‘’It is imperative that I believe

that my own hands can heal me’’ - Mithila Kara, 2021




Mudras are mostly known as hand gestures/postures (Hasta Mudras).  To me they are also sacred geometric shapes we create with our hands. There are Mudras that can be made with the whole body, with the face, the orifices of the body. Mudras can be made activating the energy pathways of the subtle body anatomy either singularly as one Mudra or in a combination of several types of Mudras and/or Bandhas (Mana, Kaya, Bandha and Adhara Mudras).


Mudra is a subtle energy language and a communication method of universal design. As we are part of the universal design and sacred energy geometry our own bodies can take the shape as well as speak to the geometry of the cosmos. It is a sign language that helps us connect with the Sacred Geometry of ourselves and the Universe through the physical and energetic shapes made of our own body and limbs. These shapes have correspondence with Cosmic Architecture. This communication allows us to both give and receive from the Divine Design of all life and nature aligning with and through ourselves. All One.


With Mudra, we consciously take our place as part of the sacred geometry of life. 

With Mudra we acknowledge and praise the Divine Architect and the Cosmic Creation Maps that build our existence.

With Mudra we honour those seen and unseen forms that hold our physical body homes and our energetic homes of being on many dimensions. 


Guru Kriyaji says:

“… Mudras,

the Language of the Divine…

… from the Language of Light.”


Each Mudra has their own connections and communicates a particular energetic frequency from and to the macrocosmic and down from and to the microcosmic related physical elements in us humans. 


Mudra is also a form of Energy Medicine. We can use this connection respectfully to remember and renew healthy energetic exchanges between ourselves and our multi-dimensional being and to realign, refuel, recharge, restore, repair and read any energy imbalances we may be feeling. 


With mastery of Mudra we can even heal not only ourselves but also others, places, situations where the fabric of existence needs sacred structural restoration. 


We can also be in Mudra to purely Rejoice in Life and Creation. 

In 2021 I became activated in Light Language Sound and Mudra and find that I can now understand what Kriyaji means when She says it is ''from the Language of Light''. 


SoHum! Hamsa!


Mudra Moves You 

In the YogaMonks School we use the words 'Your Being Moved' to describe our experience of Yoga. The practitioner who is attuned to energy alignment will find that through meditation and prayer, and also Hatha Yoga and other spiritual connections, Mudra starts to happen to you. You are intuitively guided by Energy and Alignment into Mudra. So therefore Mudra also Moves You and Happens to You and comes through You. To read more about our Your Being Moved philosophy read the Scroll on the subject under Y.


the Practice of Mudra

Like any practice or medicine, it should be taken with care and consideration to how your being responds to the act of Mudra. I am in the process of recording material on how I approach the practice of Mudra and offer you ways to begin a practice. I hope to have this ready soon and that you will receive much joy and wisdom through a Mudra Practice of your own.



MUDRA - Sanskrit Translation

The word itself is said to mean seal, or mark or gesture



MUDRA Other definitions:

Maya Tiwari writes in the Glossary of ‘’Women’s Power to Heal through Inner Medicine’’


Mudra - ‘’seal’’ or sacred hand gesture which evokes cosmic consciousness, moves prana to shift negative energy into positive vibration. Mudras are a vital and integral aspect of Hinduism’s healing modalities such as ritual, worship, prayer, dance, yoga, and Ayurveda.


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