in my experience Prayer opens distinct doorways to the Divine


As a spiritual practice or tradition there is a great deal to choose from in the world of Prayers.

There are so many forms of Prayer and in so many traditions. These are often performed in combination with Religious or Spiritual Ritual. Also so many activities can become our prayers, become prayer full. Prayer is many things; an action, a practice, a spiritual connection, a way of life, an attitude, a method and a means, a goal and the journey. We can be prayerful, we can be filled with prayer, we can be the prayer, we can be in prayer.


Each prayer has its own unique energy vibration and in combination with any of the below...


  • the one who prays 
  • the one who is being prayed to 
  • the one to whom or the to what the prayer is for (also for oneself)
  • whether said out aloud
  • or silent internally
  • or in a group
  • or by yourself
  • or close to nature elements (such as fire, water, wind, earth…)
  • with power spots or power objects
  • with music or other sound healing instruments
  • with Light Language or other multidimensional expressions



…creates an alchemic potion that heals all involved back into remembrance. (Healing)  





In general I find that a good and proper prayer practice boosts vitality, spirit, mood, mental clarity and spaciousness. Outspoken prayers and chanting can be mesmerisingly meditative, highly elevating and consciousness shifting. Powerful prayers can break and break you through blocks and negative energy. Divine combinations of prayer, mudra, yantra can change karmas. It is a great tool for relaxation in daily life in silent self practice or soft chanting and clears/de-charges and re-charges your Auric Field. 



To pray known prayers in any spiritual tradition well or accurately, you might need to know the words or the pronunciation or the form. I believe though that much can be accomplished with the passion and heart behind the prayer. The presence and willingness to speak from the heart and focus the desire to open up to higher vibratory spiritual energy for good intent in any language that you know!


You have probably heard the expression ‘’to Pray is to talk to God and to Meditate is to listen to God talking to you’’. There is truth in this in my own experience of practise.  


It also helps to receive guidance on what prayers are suitable for different situations or for your personal energy and development. This either from a teachers experience or be guided through your own intuitive meditations so you learn the meaning and energetic message of each prayer and the experience it has for your being.


The accuracy of form, pronunciation and meaning / understanding improves the experience and the results but I believe cannot be substitutes for lack of heart, genuineness or good intent. Of course if we feel we lack these then practicing prayer can also help us get more heart, genuineness and good intent! It works in all ways.



the Call to Prayer

If you are not a natural with prayer then with practise the art forms of each prayer reveal themselves to you and guides you in new deeper understanding of the what, how and why of prayer. 


You might begin by praying and calling on the Divine Assistance. 

But then, gradually, when prayer calls, it is you who answers.


Each prayer is an energy medicine.


Prayer can heal a variety of afflictions that ail the human condition and Bodies. Though many pray for the comfort and reassurance it brings, or pray when comfort and reassurance is needed, prayer has a lot more to offer. It can and does open doorways to healing, intuition, insight, intelligence, and multi-dimensionality.


If you overdose or it is not the right medicine to begin with it can, in rare occasions, cause affects that one does not wish for. But this is rare. This does however remind us of the power of prayer and the very real benefits there are to be enjoyed whole heartedly by the one who prays. 



Mantra is one form of Prayer in the Eastern Spiritual Traditions. Read more about Mantra here.


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