19.06.2022 Solstice Channel Transcript

Excerpts from the Solstice Channel where GFL transmitted messages/guidance to all.

“How are you dear ones, how are you? It has been turbulent times for the human soul the collective soul. We are aware that it has not been easy, we ask how are you dear ones, how are you? A turbulent time for the human soul collective but as we have said before, we say it again and we will say it in the future, the Light has won. Trust the Light. If you are weary, if you are weary then rest, there is no judgment about resting, when you need to rest, rest.  Much has happened and it is a lot to take in and you are doing so well, you are doing so well, we want you to know that you are doing so well, right where you are, right where you are, you are doing so well. When you need to retire from the news of the world please do. You can take time off from the news of the world to Centre your energy, to return to your breath, to connect to Source.  The Light, the Sun, the Great Central Sun, all Sources of Light, of Life.

We understand if you are weary at this point in time, much has happened much is happening, and even if it is, even if it is for the highest good of planet Earth, and it is for the highest good of Gaia, it takes its toll to go through such change as a human soul in a human body. If you are feeling that you need more rest than usual don't deny yourself that rest at this time this. It is a time to rest, restore and we're here to remind you of the Sources of Light you can turn to in order to assist your rest, allow yourself permission to rest and no one can do this for you, you see. And it is not only about doing nothing you see, it's not only about doing nothing or sleeping or lying down although that can be part of it of course, but it is not only this. It is about dropping your burdens. Ah yes That is it. That is it.

Allowing yourself to drop your burdens, to recognise that these burdens do not need it to be borne alone. You can rest them on the Great Grid of Mother, a Great Source of Light and Energy, you can rest them in Gaia’s Grids and also in the new Crystalline Grids that have been formed for the new Earth. These are your new sources of energy, renewed sources of energy and light. Dropping of the burdens, mental, emotional, physical this is resting.

In other words you can rest doing anything and doing nothing, by being unburdened.  We hear your hearts dear ones, we hear your heart and it speaks to us and says I would love to drop my burdens, but how, how do I drop my burdens?

So let us speak on the theme of the earth as there are many methods we can share with you, there are many methods that you already know, but let us speak of the earth. When you are feeling burdened, you can simply ask the Earth “Mother, help me release these burdens’’.  Try it now, try it with us. “ Mother help me release my burdens”… and as you wait for Her response, which you will feel, you will feel it in you, in your energy, something will change, when she responds, as you wait, tune into your breath, deeply connect your breath to the breath of Mother Earth, “Mother in this moment I need your help to release these burdens”.  

You were born into this planet as one with Her sentient and celestial being. Every time you acknowledge that connection, the more you can consciously source that field of energy that supports your life, and we say “thank you Mother, thank you Mother for sharing our burdens”. 

Mother Earth will enlighten you in this way, you see She will enlighten you, but you have to choose to drop your burdens. You have to choose to not be alone in it and you have to choose to let go. We encourage you dear one in this moment, in a moment of silence to commune deeply with your own personal soul connection to Mother, to this planet, the sentient being, the celestial being. Take a moment to lie down and rest if you need it as if you were laying your body down onto the soft and nourishing body of Gaia. Feel how you can easily surrender your weight, this is another way to release your burdens, by lying down, connecting to the outdoors whenever you can directly with nature, but also indoors, allowing your body weight to drop, “Mother help me rest, Mother help me release my burdens”.

 We are about to end this short meditation, before we do we remind you again, when you need to rest, restore your connection to Mother, unburden yourself. True resting comes from unburdening, be willing to release, be willing to let go, be willing to seek assistance and realise that it is this simple. You ask and it is given. Today's technique is as simple as “Mother help me release my burdens, Mother help me rest.” Ask with love and receive it with love and give thanks with love and all will be well in your world.”


Part 2

Mithi speaks: They encouraged us to reinforce our being here on the planet, and that we can reinforce that just by saying “I AM here”. “I AM here” and it was related to what they were speaking about when they said that by asking to be unburdened we are acknowledging are very intimate connection to the body of mother Earth. and being a part of Her sentient being, and we are sentient beings and we are part of her sentient being and celestial being, so we can strengthen that source connection of energy and community, to commune with that energy and field, by asking for help, for example and receiving help but also by saying "I AM here” and grounding the Higher Self, into our physical body and acknowledging that to ourselves. “I am here I am here I am here”. So that's another way to create that connection and strengthen that connection. This meditation of “I AM here” started happening spontaneously for me a few months ago in the upgrade process that I was going through at the time just one afternoon I found myself saying it repeatedly like a mantra and after that it's been very much with me and I've had tremendous help from this simple phrase to align myself to embody the energies that are coming to help receive the upgrade. I've used it a lot to receive the upgrade for example when I felt very strong activations in the chakras or just in my energy body and the aura field, I will just pause several times a day and just say I AM here and I AM open to receive, so those two phrases have helped to dilute the symptoms of the upgrade and make it easier to receive the energies. I am now speaking specifically about the upgrade but it doesn't have to be only in those situations that we use these techniques, these energy techniques, energy medicines that we can use in many situations. Just off the top of my head an example, let's say you try to solve a problem something that you're trying to get a solution. You can just say “I AM here and I'm open to receive the answer” just like that, that’s all you got to do, and that all that needs to be done or said to create that little gap in consciousness to allow something new to come in. When we are in flow we don't need these things so much as when we are stuck, when we are fighting ourselves. Then that is really useful so I use it not only when I'm having upgrade stuff but also other situations. “I AM here” is that wonderful reinforcing lifeline connection to mother Earth, to thread the lifeline that flows through you into the grids of mother Earth, that's what it is for. You can use  “I am here” to reinforce the lifeline that connects you to mother Earth.


Back to Channel: 

“As always with the full moon, as always with the moon portals, we were recipients of the Diamond White Light Codes come through every moon portal, and today the Solstice Portal has opened and has been flooding its energies through into our vibrational field.  The Solstice Portal brings further influx of Solar Codes, Solar codes, Solar Light Codes, Golden Ray Light Codes, SunLight Codes, sparkling alongside the Diamond Light Codes of the Moon, enhancing each other in this powerful time in assisting the process of Ascension for humanity. 


We want you to know how well you are doing, how well it is going.” 

So I'm receiving this, it is myself speaking again, receiving the message from them that the long transmission message that we received last month, that message is still very valid and they are saying to go back to it, and read it, and I wrote that transmission up on the channeled page, so they're just saying to me that instead of sending all the information through again they're reminding us to go back and read the transmission from last time because that message that came through then is still very much active and true for this time. Right now there isn't much of a new message now other than this need for rest and allowing rest. Thank you. Check out the transcript dated: 29.05.2022 and the 6/6 portal message scroll down to it from this link.


“Be discerning of what information you take in, be discerning when you see information that stimulates fear, be discerning of that type of information that stimulates fear. When you feel fear arising within yourself or around you remember that you are a powerful, Remember that you are a powerful Source of Light and that you can transmute any lower vibrational energies through your presence, through your peace, through your calm, through your love, through deeper breathing, through fun, through laughter, through faith, through trust. You have many many many means to transmute lower vibrational energies. Please remember your power and claim your power for yourself and for others. And it can be simple, nobody else needs to know, you can simply say inwardly, silently, within yourself "I now transmute this fear into higher vibrations of light” and it is done. 


When you are in places where you experience a high vibration of fear in yourself or other people and when the fear energy is there not because you are threatened, but simply because an accumulation of lower vibrational energies has manifested. If and when it starts to affect your own vibration, simply speaking to yourself “I now transmute these lower vibrations into the higher vibrations of light”.  

Think the thought, feel the thought silently, verbalise the thought or say it out loud if possible. 


If you are in a situation where there is a high vibration of fear and you yourself are not affected then you are in an even better position to transmute the energy. And you can simply say within yourself “I now transmute this energy of fear to the higher vibrations of light and so it is” 


This process that we recommend is an inner process, one that is within yourself and together with your guides, with all the beings assisting you, and you can also help with any of this work at any time. We encourage you to remember your power as beings of Light. 


We encourage you to be discerning of information that induces fear. We encourage you in those moments, especially in those moments, to strengthen your sovereign connection to Source, to  Earth to Sun, to Mother Father God to your Higher Self to your Eternal Self and to dissolve the vibrations of energy that do not serve you. If in any moment you are unsure about how to go about this, tune into your Heart Center, tune into your Third Eye Center, connect to your auric field, speak to your Guides, ask for assistance, it is always there. 


You like every other being is a beautiful Divine Channel of Energy. We invite you now.

( A guided energy mediation transmission followed this message for about 20 minutes.)

Further messages:

“It is time for everyone to remember, to remember who you truly are. It is time to dust off the Divine Spark in you that has been dulled, dust it off, polish it off, let it shine, let it shine dear ones, let that Divine Spark in you shine, let it shine through your Third Eye, your I AM Presence, let it shine through your Third Eye, let it shine through your Hearts, let there

be a golden thread between the Heart and the Third Eye that unites you with Divine Source, a Golden thread that reaches high into the Heavens.


I AM Light, I AM Light, and I AM here.

To end our meditation today and in this moment going to receive Christ Light White Codes, Christ White Light Codes into our auric space. Thank you thank you thank you all the benevolent energies that we have received today, for the assistance in anchoring and strengthening our connection to mother, and to our I AM Presence, in all the kind words thank you so they're saying we thank you and we love you can.

A small homework or a something we could try out to do like a meditation 

“If you want to see yourself as a spark of the divine what do you see? How do you see? An encouragement to visualise ourselves as a spark of the divine and see how that expresses itself visually about yourself” 

From previous channeled defintions: The Higher Self is the highest vibrational expression of your persona and the I AM Presence is your divine energy essence, the spark of divinity that's within us and they are different energies, interesting to explore.