12.12.2021 Trance Mission 1200-1330


Lots and lots of spaceships.

30 mins ago I started seeing them in my inner vision and that gave me the sense that a trance mission was being prepared and I was starting to see and sense the mission.

 The portal has been open for a while already. 

Similar to the 1111 Ascended Masters Portal energy

This portal allows the Ascended Masters energies to travel through, the Ascended Masters themselves are travelling through, it is the Great Return, They are coming at this time to assist Gaia, to assist humanity, with the Great Shift, There is work to be done everywhere all over the universe but right now the attention is here on Gaia, right now the timing is for Gaia, the presence is for Gaia, that is why They are here and traveling though this portal to anchor Their presence and their energy into the new planetary evolution, into the new human. 

This what is happening now has never before occurred, this is a new moment in time, all new, these spaceships have never been so close to the planet before, this has never been possible before, it is made possible now in this stitch of time, for the evolution desired for the planet by the planet for the people and all sentient beings of Planet Earth, that desire for awakening for evolution, has drawn the presence of the Ascended Masters, and all star planetary beings to be present more than ever before. It is a moment we have awaited with great anticipation. We are as excited about this newness, it brings newness to us All, a new way of relating, being, in harmony together as a Galactic Family a great Galactic Family the realisation of the great Galactic Capacity, how un-alone you are, how much help, assistance, love, joy there is waiting to be shared with you, the willingness to receive it is what brings us here. 

We the Great Galactic Family are pleased to meet you. We the Arcturians we the Pleaidians we the Galaxos, we of the Novas and the Super Novas, we of the Nebulas, we of the Distant Horizon Universe, we of the Great Central Sun, we of the Planetary Circuits we of the Starships, we of the Night Skies we of the Morning Stars, we of the Multiple Dimensions, we of the Hollow Earth, we of the Guardian Planets, we of the vast Cosmic Space, we of the Multiverse, All One, we wish for you to rejoice in your un-aloneness, we are planning to land soon on the new Earth, do not be afraid of this announcement, this is all orchestrated according to Divine Plan, we of higher dimensionality are aware of and sensitive to your needs, we will honour your needs of time and space to acclimatise  to our presence, those who are already shifting or have shifted to the new earth vibration will become more and more aware of our presence, we look forward to this, this will be a party on the street, this will be a joyful reunion, this will be a home-coming for the Galactic Family, oh how we long for you and for this, let us be clear that we come in peace, we have always been here holding the peace, assisting and orchestrating Divine Harmony through all multi-dimensionality.

Evolves one of the most beautiful lifestyles in the universe, Living Star, Living Planet, a Life Consciousness Planet, a living breathing organism of life of which all sentient incarnate beings are a part. 

You choose planet Earth to live the experience of life, there is no other purpose of planet Earth but the experience of life, you came to live, live wondrously, live joyfully, live flamboyantly, live beautifully, live the life experience fully. As you move into higher dimensionality you can live better, you can live more, those who do not wish to live can and will leave, that is their free will choice.  

Life on other planets can and will be possible as our Galactic Family exchanges increase, those who are able to travel will travel to other planets. But through this process we also hope that you will love simply being on Earth more, that Earth itself will be the wonderful place, the paradise, the home you long for in your hearts, one that you have seen and known always (in your hearts/souls). 

This is a time of great change, the momentum of the change is also changing, that is what you are feeling now with this portal opening moving forwards, though it might feel heavy and a lot of heavy things are being pushed to the surface, to be released, this what is happening is for the Highest Good, keep the vision of the New Earth strong, soon you will be living it, this upheaval and all the upheavals that you see that you witness are necessary for the splitting of the timelines, for the jumping of the timelines, for the realisation of the new vibratory field, for the new earth vibration. 

A huge transformation has already taken place for the planet, the planet is already safe in the new vibration, and so are you, all who choose to be here are safe, however there is a letting go of the older timelines and the old earth vibration that manifests in apparent chaos, a destruction of sorts, a darkness of sorts, stay true to your vision of the new Earth Light, there is already enough Light, that is why the shift is happening, that is why the darkness is surfacing, through all the cracks in the codes, and through these cracks the new Light Codes enter, establish a new world order, new energy grids, new light grids, with new crystalline point locations, with new Golden Age Lines, new Golden Age points,

It is happening and some of you can feel it, is a great event and therefore you feel it greatly, light workers are uniting all over to assist this process, we are grateful for this assistance from planet Earth peoples.

Do you have any questions feel free to ask us anything.

We have removed the personal questions and included the general ones in the transcript.

2) Ask it again to tell the energetic properties of inflammatory state/inflammation. 


Energetic properties of inflammation is colour, you can change inflammation through colour, green is the most soothing colour for inflammation, visualizing green, seeing green, wearing green, having green around you, nature is the best medicine for inflammation when it is at its greenness, green foods, green is the antidote to inflammation, energetic properties of inflammation is colour, too much of a certain colour range inflames the body, colour might be created through thoughts that translate into colour, in the body, it might be created through environments, might be created through foods, might be created through experiences that have not dissolved, that then have transmuted into a spectrum of colour, when in imbalance, creates inflammation. 


Inflammations can be healed through green crystals, green is the primary colour for healing inflammation. 



4) Autoimmune diseases, how do they relate to humans moving from 3D to the 5D?


 All dis-ease is a form of resistance the less you resist the greater the ease, it is not specific to the shift of vibration, it is specific to the belief and thought patterns of the individual that were already creating limitations, those limitations may seem to enhance in the shift. The energetic shift doesn't bring up the dis-ease, the energetic shift brings up the resistance, the resistance enhances the dis-ease. Through that process a person may become completely free of limiting belief.  


The human Immune Defense System is designed to defend.  When a point comes where the Immune Defense System has perceived a threat, it responds, it cannot respond to knowing if it is an outer threat or an inner threat, it only knows to respond, thereby fullfils its purpose, its duty.  When the Immune Defense signals a threat, you must pay attention, it is calling for attention, it will continue to do so until the threat has been neutralized. Communication is necessary with the conscious intelligence of the Immune Defense. All the answers are there to guide the individual to actions, medicines, anything that is needed for healing.  


All aspects of life is alive, is Living. When it is respected as such then there is a great exchange. It is not in the nature of your body to attack itself, it is only responding to a perceived threat. Oftentimes the symptom it is responding to that you notice, that your doctors become aware of, was not the initial threat. Therefore it is important to separate the symptoms of the dis-ease from the origin of the dis-ease. The Immune Defense can help you with this communication. Simply speak to it and ask it to guide you to the origin of the dis-ease. It will be more than happy to serve its duty. It will be more than happy to be heard. Don't we all want to be heard?  That part of you that is the Immune Defense is no different than the rest of you. It too wants to be heard. That is all.


Are there any further questions, please ask. 


5) Will the human race continue to be bound in form as a natural part of human existence or will the human race at one point continue beyond form as a race?


Everything has form, everything has form, even pure etheric space has form, it is merely degrees of the visibility of form. Energies that are very high and subtle in vibration you cannot see the form but it has form. You can imagine it like a piece of music that you love suddenly materializing into form, it exists, it has a form, but you don’t always see it. Being able to see form in different ways than what you're currently able to do will be the evolution, some of you are already starting to see form that you didn't used to be able to see, you are even able to see it now with your eyes open. 


Our channel is smiling because she knows this, it has happened to her, and many people can see form that not everybody can see and more people will begin to see form more and more easily. Form that is not visible right now. Everything has form, it is merely a degree of visibility. For example we are here with you now you can sense our form even though you cannot see it you can sense it, and in that way all energy has some form, some container, that differentiates it from another form of energy, do you see what we mean? One day we will sit with you on your sofa and you will see us and we will rejoice in each other's form. Our Channel is smiling because she can see us sitting on the sofa, though she sees it with her eyes closed, in a not too distant future, you will be able to see things differently, with your eyes open. Thank you for inviting us into your living room, we are pleased to be here. 


We are here, any further questions?


7) I asked how we can handle the energies better. 


There are great shifts, these are great shifts, and therefore you feel it greatly, do not be concerned, it is simply the effect of great change, relax into the knowing that there is great change upon you, that you feel it greatly that you are doing great. 


8) Anymore messages that you need us to speak to the world?


Pleaidian star families sending us the high vibration energy of love to all humanity. The messages will come in the flow of events that occur after this portal opening, moving forwards into the Jesus Full Moon portal and the code day of 211221, more Gateways are opening bringing in the energies of Abundance for the New Year, more guidance for 2022 will unfold with each event occurring in the Cosmos. Every activity in every part of life releases energy and as Life is a continuous momentum there is always new energy being released.  So as the Cosmic events unfold, as they always have always will be, new energies are released and in that Divine Timing of the Cosmic Play you will see, hear and watch things unfold. Enjoy the Dance. We thank you for your time. (I send gratitude in return: Thank you beloved Guides beloved Galactic Family thank you for being with us so closely so lovingly, thank you.)