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I am an expert on many Hatha Yogic subjects, an expert in the superb YogaMonks Method of Yoga, as well as a highly attuned Intuitive Channel and Energy Healer and Therapist. 




Sovereign Sessions are the one to one consultations with Mithila. These can be Live in person or Zoom Online.

You can also book a body energy work / energy healing treatment at my home studio (in Halland) or in Gothenburg, Sweden. Services in my home studio can be booked as a day retreat with personal consultation, Yoga Practice, Energy Treatment / Body Work, lunch, walks in the woods and afternoon tea.


What to Expect on a Session:

If you wish to work with Daily Practice and the YM Method, we will follow the program for that on your individual sessions. This may be a combination of the YM Daily Practice and/or the below.

First we will discuss if there is a clear intent behind your booking a session with me. 

Based on that, or if no clear intent, we will tune into the moment and what is needed to be done to assist you in strengthening your sovereignty, creating more ease and relaxation in your life, going through homeworks that can help you on your path etc..

This may include but is not limited to:

- yoga, breath, meditation, mantra, prayer and other yogic and spiritual practices

(including your own personal spiritual religious practices no matter what religion you adhere to)

- channeling, Light Language healing, Angelic Assistance, Galactic Assistance, Spirit Animal Assistance etc...

- meditations to release energy blocks, improve healing circulations and circuitry, chord releasing, karmic healing 

- assistance in handling the current Global Energy shift to 5th Dimensionality

- conversations to discuss your spiritual questions and needs, lifestyle coaching, holistic health approach to making changes

- tuning in to your personal crystals and learning to work with them on a deeper level


These tools are just to help you find alignment with your own guides and intuition. To help you sense what you already know. To help you clear what you need to clear that is in the way and might be muddying your sense abilities.

All tools and sessions are to help you experience your own sovereignty. 

If you prefer to work with me through Angel Cards and other Card readings I can offer that assistance.


I do not do future telling or channel messages from ancestors although this may happen as a consequence of a channeling session and what needs to come through for you. 


For one to one sessions use the below form or simply email


Energy Exchange

A single session is usually 1 hour but might be longer.

If we need longer we simply carry on, and the price does not change.

1100 SEK / € 110 per session (this includes VAT, for corporate clients 25% VAT is added on to the invoice)


Multiple Sessions to be used for 1 to 1 lessons or as tickets for Galactic Parties. 1 session = 1 party ticket.

10 sessions card 8800 SEK / € 880  (this includes VAT, for corporate clients 25% VAT is added on to the invoice)

To be used within 12 months of purchase. Unused sessions are not refundable unless Mithila has not been available for your sessions. Unused sessions can be traded in for Online Training Subscriptions and Programs.


Concessions are available. You can pay what you can, depending on Mithila's availability at time of booking.



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