New Moon May 29th message


At the part 2 of our New Moon gatthering we received this message from the GFL. To all Light Workers.


''OK, the message I'm receiving now is for all of us, as Light workers, to ignite the Flame of Divinity, the Light in our Hearts for ourselves and for the world at this time. We are receiving not only assistance but gratitude from the Galactics for our role that we play here on Earth in human form. You are the Light, You are the Light, You are the Light and we love you and we know it is not easy to keep the Light burning bright in your Heart at all times, especially in times of great darkness, but it is then when the Light is needed the most, the Light is needed the most in these times of great darkness. Call on us to assist you in your Light work, call on us to help Light the candle in your Heart to keep it burning bright at times when you feel like the flame is flickering and almost fading out. We are here to help you and assist you in your work, your Higher Self is there to help you and assist you in your work and to keep the Light burning in your Heart centers and shining out through all of your chakras out into the world. Your Light work can be done in many ways in ways that please you and suits you whether it is through your prayers, through your actions, through your everyday smile, through just being and anchoring a feeling of Light and well-being into the Planet, whichever way you choose to be every day in every moment, what ever choice you make to bring Light to give Light to yourself and others is 100% correct and 100% supported by your Higher Self and by your guides. 


Do not question yourself so much, know that when you feel Light you are anchoring Light and if feeling Light means doing something Light then that is right, that is your choice, there is no need to question that. It is hard to see sometimes that the dark is also of the Light. By seeing the dark as something other than of the Light, separation is created and in that separation great suffering happens. 


So as  Light Worker, as a child of the Light, as an anchor of the Light, we assist you and we ask of you to remember that even the dark is of the Light. In a world of great duality and separation it is not easy to be the ones who are chosen to hold unity consciousness but if you feel moved to do so if you feel moved to hold unity consciousness as you watch separation in your world unfold please do, please hold unity consciousness, there is nothing better that you could do in times of great darkness and separation.


This new Moon portal continues to bring in wave after wave of the energies that are needed at this time for unity consciousness, for 5D consciousness to become manifest and as the primary consciousness of Planet Earth. For each stage, for each moon that we pass through with each portal that we pass through in time, we get further along in the Ascension process of Planet Earth. 


 And we have to tell you that things are actually becoming easier now, might not be apparent yet, some of you have started to already sense, that it is becoming easier to be to just be, to just to be the Light, anchor the Light, be present on Planet Earth fully in your physical body and enjoy reality enjoy multi-dimensionality in human form. All of this is becoming easier and easier and easier as we move further and further along in this process of ascension of Planet Earth and all of her Beings and all of the Galactic relationships connected to this process. 


So we come to you in this portal with the promise that things are becoming easier and soon you will feel that it is so. Things always manifest first in energy and it has already manifested in energy, this ease of the process from now on. Relax as much as you can, into this knowing, become this knowing and you will help to speed things up even more towards ease. 


When you feel down and out remember us your Galactic family, remember your Higher Self multi-dimensional being, and call for help and don't be surprised if we call on you for help as well. The integration between dimensions that is happening now on Planet Earth means that communication happens in two directions at least, you call on us but we also are now allowed to call on you, our human family. Allow us to assist you now to give you the flame of life and Light in your Heart and energy and vibration, so similar to the diamond Light, that you have already experienced today, if you wish to partake in this meditation activity you can bring your awareness to your Heart visualize, a white flame of Light like this candleLight and we will bring fuel to this flame to assist you in the work that you need to do for yourself and others in the week ahead of time.''


It continued with a guided meditation to assist us in this process.