28.07.2022 New Moon in Leo

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Akashic Record 

As we received the Akashic Record Access Energy Meditations the Guides spoke about the Records. Below you see the information they provided (but not the details of the meditation that took place live in the gathering).


"There is also such a thing called the Akashic Records, maybe some of you have heard of the Akashic Records, this is one such database of information that is available to each soul, for each soul has their own Akashic record, their own database if you will, that contains soul pertaining information, soulful information, Records of past lives, past deeds, karmic history, bloodlines and lifelines, timelines on a multidimensional level, past - present and future, because all is one in the new now moment of time, in the new now moment of time, all past present and future exists as one. Every individual on earth can access their Akashic Records, either through a guide or directly by yourself and part of your multidimensionality is learning to access your Akashic Records and to work in the now moment, this is all about the now moment, it is not about the past or the future, it is about having access to information that dissolves in the now moment into presence, into being,  and that is the peace that access to the Akashic Records brings each sovereign soul.


You might be wondering what do I do with this database, what do I do with the Akashic Records, in what way can it assist me in my life and how do I use it, how do I access it, why would I access it? These are all valid questions in working with the Akashic Records, we hope to answer these questions and provide guidance during these next few moments, please observe that some guidance doesn't come through sound or words, it will come to you as a knowing, so what you need to know will come to you as a knowing individually. Each of you get your own message regarding how you uniquely are to work with your Akashic Records at this time. There is general guidance, we might provide general guidance, but at different times in your life and different new now moments, how you access the Records, and the interaction you have with it will be unique, you see it will be unique, there will not be one only experience, but we want to introduce to you the feeling of this record opening and being there above you, above the crown chakra, this clear cloud of information that is their hovering now in this open gateway. 


Your Akashic Records contain a great deal of knowing, information, about you, your soul timelines, lifetimes, purpose, deeds, karmas, powers, potential selves, alternative lives, gifts, abilities and much, much more. These Records assist your soul's journey both through human incarnation as well as other existences that you have had, are having now, or potential for future. Remember that in the now moment, the new now moment, past present and future exists as one. These Records are like a book of each individual existence and energy entity through Eternal Time. Can you imagine how significant your life is for there to be a record that goes through all Time and Space and dimensionality, and that this is true for every soul, for every being. You are truly unique in your record and in what you bring to what we call reality or existence, so your Akashic Records, even though it is also a little bit like a history book, it is also dynamic and changing with the now moment, so that which is considered your karmas or your deeds, the energy that transfers from actions past and present and that becomes the energy of actions or experiences in the future, these karmas can be affected and changed, and that is where your free will interacts with the now moment and creates new Records, and changes past Records and future Records. Do you see what we mean? This thing called time, it is in flux, nothing is fixed or permanent and in this new now moment you change your record across time, or you continue on your record across time. When you remember your access to your Akashic Records, for it is a remembrance, a remembrance of your Higher Presence, your Higher Self, that Presence remembers its access to the Akashic Records, you begin to live more dynamically, more dynamically, greater flexibility, greater fluidity in your now moment existence.  


This is a very vast subject but we would like to provide an example of how you might use the Records. We would like to provide two examples today. One example is that through the Records you can access your multidimensional abilities, abilities that you have as a multidimensional being, that you have had access to in the past, gifts and abilities that are sometimes called supernatural in the world you live in, but are absolutely natural in the fields of energy and these abilities are available to you in your Akashic Records and you can so to speak download them. This is part of the process that is happening right now on planet Earth for many human beings who are in a process of expansion or ascension. Many of you call it the Ascension process and in this process of ascension you are accessing information from your Akashic Records as well as from your galactic family and guides. So that is one example of the use of your Akashic Records in your now moment in life. Another is for example let's just say that something happens in your life that you are puzzled about you can't figure out, you wonder what's happening, what's happening, why is this happening, what is this about I can't figure it out. You know those moments in life when you have that experience, that is a moment in which you can use the Akashic Records to understand, to gain understanding, to gain knowledge, to gain information about what is happening in your now moment and this information, if it is available to you at the time and if it is for your highest good, you will be able to access it from your Akashic Records. Sometimes you are meditating, and many of you are meditators here, there you are meditating and you suddenly get an insight sometimes those insights come from your  Akashic record although you might not be aware that that is the source of the information that is being provided to you when you meditate. We want you to know that there are many sources of information under the sun, many sources, the Akashic record is one, but as you gain mastery over energy, as you gain mastery over your multidimensionality, you will learn to discern what information is of your Akashic record, you will learn to sense when it is the Akashic Records speaking to you, when you are interacting. We hope that today's transmission has given you the ability to sense the signature of your Akashic record, the energy signature that tells you that you are in communication with your Akashic Records. So dear ones we have provided two examples now of how you might use the Records but there are so many more, so many more as there are ideas and information under the sun. Multidimensionality is so vast that it can barely be imagined, barely be known, everything you can imagine can happen, everything you imagine exists and even that which you do not yet imagine exists because it is imagined by someone else, there is such a great connectivity of information, of existence, of being, of planes of existence, of fields of energy so much more than we can possibly imagine in one now moment. But as you now know you do not need to keep all of this in your head. Isn't that good news dear ones isn't that good news, you do not need to keep all of this in your head. You can relax and go about your life with great ease with great joy knowing that all of this is available to you when and if you request it."


This information primarily came to us through the Pleaidian star system guidance of the Galactic Federation of Light.


Energy Update

"Let us speak to you a little bit about the energies of the time.

It is no secret anymore on the planet, that planet Earth and all of its beings are going through the most tremendous shift, the most extraordinary of times, and as we have said before we encourage you to hold the Light, to hold the faith of the new earth the Golden age alive in your Heartmind at all times. The portals that have opened now as we enter Leo and the Lions Gate, this energy field is extremely strong, it is extremely strong and it is one of the strongest energy fields or energy times of this year, and as always when there is a great current of energy, there is also a great revealing of darkness or disruption. Disruption comes with the heightened vibrations of Light. And in this window of time during through and between these portals, these gateways of energy, there is an opportunity for great change on the individual as well as the collective.   

We spoke earlier about the Akashic Records and disruption or interference of information, disruptive forces or interfering forces that can be at play when there is a great flux of energy as there is now - and here it is up to each person, each individual to be aware of what is of Truth, of what is of the Light, whether it is about the information within your own Records or any other type of information that is shown to you in the course of the next few portals. Be aware that with this type of strong influx of energy it is also easy for lower vibrations to manipulate, interfere, disrupt the flow of energy or the flow of information. And we ask you to hold faith in the Light, in what you feel is truth and right for your own life or for those around you. And what is for the highest good of the collective, to keep this Heartenergy intent pure pure pure and you will not be obstructed by any lower energies or any interferences or any disruptions during this time. And you yourself will hold a protective field to prevent any disruption, any manipulation of energy, information, misinformation interference. We have said it before and we say it again, we remind you how powerful you are, how sovereign you are, each being, each I AM Presence, and you can cast your own shields of protection so that misinformation, disinformation, interference, any type of manipulative energy will be cleared.

You will know when there is disinformation, miss-information, interference or manipulation whether it is within your own energy field or whether it is in the collective energy field, you will know through your sovereign power, through your sovereign being, as it will arise in you the feeling that something isn't quite right and you can trust that feeling for yourself. Oftentimes mis-information, interference, manipulation, that type of energy we have spoken about it before, it will bring up fear. That which is of the Light, that which is for the highest good of humankind, that which is for the highest good of planet Earth will induce peace, love and harmony, the Fifth dimension, the vibration of the Fifth dimension, and that is how you know. 


We encourage you all to meditate, practice meditation regularly, for that is your tool to separate that which is your own energy from that which is not yours and that which is not for you.


On this new Moon rising in Leo we invoke and awaken the symbolism and characteristics of this star sun sign. Be bold, be courageous, stand in your power, bring in your True Self, your Authentic Self, your Higher Self into being and into action. 

The Light language translates into “I am bold, I am courageous, I am my true power, I am my authentic self, I am the power of the heart, I am the lions heart, I am sovereign of my own life”.


I AM that, I AM that, I AM that, That I AM.