08.08.2022 Lionsgate Channel


Ask for help was a strong message that came through - in those moments when it is tough to handle the upgrade energy, you need to call on them, we need to call on them more and ask for help more especially in those moments when we are struggling with the energy work, ask for help. Remember your multidimensionality and ask for help. GFL loud and clear.

 Further guidance that came with an Energy Transmission and meditation related to visualising the Diamond Light Code activation of the 3rd Eye Center. 

“We want you to know that each facet of this Diamond of the Third Eye Centre is a doorway a gateway into other dimensions. Your Third Eye Centre is a portal it allows you to travel between dimensions, you can see that each facet of this Diamond is a doorway a gateway into other dimensions and when you meditate in the physical body you can enter the Third Eye Centre and travel into other dimensions, other realms, other existences, the ability to do so is part of the innate multidimensional coding of human being.  Awakening this is the transition that is happening on the planet and for all human beings entering the fifth dimensional plane. This expansion of vision also affects the physical eyes and the ears, the physical eye and the physical ears will go through transformations as your Third Eye capacity enhances to incorporate other dimensions. Do not be afraid if your eyes start to feel strange and you cannot see clearly through your physical eyes during these times of great change and intense Light code influx into planet earth.  Also your physical ears will undergo strange sensations and changes, do not fear this, if you are in any doubt simply ask us, call on us, to check in, to receive confirmation that all is well, you can do this each individually with your spiritual team. You can also call on the Galactic Federation for assistance at any time. You can also call on our representatives on Earth to assist you if you need."


During the Abundance Codes Channel we received further messages/guidance:

“scarcity is an illusion that is created by limited belief, a belief in limitation, a belief in lack and this belief creates an illusion of scarcity. That belief leads to the abuse of resources, that abuse of resources creates imbalance and that imbalance is what you see as the depletion of natural resources on planet Earth, or poverty or lack of water or lack of food, hunger/starvation.  

When the release of these belief Patterns, with the release of these belief patterns from the Collective Consciousness, starting with each individual consciousness, the illusion of scarcity is lifted and the need to abuse resources disappears. Natural replenishment is then possible for planet Earth but also everyone is more open to receive the infinite abundance of the universe with greater ease. 

During the Lionsgate portal and especially today on the 88 day of the year, there is an opening to clear these limiting belief patterns and even this is so every year, at the moment due to the Galactic activity involved in the ascension of planet Earth there is a far greater intensity and need of these changes becoming manifest for you and for planet Earth. The Frequency that heightened intensity of energy is what you experience during the ascension of planet Earth into the Golden age, dear ones you're all doing so very very well and we thank you."




11.08.2022 Full Moon Channel

(the transcription came out in capital letters and I simply did not correct it due to time...perhaps it was meant to be that way so I did not interfere)

This transmission was from myself as High Priestess Ka Ra of the Golden Ray Temple of Ra and was interspersed with Light Language Song and Mudras.


"I Invite You All to Join Me on This Journey of the Closing of the Lions Gate Portal we Will Be a Part of All Those Who Are Working and Assisting with This Process at This Time.

There Is Bubbling Love Light Joyful Vibration That the Lions Gate Portal Drew in Constantly with Us Here Bubbling in the Heart Center like a Fizzy Drink like a Fizzy Drink Bubbling in the Heart.

So this Gateway is closing with As Much to Love Light Joy Codes As It Opened with. They’re Going out the Same Way It Came in. As Always I Call upon the Highest Good As We Enter This Journey Together and There Is No Doubt about That. 

Receiving Assistance to Extract Doubt, Uncertainty, Conflicting Thoughts about Ourselves or Our Multidimensionality, about Our True Identity, Assistance in Removing Doubts, Uncertainty Conflicting Thoughts about Ourselves. Know That We Can Do This at Any Time. Why Now ?

Because the Lions Gate Portal Awakens Authenticity, Awakens Courage to Be Yourself, Therefore the Time Is Ripe for This Type of Healing.

I Invite You to Enter Your Heart Center,  close your eyes, Even Touch Your Hands to Your Heart Center Making a Physical Connection If You Wish 

“I Honour Myself I Love Myself I Respect Myself” Whatever Words That You Can Use to Speak With Love to Yourself Do so Now and I Will Assist You in Releasing Any Doubts, Any Uncertainty, Any Conflicting Thoughts about Yourself, While You Speak to Yourself with the Utmost Respect, Love and Honour. 

I Hear You, I Hear Your Heart Dear Ones, I Hear Your Heart, I Hear the Resistance and We Must Break through It There Is No Time Anymore, there Is No Time Anymore for undervaluing Yourself, Now We Break through, now we crack This Resistance and now we shatter this doubt, All, Now We Break These Walls, Now we end this uncertainty. Now we break through.


Breathe into that New Space in the Heart Center, Breathe into that space with the love of your breath, its in the heart centre, breathe into that space.

You Are Doing so Well, You Are Doing so Well, This Is Your Moment, This Is Your Moment to Shed That Doubt, to Scorch, scorch That Uncertainty, burn it in the Flame and Fire of the Lionsgate, Can You Feel dear Ones That There Is No Room Anymore to Not Love Yourself, Can You Feel that Not to Love Yourself Is to Suffocate. There is No Room Anymore. No Room to Not Love Yourself. There Is No Option Anymore, You Must Love Yourself. That is your job. 

You Might Think That All These Other Things You Do in Your Life Is Your Job, but This Is Your True Job, This Is Your True Job. When You Bravely Courageously Fiercely Love Yourself Then You Awaken to Your Self, You Awaken to Your Identity, Your Uniqueness, Your Golden Thread within Humanity and from That Place of Deep Self-Love You Weave Your Magick into the Collective through Your Perfect Brilliant Existence.  

Rise Rise Rise 

Take Your Place  

Know That You Are from God and that God Is Love

Know That You're Very Source and Essence is Love 

Know That the Very Foundation of Your Existence is Based on Love and I Know You've Known This and I Know You Know This

It Has Always Been Your Truth, Let That Truth Rise, Let That Truth Rise within the Flame and Temple of Your Heart and Let That Truth clear Any Hindrances to Your Self-Love, Your Self-Worth Your Self Knowing, Your Self. Let us Take This Moment Together to Give deep thanks, Love Respect Honour Kindness Care Affection Appreciation Admiration to Our Self.""


The GFL take over the trance mission:

"Beautiful Beautiful This Truth about Yourself That You Have in Your Heart Always Is and Always Will Be This Is Your Sovereignty and it Cannot Be Taken Away from You. We are Feeling the Love That You Are Giving to Yourself and It Is Beautiful We Thank You We Thank You Thank You 

We are filled Now by the Love You Give Yourself We Thank You We Thank You We Thank You.

There Is Nothing without This Love You See, This Love Keeps Everything in Motion, This Is the Love That Keeps Everything in Motion, That Keeps Everything in Expansion and Contraction, This Is the Basic Building Block of Existence and You Are That Love. Beautiful Beautiful.

You Have Broken through, You Have Made a Breakthrough We Celebrate This. We of the Galactic Federation of Light celebrate Your Breakthrough. Yes the Gateway is Closing, the Lions Gate Gateways Closing However This Does Not Mean That You No Longer Can Access All the Codes That You Have Received through This Cosmic Exchange It Just Means That a Certain Type of Communication within the Cosmos Has Taken Place and Now Closed, Just like a Day Begins and a Day ends, Nothing Is Lost, it Is All Still There but What Has Changed with This Breakthrough Today in Which We Rejoice in As Your Galactic Family Is That You Received All These Codes of Love during the LionsGate but Now You Are the Channel, You Are the Channel, You Are Giving That Love to Yourself and Making Us the Receiver and That Is Why We Are Feeling Such Joy in This Moment and Thanking You so Much for This Gift of Love That You Have Given Yourself Which We Are Now Able to Receive through You. Do You See What We mean? 

Now You Are the Portal, You are the Channel, Your Heart Center Is the Gateway and We Your Galactic Family are the Receivers, Alleluia Alleluia We Rejoice we Rejoice in Your Love, Alleluia Alleluia We Rejoice We Rejoice in Your Love Alleluia Alleluia We Rejoice We Rejoice in Your Love and We Thank You We Thank You We Thank You. 

As the Cosmic Lions Gate Gateway Closes for This Year It Is Now Opened in You through Your Love for Yourself, You Enable Cosmic Communication by Loving Yourself, You Open Gateways to Worlds, the Cosmos, Which Brings More Communication Pathways between the Cosmic Self, the Galactic Families, Your Multidimensional Existences, Timelines into the Now Present Timeline.

This Is Why We Say That to Love Yourself Is Your Job, by Loving Yourself with True Feeling with True Tenderness with True Appreciation and Acceptance for All That You Are You Open Doorways, Gateways, Portals into the Cosmos. Thereby Creating Further Bridges through Which Communication Can Happen between Dimensions. How Beautiful Is this? This Is What We Long for What We Have Longed for for a Long Time As We Have Observed Planet Earth and We Are so Excited That This Is Now Happening on Planet Earth, through All of the Beings on Planet Earth Awakening, Awakening to Their True Identity, to Their True Origin Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia This Is Your Break through You Have Come through Your Own Heart Your Own Gateway Your Own Portal Your Personal Space to Become a Bridge towards Your Cosmic Identity, Your Galactic Family, Your Home.

We Are Indescribably Happy in This Moment, We Are Indescribably Rejoicing in This Moment, We Are Bursting with Joy in This Moment, As We Behold the Portals of Your Heart That You Have Entered with Such Love, Such Tenderness, Such Sweetness, Such Kindness, Such Appreciation Such Care, Such Admiration for Yourself, Yourself Yourself, Your Holy Being, Your Holy Self, Your Most Precious Self, Your Most Precious Existence, Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia.  

And the Angels Rejoice, the Angels Rejoice with the Love in Your Heart That You Have Shown, this Vibration Spreads through the Cosmic Field of Love and Light, Weaving Your Own Vibration, Your Unique Essence, Your Unique Song and Sound, That Comes through Your Heart and Joins the Cosmic Song the Cosmic Sound.  

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia We Rejoice Rejoice We Rejoice!


Part 2 GFL message


"All is in accordance with the Divine Plan. Yes there are hindrances to overcome, there are obstacles that need to be, there are hindrances to overcome, there are obstacles to break through but all is in accordance to Divine Plan. How much disturbance there is during this process depends on each and every one of us, each and every one of you, how much we are able or willing to attune to the 5D vibration of Love, Peace and Harmony and Unity. 


The more you attune to the 5D vibration and the more beings who enter this vibration and host this vibration willingly, cooperatively, actively the less turbulence there will be. We have spoken about this before, re-read the old transcripts to re-member the information given before on this subject but we assure you it is all according to Divine Plan and the tipping point was long, was reached long ago. Have no fear dear ones, have no fear, all is in accordance to Divine Plan. Everything you do, all your assistance to shift yourself and others to the 5D , whenever you are ready, whenever others are ready, with free will, willingly, all you do, we appreciate greatly. We your galactic family, we Love you, we Love you, we Love you, we are one, we are you and you are us.”