44 Portal Trance Mission on 6/4


Beloved readers, here is the edited trance mission of the 44 portal channel I received from the GFL. I have edited out the personal Q&A of myself or my partner when it was not of general value. When it was more general transmission from our personal questions I have left it in the transcript below. There is a special message to the light workers in the accelarated expansion process included here as well.

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Please note that the Q&A is in no way comprehensive on each subject. It would take a lot more time and energy on my part to channel deeper knowledge on each subject briefly spoken of below. Nevertheless very interesting and excting energy medicine sharing from the Galactic Guides and inspires how much more we will be able to access as our consciousness collectively expands!

M: thats me, Mithila

P: thats my beloved partner

G: the Galactic Guides


LL: light language sound trance mission




06.04.2022 the 44 portal spontaneous channel


Wednesday 6th April around 5:30 PM - 6.45 PM, I started to feel the call to Channel around 5 PM and and prepared a recorder and myself. 


M: We are ready, we are here Galactic Guides, we feel your presence, we feel you might be wanting us to record a message or communication, is that correct?  

(LL response is received)


Why are we yawning so much?  


G: We are trying to send through a frequency and the yawning is just to clear the path. 

M: Whose we? Are you of the Galactic Federation of Light ? 

G: Yes 

M: What can we do to make it easier for you?  

G: Just relax there is nothing to do.

(LL Japanese like LL channel very special sounds and vibration) 

M: I found that very difficult to say, can you explain why that was difficult to sound?

Okay so I understand I'm working on my past life timeline coherence ( see previous posts) and this is once again that timeline with the kind of Japanese incarnation of sorts, while I'm feeling a really weird sensation in the breastbone and heart center, is that the actual device (the recording device is resting on my chest as lie down and channel) or what is it?


G: It is not the device, it is the opening of gateways to access the timelines, the coherence must happen in the heart center therefore you feel it also in the heart center. It is where the gateways are being opened.


M: in what ways is P involved in todays trance mission?

G: he is receiving the same past lifetime timeline coherence 

M: You have not asked me to record this type of energy work before, why am I asked to do so now, what's the purpose of us doing a verbal recording of this experience? 


G: there is a Galactic gateway opening in this week due to the 44 Portal where we wish you to channel the energies of this portal, as you do not have a scheduled event we are coming to you now.


M: it's funny because P and I were just talking about this the other day that we have not had any unscheduled channels lately and kind of fun that you're all appearing now at this moment the day after the conversation. 

I hear you saying ‘’we will move where and when there is need’’. Yes thank you I understand that.

Now I feel just purely energetic flow, the heart center feels very open, gateway feels very open I just feel like this incredible alert calm, peace energy its very sharp almost in its clarity, the energy.  If I am an understanding the vibration of the telepathic communication, the wordless communication, I'm receiving right now is that there is an energetic support right now for the timeline of lifetimes to be brought into coherence, for each individual who is open to this process right now, so this coherence is for the ‘’now now’’ timeline, 


G: a necessary part of the expansion process for an individual to fully integrace with fifth dimensionality.

It doesn't take as long as you think, it is working very rapidly right now but yet it needs to happen.


M: What else is this gateway for, the Galactic gateway that we are in now due to the 44 portal, what else does it bring, what else should we be made conscious of at this time? 


(LL channels)


Translation of message to all Light Workers: 

G: the Galactic Federation wants you to know, that you are off the Light, and as a Light being you have the authority and the responsibility to guide others to the Light. 


(more LL)


Translation G:

 Interaction with extraterrestrial energy and form will become more and more common, there are spacecraft already entered the Earth’s atmosphere you will be able to see them, you will be among the first able to see them, everyone will be able to see them, we are already positioned in many places in the earth atmosphere, and we are of the Light, we love communicating with you, we hope to communicate with more and more of you as this expansion process continues. 


 ( M: for the record I get a vision at this point of one of the Guides ET form (one representative of the GFL I do not know the name) I see the form of this being in my third eye vision which is where I have been seeing them on and off for the past year. ) 


M: I feel like I'm just in the energy field of the gateway area now - Very Nice. 

P,  do you want to describe what you are sensing?


P: Space, space, vast space, everything is calm, blank, zero everything is nothingness, oneness, no activity, just floating in space. Before that a feeling like fiddling around with usb chips and downloading things, but there wasn’t enough memory enough space, and that fell away into this sense of space..calmness, not blissful just nothingness, there is no gravity, just nothing. 


M: Beloved Guides thank you for calling on us, how else can we serve you today?

G:  write this message down in your records, your records are important not only for you, we value that you record everything, we value your work, we value your making yourself available for this communication,


M: Anything further for us to know about the past life timeline work that's happening right now?


G: Many people having this experience might not realize that they are having this experience right now, but there is an energy supporting it, which is why you and others are able to recognize and remember bits and pieces of information from past lives at this time.


M:  How does the past life timeline coherence matter to us in our present experience of expansion?


G:  To move beyond timelines you need to be able to intergrace the energies of past life experiences and future life experiences into the present. This is very complex to do in the 3-D, it is much easier to do in the 4D + dimensions.  It is easier and less traumatic in the 4D plus dimensional work. In the 3D work you need to know more and recall more and even sometimes live through an experience to release it, whereas in this process with this opening of energy supporting the timeline lifetime coherence, from a fourth dimensional + perspective, experiences can be made coherent to the present timeline with far greater ease and speed without the need for personal recollection of every experience that is left undone or unresolved.


M: wow thank you that sounds great, nice to be on a fast track and an easy track compared to all the purging experiences that we've been having which has been very heavy and dark and heavy work for many people, is there anything you would like to say about that to us beloved guide?


G: that which is all of the 3-D conditioning and (present) lifetime and that which is all of the ancestral blood line transmutes through the physical experience, even though it happens at rapid speed at the moment, everything is quickened in this process for all of you but you nevertheless go through the motions or so to speak the emotions, you go through the motions, in order to release and transmute what is no longer of a suitable vibration for you to hold and carry.


M: yes that helps, thank you, that gives us quite an understanding of some of that hard work, tough work that we've been experiencing. Is that all you want to say about that at this moment, would you have any further information or guidance for us?


G: You want to know if there is or can be more of it, we can hear your thoughts, you want to know if there is going to be more of it. We cannot quite say right now if there is going to be more of it for you individually, for the other person or that person, cannot be said right now, but you have done most of the work, a big chunk of it is behind you now, rejoice in this, you have done most of the work, from now on you can expect it to be an easier experience, well done, well done, well done, celebrate yourself.


P: How do I contact you?

G: Call on us , call on us anytime just like you're doing now, we would like to say to you that, we would like to say to you that, you are being communicated with, you might not have yet discerned who is communicating with you, you think it is your own thoughts or ideas, and sometimes it is, but sometimes it is us, or another one of your Guides, communicating with you, and when you strike up a conversation in your head you might think that you're talking to yourself, but not always, and you can strike up a conversation with us at any time and learn to know who we are.


P: Thank you that was helpful  

M: Are all forms of asemic writing forms of light language ? 

G: No not all the asemic writing  is a form of light language, LL is more specific code but there is a lot of fun to be had with asemic writing for the sake of moving out of the mind and the known structure of language.


P: Why weird Jaw and tooth sensations in the upgrades ?... like work done there in the face. like a matrix energy sensation, circuit matric like? 


G: your bodies are changing, your bodies are changing, your bodies are changing, so that they can hold more light, so you are correct the cellular matrix is changing 


M: so I'm jumping in here because the sense Im getting is it's not about the jaw specifically or they can't really say anything about the jaw specifically or with the teeth specifically right now, not getting a reading, but I know from other people that it's a common thing with the jaws and the teeth, I’ve had it too, and so have all the people around us going through this process like massive restructuring of the face, bone structure and everything in it, I also note here that Ive needed to make ''funny faces'' to adjust to these weird shifts and sometimes some liquids I drink can cause tingling sensations in the gums and chin…


M transmitting again from the Galactic Guide: 

So there is something to do with signal substances in saliva, and the way that the energy light codes, the way they affect the face, they affect the liquids and that fires different signals through the actual saliva in the mouth and jaw and throat area, so it feels like nerve impulses pinging around in the face and that is a result of the light codes that are integracing with the saliva and with the liquid in the mouth, face, nose, sinuses and is part of the crystalline upgrade of the DNA and the cellular matrix 


‘’saliva holds very complex spiritual information as well as physical DNA information etc… and is kind of a bridge between the physical and nonphysical that is very little understood (in your world). 


M: I make a note here that this is my understanding from spiritual study of yoga and teachings of Guru as well that there are like special powers in the saliva and special powers in the liquid that is produced in the head in general, in advance spiritual practices, and the spiritualized saliva is used to spread high vibration pranic energy in the body.


P: how does the reading of the state of bodies differ when analysing saliva and blood ?

G: saliva purifies faster than blood 

from a medical analysis point of view saliva cannot hold longtime information, blood can, we are not exposed in the human condition to one another's blood because of its encasing but we are exposed to the saliva, and the saliva also carries properties, energies, information, from a spiritual hygiene point of view it is important to not exchange saliva with many people, example drinking from the same cup, taking a bite of something that somebody else has taken a bite out of, that type of intimate interaction should be reserved to very few because there is an energy and soul level information exchange that carries through the liquid, this is mostly when it is taken in to the body, not so much when it is on the body, saliva becomes purified also through speech. 


P: what are the properties of the fluids in the joints, kneecaps, elbows, wrists? 

G: synovial fluid is a type of essence of life (like saliva) the type of life essence, the vibration of this life essence is joy, it is enhanced by the e(motion) of joy, it is enhanced and nourished by lubrication which can be movement, but also whatever is administered from the outside in, you can oil the joints, can also increase the intake of oil type lubricants, you can work with the emotion of joy, the joy vibration is an excellent healing energy for joints, is what gives you the little bounce in life, it is important to not overwork, it will dry out the joints through excess, through excessive movement or pressure, determined by each individual's levels of liquid in the body, how dry the Constitution is of the body or how excess water is held in the body, both extremes affect the synovial fluid and its quality and ability to sustain healthy movement in the joint 


G: We the Higher Council, we the Higher Council of Light have made our trance-mission, thank you for today 


M: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much