Together with the Galactic Councils I am organising colourful, joyful, high spirit, high vibe Galactic Parties to Channel Light Language and other guidance and healing, integration help and much more for those who are interested in this expansive journey. With love, Mithila


Galactic Party Guest Reviews 

You can see messages channeled through Mithila here.

This is now a LIVE EVENT in Gothenburg. Also possible to Zoom LIVE.

We will confirm to all registered party guests by December 11th, the where of it.

Would you like to access the Trance Mission video from the Nov 12th Galactic Party. Go here.


Galactic Parties are an experience of great wonder, great love and healing.

These events are multi-disciplinary, non-denominational, Earth Energy Consciousness upgrades. 

What I know now is that this is the future! Galactic Parties! 

I have been shown that I am to hold one of these parties each month. 

For more details on the 5D Earth Upgrade Project read this.

I will be channeling what is needed for the group that has gathered, myself, and for the place we are in within the new Timeline of 5D. 

Therefore each event will be unique. 

They will contain elements of Light Language, Breath, Voice and Mudra Energy Activation and Integration Processes, they will contain messages from the Galactic Guides (such as Pleiadian, Arcturian and other Alien Intelligence), prayers from all world religions and spiritual traditions and more that I have yet to discover myself as a newly initiated Channel.

Also activation of new Light Codes that are entering Earth vibration but also activating dormant Codes in us humans as we who are alive at this time are meant to experience this extraordinary vibe transformation in our lifetime. Hoorah!

The integration and assistance to assimilate the new paradigm, new tigmline (timeline) and energy vibrations to our human experience.


Thank You Thank You Thank You.



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To access previous Galactic Party Trance Missions on video, contact Mithila.