Om Tat Sat                Om Mani Padme Hum            Om Namah Shivaya


Mantra is high vibration and potent Prayer Poetry. Like powerful poems that we love and repeat and return to through our lives, memorised, a part of our identity, we memorise, repeat and return to mantras absorbing their meaning. 


Like a poem a Mantra expresses and helps us understand that which actually are undefinable mysteries of existence. Mantra gives sound and access to that which we cannot think or comprehend or really speak of in ordinary language and helps us access and express that inexpressible knowing of our souls. We can come together and celebrate that knowing in Bhajans, in Chanting Circles, in Prayer Rituals and in Song. 


These prayer poems are in the Eastern Yogic/Indian/Tibetan/Buddhist Traditions often short or long strings of seeds of Sanskrit or Pali Language syllables. Some of these Mantra Poems are epic tales - chants that take an hour to perform even once through. 


These Spirit and Consciousness seeds speak to the parts of us that know that there is something beyond what can be said. They give us a language with which to speak to and vibrate from that place beyond conscious mind. And so those mantras that we are ready for - they transport us to that state of art and creation consciousness on the sound pods of vibration to levels where we all re-cognise ourselves in some way through the divine elevation of the mantra.


We might recognise it in a form of energy mastery, in a form of good mood change, in a form of purification, in a form of break-through, in a form of healing and remembrance of divine origin, in a form of soul recall, in a form of bliss, ecstasy or devotional elation.


It can be potent to the point of painful: hearts breaking open to love, throats cracking past suppression and minds blasted into bliss. It can be gentle like a breeze that sways you on a warm summer day. Relaxes you into sweet soft surrender. Eases you into a new skin of awareness and a place of power and way of being without even a hint of distress. It all depends.


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Mantra can silence you so absolutely.

In that silence you will rest so soundly in Gods embrace. Oh, for those moments in Mantra meditation!!! 


Mantra Moves You 

In the YogaMonks School we use the words 'Your Being Moved' to describe our experience of Yoga. The practitioner who is attuned to energy alignment will find that through Meditation, Prayer, Mudra practice Breath Work and Pranayama, Hatha Yoga and other spiritual connections Mantras start to come to you. You are intuitively guided by Energy and Alignment into Mantra Meditation knowing. So therefore Mantra also Moves You and Happens to You and comes through You. To read more about our Your Being Moved philosophy read the Scroll on the subject under Y.


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