19.12.21 Party reviews

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 Thank you so much Mithila. It was so powerful! I am so grateful. I think it was a Big shift for me. I gave my horse very powerful healing today. I felt I had access to so much more! Just enjoing today. Thank you Thank you Thank you 😍 /Karolina B, Gothenburg













12.11.21 Party Reviews

Short video of Event


''Such a gift you are Mithila! I plan on seeing you at each Galactic Party..hopefully one day soon in person.''

Hi Mithi, What an incredible experience the first Galactic Party was.  I am so grateful to have been a part.  It has taken me a few days to process, but as I am, I find myself even more excited about the next one.   I am realizing that I am struggling with how to put my experiences into words...I hope you are able to follow along...here are some of my experiences from Friday's Galactic Party.... When you started to share about energy coming in through the top of the head and working its way down, I immediately felt it.  It spent some time coiling around my throat.  I used my breath and your voice to sooth and move the "stuck" stuff and eventually I felt great relief.  I still have a nagging little cough, but I now know what I need to say and to whom I need to say it.  My fear is gone. Prior to Friday, I had been experiencing issues with my throat.  After 2 negative Covid tests and no other explanation for the issues, I started to wonder if it wasn't my throat chakra sending me a message.  Of course, there is a long, juicy story behind it, but the short version is that I do, in fact, have some "truths" to speak and I have been reluctant and frozen in fear. Several times throughout our meditation I felt as though your messages were directed to me specifically. For example, when my throat finally released and the coils unwound, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief that literally caused tears to leak from my eyes.  Right at the moment when I felt I was filling up with that lovely feeling, I felt myself instinctually try to stop it or interrupt it; however, you said something like "Don't be afraid to allow it to overflow" or something to that effect (I can't wait to watch the video).  Anyway, I felt like the message was for me, and I did let it overflow.  And I felt completely filled with peace and love.  It was...it is magical.  There were other things but I can't quite recall all of the details right now. Another interesting experience occurred after our short break. I am having difficulty putting it into words. (side note, I have always tried to communicate with people telepathically...words are just sooooooo much for me sometimes) You were just starting to receive, I believe, and you were intermittently humming softly.  One sound/pitch that you made caused a strange stirring within me and I started to match that pitch.  I continued to have these sounds come from me, at different pitches, but also returning to the one.  What makes this particularly interesting is that if felt like something else was inside of me making the sounds.  I have an infamously horrible singing voice.  It is so bad, that I can't even have my feelings hurt if someone points it out because it is so awful.  But what came out of me was beautiful.  It wasn't words.... just long, beautiful, in tune sounds.

Zoom guest Brooke, Huntington Beach, USA



Det var en varm, välkomnande och nära upplevelse vi fick vara med om i fredags.

Dels hände det mycket inom mig, på ett sätt som jag känner igen från andra magiska tillfällen. Starkare än vanliga meditationer, men också välkänt och naturligt.
När du fick kanalisering om djur så började alla mina tidigare katter samlas. De jag haft de senaste 20 åren kom med självklarhet, ett par av de tidigare katterna med lite tveksamhet, som om de inte riktigt visste om de hörde hemma hos mig längre. En liten katt jag hade ett kort tag (tillsammans med Totte) var väldigt förvånad och han kände nog att han hörde till andra människor snarare än att tillhöra mitt 'gäng'.
Jag kan inte lova att jag är med vid varje Galaktiskt Party, men jag är gärna med om tiden och orken finns.
Ser verkligen fram emot att få reda på mer om dina 'paket' kring andlig coachning (och Galictic Parties). Ser så mycket fram emot att göra min fortsatta andliga resa tillsammans med dig!
Nina- Stockholm - Zoom Guest
What an honour and a joy to be involved in Mithila's first ever Galactic Gathering! 
The beauty and harmony of the event was exquisite. Watching the process unfold through Mithila's loving hands and movements, and also being in it in my own way energetically too, was so en~wondering! The most precious words I received through her channel for then, were ~ "we are a con-federation". So precious for me, reassuring and nesting me in the with of our times. The way we are all truly working together simultaneously, for the elevation of the all and everyone, whether or not people are aware. 
Eternal love, 
Zoom Guest Ella.
Ella White
   SBG Yoga
RTT Practitioner
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