16.05.2022 Full Moon Meditation Wesak Full Moon


Galactic Federation Message

Dear ones you are in a passage of time of great importance for humankind, life as you know it is changing, we want you to know that this is for the better, you might not recognize yourself or your surroundings but it is for the better. It is not always easy to be the ones who are creating the change, it is not always easy to be the one in the process of transitioning, but that is who you are and where you are. This information does not come as news to any of you gathered here today and yet you have not seen anything yet. And that is why we say life will change beyond recognition and it is all for the better and you are the transition, you are the transitioning, and you are just in the right place at the right time. 


If at any point in this journey in this passage of time you feel insecurity about your role, your place, what you are experiencing, know that you are not alone, that our representatives are among you, but also that you have access to us directly. It is your sovereign right, it is all right if you do not feel comfortable speaking to us directly, we understand this very well. One of the changes that is happening is that it will become not only easier but also more comfortable to connect with us directly.  


You are all familiar with your connection to spirit, to other dimensions, some of you even know the names of who you are connecting to and therefore you also know that there are many, many, many connections to spirit and other dimensions just as there are Buddhas of the past, present and the future there are countless higher dimensional beings past, present and future including yourself, your past, present and future selves. Would it surprise you if we were to say that you can connect with all of this anytime? 


You are free to choose what connection feels the best at any given moment, whether it is an ancestor, whether it is a spirit guide, whether it is a guardian angel, whether it is your future self, whether it is us of the Galactic Federation of Light, whether it is any other star system, whether it is any other multi-dimensional being or realm: dragons, unicorns, fairies, elves, elementals, planetary beings, Galactic beings, this includes of course  everything that you also can see and touch that is already on your planets. Animals, minerals, plants and the elements. All life guides. As you can see one lifetime is to short to make all these connections, there is plenty to choose from. So even if you feel that we the Galactic Federation of Light is not who you most comfortably connect with, choose something else. We encourage you to make it a daily observance in one way or another to connect with the multidimensional reality, in whatever way it feels most comfortable to you.


Please also be aware that we sometimes call on you and we don't mean to frighten you or make you uncomfortable. If we call on you, we call on you with love and peace. You see sometimes it is not only you calling, sometimes it is the multi-dimensional selves, the multi-dimensional energy, the multi-dimensional field that seeks you out and wishes to communicate with you. 


In these times of great change and transition you will start to notice more and more things appearing energetically and calling on you. It will not be uncommon that this happens more and more. 


We wonder if we have been clear enough about this, are there any questions. 


If and when you receive a call from spirit know that we never require of you anything that makes you uncomfortable or goes against yourself, we will never require of you to go against yourself, it is the mark of Spirit, Spirit honours and values your sovereign nature.


But then you might say I did not choose this transition and this transition is not comfortable. It is true you might find yourself not wanting to be in this time in this place but even here, you the sovereign you, have the choice and the fact that you are here and alive in this time in this transition means that somewhere along the line you chose this and because you chose it, you can also choose how you travel through this time and for that purpose, for that to be the least possible resistance and the greatest possible ease as you move through this time, lean on your multi-dimensionality. Embrace your multi-dimensionality and your connection that is already there and is ever-growing to Spirit. Whenever you find discomfort in this process we encourage you to say Yes to the Fifth Dimension, we encourage you to say Yes to your Higher Self, we encourage you to say yes to your multi-dimensional beingness, we encourage you to say Yes Thank You and Receive.


These magic words will assist you moment to moment in any times when you feel discomfort in this transition. We encourage you right now in this moment to hold in your heart mind your unique personal connection to spirit, your personal connection to spirit that feels the best for you, that sits the most right for you, is the most natural for you, bring that connection to mind and into your heart consciousness field now. You have each of you walked through the gateway of your own personal connection to spirit and in the space of seven gathered people here are seven different gateways and they are all right. This is what we want you to understand about your connection to higher vibrations to other dimensions, to other realms, to the unseen. You have the connection that you know and that assists you in opening the gateways, the portals, and there are ones that you do not yet know, and you will learn more and more about them based on your own interest in what calls you and what calls upon you.


In these exceptional times, and in these exceptional transitional times you might find that new doorways, new pathways of connection appear to you, call upon you and at first they might be unfamiliar but with practice you will open to these new connections, new vibrations that come along to bring more vibrancy, colour, opportunities, experiences into your life. So if you ever feel the discomfort of this transition and you question your place and your timing here remember the magical words to say Yes to the Fifth Dimension, to say Yes to your Higher Self, to say Yes to all that is for your Highest Good and to breathe relaxation into any resistance that you might experience along this time ahead. 


The Galactic Federation of Light are here to assist anyone who wishes to be assisted in this process, you can call on us and we might even call on you and we hope that we have been clear with our message.


Divine Timing and the Golden Age Message 2

“You are here, meaning here on Earth, incarnated at this time to witness the dawning of a new age, the Golden age is dawning, the dawn of it has already begun, so much is already in place for the Golden Age and the Golden Gaia, but this is a transition, and you are only at the beginning, so you do not yet fully see the evidence of the Golden Age around you. But we say to you that for every month that passes, for every moon, you will see more and more evidence of the Golden age and this is what we have spoken about today. That in most transitions there is a time of great change, turbulence, even chaos and loss, there is that which is beneficial, and that which is not so beneficial, there are things that fall away, there are things that arise.  


This is the beginning of the dawn. You are transitioning and you are the transition. Planet Earth has a different perspective of time than a human in a human life. The galaxy has a different perspective of time. We encourage you all to relax time, the more you can relax and release the concepts of time as you have understood it and you have witnessed it, as you have experienced it up until this point. The more you can relax and release those past experiences, the smoother this ride will be. This portal, this portal supports the presence and potential of higher vibrational timelines. The more you can let go of your habitual understandings of time the greater the possibility for you to access your higher vibrational timelines.  


Please know that you cannot go wrong in this, you cannot do wrong, cannot be wrong. All unfolds in Divine Timing for your highest good, All unfolds in Divine Timing for your highest good,


“Breathe then say it with us “all unfolds in Divine Timing for my Highest Good”

“Breathe then say it with us “all unfolds in Divine Timing for my Highest Good”

“Breathe then say it with us “all unfolds in Divine Timing for my Highest Good”

“Breathe then say it with us “all unfolds in Divine Timing for my Highest Good”

“Breathe then say it with us “all unfolds in Divine Timing for my Highest Good”

“Breathe then say it with us “all unfolds in Divine Timing for my Highest Good”