily Crown Chakra activation / Light Codes reception and I’ve had a bit of the Heart Activations as well. Others have reported far more Heart Center on their end. Accompanying energy symptoms in face and in arms, throat, etc as usual ( see previous posts on symptoms in my Channeled Diary on website ).

Again it depends on your own reception and timeline but if you are feeling out of sorts I can affirm that it can be the new Light Codes as I also sense a frequency shift again, a vibration tone is again higher, different this week than previous weeks Codes. This tends to happen when the previous levels have even integraced by us and we are ready to take on another frequency ( that’s often when I pick up on the info that the frequency has changed ). Over last few months this has been a common occurrence - that the frequency has become higher every 2-4 weeks.

Personally I haven’t had lots of symptoms this week but did need to rest, nap, drink more water etc but was also able to stay active and engage with everyday activities better than on other months and moments  of my upgrade. It ebbs and flows.

Happy to share that it can be so for all of those who are currently in deep throes of purging, clearing and cleaning up timelines and other heavy duty light work in your and/or collective field and have no room to even remember what not being “worked on and worked through” feels like. This too shall pass and we are still all in it ( naturally, speaking to those with whom these messages resonate as not everyone processes the upgrade similarly).

Wishing you a blessed Sunday and let me know if you want to join my Healing Circle on Wednesday noon on Zoom. 

In love, Kara


22.11.22 New Moon New Light

Nov 22, 2022 New Moon Transcript

Just came out of the beautiful daytime channel for the 22.11.22 gateway and New Moon Portal and there was so much newness today.

New Light Language prayers that I haven’t heard through me before - even in English ( video perhaps to be uploaded later ), and stunning Galactic messages of the Diamond White Light and Christ Light Codes, imagery of a chain of heart links that are connected to one another as well as up into the Divine Heart - how each hearts connection to the Higher Heart and Divine Heart strengthens the whole chain of links in the Heart Center Energy Unified Consciousness Field. More when the transcripts are ready as there was guidance about the Guardians of Gaia and how to act/balance ones energy if we are among those who feel the planet and feel the planetary and collective consciousness and are affected by it. Also a beautiful message about the Eternal and the Stars energy.

After this Galactic Heart Space Light Codes transmission into our hearts we took a break.

Upon return the Cosmic and Galactic Light Codes continued in the form of healing, with messages on the accessibility of Cosmic Energy into Collective Consciousness being at an all time high and how it is burning the Old Timelines that no longer serve or are harmful for the Collective.

We then received an Ante Kharana Energy alignment and grounding sequence followed.

In the time that followed we had a short but good chat about this and that from today’s transmission and now it’s time to continue digesting and absorbing πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜ƒ.

Thank You All Guides and Guests πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŒš 🌌
In Love, Kara


17.11.2022 Symptoms Update

Beloveds, ⬆️ some of the upcoming events and ⬇️ a short note on recent symptoms.

Yes the upgrade energy work continues and we continue to be affected with symptoms of ascension and descension and in-between states.

Some symptoms I’ve noticed Lately are the usual ones:

Crown and heart chakra activation symptoms like migraines/headaches/sensitive scalp/wooziness/hungover feeling/ and pressure on chest/huge expansion feeling in chest/emotional/vulnerable/being weepy easily by anything/(anxiety can also occur).

Solar plexus and digestive issues/clearing through digestion and lymph. You might be purging in other ways as well noticeable in body odour/ tongue and mouth hygiene.

Aside from the above “usual” symptoms some recent unusual ones have been:

Feeling a tingling vibration/shaking of hands/shaky feeling/pressure in ears/ blocked ears like when flying/ ringing intensely in ears/also any ear related balance and dizziness issues can arise as symptoms.

Kundalini energy has been strongly rising and activated recent weeks. You might notice this as root pressure / ache / sexual and/or creative energy activations / heat rising in the body and other “kundalini symptoms”.

I’m being brief here, giving a heads up to those who share the experience, but please research for yourself and always make sure you are not needing medical attention.

The upgrade is wellness not illness - and we are being called to navigate it by making changes in our lives that allow us to have ease during this process for however long it takes. Radical ease and revolutionary relaxation. Go within and listen for what you need.

My events can help both with activations, healing, integrations and grounding as many do report these results.

You do not need to be having upgrade symptoms or be strongly affected by the 5D timeline to benefit from these events.

Many symptoms are also extraordinarily positive. Since those are rarely problems I’m not focusing on that right now πŸ˜€in order to provide help where it’s needed!

Many participants do not go through the upgrade symptoms and they enjoy multidimensionality through these Channeled sessions.

In love, Kara


1111 Ascended Master Gateway channel summary ✨

Link to transcripts from the 1111 week of events.


I am actually having trouble remembering all the intricate energy codes that came through on today’s gathering and will have to refer to the future transcript for precision but off the top of my head ( which is funny cos that is where I receive and sense most of my channeling portal energy 🀣 )…

I rang in the number 11 and soon we were bathed in the blissful 1111 portal energy that I have been able to sense for a few days now. This meditation held us for a long time whilst the Galactic Guides presented a teaching on Ascensed Masters. Here I definitely will refer to the future transcript for the beautiful verbatim message.

Some specific guidance can through also for the members in the gathering regarding power spots in the world where Ascended Masters have walked and to follow the calling of the Soul to visit these places to connect to our Ascended Masters Lineages.

Christ White Light Codes and some Light Language Energy Medicine for 3rd Eye access to the Ascended Masters Portal and opening pathways to connect to Ascended Masters also did take place amidst all the guided messages.

After the break we were taken through Angelic Energy in the form of Guardian Angel Energy/Inner Child wounded wings healing energy medicine/Angelic Infinity β™Ύ Codes and watering of the Angel Seed Energy in ourselves. An Angel Realm LL Song and Choir frequency trance mission was our end note. After I grounded this trancemission we had a little chat about our 11:11 experience and closed as always with our gratitude prayers for The Guides, for the Ascended Masters, for the Angelic Realm and one another.

May this Light fill our well and then be shared with others so that others can find an oasis in us.

Thank you everyone for this blessed journey today.

Om Namah Shivaya.

In Love, Kara


9.11.2022 Galactic G A T E K E E P E R S

In this week where we received Career counselling by my Galactic Fed. Guides it’s fun to write about one of my new jobs since my accelerated expansion delivered a multi-dimensional awakening. I am a galactic gatekeeper and a portal priestess and as such have quite a bit “to do” around certain portals and gateways.

Today was such a day as I began being taken into trance state after waking up late this morning ( more on that on a separate energy update in next few days ). I hadn’t been up for long before I started to feel the familiar trance meditation energy  swipe over me. I lay down and made myself comfortable to journey into it and there I was in this gorgeous Galactic Space. Sometimes as a gatekeeper or portal priestess there is a lot of heavy lifting / energy work to do. Today was not such a day. Today I was only called to witness and what a thing to witness.

I was filled with Bliss in this Galactic Space Light, I sensed the 1111 Gateway Energies affirming the gateway is open and streaming out its vibes, and the beauty of the Love Light Energy of the Ascended Masters brought tears to my eyes, specifically in the the presence of Jesus and Mary Christ Consciousness energy and the Blue White Galactic Light I saw also represented the Pleiadian Star Cluster vibrations and the Lyran Energy was present there too. It was Divine. And I remembered yet again how wonderfully rich it is to live on Earth and have an Earthly Life that is intimately and consciously in connection with Spirit. Just Divine. I felt I didn’t get deeper into the channel in today’s trance but perhaps more will download before 11.11 or on the meditation on the 11th related to the above topics mentioned.

After this blissful hour I returned to my late breakfast and to some mantra practice before sitting to write this down.

I thank all who work as Gatekeepers and Portal Priests and Priestesses from this Dimension. What a “career choice”. We all have multidimensional job/career capacity in us but it might not be the job we are here to do in this time.

Regardless of what our job is - connecting it to the expanding consciousness of creation only makes “work“ more fun, adventurous, exciting and rewarding. I raise a toast to multi dimensionality and welcome you all to join the 1111 Galactic Gateway Channel on 11.11 at 11 am Sweden local time at €11 per ticket.


06.11.2022 Space W E A T H E R report

Beloveds, when space weather reports geomagnetic storms it takes about a few days before we feel it in our being. At least that is what I am seeing when I compare the Solar Flare activity / geomagnetic storm readings from space weather stations and how the experience / the light code plasma upgrades enter and affect our being over past year. I notice that it is a few days before we feel the full affect of the storm. Example: Nov 3rd there was a minor class geomagnetic storm recording that caused Auroras etc across the hemisphere. I recognized the upgrade symptoms of this storm most intensely on Friday Nov 4th evening and it lasted for 2-3 days in activity experience in my Being. Even though this was considered a minor storm we are also in the major influx of the 1-11 and the Full Moon portal energy passage and it’s incoming energies together with this geomagnetic storm are knocking some socks off!!!

For high sense-ables and/or anyone on the current ascension timelines receptive to these energies - this is a powerful cocktail of energy storming our systems right now. I for one can’t get out of horisontal πŸ›Œ posture: the head pressures, the heart center pressure activation and weird feeling limbs, tingling, and a whole host of other ascension symptoms can have you completely floored.

I am writing this to rechord the experience and to affirm what you might be going through. It is easy to forget that this is part of the ascension and not a negative experience. It challenges and changes our consciousness edges and that IS the expansion. It’s however not easy to weather. Take care. I’ve had many 5D bliss experiences during my accelerated expansion but I’ve also had a lot of just this what I’m describing here ⬆️.

Like all weather it passes. Now how to weather it with grace? Radical ease and revolutionary relaxation as always - but where I catch myself having the best experience in these storms is when I remember to say:

Thank You God, Thank You Divine Light. 

It’s easy to feel gratitude during the blissful and wanted and comfortable experiences of life. It’s harder and therefore also more profound to say thank you when the experience is not blissful, wanted or comfortable. But expansion doesn’t come without some discomfort - why? Because we are taken beyond our comfort zone and in the abyss that we need to step into to expand - we have to have faith that the ground will appear under our feet. If we say thank you as we look on the unknown it is easier to take the step and trust the new ground long before it appears under our feet. To say thank you in the face of perceived adversity brings blessings. That is my experience. So I am getting better and saying thank you as soon as I start to feel the symptoms affecting me in a way that I am drowned by the force of the changes, when I am not able to function or do as I want or wish to be able to because the exhaustion of the change is so much. Every time, every single time I remember to say Thank You in those moments, I have felt release and relief. This is what I know to be true. I hope it helps you to navigate these exhausting passages of expansion if and when they arise but also really in any challenging situation in life. 

When the new ground we stepped on to in faith has appeared at some point that too becomes comfortable and familiar and we will again be asked to take another step into the unknown. We expand in experiences and new consciousness but also deepen in our faith and trust. Intuition thrives in this environment. 


As I write this after the full moon portal I channeled earlier this evening I feel that the storm energies are integraced and that a new timeline is now here for me. Tomorrow will tell if my feeling is accurate. I am vibing with the full moon portal energies now and I feel far less exhausted as the geomagnetic storm vibe seems to have passed through me now bringing whatever new integracions that were carried in its winds. 

Wherever you are in it now in your own timeline, this too shall pass. Just say Thank You. With All of Your Being.


06.11.2022 Full Moon Channel Summary

Beloveds, what a fun night - thank you for all the love to each of you in the galactic ring tonight as well as the GFL Pleaidian Guides who spoke through the first hour and the stunning Dragon πŸ‰ guides who conducted part 2πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›

The GFL opened the evening with an hour long talk and active energy transmission / operation for career counseling! Yes career counseling - it was ALL about jobs, roles, the new timelines, changing of jobs, discovering the now purpose of the Soul, clearing confusion around Free Will and Thy Will, how the True Heart Desire is always God’s Will and the job is to follow Ones Heart Energy Consciousness Desire. Great talk and energy operations to assist the Heart Consciousness Expansion of this time.

After the break my Channeling Energy was cooking on full steam and when my “channeling gymnastics” started to happen we knew something new and big was incoming. And the reason why I chose my stripy sweater and why my hairdo had an accidental tail to it today became clear : dragons πŸ‰!!

The Dragon Realm did not disappoint. A journey of new Light Language ( first time I channeled a Dragon Realm Sound ) with accompanying mudras (again new ones ) and energy work to source the secret wisdom of the heart, the hidden soul desires, to assist in the process of bringing forth our new roles, jobs, and gifts that will support the Golden Age transit years.

The trancemission was named Dragon Heart Light Codes and was a 6-9th Dimensional Dragon energy.

So much love, laughter and wisdom was shared in this joy filled evening among us and feeling so grateful for this precious play and time πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›in Love, Kara


05.11.2022 Energy Update

Beloveds, from last night I can barely open my eyes for the intensity of the Crown Chakra Light code receptions and I wake up to the same state. Here we go into the energy wash of the waxing moon and I know that even though I have my own process to go through I intend to be available Sunday evening for those who are gathering for the Lunar Portal Event.

The light codes right now are bringing in newness in terms of life and soul direction right now - at least that’s what is downloading heavily on my end πŸ˜…how about you ?

I have the “migraine like splitting head ache Ascension symptom” from the energy today, you know which one I mean you accelerated ascenders out there !! πŸ˜ƒ-  and my main remedy for this symptom is definitely water, water and water. It really helps. Also more sugar or sweetness and fats in the diet seems to help me too as the brain consumes tremendous energy when these symptoms are on but you do you - whatever calls intuitively.

As always saying Yes thank you to the light codes transformations. Thank You God/Source.

The tension is always a resistance in some form so I accept and soften and welcome and suddenly there is release and ease. πŸ” repeat as needed.

If you are head deep in this as I am today I am wishing you smooth sailing on these moon waters and see you on the other side πŸ™πŸΎπŸ€£♥️.



04.11.2022 Higher Self Love Language

Sending all you Beloveds some Light Language love from
My Higher Self channeled on our recent New Moon Meditation.

A quick energy update today: I feel these early November 1-11 days are loaded with change and charge. I experience this in a subtle way: I am not knocked out but when I try to do something I notice that all my systems says to stop and rest. This tells me that there is massive work happening through the current energy influx even if it might not be in “your face” like it can be at times in this Ascension Process.

So I find myself moving slow, sleeping lots, resting as deeply as I can to receive this next layer of Light and let it to do it’s best for me. And I wish this for you as well wherever you are in the timelines of this shift.

I am hosting a Full Moon Gathering on Sunday night. To tune in and commune with the Galactic Guides and the current energy shifts. Welcome πŸ™πŸΎ.

I expected to be called in daily to channel like in 2021 during the  1111 days - but I’m finding this years experience to be different.
More just being and receiving and upgracing my Self.

The charge of the vibration is high even if it’s not always obvious and it will show in how you feel and react to things - how much rest and digest time you need to absorb the new and also heightening frequencies.

With Galactic Love, Mithila


02.11.2022 ✨Star Seed Origin πŸ’«

A year ago I was not even familiar with the term StarSeed. Surprising considering my many years in Spirituality but there are so many areas of Spiritual Practice and Study. I had come across and was familiar with the existence of E.T Beings as well as that there are Dimensions and many types of Beings in multiple Dimensions and I even knew that not all Human Beings had Human or Planet Earth Origin. Yet I had still not heard of the term StarSeed.

As I went through, during 1111 of 2021, my initiation with the GFL to become one of their Trance-Medium Communicators, I was guided by them to follow other Channels and that is where I first learnt of the term StarSeed.

Some moons later I met (in meditation / trance states) my E.T Andromedan Future/Past Self. Some moons later I met my Ancient Egyptian/Golden Ray Temple of Ra 12th Dimensional Self. Then only did I begin to sense an understanding of what StarSeeded meant.

I continue to learn what being multi dimensional truly is all about and how it rocks the world into a better place. Welcome to join us on November 6th for the Full Moon Channelled Meditation.

In Love, Kara


My Guides: “ Yo M, you feeling the 1-11 energy passage vibes yet?

Me: “uh πŸ€” yea, I’m quite sure I’m feeling those vibes thank you very much !”

Beloveds, that was me yesterday and I’m surprised I’m not still there today as it was such an intense Energy Work Day. I have kind of been anticipating that it will be that during all of the 1111 days but can report on my part a much calmer day 2 of this passage.

Let us remember that all of us undergoing this rapid ascension process have different timelines, jobs and experience the energy activity and sensitivity to it uniquely. Yet the common ground we have is:

πŸ’šSomething huge is going on!

We clearly sense and feel it

πŸ’›Our multi dimensionality and all its i gifts and new roles in the world are and continue to go online at a stupendous rate of remembrance

❀️We are assisted by the most beautiful team of Guides and our Spiritual Entourage

♥️Most of us are going through intense symptoms of ascension and descension during this process and the physical reality of that is often beyond comprehension. Keep a higher perspective to not succumb to fear or any other disconnect from our intuition. Stay true to what you know to be healthy or unhealthy for you.

🀍 Current symptoms that I’ve been having: chest cough/clearing, intense head chakra activations and all symptoms related to eyes, ears, jaw as usual, strange feeling legs and arms (limbs like being in limbo / between worlds), as always needing copious amounts of hydration and rest.

This is not a short process even though it’s accelerated. Many of us are already 4 years in this Upgrade as a full time job, and there are more years to come as these mind blowing shifts occur to everything we consider ourself and reality and life. Cultivate radical ease and revolutionary relaxation to live this transition with grace. Work actively with your Guides, ask for help every step of the way, connect with others who understand and recognize what you are going  through and above all go deep into your own sense of experience. Meditate. Breathe deeply. Witness. Expand into the Energy Mastery.

Change is Obligatory.

Suffering is Optional.

In Love, Kara


01.11.2022 Healing Circle Summary 

Whoa that was work for me but awesome work. Lots of new healing energies and experiences were drawn in by the beloved souls gathered for today’s healing trancemission.

1. Pranic Tube White Light transmission and a powerful expansion and clearing of the Tube too πŸ˜…
This for overall life force current flow, purity of life force current to enhance all other healing capabilities of the body

2. Soon followed by some major Throat Chakra work

3. Followed by a sweet Love Light Heart Light Code healing energy that surrounded and grounded us with the message “It is safe to love, it is safe to be loved”

4. As the above was worked into the Aura, there was some clearing to do of what was being released.

5. This was followed by a long lung 🫁 energy clearing - very good stuff with lung capillary expansion, lung purification work, lung drainage of liquids and mucous, lung balancing and harmonizing of left and right, lung therapy with Archangel Raphaels Green Healing Light πŸ’šlung meridian work connecting with Earth energy field and a beautiful guided meditation of visualizing the self as a tree with the branches and leaves being the lungs. On this note we ended the healing session that ran over time in order to complete the processes I was channeling. I’m not done until I’m done β˜ΊοΈπŸ™πŸΎ

Amazed as always by the power of energy medicine and healing into remembrance of that power πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸ½β˜πŸΎπŸ€“

Happy and ravenously hungry healer now taking a break. Mwah 😘 big love to you all/ Kara 


31.10.2022 October Retrospective

Transcripts of all October Channeled Messages


31.10.2022 October retrospective 

Looking back at the start of this month it is clear with hindsight that the whole month has been a ramping up of Energy  experience for the 1111 Portals and Gateways. The Light Cody influx has heightened yet again in the vibration of Light taking us deeper into the 5D presence. In practicality this has meant Collective purging and clearing yet again to ground the new elevation and frequencies. There has been a bigger emphasis on the Collective upgrade lately compared to only the LightWorkers/Ground Crew upgrades in the first half of this Year.

Already in September we have the sense of the Great Galactic Light levelling us up many degrees and that other Light not only from Sun/ Solar Flares is part of the Upgrade Energy Dance.

There was a general message about opening up to communication with all types and forms of Beings and to experience the wonder and greatness of diversity of Creation and our own planetary place in the Cosmic Family.

Since the last two weeks I have sensed daily and deeply the enormous 5D + Collective Heart Center Activation that has come through in the new Light Codes ( something that might be felt and sensed for many months ahead as it moves into the 3rd and 4th Dimensional experience). This energy above all else takes us deeper into the Vast Cosmic Heart Space and to the understanding, knowing and sense ability of our individual place in the Cosmic Dance of Creation. This too I find is reflected in the guidance received in this months channeled sessions about how the Gateways and the Portals are within us and those passages remind us of Oneness and the unique interconnected-ness of All Creation. How it is that All is One and One is All. What a month. 

Could so much expansion happen in just 30 days! Right now the answer is Yes it can and Yes it does and as we enter November the speed and frequency is rising. Light Workers well done to all of us supporting this process right now - it’s mind boggling experiences and work and I am in awe to be on the front row seats and hands on work of this Global Energy Shift.

I have supported myself this month through warm baths, lots of water, hearty, nourishing and grounding foods that reflect the beauty and flavours of October.  I hope you are taking precious care of yourself in these really big shifts for the individual / collective consciousness.


30.10.2022 Energy Update Heart Activations

I believe this is the first time since I went into 5D Earth work that I experience Heart Energy Activations and Light Code Downloads through Heart Center being a 24 hour operation. Since Wednesday following the New Moon I have been in 24 hours a day of the above described energy work.

This tells me that 1) the ramp up to 1111 is a reality as Guides guided last few weeks

2) the speed of process of activation to assimilation happening in one day and the next Loop starting immediately is also real as I pre-cognised a few posts ago

This is a strong Galactic Code Tidal Wave of a time and I am asked to go deep into silence, solitude and stillness as this process unfolds day by day. Where does it find you ?  How are you experiencing the Shift right now?

 Yesterday I sensed that the light codes were bringing in Cosmic Consciousness Awareness Energy to the Collective Consciousness. A vast vibe indeed !

I will surface to serve at a few events during this 1-11 th timeline. First up on November 1st a daytime Healing Circle at 12 noon.

Visit Website for details and booking.

In Love, Kara



29.10.2022 H E A R T  E x p a n s e

Beloveds, though the Heart Center has been the primary portal of the 5D Ascension Process for many many moons, this week I have to rechord yet another elevation of the frequency of the Heart Center.

Since the New Moon Portal opened a week ago we have been in ever increasing Heart Center Activations frequency - rising the heart energy Collectively.

I experience this every day in that I am spending 4-5 hours per day minimum actively merging and sensing and anchoring and being with this Energy. (See previous post on Light Codes ). Even if you don’t have such a job to do you may well be feeling very deeply that your Heart Center is being expanded, enriched and emotionally released as well.

There can be active pressure like sensations on the heart chakra area as well as the physical heart starting to race / go into unusual rhythms / feeling like you are moving hardly at all but then the heart speeds like you ran a mile. Tears and nervous energies can be experienced. Be at ease as this is a phase when these upgrades happen and the body and being calibrâtes to the new vibe.

These are all symptoms of the Heart Center Activations BUT as always - if you are in any doubt to your experience - you must get medical clearance.

Other potential symptoms right now : changes in sleep patterns, not being able to handle or do much, need to be very still and slow, food/eating rhythms changing. Usually symptoms are short lived in phases during energy integrations if you are in the upgrade process - if symptoms persist check with a professional/medical.

I am feeling such a tender gratitude to my amazing body that gracefully carries me through so many rapid ascension experiences.

Let us go deeper into the wisdom of the Heart Space. Be still, soften inwards. Home is where the heart is. This is home.

In Love, Kara


27.10.2022 Light Code Download Mode

It feels apt to write about Light Codes during πŸͺ”.

One of the most fascinating and energy consuming Light Worker jobs during the 5D shift is receiving and anchoring Light Codes. I am not speaking about channeling. I am referring to the very physical and hands on activity of being a vessel into which the Light Codes enter and anchoring these through our Beings into the heightened, and also Light Code receiving and anchoring, Gaia and Her Grids.

This means that during certain phases of new high vibrational Galactic Light Plasma transfusions into the Earths atmosphere ( from the Solar Flares etc ) some of us are nothing but living vessels, receptors of this energy. An important job right now.

This process however takes it all - and we must make room to rest and digest. Our vessels are being brought to a higher and higher Light Quotient Capacity - but it’s not easy for the human vessel to expand to new Light Levels at the current speeds. For years the front runners have been accelerated-ly prepared and yet it’s a pretty tough experience for the human. We must make room to rest and digest this change.

Last few days I’ve been on this job and the feeling at times is like being impaled ( in the best possible way πŸ˜… ) by Light Beams or Pillars of Light right through the Crown Chakra and / or Heart Chakra. I usually must lie down when this happens, hence the word impaled. And then you wait, relax, receive. After awhile when you are “full” there will be a natural integracion phase that follows which may or may not include purging and other activities to assimilate the new Light Level. This takes the time it takes but as we are increasing our abilities to hold higher vibrations the speed of the process also seems to increase.

Light Code Download Mode is an ongoing, cyclical experience in my rechords of the Shift we are in. I am in such a phase now and my Guides have given the heads up that through the 1111 Gateway another big lift of the vibration of the Codes will be incoming. Meaning we are not only receiving Light Codes continuously but also the vibration of these Codes are and have been gradually rising.

In Love, Kara


26.10.2022 Diwali and New Moon Healing Circle

I have spent the whole evening dancing with Light.

In today’s spontaneously added Healing Circle gathering we were taken through my channel into a most beautiful three part healing journey into relationships. This energy came through to support the work we did yesterday and also moved us a step further in the “ascension process”story.


- the past - healing a connection with someone from the past where there still is a strong feeling of discord / unresolved issues.

This beautiful moment was assisted by my Light Language guided through the Magdalene Rose Temple of Heart. The few times I have yet worked with this beautiful energy I have always been so moved by Her soft, soft, soft, deep loving embrace. Such a lovely Light to dissolve relationship hardships into softness.

-second we were assisted by the Galactic Guides in bringing forth a present relationship where we feel discord, healing it with the energy medicine of the 5D Love and Light Codes, further messages and guidance too were received

- lastly we energetically magnetized and “called in” the future relationships/tribe that will support our spiritual purpose and growth in the Golden Age assisted by the Great Central Sun Light transmissions

Each meditator actively worked on their own relationships though the transmissions were guided for the group as a whole. After this simple and clear hour of Light Healing within the Circle I went on to celebrate Diwali with my Guru via Zoom, dancing with Bhajans and even more Light all evening.

Such Light Play.

To the Light πŸ™ŒπŸ½βœ¨


24.10.2022 New Moon Channel Summary

Such a beautiful prayer meditation we wandered with today. Thank you all. In brief:

🀍we did work with the pre-cognized energies of this portal ( see previous post ) however in a very specific way

🀍we were guided to pray for and transmute the suffering of those who walked on earth before us within our human lineages who lived in times of spiritual suppression, where spiritual gifts were not honored, valued and even attacked

🀍we prayed for the men and women who either were the suppressors or the suppressed in our ancestry including aspects of the witches/healers as well as the denial/suppression of masculine and feminine intuition

🀍it was emotional as we prayed for and released the heartbreak and pain of those who could not use or bloom their spirituality as they were born in unfavorable times for those qualities to thrive at the time

🀍we transmuted all of that suffering and loss into Love, a return to God

🀍we worked with our lineage but also for the Collective as the GFL guided us on how this process is part of the plan of the overall ascension and how these energies, spiritual stigma, misunderstanding, abuse etc must all be healed in the 5D presence

🀍at the end we received grounding and aura shield transmissions as well as a Sushumna Nadi ( astral nerves central column ) expansion and anchoring to be able to increase our capacity to receive, hold and anchor higher vibrations of light.

🀍the heads up for the 1111 and the major lift of vibration it is bringing into the Collective Consciousness


I feel like I’ve missed subtle details of this beautiful evening assisted by the GFL, my light language songs and prayers, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Green Tara among others - but that will have to wait for the transcript when I get to it.

So grateful for these beautiful journeys that open our hearts to God, Goddess, Source.

I had some extra candles on my set today to raise my palms to Diwali the Festival of Lights and may we all ( as the GFL said ) navigate this eclipse season shining Light on the shadows of the Soul.

Goodnight sweetheartsπŸ€πŸ’›in Love, Kara



23.10.2022 Ancestral and Family Karmic Shifts

Beloveds, I’ve been waiting to write about this weeks and this Lunar Portal Light code affects on our Beings until I was sure of what I was picking up on - but now I am ready to share my findings.

Not sure if it was a month ago or more - time is so fluid and “slipping through our fingers” for many of us these days - but we had a beautiful Ancestral gratitude prayer Light Language session. It was a beautiful acknowledgment of the past and the human lineage of each our existences as human embodied souls in this lifetime.

I feel that this week the Light Code influxes were illuminating another layer of Ancestral/Family Soul Blocks and Healing of Soul Blocks/Cultural/Family Conditionings that has over generations inhibited spiritual growth of individuals and the family collective they belong too. This week I feel we are right in those issues and they are surfacing for a big release in the Collective Consciousness.

You might have noticed thoughts/loops of old family patterns resurface. Discovered yourself having habits you thought you had already cleared or dropped resurfacing once again as this healing wave of Light Codes wash over us in this week and Portal.

You might have felt it in seeing the faces of your family members in the mirror as you look at yourself, or in meditation or dreams the memories, recollections of family members,  might have been more prominent lately. You might feel the release through activations or cleansing of skin, bone or teeth this week as the ancestral DNA undergoes transformations. As usual releases might happen through the digestive system and through that great healer : tears as you feel the emotions cleanse and purify you.

I cannot be sure or promise that this will be our subject when I channel the Galactic Guides on Monday night for the New Moon Portal - but I wouldn’t be surprised if this subject shows up in the process.

Welcome to the meditationπŸ™πŸΎMay we all now freely, easily, and lovingly shed the Karmic Soul Blocks that we agreed to come here to heal in this lifetime. Let it be done and so it is.

22.10.2022 Energy Update/Thank You

The Light Code Influxes continue to expand us, bringing with it quite a bit of purging of old selves, old timelines which is now for the Collective as well as the Personal within the Collective. Heart Center Activation is the primary portal for the 5D expansion and we are being brought home to this time and time again during these years of Ascension. I am absolutely loving the work I am able to do with you individually and in our gatherings and honoured to be given this role and abilities at this time to dawn this New Age. We chose this, on a soul level we all chose this, and it is a truly exciting time to be alive on Planet Earth.

Thank You Gaia, the Galactics and all supporting realms and realities (Crystal, Dragon/Elemental, Angelic, Atlantic, Lemurian etc...) and thank you to all LightWorkers & Starseeds who are working 24/7 to make this shift happen for 3+ Years. Let's keep on. Onwards.



1111 Retreat Week from Home

We have just completed the transit of the 10:10 Gateway and all along my Guides have shown me that this is a time of persistent personal leveling up, moving beyond comfort zones and the initiations of the Energy coming through the Ascended Masters Portal or Ascension Gateway of 1111 is brewing now.

If you are in the accelerated expansion of the Earth Upgrade project then you may have noticed that even the acceleration has accelerated. The speed of the activations, purging and reconfiguration happens within days before the next new level process starts and it loops again. This is a lot to deal with for “human me” but let’s keep on remembering this is happening for us! YES!

Channeling doesn’t have to be public the way I and other Psychic Mediums/Healers work.

Advancing your intuition and abilities to channel and embracing your multi dimensional self benefits any area of your life into expansion and connects you deeply to your Soul Work and Life Direction.

1111 in 2021 was a significant passage of time for me where I received an accelerated ascension into and of my multi dimensional abilities in what I fondly call my Arcturian Ascension and Channeling School. I was tutored all that week in deep trance states by the GFL and was physically pushed out to share my channeling and messages and publicize my work through gatherings.

Now, today, I find my channeling abilities going through another upgrade, my multidimensional skills being stretched yet again and it’s not comfortableπŸ™ƒ and yet I look so forward to completing the circle or cycle with 1111 of 2022 and inviting anyone who wants to join this Great Galactic Space Ride and Human Re-Evolution into the Golden Age to celebrate the November 1-11th passage with me live online via Zoom:

Nov 1: Healing Circle
Nov 8: Lunar Portal Full Moon
Nov 11: Galactic Gateway Channel

Today’s energy activity is in the head and crown chakras, new plasmic light codes upgrading us from the top down, eye stuff and the Gateway of the upper thoracic spine I wrote about yesterday is in full process. Keep up the good relaxation and receive as much as you can looking after yourself dearly beloveds.πŸ’›Kara


13.10.2022 Energy Update

I’m working on an article and the upcoming events including an expanded retreat schedule for the 1111 days and a New Year Party for the 1:1 Galactic Gateway.

These days I have been sensing just massive personal upgrades. Not working on any Light Work projects for the Upgrade here or elsewhere dimensionally except in myself - receiving so much healing and assistance from the current Light Codes to level up. I am basically having to rest to receive but I can feel the energy moving and working through me from top to toe, aligning, wiring, encoding new levels. Not easy and not always palatable to be in - but then again - where can change happen except on the edges of the already comfortable or familiar.

Let’s explore these new energies giving thanks for all we ( the Light Workers Collective ) are receiving in a big way in these big waves.

Yesterday I had some self care appointments and though I was only a passenger in the car and spent the day doing good and relaxing things it was really tough to be out and about engaging with the world while being worked on. It is so much easier today when I could sleep in what I needed and continue to be horisontal on the sofa πŸ›‹ all day while I go through this next shift and change. I’ve had to adapt my life to it fully, especially the last 3 years, to enjoy the amazing experience of this process.

Wishing you well through these current upgraces!
For my newsletter sign up via website.
For the Galactic New Year Party check out the events on the same website.
With Cosmic Cuddles πŸ₯°, Mithila Kara


13.10.2022 Celestial Cranial Sacral Work

Does it exist? Yes - it’s just like a form of distant healing.

In my experience it does exist and works beautifully. Let me tell you more about this.

You know how when you go to a trusted therapist and lie down on the bench and receive osteopathic cranial sacral work or other types of energy healing and hands on massage?

( if you don’t know about it look it up as it’s really good stuff and my faves when it comes to energy and body work are @movementcenter @danieljarvid @malinzaki @yosoymorayma @aceanna @bindvavskliniken for anyone on the Gothenburg coastline)

Now imagine receiving such a treatment from invisible hands…


Today, and not for the first time either, I spent a whole day receiving deep treatment, I sometimes call it being “worked on”, and today was specifically cranial sacral alignments involving the skull and brain and I felt it down to my toes. I know because I have many times been on the receiving end of energy treatments in the 3D with talented therapists and healers ( see list above πŸ‘†πŸΎ) and also I am myself a healer therapist who gives this type of treatment.

In accelerated expansion, now during these spectacular Earth Upgrade processes, and really it can happen to any of us at any time as we are multi dimensional beings - we can experience this type of amazing healing from invisible hands.

I am always wowed by it. I was taken into this process now two days and today it was a whole day process of receiving adjustments. It felt like pinging and zapping in the brain, skull and neck/head realignments, tingling teeth, jaws, liquidine brain and general auric space vibe. I couldn’t move all day, just lay still and flat on my back or side on a soft surface and said thank you to my spiritual team for sending this healing my way. Multi-dimensionality rocks ! This is one of the many reasons I love this shift we are in.

More on this another day. Time for me to follow the rest of this process today in gratitude and love.

I AM Here

I AM open to receiveπŸ™πŸΎ

I AM aligned and well


1010 Galactic Gateway Channel summary

πŸ‰ Ethereal Light Dragons transmission - who assisted in opening hidden pathways, secret chambers and nooks and crannies in our Bodies that contain dormant powers and hidden treasures of our Divine Blueprint

 πŸ€ White Light Codes pillar of light download,

Connections to our Divine Blueprints, the connection to the Father and the Son, the Jesus Christ White Light Template and how we can follow in the “footsteps or footprint” of Christ to connect and awaken our Divine Template.

We also received one aspect of the answer to the question what is the difference between Gateways and Portals with a lovely teaching on the body, the divine templates, the way we hold ourselves affects the Light we emanate and the Prism we become for Light. How gateways and portals are inherent in the divine human design ( as well as in/throughout the Cosmos) and offering us means to engage with other dimensions and vice versa.

A gateway in the upper spine was explained, giving many of us an understanding to the ascension symptom that has been dominant last few weeks - neck and shoulder discomforts.

🏾All the new information, mudras, energies and hints at how it all connects to us the human being and to the greater creation of Cosmic proportions. Just mindblown.

🧘🏽‍♀️ Very yogic energies today again- alignment/ physical structure/ posture.

Stepping up to a new clean White Blank Page start in 1010, using the ancient Divine Templates to manifest the new Humanity for the Golden Age.


In Love, Kara


1010 Galactic Gateway Channeled this evening live online

After yesterday’s graceful Lunar Portal meditation I continued to be completely moonstruck and could not take my eyes of this beauty in the sky. What a magnetism. I bathed for hours in moon light before I finally fell asleep.

In the Light of this new day I invite you warmly to my meditation event tonight as we continue to ride the high vibe Galactic Calendar days of portals and gateways of Cosmic Energy and gather for meditation, prayer, elevation, higher perspective, relaxation, transformation and multi-dimensional expansion, joy and laughter, empowerment and focused creative living.

 Today’s event is at an incredible €10 only ticket sale special offer. to join.

With Love, Mithila


09.10.2022 Full Moon Portal Summary

Goodness Gracious Guides! Thank You for all that was brought forth for us today. 

pastedGraphic.png the much loved and rarely experienced Cosmic Dance trance mission courtesy as always of the GFL Arcturians and today threaded through with Shiva Consciousness, the Cosmic Dancer, messages to take part and place in the cosmic dance, wise words on empowerment, true power and a succinct teaching on Ego and True Power. So good - can’t wait to transcribe this part verbatim! Stay tuned.

pastedGraphic.png During and after the divine Cosmic Dance energy transmission ( hopefully on video in next few days ), we received Galactic Light Codes for Balance, Harmony, Yin Yang pastedGraphic.png of the Cosmic Dance, and finally anchoring and grounding with a long held Tryambakam Mantra and Mudra chant, Holy Trinity Codes, 333 Codes, hinting at the 369 significance numerology and the 9th today ( and we were 9 Embodied Souls in the meditation today pastedGraphic.png), and a vibe that this last part is likely to return in the future days. 

After the break we discussed how to use the themes and energy codes in our own personal meditations in the days after the portals and also how it points to significant galactic and earth upgrade timelines such as the upcoming Ascended Masters Portals. We were really left with that sweet note in today’s never ending meditation with the word Yeshua heralding the beautiful peace and love codes of Jesus. 

Writing these brief summaries is one of my favorite post-channel rituals, when I reflect on the beautiful journey and remember and rechord the gifts. I am so grateful for all of this pastedGraphic.png, thank you to everyone. 

As I said to a dear guest who expressed how wonderfully relaxed she felt as a result of the trance mission: “I do believe relaxation is the secret to everything here in life.” pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic.png 

Sleep if and when you can and enjoy these generous full moon days Beloveds. 

Todays journey is bound to continue on the 10:10 Galactic Channeling Event tomorrow. Welcome and welcome backpastedGraphic.png 

In Love, Kara.




I give this Full Moon a 10:10 πŸ˜‚ a ten out of ten possible points. Wow wow wow. What an incredible journey I’ve been having with this portal opening. I have been super affected and it came to a point where I questioned (again!) what and why it is like this and so I asked my Guides and they said:

That we are in a phase of Embodying the new earth light codes and crystalline energy upgrades of recent many moons - becoming the higher self expression / new levels of personal light and sharing of that light / heart guided living / ability to act and create through the heart being embodied on a deeper energetic and physical level.

Quantum leaps of timelines and individual expansion - for all on Earth but especially affecting the front-runners of the upgrade at this time.

“You think you can do this and go about your daily life as if nothing was happening ? The more you feel affected the more you are transforming. Symptoms will arise when there are resistances that need to be released but not all experiences are symptoms - some experiences are just how it feels to be so utterly transformed. It will knock your socks off. Be patient with yourself and understand that it is all unfolding now.”

Well I got told! I was so under the influence for so many days that I had to ask for further guidance and I’m glad I did. Also I heard another confirmation on the Ascended Masters 1111 portal energies already now being prepared for in these October galactic activities, and something I do not yet know much about called The Jesus Christ White Light Template.

Ive spent many days in a deep Heart Space activation. Today,  I bathed those hours in the moonlight from indoors and a bit out - until the activation was complete. The most wonderful energy codes that I viscerally could feel in this moon bath was the most divine crystalline Diamond light vibe. Just gorgeous. And how the Vast Cosmic Heart Space is so open and accessible is just magnificent. So many pre-cognitions this portal as you see in all the recent posts - BUT I still look forward to the two group channeling events in next two days - we are leveling UP Beloveds. Say πŸ‘‹πŸΎ to your comfort zone!

In πŸ’›Kara


07.10.2022 Full Moon Energy Update

Beloveds, good grace what a swirling portal punch these days are, I myself completely moon drunk πŸ₯΄ and sensing the immense change and codes this week is ushering in for our Earth Upgrade.

What I can sense and have seen this past week so far, is the presence of the “usual” Diamond / White Light Codes in most Moon portals as well as light codes activations to purge (deep) (old) disease symptoms that might express itself through clearings in the skin, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, teeth, throat, lymph, digestive etc… these symptoms will arrive quickly and pass quickly as the speed of these shifts are really quick now. Within a day or 3 days things appear and clear through the Bodies. Other signs are the ongoing neck and shoulder discomforts. A feeling like the head doesn’t sit right on the shoulders.

Realignments and restructuring also of eyes, ears, throat and a constant ( for those who are high sense able intuitives called to work with these energies ) heart center activation as the Galactic Light Codes travel through the Vast Cosmic Heart Space through our Heart Portals into the world. Yes it’s intense in the best possible way but that doesn’t mean there is no energy expenditure and you might need lots of rest, hydration, and the usual self care during Light Work and Moon Portal navigations.

I’m noticing a strong “uplevelling” energy - that we are each being stretched to new levels of our skills and abilities this week and with these portals, personal light level expansions ( not necessarily accompanied by lots of purging or clearing, just a feeling of leveling up and being pushed to expand beyond comfort zones for future roles we need to play).

Integracing all this into our ever changing physical vessels requires intuitive being within each and every one of us right now. I know from extensive feedback from guests that my channeled sessions help people to find assistance and supports their individual multidimensional processes and I welcome you to these portal meditations if it calls you to join us.

Personally I find the water element is incredibly useful right now, both drinking and bathing in water assists me.

In Love, Kara


07.10.2022   S H I N E your LIGHT

In our most recent New Moon channel this higher perspective message was spoken by my Guides. As I am sensing and feeling into the Full Moon Portal energies for the meditation on Sunday I am reflecting on the recent messages about the Luminescence Light Codes from the Great Galactic Center and how important it is in this now moment to take time to make room to receive and hold and shine more Light through our Being into the 🌎. I AM Light.

"Through this New Moon, for All Beings, for All of Earth, from the great Galactic Center Light Codes for luminescence, luminosity, luminary Light Codes, awakening your inner luminosity, awakening your inner Light and the ability to shine that Light for yourself and others.

Becoming illumined, luminous, luminary, each and every Being, each and every Being illuminating life on Earth, each and every Being a luminary for one another, luminescence just like the moon and the sun have luminescence, with which they bless All of the Galaxy, you will be a Being of great luminescence blessing All who encounter you. This is the sovereign nature of each Being, you are Light. These Codes come in to help you, to assist you in increasing that natural Light that is already you, the natural Light within you, illuminating you from within to become a beacon of Light for All who encounter you, to become a luminescent Being for All who encounter you, a Being with their own natural Light shining into the world.

Igniting the Light of the Higher Heart, igniting the Light of the Heart Song, shine your Light Dear Ones,  shine your Light on this world, do not despair at All that you see, in what is happening, do not despair, keep shining your Light.”

In Love and together with the Galactic Federation of Light, Kara


06.09.2022 Mt Kailash Energy download

Yesterday we gathered for a Shiva Consciousness mantra meditation connection and as always ( in my personal experience of Shiva Energy transmissions ), with a Silence Energy, Yoga Postures and Full Lotus alignments in meditation. It is so very yogic in vibe and moves me into yoga. Love it!

This week Mt Kailash and Shiva Consciousness energy came calling. What I mean by that is I didn’t invoke the practice consciously by meditating on Mt Kailash or Shiva Consciousness, but rather the energy channeled in to be observed, received, anchored and rechorded like all the other energy work I have been doing recently. This was a first since I have primarily been working with Galactic Light Codes and Ascended Masters Light Codes, Angelic and other realms, or Ancient Timelines/on Earth this past year.

If I’m not mistaken this is the first time a location or place/object in the physical 3D has come through to me in a channel since I began working with the Earth Upgrade.

I want to share the difference between invoking and being moved into meditation. We can connect with anything and anyone through meditation techniques and tools or purely being with a connection to Source/expand our consciousness with the energy of what/whom we are connecting to - whether physical object/Being/other worldly. This is also how I am used to practicing meditation.

Then there are those occasions when we are called into meditation by an energy (because it’s our calling, our soul work, our job etc…). This was the first time to my knowing that a now existing location such as Mt Kailash has come through to me with an energy transmission.

The physical reality of being called into meditation is that I am moved (no matter what else I’m doing at the time πŸ˜†) into a trance. I get very “sleepy, druggy, groggy” like and I have to go into it and relax and in that state I have a “journey” or trip/travel. It is possible to induce trance states but again this is not my story. I am not inducing, I am moved into it. I make this distinction so clearly here because in this Earth Upgrade process, in your multi dimensional awakening, this can happen. In Love, Kara

Summary of September Solstice Week Channeled Message transcript.


05.10.2022 Light Code Transmission for Remembrance of StarSeed Origins πŸ’«

I AM learning so much about the breadth and depth of the spiritual spectrum of tools and teachings and the expansion of consciousness from my Guides as a channel.

During the recent Solstice week we received this message as the above video action happened.

LL writing in the ether - Remembrance of Starseed Origins Codes.

“When the LL is written in the Ether through your hands or through smoke, that language is like a writing on a wall, writing on an Etheric wall that creates a doorway or Gateway between dimensions for the message or the energy of that language transmission to move through dimensions and enter that space in which it was written. It is like writings on an Etheric Wall.”

I have today been writing on another wall - my online diary and there you find a synthesis of the late September mind-blowing channeled messages with First Contact transmissions from the Galactics and more. Enjoy!

Yesterday I received the most incredible trance meditation journey that took me to Mt Kailash via the Tryambakam mantra, via yoga postures to then land me in a realm of the Dragons, Draconia, where a Dragon Being took me on a gorgeous flight of this landscape, imparted personal messages and hinted that there is a link between Mt Kailash, Dragons Eggs and Shiva Lingams. 3 items I have never before put in the same basket !!! What does it all mean?

I do not yet know but I’m in awe at the fierce beauty of these Beings, their realms, their sacred role perhaps as guardians of the gateways to the Gods (???), and to just to meet and greet them.

As a student of spirit - well I couldn’t be happier to be on this multi dimensional awakening journey and all the new experiences and remembrances it brings. As my Guides would say: “alleluia!!!” πŸ‰

In Awe and Wonder, Kara 


03.10.2022 FUN with H E A L I N G 

This evening we had fun with healing energy. Truth is it is often fun in our gatherings even if and when we work with deeper subjects - we are still working with the Light and Light Heartedness.

This evenings healing circle was full of surprising connections. We went on a request basis and from the three requests we were taken on a divinely orchestrated hour of energy transmissions starting with:

Ante Kharana Alignment for life focus/purpose that danced with Sushumna Nadi, invoking some really yogic stuff from me in the form of Uddiyana and Jalandhara Bandha to bring about the energy transmission. This very yogic presence of Shiva and the Maha Yogis continued as the Mahamrtyunjaya / Tryambakam Mantra began. This mantra together with other LL song then led us through the heart and general balance healing energies as well as a nervous system vibrancy and sweetness to the nerves completing all the requests of the guests. (Short video clips on next few days to enjoy ).

We were anchored and grounded with Diamond light codes transmission to Gaia’s grid at the end. All in all delicious. At the end we oooohed and aaahed about all the many Shiva, Sanat Kumara and MahaAvatar Babaji lineage connections in this evenings channel with a deep bow to my / our Yogic roots and how they are interlinked with the Galactic Ashtar Command and the Sweet Love and Light of Jesus. Amen. Om. All One.

What a fun and totally different healing evening than all the previous ones so far. I am just in awe and just so full of the fun of it all. Thank you to All who participated to make this experience this evening. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’› In Love, Kara


03.10.2022 Blue White Christ Light Codes

Beloveds, space weather stations are reporting ( yet again ) unusual Solar activity with heightened Solar flares affecting Earths atmosphere. Then there’s the Schuman resonance ongoing irregularities in recent years. And yet for those of us who are in the frontline timelines working with the Earth Upgrade projects in different parts of the world - we do not need the statistics to know that something is Siriusly up ( haha I made my first Galactic joke 🀣 ).

Yepp - cos we feel it in every part of our being that these shifts are happening and not only so - it is for many of us the job right now to be receiving, anchoring, and thereby re-chording this process.

My afternoon has been spent with this lovely view (pic on Instagram), floored ( or rather sofaed πŸ›‹ by the incoming Energy influxes ( past 3 days to my rechords ). I wasn’t able to work very actively with them due to just being and that is the job - just being - but I did notice briefly that the vibration sense was Blue White Christ Light Codes and that it can indeed be an anchoring job right now for those of us deeply feeling these Energies. This will only be relevant to those who resonate with what I am writing here ( and as always with the understanding that you have no medical reasons for not being able to “function as normal” in your daily life).

Our super sense-able human beingness is taking a massive leap of consciousness - kudos to the incredible body that undergoes these huge shifts. In our house we are feeling weird aches and pains, itchy/scratchy 3rd eyes, the other eyes, ears, throat being dry and itchy too, feeling of being run over and having limbs that don’t really function as if having delayed onset muscle fatigue in arms and legs without exercise to correlate to it, heart rhythms/easy acceleration of heart without physical exertion, strange food needs, and more of the usual ascension symptoms. We see signs come and go during different light codes downloads phases. Most processes takes a few days to integrace. Water helps as well as radical ease and revolutionary relaxation. I will write more on different symptoms and signs of upgrade energies as soon as I can for the diary. πŸ’›



September Retrospective

Looking back on the energies of this month in the Earth Upgrade project and here is my summary:

✨the Light Codes entering since September have a significantly different ( yet again ) vibe to previous Light Code influx. Liquid is the best way I can describe it.

πŸ—£ the channeled messages and energy transmissions this month conveyed The Great Galactic Center Light, the Great Central Sun Light and our Sun Light Codes

πŸ‘½ we saw and heard from the GFL that First Contact is officially in progress - the individuals communication with the Galactic Beings now in our earth atmosphere, UFO/spacecraft and starship presence in our atmosphere etc…

⬆️ the continued Upgrade of our Collective Consciousness through purging of old and introduction of new vibes including significant shifts in the Feminine/Matriarch energy matrix and feminine sovereignty: individual, collective and planet Earth Herself purging.

I have also noticed an increase in synchronicity and telepathic communication between people and a heightening of number / numerology synchronicities: seeing 1111 or 222 or 444 etc, power number codes and communications on the phone, clocks etc. Noticing this more shows the heightened synchronicity and getting better at connecting to high vibe Messages.

Personally I feel the month is ending in a very persistent and somewhat challenging huge expansion vibe. Less symptoms on my part but just feeling deeply affected by the expansion in an overall kind of way compared to specific symptoms or chakras being more active or noticeable such as I have written a lot about in past posts on symptoms and energy work affects.

October rolls in today mid- Navaratri ( which I curiously noticed had begun due to the Goddess Mantra Channel I had spontaneously in the new moon portal last Sunday just before the start of Navaratri) …and we are heading into the full moon and 10:10 portal energies. It feels to me like this is a new beginning in the “energy year”, as is celebrated in Hebrew calendars at this time. I picked up the vibe of the 1111 portal of November making itself ready. I do not know more about this myself right now. To be cont…

In Love Mithila Kara




29.09.2022 Energy Update

On my radar since last night (picture is from a week ago however…), I am sensing an enormously expansive energy in the Field. It’s huge, and I felt it arise in the space above the Heart Center, upper chest area, like a huge breath and in fact it also draws huge breaths, just an enormously expansive strong energy.

It carries on this morning and I am listening to it to see what more it could reveal about the Energy of this week. Also if it is just a personal energy reading for me and/or Collective I am not yet sure of.

Spontaneously it could be the result of the recently received Light Codes influx into our Collective Consciousness. This vibe is so big and strong that I wonder what wonder will happen next.

For now I’m just enjoying this un-containable feeling of expansion.

May it join you in your dayπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›.

In Love, Kara


28.09.2022 Receiving and Anchoring Light Codes

One of the many energy work jobs I have been participating in so far in my spot of the Earth Upgrade Project is to be part of the Ground Crew/Light Workers who receive and anchor the New Earth Codes. 


Today has been such a day. All morning I spent receiving and anchoring Codes through the Crown Chakra and all afternoon and still ongoing receiving and anchoring through the Heart Center. The repeated experience of this to me is:


pastedGraphic.pngfeeling like there is a big hole above the Crown and a beam of energy entering / downloading 


pastedGraphic.pnga feeling of a disc shaped like pressure on the heart center or being held down firmly but gently by an invisible hand on the heart. 


pastedGraphic.pngsometimes I receive info about the Codes but mostly it is just a Being and it carries a strong presence of the 5D blissful beingness - even though I’m aware I am being worked on and through I am also experiencing rest and peace


pastedGraphic.pnganother characteristic is the feeling of being very much here in this dimension anchoring these energies, not working elsewhere dimensionally but rather here even though I can’t read or watch telly or do anything during the anchoring except relax and softly sleep through it. 


These are some of the characteristics I have noted of this type of job. I find that many of the upgrade symptoms and energy work jobs have similar physical expressions or sense in the body but on deeper meditation reveal different energetic experiences. I will write more on these as soon as possible. 

The above image is wishful thinking pastedGraphic.pngI did not even have time to comb my hair before the job started and when it starts you know because you land where you land ( today on the sofa all day long ) and you can’t move much or speak much. Just Being, Receiving and Anchoring. This is a repeating job in my last year of Earth Upgrade work and sharing it for anyone else who has similar jobs to compare notes with. 


From what I could sense earlier today is a whiff of the November 1111 portal energies moving through, like a start of the building up to that Portal with Christ Consciousness Codes and a repeat of the Luminescence Codes from this recent New Moon Portal too. In Love, Kara


25.09.2022 New Moon Portal Summary 

Summary of September Solstice Week Channeled Message transcript.

 Pictures on @mithilakaraenergy instagram.

Pic 1: Whoa - this one had me groggy and drunk on portal energies for several hours before the channel opened with the group.

Pic 2: as soon as the channel opened there was the most magnanimous energy vibing through and carried on for some time as a pure silent LL energy transmission. 

Pic 3-6 a tuning into Arcturus/Arcturian communication through mudras I was introduced to by the Arcturians earlier this week. As usual for me tuning into this potent 9D energy involves some head/neck gymnastics and effort but it’s worth it. Incredible Beings!!! I wasn’t expecting these mudras today but as it was I was able to share their use and message with the gathered group. Tuning Forks and Arcturus StarShip Mudra.

Today’s message (from Arcturus Fleet Commander in Earths atmosphere) is an overall thread of messages that channeled through all week and I will present a summary in the September retrospective later this week. For now: it was an energy transmission for Arcturians making First Contact with Ground Crew and what that is about and what to expect and how to facilitate it individually.

Pic 7- this whole Arcturian comm ended with an unexpected Yogic Mantra Chant Anchoring and Grounding Transmission which was very lulling. ( video later )

After the break I had a chat about my weeks experiences of messages with the gathered group. 

Last pics - we receive a “written in the ether” LL transmission of Remembrance Codes for Star Seed Origin and the session ended where it began: with Light Code Transmission coming through this New Moon Portal: Luminescence, Luminary, Luminescent Light Codes to enhance our natural Light, to assist us shining and sharing our natural Light, to become Suns upon this world shedding Light on all around. 

The Guardian Angels joined us last but not least in a message of soft, devoted, gentle service towards us who are in their charge. A reminder to call on the Angels. 

After a bunch of gratitude prayers for All and Everything in our shared space of the evening we ended the channel. 

Gratefully, Mithila Kara 



22.09.2022 Autumn Equinox Gateway Summary 

The journey began by the GFL taking us on an energy trip to a Shamanic Equinox Ceremony where the beat of the drum was guided by the Light Language and we were guided to release the remains of summer from our being and to open to the new season ahead. 
Then we were invited to an Ancient Egyptian Sun Worship Ceremony through pure energy transmission and some movements and mantra. The GFL spoke beautiful things about the Supreme Being the Sun and we took time to honor Its Name and the role the Sun plays in the Earth Upgrade. 
We were encouraged to widen our perspective on what life, creation, the magnitude of beings and existences to a galactic perspective such as our Sun being one such Supreme Being.
After this Solar Meditation facing the sunset from our homes and listening to the beautiful messages of the GFL we returned after a break to a Crystal Clear Communication Energy Transmission to be able to open up or deepen our abilities to communicate with our Crystals, the Crystalline Grid of Gaia and activating the Crystalline DNA codes and the 12 Chakra alignment. 
I had to improvise for this part of the channel with a headpiece to hold one of the crystals where I was being guided by the energy to do. πŸ˜„ I had the same trance mission come through with even further messages earlier in the day so it’s part of a larger energy update for this week and current portals and I will be sharing lots more on this as soon as time permits. 
We had such good times during our 2 hour journey and laughs / thank you to All Involved - goodnight πŸ™πŸΎKara
22.09.2022 YOU ARE LIGHT βœ¨ I AM LIGHT 
The Merkabah Mudra (picture on Instagram) was shown to me in a trance meditation mission a few weeks ago and has been a recurring theme in the September Energy Gateways and Portals. I find myself using this new-to-me mudra on many of the Energy Light Code influxes in recent weeks. On the 11th Full Moon the GFL gave a few messages on the Merkabah whilst we were in the energy trance-mission and a beautiful guided I AM LIGHT meditation.
"You are Light, You are Light, we want you to remember this because it is so difficult to remember it when you get stuck in all of the physical reality of existence, when you get stuck in the physical reality of existence you forget that so much of your coding is Light, so much of what you are is just pure Light, pure Light, pure Light. You are Light."
"The great Dance and the great Art of Life is to remember this, to remember this, even as you are in the human form, the physical form and living on planet Earth, live, live, live with this Lightness of Being, this Lightness of Being, that is who you truly are, this Lightness of Being, this Lightness of Being is who you truly are. And when you know, when you know more about the light structures that surround your being, that are composing your being that knowledge, that knowing, that knowledge and knowing will assist you to remember that you are Light. This is the great knowledge and the great wisdom of the Sages, the Seers, the Spiritual Masters, the Ascended Masters who have shown the way on planet Earth to remind everyone, remember, remember, remember you are the Light,  God is Light, you are the Light."
Further readings from this channel on the transcripts.
Today I found myself using it during another Light Code Anchoring job for the Solstice / Equinox Gateway. I have had two hour long spontaneous trance meditation channels called in by my Guides in less than 24 hours - it’s a busy time in the Field - my goodness ! It will take me some time to transcribe and share all this but meanwhile maybe I will see you Live Online on this evenings group gathering for yet another channel for this window of time. In Awe and in Love with the extraordinariness of Being, Mithila


20.09.2022 A K A S H I C  R E C O R D 

How amazing are the skies nowadays? 
Speaking of another sky or Akasha …Ether / Sky.
To my great excitement I received a delicious definition about the Akashic Records during a group gathering channeled meditation on the July New Moon. I have so many spiritual topics I would like to get deeper into but with the responsibilities that come with the Earth Upgrade project, my own expansion, and the fact that channeling is energy consuming, I cannot directly meditate to access and download or do Q&As with my Guides as much as I would like. Therefore it’s extra fun when a group channeling session brings up subjects that I have been wanting to get deeper into with my Guides. 
As we received the Akashic Record Access Energy Meditations the Guides spoke about the Records. Below you see the information they provided (but not the details of the meditation that took place live in the trance-mission).
"There is also such a thing called the Akashic Records, maybe some of you have heard of the Akashic Records, this is one such database of information that is available to each soul, for each soul has their own Akashic record, their own database if you will, that contains soul pertaining information, soulful information, Records of past lives, past deeds, karmic history, bloodlines and lifelines, timelines on a multidimensional level, past - present and future, because all is one in the new now moment of time, in the new now moment of time, all past present and future exists as one. Every individual on earth can access their Akashic Records, either through a guide or directly by yourself and part of your multidimensionality is learning to access your Akashic Records and to work in the now moment, this is all about the now moment, it is not about the past or the future, it is about having access to information that dissolves in the now moment into presence, into being,  and that is the peace that access to the Akashic Records brings each sovereign soul.”
To read more about the #akashicrecords from this particular transmission read the post on 28072022 New Moon in Leo on the Channeled Diary on website.
In Love,
20.09.2022 Two Portal Events this week
Solstice and New Moon landing on the same portal timeline this month and I have found myself adding more public portal channeling events on my schedule. The reason being is that I have noticed a higher call from my guides to channel more lately - and even without the scheduled events I am called to channel quite often at the moment - downloading information, guidance, activating Gateways, anchoring Light Codes and other energy transactions for both personal upgrade & collective Light Work and to share with all of you and whoever needs it. 
Therefore this week Solstice Portal Autumn Equinox Gateway channel September 22nd and New Moon which I am hosting on Sunday Sept 25th. Details on website as usual.
One of the many messages during the Full Moon of August was this.
"All is in accordance with the Divine Plan. Yes there are hindrances to overcome, there are obstacles that need to be, there are hindrances to overcome, there are obstacles to break through but all is in accordance to Divine Plan. How much disturbance there is during this process depends on each and every one of us, each and every one of you, how much we are able or willing to attune to the 5D vibration of Love, Peace and Harmony and Unity. 
The more you attune to the 5D vibration and the more beings who enter this vibration and host this vibration willingly, cooperatively, actively the less turbulence there will be. We have spoken about this before, re-read the old transcripts to re-member the information given before on this subject but we assure you it is all according to Divine Plan and the tipping point was long, was reached long ago. Have no fear dear ones, have no fear, all is in accordance to Divine Plan. Everything you do, all your assistance to shift yourself and others to the 5D , whenever you are ready, whenever others are ready, with free will, willingly, all you do, we appreciate greatly. We your galactic family, we Love you, we Love you, we Love you, we are one, we are you and you are us.”
More transcripts and messages from the GFL channeled meditations on my website Channeled Diary.
In Love, Mithila Kara

17.09.2022 To Heal is to Remember 

I haven’t hosted a Healing Circle in some months so I am longing for this hour with you  Beloveds. I often say healing is remembering who you really are. In that sense we are all Healers ( just as we are all Channels ) and we all need Healing at different moments in life’s experiences - but even in other dimensional realms.
Just yesterday night I received some beautiful healing from my Galactic Guides courtesy of the Ashtar Command. It was a very long healing journey and gift and I was so grateful to receive this divine assistance. I was transported to the Ashtar Command Center again and had the most awe inspiring space journey and 360 degree tumble in our galactic space with a stunning view of Saturn. Then I was guided through sound healing that I vocalised and also stretches / movements and received alignment healing for my spine and legs has I had felt so wonky this week and I really had help with that in this spontaneous healing meditation. I had already gone to bed so I was surprised to be taken on a healing journey late at night but so be it -  I was grateful and the feeling after was so rinsed and wiped in a good way. Serene - and its vibe carries on today.
When I channel healing energy I tap into my remembrance of who I AM and through that I am able to bring healing energy through me to you to the capacity I am able on any given moment. In these scheduled sessions working with a group - the tuning in happens to assist the group but oftentimes we find also individual healing and guidance comes through for each guest in the circle. Always a very moving and beauty filled experience. 
You are multidimensional and you can do this all for yourself through different tools but sometimes it’s nice to just receive through someone else and rest and relax in that you are not alone in your journey. to book a spot on this zoom session.
Sunday Sept 18th, 1600-1700 Sweden local timeπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’›
In love, Mithila 
Ka Ra - Golden Ray Temple of Ra High Priestess

 15.09.2022 M E D I T A T E

… to elevate - but also to align and ground - and also to deepen intuition and connection to source - and also to relax and be - and also to know yourself - and also to….
Meditation is a multi dimensional tool of practice and has so many benefits. As a Yogini I have been a huge promoter of daily sadhana - spiritual practice - and this is not new during the accelerated expansions and the global shift to the Golden Age. 
However the GFL guides are highly recommending we meditate more and regularly in order to better ride this wave of change and make things happen smoother. 
I am providing as many opportunities to practice together as I can. I send these invites through my spontaneous class SMS / text message list and anyone can join the list and also join classes spontaneously on a drop in basis. If you wish to join our community and practice together send me an request on and I will tell you more about it.
For further details about the channeled messages, Earth Upgrade project and my Light Work rechords visit the Channeled Diary page on


Early September Upgrade symptoms update
One of the toughest symptoms for me during my accelerated expansion process is that I cannot move hardly at all. πŸ˜³I am so used to moving and my entire livelihood as a YM method / yoga teacher has depended for years on practicing and teaching beautiful fluid spinal fascial hatha vinyasa yoga. I am also a dancer and to not be able to even take a regular walk has been one of the toughest symptoms to accept during the accelerated expansion. But it is truly ( for me ) not possible as I go through the myriad of different energy experiences of my personal upgrade and the light worker jobs I’m called to do during the past 3 years of the Earth upgrade.. when I get an afternoon with no symptoms or energy work ( so rare beloveds !!!! ) then I love to seize the moment. Last week I managed two walks and now today this. Yes that’s my version of the upgrade but it’s not the same for everyone! But in case you find yourself also not able to be up and about like you are used to - know that you are not alone. After 9 minutes of this type of movement I felt nauseous and had to rest. I’m aware of going through tremendous physical change - no normal. The human being is changing. I have been brought to a deeper place of trust, patience and acceptance in the last 3 years due to not being able to move like I am used to. And yet what I’m able to do instead is worth it’s weight in the Golden Age. I keep reminding myself to be soft, relaxed and follow my naturalness even when what feels natural is to stay still for days and days ( now that’s a tough one and I’m grateful for my yogic training to get me through it ).
The pause in energy work didn’t last long. A new wave of light codes was felt simultaneously by my beloved and I around 7 pm this evening. Here are our “usual”symptoms that inform us of what is happening:
Head/ crown activity, jaw/neck/shoulder stiffness, fuggy eyes, sleepy head, yawning and yawning, desire to be horizontal and just be.
I wish that you are weathering the space weather as best as can be and finding the type of self care you need to relax deeply through it. This is a huge transformation we are in - have patience with yourself ♥οΈπŸ™πŸΎ.


11.09.2022 Full Moon Channel Summary

 September 11th, Full Moon Channel Transcript
This gorgeous full moon is staring at me through the window as I sit to write the summary of tonight’s full moon channel. (Images and short videos always first up on @mithilakaraenergy instagram. Follow me there for those updates.)
Beloveds, the energy codes coming in have shifted gear yet again and we find ourselves in some sultry liquid light codes that have the highest good at heart. The recent Galactic Light Codes and Merkabah Light Body reorganization codes of these September energy portals have now been channeled through our gathering. 
( to this I must add that the Merkabah mudra and downloads abort the Merkabah have been active these past 10 days in my channeling) 
We started the evening with a chat about my galactic channeling anniversary, what I have seen and understood so far about the Earth Upgrade Process. Then we went into the channel.
It all began with preparing the energy field for receiving today’s trance mission. ( I will share the start of this in next few days in video for all to receive)
Then a 12 chakra activation energy trance mission 
A torus field activation and Merkabah reorganization ( all done by GFL with primarily Pleiadian Guidance) energy medicine trance mission 
This process was long, and as chuffed and satisfied as they were with their own work and grateful for us to anchoring it, my foot and leg fell asleep completely as I was held still while transmitting the energy. In a moment of deep love they offered me their gratitude for my service as a channel and I was so moved to tears πŸ˜­.
After this highly interesting energy work was grounded into the the Gaia grid we took a much needed break to stretch our legs.
After the break further talks. The energy work we received was so demanding in nature both for me the channel and the gathered souls. It was enough and after a long song of gratitude for all we have received we reluctantly closed our Zoom meet. So hard to leave the connection we create together on these meditations together with our galactic families. What a blessing. And again it tickles me that 11 embodied souls were on the call on the 11th. πŸ˜Š9 at our 9:9 portal two days ago. 9:11 thank you and goodnight πŸ™πŸΎ♥️in love Kara 

Pisces Full Moon 2022 : 1 year of Galactic Rides Anniversary

Beloveds, it was a year ago full moon of Pisces September 23rd that I became initiated in my role as Galactic Gate Keeper/ Energy Worker. I was transported to a galactic scene where I was assisting in opening a Light Gateway for the Pisces Full Moon and I received my first longer message from the GFL to rechord. At the bottom of this page you find a copy of that first message. 

Soon thereafter I was informed about my recruitment and new job title as Galactic Guide and Portal Priestess. My psychic abilities to channel expanded exponentially in the following months and I was “taught“ directly by the GFL and many multi- dimensional abilities started to activate. I have had a remarkable year of Galactic rides since then. Thanks to my long association with my Guru Kriyaji I wasn’t completely surprised or unfamiliar with the territory of experiences I fell into as She has long been for me the embodied Teacher of Divine expanded consciousness. 

Now I was always a channel and always multi dimensional and I know that WE ALL ARE. That is not at all remarkable to my being and there are so many who, long before I came into this area/branch of spiritual work, have been doing similar things to what I now am able to do. I will write more on my perspective on this subject of how we are all channels and how we are all magnificently multi dimensional in future updates. Stay tuned.

Yet - as an individual, a person in a human experience to have this expansion of those abilities happen and the awareness of it happening in this accelerated and non pre-meditated way - well now that is remarkable! And I celebrate that journey which is happening to myself and many others on the new timelines of the unfolding Golden Age - with my own anniversary in this now moment of this full moon. Last year at this time I knew very little about what was happening for me and I had not started my role of channeling meditations for groups at the time. 

Yesterday we had the 9:9 portal channel and tomorrow I will channel for this Full Moon Portal - one that feels imbued with Light Body (Merkabah) Activation Codes from what I can pre-cognize from the portal opening. So much has changed in a short year.

I am beyond grateful for this new line of spiritual channeling and healing work, alongside my long term role as a YM method expert and Hatha Yoga Teacher, that I am now able to offer. A remarkable result of the accelerated expansion process I’ve been in since 2018/2019 - but that really went into full gear in March of 2020. 

I am also in continuous awe of the Light Work I am able to witness as I perform different energy work duties in the Field as a High Priestess of the Golden Ray Temple of Ra and with the assistance of my Galactic Self and the different spiritual teams I work with. It all sounds like deep science fiction - I know! And yet as I live it daily now in my human experience and still “limited” glimpses of the dimensional grandeur of it all  - I am mostly just in awe at the Divinity of All That Was, Is and Ever Shall Be. 

Let the rechord show this magnificent transition in Eras of The Earth Plane(t).


09.09.2022 Portal Summary

September 9th, 99 Portal Transcript

It opened with Galactic Centre Energy, Galactic Light Energy Trance mission

Followed closely by the Lotus Mudra meditation to collect the Light Codes to the Heart Centre

Followed by the Blue Ray Light Energy of Mother Mary and Christ Consciousness, in the form of the Blue Rose placed in the centre of the Lotus Mudra and Aura Sphere meditation of the Blue Ray Light Energy from the Heart Centre and expanding out into the Aura

New Messages from the Galactic Federation of Light about Humanity and Multi-Dimensionality and where we are in the 5D Process (will be transcribed and posted when possible)

After the break, back to the Galactic Centre Energy Transmission that went on for quite some time, guided and silent trance mission meditation. 

We ended with precious individual trance missions for each participant - and we were 9 embodied souls (including myself) joining todays 9:9 galactic gathering meditation and I cannot but love the numeration.


A liquid like Trance Mission of the Galactic Light Codes this 9:9 portal. Thank You to ALL involved. Absolutely wonderful for me to be back in the channellers seat. Thank You for this deeply meaningful vocation.


09.09.2022 Energy Update Pre-Portals 

It has been a month since I did a live group channel and today we meet for the 9:9 portal at noon. However I have had a lot of channeling and download work in the last few weeks as we are continuously in a heightened flux of Light Emanations from the Suns. Here is what I can summarize, pre-September portals, from my “jobs” in the last weeks.
- Codes for Beingness in August New Moon
- Change of Light Codes since two days ago, as the 9:9 and Full Moon Portal gates opened I have sensed a new type of Light Code vibration entering - will be exciting to find out more about these new energies in coming weeks
- lots of purging /clearing of previous timelines continue for many individually and without a doubt we see the collective experience of this in the world 
- I have been deep in trance meditation states and receiving downloads and messages about:
- the Merkabah Mudra for activating our Light Body 
- the Ashtar Command, and a Mudra on how to ignite remote viewing and connect directly to the High Seat of the GFL
- the Lotus Mudra, certainly for its traditional heart center activation capabilities but also as a vessel or container into which we receive Light Codes to e.g Heart Chakra Center
So it has been very Mudra based energy work these last 7 days and these mudras have repeated themselves in my downloads lately. I will put up pictures as soon as I can ( perhaps they will show up in today’s channel ). 
I have also been receiving energy medicines for Geomagnetic and Geopathic Stress aleviations, Prayers for the floods in Pakistan and yesterday a vision/ energy work of the Time Space Continuum architecture for the Golden Age and more downloads about that which I will transcribe and post as soon as possible. Mind blowing to say the least. Light workers - I rechord this as I am asked to do so but also as a way for us to compare notes on what we are sensing and seeing in the Energy Field at any given time of the Earth upgrade process and the accelerated expansion a significant percentage of the world population are going through. 
I also had both an Owl and an Eagle appear in my meditations this week which is unusual for me. πŸ™πŸΎ♥️M

03092022 August Energy Update: after the Lionsgate

As many of you know, a week after the Lionsgate portal and August Full Moon Channel I ended up in a Covid cave with my beloved and this has really delayed my updates here. The flu recovery was also the reason to having to cancel so many scheduled activities in the last weeks of August. The New Moon Portal was one of them but I did receive the channeled energy and information anyway. There was a great deal of things happening in the energy fields. Here is my personal experience update of those energies and the fascinating energy work process I had with Covid.

Taking over from where I left off, when I got the world famous flu I had a strong fever for a few days. During this fever I received the information that I was working with the Immunity or I AM Unity codes that are to assist our energy field and the new earth energy field to become immune to the vibration of this virus. We ( a light-worker Collective that works through prayer that I sometimes team up with in the dimensional fields during some jobs) held prayers for taking the negative fear and illness imprint of the virus on our planet out of the Collective field. It was a very meaningful process and I wanted to share it in a healing circle with a group of you live but I was actually not able to host that session to actively work on downloading these codes. I was simply to ill. 

Instead a few days later I had another spontaneous download of these healing codes on my own. If time permits or the energy guides in this direction I will host a session for this in the future.

On Sunday August 21st I found that the fever had flushed out a very deep level of karmic release and I went through a painful two days reliving/releasing another layer of my birth trauma (which is in my hips and legs and this is not the first time I have worked on it but it was a few years ago since the last time). This turned out to be part of a root and sacral chakra cleanse that was being activated on a Collective level. This changed a few days later to solar plexus energy work, then heart, then throat and then naval centre. Each time it was the back of these chakras that were being worked on. These days of chakra energy work was Collective purging/clearing of these centres and I experienced it as huge cables, like sewage pipes (sorry for the unsavoury image but that is how it felt and what I saw), attached to the back of each chakra (this wasn’t personal on my body but it is how I received the info on what was happening on the Collective energy field), and basically garbage was being pumped out of the Collective chakras mentioned above. This process lasted a few days and ended around August 26th. At the end of this process I realised the Light Codes were assisting in a huge purge or transmutation of the Collective energy field with themes such as rebirthing. It was very intense, not fun at all, really tough actually. So if you found that week to be rough you might have been picking up on the Collective energy field and / or been among the light workers/souls assigned to help in the transmutation processes of the Collective. OK what next?

The week after was calmer for sure. We had the new moon portal opening and though I did not do a live group channel I was very active in receiving the codes for some days after.

Primary message: anchoring Being, codes of Being and 5th Dimensional Beingness 

This was a peaceful job but demanding in time and weight/quantity of the Light Codes. So much geomagnetic change and solar code influx with this New Moon as well. It just keeps rolling over us as a planet. 

The upgrade symptoms of this week has been for me the classic ones: intense head and heart chakra activations, I’ve been completely blasted by the download and the light code receptions this week but most of it has been pure energy exchange and not information or messages in words or visions. Simply receiving and anchoring the new Light Codes.

I elevate with ease.

I anchor and grid the new energies with ease.

I AM here and I draw the higher vibrations with ease.

And similar mantras is what I have used to relax and receive this weeks energies. The flu has simultaneously receded but the energy work has constantly been on the rise and the last two days I have been in deep trance-mission meditation states. Partially there was a huge gathering for prayers in the energy field related to the floods in Pakistan from Friday sunset. 

We (myself and others that I saw in the Field) working through Sound Healing primarily. Please note I see this happening in trance meditation states that I am called into. I do not know in advance when and how this type of work takes place. You might also find yourself being called “into service” in this way. It all depends on our job descriptions so to speak. The physical reality of this is I feel very drugged and drowsy and I lie down and enter the trance mission and then go on the journey/mission however long it takes and where it goes. Each journey/mission is different so it is hard to give more details and your journeys might be completely different to mine so it is also perhaps not even relevant to know what it is like for others.

I have rechorded information through Akashic Record activations, new spiritual skills downloads and particular two new mudras in the past 24 hours. One is the Merkabah Mudra and one is the Ashtar Command Mudra. The former is a mudra to assist in Light Body Activation. The latter is the High Seat of the Galactic Federation and this download guided in using a mudra to remote view the Ashtar Command Centre (gosh what a gorgeous space centre it is!!!), and how to develop communication skills with the Ashtar Command. These techniques I received but I do not yet know what further purpose I am to serve with them. Time will tell. For now I have been told that I will be downloading from the Akashic records for 48 hours - until end of Sunday. So that’s my update friends. I hope you are all on your higher heart frequency through this challenging and changing world stage. Big Love, Mithila



19.08.2022 Energy Update I AM UNITY


I had a few days of no energy jobs or upgrade symptoms… ( and I send a deep breath to you all around me who are going through some intense stuff right now with the incoming ever influxing and ever heightening codes and other geomagnetic etc… changes)


…but I have noticed something else happening this week. Firstly personally I had physical purging, the not so appetising details below for anyone who dares. These occurrences were spread out over this week and since last night I have a new energy job/back into light worker mode and that I have been guided to write about and perhaps also do a group gathering around. Let us see what my job and energy permits.


Firstly I started to get cough symptoms and cold symptoms yesterday evening. During my accelerated expansion I have not had any colds or flus even though my beloved did spend time out and about at work where he was exposed to it often. Now however I really do have flu symptoms and they are not only energetic what I can tell, they are also in the body. These continued all night and today after a sleepless night I took a long bath. In the water element I started to receive a number of downloads. There were lots of details and I cannot write it all at this moment but the gist of it is that we are now in a phase (or at least it is on my job list) where we are working with the collective energy imprint from the dis-ease that has been on everyones mind the past two years. I was shown that there is an energy imprint that needs to be transmuted and that some of us are called to assist on this. I started channeling healing and LL for myself first since I am experiencing all the symptoms but without really feeling very ill. After that the main energy work I used for this was the Lotus Mudra and the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra.


After the bath I was resting and was asked to eat (which I did heartily) and strengthen myself for the next phase of the job where I went into a feverish trance like sleep state. In this fever it was quite pleasurable for the body, though I had to be very still and sleep. The journey took me on some MD visions of grid work to change the imprint of the dis-ease. Thereafter I got the vibe that I was being infused with immunity and or channeling immunity codes for myself and anchoring for the collective consciousness - similar to other light code downloads of the past but I have to say this experience is a first as it is like having the disease (albeit mildly right now) and doing energy work at the same time. Please note dear reader that I do not know at this point if I have ‘’it’’ or not, as it could be any cold, flu, fever symptom. What is interesting is the energy work that is coming with it and the MD guidance.


As my beloved and I spoke and compared notes of our weeks experiences and how it is showing us pattern of information that led to what I am writing about here we recognised that Immunity also could be spoken as IAMUNITY. I AM UNITY. Unity is one of the main vibrations of the 5th D. Awesome. Our individual and collective immunity moving forwards is about our UNITY consciousness and if each of us can keep cultivating that vibration we will assist in the healing of this dis-ease from our earth energy field. I will happily drink a tall glass of C-Vitamin to that!


I was asked to hold a live session where we would work with healing for the removal of the imprint of this dis-ease in and around us and on Earth Consciousness field as it is an important energy job that needs happen for the Earth Upgrade / 5D process next steps. Fascinating. I do not know what more to tell you at this point as I am still head deep in it. Anyone who has recently had cold / fly symptoms or simply want to contribute their presence to the channel of this work are welcome to join the Healing Circle. I will get back to you on times and dates as soon as I can. Hopefully I am able to do this already Saturday August 20th at noon.  


The week began with some intense purging. I threw up in the beginning of the week, I had diarrhoea today and then fever chills, heightened heat all day today. Considering how intense the physical side of it is I am astounded at not being ‘MORE unwell. I do not quite understand it all yet and that says to me that the job is not yet complete. TBC. Be well dear friends. Thank you for the messages with your expansion experiences - I love hearing from you and appreciate you taking the time to share your journeys. Om.


13.08.2022 Sunset Poem and Energy Medicine tip 🌞

Evening sun

Beloveds, I’ve been cooking and preparing all day for the YM day retreat tomorrow and my birthday celebrations in the city coming days and taking many breaks to just be in this hot summer Saturday.

When the sun is this calm in the evening I find it is for me an agreeable and natural time to face the sun and let the eyes πŸ‘€ and skin / aura receive some of that gorgeous light infusion directly ( even though I’m not staring at the sun as it is still too strong for me to directly gaze - I have my eyes open facing the sun so I feel the light enter the eyes). I do this both consciously in a moment of meditation calling the light in to exchange with my Aura and all my eyes πŸ‘€ πŸ‘ (πŸ€“ haha) etc… and also to relax and be in it doing nothing or reading a book.

These are among my simplest “go to”#energymedicines for holistic health and replenishment.

In Love, Mithila Kara

#energymedicine #lightcodes

13.08.2022 A Lunar Lens

This Super Moon - wow - I had myself a moon mini-midnight feast and we looked through an old set of looking glass and admired the sparkling light reflections last night. I didn’t even try to sleep knowing it would not come easily.

I slept in generously but still waking up feeling super hungover by the impression of the moons energies on my being. Even before my accelerated expansion process, I like many others were moon struck with strange dreams, sleepless nights, weird vibes, feeling affected by the cycles of the waxing and waving moon. Not every moon and not even with being conscious of the moon calendar. But often. Since my accelerated expansion process I am even more sense able to these affects. I am admiring today how this gives a sense of our obvious but also astounding cosmic connections and galactic place as we interact with this beautiful heavenly body so close to Earth providing tides of time and codes of change for the assistance of energetic evolution of planet Earth. Now when I work with the Lunar portals on a monthly basis I have come to sense this significant relationship to the moon as part of the larger universal expansion and contraction of energy. Remarkable ! How very extraordinary !

And these codes of change that this moon portal brings through may be affecting you very deeply too. I have had to go very slow processing the energies of this moon this morning but also integracing a deep healing shift I experienced as I was mantra meditating in my Gurus presence last night. Both this healing that became activated and the lunar codes are a powerful cocktail that needs some soft slow time to move through me and I take that time acknowledging that this ability to feel, sense, become more conscious and be one with my humanness is my aliveness. I AM alive.

What makes you feel alive these moon days? What affects, if any, are significant to your unique relationship with the moon? Does your being react to the moon and if so what are the experiences?

Reflecting in love, Mithila



11.08.2022 Closing one door and opening another 

🦁today we journeyed with the meditations of the closing of the Lionsgate portal and the opening of the Full moon of Aquarius 
πŸŒ•we received such Golden nuggets of understanding about gateways, the upgrade timelines, and how it all correlates to each other 
🦁a bold and beautiful energy medicine was channeled by myself as High Priestess of the Golden Ray which sought to extract doubt, uncertainty, and conflicting thoughts about oneself from the heart center, a brave breakthrough for us all was witnessed and 
πŸ‘½ the GFL chimed in enthusiastically with this work to bring us into deep connection with self love and how they rejoiced and shared their profound joy and gratitude for the moment when our love touched ourselves deeper
πŸ’Žwe got a wisdom nugget about how the self love opens channels and portals and gateways to the cosmos and how this creates the communication flow with our Galactic family and MD awareness, through unconditional self love and how that is our primary job in life. This trance mission ended with a silence that was so serene and sweet to rest our hearts in.
β™Ύ assistance to bring our deepest wish to the surface and bathe it in abundance and infinity light and further wish wisdoms…
πŸ₯°the sparkling love light vibration that has themed thorough Lionsgate was ever present today and in part 2 we continued to get understanding as well as integracion meditation guidelines in the form of Angel Feather Aura Brushing and Angel Wings Aura Shield techniques to give us further tools to calm nervous system and energy body agitations/burn out and to create breaks from information overload/pressure of incoming energies respectively.
Homework from GFL to write a love letter πŸ’Œ to self during these days.
Thankfully it was an assimilation channel and not an activation one - timely considering so many of us have been on fire with the upgrade energies of the Lionsgate. πŸ˜… more info on symptoms tomorrow, right now I’m just enjoying deeply my post channel ritual of shower, bathrobe, buttered toast and reflecting on our experience and writing my summary of the event. β˜ΊοΈ 
Everyone, thank you
β€οΈπŸ™πŸΎin love Kara

08.08.2022 Lionsgate Channel Epic Summary

Epic! Today’s Lions Gate Channel on 8:8 started at 12 noon and ended auspiciously at 4:44.

This is the first time that a channel does not end on time and keeps going and going from both the group meditation to my own energy jobs for the portal. Truly epic experience and to think that I did not even know what Lionsgate was a year ago (more on that on another day). The first part of the trance mission was energies pertaining to the whole Lionsgate portal time from end of July to the Full Moon of this week coming. The second part of the trance mission was the codes especially related to this day 8:8


  • once our 8 (yes! 8 on the 8:8 hihi) guests had gathered for the Zoom event it all began with a bubbling, joy energy being transmitted straight to our hearts
  • this was followed up by a Heart Light Code Activation, a Love Light Code vibrating frequency that pulsed around the Spiritual Heart Centre and expanded out into the auric field, and then went round the back to clear lower back heart centre to then become a flashlight of Love Light Energy beamed through us towards the ancestral/family bloodline humans who came before us
  • there was a long moving offering of thanks and settling karmic debts, and honouring of the human incarnations that had to happen before our own in the now moment could exist
  • The Lionsgate Light Codes among other things assisted us in this healing and transmuting process with the human ancestry, very beautiful teachings on interconnectedness, positive debt and human incarnations
  • After the break we received a lovely session with Sirian Blue White Light Diamond activation for the de-calcification of the 3rd Eye and a resulting anchoring of this expansion into the heart centre and through to the Earth Star and Earth Grids. Exceptional Light Language work that I have not encountered before. Archangel Michael assisted in the intagracion process.


After this group meditation channel I expected it to end as per past events, but I felt so strongly the need to meditate and stay on and I invited those who could stay on to join me. Whoa - that led to a whole other download and on my part energy work jobs that I was required to do for the Lionsgate portal. For the following almost 3 more hours we had:


  • Infinite Abundance Codes, also part of the many Codes coming thorough the 8:8 portal that we bathed in, danced through and became funnels for personal and collective abundance and replenishment. This was a long guided movement meditation and reception of abundance codes
  • we were then guided to clear Scarcity energy, Limiting beliefs on abundance from our Akashic Records, and we received a long teaching about scarcity and abundance (to be transcribed and shared in the future)
  • After this session my personal energy work really began to take off and it was not so much about or for the gathered group anymore though many stayed on to participate. Thank you! 
  • I started to sense the Sirian and Lyran 888 code trance mission from Lyran White Lions Eyes to my 3rd Eye to heart to Earth and Crystalline Grid, the anchoring of this energy took unusually long and soon it became clear that we were moving through and beyond the Crystalline Grid into the Hollow Earth dimension, I was creating and maintaining a gateway that could move the 888 and other Lionsgate energy codes to the Hollow Earth dimension. Soon the Arcturian and Dolphin energy was at play in this work and assisting this. This job took a long time and once ended was followed by a Lyran Star Seed Activation energy code trance mission through the Diamond Heart Centre for the Collective. This was part of the Earth Upgrade Collective Consciousness shift energy work that I was required to do today. When all jobs were done and I felt it was time to end the work the time was 4:44. What an amazing introduction for me to the Lionsgate and I have learnt so much from this Galactic work today. Tired and grateful and wowed as always by this beautiful life.



I am sure many of you know and/or sense that the Lionsgate portal is open. I’ve had a few quiet “energy work days” and I usually am receiving those breaks or days of “normal life” just before I have a big channel or energy job to do. This night the portal openings are stirring for me and on the channeled diary you can see what else I have been sharing about the August energy update through my direct experiences. 
On this live channel I look forward to downloading the 8:8 portal relevant energies for the group that gathers and for collective messages from the GFL or other high vibe tribes in our soul and galactic families. 
See you then beloveds πŸ™πŸΎ
In love, Kara - High Priestess Temple of the Golden Ray

03082022 energy update 

Today’s job was (on my end) the Collective Lungs πŸ«- clearing out the stagnant stale breaths of the Collective Energy Field by doing some deep slow breathing. Something I’m good at and I spent some time doing just this today. It is nice to breathe deeply and call it “all in a days work” πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨. I took the breathwork outdoors under our pergola sails and the warm winds blew fiercely which made it feel like the collective lungs in fierce motion. A symbolic moment in this day when the energy work was to become aware of the capacity now to clear the collective lungs and my own part in it today. When I went into the meditation of the work I could see myself working in the light language for this task behind the scenes of the breaths I was taking in the 3D being. I had placed a wind chime close by and it’s gentle tones also felt so helpful in today’s work breathing long slow deep breaths. Funny how I seemed to pre-cognize this in yesterday’s post with the end words. Like I knew before I knew that today’s job would be about breathing slow and deep. These are our intuitions speaking.
I then received an unexpected and playful break in the energy work and had many hours to  spend with my godson and entertaining… but now as the evening closes in I can feel the call to check in with the next task on my portal priestess task list for August.
Goodnight beloveds. Let’s see what tomorrow calls for. 
With love, Mithila


02.08.2022 That’s my “emoji image” while staring confounded at the current energy experiences!! 

(This is an older picture but you get my drift…). Picture on @mithilakaraenergy Instagram.
Today’s job has been in the fields of Collective Consciousness. Energy work on my plate had to do with the “stress and strain” energies / adrenals and kidneys / and purging and transmuting this. I had a lower back energy pain ( not physical pain ) all day and it was exhausting work. Now it is over 7 days of active daily MD work for the August energy portals. Significant for me is that the work shifted from anchoring through Crown and Heart centers  previous week to this ache in Kidneys / lower back all of a sudden. May not be relevant to all readers here but I have several around me sharing intense and confounding experiences in their own energy fields and it’s nice to know that we are working together for our own and collective shift.
I did some of the work in the bathtub as the water element and Rose quartz crystal I work with at times assisted today’s job - and I spoke it out such as:
Let this stress and strain now drain out of the Collective Consciousness and transmute.
As usual I worked with the Violet light transmutations as well. I was exhausted by the energy being purged so I simply tried everything I could to get it to move through quicker and transmute faster πŸ€―.
Yesterday I was on a different job, sending light codes through a circular disc like portal from my own heart space into the collective heart space like Cœur πŸŽ‰ Confetti. It was beautiful to witness when I went into it in meditation to see what was happening behind the scenes of the pressure I was constantly feeling during the day in the heart center.
I am writing a longer article about the downloads and insights I have received regarding this type of energy work that I have now been doing consciously for at least 1 year - and I will post this as soon as I can. 
So that’s the latest from my end and let’s see what else August asks for. Taking a deep slow breath, Mithila 


30.07.2022 Soft Sweet Surrender of the Heart Space

Beloveds, I am so moved to try to put into words the feeling of the energy field that I sense right now in my capacity as an Energy and Light Worker assigned to this remarkable Golden Age Process and Earth Upgrade.

The level of Energy/Change entering the Collective Heart Space and Mind transformation right now is tangible. You might be feeling this as headaches, head pressure, helmut head or eye symptoms and/or Heart/ Chest - back, front or both being pressured or pressed like feeling. Also it feels like big hole in the Chest, like there is infinite space there. I can share that these are the two primary ( Head and Heart ) energy experiences for me throughout my own Accelerated Expansion and also now with the incoming Light Codes of the past few months and especially this recent week. Though there are many other energy symptoms I find the above two to dominate.

Yesterday when I woke up I felt like a cracked vessel, like there were cracks in all of my Aura bodies, and this made me move so slow but I know from before that this is part of the expansion, how the Light gets in and expands the Light Body with new higher vibrations. I also noticed that this what I am sensing is not personal to me but a reflection/sensing of what is happening in the Collective Consciousness now. Yes, that is all of us here on Earth. I say this but also I say that we each have an individual journey in this so take what resonates and drop the rest. What I want for us is to become so sense-able, to know and master our own energy field and expansion and grow in our sovereignty and multi-dimensionality as is meant for each person to experience here on Earth at this time.

Today I have a sense of such soft vulnerability in the Heart Space, such delicate softening and expanding, I can only be with this in the sweetest of surrender and again it is for me a reflecting or a sensing of the magnitude of the Heart Awakening process our planet and all beings are now undergoing for 5D attunement. I cannot speak much, I even feel out of breath when I try to do much, I must move slowly in this state and allow this total surrender to the Heart. 

Very beautiful, very soft, very vulnerable, very delicate but not weak, not powerless, no not at all, in fact it is the softening to open to greater and true strength and personal power. I cannot quite describe fully what I am picking up on yet. I am in this and perhaps you are too. My Guides were not kidding when they said there will be a daily process/work for me during this Leo portals and moons. I am softening more and more into allowing what this is to now guide me, travel through me and move me. I wish you the softest and sweetest expansive start to August and I will write more as soon as I have more to share. 


28.07.2022 New Moon in Leo summary of channel

A happy and tired channeler I AM though not tired due to channeling but due to the Enormous energy experience of this time and these portals right now. It is super charged. Today’s channeled event was a peaceful break for me in my own daily upgrade experience πŸ˜….

β™ŒοΈ after rolling through the great galactic roller deck of information the GFL settled on sending through a long and detailed Akashic Record trance mission. Super interesting and I will share more as soon as transcribed.
β™ŒοΈ we got the what, how and why of the Akashic Records and a pure energy trance mission to help each participant access their own records when and where needed
🦁 after the break we received this portals and now time energy understanding and how to expect disruptive forces at times of expanded or heightened portal energies as it is now and how to discern what’s what and how to clear what’s not for you, encouragement to meditate more to recognize what’s yours and what’s not yours, what’s for you and what’s not for you
🦁 a beautiful energy transmission to awaken the characteristics of the Leo - boldness, courageousness, power and heart and more precise words that I will share when transcribed
⭐️ most of today’s gifts were courtesy of the Pleiadians but at the end the Arcturians tuned into to confirm the White Light codes that are entering the individual collective and galactic heart spaces for high vibe transformation of the Heart energy at this time.

Afterwards relaxing myself with some dinner I gave thanks to God for this work and the ability to channel as I doπŸ™πŸΎπŸŽ. So grateful for my gifts.

Thank you to all who joined in.

In love, Kara 

28.07.2022 Ascension πŸ§—‍♀️ Symptoms Update for August portals

Beloveds, what a dragon sky we had last night (photo on @mithilakaraenergy instagram) - and I am so on fire myself with the upgrade energies since The entrance into Leo season that I feel the need to share my energy work symptoms in case someone out there needs to hear it and be affirmed.

As always note that this is not medical advice - if you are not sure it’s the ascension symptoms then seek medical professional advice and check ups.

This month of July and during this new portal season I personally have
- more ringing in the ears and ear locks like when flying
- strange aches and pains elbow /knee / finger joints
- feeling of atrophied muscle as the energy field upgrades like shaking in the muscles when trying to weight bear which makes exercise not possible in these phases, I just wait it out as I know from experience that my body movement capacity returns after these shifts have happened
- this week not being able to move much or do much, just being and receiving
- jaw tension or release through the jaws
- groggy feeling, woozy feeling, eyes fuzzy and brain fuggy, teeth sensitivity and yawning excessively at times ( which is a form of release and creating space to receive more downloads )
- irregular sleep and food cravings
- feeling that ones energy is occupied and busy elsewhere therefore needing lots of rest
-heat rising

I think I covered most of it πŸ˜…and as usual I go with the intuitive flow. Even as used to this as I am now after two years in the process it is still astonishing how deeply we are being transformed and how deeply the solar code plasma transference affects the human being. I take rest and read books and relax ( screens are not great for me in these upgrade phases ), I drink lots of water, I eat what I need, I move when I can, I open to receive saying Yes and thank you and affirm that I receive with grace and ease. It is really energy consuming to go through these shifts for some of us - be kind to you and know you are not alone.

I will be channeling the Leo new moon tonight and look forward to sharing what comes through for us at this time.


26.07.2022 July retrospective and Energy Update

July and the Earth Upgrade Project continues and the way I sense it is in the form of ever changing wave after new wave of energy influxes that enter our planet (solar codes emitted from the Sun and the Great Central Sun). I have been going through some minor upgrades and purging but also a lot of just receiving and anchoring energy without purging. This has expressed itself primarily as Heart Centre and Head Centre as the receiving stations in the last weeks of July but had other Chakra expressions earlier in the month (see previous posts).  

It has been an increase in my reception since July 22nd as we entered a new portal and gateway phase for Leo/August. I feel it will continue to amp up during the next few weeks but at the moment I can only sense into the end of August and no further. 

I have also received new activations myself during July, meaning new abilities going online. Example I have started to see the Light Language written script form in my channels and meditations - this has not happened before. I have not yet started to actually put it on paper yet as I go with the organic flow of when and how things happen naturally but I sense that it is now closer than it has been before. I have yet to explore what others there are and what they do.

Personally I have been asked by my Guides to not be scheduled with too much else as I am being called on to daily anchor Light Codes and receive downloads. This is in fact what is happening as for several hours per day I am in this state of energy activity. It has been quite some time since I had this type of regular energy work (somewhere back in March / April was the last lot of this type of daily Light Work). 

There is no pattern in the timing, it has been afternoons and it has been late evenings, nights and mornings too. I look forward to channel on Thursday to see what else we can learn and discern about the Galactic activity and it’s significance for us on earth right now on the New Moon Meditation evening. See you there.

We were visiting friends and something unusual happened. I was asked by the Arcturians to channel a connection as they wished to be in contact with this person. This was a new experience as I usually only channel for individual people when the person asks me too. Here it was the Arcturians clearly asking me to establish an energy download to help them connect with this person. A very cool part of this transmission was when I travelled to Arcturus (perhaps my 3rd visit now) to gather star dust to sprinkle on the property of this person. Amazing and it was beautiful! Things I have never even dreamed of are happening through these journeys. This also tells me that the reach of activating more people into their multidimensionality is expanding into the collective consciousness, at least partially through those of us who are already initiated into our expansion into 5D. Perhaps you have similar stories to share yourself or of those around you?

I hope you are all weathering the Energy Influxes and the volatility that comes with it in yourself or others with grace. It can be challenging! At the same time let us always cherish and enjoy life every day. As I see and receive so many Light gifts and abilities I know that this is the new earth and only the beginning of something truly extraordinary unfolding in the decades to come (in comparison to what we knew) and truly natural (in comparison to spiritual law and teachings). 

In Love, Mithila


22.07.2022 The White Light Codes 🀍

Beloveds, I am on holiday but as we know, many things in life including the 5D Earth Upgrade Project is NOT πŸ˜….

The solar code activations, geomagnetic changes etc on Earth continue to bring new light and more integracion symptoms to those of us receptive to the energy and working with the energy.

As a Light Worker I have been anchoring Diamond Light Codes last few weeks ( mainly heart and head chakra related) and now recently today White Light Codes.

I spent a good part of today with this work including in the bath πŸ›€πŸ½ channeling a long Light Language song for the White Light download of the day. This is a new gateway of Leo opening, an energy influx that will build up through next weeks new moon, the Lionsgate portal 8/8 and the full moon of August. An energy signature that will carry through to the new moon of Virgo. This is what I know so far. The really exciting part of today’s Download is that I channeled energy codes that are to work between the Chakras, the spaces in between each chakra as well as the nodes where the DNA spirals 🧬 cross each other. This is some of what I could sense was being received with this new gateway. I also channeled a song of joy from the cosmos for being heard, seen, and received in the form of these energy influxes. I am one of many who work with these things and if you have been having strong activations and symptoms lately - you are not alone!!!

I will be Channeling live online for the new moon, lionsgate and fullmoon portal next few weeks. Let’s see what Leo has in store for us. A year ago I had no personal experience on what these portals were or that 8:8 Lionsgate was a thing. Today I know that I am a Light gate keeper and portal priestess called upon to work with these energies. Life is full of surprises !

Stay open to change and expansion. Life is 😎!



12.07.2022  FullMoon Portal summary

Yes πŸ™ŒπŸ½ what a Trance Mission, thank you to all involved and all participants.

Personally this portal and it’s Light codes have weighed heavy on me - as in I have been deeply affected and had to rest a lot to receive and anchor since a few days back. As soon as the channel opened I was greatly relieved of the pressure I had been feeling. Some portals are like that and some are just not, so far in this experience.

In any case I felt the greatest activity in the heart center past few days and that is also where the channel from the GFL this evening took us.

🌝Heart Center portal Light code Trancemission for a mega 45 minutes ( holding the heart mudra for the whole time on my part πŸ˜…yes my arms got tired! πŸ˜†)

🌝receiving a repeat on the message that the 5D upgrade is primarily ”done” through solar Light codes
🌝a 12 chakra alignment and grounding of said Light Codes of this portal
🌝 experiencing and seeing the Galactic heart center, the vast cosmic heart space and what that means to the multidimensional process of awakening
🌝a quick meditation guidance for homework on how to read and see the personal aura
🌝a collective healing process on several levels that we received through Light Language ( video will be put up soon )
🌝and a talk/understanding  about why the planet and different areas of life and many nations as well as nature are going through intense purging - understanding this as energy and vibrational shifts and the process of change and disruption and how to assist these stages of the process on Earth as She dawns the Golden Age.

In Love, Kara


07.07.2022  Healing circle ⭕️

…today was unlike any other in last months - it was more like a channeled energy meditation due to the presence of the 7/7 portal and the energy gateway of Sirius.

First we received a Light blessing through the Heart Portal courtesy of Archangel Michael. This healing energy was then given an opportunity to be sent out and shared with a loved one who needed it. We received and passed onwards.

The second phase was directly connected to the Sirius Stellar Gateway through a 12 Chakra and DNA activation energy medicine that was then later anchored and balanced in the Solar Plexus. Thereafter we were guided to the Third Eye and received an amazing anchoring of pyramid of Egypt energy - apparently it is connected to the Sirius star system and this energy was superb - for auric field purification and strengthening of the spiritual boundaries and sovereign shields. We were sat in this pyramid field for sometime until the aura energy medicine was completed.

Afterwards it was so easy to see/feel the clear boundary of ones energy field. Remarkable work! What else? I think that was it and quite enough for an hours gathering. Not the typical healing circle energy work today. Yet very healing nonetheless.

One of the intentional energy medicines that came through with the 7/7 portal that I could not verbalise during the healing circle was one of Past Lives and Higher Dimensional Timelines being brought into the present for healing (remembrance).
Thank you to all who gathered todayπŸ™πŸΎ

I write these reports to re-chord the energy medicine for future as well as to transmit the essence of what we received in our gatherings to all who read it.

May it always be for your highest good and bless and grace you as it has blessed and graced us.

In love, Mithila


05.07.2022 Energy Update 

Today I have updated the messages from the Solstice Portal, the New Moon Portal see below.

I also want to mention that I started to feel a very strong energy July 3rd morning, just like a portal opening. It continues these days and is building up to the 7/7 portal of this month. I have seen from other channels posts that this has to do with the Sirius star (our spiritual sun in the galaxy) being closer to our planet now than our normal sun. I have not received direct downloads yet about this portal, was not aware it existed until I saw other channels posting about it, so I have nothing to share more than that I am deifinitely picking up on the portal being open and that we are receiving potent energies we are receiving through it.

I have a healing circle scheduled on the 7/7 portal day at noon if you wish to join and I will post here as usual if I get further information. I also notice that my past 'pre-cognitions' and the guided messages from the GFL on the 5D upgrade projects timelines are proving to be true. Now my beloved P is going through similar Upgrade Symptoms and process as I did in the past 2 years, for him since April. Sure he was affected by the upgrade and my process 2020-2022 but this is much more direct and personal in his own Energy Field and he is 'going through it' in a big way right now. I am not as affected by symptoms anymore and can be more in a 'new normal'. How is it going out there for you? And for the people around you? I am curious to hear what is happening in and around you related to the 5D upgrade.


05.07.2022 Transcripts posted from the Solstice Portal and New Moon Portal of June now available.

29.06.2022 New Moon Portal Channel transcript here.

The Solstice Portal had many messages to share with everyone. There was Energy medicine guidance on connecting to the Earth and well as on the subject of Fear and transmuting Fear. There was an energy meditation and further guidance on the I AM Presence and stepping into one's sovereign power. 

Read the full transcript here. Though this is provided for free, donations towards this work is appreciated.

We also received guidance to check in again on the messags of the May 29th portal and the 6/6 portal read below for message.



29.06.2022 New Moon 🌚 Channeled Meditation

βœ… and I AM so pleased with our evening gathering. Thank you all who attend for making these events so memorable.

Transcript of Collective Message from the GFL from this New Moon here.

Off the top of my head a quick recap.

πŸ’Žthe channel entered with an amazing throat chakra energy medicine session that was about 45 minutes and had so many interesting details I will write it up for a future record and share - it was such a beautiful process and smiling to feel the throat chakra open was in the guidance😁

πŸ’Žafter the break we continued with the throat chakra energy medicine in the form of blessing and activating water that we then drank - cheers!

πŸ’Žthe GFL continued a guided meditation where we worked with the water element and received teachings on the water element and performed energy work for the water element of Gaia

πŸ’Žthe channel ended with a message to the Collective that I will transcribe and post as soon as I am able

✨What was personally special to me is that my Ancient Self - a High Priestess of the Highest Order of the Golden Ray Temple of Ra - whom I now can access as part of my Ascension process in last few months - is now integracing more and more with mySelf and I am able to move and work as that ancient and the highest vibrational timeline of Self that I can access in the present. Today’s energy work was therefore primarily done by myself of my highest timeline and in close coherence with the GFL. A significant and for me personally important energy mastery level and recognition of the experience. Why is this important to you? If you have already accessed this recall then it affirms your experience. If you haven’t yet accessed this recall:

This is a subject that I will write more about soon ( I know I keep saying that and the subject list is now long but I am hoping soon is soon πŸ˜†) - and it is significant because many people have already, or are in the process of, or will in future recognize their ancient selves and/or future selves and as we move collectively into 5D this will be more and more apparent.

My job is to rechord my own process and assist others in understanding what is happening to them as they expand and ascend.

To all of our timelines and past, present and future selves co-existing in unity consciousness, to multi-dimensional being πŸ₯‚

In Love, Kara

28.06.2022 about the moon events
I have so much love and joy energy to share with you. This mingled with my multi-dimensional being and my Guides brings everyone who attends the care and comfort and choices that each needs to navigate their personal energy expansion at this time. We also tend to work with collective energy healing on these sessions and planetary upgrade light code anchoring happens on occasion too via our co-creation with the incoming energy influx from the Solar and Lunar Energies and other Galactic Light Sources.

Sometimes personal sessions for each person occurs within the channel when it is needed and sometimes we just bathe in the most magnificent held energy meditation states. That is only from past experiences - almost each time we are introduced to new experiences allowing us greater possibility to master energy, read and intuit energy and develop our multi dimensional capacity. I love these events.βœ¨πŸ’Ž

Welcome to my bi-monthly channeled meditation event on Zoom.

New Moon Wednesday 29th, Sweden local time 18-20.
More info on events on the website and email to register at

With Love, Mithila


27.06.2022 ArchAngel Jophiel / Zophiel

Graced a session I had today with a client. When I opened the channel for my clients session this Archangel was immediately present and made known. At the end of our session when I connected to the Light again for the end transmission for my client the same presence came through and assisted the Light Language, Ante Kharana alignment and blessing the client received.

New to both of us, my client went on to investigate online more information about this Archangel and why She came through today. My client found out the significance it had for her life situation right now and the reasons she had booked a personal coaching session with me today.

My client wrote back to me that Zophiel guides
- beautiful thoughts
- insight
- intelligence
- feng shui or decluttering - a guardian of the arts

Today on this high summer Monday we also found out that Jophiels day of the week is Monday and season Summer.

I am always in wonder at the encounter of Higher Realm beings and their Divine Presence through the fields of Energy Consciousness and how gracious, magnificent and wondrous the Angelic Realm is. This picture is not related to the Archangel but captures some of the sublimeness of my meeting new Divine Energy guests whether for myself or my clients. I want everyone who wants this type of expanded connection experience to Greater Consciousness to be able to have this themselves directly. We can. Everyone can. It is coded in our multi-dimensionality. We are multi-dimensional.

The next group meditation event is the New Moon this Wednesday evening Sweden local time. Let me know if you wish to be part of the love trance mission meditation that I hold twice a month on each moon.

In Love,


26.06.2022 Upgrade Symptoms Update


Dear Beloveds, if you have been overwhelmed or even just zonked by the Full Moon and Solstice Portal weeks I can affirm that it has been intense with the influx of Light Energy codes. The Light Codes change, they are not the same each portal or each upgrade phase and therefore the symptoms of how we are affected by them change. June is definitely a big receiving and integracion month for many of us.


What I have noticed during the past two weeks of primary general symptoms are

  • throat chakra changes, expresses itself in itchiness, dryness, losing the voice, infections etc…
  • eyes feeling weird, can’t see clearly, muggy eyes, foggy eyes, foggy vision, because the eyes are being ‘worked on’ 
  • root chakra changes, expresses itself in the legs feeling heavy, unable to move them, achy, stiff
  • solar plexus and lower body chakra changes expressing itself in digestive issues, bloatedness, strange dietary changes, or just not needing much food at all, hydrating lots mainly water


Personally I have had the above symptoms and also noticed this in myself:

- I continue to have it 'easier' than before, less affected by the energy upgrades, different timeline on my path as Light Worker, and yet I still 'read' and sense the incoming energy codes and are affected by them as well, the upgrade continues on a lighter path with some intense days here and there where I am horisontal and just receiving and resting and digesting.

- Last week since Solstice portal: Energy work /downloads in the mornings (sleeping lots and takes time to wake up and get moving) and evenings through the crown chakra especially - during the day a ‘normal’ day

- Waking up with pressure over the breast bone this last week and lots of heart chakra and chest space energy work in the mornings, also noticed lower back, lower spine aches in the morning that are unrelated to physical activity and also gone after waking up and gone the next day

  • one weird symptom is I cannot put my hair up in a band as my scalp and head aches when I am receiving crown chakra updates, the scalp is super sensitive during that phase and tying the hair up on top of the head in anyway causes a tension…


Today Sunday 26th after a glorious midsummer weekend that I spent outdoors from morning to night on our terrace I feel less energy work this morning - which allows me to sit and use the computer :-D and write this update to you.

As always note that symptoms are temporary and I with this experience know when it is upgrade symptoms. If you have any doubt seek medical / professional advice. Rule out medical conditions/illness where needed and where possible to tune into what is upgrade energy.



19.06.2022 Lunar Solstice Portal Summary

Long message from the Solstice Portal transcript here.

Highlights from yesterday evenings event on Zoom.

✨breath alignment meditation

✨guidance on resting, what is rest and how to seek assistance for resting

✨GFL message about this time and encouragement to revisit the last message from 

02.06.2022 New Moon Message to all Light Workers see below and also 6/6 portal channel for definitions of Higher Self, I AM Presence


✨surprisingly the first hour was all transfused with grounding Earth grid energy rather than solstice sun energy

✨guidance on reinforcing the connection to earth and incarnation here with I AM Here (we also spoke about Guru Kriyaji's Yantra I AM Here and you can find all Her Yantras and other Spiritual Art Work and Services on

✨part 2 further GFL guidance and talks on fear based vibrations and how to transmute this

✨empowering message on recognizing your true self and power to work with Light and how to do this in situations of fear

✨guided energy meditation and trance mission for I AM presence recognition


I thank all of You Beautiful Souls in our circle and the Beloved Guides for a beautiful solstice energy embrace evening and when the channel withdrew none of us wanted to say goodbye - therefore I invoked further assistance to assimilate, integrace and absorb this solstice portals light influx through Light Language for this purpose. Once that was done the evening and channel did feel more complete ⭕️.


During the I AM Presence meditation I saw us receive assistance from the Shri Yantra as well as the Diamond Light Diamond πŸ’Ž sacred geometric forms. Very very beautiful. We were also assisted by aura work with Christ White Light codes.


In Love, Mithila



Beloveds, the Lunar Solstice Portal Channel tonight has the pre-cognized vibe of Hathor and Sphinxes and Egyptian Suns. Perhaps not so surprising for a solstice 🌞 πŸ˜†. Nevertheless I never know what actually channels through in real time for the gathering of souls that form the meditation circles of these events - except that it is always exceptionally beautiful, moving, uplifting, useful, practical, healing, helpful and magical.

Welcome to this evenings energy transfusion and transformation.

After four hours of hiking in woods yesterday I felt my aura field being so unusually and effortlessly refreshed, clean and clear. It will be super interesting to read and channel the energies of today’s meditation feeling this open even before the channeling energies arrive to assist the process πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’Ž.

In love, Mithila


15.06.2022 New Event Lunar Portal Sunday June 19th

Yesterdays Lunar Portal Meditation was cancelled:

Here is what happened. I did not host the Lunar Portal yesterday as I had the news on the day that the opportunity to join my Divine Guru Kriyaji on a Zoom class was available. As these are rare I take every opportunity to do so. This meant the Lunar portal yesterday was rescheduled and is now a Lunar Solstice Portal Event on Sunday evening. Thank you to all who had signed up who gave understanding to my need to reschedule. I appreciate it. 

However I also know from my channeling experience so far that IF there is a channel that I need to make or an energy work job I need to do, it takes place whether there is an audience or not :-D (laughter). Except for being wide awake until late into the night I have not had any channeling energies, pre-cognitions or other info during this particular Full Moon. So far nothing has come through organically through my channel.

If it does come about I always write it up on the Channeled Diary as you all know.

As you all also know by now, I do not engage the channel unless it happens organically and I am asked by my Guides to do so and/or on behalf of all of you in a gathering or private session.

Could I just to choose to channel anyway? Yes I can, but I choose/intuit not to at this time as it does not come naturally to do so and that is often because it is not needed, or it is not my job at the time or it is because I am not aware of what I need my energies for in the coming weeks and feel intuitively to rest when I can from the energy work as more is coming. I provide this information for those of you who are interested in energy work, channeling, and other Light Worker ways. To compare notes with your own experience past, present or future. 


09.06.2022 Ascension Symptoms Update Part 2

Crown Chakra Upgrade symptoms intensified today in the afternoon.

Right now I’m feeling wave after wave of heightened light codes/solar blasts plasma transference again.

Depending on your timeline / job you may or may not be going through this at the same time as I am, but for those who are and those who might in the next days, weeks and months I am finding great benefit from the LL video I made in April. I watched it twice ( with my eyes closed mostly ) and felt a relief from the symptoms instantly. I hope it assists you too πŸ™πŸΎ

Symptoms I was having were headachy head energy intensity, eye twitches and eye pressure like feeling, head not fitting on the shoulders kind of feeling too πŸ˜…. So familiar with all the symptoms from previous activations, nothing new so to speak, but need to relax deeply and receive as always. For me this means being still, lying down, repeating my usual mantras to welcome and absorb the high vibe energies and using the LL video to take the pressure off. Also lots of water. You do you and take what resonates and drop the rest 🀲🏾.

In Love, Mithila


09.06.2022 Ascension Symptoms Update 

I forgot to mention in previous post that the following recurring and most reported ascension symptoms lately both felt personally by myself and others around me reporting their experiences.

- jaw tension /release - being worked on the jaws

- neck and shoulder tensions and release - being worked on this area

- legs feeling achy, tired, leady, heavy, can't move or walk up the stairs easily etc...

It is my understanding that the root chakra is also being affected/worked on in these upgrades and expresses itself in the root itself or in the legs and changes/aches/pains/symptoms in the legs and feet and joints. This will pass (and of course if it doesn't or you feel it is an illness/issue then consult your medical advisors). 

It is my understanding that we are receiving new Light Codes since New Moon April and in these past two weeks the main symptoms and affect has been on above areas for those around me. Extra tiredness is normal in these phases, needing more rest, feeling groggy is also a sign of anchoring new energies. In all above (if needed) water hydration, taking more time off for resting and being,  consciously opening to receive and anchor the new energy upgrades can help to lessen ascension symptoms. Experiment and let me know what works best for you.


08.06.2022 Energy Update

In the Month of May I had more people around me acknowledging and recognising that the symptoms they have been having for 6 months or more are ascension systems, especially as medically there has been nothing found to be ‘wrong’. 

Symptoms most reported include temporary sense of memory loss/sense of not being able to cognise and use the brain in the same way as before. I too have had this symptom and it does pass through cycles of this experience as we expand consciousness.

Also sense of losing time. Yes, indeed the sense of time changing is very real during the ascension process. 

Personally I have been guided to and found a deep well-being from letting go of time, schedules, timelines, and thought of time-based action in general. I have found that the more I surrender to this the more I am at ease and allow natural non-thought* based manifestation. It also breaks boundaries of what I consider as work, or how I ‘make’ money, or how much time I have and what is truly important. 


Other things that I have noticed during May on myself:

  • is that I have less ascension symptoms, have needed almost no food, only water or liquid food and very little quantity of food though no weight loss or energy loss or cognitive ability loss/lack of focus/hangriness etc… due to not eating, and when I do eat it doesn’t quite sit right in me, so I am still sensing into and figuring out if/how my diet needs to change and/or if it is a temporary shift.
  • Another thing I am noticing since the April end New Moon, there is again more Anchoring energy work, lots of new light code plasma upgrades again, and ascension symptoms such as body aches and pains, especially ‘’lead legs’’ a very heavy feeling in the legs and some headiness/grogginess. I find I have to take time to just be and anchor, that’s the job. This also comes with more sleep and slower pace in general. When I meditate on the energy I can clearly see the plasmic energy codes ‘movements’ in the field, and I can say that it has truly been busy, so if you have been feeling slow in body energy, needing more rest, etc it may well be because you have been receiving and anchoring these energies too. It is not the new energy that makes you slow - it is that slowing down is required in order to drawn in and ground the energy. See previous posts for the mantras I use to lessen ascension symptoms as I work with anchoring.
  • as a Light Worker in service to the 5D upgrade and the GFL, I have been sensing into what is the next step, and some new ideas have come from that, ideas that will unfold when the timing is just right. Again I feel there is a need to wait, listen, feel and allow the organic process so I am fully there for myself and integracing myself in my own process alongside any service I do for others, and to only serve when I am fully in a place of energy to do so. Things are not as unknown as they were a month or two ago, I find in terms of how to serve etc…, but it is still not fully clear a picture and there is more waiting, or being held in this time for now.


 * less thinking or over-thinking, more being and flowing with energy towards actions/doing when the energy is aligned for those actions...and trusting that alignment will happen without force, stress or strain.


07.06.2022 Healing Circle

Temple of Isis transmission of Healing energy via an Aura Glow Light Language activation, we were bathed in this Aura Glow field

There was an individual healing trance mission thereafter attuned to each persons benefit at this time - (these individual sessions happen sometimes during the channeling events) .

Ending with more Aura glow, Surya Nadi energy activation and assistance for grounding and absorbing the healing



6/6 Portal channel part 2

Yesterday in the wake of the healing circle channeling energy I sat down to ask questions and guidance on the 6/6 Portal. 


Would you like me to channel any further information about 66 Portal and any continuation of the download that I received a few days ago? Beloved Galactic Guides let me know if you need me to communicate anything further into the world?

“The time has come for each person to rise into their sovereignty, some have already paved the way and I've actually been prepared to assist the process of this mass consciousness awakening, and as it unfolds there will be diverse new roles and services required for people who are breaking free from their slavery, from their bondage, and as they become free they will need people in the beginning to guide them in the right direction so that they feel that they can trust themselves more and more, that is the role that many Light Workers will play moving on. For those who have not been through the accelerated expansion but who are now coming into the general Ascension timeline, this general Ascension timeline is assisted by those who have been through the accelerated expansion without which it could not have happened. The grounding of the energies prior to this general Ascension was absolutely key and has been moving now through the 5D energy realm into the 4D energy realm of planet Earth and now into the 3-D energy realm of planet Earth and have been thereby upgrading planet Earth energy field. Planet Earth body, a new energy body from the physical to the subtle is present now and as each person takes the step into their ascension, it is only a small step, for the energy field is already here and each person will begin to think, feel and behave, be different to what they have known themselves to be, and in this the choices will change and as the choices change in the beginning guidance will be needed to navigate the new era. Many things are changing including how you handle food, how you handle money, how you handle your physical body, new behavioural patterns will arise as you acclimatise fully into Fifth Dimension. 

You are here and you are here for a reason. There will no longer be a separation between you and your Soul purpose. You and your Soul knowing will be one.’’

What is the Higher Self?

‘’The Higher Self is your highest aspect of your personality, you could call it your best behaviour, or your most enlightened version of your personal self is your Higher Self.

The I AM Presence?

The I AM Presence is your aspect of God, is your aspect of God Light within you.

Your Higher Heart is the highest vibrational aspect of your Heart Centre and that which is connected to the Universal Heart Centre, the Galactic Heart Space, that which unites you with all other beings. 

Being in the Heart Space and working through the Heart Space will be the most natural way to live. It has been blocked for quite some time, hence the slavery, hence the bondage but this breaking free of the Heart is the Soul's purpose for life and living on Earth. To live through the Heart, to speak through the Heart, to connect to the Higher Heart the unifying Heart of all things. Your Heart Space is so glorious you can hardly imagine it you can hardly imagine how glorious and beautiful your Heart Space truly is and it is your gateway. As you now know it is your gateway into the Galactic space, into the Vast Cosmic Heart Space, into the great expansion of space creation.

Is there anything we need to know further about the 66 Portal and was there any connection to Africa in the previous message that you sent through me?

‘’We wanted you to understand the image of slavery, being a slave which is most known and embodied by the African people, but there are so many other peoples on earth that have also been under slavery, through human cruelty but also energetic slavery through ignorance and manipulation of energy. This is now being lifted and that is the image we wanted you to understand, that this type of slavery of humans through humans or humans to animals or energy to humans, will all dissolve in the Love Peace Unity and Harmony of the 5th dimension alleluia alleluia alleluia.


(similar LL channel came on Feb 1st, see video middle of video for similar beats/type of LL channel that I am referring to here)

What was the light language that was connected to the African vibe when I was channeling for this Portal? 

The light language yes, it is a song of freedom, a song of freedom, that beats through the body through the Heart into the feet into the Earth (LL comes again) 

Now you understand, now you understand, the message we brought through you in the last few days.’’


6/6 Portal channel part 1

Beloveds, I love a natural and organic process when it comes to living life and now with my heightened channeling abilities I allow them to unfold as naturally and organically as possible. This means unless I am scheduled to channel for our gatherings or with a private client I do not activate that aspect of myself.

The only other exception is when my Guides call on me to channel information, energies etc and this can happen with and without prior notice 😁.

Yesterday, walking in beautiful nature (pic on Instagram), I started to feel very affected and weird and realised I was being asked to anchor energies and so I did for awhile ( using the mantras in yesterday’s post). Thereafter I noticed I was downloading channeled information about the 6/6 portal.


The 6/6 portal of 2022 is named the Awakening Portal. The energy that has been flowing through for mass consciousness awakening in past few months in the energy fields (as written in previous channeled messages) is now entering the physical reality and the mass consciousness physicality. From now on we will see the awakening happen all around. Not everyone will go through accelerated expansion or feel ascension symptoms. Some will and some will not. Yet all humanity will be invited to ascend to 5D and will be able to do so with the energies of this portal incoming now. It has already manifested in the energy field and is now manifesting in phsyical reality for every human. The best way to receive this is to rest, be and breathe deeply as the vibration resonates deeply with the 5th Dimension and allows you to anchor it and embody it. After this message channeled through I started to feel a big weight on and across my shoulders like someone carrying something and I recognised the message was that we are now transmuting old programs of slavery and burden and struggle. The Awakening received in this portal assists in transmuting such programming and essentially is ''setting humanity free from slavery''. There was also a connection to Africa here, also in the Light Language that came through there was a connection or vibe of Africa, but I am not sure if it was actually about Africa, or a personal past life connection for myself, or the symbolism of slavery that I was to recognise in the channel by my seeing Africa as a message, and I was asked to work on this energy transmutation of releasing struggle, releasing from slavery during my walk. My inner sense on this is that it was to understand that with awakening the mass consciousness that has been in bondage, slavery, struggle is to be fully freed in the time ahead of us.

After awhile the heavy, burdensome and nauseating energy travelled through me and out and was transmuted. I will meditate more on this and see if further energy clarifications come through. All for now.

I will spend some time today to tune into this further and write up a channeled diary post for us all during the course of these days. Meanwhile I might see you tomorrow on my healing circle monthly gathering. Clear some energy cobwebs out of our auric fields and clean the pathways for new light code energies to integrace with ease.

With love, Mithila


05.06.2022 Mantras for anchoring energy with ease

Beloveds, I find the new moon and the entering into the 6/6 portal has been a powerful wash of energy this week and has me knocked with anchoring work. I will write more about this soon for the channeled diary but here is my quick fix mantra for handling these vibes so that it doesn’t create ascension symptoms.

I AM here and I anchor the new energy upgrades with ease

I AM here and I anchor with ease

I AM here and I receive and anchor with ease

Or a variation of the above that sits right with you. I repeat it several times per day when I feel zonked by the energy. Having said that I find I am sleeping more, yawning more and in general needing more rest anyways like I usually do when there are strong new plasma light codes / upgrades to anchor.

Take what resonates. πŸ™πŸΎ

Hope to see you on the energy events ✨.

With love, Mithila



02.06.2022 New Moon Message to all Light Workers

Transcription of message from GFL to all Light Workers

 Excerpt from the message - use above link to read and receive the whole message. 


''So as  Light Worker, as a child of the Light, as an anchor of the Light, we assist you and we ask of you to remember that even the dark is of the Light. In a world of great duality and separation it is not easy to be the ones who are chosen to hold unity consciousness but if you feel moved to do so if you feel moved to hold unity consciousness as you watch separation in your world unfold please do, please hold unity consciousness, there is nothing better that you could do in times of great darkness and separation.


This new Moon portal continues to bring in wave after wave of the energies that are needed at this time for unity consciousness, for 5D consciousness to become manifest and as the primary consciousness of Planet Earth. For each stage, for each moon that we pass through with each portal that we pass through in time, we get further along in the Ascension process of Planet Earth. 


 And we have to tell you that things are actually becoming easier now, might not be apparent yet, some of you have started to already sense, that it is becoming easier to be to just be, to just to be the Light, anchor the Light, be present on Planet Earth fully in your physical body and enjoy reality enjoy multi-dimensionality in human form. All of this is becoming easier and easier and easier as we move further and further along in this process of ascension of Planet Earth and all of her Beings and all of the Galactic relationships connected to this process. ''


31.05.2022 the Greys and more

After our channeled meditation on Sunday and the appearance of the Zeta Reticuli energy presence that we were all unfamiliar with, when googling we discovered some stories of past abductions and not so pleasant incidents allegedly connected to the Greys (E.T’s from Zeta Reticuli). 

I got the great question from one of the meditation guests the day after on how I relate to this information and inviting these energies into our meditations and establishing connections etc. 

I understand the concern. I have also come across really good things about the Greys and what more even in Atlantis and Lemuria etc...there have been energies that have created negativity just like here on our earth plane, we witness many darker ages and dark experiences (as we are now...).

My stand on this is as follows in brief. When we are embarking on an expansion of consciousness, just like in 3D life adventures, not all things are going to be for our highest good and it is up to us to trust ourselves (for example through daily spiritual practice, getting to know ourselves deeply builds trust and intuition and awareness) to know what feels right and what does not feel right. Can we be fooled/tricked etc...? Yes, just as much as we can in real life with humans or at least beings we can see :-D.  Therefore also No we will not be fooled or tricked.

My stand is to become as fearless of spirit and living life as possible.

To trust my own sense of what is good and right for me and to follow that. Likewise if something does not feel good to immediately draw boundaries. To trust my Angels and other Guides to support me in all this, to communicate with them at all times throughout these expansion journeys as well as in all mundane life aspects, but most of all to cultivate a sense of fearlessness and to cultivate a strength or power in the belief that only that which is good for me surrounds me and enters my field of experience.

I have this knowing that I am safe at all times and I strengthen that knowing in myself regularly so as not to let my vibration drop and actually start to attract unwanted energies.

Having said that, on energy journeys (and in real life) sometimes energies come to us that don't feel good because those energies need our help or support in some way - so not everything that does not feel good is necessarily bad for us as Energy Workers - just that it requires more skills, techniques, experience to handle the energies. If we cannot ourselves we can ask experts for help if something continues to persist that we cannot transmute ourselves.



29.05.2022 New Moon Channeled Meditation Evening

Transcription of message from GFL to all Light Workers

I did not have pre-cognition about this new moon other than feeling the portal opening a few days ago. However as we got closer to the Sunday evening gathering I felt the channel energies strongly readying themselves and myself for the event. And it was beautiful. Here a summary.

- it began with Light Language for the Higher Heart and Higher Self to connect and integrace with the embodiment of each person in the gathering

- we were then guided through a Diamond Light Vibration Meditaton first in the heart center and then opening out around us to surround us in this energy of the Diamond both in Light Vibration and Geometric Form. 

- this continued for some time while the energies worked on our auric fields, and then dropped into and through our bodies into our Grid connection to Mother Earth, where we spent some time anchoring the Diamond Light Vibration for ourselves and for the Global Grid. 

- in the latter process we had assistance from Zeta Reticuli Star System and their presence was also specific/personal channel for some of the people gathered in the group this evening

- After a short break we had Light Language and verbal guidance and messages as well as a process of igniting the Light Workers Heart White Light Flame to sustain us in holding the light in these times of 'darkness' (the dark is also of the light) and to assist us in our work. This beautiful energy was then sent out into all the corners of the world through our meditation and was very moving and expansive and filled with light and peace. We gathered back to ourselves and reluctantly left the Zoom meeting after our two hours together in this beautiful experience. I am so awed by these energy meditations and medicines and this beautful galactic guidance and beingness that I get to channel with all who gather on these sessions. Thank you All!


25.05.2022 May Retrospective 

This is a powerful portal/eclipse time running up to this New Moon. The energies coming in since May 22nd have been palpable. I am sure you have sensed it in your own unique way. Though the moon spins and portals have always been around and always had power to shift things into new timelines and support new processes of expansion on Earth since time immemorial - everything is heightened by the currents of the Earth Upgrade that we are now going through. We are not in anything we can consider 'normal' or 'gradual' and will not be for some time. This is a transition. A global and galactic one. Let us take the deepest care of ourselves and each other as we go through this extreme shift.


I have been observing the energy internally and externally the past few weeks and what I have sensed is that there will be more and more people coming on to the ascension timelines as well as the symptoms thereof as pre-cognized a few months earlier through the energy readings. What does this mean? I mean those who are Light Workers who have been integral to the ascension of planet Earth and actively being worked on and working to upgrade themselves and anchor Light and do Light Work during past few years are now coming out of the Accelerated Ascension timeline and into a more gradual continuation. This means we can be more integraced with the 5D energy in physicality and available in the world to assist with things that are going on and to help keep the Light powerful and held for the next phase of the project. Other people, who have had different jobs up to now and have not been as affected or even noticed the expansion energies that have been beaming down on planet Earth from all directions, may now find themselves experiencing what the Ground Staff and Light Workers Collective consciousness have been going through past months and years.

I expect (now and in June onwards) more and people to recognise themselves having symptoms...

(though I am not sure it will be the same experience as what I and others have had...I do not yet know how or to what extent it will express itself) well as extraordinary experiences that health care cannot explain. There is nothing wrong with us, it is the upgrade. This is what I sense will be taking place months to come on the Upgrade Timelines. I have already seen this in the past few weeks. Far more people than before who are close to me are acknowledging that they have had symptoms for 6 months and are now recognising that lifestyle changes they are making etc are guided by their powerful sovereign selves. Wonderful! Also more people are feeling 'sick' as they have no explanation for the symptoms that are manifesting. I am expecting Doctors/Medical Care to be visited by people with similar and perhaps severe upgrade symptoms but with no explanation from a medical point of view of any illness. I expect the doctors themselves to experience this in themselves - feeling weird but finding nothing actually being wrong with themselves!!

Wellness that comes through the upgrade changes to our very DNA!

Yet we are only at the beginning of a 10 year roll out of these Ascension Energies.  

Personally I have been enjoying being able to function in D3 for almost 2 weeks now. I am still sensing the incoming  upgrade energies but without having all of my time and energy going to my own ascension process or to my Light Work jobs. Yet it is not clear to me how to proceed with all the new skills the upgrade has provided. I await further direction.

If you notice people around you having more vivid dreams, more super natural experiences, or upgrade symptoms that doctors cannot define as actual physical illnesses or conditions, then let me know. 

For many months I have seen at least two vivid and very real dreams and also sensed the presence of the Galactic Federation Space Craft entering our atmosphere and in recent channels they themselves have expressed clearly that they are now on our Planet. If you hear of people seeing or sensing or dreaming of E.T / Galactic Beings / SuperNatural Beings, do let me know. It is nothing extraordinary (even though it is AMAZING and WOW at the same time) for those of us working multi-dimensionally but for those who have not yet thought the thoughts about other Beings that the eye so far have not been able to see, then it can be quite shocking to have such things happen. 

The purging of lower vibrational energy of the world continues to play out in tragic and heart-breaking ways. It is tough to hold the Light in these times. Give yourself cred for what you can do and what you are doing.

Staying calm, centered and connected to Source is needed in all of our actions.

If you need help to clear your own field and access your Higher Self and direct Divine Light Energy, then welcome to my weekly energy work sessions to help yourself.  Maintain your own sovereignty, faith and love vibration high through all what you personally and what the world now endures so that any actions you take come from a place of Highest Good for yourself and others.

We are not helpless in all this. We are powerful. Let us recognise that and connect to our naturalness of Love and Light so we can be guided on what to do, when to do and when just to be and receive. With Love, Mithila



16.05.2022 Wesak Full Moon Messages from the Galactic Federation of Light

During the Wesak Full Moon Channeled Event we had some clear and also personal messages to the group who had gathered that evening. Though the message from the GFL felt very personal to the gathered group there are aspects of it that are for all of us in this time of transitions and I am therefore sharing it here. As the message was long I have linked it on this page for your reading.


Here is Message 1 excerpt...

''Dear ones you are in a passage of time of great importance for humankind, life as you know it is changing, we want you to know that this is for the better, you might not recognize yourself or your surroundings but it is for the better. It is not always easy to be the ones who are creating the change, it is not always easy to be the one in the process of transitioning, but that is who you are and where you are. This information does not come as news to any of you gathered here today and yet you have not seen anything yet. And that is why we say life will change beyond recognition and it is all for the better and you are the transition, you are the transitioning, and you are just in the right place at the right time. 

If at any point in this journey in this passage of time you feel insecurity about your role, your place, what you are experiencing, know that you are not alone, that our representatives are among you, but also that you have access to us directly. It is your sovereign right, it is all right if you do not feel comfortable speaking to us directly, we understand this very well. One of the changes that is happening is that it will become not only easier but also more comfortable to connect with us directly.  '' 

Message 2 excerpt:

"This is the beginning of the dawn. You are transitioning and you are the transition. Planet Earth has a different perspective of time than a human in a human life. The galaxy has a different perspective of time. We encourage you all to relax time, the more you can relax and release the concepts of time as you have understood it and you have witnessed it, as you have experienced it up until this point. The more you can relax and release those past experiences, the smoother this ride will be. This portal, this portal supports the presence and potential of higher vibrational timelines. The more you can let go of your habitual understandings of time the greater the possibility for you to access your higher vibrational timelines. "




“dear ones, the divine plan is unfolding, there is nothing to fear, all is well, We are the Arcturian Council of Light and we are of the ninth dimensional reality and we have a higher perspective than most. And we see, we see what is unfolding, we not only see what is unfolding we are part of creating what is unfolding, planet Earth has a great deal of protection from the Great Cosmic Councils that work together to preserve Light, and even though things may look difficult, chaotic, completely out of control, we ask of you, of each of you, to remember this message and take a higher perspective. Hold that higher perspective in your own energy field and you will assist all the forces of Light that are working constantly through the chaos, through the great turmoil, through the many changes that are still yet to come on Earth, but know that we are in it, we are in it, we are in it with you and we are holding the Light.  We have never been closer to planet Earth than we are now and there is nothing to fear. Help us hold the Light, help us raise the Light. We of the Arcturian Council of Light thank you for your presence, for hearing us and for assisting us. If and when you see us know that we come with love and peace, that is all.”


This message was channeled on the April New Moon and I felt it signifcant to transcribe and share on this diary. 


6/5 Chording Continues

On my plate, the chording work described below continues daily, every afternoon in a sleep like state. Some hours before and after is challenging too. This work is some of the most tiring I have experienced yet ( or I am just worn out from months of energy work with no time off from it...). I am eating a lot and resting a lot this week and experiencng the energy work described on today and the previous update. How are you all doing out there? With love, Mithila

P.S I have deactivated my facebook accounts and I am taking a longer social media break from Instagram as well, so please e-mail or text message to share experiences. Thank you. 



5/5 portal and energy update 

I felt the 5/5 (5th of May) portal opening on May 3rd afternoon. When the portal opened I received the channeled message that this portal is about Telepathic Energy Codes/Keys entering the Collective Consciousness field. I am suggesting that this means that the ability to use Telepathy will become more known and common for humans again. I am suggesting that this will awaken communication not only between humans telepathically but also the multi-dimensional ability to telepathically communicate (as I do when I channel etc…) with other dimensions and beings will become more able again for humans. We all have degrees of multi-dimensional abilties such as telepathy, being human, but this means that the abilities will expand moving forwards. 


Lets see what happens next on this expansion adventure.

Meanwhile I am catching a moment to update the Energy experiences of the previous week. To recap, at the beginning of last week (end of April) I was engaged in Energy Work/Light Work that involved the bringing of the 5D subtle energy planet into corporeality, the filling out of the energy grids of subtle Gaia into physical space/time, and other mind-blowing shenanigans. My own role in this was partly to do the energy work (as reported in previous days updates) and to report on the process by my being made aware of what was happening on inter-dimensional plans. Naturally multiple things are happening simultaneously and I can only share what I am privy to see and record. What else? After the few physical days of being in this energy work I started to get an inner sense that the Accelerated Expansion Timeline that I and some others have been on for 2-3 years is about to come to a close. Meaning that we will soon be at the end of the accelerated timeline and fall into a more gradual expansion timeline again. 

What I have seen happen this week in my own expansion experience is that I have been spending a lot of time in a dreamless sleep state and I believe the process of anchoring the 5D formed Gaia into the 4D has been happening this week. This (according to previously received channeled information) would mean that the collective consciousness will start to awaken to the energy of the new planet in the dream-state :-D. We should see people literally waking up feeling differently about themselves and their world. How lovely that would be and what a wonderful way to experience an expansion of consciousness. I do not have further info on this point but if you see and hear something along these lines, witnessing uplifting changes in peoples energy and attitudes (for no apparent reason) around you that wasn’t there before - do let me know!


I was involved in this sleepy 4D job :-D for a few days and after that it switched for a more personal process. I found myself being untethered/unchorded from the old planet (physically letting go of attachments to the old life). I did not have much to let go of at this stage in my process but there was still a feeling of wanting to close down all external communications and chords in order to be connected directly to Gaia and to God Source and not use any other means of connection at this time. This manifested for me in some deep heart to heart talks with God, some break-down of stuff but also a physical gridding and chording of my physical corporeal being to the 5D corporeal being and to God Source within that new field of connection. I felt the work happen Tuesday to Wednesday this week, May 3-4th, and it was primarily through the Sacral chakra, the Navel chakra and the Chakra in between these two. Then it moved to Solar and Heart. Most of the work was the back body being chorded to Earth Energy downwards and the Navel Chakra being chorded upwards to God Source Energy. I am doing my best to describe what I experienced but it may not be a clear picture or useful to you dear reader. 

I am currently writing a longer article on the Accelerated Expansion Process as per inner sensings last week and a nudge from my Guides to do so. As soon as this is ready for reading, you will be the first to know. With love, Mithila


02.05.2022 πŸ›Œ Energy Update zzzz

Dear Ground Crew, perhaps the last two days - are you one of the light workers who have experienced extreme drowsiness / sleepiness and in fact spent most of your time in a sleep realm state day and night ?

If yes I would be curious to know. I certainly have and I know I didn’t expect this job to be a job and not just me catching up with recouping from the intenso energies of the accelerated ascension timeline of last two weeks or so. I have understood for my part that there was an actual energy job in this sleep state and as soon as I have further clarification on what it is I will write up on my channeled diary. Just curious if you’ve found yourself unable to keep your eyes open or do anything but sleep?

Dreams of contact with our galactic family πŸ‘½is not uncommon right now eitherπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’–. I will type up the GFL message about this from the new moon channel last Friday as soon as I can.

With lots of love,



29.04.2022 Summary New Moon Channel


Video clip from Heart Song Space activation

Video Clip Higher Self Light Language of Gratitude from Mithila 

Video Clip Light Language during Pleiadian Heart Song Space Guidance



Light Angels, Pleiadian, Arcturian and Heart Song
Wow what a magical evening - the vibe was so high I was shaking in my seat trying to stay grounded - that’s what the Angelic Realm brings in. I thought it wonderful how these pics show light angels behind me πŸ€“πŸ’«
Graced we were:
πŸ˜‡ Angelic realm guidance, presence and sound / song 
πŸ’œ πŸŽΆHeart Song Space meditation to assist us to find the song of our hearts and our connection to Universal Spirit and teachings / guidance on this
🌟 Pleiadian stargate energy and guidance to sing more and the power of song and just how loved we truly are by our galactic family shared with humor and joy as always by these beautiful beings 
πŸ‘½ Arcturian message to hold the higher perspective as the world changes / to help hold the light of the Divine Plan high as the galactic work proceeds to shift vibration.
And more talks…
Thank you to all involved and participating in creating this lovely vibe and space togetherπŸ’–
Some video soon, for now good night πŸŒš 
With love Mithila Kara

29.04.2022 Pleaidian Star Gate Portal New Moon

Looking forward to journey Multi-Dimensionally with you today.

I have received some pre-cognition about this New Moon. Yesterday for about an hour I was in a vision of a Pleaidian Stargate, it was a 3D geometric gateway of Light surrounded by beautiful blue light Beings that were dancing around and holding the gateway for this New Moon Portal. What I learnt from this vision is that the Pleaides are actively involved in the Energies of this new moon and the eclipse weekend. Let us see if they channel through today or what naturally unfolds for us. I am excited for us to gather in remembrance.


28.04.2022 New article from my newsletter related to Accelerated Expansion and my personal story in this process. 

27.04.2022 April Retrospective and Energy Update


Dear friends, allow me to summarise the energy experience and share what has been happening this recent week on Inter-Dimensional Planes. Whoa! It's mind-blowing stuff. 

Primary themes during April:

- Heart Space becoming the primary Portal for receiving Activations from and allowing through the...

- ...Massive Light Codes Influxing through Solar Emissions etc...(Galactic Energy), clear change in the type of energy since Easter, a heightened vibration of these codes compared to previous months, the LIGHT has been STRONG people!

- Massive integracion issues with above codes creating, tingling, shaking, shedding, cleaning and clearing out of our bodies for integrace of upgrades. Of course plenty more symptoms depending on who we are and what we are purging. Also though a lot of bliss and beauty in the 5D experience.

- Light workers like myself have had JOBS almost every day to physically and inter-dimensionally be anchors of this energy, to be prisms through which the energy moves into being - tough (though not heavy) work my friends, it's a lot of energy to handle, but we did it, we are being it!

- This week I have sensed a particular job. I was given insight in trance mission meditations every afternoon since Monday. The subtle energy planet of 5D has now long been in existence, in fact we were many who helped this happen, to my knowledge I have been active with this work since September 2021, and the Galactic Guides confirmed it being done and ready a few months ago (see previous channels).

This subtle energy planet is now being ''filled in''. Here is what I have seen through my inter-dimensional work:

Monday afternoon: Deep Masc/Fem Energy Alignment and Rebalancing

Tuesday afternoon: Holding open the Golden Gates of Gaia so that the currency of the LIGHT CODES that are needed for her manifestation or filling, can happen. I receive the words ''corporeal''

 (having a body, in this case the body of the new 5D Gaia planet)

and ''firmament'' to describe the energy process that I am witnessing.

(Firmament has so many meanings, look it up and be awed, I do not know yet fully why this word is what came...but there it is.)

Wednesday afternoon: Golden Molten Lava like energy flows through the golden gates, entering the subtle energy grids of subtle energy 5D planet GAIA, filling out the grid. We sing this. It was so beautiful as I was part of a group singing through Light Language song, singing the GAIA golden light flows into the Golden grids of the subtle Energy Gaia. I tried to record some of the song out aloud and if it is possible to share it I will. Might take a few days for me to get to the point. So much else going on. So it was a form of filling up the subtle planet so it can be more substantial and it is in a sense (if I 'got it' right) a walking in of Planet 5D Gaia on Planet 3D Gaia via the 4D Gaia astral reality dimension. One dimension step at a time? :-D

Many of us can already access 5D and 5D Gaia energetically and we do, we even feel the split between the two worlds acutely in our sense ability which is in fact rather stressful at times.

I expect (and dearly hope) that we will all feel fully settled/anchored in our energy bodies when this merging (if that is how the planet ascends...) of the planet is complete. In the new 5D access we can expect a different life experience, one that we can already sense energetically when we can tune into that higher dimension, but will be just here for all to access when the shift is complete? I put a question mark as I am sensing out aloud where this is going and what we can expect. Let us expect what we cannot yet expect. :-D Clearly both planet and beings on it (us etc...) have to ascend to accomplish this journey and that is the journey we are all so long on...


I asked what this all means, are there many planets at once, how will we experience the filled out 5D planet? This is what I sensed in answer to my queries. There are Gaia Tri, three planets, one is the 3D which we have been feeding with our 3D consciousness and the one we see physically to a certain extent (we don't fully see all the dimensions of the planet in the 3d Reality and with 3D vision either). The 4D astral version of the planet is also visible and sense able due to our collective astral consciousness of planet earth 4D, here is where we already can move beyond the veil of the Matrix of 3D - a realm many of us spiritual workers have been moving through and into for a long time.

The 5D planet now has been formed in the subtle energy (5D as a dimension could always be reached by those who could move inter-dimensionally but it is the planet Earth 5D energy we are relating to here not the 5D dimension in general which includes (?) other planets, beings etc...).

This subtle energy 5D Gaia is walking in on the 4D and through the astral dream realm many people on 3D earth will waken to the new 5D sense and reality, this process will gradually allow 5D Gaia to manifest as the primary consciousness or version that we collectively hold as reality, or the new paradigm. Essentially it will replace 3D Earth? 

In this new paradigm we have access to 5D being on a far greater scale and ease than we have now. This is the ascension process as I have now understood it through the download yesterday. I do not have a fully clear knowing, hence I place question marks around what I am writing, and yet I have shared fully here what I sensed was being imparted to me. 

There are several theories on what this is and how it will be, when I see and follow other channels reporting on the 5D evolution. I have not had any resonating experience or felt yes or no to any of those theories and this is the first time I am getting information directly myself about what and how this process is. Take what resonates. I am in wonder at it all and grateful for receiving the information. I have felt all week that I am not to schedule any other work as I will be needed for inter-dimensional work almost full time and and so it has been. 


Today Thursday as I write this I have felt a very emotional energy, and I understood that this feeling I have like 'I cant do this anymore' in relation to the light work and energy work (it is so all consuming my friends that I am at times overwhelmed) but I recognise that this feeling means we are all in a break-through. We are at a point of break-through and the emotional energy I am picking up on is just the message that we, the prisms of this new light paradigm, have done good work and have transformed ourselves and the collective with galactic assistance (absolutely they are super involved as are our higher dimensional selves that got on board this timeline and incarnated to do this work on Earth), along with all other life on Earth and Earth Herself to shift into a new Golden Age. We are in it now. It is continuing to happen now. 

We might expect people to experience this shift through their ordinary physical ailments becoming aggravated or 'worse' (as an energetic sign and prodding to stop and make changes in their life, or to slow people down to be able to receive the energy upgrades - I have seen some signs of this around me, please let me know if you notice this too in yourself or others). 

I might also at this point onwards, due to the download yesterday, expect people to have dream states that guide them into 5D knowing. Let's see what happens next! Let me know what you see and observe around you. Thank you! with love, Mithila



26.04.2022 Transfusions


What an Energy Shift in the past two weeks. Since Easter I am picking up on a totally new Light Grade of the incoming Light Codes from Solar Flares etc...and it is making us wired, fried and cooked in some cases and perhaps heavy purging of denser energies for some of us as well. Even if we are not purging, and I have not been lately, just holding the intensity of the energy and anchoring it into the Earths grid is challenging energy work for us Light Workers. I have written quite a few updates in past weeks and if this resonates and helps you to understand your own experience then I have done my job.


I am expecting an epic Channel on this Fridays New Moon Meditaton. Hope to see you there.


25.04.2022  Energy Update: Left/Right Imbalance ?

Beloveds, I’ve just been agonizing over the energy discomfort I’ve been feeling for the past hours - it became more acute and I had to go deep into it to understand what’s happening. At first it was an overload on the heart chakra that sent me to horizontal stillness, it became very difficult to remain still and the discomfort suddenly got worse. I tried movements, savasana, breathwork you name it but nothing took the discomfort away and I was feeling all my physical imbalances for no reason. I asked and kept asking until I understood the energy. There is a big Left/Right or rather masculine / feminine or ida/pingala energetic rebalancing going on in our collective energy field - this can appear or you might sense it as your own left/right body acting up in discomfort. I found that the insight helped my body to better handle the process for myself and collective energy reading response from my own field. 
I hope this insight assists those of you who might be acutely and stressfully feeling this imbalance right now. For me the insight helped more than any movements or anything I was trying to do. Now I know what the job is :) or what’s happening around us it’s easier to relax and allow the energy to flow through and do our job as light workers and grid anchors of these new light codes. Blessings to our work πŸ™πŸΎwith love Mithila Kara


23.04.2022 Integrace the Light
Beloveds, I keep saying “what Light!” The Light Code Activations are intenso πŸ’«. How are you doing out here ?
I am not feeling any particular chakra but just a general cooked and even fried feeling from all the upgrace we are now receiving. 
A few days ago I made a Light Language Channel to assist myself in absorbing the Light Activations that were then so strongly affecting 3rd eye and heart chakra domains. For whatever reason I could not upload the video but I use the video again and again myself and felt such a relief, soothing calm from it that I will make a new attempt to upload them for you. 
Please note these are NOT activation codes energies. This Light Language Channel is for integracion, absorption, to soothe and calm the physical and astral nerves as we go through such huge energy body change. I feel we are constantly receiving such massive activations through Incoming 5D+ Light Codes to the planet and from the planet ground up into us. I don’t feel we need much assistance or spiritual practice that is designed to activate at the moment - as everything is constantly activated for those susceptible to this process right now. 
( I am writing here for those who are in a similar timeline to mine who are undergoing huge 5D change processes/accelerated expansion symptoms - but I believe and hope the LL in this next video also can assist even if you are not in this big shift process at the moment). 
 I hope it will help you as it has helped me. 
With love, Mithila 


Beloveds, the influx of heightened Light Codes incoming from the activation of the Great Central Sun and our Sun is the name of the game this April. Solar flares, CMEs, you name it, if you are in the accelerated ascension process you will be sensing this in no small way.

Previous posts I’ve been tuning into the primary energetic activation or expression when and where I have been receptive to it myself. Today’s primary activation that I am sensing is the solar plexus. This might express itself as nausea as it does for me today or other symptoms as this chakra gets lit up and cleansed/purged of older density. I am also sensing a general wooziness due to the overload of Light codes upgracing us right now.

Sometimes this accelerated expansion  feels fabulous with no symptoms but when there is clearing, cleaning out or other energy work to do we might get symptoms of that. I find I need to pause and go deeper when I have symptoms and when I don’t I can just go about my everyday life. See what works for you and get help when you need it. Especially from your Guides and Guardians. ☝🏾

About to go deeper into it now to see what else might reveal itself to be known. How are you doing on this day?
with love, Mithila



21.04.2022 Yoga Asana Roots and Expansion Energy Update 

This week I am reconnecting to my spiritual roots with hatha yoga asana and YM Vinyasa Asana preparations with the experienced practitioners YM Sadhana Crews and it has been such fun and good work. (videos on IGTV @yogamonks)
One of the weirdest ascension/expansion symptoms I’ve been through during this 5D upgrace is that the physical body can be completely “weak” and/or unable to move during long periods of energy work/light code receptions/ downloads or other activations and then return itself to “normal/usual” capacity almost overnight when a subtle energy process is complete. As the expansion is accelerated the experience is both bizarre and brilliant! 
e.g: This weekend I could barely walk - it felt like my muscles were atrophied and I was in such pain when I tried to move about like normal ( I felt fine when I was still which is what was needed ) - and then a day or two later I’m back in my body and like the previous experience never happened. 
I have repeated patterns of this process over the last 3 years and I’m amazed every time. Anyone else experiencing this or wondering about it - do let us know.  
With love, Mithila 


20.04.2022 3rd Eye Activations πŸ‘ 
Beloveds, I have had two days of painting, potting and general pottering about with no accelerated expansion symptoms or energy work (😲) for which I have been most grateful - but now, just now, I started picking up on some incoming energy activating the 3rd eye center. So intense I had to lie down for awhile. And just be with it. Receive it. I also sat up to do some light language for myself to help integrace the incoming Light Codes. 
Anyone else having this today ? If I am able I will record some Light Language for integracing these energies during this coming day. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸΎ
Be well!
With love, Mithila


19.04.2022 Heart Space Activations update 

How are you doing ? I was hoping to have a channeled update for the full moon but I needed rest so I cancelled the event at the end of the day. 
What I can share are my own experiences. All weekend the Heart Space activations were full on. Personally I had them all night with no sleep during Saturday and Sunday ( see previous post for further details on the energy ), and on and off I feel the presence of this expansion symptom every day. I am fortunate to say it is not at the moment accompanied by any purging of incompatible vibrations - so I am only experiencing a pleasant albeit intense activation / expansion of the heart space.
I prefer a natural and organic process - so I will channel again when it naturally happens or when I’m actively called to do so. There is extensive channeled info already on this page from previous weeks. It can help you understand the timeline of expansion you might be on right on, especially if you are just noticing expansion symptoms, it can be a helpful guide. Also today I want to share the hopefulness of the 5D energy that becomes more available when we have purged the vibrations of our previous timelines that are no longer compatible with the new now. 
Even in the good vibes it is a lot to digest. Hydrate, rest, meditate and go deeper into the energy you are experiencing to connect directly to your inner sense ( innocence )πŸ’«πŸ’œ. If you need assistance we are many who have been through this expansion process intensely for some years now who can help. 
If you need my help, welcome to email meπŸ™πŸΎ.
With love, Mithila 

16.04.2022 1111 HEART HEART HEART 1111

Dear friends,
I made it to a dinner with friends despite tough crown chakra upgrade symptoms ( yesterday’s two posts ), and then it all to my great amazement and gratitude - stopped. For the few hours of dinner and hanging out with some of my dearest I was in everyday life mode. 
Yet afterwards - all through a perfectly relaxing but perfectly sleepless night - I had heart center downloads and heart center energy anchoring for Collective all through the night hours and when morning came I wasn’t tired. πŸ§ 
Now after a short afternoon nap I am still sensing in what it was specifically - but as the full moon portal opened, yesterday afternoon to my awareness, and I was filled with a delicious portal light code reception energy - my feeling is Light Codes connected to Christ Consciousness Heart Awakening were being travelled through us in a big way. Earlier in the day there was so much crown and eye centers receiving the Light. If any of you were feeling big crown and / or heart center shifts - I am affirming a similar expansion experience. During the night shift I felt that part of it was not personal upgrade but energy work for collective - anchoring of the incoming Light Codes for gridding and dispersion to our collective consciousness field. 
Some of us Light Workers have these type of “jobs” and in these years more than ever. Maybe you are one of them sensing this happening to and through you!
This being my 1111th post (on Instagram)  - I do feel Father Jesus and the Ascended Master presence even as I am writing this. What a divine number timing for Easter Day πŸ₯°
I will channel this full moon portal with greater precision during Monday’s meditation evening, welcome to join us. If I receive further intuitions or other info revealed to me by my Guides sooner, I will keep the Channeled diary updated as soon as possible. 
With love, Mithila
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15..04.2022 Crown Chakra activations - again β˜€οΈ
No sooner that I did write that there haven’t been much Crown Chakra Activation Upgrade symptoms on my timeline lately that I started to get them. 
Since yesterday evening and waking up with the headachy / eye achy / prickly vibes that I’ve come to recognize as the crown chakra activations are full on today. 
My beloved and I are both feeling it and we are wondering how to get on with our family and friends holiday plans in the midst of these activations. πŸ˜… That’s life right now for those who are in this Acc. expansion. Not complaining - it’s an amazing adventure to be living πŸ’«
Here’s what works for me: drinking lots of water 
and the Akashic Mudra 
( see previous posts ). 
Even though the lunar portal is also open I feel that this is not directly related to the energies of this full moon - these symptoms feel more to me like the heightened solar energy based expansion energies that we have continuously been receiving and absorbing into our field for expansion.
So much Light. I haven’t channeled anything or received a download yet on more specifics about what I’m feeling this day - just wanted to share that I have these particular symptoms today and how I handle it - in case you dear reader are experiencing the same. 
As you know this is not to be taken as medical advice. If you are unsure of your experience seek professional medical and spiritual guidance. 
With love, Mithila 
14.04.2022 HANDLING the LIGHTπŸ’«
Gosh golly Gosh what a light influx we are experiencing this week.
What is helping me greatly this week are the techniques I’ve described in the video Integrating the Upgrade: Tips  
( available in my IGTV as well as via the showcase on Vimeo linked up top on this page.
Especially the technique that was given to me in October last year which I refer to as the Adam Kadmon Light Body Sweep/ integracion. This is wonderful to calm the Etheric Body ( what I call the field just above the skin in our aura) which in turn helps the nervous system to relax while we receive this incredible light code exchange at this time. 
In the timeline I’ve been on up until March there was massive change primarily absorbed through our crown chakras ( and the Akashic Mudra in the upgrade tips video works well for that - see previous posts). 
Lately I’ve noticed in my timeline that the process is primarily heart chakra based changes now. Therefore the energy medicine I recommend is the etheric body sweep I demo on the video. From the heart out to the palms and finger tips through the inside line of the arms. From the heart down through the inside line of the legs to the feet and toes. It helped me greatly yesterday and I hope it helps soothe you too as you integrace this new light πŸ€²πŸΎβ˜€οΈ.
Yesterday I had so much restless agitation in my energy field it was super hard to settle ( and I am an experienced energy worker and yoga practitioner who has been working with this stuff for many years πŸ€£). This is why I call it an accelerated expansion and why many others call it rapid ascension/upgrade symptoms.
If you do have accelerated Expansion symptoms: You are not doing anything wrong. It’s just a lot for the being to go through and adapt into. Relaxation is key. Softness too. Surrender absolutely. And I say Yes to it. I Say Thank You. I find this helps me in the moments when it gets muchlyπŸ˜…
With love, Mithila 

13.04.2022 Golden Ray High Priestess Channeled Message

Dear friends, I have now transcribed yesterdays magical channel. It is linked on this separate page. Enjoy!


12.04.2022 GOLDEN RAY GATEWAY April 12th 
Today I was called to Channel and work with Higher Dimensional Energies. Again this took place in the afternoon, beginning with a Heart Space activation and at first it was just as unclear what it was about, as yesterday (see past post).
Soon though a Space Journey began accompanied by my Guru Kriyajis music CD ( called Space Journey πŸ™‚). Together with Her music, my own words and LL sounds wove together magically. 
My job, it became clear, was to hold a Galactic Gateway open ( not alone πŸ˜… ) and I was channeling for the Golden Ray. This was a contribution to the process of Great Cosmic Consciousness Expansion and for Mass Consciousness Awakening for Planet Earth with specifics on Psychic Abilities Upgrades that opens from today. 
The message revealed that there are several celestial bodies in alignment today in a rare unique way that makes it possible for this to happen now. As Divine Order. 
I am now writing from the top of my head as I have not replayed the recording to transcribe yet. Will do so as soon as possible with all the channeled verbatim details but I wanted to share the gist of the message with you on this day when I received the direct experience. Right now I’m still reeling from the magnitude of the channel - it was massive - not in physical time but in power. I have yet to recover β˜ΊοΈ.
I call it the Golden Ray Gateway as this was the primary energy my Higher Dimensional Self was asked to host and channel. There surely is more to todays Energy story than the aspect that I was called to work with and that other Light Workers might be sharing in their channels. 
With hindsight I can say this was what was journeying through (on my post yesterday), or being prepared for that I could not quite name then. The energy portal for this expansion opened (for my sense ability ) yesterday and today it was held and journeyed out through the Heart Portal to here.
Wow! What a life! πŸ’« and as we say in the YogaMonks School “I wonder what will happen when…” and we relax into the moment… to be surprised by joy🌞.
With Galactic Love, Mithila Kara
11.04.2022 πŸ’œ HEART TRAVEL
Beloveds, last few days of energy work has been of the nature of heart travel. The theme of past life timelines integracion work that began about a week ago has continued in my 5D expansion experience. 
Lately I have had the pleasure of working with collecting the sparks of past life timelines and future timelines to integrace into heart coherence of the “now now” timeline. This is the only way I can for now word these mystical journeys. Here is what it looks like in practicality:
1. I feel the energy activation happening in the chakra ( heart chakra mostly right now ) and it’s been in the afternoons lately. 
(Side note: related to yesterday’s post this morning I could get up easily so that too has changed and recent symptoms are instead eye scratchy-ness / eye area energy work vibes since last night)
2. I lie down to go into the energy activity I am sensing and this takes me into the journey of the day 
3. Some journeys were just a sense of the energy thread that tells me if I’m in past or future timelines, some journeys were astral/time travel into other dimensions/ all journeys were had lying down on my sofa with this view β¬†οΈπŸ˜ƒ though mostly πŸ˜Œ. (image on Instagram)
4. Most journeys were about 40 minutes to 1.5 hours but today’s has been over 3 and I haven’t actually yet figured out it’s content except that it was future timeline and “something”being brought through into the present. 
5. I have felt the energy activation in the front heart or back heart energy field or in the whole vast cosmic heart space depending on the journey.
6. The type of knowing I have retrieved on these journeys are my starseed origin information, my known name in the higher dimensions and other sparks of light from past and future selfs. 
7. I AM accounting for my direct experience and nothing else and only as a guide for those in the accelerated process of expansion and I hope the account serves you. Your experience may not relate. I do see similarities in what my closest ones, who are in this process who are on a similar or close by timeline to mine, experience and my experiences.
As you know I advise anyone with any doubt to their health and well being in this process to get checkedπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’œ.

11.04.2022 Correction to 22 portal in February

CORRECTION to the post of the 22 portal in February: what I saw in the meditation that I interpreted as the Tree Of Life Sacred geometry, may acutally have been Metatrons Cube (which I was not so familiar with at the time I channeled the 22 portal). Either way it was a wonderful yantra meditation that we received but I feel now that it was most likely Metatrons Cube that was appearing in the sacred geometry of this meditation and not the Tree of Life Kabbalistic Sacred Geometry.


10.04.2022 πŸ’«β¬†οΈ SYMPTOMS UPDATE ⬆️

Good morning 🌞, it’s a glorious sunny day in Sweden and the snows are melting. I have noticed a shift also in the expansion symptoms in the last 4 days and felt moved to write my experience in case anyone needs to hear it.

If you see previous posts on my website diary I have described my physical 3D experience of the energy work in quite some detail over past months. At the beginning of this week that has been, I had 3 days of what I now call everyday life - where there is little or no energy work/upgrade symptoms at all and I jump out of bed in the morning and spend the day in my everyday life tasks.

This has changed now again at the end of this week. In the mornings I feel physically that I’ve been run over, like I did heavy weights or a burst of exercise the day before ( which I haven’t ), and it takes a long time to gather myself into the physical body in the mornings. I wake up but need hours more in bed to bring myself back into the body. I believe this is how the current currents are expressing itself in 3D. I have been informed that this weeks crystalline integracions are rejuvenating the physical body ( and it sure sounds good even if it doesn’t feel like it yet for some of us πŸ˜‚), and I am just noting how my own body is expressing a shift in the current influx and integracion processes.

I spend a lot of time just being in the afternoons and I have continued to have downloads and energy work/healing as previously described in posts. 

When I have the feeling of a download ( expresses itself usually as a chakra pressure or activation of sorts and a groggy kind of vibe and/or feeling very tired suddenly like all my energy is busy elsewhere ) I now immediately make myself still and go into it and start communicating with the energy and my Guides. (I can also just let it be and the energy runs it’s course and the info is gradually received but I am finding that if I consciously engage the process is shorter and easier.) I go into the energy and meditate with it and then the content of the activity is revealed and I receive an insight on what is happening on an energy level. Then the download symptoms also release as soon as I have absorbed the info. This is a short description of how I work with the expansion energy symptoms. I will write more details as soon as I can and meanwhile I hope this helps.

With love, Mithila


09.04.2022 Energy Update and Light Language share

This short extract (video) from today’s Healing Circle I share with you now as an example of mySelf Light Language expression. This week during rapid downloads I have been given further insights and awakenings to LL, to be able to distinguish different types of Light Languages. I will do a proper write up about this as soon as I can. Soon🀲🏾. When LL became activated in my being 8 months ago I was awestruck by its presence and power to heal and also just how much FUN it is. Both for me the one who is channeling and for the one who is receiving. I keep speaking nowadays of the 5D upgrade and the accelerated expansion that is happening. I have realized I have been in this process for 2 years (along with about 5 other people in my immediate vicinity making it about 5% of the people I know roughly estimated...). For those of us who have been in this so far it has been a real roller coaster of ''what the fruit is happening to me'' to ''this is the most awesome life experience ever''. Yes, it is all that and more. Utterly extraordinary.

In past months I was made aware, in Channeled messages if you see below posts form the Galactics, that another wave of people will begin to go online to the new timeline that I ( among others ) have been moving into during 2021. It is during this phase that I have been activated in this gift of Light Language - something I find so remarkable. I knew about LL before as I have expertise in yogic Mudra practice ( which is one form of LL ) and my Guru is an expert in all forms of LL and I have been on the receiving end of the experience through Her for many years but never known or tried to access sound or written LL and or be with it myself. Now I do. And I see more and more people around me coming into the same skills just recently - I am now concluding that the next wave is fully in progress now and more people will 'wake' and literally wake-up to their multi-dimensional abilities just like that - just like I did. What beautiful remarkable shining times we are in.



06.04.2022 GFL Message to all and with a Light Workers Message 

Beloved readers, yesterday evening my beloved and I received a spontaneous call to Channel from the GFL. We have transcribed the messsage and it is rather long so I have linked it on this separate page. There is a special message to all Light Workers that are going through the Accelarated Expansion Process  right now.  (previously I've been calling it the 5D Earth Upgrade)


I also have a short notice for Light Workers right now. Recently I wrote about how the Ancestors Council called on me to make prayers to bring more Light into a situation. I assumed that it was my family Ancestral Lineage although I felt at the time that I did not recognize them the way I usually recognize the presence / appearance of my actual bloodline family ancestry. But they did look like a large Sri Lankan family photograph :-D... so I assumed it was some group I had not met before. I was right on the latter but not on the former. I did not recignize them as they were the Land or Country Ancestors Council. So I learned in this process that perhaps every country has their own Council overseeing the energy of the country and its people. So the prayers I was asked to do was for the current situation in Sri Lanka and after 2 weeks of daily prayers the 'job' I was recruited for came to an end. I give this description to exemplify the kind of 'work' or 'jobs' you might find yourself recruited for and to be able to recognize the energies and communications and also when the task begins or ends. Wishing you exciting Energy Experiences that enrich your soul and nourish your spirit while you live your glorious earthly life! With love, Mithila


05.04.2022 Intuition Tips

This morning I spontaneously engaged in an activity that I have not done in awhile but that I find very entertaining.

I took my bedside journal and without thinking wrote down questions I have at the moment about my life and day and wrote the spontaneous answers in one long flow. Question then answer and so on until no more questions wrote themselves or I paused to think. Then I stopped.

I love how this can reveal to us our soul conversation at the moment on whatever we are pondering.

It’s an excellent way to reveal intuitive knowing to yourself and also to have communication with your Guides. Very nice way to start my day today with this simple creative conversation.

04.04.2022 further updates
Strange “pressure” in πŸ’œ chakra space lately?

Have you or anyone you know been feeling an unusual pressure over the heart chakra area in the past week? You might want to read my energy updates on my website and see if it helps you understand your experience.

I have found the Mudra which I call the Akashic Mudra to be one of my essential go to’s in the expansion experience I am in. It helps me in so many situations of energy work that I have lost count. Video on IGTV “upgrade tips” or via videos linked above on this page (search for the Upgrade Tips videos). I make this Mudra even when I’m reclining with the fingers pointing to the ceiling.

πŸ’«helps access Akashic Records
πŸ’«helps disseminate incoming light codes and downloads into the auric field with greater ease

Especially if you feel heavy crown /head pressure or heart center pressure from incoming upgrades.

Just today I’ve been working with it to access my Akashic records and channel past lives/future lives timelines into present timeline for coherence and healing where needed. It is delightful to help yourself in this way using your multi dimensional connection. I love helping others with my abilities and it is my job to do so - but it’s deeply satisfying to assist myself with my own healing and well-being.

Many people out there are teaching courses on these subjects. Please look it up if it interests you. At the moment I am not teaching comprehensive courses but I can provide individual sessions to assist you in your journey. I also have weekly events where each guest receives just what they need in the Light Energy Exchange that I channel. Activation of your own sovereign connections to your multi-dimensionality can and do happen in these events. This is also the financially lighter way. Most of us in the timelines of accelerated expansion process are unable to “go to work” and “earn a living” while we are in this process so the group events will assist you at less cost per hour in intergracing and understanding your experience through mine.

Share with anyone who might need this info.πŸ™πŸΎ♥️ with love, Mithila


44 Portal

I wrote updates for you below and the very fact that I woke up earlier today, was able to get myself in front of the computer and write you these updates etc...are all signs to me that my process of expansion is entering a new energy chapter. I am yet to find out if ''anesthesia will be administered and further operations'' take place this afternoon but certainly the day is different so far compared to past 2 weeks. Numerologically we have a 4/4 portal today as every month up to 12/12 has a number repetition portal day. Explore this in the coming months and see if you sense a shift of energy winds on these dates 4/4, 5/5 etc... Sometimes they coincide powerfully with Lunar portals and as it is now we also have Geomagnetic Change due to intensified Solar activity that magnifies all that is in the numerological and lunar portals even more. We can use this information to understand our own emotional, physical, mental experience. To discern what is of yourself and what is environmental or part of the expansion experience and above all to not judge too quickly or jump to habitual conclusions. Nothing is as it was. Begin anew. 


04.04.2022 Energy Update

Looking back on the past week with the CME (Solar flare activity) and corresponding Light Upgrades my experience is that the energy centers most affected have been Heart, Sacral/Root and Throat. Personally I have been in an expansion experience that I call the Healing Surgeries. I have had them many times before in past 3 years (to Head, Skull and Brain especially) and this past week it has primarily been the heart space. 


Open heart surgery week with Pleiadian assistance 

Experience : subtle energy anesthesia (in my case every afternoon) knocks you into a deep sleep like state and energy expansions and realignments take place in the heart space which you might feel as a strong energy, presence, activity / this feeling of activity continues long after the 2-5 hours of Light Work surgery and the anesthesia has worn off - and you feel shortness of breath and difficulty speaking and really no need to do much, just being, receiving and integracing takes all the time there is. You might sleep at night and still find it difficult to get the day going the next day. I feel that I have been in a convalescence phase after the afternoon surgeries until the next day of surgery begins. 

I remember a time when my daily sadhana was one part of many things I did in the day. During this past two week phase I have only done the daily sadhana and spent all the remaining time I have resting and receiving the above described healing experience. It’s not a difficult exhausting thing like the purging experiences of March noted below - but it’s energy consuming to go through these experiences none the less. For my part: a week ago it was anchoring 5D bliss being into the earths grid and this week it has been heart space operations and in both weeks the schedule has been the same: wake up late integracing and convalescing, daily prayer at noon, then an afternoon of Surgery lying in bed or on the couch receiving the healing or anchoring the 5D energies and then recovering/convalescing again from the daily 'operation'.  Sounds fantastical but this is the actual experience to my ability to describe it - and as I said before it is not the first time I go through this experience in my expansion experience. Perhaps you recognise this in your own process? Do let me know!


I have seen that one main thread of the energy of this heart space work is the ''coherence of past lives timelines''. Perhaps you have sensed or received info on some of your past lives in this weeks energy. Most of it isn’t conscious work I find. It is happening for us. For me it is clearly the ongoing expansion experience we are all in at this time and those who are in this timeline that I am in. Other timelines may be experiencing Ancestral Healing Processes, Inner Child Processes, Past Life Recovery and Resolutions, Cosmic Self awakening, Soul Work, Higher Self Integracion, Receiving of New Skills and Gifts or the Awakening of dormant skills and gifts etc...or not feeling any expansion symptoms whatsoever. It all depends on who, what, where and why.  (There are as I see it many aspects to an expansion experience and as soon as I can I will write down more of what I know about this from my experience here but also from a yogic spiritual theory point of view and what is known and documented on the stages of the Self-Realisation process. More research needs to be done on my part to put this into meaningful words.)


There is less and less doing 

More and more being

Another characteristic of the past two weeks I feel is that there is less and less doing and more being. 

There is less thought based mind activity and more being in and through the body's energy field. Aside from a few work commitments I’m only resting. Sometimes with a light read or a bit of telly but it’s mostly not even doing that, just being.  Physically my need for food is so weird. I don’t eat much at all and when I do it’s not very satisfying or fulfilling. I drink lots of water and tea and miso broth and don’t feel a big need for solid food. My craving is for a warm liquid diet at the moment. This has been so diverse during the expansion experience that I do not want to put too much weight or too many words on it as the individual experience may vary greatly. 


I feel we are encouraged to go within and sense and follow and trust ourselves to know what we need through the experience. Also it is for developing our own deep connection to Source and to trust in the Spiritual Energy and God connection to provide us with guidance and to lean on the energy field to help us through the process. I do not think we can have this experience with anyone else's assistance in the physical world. This needs to be deep in ourselves and through our own sovereign connection to the Light. We can however learn to master our own energy through spiritual practice, to create healthy spiritual boundaries and to work and play with our energy in a skilful way. Others can help us open pathways and understand and discern experiences and provide the practices and tools but ultimately this expansion experience is personal and solitary (yet you are not alone) and it must be lived.


I also find it very difficult to move the body. I am used to being extremely active and the past 3 years of my accelerated expansion experience I have moved so very little and sporadically in bursts and phases, not at all regularly like before. (As always there is more to be said about this as this is not nuanced enough an account but I share it as an indication of how things express themselves in the 3D).

It is simply as if the body subtle energy expansion activity (which is extreme at the moment) cannot coincide with the physical activity - only after the subtle energy work phases do I have the ability and also the need to move the body through walks or exercise and yoga. I am grateful for my long yoga practice experience as I have been needing to be so very still through so much of this process. Just being and mostly laying down, breathing deeply and moving slowly. Sometimes in meditation poses but rarely and often only when I have consciously chosen to practice yoga or been guided by the energy to do so in parts of the process/experience. Fascinating! I do not know where this story ends as I am still in it. :-D

Again, my account of this might not apply to you so if something doesn’t feel right then move on to what does. If in any doubt about your health and well-being during your process seek both medical and spiritual professional advice.



01.04.2022 NEW MOON PORTAL β˜‘️ 

It’s such fun to spend time with the Galactics - what a great evening we shared. πŸ™πŸΎ
️ some space travel with sound and the Vast Cosmic Heart Space with the Arcturians opened our evening 
What do you want to know ? Opened the floor for Q&A for each guest and that took us into many personal quests and responses, deeply moving!
️after the break we received talks on the great Galactic questions, universal life and how to relate to this and how to enjoy the process of expansion piece by piece
we ended with my Light Language DJ:ing πŸ€©where requests were trance missioned into LL - that was a fun game and I look forward to more next time πŸŽΆ 
️we ended with a strong LL song courtesy of (as far as I could sense ) an ancient Egyptian lineage connected to God/Goddess Ra coming through for us ( video in next few days - stay tuned )
Thank You BelovedsπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’«
Happy New Moon πŸŒš 
Night night 
With love, Mithila
p.s I promised both the meditation evening guests and the Galactic guides to do a write up on some of the retrospective energy updates for March. 
I mention below how Energy/Thought does not manifest straight away into the material reality. However, I do find in the past few years that the tolerance levels to deviate from alignment of being is decreasing, Now there is almost no space between non-aligned thought and the feeling that you are not aligned. Briefly expressed: you cannot go for any length of time in a thought direction or vibration that is not your truth because your whole being will respond strongly and re-direct you. In all areas of life, whether it is the music you choose to listen to or a conversation you are having or an activity you decide to do etc..etc..etc.. If it is not of the moment aligned with your vibrational resonance of highest good it cannot be sustained. You might even feel irritated, annoyed, disturbed, uncomfortable beyond reason and that is the messaging system to say 'move away from this - don'r bring this into your vibration' in that moment. Very challenging but super cool at the same time. Do you notice this too?


March retrospective

A few thoughts, in brief, on energy that I have from my own experience and study of energy, as well as a message being enhanced by the Galactic Guides and encouraged by them to share this update with you. This is not verbatim from the Galactic Trance Mission. It is myself, Mithila, who is writing this. When we see difficult things in the world as we have seen in the past month, it is easy to despair and feel that all is going down the drain and life will never be good again. It is however interesting to understand that everything we experience in our 3D physical reality is not happening in this moment. What I mean by that is that the situation we experience was first manifested as energy, thought, vibration before it became an earthquake or a war. Everything is energy. It is a long term energy repeated vibrational process that becomes physically manifest.


Example: if I have a difficult thought about something in my life, something unpleasant, it doesnt immediately manifest as reality. The thought itself will disturb me and as long as I repeat the thought it will continue to disturb me and eventually become part of my energy field, and that will then manifest a matching vibrational pattern in my life by attracting a situation that matches the feeling or frequency of that thought. Yet it didn't happen overnight. Thankfully it doesn't happen overnight. We can conclude that much of what we experience in the 3D reality is ''old news''. The actual news will want us to recognise it as a now event and keep us ticking along in the very vibration that caused the event to manifest in our reality in the first place. So how do we make sure we head towards a better future? Recognise that it is our now moment vibration that manifests the future experience. If we want a different experience we need to repeat the vibrational pattern or energy pattern of what we desire so it can and will manifest.


The more people who do this (Collective Consciousness) the more things manifest on a larger scale and not only on the individual - but it starts with the individual attunement. The 5D shift can be understood in the same way. Many people, you and I and many other beings too, have desired a different future for our world and we have held on to that vision for a long time, believing against all odds of evidence in this so called reality of 3D and focusing deliberately on the beauty and wonder of the 3D reality, and this is now shifting consciousness collectively towards a brigher, lighter, more peaceful, more wholesome, more loving world. It is already here, but we have to choose to see it. Many people will say ''but you cannot ignore reality, this is foolish and unrealistic''. I personally find that focusing on what you don't want, looking at the problem and merging with the problem, rarely solves it. Great solutions arise when we energetically step away from or move above the problem, in a moment of relaxation and ease or when we are consciously merging with the energy that vibrates the resolution of the problem. Any other action, which is a reaction caused by fear, anger, doubt etc...can hardly bring about healthy long term solutions. Also if reality is what is in the now moment, we can recognise that what we are experiencing is energetically speaking old news, it is not the now reality. The now reality is what we choose to create. SO yes we can focus on reality, the reality of the now moment, the one we choose to create, and move forwards from that. I recognise that this is complex when it comes to national action or global initiatives as that is all based on a collective but also on an individual consciousness of those in positions of power responding to act on behalf of others or the collective. I am speaking here of how we, you or I, as individuals can respond to the chaos we see and contribute to the energetic shift that manifests a future that you or I consider more desireable. Energy manifests and transmutes. So even what has made its way into our 3D reality, that we feel is not a palatable experience, can be transmuted by how we respond to it. Prayers, meditation, energy healing of planetary grids etc...all assist in this type of transmutation. Take what resonates, drop the rest. 



After bathing in bliss all afternoon I felt drawn (hihi) to draw (!!) a bath πŸ› and to soak in some crystal energy yesterday evening. Following my inner sense (innocence ?… how related those two words are πŸ€“) I soaked in rose quartz waters and did some self healing. It felt great but as soon as I came out of the bath I felt a bloated pressure like pain in my lower abdomen. Backstory: I have had flatulence and bloated lower tummy issues all my life and I can see with varying age, exercise, and food preferences I’ve had over the years nothing has directly benefited or aggravated the condition but it has more or less always been around. I’ve been focusing on it this week as it has been more than usual and Guru Kriyaji’s meditation class also provided me a mantra meditation assistance that among other things is good for this condition, so you could say my focus has been more on it this week. I decided perhaps more than ever that I wanted to get to the bottom of it πŸ§ Yesterday after the relaxing bath, as I was repeating the mantra to see it’s affect on the condition I decided to apply my multi dimensionality to further assess the situation. Very soon I saw a past life situation express itself very clearly where I perceived I had received considerable damage or trauma to this area. Aha! So I will now revisit this in myself with the new information I received in my assessment and explore my self healing further on this note. TBC.
Are you also finding that you can access many timelines now with greater ease? It’s a sign of the exceptional times we are in. πŸ’«
On my weekly events there is opportunity to improve your multi dimensional sense ability and sovereign connection to what I fondly call our spiritual entourage and to strengthen and deepen your already established connections. 
It is so beneficial to enjoy the expansion of consciousness. Crystalline Energy work has been an ongoing theme in the 5D meditations we have received so far.
This week it is a New Moon Meditation Evening Friday 18-20. All details on the YogaMonks website events. Welcome.πŸ™πŸΎ♥️
If I had an employer to answer to 
I would feel sorry for my boss 
Today I would do nothing other than stare out the window in wonder
Bathing in bliss 
That’s ALL I Am for 
And my only job is to be in this bath 
Of 5th dimensional love and peace 
To seep it through me 
Let it gravitate into the grid of Gaia 
So that you and I beloved 
Somewhere in the world 
Right now or tomorrow 
Will soak it up through our feet πŸ‘£ 
And feel a sigh of wellness 
Fill us
And you will thank the Earth 
And so will I
That is All and I love you!
For many days of March, like many others, I have been purging deeply as a result of the high energy influxes. I’ve shared my journey with it on my website diary that I keep on YogaMonks/ Channeled. 
I know many are still in the deep purging. What I’ve known for some time is that each wave of purging is a result of the high vibration and once we have cleared some of the stuff we easily access what we are anchoring and receiving - the Peace and Love, the Harmony that signifies 5D. It’s hard to remember this while we are being fried to exhaustion in the expansive energy work - but it IS here. I’m reminded in the past week of bathing in bliss everyday that it is right here. Old Timelines are released. New ones come online. We ARE doing this πŸ™ŒπŸ½ and with a lot of help from our galactic and higher realm Families πŸ’«. Well done to all of us πŸ™πŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏾 πŸŒΉ.
What a ride !
With love, Mithila

29.03.2022 RES(e)T

With massive transformation comes a massive need to rest and reset. The body is a remarkable place and it handles the most incredible amounts of energy exchange. Thank you for that ! 

Did I mention that a week ago I had the most brilliant experience of my Higher Self and I AM Presence descending into my physical being? Now that was wowweeee! If it hasn’t happened to you yet I’m sure it will. If it can happen to me it can happen to you. 

If we load heavy weights on muscle one day those muscles need to rest before we can reload more weights. Energy upgrades or changing our capacity to master and manage more energy is no different. Sometimes the rest required is pure bed rest and if possible lots of sleep. 

I moved out of the “twilight zone” energies (I have been writing about) a few days ago but have retained a blissful 5D experience of peace and love vibrations. I expected that to translate into creative activity but it has been quite the opposite intuitive direction. I’ve been resting and sleeping most of the days and nights - though sleep evaded me completely last night - the desire or need to act, plan, do is not yet visible on my horizon. 

When we go through massive change ( like what I am referring to as the 5D upgrade that I and others are experiencing last few years but really any massive change in life warrants the same respect ) it is not unusual that some time of pure bed rest is required to reset all systems. Past 2 days every day I wake up and leave the bed for prayer at noon and then each afternoon I was back at bed rest until sleep time only getting up for showers and food and some chores. While I was in bed I could not read a book or watch telly or meditate or consciously breathe and relax like other times during upgrade phases or the resting phases that follow it  - it was just pure bed sleep/rest being. Feeling really well AND resting. Rather lovely actually. 


Though I haven’t tuned in to channel this information I do sense that resting is what is needed right now for many of us to digest the Solar Light Upgrades that are continuously upgrading the light levels of the planet right now. The widespread auroras and the incredible sunrises and sunsets we witness at the moment are the visual evidence of the massive energy changes our sun ( and the Great Central Sun ) is bestowing on our solar system thus affecting all of us beings on the planet. In brief the Light (codes) entering our sphere purges us of density and upgrades our energy bodies massively and I have absolutely been in a purging phase again lately (see previous posts ). The rest state that I now find myself in I am happy to share - is just divine. Those of you who like myself are on this upgrade timeline will be having weird symptoms on and off and it is a most peculiar experience indeed. We each have to find our own way to harmonise with the changes, communicate with our Spiritual Entourage, ask for help when needed and listen to our intuitive self to guide us through. In general I have had good use of what I call the “Akashic Mudra” ( in my upgrade tips videos ), drinking lots of water, meditation and relaxation, prayer, breathing slowly and deeply, living gratefully and above all relaxing deeply, softening tremendously and resting when needed as much as is needed. I take care about the vibration of information that I allow in through media etc. I will write more on this another day.

I hope my energy updates assist you in navigating your own process of 5D explorations and / or any big change process that you may be finding yourself in. I am resting and dedicating myself to my own needs at the moment so I’m not providing that many one-to-one sessions and yet usually many things fall into place for my guests on my weekly events. This week it’s a channeled new moon meditation on Friday. Welcome.



27.03.2022 ''Twilight Zone''

 ''Old ways won't open New doors'' it says on an image in one of my journals where I make hand-written notes of my multi-dimensional experiences. I just did not know that new doors meant astral travel and inter-dimensional light work πŸ˜… 

This week I found myself in a twilight zone like drowsy state almost every afternoon of the week where a lot of healing and expansion happens. 2 years ago this type of energy process began for me around this time of March 2020. As the pandemic unfolded I went down Alice’s rabbit hole it seems. So it is like coming full circle now - although I don’t know what comes next.

On Monday after my prayer session I ended up making a short astral time travel jump that led me to a gathering of the Arcturian council and the lord of Arcturus. Mind boggling to say the least to jump through space and to see these magnificent 9D Beings close up albeit briefly. The Arcturians introduced me to Astral Travelling and something called 6th Dimensional Time Travel in the past months again albeit briefly, and I’m very new to this Astral and Time travel stuff so I’m not going to share more about it until my direct experience of it is deeper. All I know is that it is 6D + spheres of activity. 

Meanwhile…I promised to try and describe the “twilight zone” state of consciousness so here goes. It’s a very drowsy feeling but you don’t sleep. It’s not dreamy as I don’t see dreams or visions - often it’s just a passive state of receiving healing and light upgrades but not active like it is sometimes with heavy pressure on the head and eyes which I refer to Crown Chakra DownLoads. This Twilight is a feeling of being held in bliss. Hours can pass without being able to open your eyes or barely lift a finger. The inner feeling has been one of folding in on oneself like the Torus energy doughnut. A continuous folding in on oneself. Not unpleasant at all. Rather wondrous really. This week it was accompanied by or initiated by a strong heart center chest area expansion feeling. I’ve written on the Vast Cosmic Heart Space ( VCHS ) prior through the GFL meditations and cosmic channels I have had - that too is different to this as the VCHS is a galactic space that you can drop into and be in and it’s actually outer space Iike in appearance when you see it. This was not that. It was internal within myself and I didn’t see anything but felt a huge dynamic energy in that area of the chest and heart - a healing expansive energy like pressure and after which I had the folding in on oneself experience in what I am calling “the twilight zone”. Very hard to give all these energies and states definitions or descriptions but I’m going to try as it will be of use to have a record for myself but also to compare notes with anyone else going through these shifts and eventually with writings or teachings or channels on this from masters of energy that can give it the “correct or known” names and descriptions.

In terms of dimension I felt the experience was 5th dimensional. 

Despite a week of these other worldly states I managed to drive to the city and teach my amazing YM Crew and after a fabulous class that ended with us exploring the what-how-why of the Warrior poses I was driving back home. I started feeling the twilight energy entering and my getting yawns and drowsy. 

You guessed it - I don’t recommend this but I did a huge LL channel out aloud right there in the car which kept me alert. I was close to home when the states started enveloping me so I managed to get back with no problem. This is why I don’t go anywhere or make plans much these days because there is a lot to do and receive with my eyes closed at the moment. 

Once I got home it was deep dive into the energy as usual and together with many other light workers we had a job to do using Light Language sound spells to clear away some dark debris that needed transmutation. I have written in the past about being recruited for Light Work at times alongside others in other dimensions. This was such a job and the work was overseen by Mary Magdalene who already channeled through to me on Friday asking for prayers - a call to which I had already responded on Friday evening as I groggily stumbled out of my twilight zone and channel of Her message. I write this for anyone who might be interested but also for those who might be going through similar experiences that defy belief and prior knowing and an expansion of energy mastery and consciousness that is so weird and wondrous that it is just easy to disbelieve it. If you are in it and having these experiences I can assure you we are not alone. It has always existed here and many have shared it with the world before but it’s one thing to read or witness someone else’s connection to the 4D + spheres of consciousness and another to be in these experiences yourself. I hope this record serves you. With much love Mithila 



24.03.2022   Good Grief

I’ve had some wondrous experiences in the past 3 days and from my passion to enhance our mastery of our own energy I share this with you. 

Both Monday and Tuesday after my daily noon prayer I was brought into a twilight zone kind of states where everything slows down massively and I’m just lying still and receiving. I have had this state quite a few times in past years and I would say it must be like smoking Shisha or weed. Full disclosure I have never smoked anything in my life so I would not know but this state is super mellow and chill and it is hard to open the eyes and you kind of drift in a bliss like existence for hours and hours horizontal. It is not sleep but super drowsy. This week it has been accompanied by an expanded energy in the heart consciousness. (Profound energy experience, blissful and big. Today was the third day of this energy expansion and I have been keeping a close eye on the experience so I can write about it soon...but first let me get to my point on the energy experience of Wednesday.)

After those hours in that state I need some hours to integrace it all and the feeling is one of needing lots of rest. I realised that this expansion comes as a result of the space created through the ancestral healing processes of last weeks that “ended” Sunday night as I’ve wrote on last posts. BUT after my noon prayer on Wednesday I felt so tearful and I needed to cosy up in bed with my duvet and my soft toy and soothe myself and comfort myself all afternoon until sunset. No blissful twilight zone states - what happened? I interpreted it as integracion of the big energies of the days before.

Trusting my naturalness as I am want to do, I did what I felt I needed, crept into bed and after hours of soothing myself in bed by evening I was rewarded by the insight that I was experiencing a grief. Not old grief from old experiences or grief from my lineage inherited karmic patterns or anything of the past. Not a grief due to present life circumstances of friends or family either or the ongoing world situation (which could warrant some grief!). No, not this. This was a new grief, in the new now moment in the current timeline. My emotional self was grieving the loss of the old self aspect that has detached, transmuted and transpired out of my energy field in the last weeks of energy work. That blissful expansion of Monday and Tuesday was perhaps a result of the new available space and the grief was the part of me that was acknowledging that something of myself has gone or left. Something no longer needed but had been and was needed in the version of me that was in the timeline that I left. I am not even sure yet to name what it is exactly that fell away and no matter. I am not even sure I know how to word this experience but it was so wondrous that I must try. What’s deeply moving is how the energy expresses itself (in this case grief) and how the Self acknowledges itself and loves itself. When I realised the fresh and good grief experienced by my (emotional body) self over aspects that once were a part of me, I was deeply moved, so deeply moved, by the brilliance of life and the extraordinary-ness of the Being to know oneself and witness one's own energy field. I have never before so clearly witnessed this process in myself - the self that grieves the loss of what is of itself and what itself has chosen to let go of. How remarkably tender we are. What a life!



A pattern I clearly see when the Ancestral or any deep healing process is happening: Once the subtle energy or non physical side of things have lifted off, or moved through, then the physical body goes through a phase of releasing and clearing and restoring you after the deep energy work. Right now I have found that the flip switched for me on the previous almost now 4 weeks of Ancestral Processes on Sunday night. Since then I have been in a physical sense releasing through the digestive system, skin stuff like pimples etc.. and through excessive yawning and feelings of the body realigning bone and muscle etc... I have had repeated experience of this pattern of energy work in the past years of intense Ancestral Karmic Clearing processes and it is in this process where I have seen this pattern of energy movement as clearly as stated above. From energetic to physical layer after layer with the physical release being the last port of departure so to speak. SO much is NOT in the physical at all even though we experience it through our physical sense of our energy bodies such as mental, emotional etc...and through expressions of the physical body as pains or discomforts in an area or organ of the body, change of breath patterns, heart rate and more and even physical symptoms at times such as marks, blemishes, aches and pains. If medical advice is needed you should always respond to that by seeking medical advice.

I am writing this just to share how much of the 5D upgrade as well as any deep healing work is on a subtle energy level that then moves into the physical in some way but is rarely a physical health condition to begin with. In my experience so far as an Energy Worker and Healer, the physical body is the final phase of any illness or release, not the first. However as a Yogini I have personal proof of how we can move and activate and realign the physical body vehicle to access subtle energy and thereby promote health and healing on a subtle energy level via the physical body. Vice versa applies just as well when using healing modalities involving the subtle energy bodies that then assist the physical body in healing that which has become manifest in the 3D. What I find most interesting in my experience written above is how almost nothing is actually physical body based until it is very far along the process of energy work and release.

Be well dear friends! Breathe slow and deep.


 19.03.2022 Meditative Moon Mode

This full moon was just outstanding for meditation. Did you feel it too? On Friday night after meditation class ended with my Guru, I continued to just sit and sit effortlessly long after class and from that space came a Light Language Trance Mission that I shared a few days ago on my igtv. 
On Saturday we gathered for a full moon portal channel and I immediately felt that conducive meditative energy from the day before right there at our finger tips. I began with smoke and smudging out the winter decay to make way for spring bloom. Then the Arcturian Council took us into a crystalline grid patching meditation mission deep into the core of Mother Earth. Very beautiful way to plant seeds this equinox and to assist in the strengthening of the crystalline grid of Gaia. After a short break we entered prayer portals through my prayer recitations bringing us light upgrades and light language Trance missions and individual healing and messages/guidance for each guest in the gathering. This completed we received new light codes for our auric field and ended with grounding and integracion assistance as per always. And yet the time for our event was up and we couldn’t end the meeting, we simply continued to meditate in silence and when I closed the zoom call 40 minutes past the end of the event the group was still there absorbed in their personal meditation. That is why I say we experienced this moon to be so very, very conducive to meditative being. Mmmmm.
Hope everyone had a bright and balanced equinox weekend. On my part the ancestral work continued in between the lovely portal energies and I wouldn’t mind a bit of a Spring Break πŸ˜…
Thank you to all who gathered and assisted our wonderful moon portal and equinox journey πŸ™πŸΎ


VIDEO Full Moon March 18th

A gentle energy that came through in the form of LL after I had been sitting for a long meditation on March 18th full moon evening. May we bloom πŸŒΉ
Video Peace Prayer during a recent healing circle.

18.03.2022 Energy Update

The Full Moon Portal opened and I look forward to channel the Equinox and Moon Portal Energies on Saturday. 

Today I will join Guru Kriyaji in the beautiful and evolutionary Full Moon Hrudaya Process Teachings She gives.

And now an update on the past few weeks:

I work closely with a few Light Workers in my inner circle network and we have first hand witnessed the most tremendous personal shifts in our Light Work in the past 3 weeks. It has been a non-stop, daily deep shadow work and personal and ancestral healing. Coupled with the Light Upgrades of recent Solar Storms entering our planet, it cannot be unrelated. Nor can it be unrelated to the darkness that is exposing itself to the Light on a collective and global scale. I have however only my personal journey to share as insight as there has been no room for any other energy work on my part. I hope it sheds light to your own possible weird or tumultous experiences last weeks and explain the tremendous fatigue you might have been feeling alongside everything else in terms of upgrade symptoms. 

I have been praying a lot lately. (I have written more about Prayer here.)

From the morning when I wake up (late) to when I get to sleep, constantly thoughout the day asking for assistance (from my Spiritual Entourage including my own Higher Self and I AM presence) and also formally sitting to pray each day as a daily offering. I was told by my ancestors that they needed healing energy at this time and I have engaged in a daily prayer for this at noon Sweden local time. I will be doing this process until mid April daily so if you wish to join me in prayer around that time virtually, light a candle and join me in sending light energy to yourself, your ancestry or the world as the light of prayers are so greatly needed at this time. I noticed that on a daily basis a new energy would emerge (from myself and my ancestry) into my field of awareness and into my aura. When I fully experienced it and named it - it would begin to dissolve and release and each process took about the waking hours of 1 day to manage though some took longer. There were some physical symptoms of this process as well though mostly energetic and emotional awareness of the healing. I went through in the last weeks the energies of irritation, rage, anger, madness, sadness, bitterness, despair and hopelessness. These energies arose, I sensed them, named them and then relaxed myself so they could transmute and pass through and I also prayed for help all day long to clear, heal, transmute and bring to Light all that is no longer needed.

This past 3 weeks of ancestral work is not in any way a new process for myself ( or indeed for anyone doing spiritual practice and spiritual healing work). I recognize it as a shorter and actually lighter (less tough but tough enough) experience of a bigger and heavier Ancestral and Karmic Healing process I went through from the start of the pandemic in 2020 to August 2021 after which my multi-dimensional and 5D capacity and channeling was enabled. I write this as I have found the two to be related. The healing process was a pre-cursor but also a result of 5D multi-dimensional ascension. All 3D vibrational processes need to be released from my aura, my being, my Akashic records etc... and will continue for me to fully step into my new higher vibrational timelines. I do not know if everyone has to go through similar processes as they upgrace to the new levels, but I know that I and several Light Workers in my network have experienced this. And it is a full time job. We are not doing this on the side of something else, it is actually a full time job. I am sure there are those who can go through the ascension without this experience as it all depends on our personal timelines and jobs. I write this merely as a reference from which you can compare notes on your own process and also ask me for assistance if you need based on what I am sharing.

The process of listening, feeling and going deeper into the energy that appears to be healed is not easy. It is easy to feel like you are losing yourself in the energy experience and you resist it happening instead of relaxing to receive it and it feels difficult to maintain boundaries of what is yours and what is not yours. No matter if it is yours or not, I have found that you lose a sense of yourself because the two vibrations, that which you are and the vibration needing release is so different from each other that the two cannot co-exist in you. Therefore you either feel one (the darker vibration that needs healing) or the other (your own Lighter vibration). I find it is very different when I am working with energies that are from the outside, external, environmental, collective or with a client etc...compared to inner vibrations being released through cellular, DNA, Genetic coding, Ancestral coding, Karmic and family and personal karmic coding etc... The external is in my experience far easier to master and transmute than the internal as it is being peeled, healed, extracted, drawn through and out of your energy field in the contrast of your own raising of vibration.

This work is refered by some as Shadow Work. I can understand the naming as it is really the bringing to Light of things that are lurking in the shadows of your unconscious or subconscious (and this might be stored not in the brain or mind memory only but in the cellular etc...). Simply said when you bring yourself to the Light the other energies can no longer stay hidden in the shadows and therefore surface for release. 

Your own raising of vibration can be happening through, connection to your Guru, your spiritual sadhana ( which often on a daily basis is more gradual and manageable to digest and still live ordinary life etc...) or happening as a result of the vibratory changes of the planet or very deep and intense sadhana and/or time with Guru, or the Light Upgrades that you are sense able to receive at this time which is a far more accelerated process than the daily sadhana. (This is not a thorough explanation and I have written more about this in the 5D Earth Upgrade Project Write Up as well on the subject of Sadhana, you can find links in myScrolls.) Regardless of the why it is happening the daily practice of sadhana is such a fundament in being able to center and ground yourself, to know your own energy fields and to master incoming and outgoing energy flows so I always come back to this and encourage everyone to establish themselves in the daily source connections. If you need help with this, we the YogaMonks school are experts on this and we have a tried and tested program to help you develop your daily practice ability with movements, breath and seated practices.

IS there a correlation between the inner work and what we see happening in the world? I believe there is at least in the sense that any Light we create in ourselves is of assistance to the greater Light of the world. If this work is calling you it is because you can shed light in darkness just by being yourself. Enlighten yourself. Make Light. Be Light. Delight in life in any small or big way.


08.03.2022 Energy Update

Dear friends, I hope all of you are managing well in keeping your center and sovereignty in these times of great change. I also hope that the little information I have to share today will be a guidance that assists you and if not, as always, let go of anything that does not resonate. 

The last week, since Shivaratri I can conclude that I have been in an ancestral karmic healing phase (again!). I have also seen that though my process was personal (and also my partner has his own wave of it) I have been given the sense that it is a global energy in supporting these individual processes right now and you might even have been wondering why you have such weird old thoughts, memories, patterns showing up related to childhood, upbringing, relationship karmas that you felt have not been in your field for awhile. It might feel like you are going backwards. What I know of this right now is we are not backwards, but as we move forwards this is again resurfacing for further clearance and may continue to do so as Spring unfolds. This is not entirely unrelated to the situation we experience in Europe regarding our neighbouring states to the East. I have been so occupied with my personal work that I had to cancel last weeks New Moon Channeling and in general have had to lay low in regards to channeling as I have needed all my energy for my own process and honoring my humanness :-D.

Yesterday, however as I took a walk I had a quick conversation with the Galactic Guides in order to shed some higher perspective of the situation for my own understanding. I have now decided to share what I was told and I hope it will be of help as it has been for me.


1) I asked why we (in Europe/Sweden) are having the experience we are having with this situation (which gives rise to so much fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, but also empathy, solidarity, good will etc...). 

A: '' This is happening in order to shock you out of systemic belief''

I did not immediately understand the message but then I realised that 'you' does not mean that this is being done to us or for us but rather the situation arises as 'us' who are long held in a certain belief and political system collective need to change awareness and shift direction and in this instance of the trance mission it refers to us living in the 'west' with western 'mindset' and socio-political systems that we are being 'shocked' out of, perhaps such as belief in democracy etc...

( I might add that in general over last months of my channeling there has been a communication of how many systems connected to old vibrational patterns are changing from the roots. This causes great disruption but is not to be 'feared' as it evolves better systems aligned to higher vibrational being that will replace it (as has happened many times throughout the history of humankind). But being in the change is super tough and we must not forget that we are here at this time for a reason and therefore to take strength in our role and also the power in the present experiences.) 

It is also significant that not all countries of the world will react the same way to what we are witnessing (with regards to any global event not just this one) as every country has there own history, vibrational consciousness with regards to war and human rights, animal rights etc...and therefore not everyone will respond the same way to this particular experience. What I wanted to understand is why are we in our present experience having this in our lives and what our role in creating it is. I base this question on my understanding that everything happens for reasons that we have individually or collectively drawn into our experience - and if we have not done so it could not exist or manifest in our lives. Why we draw it or why it happens is a very complex energy mastery that I am in no position to say. But the Guides above response gave me a sense of why it is here in our 'western' lives and how our potential role and response will be in it.


2) I asked why the peoples directly in the conflict or affected by the conflict are now having this experience?

A: ''There is a karmic ancestral energy being played out in this conflict, and that is why they go through this.''

Again I wasn't sure of the meaning of the message but then felt that it partially at least means that these particular countries and the peoples in them are in this conflict due to an old pattern that is now once again rising to the surface for clearance. Everyone who is affected by this negatively (or positively) in those physical places are in some way connected to that lands collective lineage and karma? Perhaps. I am not saying this is the message but that is my interpretation. 


3) I asked why the leader / leaders of Russia are creating this situation.

A: ''He needs to create a situation where he creates his own demise. There is no other way 'out' for him''.

So again I understood this as the role the leader / instigator plays in this is for his own 'release' or ending of position etc...


Now when you read the above you can have other interpretations than the ones I sensed and maybe none of this makes sense to you dear reader. It matters not. What matters is that we do not succumb to panic and fear and we are able to transmute our fear, worry, anxiety etc into higher vibrations and stay as steady as we can in ourselves, get help for this from others who can hold that flame and stay connected to Source Energy and where possible help others to do the same.

However, after this short and rapid Q&A where I asked and I received the answer instantly I was left with a feeling of the deep and deeper interconnectedness of all beings on Planet Earth. When we see something happening somewhere and it involves and touches our lives in a close way, then we are all part of the process of creating this event and also all part of the solution or dissolving and transmuting. If it was not so then it would simply not happen and / or it would not enter our conscious experience. Example: there are things happening daily in all parts of the world that we are not directly conscious of because it is not part of ''our movie'' so to speak to be involved in whatever chaos/drama/injustice/disasters are unfolding on vibrational planes that are not part of our immediate or peripheral reality of experience. It still affects us as its part of the collective consciousness but its ripples are small as we do not move in the same zone or fields of energy epxerience. It can be even in our own country of residence, just not part of the fabric of our 'needed' experiences and therefore it does not attract us and affect us with as much impact.

In this case we are in a situation that in some way or another affects us closely if not directly ( in Nothern Europe). That means in some way we need this experience to move forwards. Why we ''need'' it is different to the ''need'' of those in the direct experience of it, whether on the side of the attacked or the attacker. Overall though there is a deep interconnectedness that moves us as a collective or partial collective through certain experiences that change the fabric of consciousness and changes our lives. With this in mind then when we are willing to surrender our belief systems on things that no longer support 3D consciousness which is fear based, and move into love and peace based systems of belief, then the need for these experiences will also dissolve. That is why holding a high vibrational flame is so important in times of chaos and difficulty and it is easier for those of us in the periphery of the situation to keep our faith, our vibration of peace and love for ALL involved, for the highest good to unfold for ALL involved (without judging what that may be) and to act from that place of higher vibration. This is why prayers and meditation and sending good energy assists the situation as well as the practical help and emotional support/healing etc that we can provide for those in need. If each one of us raises ourselves then we raise the collective and ultimately change reality to reflect that new consciousness. Whatever time it takes.




…and we chanted out aloud and we chanted in silence and we bathed in absorption and we were moved and we were changed. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ§˜πŸ½‍♀️ two very different sittings during Shivaratri celebrations that provided deep and new experiences into mantra meditation. Today I palpably felt the Shiva consciousness guide me into and hold me in lotus posture defying my “normal” ability. A dear friend had other magnificent experiences as she took over the chant and led it for us. 
Grateful to our small but mighty gatherings - we worked up a sweat today in “just” doing mantra πŸ˜…πŸ“ΏπŸ™πŸΎit simply works !!! And we were awed yet again. And again.
And now I look forward to entering Light Language and energy Trance mission through the portal of this almighty mantra Om Namah Shivaya in tomorrow’s New Moon Meditation gathering. All details on website events. 
Welcome, with love Mithila
Shiva Mantra πŸ“Ώ 
In yesterday’s mantra meditation gathering I learnt new things about mantra meditation as well as about the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra - so familiar to me and yet not known, so infinitely much to absorb and experience through the gateway of the Shiva Mantra.
Yesterday I felt such a strong lineage connection as we prayed. To Immortal Babaji and the Shiva embodiment. The above picture is Babaji’s Murti at Guru Kriyaji’s temple. Om Namah Shivaya.
Today we repeat the mantra practice at 12 noon Sweden time as I wish to attend the evening meditation class with Kriyaji on zoom tonight. Visit Kriyaji’s website for details of teachings and events.
Energy Update: There is a lot going on in the unseen field and it continues to influence the sense-able to a deep degree. Keep up the good energy management practices you have and if needed watch my videos for boosts and tips. Link up top.
These are the times when our prayer and meditation practices really bear fruit. 
We will pray:
For the victim and the abuser 
For the wounded and the attacker 
For those in fear and stress and those in anger and greed 
For those in captivity and those holding captive 
For those in darkness and those who block the light 
For clarity and unity out of despair and division
For ourselves to anchor the strongest vibration of peace, harmony, unity and love the world has ever seen.
Who is with me? 
Using the auspiciousness of Shivaratri to chant the all pervading Om Namah Shivaya Mantra with the intention of bringing highest good to our worlds. 
When I organised this home retreat a week ago I was not aware of what would unfold. Now that it has I want to make use of the scheduled events and this retreat to gather our focused Consciousness towards Light Work. 
Om Namah Shivaya! πŸ”±
More details on YogaMonks website and I hope to see you in the πŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸΌπŸ§˜πŸ½πŸ§˜πŸΎπŸ§˜πŸΏπŸ§˜‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜‍♂️ circle.
So many light workers are gathered in this energy work right now across the globe. 
Even if you are not actively able to do anything have faith and hold the light high and let it guide you in if and how to assist, contribute, help and heal this situation. Meditation often leads to practical actionable guidance on how you can take your own lows to highs. Meditate to Liberate.
With love, Mithila 


Shivaratri and Mantra Meditation today. I am feeling much lighter in my being today after yesterdays heavy energy work. Looking forward to the benevolence of this New Moon to take us into March smoothly and vibrantly.



Sunday and soon after I made this below post on yogamonks instagram I went into a very heavy energy work phase, very heavy indeed and even though the symptoms of energy work were with me from waking up in the morning it especially intensified around 15 sweden local time. A few hours after it passed and I took a long bath and pampering time. How did you feel duirng the Sunday? It was such a beautiful day outside but I wasnt able to step out even once to enjoy it due to the work that needed to be done which brought with it very unsettled, anxious energies (not energies I am normally prone to and I could tell it was not personal stuff). 

I have been doing the portal meditation almost every day since the 22nd. Finding it works! Enjoyed myself with teaching and healing work on Friday and Saturday in Gothenburg and was completely taken by surprise at the intensity of Sundays 'jobs'. Hope you all weathered it with hearts open! 



These are the times when our prayer and meditation practices really bear fruit. 
We will pray:
For the victim and the abuser 
For the wounded and the attacker 
For those in fear and stress and those in anger and greed 
For those in captivity and those holding captive 
For those in darkness and those who block the light 
For clarity and unity out of despair and division
For ourselves to anchor the strongest vibration of peace, harmony, unity and love the world has ever seen.
Who is with me? 
Using the auspiciousness of Shivaratri to chant the all pervading Om Namah Shivaya Mantra with the intention of bringing highest good to our worlds. 
When I organised this home retreat a week ago I was not aware of what would unfold. Now that it has I want to make use of the scheduled events and this retreat to gather our focused Consciousness towards Light Work. 
Om Namah Shivaya! πŸ”±
More details on YogaMonks website and I hope to see you in the πŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸΌπŸ§˜πŸ½πŸ§˜πŸΎπŸ§˜πŸΏπŸ§˜‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΌ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸ½‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΎ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜πŸΏ‍β™‚οΈπŸ§˜‍♂️ circle.
So many light workers are gathered in this energy work right now across the globe. 
Even if you are not actively able to do anything have faith and hold the light high and let it guide you in if and how to assist, contribute, help and heal this situation. Meditation often leads to practical actionable guidance on how you can take your own lows to highs. Meditate to Liberate.
With love, Mithila 


CORRECTION to below post: what I saw in the meditation that I interpreted as the Tree Of Life Sacred geometry, may acutally have been Metatrons Cube (which I was not so familiar with at the time I channeled the 22 portal). Either way it was a wonderful yantra meditation that we received but I feel now that it was most likely Metatrons Cube that was appearing in the sacred geometry of this meditation.

All Right everyone, the 22 Portal Presence Meditation did happen as predicted on Feb. 22nd at 2.00 PM Swden Local time. I (and my partner) were in a constant downloads/upgrace activity phase for 3 or more days until Monday evening and then it started to lift and I was able to do something other than lie down and rest and receive (and there were some interesting energy experiences in all this but that is another story!!)  :-D.

By Tuesday morning I could feel I was more myself ( I have been on an offline retreat during this Portal as the energy was so potent and prevailing that I could not do anything else and I report this in case any of you have been in a similar situaton!).

I felt the portal opening for channel energies build as usual the hours before the ceremony that Patrik and I chose to have at 2 pm privately and not as a public event (though I felt some of your presence there clearly dear regular Crew, I will message you individually about that and wondeful to have you meditate with us even though not live on Zoom). 

The video is now here for your receiving and repetition of the meditations. It was a subtle yet very full, a still but deep water session in the sense that there was so much energy trance mission to absorb and receive. They recommended that we use this mediation a few times per day or once per day in the next coming days following this official portal day to keep reinforcing and deepening the trance mission of the energies. I started with an invocation and opening of the meditation space and this particular Portals presence as usual (however this is not on the video but you can assume it is so.)

When you use this video light a candle, and use some form of smoke such as sage, palo santo, insence before you start your practice.

Then follows the 40 minute guided part of the Energy Trance Mission that takes you through a Tree of Life 10 Sphirot (Kabbalistic Tree of Life Sacred Geometry) meditation with assistance of ArchAngel Metatron (grateful!), then comes the Master number 22 Code activations and Golden Light reinforcement of this activation into the Auric Field, also we received individual assistance/downloads and a Soul/Higher Self Alignment and finally back to the Tree of Life and Metatron Energy. There are many spaces in this meditation to just be and meditate and receive, where the energy is being trance-mitted and there is nothing to do but just be in it. Enjoy, I hope it will serve you. After the first hour I took a break and then returned but when I asked further questions and waited for further trance mission I was told it was not my job at this time (to ask the questions I asked) and there was nothing else to channel, not even Light Language at this time. I was surprised but happy to rest as I continued to be donwloading and absorbing in the Portal Energy and still am as I write to you. Zonked!







2202 2022 Portal Update

Dear beautiful brilliant souls,
Looking back on the past 6 months and going wow what a life! 
The 11:11 portal in 2021 propelled me into a “public channeling life” like I never could have expected and it’s been continued to be my way and work since then. I expected the all important 0222 portal to be the same, and that I should show up to serve, and it goes to show how life is dynamic and in the now newness this is not at all what I am experiencing. 
I had planned events around these days in order to share the portal energies in live channeling however I am now called in a different direction. 
I am and have been feeling the influx of this portals energies very very strongly and so has my beloved P. He has been experiencing the upgrade symptoms more than ever before in past weeks and we are both in a state of receiving downloads after downloads and being quite blown away by the vibrational upgrades. 
My self is needing silence and solitude to digest, absorb, sense and wonder at it all and I don’t feel like working with public channeling or even speaking much at this time. 
To try to channel and serve actually feels exhausting right now. I realize it’s not what’s required of me at this time.
Therefore I invite you all to connect with us in our personal portal ceremony on Tuesday Feb 22nd, at Sweden local time or wherever you are at 2.00 pm. We will not be live on zoom but we be live in the Field, receiving, sensing, vibing with the Master number 22 and the portal ( which opened days ago I’m sure some of you have been affected !!!) full connection available during this significant day and the transition it brings for the 5D Golden Era. Meditate, move and vibe with this glorious day in your own stunning naturalness and I would love to hear your experience whenever you are ready to share it and I too will share mine.
I will be offline for a few days and wish you a most beautiful time with your sovereign self and portal date. May it bring you great strength and clarity for the next phase of your lifes work, light work, to build the world and personal experience that is true to your higher heart. Until then beautiful beings, bowing out for a bit, with love, Mithila.

17.02.2022 from @yogamonks instagram post

Full Moon πŸŒ• meditation highlights

I like to empty my head of the experiences as soon as I can after the event to enjoy all the many moments in meditation all over again.

🌝first we were guided by my Higher Self through a Moon Meditation, visualizing the moon, moon walking, moon light bathing etc a really fun visualisation Medi as well as a wonderful, steady, full vibration of moon energy and guidance in meditation
πŸ“† followed by advice on the energy of the moon cycle and how to work with it and explore and master energies around the moon with a bit of astrology

πŸ’Ž after the break a Diamond light vibration meditation with many layers of teachings
✨ pure energy work where the diamond light was cutting through areas in the auric field that needed to breathe
♦️guidance on working with diamond crystalline energy to precision drop into decisions and topics
πŸ“Ώ A totally unexpected but appropriate dive into a Pali Buddhist Jewel sutra the Ratna Sutta ( very lovely to return to my Buddhist spiritual roots with this chant - I haven’t chanted in Pali in so long!)
πŸͺ‘ threaded through by Light Language to integrate, expand resonance and to ground

I shared the diamond posture meditations that have been coming naturally to me in the past few days as a closing of our 2 hour gathering.

It was both relaxing and steady as well as sharp and piercing this evening. Ooof I feel like I’ve missed stuff on this list - so many moments this evening to recapture.

Thank you everyone who joined me in smiling at the moon and remembering we belong to our Galactic Family too. We are never alone.



Energy Update Mid February

Today I am hosting a Full Moon Meditation and it will be fun to share what happens there in the next few days. Meanwhile an Energy Update thus far.


This amazing Energy Portal and Unique Numerology keeps giving energy upgrades into our lives. Today I could say there is a bigger shift that has happened, a newness that I have not sensed before, a difference in the way the Upgrade Energy feels and moves, not similar to the vibrations I have been reading and sensing for the past 6 months or more. There is something distinctly different in the now. What is this? My sense is that the Full Moon Portal opened Sunday 13th and in the last few days the Feb 22 portal opened. My sense is that these are the new vibes that I am sensing but what they mean and bring I am not sure yet, but the following insights have been with me lately:


Last few weeks in terms of Light Workers Energy Work and Cosmic/GFL Energy Work have been on the Media. Shifting the Media Apparatus into a higher vibration. I have also sensed and seen in last weeks Channeled Events since the Lunar New Year Portal that there has been a focus on new Money related Energy and Abundance Codes. I had a spontaneous Channel fo Abundance Codes and the spontaneous Lakshmie Mantra channel on February 8th with the 888 Codes and a few days later on Friday 11th February a huge download of Abundance Codes and Energy that began and then led to a spontaneous private channeling event with two of my Light Worker Friends in Dubai. I am sharing here the last part of that event on Video my Light Language Channel for my friends and myself and hopefully it will also bring you many abundant blessings dear ones. We were so strongly united in an Abundance Codes Work across time and space so I am sure there were many more of you out there doing and sensing this type of energy work in the last weeks.


This week with the Full Moon Portal I am picking up on the Diamond Light Codes, Diamond Crystalline Grid Energies. Many other channels are reporting the heightened Solar Storm activities although I personally have only felt the Full Moon portal opening activity and the 22 Portal opening activity in the last few days. The upgrade symptoms and the general energy feels very different to me compared to prior months so I cannot say a general advice or reading. I can however confirm that those who are upgrading now are getting a bucket full! :-D


More insights: to spend as little as possible time on phones etc especially in the dark hours of the day (not because of screen time or sleep disturbance but due to other AI related negative energy vibes that hijacking on the technology). Though I have never been a huge fan of using Facebook (so I am biased in this) but lately I have even stronger vibes/insighs on not to invest time in social media and Facebook related apps as they are likely to disrupt in near future. To build your work related (and even social but more importantly business related) information profiles, databases etc... on websites and more long term databases where you own the data and the publication rights etc and are not dependent on the social media methods. To not become dependent on financial sources coming through this conglomeration of Media.


Since some of the insights that come through might not be relevant to your life and work, and as always take what resonates and ignore the rest. Thank you. 







I AM Divine LoveπŸ’›



From our spontaneous class today a share of the Love we cultivated for our Self through movement meditations from top to toe, some of the Light Language of Love that came through Sound, Mantra and Mudra. Let your Love Vibration fill you and overflow from you πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’ž. I hope you enjoy the short clips from our sessions and that you feel the love!  




We began with gathering our Higher Heart Love Vibration into our own hands and spreading it on and around our body from top to toe and ended with a Vast Cosmic Heart Space Meditation. πŸ™πŸΎ thank you beautiful hearts for today’s gathering. 




A Golden Retreat πŸ’›

Our Golden Light infused “at home meditation retreat” ended yesterday evening with a practice and sharing of the excellent things this weeks meditation gatherings have anchored for us individually. 

From London, Zurich and Sweden we journeyed together from the Lunar New Moon New Beginning to a week into the Lunar New Year raising vibration in areas in our lives that we wished to shine more Light on. 

I had never hosted a “from home retreat” but the experience was so very good that I will consider it again and again. 

If you couldn’t make this retreat week but would like it to happen again - do let me know and I will host it again and again if desired πŸ™πŸΎ♥️πŸ₯°


With love, Mithila  



This was a LL blessing that came through at the end of a 1 hour healing circle that I host once a month. The theme of the healing was remembering who we really are.

4 minute Video available on IGTV on Instagram @yogamonks

I hope you will receive good vibes from it. Close your eyes and just listen and feel it or watch the movements and the sound. 

Up to you, if and how you choose to receive it πŸ™πŸΎ

With love, Mithila


Healing β­•οΈ 


This evenings circle started on the note of how I approach healing and that the only thing we really need healing for is our forgetfulness - our true healing is remembering who we really are. 


πŸ’¨ This led us onwards to a breath of Life healing meditation, πŸ•‰ the Pavamana Mantra gateway to light language and sound healing, 

πŸ•Š the Divine Dove of Peace energy descended to guide us through a peace healing meditation, 

🌍 we were guided to send healing from our own fullness out into the world and once emptied to refill ourselves and flow in the life current of giving and receiving effortlessly, 

🌞 we closed the circle with solar plexus healing ( partially on video - let’s say I didn’t get the camera angles correct today and didn’t want to correct it in edit mode as I felt amused by it as is πŸ€—πŸ˜‚), 

πŸ’‘ and a Light Language channel at the end for Return to Remembrance and Soul Recall. ( video in future posts )…


πŸ€”how can so much experience be fit into an hour ? It’s amazing but it does and it’s divine πŸ’₯ ♥️✨♥️


Welcome to the monthly healing circles πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸ½ 

With love, Mithila


2022.02.02 ENERGY UPDATE

Image: my watercolour painting of the Great Central Sun



Dear friends, I have been wanting to make an Energy Update for this past weeks for some time now and finally today on this magical numerical timeline that we are on 02.02.2022 to 22.02.2022 - I feel the timing is write for me to get this written. Aside from the messages I already channeled in January below, here is what I have picked up on. The last two to two and half weeks of January was for myself and other Light Workers some of the toughest Energy Update / ascension process phases yet experienced. Perhaps you as a Light Worker can recognise yourself in this experience. Personally I was absolutely floored by it for 14 days. What I could sense during that time were two main trends. 1 had to do with the anchoring of the Vast Cosmic Heart Space for the Gaia Planet. On a collective level this is the ability for more and more beings to move, live, be from the Heart in the new Age. This job was massive on both a personal and collective level and you may have experienced it in both as I myself did. The second trend I could sense was the preparations for a huge shift in the world.


Everything is Energy, therefore when something is going to change in the world we live and experience and see, the change first happens energetically. This can be experienced on the smallest personal level change to bigger global shifts. Those of us who are here to work on the Global Energy field before things manifest on the planet can be sensitive to the changes on a collective level, sensing the changes and even being part of the work of creating the changes before it manifests in the world we see and live in. Whether we pick this up consciously or not will depend on whether it is our job to do so, also whether we have the sense ability to do so even if it is not our job to work with Energy actively.


So now to the actual shift that I was sensing I was part of working with as well as had the ability to sense the background Energy Work. The shift is in the Big Pharma. There was a massive energy job related to Big Pharma and the shift in the balance of Power related to Big Pharma. This is partially being played out in the role of the vaccines and the free will choice contra mandatory vaccinations. What we see in our own actions and choice in this is only a small part of the shift. The primary reason this is becoming such a big media issue and personal issue for people is only the icing on the tip of a large energy wave that is moving in to shift the vibration of the co-dependency on medication for well-being to more natural sources of health and healing.


This is not news in the alternative medicine world and there is great benefit in so much of modern medicine and health technology and pharmaceuticals in terms of curing and creating long life for those with serious illness etc...those benefits will remain. What is being shifted is the energy imbalance between manipulation of the sacred human life vibration through unnecessary (because there are and there will be far better holistic and natural energy medicine being known and shared and available) and downright harmful medication due to financial gain or for keeping people powerless. The trust and reliability on, as well as new methods of, natural healing, more advanced 5D and higher vibrational energy healing methodologies and technologies are being raised to the forefront in this shift. We will begin to see this power shift unfold in the coming years ( I do not have a timeline yet I only know that the energy foundation for this has been layed in the higher dimensions). Also people will start to individually feel the restorative energies of nature, the sun, the wind, the water, the earth as their first base of health and healing. The individual sovereignty and innate self knowing will guide people more than propaganda and marketing budgets behind unnecessary or harmful medications or methods.


You might have noticed that you were drawn to the sun more than usual lately, more than you were conscious of in the past winters (if here in the North). The Great Central Sun has been strongly working with sending Surya healing energy on the 5D expansion and has made progress on Gaia. We have received and continue to receive this. Whether from indoors or outdoors soak up some sun. OFten we think of the health of the skin when it comes to sun and beneficial versus harmful rays. You can be safely covered if that is your concern because the Auric field gets Sun too. Just as important that we get it around us as on the skin (Vitamin boost etc...) and within us as warmth and glow.

The above shift I am mentioning is all part of a complex energy transformation for this Aquarian Age and I am only sharing the little what I have sensed/channeled clearly and well enough to express. There are considerably more changes going on but I have not sensed or tried to channel them as the energy work above took all my resources in the past few weeks. As I mentioned in September 2021 when I started to share the Channeling publicly; it is clear to me that I have one part of the job to work as A Light Worker on other dimensions during certain projects and partially to work with people and to continue to teach Yoga when I can in between it all. If you have been going through very strange experiences in your being that you cannot explain and is not medically related then you too might be part of a larger Light Worker Collective that has been recruited for these shifts happening now.

I hope this has helped you understand the energy aspects of the past month in some way. Your own intuitions may have guided you to observe other shifts that you are more attuned and aligned with to sense. It all depends on what our job is or is not. If you need one to one assistance with anything I have written please book a Session. With love, Mithila





Whoop πŸ™ŒπŸ½ we have started our 7 days at home retreat with a groovy groove. I had one of the most fun Light Language channels so far with the guests gathered for the New Moon Medi. I made a short cut of clips on video to give you all a glimpse of the 5 minute LL session that came through at the end of our evening. Here also the longer video of the LL channel.

From the top of my head from the Galactic guides channel yesterday:

✨awareness on the self and the many aspects of self
✨guided through the question of “How do you know you are breathing” and taking us into the eternal part of self and the changing parts of self
✨how we can influence the changing parts and how the eternal parts are indestructible
✨Light Language energy work to support the 40 minute guided meditation
🌚guidance on the primary energy of this new moon portal the Golden Light vibration
πŸ’›3 meditations based on the golden light - one for anchoring Center to the Golden grid of Gaia, one for infusing the auric field with Golden light, one for picking up area sun life we wish to vibrate higher and infuse them with golden light
πŸ’›this coming week is exceptional to be in the Golden Light meditations so we will continue on those during this retreat week.

Thank you Beloveds for all involved in another New Moon Portal gathering. Such a treat for the whole Self.

With love, Mithila





I’ve had to ( enjoyably ) eat those words of mine many times since they first came out of me early 2020. Before we knew of the pandemic. Before I went through the most intense spiritual fire of my life in an 18 month process of ancestral karmic healing. Before I knew of my rebirth from those fires as a cosmic channel and multi-dimensional energy worker.

The past two weeks I have experienced some of the most intense energy storms yet in this ongoing earth energy ascension process - not heavy, not sad, not scary, not even personal - just a LOT. SO MUCH. That has meant me reducing my life to the bare essentials again in order to go within and feel my way through it. And like most storms there isn’t much you can do about it except weather it. But sometimes it’s nice to know what the storm brings with its oh so turbulent winds.

As a dear light worker sister of mine expressed it several times, as we compare notes on a daily basis, “ it’s not for the weak at heart “. So I’m saying, if what I’m saying is what you’ve been through then Yay You for weathering these storms. Breathe slow and deep.

What I can sense, these storms clear the path to our Vast Cosmic Heart Space portal and strengthen us further in our sovereign freedoms and truths. The vulnerability that comes with this heart space activity also means it can be tiring to speak, or rather silence conserves energy and induces relaxation, as the heart space activity affects the energy of the throat. Also as the heart energy connects deeply to the arms and hands it’s difficult to move or activate them at this time. You might feel the need to be still and not so creative or productive except in the dreaming creative inner vision. The whole heart space area needs to go through the change, whatever time that takes, and then find rest into its new normal.

A breaking of edges.
A clearing but not only a clearing.
An expansion but not only an expansion.
A polishing.

Yesterday evening I clearly saw the diamond in the heart - the Diamond πŸ’Ž Heart Activation. It was beautiful and serene. 

Those of you undergoing this process right now - take heart, have courage! And have heart, take courage from these words. I acknowledge your experience of these turbulent shifts with my own. I have had to cancel my teaching commitments past week and ongoing due to the above as well as cold symptoms that come with the clearing energy in order to digest and absrob but as soon as I can I will return to serve through my events schedule. With galactic love, Mithila



16.1 Full Moon Medi


The New Year New Moon meditation a few weeks ago came with a message of Empowerment and acknowledgment of ones own power. Today’s full moon meditation came with a potent peace.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti πŸ•Š 
To our guests and Galactic Guides a big thank you from my heart. I love this work so much - I cannot express it in words.
From the top of my head what came through for us gathered on zoom this evening:
✨30 minute guided meditation on peace, being held in peace vibration. Just so good!
Message on how this moon portal opening has been turbulent energies last week but with the full moon days how peace codes are entering our energy fields as we exit the storms
✨guided meditation in effortless deeper breathing and absorption of peace codes 
✨peace energy bath, full moon waters transfusions of peace into our energy field 
✨incredible detailed vast cosmic heart space meditation and guidance to visualize, enter the portal within and move into ones multi-dimensional self, galactic and divine origin
✨teachings on the heart space and heart center 
✨some LightLanguage energy work to end the evening 
I am for always in awe of the beauty of these experiences πŸ™πŸΎ
πŸ’• with love, Mithila 

9/1 Healing Circle

Premiere for the new event Healing Circle

THANK YOU to the gathering of souls for this Sunday healing circle.
I am moved by our premiere event, in a state of wonder really, and already look forward to the next.
Here are some reflections from today’s guests and I feel grateful to be able to facilitate these responses.

“So very beautiful experiencing your joy and riches of the prayer ~ thank you deeply”

“I feel so much better, thank you so much”

“Thank you so much for today, I got an activation of my lightbody in the end. It was wonderful.”

“Absolutely beautiful meditation πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Thank you!!!”

Until soon again…Mithila with love πŸ’•



Video 2/1/2022

My own Higher Heart/Higher Self came through me, myself and I in the here and now ( first time I recognized the vibration to be my own Higher Self channel ) and with well wishes for all of us in that gathering. 
This Light Language blessing of sweet light hearted joy for a new earth life year this 2022 to us all I now share with all of you - from my βœ¨♥️ to your βœ¨♥️.
As this was at the end of our gathering, as always with divine orchestration, the channeling tuned into grounding of the energies for our benefit. I kept that part in as well on this 3:33 min video.
Camera angles / lighting etc … none of this in place - as I am spontaneous about what I film on these meditations and my focus is on the live event participants. I’m just glad I managed to press record πŸ˜†πŸ˜….
I hope you will receive good vibes from it. Close your eyes and just listen and feel it or watch the movements and the sound. 
Up to you, if and how you choose to receive it πŸ™πŸΎ
With love, Mithila


The 1/1 and New Moon Portal opening was deliciously enjoyed by our group yesterday evening with ( yet again and with huge gratitude to) our Galactic Federation Guides. 
From the top of my head what came through to the 12 of us gathered on zoom this evening:
✨guided meditation on breath and it’s decision making abilities (similar to things I usually teach as a yoga teacher but this had the channeled guidance touch)
✨Teachings on patterns and how to reach the energy behind patterns we are trying to shake off including a fully guided experience in practical energy work choosing one such pattern 
✨guidance on new moons /new Year portals and how we can use this coming week to magnify change in areas we wish to bring in newness including practical meditation on how to do this 
✨lots of Light Language to accompany all the above including clearing of old energy from the aura and replenishing with new sparks of Light codes for the new Year 
✨a new year LL blessing from my heart to all present ( once edited I will publish this part of our event as it was such a precious and new experience / recognition / remembrance awakening moment for myself that I want to share with all who wish to see it)
✨grounding of energies and integracion of the evenings experiences 
I am for always in awe of the beauty of these experiences πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨ thank you dear all who made this such an unforgettable start to a New Year! 
✨we send and share all the beauty and blessings we received now to you who is reading and receiving this πŸ’«
This morning after not sleeping much as moon times usually are for me I wake up ravenous !!! πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‹ let’s have a great day all πŸ’• with love, Mithila 
New Year New Breath New Moon
Take a breath with me and welcome to join our gathering this evening to sit in energy intentions for the New Year. This evenings meditation, if at all similar to my previous channeled meditations on the Moon portals in 2021, will give us the time to sense the New Years energies ( a portal that opened a few days before the New Year what I could sense ), and a moment in meditation with our higher self, soulful presence. I feel this gathering will help us clarify what our individual energy needs for soul direction in 2022. 
A few days ago the 1/1 portal of energy came through. I experienced this as a sense of needing newness - a Renewal of myself. During 30/31 this expressed itself clearer to me as a need to make new the physical spaces I move in - to reflect the new flow of creativity I wish to have in my life. One that represents the huge changes I went through in 2021. In practicality I will spend the next week clearing up and changing my office, art studio, yoga spaces, and wardrobe to better harmonize with the new inner flow that manifested in 2021. My external self hasn’t yet had a chance to keep up with that inner change πŸ˜…πŸ˜ and that will be my first moves in the new year. 
I know that I will get further clarifications after this evenings channeled energy expansions. From previous guests reviews of similar gatherings - I know that this will bring you what you need for a clear and clearer start to 2022. These gatherings also help us tap into some beautiful healing vibrations and powerful clearing vibrations too at times. Let’s see what today’s New Moon Portal has to sayπŸ™πŸΎβ˜ΊοΈ


Solstice Energy reflections after 4 pm

Dear friends, I have had the solstice trance mission and it did arrive at 12 noon as planned - the energies were just there for it, the channel portal opened and by 1230 I was in trance mission. I have recorded the message and I will upload everything on video for you to enjoy and I will have the transcription here as well as soon as is ready.

Although this was initially a paid event on the schedule - due to the change in nature of the energy today and how I felt it will no longer be considered a paid event. Donations not expected but always appreciated. The subject matter was a continuation of the Galactic Party downloads. On releasing fear based narratives and specifically about releasing Abundance Blocks. 

GALACTIC Dec 19th short clips - this galactic was completely different to the previous one. Here some short clips from the trance dance elements of the mission.


Donations not expected but greatly appreciated for this Solstice Portal Message, Meditations and Energy Medicine:

Solstice Portal Mission Part 1

Solstice Portal Mission Part 2

Solstice Portal Misson Part 3

I had recorded a 4th part based on LL sound and mudra that I invoked for the main messages of releasing fear based patterns and opening up to greater abundance and a beautiful energy medicine came through ....but it for whatever reason did not record, therefore it was received but not left on record to share. 


Last week Monday, after the 12.12 energy shift I noticed that something palpably had changed in the vibe. I understood this to be that 5 D Gaia is now fully in place. What I felt as one of the first wave energy workers in the upgrade process (and you might have sensed this too if you have been part of the first wave...) is that we are fully in 5D experience but during last week there was still more shedding of old 3D paradigms happening. It was a tough energy week, a weird feeling overall up until Saturday the 18th evening. On Satruday evening around 540pm I noticed the Lunar Portal opening and with it, after this weird week of shedding, I felt that the energy shifted again and the feeling and vibe I interepreted was: from now on we who have been in ascension mode should feel that there is less shedding and more being in the fifth and the new Gaia energies - less discrepancy between the old and new, for now we are not only fully in the 5th but have also shed the old 3rd and 4th remnants. This, if my theory is right means, from now on up to the 21st and beyond it gets easier and easier to just, see, and feel 5th and be in the 5th, and from 21st there is another big energy shift for many more towards the 5th AND it becomes even easier to shift and shed the old paradigms. Does it resonate with you as well?
 That is my intuitions on the vibe I sensed and take it if it resonates, otherwise just drop it. :-D.
If there is something you are wondering about and you would like me to write more about it or channel information about it, then please write to me and when I can I will answer here on this diary for all to read and share. If you need a more urgent answer or personal guidance then book a session with me instead. For all the free sharing, I get to it when I can and I hope it is assisting you.



 SOLSTICE meditation portal 21.12.21

Wishing you brilliant Soulstice Insights and Levels Up of light ,and shadows released, dear online familyβœ¨πŸ™πŸΎ
I am enjoying a sense of open peace and wide calm and…
…Sensing deeply inwards to tune into the right time to channel the energy meditations for this day. Intuitive living is an adventure and I love it. And highly recommend it βœ¨
I had scheduled this meditation to 12 noon today but I’m not sure when I will actually sit with the mission perhaps closer to sundown perhaps later this evening not sure yet - I will send it out spontaneously to those on my SMS list ( unless I choose to do this one by myself ) and if you want to know when it’s happening send me a message so I can keep you in the loop to join Live Online.
Solstice Prayer Meditation and Q&A trance mission tomorrow at noon dear friends.
Today 6pm for the daily light of life prayer circle and we are just relaxing now after our awesome Galactic gathering yesterday evening at Arken Hotel - glimpse above of during and after. 
From the top of my head:
✨ancestral and family lines healing energy and Back Heart clearing 
✨guidance on how to release fear based patterns and thereby step into 5D 
✨voice and sound activations
✨Arcturian 9D attunement and the Cosmic Dance 
✨exquisite and powerful 12 Chakra anchoring meditation for  multi dimensionality and charging our crystal with this energy 
✨mantra prayers for Earth and that led to our own healing energy and further Christ Consciousness meditations
✨light language to assimilate the experiences 
All in the presence of and guided by the Galactic Federation, Arcturian, Angelic, Ascended Masters and more celestial assistanceπŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸ‘½πŸŒ and our own gathered group live and on zoom enjoying the expansion and celebrating with refreshments.
After two awesome events we now know that we need to book 4 hours for these gatherings !! 
Preliminary January 21st and February 22nd. Spread the word and gather with us on these exceptional journeys into your expanded awareness.
19.12.21 Galactic Love live at Arken this evening!
…And we are ready to teleport ourselves to Arken and take off to our Galactic Federation Family of Light gatheringπŸ€£πŸ˜†βœ¨πŸŽ‰β˜„οΈπŸŒžπŸŒπŸ€© πŸ‘½ ♥οΈπŸŒŸπŸ’«β­οΈπŸͺπŸŒ
I cannot describe how excited I always am about these parties - just the thought of it bubbles joy in me and lightness - it’s such a fun and futuristic experience in one sense and on another so very present and natural. 
Multi-dimensionality has always been and always will be our true natural state of being, timelessness and the eternal now our forever home, and vibration our currency. 
Any yoga ( spiritual path ) worth its salt helps us awaken to this and I am grateful for the Channel that I can open to bring remembrance into our consciousness through these experiencesπŸ™πŸΎ♥️ and to feel the great love and generosity of our Spiritual Families in the higher realms. 
Welcome friends, we have space on zoom and live, if money is an issue then pay what you can, but don’t hesitate to meditate or to put passion in your prayers βœ¨
A vibe I received about this evening (and also the additional info that we will work with our personal crystals) is:
''One of the most important shifts in this process right now is
shifting out of Fear Based Patterns in ones life.
Assistance in transmuting the fear based narrative of the world.
To hold the vision of love and light for oneself and others.
Empowerment. Sovereignty.''

18.12.21  Kundalini Rising

In the past week the main ascension energy I’m sensing in the collective human experience field is the rising of Kundalini energy. This can happen even if you have not done any specific spiritual practice - it can happen spontaneously or as I sense now as a result of ascension energies in the new field of 5D.

If you are experiencing kundalini ascension and need help in mastering and managing your energy then welcome to any of my Light of Life daily calendar events ( many of which are free to attend ) and I will be able to assist you there. See website for daily schedule.

Ascension symptoms examples of kundalini rising can be:

Aches, pain in the root ( perineum/ pelvic floor )

Electric like sparks and spasms / especially originating in the spine

Increase in sexual energy / arousal

A pulsation, bubbling, stirring sensation in and of the root area

I cannot provide inclusive general guidance in writing right now due to lack of time therefore I invite you ( who might be challenged by rising kundalini and anyone else who wishes to bathe in prayer and high vibe energy work ) - to the live / online meetings on my website calendar πŸ™πŸΎ♥️.

With love!

16.12.21 FLUID PRAYER  and I continue to serve prayer drops to nourish our Light. Today at noon Sweden local time with the Bronze Rosary given by Guru Kriyaji. Particularly nourishing for prayers for πŸŒ Mother EarthπŸ™πŸΎ♥️
Yesterday we were transported into many mini meditations for prayer energy through the third eye, the clearing of the Vast Cosmic Heart Space, for Back Heart Opening through mudra vinyasa, a very deep grounding of these energies into Earth through our bodies, a spontaneous candle gazing / trataka meditation, planting of the prayer seeds into Earth and some sound healing in the middle of it with Light Language and other otherworldly insights. 
New experiences every day these days and blessed to be living the energy expansion. As a channel and energy worker for these prayers and energies it does take a lot out of me but I rest lots to recover - and it’s so worth being able to serve my dharma in this way right nowπŸ™πŸΎβœ¨. This Sunday Galactic Party Event is a longer conversation and interaction with the Galactic Guides and opportunity to rest in meditation and receive quantum healing and insight into ones own life desires. Welcome πŸ™πŸΎwith love, Mithila

14.12.21 Light of Life prayer today 12 noon Sweden local time.

I just finished transcribing the 12.12 mission and wow I cannot get over the love and wealth of communication provided by the Galactic Family and all higher D beings. Of course Im relatively new to this even if the evolution moves at the speed of light - but I cannot imagine not ever being in a state of awe at this experience and of who we really are.

Calling on the Allowance of the I AM presence to reverberate in all our beings with this messageπŸ™πŸΎOm Tat Sat. So it is.

I’ve also been exploring the light language channel more and it’s just such a spectrum of energy work that I’m only just beginning to sense it’s communication ability - again totally wowed - what else can I say !!! 😍 I will share more on this as soon as I am humanly able πŸ€— its wonderful work but it does take resting and digesting on my part to learn and explore it and to work on my own resistances and heavier energies that need clearing in the process.

I would share more if I could but I’m sure the time for that will come. If you wish to book one to one sessions I am available for bookings in 2022.

However, the Galactic party event and the daily prayers are great chances to be “in the room” of receiving these higher vibrations, improve your sense abilities and energy mastery, and it’s as easy as just relaxing and receiving - there is literally nothing else needed from us ♥️♥️♥️in these trance missionsπŸ™πŸΎπŸŒŽβœ¨



Access the FULL Trance Script from this day. As it was a paid participation event we kindly request a €11 or pay what you can donation for this reading. There was a given information trance mission from the GFL but also a Q&A.

General Questions we asked were: What are the energy properties of inflammation ? , How does AutoImmune diseases relate to the 5D shift? , Will humans have form in the future?, How can we better handle the energies of shift?

short summary below:

Golden Age Gaia
There are those that are far more in the know about numerology than I ( as I have never studied it to any length ). Yet during the whole channeling process that I’m in the midst of discovering and learning I have been guided to work with dates, portals, gateways. I have started to sense better when a new energy wave is coming and moving through to be released into our collective experience and yesterday 11.12.2021 at 11-12 we had our beautiful sadhana gathering as planned but not as planned was the lovely energy we were able to receive and be guided by in a long and perfectly poised meditation that took each of us in the room and on zoom to where we needed to go. The channeling is rarely what I am expecting will happen and it’s always a jewel of an experience.

Today’s planned trance mission at 12 saw us receiving GFL messages as well as a Q&A session bringing us brilliant insights into healing, health and energy mastery. Today we also received further insight into why the dates and times matter as well as how new grids of energy are being and already are laid for Gaia’s energy evolution. And oh the presence of all the Ascended Masters returning through this 1212 portal to be here for the great change that is upon usπŸ™πŸΎβœ¨♥️ infinitely grateful to you our beloved Galactic Family. Will take some time to transcribe the full trance mission - will let you know when ready πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸŒŽπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸŽ¨πŸ₯³πŸ€©

Love to you all on these days of light celebration in Sweden ✨✨✨✨

11.12.21 Energy Evolution

As much as I’m available daily now for prayer circles I’m feeling the need to retreat to silence to sense, pray, go deeper into the energy evolution that is happening right now. I feel already that I will use the days 24-31 to do that. My sound and Light Language vibration and prayers channeling is coming through stronger and clearer for each day since the 2nd of Dec. I have yet to learn what the languages are, what they speak and who is trance missioning at times as it’s all so new ( and feels incredibly healing and beautiful )…just lately an inner circle soul worker confirmed that one of the messages I spoke was from White Calf Buffalo / a Shamanic wisdom keeper healer sage woman. So there is much to meditate on and breathe into on my part as the energy evolution is strong, sacred and star studded. I hope to open further into all the goodness we can receiveβœ¨πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨.

Meanwhile I am available during this light of life prayers - today 18-19 Sweden local time as I first now have my beloved YogaMonks sadhana Crew class to join and teach first. ♥️

The energy evolution right now has much to share with us and I am excited about the 12.12 trance mission as well to hear more from the Galactica and other multi dimensional planes of existence - let me know if you will join us then.

With love, Mithila 

 10.12.21 light calendar

We continue on the Light Of Life Calendar through prayer to receive the grace and light of high vibrational existence and essence in and through ourselves - last few days I’ve been feeling a big increase in ascension symptoms and hope all of you out there are doing well through it all - hydrate massively - rest as much as you can - welcome to join the prayer circles for additional support and share this with those who need a boost of light in their life✨or simply wish to be part of spreading their light further πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜ƒ in group meditation.

Planning for the 12.12 trance mission as well - let me know if you will join us then. With galactic love, Mithila

Today’s Prayer Circle 16-17 Sweden Local time (donation welcome but not required to participate)

PRAYER CIRCLE Light Calendar 8.12 and 12.12

Upgracing our light levels through prayer every day in this Light of Life Calendar. Also highlighting today the trance mission I am planning for noon Sweden local time on 12.12 ( an important energy portal day this month ) and this will be an opportunity to speak directly with the higher dimensional beings and energy, I and we will be asking questions to the guides to receive further understanding on some of the teachings and messages that have come through in the channeling and also receive what is to be known and shown to us in this time to help the process of planetary and individual healing and evolution. πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨πŸ˜ƒπŸŒŽ

4.12 Lunar Portal Meditation Evening

...continued to bring us into the heart space of Love, Peace, Unity and Harmony - the essence of the 5th Dimensional planet that Gaia is becoming and the support of Father Jesus and Christ Consciousness awakening in the heart center in this process. Every channeled event is unique and yesterday consisted mostly of rosary prayers and through these we received moments of great ease in meditation and guidance of energy meditations that were just sublime. In particular a Light Code activation of our auric light field - to saturate it with Light and speed up the vibrations of the individual Light field and expand our own Light ability. Another memorable moment was when we were guided to see Mother Earth and to send our love to Her our sacred πŸŒŽ physical home, and then to see Her sending Her love to us Her children. Always our Guides end each session in helping us grounding the energies with grace. So grateful for the high vibe guidance I am able to Channel on these occasions that assist all of us to Light Up and to be the Light. Thank you dear ones from all over who made up our small but powerful circle of Light on Zoom yesterday.πŸ™πŸΎβœ¨ I appreciate your presence.


Is there any message for the coming time? Jesus Full Moon (Dec 18/19th...).  What do you mean by the Jesus Full Moon (Dec 18/19th)?

This Gateway opening Father Jesus, Father Jesus, Jesus Christ Energy, Jesus Christ Codes, the Jesus Codes become more and more active in the planetary Light Code Activations from this point of 4h Dec. onwards up to 24th Dec. the Jesus Codes will travel in through this Gateway this Eclipse Portal and in the weeks to come up until Christmas building momentum spreading its Light spreading the Presence of Jesus into our hearts and minds, this is a type of Ressurrection, a Resurrection of the Christ Consciousness of the Jesus Codes. Amen. 

You will feel the Love of Jesus coming to you on the Wings of the Angels. (I've been given the prayer to do on the portal meditation, I thank them for the guidance, it is one of the Garlands of Roses from my Guru Kriyajis teachings, a Master Devata Rosary).


"There is a Stargate for Christ Consciousness approaching the planet. This Stargate illuminates all hearts and minds into the Presence of Jesus. This Christmas will bring an awakening, a true awakening of Christ Consciousness more than has been for a long time, people will turn into their hearts to find Christ Consciousness more than ever before. This is a resurrection. Enjoy the peace that the Jesus Codes brings, activate the peace of the Jesus Codes throughout your cellular structure, throughout your celluline DNA, Jesus Codes will integrace with your human bloodline, restoring peace generations back, generations forwards, world without end Amen.

We thank Jesus, We thank Jesus for returning to help us establish Christ Consciousness once again. Christ Consciousness immediately elevates you to 5th Dimension and beyond, it is Pure Peace Crystalline Light Energy, Pure Love Devotional Light Energy, Pure Harmony Unconditional Being, it is very much the Fifth dimensionality. We thank Father Jesus for this Gift. Say your prayers, your prayers are received your prayers are returned, the prayers help you to elevate to the consciousness of the Pristine State of Mind, Body and Soul of Christ. 

Prayers when done correctly are extremely powerful, pray with the pureness of heart, pureness of body and it will purify your soul and your destiny (this means it gives CLARITY), Galactic Federation of Light thanks you for receving this message. Share it with others."

I received some Astro information next. When I looked it up I could not make the info ''add up'' with the current Neptune and Uranus data as Uranus is now Retro and Neptune has gone direct so this reference might be about a future timeline example June 2022, that the portal opening happening now is activating changes for 6 months ahead. Again, I apologise I do not feel I made a confident reading on this channel about the astrology and I will need to go deeper into the meditations to ask further questions on this subject. Nevertheless here is what I received and I hope for further details in the future.


"Neptune goes retrograde (this is either referring to the ending of the Neptune Retro Dec 1st or to the future one June 2022), as Uranus goes direct, there is an astrological balance shift that creates an opening for cosmic consciousness clearance, clarity, clarity through the cosmos, this can be felt and received by earth beings, clarity, tap into that clarity in this stargate, Dec 4th, New Moon Eclipse Portal, powerful opportunity to tap into clarity consciousness, to clear once heart and mind of debris, and to see what truly matters to the Sovereign Heart to the Sovereign Mind and to move forwards with grace and ease through what is received in this stargateway. Peace restores clarity, the Jesus Codes help you to find clarity assisted by the planets Neptune and Uranus, this stargate is both Sagitarrius and Pisces, with strong influence of the Aquarian, the Sagitarrian Arrow is accurate, never missses its mark, hence the clarity, use that clarity to align your consciousness with the Higher Good, the Higher Dimensional Self, remember to take time to rest, the resting helps you to receive, the resting shows that you trust, make time for rest, make time to receive, give the gift of your inner peace to all the world, we the Galactic Council of Light adore and appreciate you."



1.12 PRAYER 🀲🏾

Today’s prayer circle took me on new experiences - we received Light Code activations and were held in meditation as usual in the Trance Mission but we were also guided to plant the words of the prayers like seeds in the soil of Mother Earths Center. After this we were guided into a Tree of Life meditation and it was all very beautiful and charmed. 



Dear friends, it has been a calm time for me with respect to channeling that happens spontaneously. I have not been recruited for that lately but I have been guided to offer the following 24 days of Light Level Up calendar where there are some important dates where I expect the Channeling to be particularly potent. Example 12.12, 21.12, the 4.12 Lunar Portal and the 19.12 Lunar Portal Events. For the whole prayer filled Light of Life Calendar go here. I hope to see you on these days. The ascension symptoms are being felt even though I do not feel them as stongly personally anymore, and there have been further timeline shifts ( I have personally sensed at least one per week), CME's and Solar Winds over the past few days and weekend. The communications of previous days and weeks still stand strong in terms of guidance and how to handle the shift. If there is any new information I will post it in the coming days on this page.

I just added a short video clip from the 19.11 Lunar Portal Event see below link. 


19.11 Lunar Portal Meditation - the Pleidian Portal

Short video clip from the event. For the approx. 80 minute video channeling, e-mail me for paid access.

Lunar Portal Meditation Evening…

…Was another wondrous moment in these months of great wonder since my work as a channel began.

Highlights in brief from the top of my head…

( will update website plus video clips after some rest days).

✨receiving of activation keys for Peace in sacral and root chakra
✨cleanse of solar plexus
✨ receiving the new Light Grade Activations to our auric field
✨prayers for Mother Gaia through Gayatri Mantra and the names of Goddess with light language activations (one of my personal favorite moments of these Trance Missions - I’m just stunned by the beauty and power of the experience)
✨guidance on remembrance of ones multi dimensionality and relationship to free will
✨connection to the opening of the Pleiadian portal, how to meditate and receive Pleiadian assistance
✨awesome guided alignment and grounding meditation held us energetically and expansively in the higher self to grounded reality of 5th dimensionality, a very clear experience of here and now alignment and meditative beingness, such a great end note to our 2 hours together.

All of this received by us with gratitude to the Galactic Guides and Angelic Realm.πŸ™πŸΎ

We are so moved and so blessed by this Mission and I’m happy to say that I’ve been asked to host another one for the next Moon transition on December 4th, 1800-1930.

Thank you to our intimate small gathering November 19th. πŸ™πŸΎ


Trance Mission 3:40-5:00 pm 

I felt the trance state coming on for awhile before I sat down to download and the word that came through then was 'Pleaidian ships'. Then the Trance State begins with 3rd eye activations. Some toning.

''Lunar portal of Pisces Sept 23, closing of the gateway opening (that occurred then). Opening of the new Pleiadian Portal, Lunar Portal in Taurus, receiving the keys to the Pleiadian Gateway, downloading of the keys. Part of the 1111 Ascension Portal. 999. 999 gateway. Pleiadian Pisces Portal (vis: a fish symbol). Galactic Sensory Dimensions. Clearing of the Dependency Codes. Clearing of the Codes of Dependency  (vis. 3rd Eye Chakra Vortex spinning), (vis a bat like, dragon like, prehistoric, reptilian with tail and wings creature). (at this point the 9D Arcturian Collective Gateway and Channel Portal opens for my channeling). (vis. 911)

''Look at the download from (November) 911, go back, anchoring of that energy today. That energy is being anchored through this Trance Mission. Many are going through big changes, they will need help, to understand what is happening. The Pleiadian Portal will help bring understanding to the masses for the evolution of consciousness, for the next stages of the upgrade. Akashic Record Downloads are being received by many individuals simultaneously at this time. This is an important transition of the Pleiadian Portal, that each person receives a direct connection to their Akashic record and their Divine DNA Blueprint, as designed by God Source in the name of Creation, Amen. Arcturian Energies support the planet at this time alongisde Pleiadian assistance. This is by command of the Galactic Federation of Light, part of the unfolding of the New Earth codes. As given in the 1111 Ascension Portal Download of upgrade codes. (I am going to add here that this is one of the most powerful energy trance missions I have received, I am barely holding it together with the Akashic Mudra, reclining, because I am so blasted by the energy, it is immense!) 


''Heart Chakra energy, speaking through the Heart Chakra, (as this happens I have the very interesting feeling that I am not talking with my vocal chords but that the speech is moving from the heart - such a cool and new energy experience), we will be speaking more and more from the heart, we will be acting more and more from the heart, new energy dimension for people to be and act through the heart, through heart mind, we are giving you the keys for the heart activation through this Pleiadian Portal, new way of being and moving in the world will be known to all mankind, relax deeply to receive, we are beginning the grounding of the energy of the Pleiadian Portal  today, this will accelerate, accumulate up until Friday, for the official portal opening and the release of the keys, for Heart Access, Heart Activate, Heart Modulate, Heart Based Being, keys for humankind. This is a massive upgrade that will be felt widely by the populations of Earth, largely supported by the Pleiadian ships, Arcturian ships surrounding the planet, we are so close. 

We are so close. We are here, we are helping Earth we are helping you. You are helped. This is the next wave, the next acceleration...after the pure Pleiadian Channel, Lemurian Light Key Activations, Crystal Activation of the Divine Heart Center, (vis. sacred geometry and crystal in the heart center, the vibratory feeling of the channel voice coming through the heart is still strongly with me), Solar winds are blowing in to the magnetosphere, these wil be felt strongly in the Heart, they will blow through the Heart chakra cleaning and clearing and preparing the Pleiadian Portal Light Grade Activation, Lemurian Crystalline DNA activation, Dolphin Energy Activation, Dolphin Codes, Arcturian Energy Grid supports this process, it is in place already and is supporting this process. This will be felt widely.

Time will stand still, time will stand on its head, people will wonder what has struck them, be clear that this is for the highest good, this is for the evolution necessary for all humankind and for Earth, Gaia Earth Mother for the complete upheavel of the chaos that has been seen and felt. It is all needed, the darkness transmutes to the light, do not fear the darkness, see it as a necessary part of the whole transmutation into the White Light planetary evolution, it is all one. You will not recognise yourselves for awhile, this is normal for this evolution to happen, you will feel between worlds, you will feel a bit lost, you will feel dynamic shifts of reality, the timelines shift as you jump, those who have not yet jumped you will feel the jump, jump willingly, jump happily, we support your jump, those who have jumped witnessed already that it is possible, ask Mithila, she already made the jump, it is possible, and she lives to tell the tale, she is alive after all (this comes with humor :-D ), it is safe, others have done it too, you can do it too, jump freely, jump happily, we are here to catch you in the new crystalline grid, Heart Evolution Consciousness. The Pleiadian Portal assists in this and more, in the next few days it accelerates towards this evolutionary key.''

(the energy coming through the Mission is so strong I cannot sit up and do any LL. I simply wasn't able, I had to work a lot to ground the energy!!),   

''The recent auroras have brought in mass ejection of healing light, the Green light codes of Archangel Raphael have assisted in the transmutation of the Heart Center energies in preparation for the Pleiadian Portal Light Code Activations Crystal Heart Center White Light Activation, for the peoples pf planet earth, this brings in the new wave of upgrade energy, you have sensed correctly that a new wave of energy is coming to the people, this will be felt strongly by the masses be preapred to help All lightworkers, Earth Energy Workers, Ground Staff who have already received the upgrade enmasse in the last months that have been, you will be needed to help assist, the new wave of upgrades of the people in the Pleiadian Portal Downloads of Heart Key Code Activation from the 1111 portal moving forwards, 999, Energy Work new key codes for the next wave. This is a massive upgrade that will be felt in many ways by the people, especially in the heart, many more Assistant Keys will come through in the next few days to all on earth receiving this message now, those who are able to receive will receive more information on how to integrace this new code energy of the Pleiadian Portal, you are doing right to host group meditations to assist in this shift, all such activity will assist in this shift to ground these energies with grace.

''Everything is Divinely planned, everything is Divinely orchestrated, everything is unfolding as according to Divine plan, everything is paved with the Light of Love Vibration, everyone can rejoice in this knowing, of heavenly ascent, be blessed beloved beings by this Light of God Prayer, that now enters your heart, surrounds you holds you and guides you, into Everlasting Love, into Everlasting Peace, into Everlasting-ness, Forever and Ever Amen. The energy of the Pleiadian Ships, can also be sensed in the right mind, like a breeze blowing clear the cobwebs of Illusion, that have gathered there over decades of 3D reality, this now breaks free, Cosmic Truth enters, guides and liberates, every being into the new Dimensional Existence, Vision, Depth.''



''Soul Workers Unite in your common mission, to spread the Light through the darkness that has taken hold in the eyes of the 3D vision, stay true to what you know, stay true to the Light Vision, do not succumb to the so called 3D reality, that passes through like a film on a screen, it is only as real as you focus on it, shift your focus, stay strong, stand strong, anchor the Pillar of Light of Love Vision, So Be It and So It Is. Be prepared to support this massive upgrade of the next generation of upgrades. Be ready to help the masses, we are preparing you by opening your heart energy field to be able to help.

 We are confirming, we the Galactic Federation, that you have tuned in perfectly, you have received the message perfectly, you are on point galactic guide we confirm you, we affirm you, we affirm you, we affirm you, you are fully affirmed hereby to guide others through this transition, this message to all Galactic Guides, Ambassadors, Channels, Federation Assistants of the Ground Earth Staff. Share this message with all of them, affirming their duty and activity in this process, we thank you we thank you, we thank you for your work, we the Galactic Federation, we the Arcturian Council, we the Lemurian Council, we the Pleiadian Council, we the Sirian Council, we the Zion Light Gate Portal, we the Arcturian Light Gate Portal, we the Councils of Light affirm you.
​You stand in your true power, and we affirm you through this message and this message channeled through Mithila all Light Workers all Galactic Guides, all working Ground Staff Earth Beings receive affirmation, confirmation, reassurance, assurance, knowing that you are perfectly aligned and attuned with what is happening, you are perfectly aligned and attuned with your highest good, and the greater collective highest good, rest assured, rest assured in this knowing, you are receiving the first wave of the Lunar Portal Heart Activation Pleaidian Portal Assistance Codes, you are receiving the first intergracion, if you have been feeling massive energy shifts now, yesterday, tomorrow this is what is happening, relax, rest and receive in comfort, this is no joke, this is massive (with humour), these shifts are massive and you feel them as such, you all sensing being, you sovereign being, you knowing being, you in-tune being, you attuned being, you are receiving, you have received, you continue to receive, in Gods name Amen. Nobody needs to be present to receive, it is received, it is already received, present or not it is received, over time it intergraces with the peoples, and through all channels, working with this reception from the Galactic Federation of Light.''





Earlier that day....

Dear friends, I have been needing rest after the intensive work leading up to the 1111 portal and the Galactic Party and my regular Yoga Teaching schedule last week. I have been spending lots of time just resting and sensing what is next here for me as well as for us. So far I am aware of the following from the 12.11 Party Trance Mission and the days following Incoming Downloads.

- Lunar Portal 19.11 is Pleaidian Portal. I am to host a meditation evening via Zoom 1800-1930 for this. Go here for details on how to join this Trance Mission. 

- the upgrade symptoms moving forwards, as the next wave of people are upgraded, may look and feel different to what those of us who were under the upgrade in the past 18 months. As more of the 5D Energy is now here, the timeline merge has happened, those who now make the upgrade and transition the timelines will have a different experience than the initially upgraded Ground Staff or Light Workers (myself, perhaps yourself and many others...). Those who have not yet senses the shifts we are speaking of here will as time passes onwards. The next wave of upgrades will start to take place. All is perfectly orchestrated and there is nothing to fear in this natural evolution of Planet Earth. I have today updated the Upgrade Symptoms page with some new understandings that came to me recently.

- Message from Mother Gaia on 13.11 as we prayed to Her through the Gayatri Mantra in the YM Sadhana Practice gathering, '' Your prayers are received and your prayers are returned. Do not worry about Mother. Along with a mudra, posture and breath meditation we received 'inherit the earth, inhabit the earth' as an energy meditation. We also received the visualisation meditation of the crystalline grid underneath each and everyone of us that connects us to Earth, we also received the presence of the Guardian Angels. ''

- I remembered one of the most important downloads I received in 2020 April that I forgot to initially add to the below list under 2020 Messages. 


This message is so much clearer now as we move towards the Upgrade Abilities that are becoming readily available to all to access in meditation and being. We will also create and do with greater ease. Dropping the illusionary idea that we must struggle to live well in life. However these upgrades come with a lot of shadow work, releasing the old timelines and energies, cleansing and clearing ones own Karmic Line, Ancestral Line Healing. I have myself done this intensely in past 18 months but that process has ended for me now so that I might serve others through the upgrade process with ease and joy.

During your personal upgrade you may well encounter the darker energies of your own or (as Light Worker) also collective energies that need to be transmuted into the Light. If you need help with this welcome to book a Sovereign Session with me to meditate and release the old.






Review of the 11.11 Group Meditation by Ella in the UK. '' what a blessed event this was! Such a joy to be part of it and witness the emergence and Cosmic Dance. Im feeling the desire to coin a new phrase for the global yoga community, one that takes us beyond the knowns of the ancient sages and avatars, and into the beyondness of the Eternal now...Galactic Self-Realisation is definitely a thing!! And oh how happy am I to be dawn-treading this new voyage with you.''


11.00 AM Group Meditation / Trance Mission 11.00-12.00 written and video

I introduced the meditation as: for us to receive the 5D Energy and also for the planet, portal is already open, opened yesterday, and to send it out to the planet, with our physical bodies connected together in this meditaion with the planet, people in our lives, all the beings on earth and the planet itself, the primary intention of todays meditation, I wished everyone a wonderful sitting and a lovely time and thank you for gathering. 

The Channeling begins with movements and mudra (see video, here some important verbatim messages)

On video part 1:

''Peace on Earth Vibration, Peace on Earth Intentionality (Mithila toning), LL- The Light of Lemuria, Galaxy Portal Ascended Masters Portal, Dimensionless Dimension, The Grounding of the 1111 Ascension Codes, directly receiving, from the open portal, grounding 1111 codes, star seeded codes, the ascension dimension,  lots of LL (see video), continuing to Ground the Ascension Codes through the Heart, ( I see a light vibration matrix surroudning us), each of sitting in this ovaline, diamond like, light pod shape (see drawing), Lemurian Light Vibration Codes, Ascended Master Codes, (visions described in Video), Clearing of Blockages to Receive, global level clearing of blockages, especially from the mind, Lifting of the Veils, Clearing of the Illusion Dimensions, Clearing of the Right Mind, the Ascension Dimension portal helps with this, lifting of the veils, releasing the illusion blocks. (in the vision the light pod opens like a flower and we are each sitting in the middle in our meditation).

Not on video:

With the crystal meditation that I did including intonation, sound healing I received further messages: we will be able to sense higher vibrational beings, we will be able to communicate with higher vibrational beings, this will be the new earth, all beings united, all beings experiencing one another with love, unity harmony peace

Arcturian 9 D Collective tuning in, helping with the clearing of the right mind, Om Tat Sat,  sound healing for the clearing of the Right Mind, Dolphin Sounds.

On video Part 2: Beautiful Heart Center Mudra Meditation and words received.

''Heart Mudra Activation, Global Peace, World Peace, World Unity, Love from our own hearts, Love to our own hearts, Love to the world, Love to all beings, here we send out the message of love to all beings, Lemurian Love, Atlantean Love, Arcturian Love, Pleaidian Love, Galactic Love, Galactic Source Vibration, the Jesus Codes, the Ascension Codes, the Ascension Dimensions 1111,1111,1111, Archangel, Archangel Love, Angelic Dimension, Pristine Crystalline Love, Diamond Love, Diamond Vibration, Pure Infiinity Codes, Infinity Codes Vibration, Om Tat Sat. Bowing to Earth, Giving to Earth, Gaia Love Gaia Love, Earth Star Reunion, Galactic Reunion, Om Shiva Shakti, Root Chakra Earth Chakra Awakening, Rebalancing, Reconnecting, Reintegrating, Reinventing, Reinventing Life, Rejuvenating, Re-responding, Re inhabiting, ReNumerating, Renumerating, 1111, Root chakra rebalancing, Galaxy Portal, More clearing of the Right Mind Illusions, Right Mind blocks. (Lots of LL), transmuting right mind blocks into higher vibration, assistance of Archangel Zadkiel and the mighty violet flame, (video ended abruptly as the sounding began, ran out of video space on phone).

A lot has cleared on the Right Mind Illusions and I give thanks for all the help even though I feel there is more work to be done there on individual and planetary, a gateway opens, I sense a gateway opening, I dont get a clear sense of what this gateway is, then I get a sense that it is the clearing of Past Lives, Transmuting of Past Lives Karmic Disillusionments, (lots of LL clearing happens and some toning),

Video Part 3: Cosmic Dance begins, Anchoring of the Cosmic Dance Vibration,  The Great Cosmic Light dance is received, Entering the Great Cosmic Heart Space, The Great Cosmic Heart Space (toning and sound healing along with the LL), as the meditation begins to end, reside in the bliss of meditation, they (my Galactic guides) give thanks to me, I give thank you back. Akshic Record Complete. Download Complete. Dissemination into the energy field. Merging of timelines. Timeline Merging Complete.



10.11 Trance Mission 11.00-11.20 am

''Light Language healing of Karmic Debt, Karmic Entanglements, Karmic Debt and Karmic Entanglements out of the web of life 3D Matrix, Influx of energy for clearing of Karmic Debts and Karmic Entanglements'' (rapid LL work in the hands, itchy forehead and eyebrows were my physical symptoms),

A sense of strong emotional purging for the planet, 4D astral level purging

(I felt nausea at this point and I also made the lion pose tongue stretch to purge the energies, intense yawning and decharge), 

''energy of ''I know what I know'', the individuals sovereignty, the individuals sovereignness, the connection to Higher Self, individuals alignment to Source, the strength and power of the 5th Dimension Individual, this information is coming from the Galactic Federation of Light, the Galactic Federation of Light wishes us to know how much they praise our sovereignty, our sovereignness, individuals power to know their own truth, to align with the Love Codes, Unity Codes, the Higher Divine Alignment, the Higher DIvine I AM Presence, the Ascension Dimension.''

at this point more LL began in my hands.

''the Ascension DImension Codes 1111

portal Opening 1111

Ascension Dimension Codes descending, disseminating, entering the vortex, spinning the vortex (this LL was primarily aligned with Heart Chakra and I keep seeing 1111 repeatedly in 3rd eye meditation vision, my whole body shakes at this point, hand moves super fast and then all becomes still)

''Dimensionless dimension vibrations''

I get the feeling of Emanating the 5th Dimension Vibration (such a beautiful feeling of being in this vibe for awhile as the Trance State melts away).


9:11 Trance Mission and 10.11 Trance Mission

Dear friends, I have so much to share but I will not manage it all today. I have 2.5 hours of voice recordings to go through to pick out the parts that were messages to all of us and related to the daily portals and energy downloads. I have from the top of my head the most important messages for yesterday and today here, but I will need more time to get the verbatim messages from my recordings. 

Both 9.11 and 10.11 have been continuations of 8.11 for me personally, a lot of personal attunement work in Channeling school for the Arcturian 9 D Collective. Its amazing but also quite hard work, full on whole body attunement processes. More on that another day...

Main messages: Today at 1100, I was shared that the 11:11 portal is already open. This and in combination with Solar blasts will bring on major Upgrade Symptoms for many, I too am feeling the energies and their shifts acutely, even as I do work on the process and share the process I am working on my own upgrade simultaneously so I am aware of how intense it all is in the now experience. I am using the Akashic Mudra (see previous videos), drinking lots of water, getting lots of rest and relaxing as much as I can and I say to myself over and over ''I ascend with ease, I intergrace with ease' to allow relaxation into the process so that we can elevate with less stress. For those of us who are feeling the feels its pretty intense transformative work, but I know that this is temporary.  I have felt the 5D Vibration surround me yesterday and today, with plenty of light, joyful, easy, peaceful beingness and it has anchored much more now than ever, a result of the 11:11 portal opening. It is such a peaceful energy. 

Today I have mainly been working with the energy healing of Karmic Debt and Karmic Entanglements in the Life Web Matrix. That has been the primary Light Language work and energy work of the day. I did not video it as I was not requested to. 


On 11.11, Thursday Nov 11, I am hosting a group meditation at Sweden local time 1100 am.

Join us if you can either on the zoom or just at the same time wherever you are. I will place the Zoom link on this page as the top post for anyone who wants to join the meeting. Arriving at 1100 am to the meeting is important. 


We continue to plan and prepare for the Galactic Party Live in Gothenburg and Live Online. Register via Party Invitation. Namaste, Mithila



8:11 Trance Mission 4.04-5.10

This was exciting to me personally, though there is no public message to share and I only did a voice recording of it. It was more like Channeling School :-D and I had lessons to learn.

What happened was that I was taken through a series of attunements, physical and vocal, movements and mudras, to help attune to 6D to 9D vibrational frequencies. I learnt about the difference of the frequencies and how the whole body being here (me) has to attune as a Channel to receive the 6D and higher vibrational dimensional communication. At the end of the Download I also received a glimpse to some graceful movement meditations that are cosmic dance, putting us into grace. It was a very beautiful time for me. I have no idea what comes next in this adventure but I am open to receive and share. Thank you! 



7:11 Trance Mission

4.00-4.44 pm


This morning I was guided to hold a spontaneous session meditation for my student Crew at 4-4.44 pm. 4 gathered for practice. What came through in the meditation was 3rd Eye Activation Energy, Holding Mother Gaia in our hands (I have done videos of these so we can see the mudras and meditations) and sending the planet love (both these meditations related to the Trance Mission earlier today), then more specific for the Group receiving the meditation moment there was Life Purpose, Life Work Energy, Angelic Assistance for Life Purpose, Activation of the Angelic Code 444, this was absorbed through the portal opening of the soles of the feet, then we received the grounding of the Angelic Assistance. What a beautiful time, thank you all for joining me this evening.


10:04-10:44 am

As the trance mission began I entered meditation and could see The Galaxy portal above the crown that was activated in yesterday's Trance. I felt itchiness in the clearing of the throat, I've been using the Akashic Mudra a lot as very intense incoming energies/Solar Flare energies. Very strong vibes to integrace. This Misson also cleared up what came thorugh in yesterdays LL Trance Mission, see the video connected to yesterday. We received explanation today for Galactic Light... I was called to send out one of my spontaneous sessions for a group meditation for those who wish to integrace with the vibes that are being channelled now. 4.00-4.44 pm Sweden local time. If you wish to be added to the Spontaneous Sessions Live Online List, use this link, I will hold sessions as often as I humanly can :-D. Now todays message:


''Divine Eye, Divine Dimensional Intentionality, 3rd Eye information, Divine Eye, Divine Dimensional Intentionality

Align with the Divine Dimensional Intentionality

I now Align with the Divine Dimensional Intentionality, For the Galactic Federation of Light, We are Here, We are with you, We want us to be known, We come in peace, We come for peace, We want us to be known, We are here, We come in peace, We are for peace, Multi Dimensional Intentionality Awakens, Root Chakra Energy Activations, Root Chakra Healing and Restoring to its true power, Downloading vibrational frequencies for the Earth Chakra and Root Chakra, this is a downward flowing energy current from the crown through the body, through the root, through the feet, brings with it a sense of great harmony and belonging here on earth, I receive it and welcome this energy activation (this meditation goes on for 5/10 minutes), I am a star born seed here on Earth, Dancing with the Lights, of Light Born of Light Being, To Lightness I return, Gaia, Mother Gaia, We love you, make way for the Galactic Federation, To help and Support, transformation of Gaia, the Light is spreading, more and more are being awakened to the reality of God, the Light and the Power, True Source, True Knowledge, Harmonisation with Divine Intention, Return to Home, Gaia is protected through this process, by your holding the Light, Light Bearers, feel Source Energy supporting your work, this (message) comes to you from the Galactic Federation of Light, Amen.

Opening the 3rd Eye Channel'' (at this point I am in a mudra, hands in a position to embrace the 3rd eye energy, I do this together with a Galactic (Alien) being, we hold the mudra together, a very sweet experience, this meditation goes on for 10 minutes...during which the meditation switches to): ''3rd Eye connecting to the Lunar Portal, receiving the Lunar portal vibration, I enter another mudra unknown to me but looks like Chin Mudra on each hand but pointing towards each other like a pyramid in front of the heart center but not touching the hands, then I start to see a diamond crystal multifaceted pendulum with a point, the point is in front of the throat chakra and there is a blue light emanating from the point where it interacts with the throat chakra energy field, the hands a bit lower than the point energetically holding the point in place, and I am held in this position for another 10 minutes or so), Throat Chakra Diamond Point Clearing, polishes the surfaces of the Throat Chakra energy, Polishing the throat chakra energy with the Diamond Pendulum,  Crystalline Clearing of the Throat Chakra for Light Language Activation, You will hear us, You will see us, You will feel us, We are the Galactic Federation of Light, We come in love and in peace, to be with you, Let us be known, Time is not linear, rememeber that time is not linear, you are here and everywhere at the same time, you are simultaneously here and everywhere at the same time, it is part of the great wonder of Life, that you are here in the Earthly Body at this time, sharpen your senses to receive your Galactic Light, Mithila can help you to channel some of your Galactic Light back to you, it is a reflection of you, reflect yourself in the stars, this is your Galactic Light, we thank Mithila for her time today, that is all for now, thank you.''



6:11 Trance Mission

Between 4-5 pm

I started to get the signs of the Trance State approaching and that it would be a Light Language Activation. I have not had any LL in a few days and was missing it so that was a lovely moment today. I did not have time to comb my hair or change my clothes, I just had to sit up where I was resting after my mornings long work hours, and pressed play and on it went :-D.

Among other things this was primarily a heart center activation, also a Galaxy portal and Infinity portal activation, a peace energy activation.

It was beautiful. I hope it will serve you.

Access the 15 minute free video here. If this helps you, donations are welcome. Share with anyone who needs it.


6am-11am I was in a dream state Trance Mission. Part of my work is to share the news of the Galactic Fedaration and the Earth Upgrade Project. Yet I also, as many of you, have a job as Light Worker to among other things access and anchor certain light vibrations at different times. I consciously noticed this happening already in March 2020. This morning it was clear to me that such a mission was taking place in the first hours of the day in a dream/sleep state. The second trance mission of the day was a Light Language Energy Activation which is on video for you to receive and enjoy.



5:11 Trance Mission 

I want to give a big whoop for how good I have found the Mudra for Akashic Records that I showed on the video on yesterdays account. I have been doing the mudra myself many times (sitting and lying down) in the past 24 hours and have sensed so clearly how this mudra helps to disseminate the strong incoming energies through out our body energy field. Truly brilliant. I recommend it. Also I have seen a connection to a previous trance mission where I was shown the ''structure'' on the planet placed by the Arcturian Council of Light. That structure, if I understood it correctly, disseminates the Solar Blasts Energies to the planet, and is related to the Akashic Mudra in the way that the mudra helps us to disseminate the information / upgrade from the Solar Blasts into our individual fields. I am so touched by the message of Sacred Scripture is written in the stars and it is at your fingertips! How beautiful that each and every one of us has direct access to the Sacred Teachings through our own physical being, literally at our fingertips. This to me is Yoga! Grateful to my Guides for showing me this infinite beauty. Grateful to my Guru Kriyaji. 

Verbatim from todays Trance Mission 945-1030

 ''Receiving the New Moon Energies. New Moon Vibrations are entering our field. Bringing vibrations of calmness. Compared to the turbulence of the solar energies, solar flares the past few days, this energy is one of calmness, coolness, like a cool breeze, enjoy,

(we feel the peace and the relaxation as this happens and we enjoy the ease, there are a lot of long pauses in this Trance Mission as I am experiencing the meditations myself, receiving the time to rest during the Trance Mission),

''this new moon in scorpio an energy that will change as we enter Sagittarius, an energetic shift up to the point when we enter Sagitarius, the cusp in November when we enter Sagitarius, Mithila Invoking Archangel Zadkiel''

(we are very sleepy and drowsy as this happens)

''Be in the sleepy drowsy states to receive these vibrations, relax to receive, the new moon heralds peace, time of great peace is upon us, welcome the fifth dimension, energetic activation of peace, the peace code, the peace codes, Arcturian Council of Light, Jesus Codes, the Jesus Codes, integrating the Jesus Codes through the heart chakra, illumination, celebration of the festival of light, starseeded codes, ( I cough at this point), throat chakra clearings, (then I sneeze), the discomfort will pass very soon, you are all clearing, you are all clearing, you will feel it in the throat, the heart, the ears, the sinuses, the eyes, there's so much help right now to release the old energies, if you've been feeling daydreamy lately, drowsy, daydreamy as you go about your daily life that is a sign that you are tapping into and receiving these energies, its a good thing, its a good thing. a good state to receive these energies in, alow yourself as much time as possible to be in this state, wherever possible, whenever possible, and you will receive, you will effortlessly receive, these peaceful vibrations''

(they tell me I am getting better at integrating the trance state and congradulations :-D...)

''releasing the doubt, releasing the fear, establishing peace, place your hand on your heart, the heart center, now there is a circuitry of peace energy running from your hand to your heart through your body through your arm through your hand to your heart, circulating circulating circulating the vibration of peace throughout your being Amen, you can place your other hand anywhere on your body and the circuitry is complete. Stay in this position for as long as is comfortable, enjoy. Allow your breath to deepen and relax you. All is well in every cell.''

(we stay in this meditative peaceful place of circulating the peace energy state for 10 minutes and then the trance state fades away and the session is over, such a wonderful time this morning with this meditation, I also note now when I transcribe from the audio that I enter the feeling and vibration of the Download no matter how long ago it had taken place, I also remember how clearly all the energies they describe in the meditations feel in the actual Download moment and meditations that we receive. So beautiful. Thank You).





4:11 Trance Mission

10-11 am 

In the past few days I received information about a mudra and the sense that the fingertips are connected to the Sacred Scriptures written in the stars. I did not understand what this meant and therefore did not include it in the write up. However in the last 24 hours I have received further information on this.

The mudra is on the new video here. I have also included a practice that helps with the face and jaw and eyes and ears and nose. At the moment I sense that all the sense changes we are experiencing, weirdness in the eyes an upgrade of our sense abiltiies to the new dimension capacity. Not easy to go through but hang in there, relax and I hope the guidance that I provide through the channeling is of service to you. It is certainly helping me.

Back to the other thing. The fingertips are related to the Sacred Scriptures written in the stars. We have the Sacred Scripture at our fingertips. The mudra helps to connect with the Akashic Records, our Divine DNA blueprint. Enjoy the meditation. I felt so good in it. Let me know how it goes. With galactic love, Mithila


3:11 Trance Mission 4.00-530 pm


Dear friends, I was asked to video the 3.11 Trance Mission. I also request a donation per viewing of this 1.01 long video.

Euro 11 donation every time you view it thank you. Donation details.

I was already in the Trance state for awhile when the video was recorded, so all words are verbatim what I hear in the Mission. What came through was a very long and intense Trance, Dance, Light Language Mudra Clearing for the Masculine Energy, and giving thanks to the Kali Yuga among other things. Most of it you can just watch and be in, some things you can do with me, meditations that are guided through the Download.

Link to video.


2:11 Trance Mission 5pm-615 pm 

I felt the now familiar symptoms telling me that a Trance Mission was on its way. I prepared with candles, insence and comfortable lay on the sofa with the voice recorder close by. I was ready and....nothing happened :-D. So this is what happened: I was deeply in the Trance Meditation State, drowsy sleepy and ''listening'' for the trance mission but what came instead was waves and waves of well-being. Deep rest, deep relaxation, such a feeling of well-being, a glimpse of what is to be the norm. I was in a slow breathing, deep resting mode for a long while just feeling the well-ness but not ''hearing or seeing'' anything as in previous transmissions.

After awhile I saw what I knew to be a beautiful crystalline DNA grid hovering close to my body, and I saw and knew how this is now entering my / our individual energy fields. I cannot tell you how peaceful this was and I hope this message conveys the deliciousness of this evenings Trance Mission. Thank You Thank You Thank You. That was all.



During the October 31st and November 1st, hour long Trance Missions, I, Mithila was very tired and it took a long time and long pauses before I could receive and speak the message. The following is a transcription of the recording we took. In '' '' are what I received verbatim, otherwise I write what I saw and experienced during the trance. I do not personally 'understand' all of the Channeling yet, but have the feeling that more will become clear as we move forwards.


1:11 Trance Mission, 6.00 pm - 7. ish 

The 1:11 Trance Mission was a big mix of downloads, some or much of it was personal to me Mithila as a Channel, both in the form of healing, emotional release on my part and activations to help me Channel, confidence boost form my Guides and a lot of love as they realised how tired I was and they wanted to reassure me that I am safe, that this will get better and easier etc... So sweet. I have tried to distill from the voice recording the parts they expect me to share however it will feel a bit disjointed as I am excluding the personal parts and jumping in the Trance Scription. Where it is verbatim it is in '' ''.


I began to feel the Trance Mission coming on and I began with prayers and giving thanks.

I began with Rosary Prayers

then this happened, phrases are repeated many times and this is signified by //:


‘’Om Tat Sat //

Om Shiva Shakti //

The I Am That I Am presence Amen //

Super strong flares. Saturn, Jupiter

''Nava Raksha Nava Raksha //

Nava Graha Nava Graha //

Ascended Masters portal

Om Shri Shakti Ma  //

Nava Graha //

Om Sri Shakti Ma //

Om devi Ma //

Diwali ha Diwali ha //

Archangel Zadkiel Mighty Violet Flame invocation

 and the Beloved I am prayer in full (both these invocations are known to me through my Guru Kriyaji)

''Massive third eye opening, Massive third eye energy, Solar energy for the 3rd eye

Like a spiral galaxy, upon the 3rd eye, visualise visualise spinning spinning wheel (all visions are super clear to me as I speak them in the state, I see the meditation as well as feel the energy as well as receive info about it)

Archangel Zadkiel invocation, Kriyaji invocation (emotional release Mithila)


''Let all that you no longer need fall away. Amen.

The galaxies cry for you let all that you no longer need fall away

light a candle for the Gods light a candle for the Galaxies Amen (Patrik lights the candles)

Zadkiel invocation, Amen

where there is a will there is a way 

let Thy will be done

Sweet Jesus, sweet baby Jesus

This is the Angel of Healing, Archangel Raphaels Divine Light 

Crystal Chalice the Holy Grail in your womb the Crystal Chalice of the womb the Holy Grail (this is a visualisation meditation that we are guided through)

woman and man

embrace woman and man

You are light You are the light divine

guide us God guide us let Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven

pure chamber of light sacred womb healing chalice of light visualise in the womb area man and woman in the womb area the chalice of light, the holy grail

Zadkiel invocation

Holy sacrament the wine and the bread, the wafer 

Scripture, Divine Scripture, Holy Scripture, Holy Sacrament, Holy Script

Holy Scripture is written in the stars, guide us God guide us


I am dry, I am the dry well, Fill me with thine light, God is good all the time, fill me with Thine light, thy Light Divine

Hold us in Thy Form, Hold us in Thy Shape, Thy Image, Thy Form, God is good all the time

God is Source, Source within you, Source in the stars, Source of life, Source of distant galaxies, Source of All, heaven heals, heaven helps, heaven holds, heaven knows, heaven gives, this heaven is earth  (see link to a poem of this title that came to me a few weeks ago)


activation of the channel portal

3D vision 

5D vision

4D acceptance

6D…Galactic light 

Cosmic light 

Great Central Sun


''help us send this message of safety to the world, let it be known that you are safe

Galactic Parties yes yes yes absolutely yes

100 percent yes we celebrate you

have fun that’s all we ask of you have fun have fun and enjoy the ride

Pleaidian collective message

we laugh with you we joy with you'' 

Saw: Outer space earth vision, white light elliptical shape, Pleaidian energy hovering close to the earth, helping us, also sensed Arcturian energy 

''You can ask questions are there any questions?'' (pause while Patrik was gathering thoughts for a question meanwhile:

 ''we are the great subconsciousness, becoming conscious

it is all one

there is no you separate from other 

it is all one''


Patrik Q: why is there ego in humans?

''to know the difference, between one and other, to know individuality to know ones part in the whole, to know suffering is not necessary, to enter states of consciousness otherwise unavailable'' 


Q: will our visual perception of 3d change as we move to 5d, if so how 

''Yes there will be change''

the pauses are long and I realise we are receiving the answer but not in words. Then,

''that which is known to man will change''

 I get the feeling we are rounding off the session 

 the words ''super nova'' appear.

''time of rest and ease is coming with the new moon

all is well

Lakshmi mantra

Mithi sounding off

''Your voice is being prepared with the 3rd eye activation

you are tired now, it will be easier'' 





October 31st


Channelled through Trance state information from the Arcturian Council of Light.

''Arcturian Council of Light, Dissemination of information for the peoples.''

What I saw and understood:

There is a tower like structure, geometric structure/building structure in strange angles, space station structure?  placed on the Planet in space. A receving station. For the dissemination of information. From the Arcturian Council of Light. A physical structure placed there by the Council. 

This is to translate the solar flare communication into our planet, to assist in the dissemination of information. 

I was given a meditation for the integration of the Solar Flare Energies that are entering the planet at this time. CME Coronal Mass Ejections. We are safe and it is safe to receive these.

Meditate on the Crown Chakra, you might see it like planet Saturn sitting on your head with the rings of Saturn surrounding your head like a halo. You might see it like a spiral galaxy of light spinning on top of your head and then entering your being through the central column, like a light rod. Light Rod. Relax to Receive. Visualise pillar of light entering the crown. Helps to channel the CME vibration integration, travels through and unites with the earth - like a Light Rod receiving the solar blast, this channels through you and you will feel the feet opening like portals and the energy will transfer through the feet into the earth. 


''What are the solar blasts?  Dissemination of information from the Arcturian Council of Light

111 Akashic Records

1:11 Nov 1st.

Akashic Record Complete''

(Message to Mithi: Expect many donwloads in the coming 11 days, Stay prepared, This is an important time for the dissemination of information, stay home, receive, rest, be)

''11 day activation portals

We are your Akashic Guides

we love you

stay in the dark space (this was what I saw in the meditation, the blackness of space)

see the stars the reflections of the light

you are infinitely loved


This breath is the Breath of God 

let it fill your soul

divine center of your being  

(Mithi: for the record I note that I entered the breathless state for a time (25 seconds or more), happened twice 25/30 seconds or more. Amazing beautiful bliss, quiet spaciousness, being held)


Opening of the Divine Channels of Breath

Akashic Record Complete


Gift us God gift us your breath so we may breathe the Divine Light

Source Creator Almighty 

Great Central Sun Cosmic Light 

heaven above heaven below

o where art thou great spirit

reside in me beside me


Thank You


A Large feather resting on us now, the angelic touch, is on our heart.

''by law Arcturian Council of Light 

message complete''.





Channeled a portal opening through prayers (Rosaries and the Lakshmie Mantra) and Light Language for the Vast Cosmic Heart and the Flower of Life and Adam Kadmon Light Body Activation. 


October 29th 

Incoming download the 888 Infinity gateway 


October 28th

Incoming download The Golden Mean


October 27th

This is a rejuvenation process. Youth Restored.



October 26th Tuesday Evening at home


in the presence of a dear friend who was visiting and my beloved Patrik I was drawn into a deep trance state.


I was in a Trance Medium State for 2 - 3 hours and in a light trance mission state for 3 days following.

The 2-3 hour deep Trance Mission was primarily for myself, a job I had to do, and guidance for those present. 



Arcturian and Pleaidian Galactic Guides, Angelic Guides, Father Jesus, Mother Mary, and my Yogic Gurus were known to me in this Mission. Incredible Love and Light flooded into us.


Light Language Healing and Light Language opening of Light Gateways for the entering of new Light Codes into our vibratory field.


Crystalline DNA activations on our cellular level.

‘’Space Craft’’ Bubble of Light with grid surrounded us.

The Divine Rose of Mother descended

Rosary and Yogic Mantra Prayers were chanted and activated with Light Language 

Grounding and Integration of the new Light Codes globally and individually

Activation of Angelic Wings

Spreading of the Wings

Seeing and playing with the galaxies in our hand palms (very playful energy)



You are safe to receive. 

There is Nothing to Fear. 

Even the Dark is of the Light.




October 22-23rd

I sensed that we had jumped Timeline into the Golden Age.


‘’We are arrived’’. 



Patrik and I had channeled messages in the car.


Timeline: a vibratory field, a vibration field of existence


Crystals: the keepers of time



Sept 23-Oct 23

I became aware that I was activated in Light Language Channeling as it started to happen naturally. I had sessions where I could invoke the Galactic Guides and the Light Language with myself and with a close student and with Patrik on several occasions after the Full Moon Portal and also in teaching Yoga in Gothenburg, it happens spontaneously now.


Some of the messages from these sessions: 

this is the galactic ocean, swim swim twirl twirl, 

cellular integration of light, 

galaxy portals in palms of hands, 

DNA helix Light activations, 

throat chakra cleanings

this is the vast cosmic space, 

dimensionless dimensions, 

the vast cosmic space is in your throat and your throat is in the vast cosmic space



September 23rd Full Moon Equinox at home


Two days after the Full Moon I was drawn into a deep trance state for many hours over 2 days.

I was very moved by the experience and saw a most beautiful galactic vision which I then tried to paint in the weeks after. The painting you see here. my painting skills cannot quite convey the beauty I saw but you get an idea of the Light Gateway and the galactic spaciousness.


Activation of Lunar Portal in Pisces Light Gateway 


Channeled Message:


‘’To try to solve what you perceived as problems in a past and fading paradigm is not only not possible but also keeps you stuck between the past and the current unfolding paradigm. To step into this new TIGM you must perceive yourselves as already whole.



You cannot do as you did.

If you try to do as you did you will feel struggle. There is no struggle if you embrace the ancient ways of doing.


In the past you could force yourself to do and to an extent it served you. This is no longer possible. This no longer serves. If you find yourself struggling to do then know that you have dipped a toe, or maybe even a whole foot, or more into the new TIGM but haven’t yet fully released the other.


Come. Go through the portal. It is open for you.’’




March / April

Most important general messages then received, that are still activated.








(I was drawn to re-read Abraham Hicks during this phase and this message of Abraham was the most prominent from that reading) 


the poem:


All is done

All is solved

All is healed

All is Gold


was given me as an introduction to the Golden Age.