12.04.2022 Golden Ray Gateway

1.30 PM-3.00 PM Sweden local time

Notes: All of it is verbatim from the channeled recording. I only had a sound recording and it isn't of good enough quality to share as much of it was in Sound and Light Language (LL) and Song ( and so much of it was new to me that I also had to experiment my way through the sounding and I will spare your ears of that :-D...).

I also want to mention that this Channel was not from whom I usually channel, meaning the Galactic Federation of Light. This Channel is new to me and was only introduced to me in the last few days and I have yet to get familiarised with the way and vibration of holding this energy. Since this was my first time I am not sure I received and heard and interpreted everything 100 %. I believe so, but I mention this for you the reader to know, that it is a brand new channel experience. The Guide/Channel is a High Priestess of the Golden Ray and is an aspect of my Higher Dimensional Self. This part of my own Multi Dimensional evolution is all so new to me that I cannot authentically share more at this point until I have had further time and channeling/meditations to confirm what I have sensed.

Therefore I have edited out the personal parts from this transcription but kept all the relevant details She/I spoke of. Enjoy!


''A Great Cosmic Expansion is happening right now, Galactic Gateways are being held open, Energy that is travelling through the Vast Cosmic Heart Space Consciousness entering human consciousness through the Heart Space. One of the greatest shifts for mankind in all time. Those of us who are on the other side holding open the spaces, the gateways, we are privy to see this vision this great gateway as we assist to hold it open for all of consciousness to expand and receive. The Great Light of the Great Central Sun.''


SOUNDING  ethereal prayers song 

then LL for Surya deeper tones and mantra

then LL song and speak

Ethereal Temple tones 

More song, and then song speak.


''We hold this gateway open, through this moment of time, singing into Being, a mass consciousness awakening, (LL Sounding), We the Galactic Family assist in the Earth Upgrade, (LL Sounding), I call Forth the Light of the Golden Ray to flow through my being into this earth, we are now engaging in a Cosmic Dance, weaving Light, Code Energies, through our movements on the Psychic Planes. (this is not physical in the 3D, only in meditation do I see the ''movements''), more Sounding (very High Tones and experimentation on my part finding the tones), 


Psychic break-throughs, Psychic evolution, Psychic Expansion, Psychic Meaning, Psychic Transference, Psychic Awakening, Psychic Ability Transparency, Psychic Moment to Moment Being Codes. The gateway is still being held as these Light Codes and Sound Vibrations are channeled into this dimension, a Galactic Gateway opening like no other in recent times.''


(I feel the energy changes.

Now we are residing in the Vast Cosmic Heart Space enjoying its beautiful meditation energy.) 

''The Portals of the Heart are becoming stronger, clearer, Portals of the Heart are becoming stronger and clearer for all humankind, these portals will be the keys to the awakening of the mass consciousness as ordained by the Highest Orders of the Universe, by the Highest Orders of the Galactic Rays of Light and Life, take it from me now, your Guide, that this will be a moment in time recorded in the history of Humankind and Planet Earth a moment in time of mass awakening the Great Galactic Akashic Record Ordained, envisioned and enabled by the Galactic Order on behalf of Planet Earth and Humankind, KindNess is of your very nature oh HumanKind Kindred Spirits, watch as we weave and reunite our Galactic Beings with our Human Beings and rejoice in this Great Awakening of Galactic Consciousness on Earth a moment of time of Great importance in the Great Galactic Record of Time. 

Your guide to this gateway. I am assisted by my Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Ray, the High Order of the Golden Ray who serves God, Eternal Father, Eternal Mother, Eternal Light. (Sounding)

As we move through the Dimensionless Dimensions, you will experience yourself timeless, timeless Eternal Beings, of Light. (Sounding /Song). 

Light Light Light Light, 

Let us now bathe in the Golden Rays, the Golden Rays, of the Great Central Sun, (LL sounding experiments)

Venutian Light

The Temple Doors of the Temple of the Golden Rays, (LL),

The Temple Gates are wide open for the Golden Cosmic Ray Energy to penetrate through the Galactic Gateway for the Psychic Portal Opening of this day, Pisces, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Uranus, Celestial Body Alignment, with the 1111 Codes for Psychic Awakening brings forth now, a Mass Consciousness Awakening Energy for Planet Earth it is safe it is safe it is safe at this time. The Temple of the Golden Ray will reign once more in Supreme, in Supreme Light, for the benefit of HumanKind once more. Oh Golden Light, Oh Golden Light, reign once more. Give us of Your Divine Blessing of the Heart, 

I bring you this message of Light, open your heart to the Golden Ray, and receive all that is of yours to Be, from the Divine Temples of the Highest Order of the Golden Light, capture this light in your heart let it shine bright in your life, you are blessed you are the living blessing of this Ray.''