9:9 Portal Channel Transcript

Most of this transmission was a combination of Light Language Song and speaking and guided meditations. Here are only the messages from the Guides.

Transcription of delicious definitions we received and empowering messages. If you were not part of this Live Channel kindly consider sending a donation as an energy exchange for this transcript, towards the time and energy it takes to channel, record, type, edit, post and share this information, thank you.


“The Great Galactic Center welcomes you to this meditation the Great Galactic Center, the Great Galactic Light, the Great Central Sun, welcome you to this meditation. We of the Galactic Federation of Light to bring to you today the energy of the Galactic Center the Great Central Sun, the Great Galactic Light. "


“The Great Galactic Center is your true home. The Great Galactic Center is your Source, the Great Galactic Center is your Origin, the Great Galactic Center is the Union of All Being, of All Existence, of All Time, of All Space, Eternal, for Ever and Ever, Amen."


"And as we bring you Home to the Great Galactic Center energy, we invite you to re-recognize, re-cognize your True Origin, Your True Source, Your True Home, Your Eternal Home."


"We have reached the point of no returning on Earth, a point of no returning to that which has been, an Age of confusion, an Age of clouded vision, an Age of unknowing, an Age of unknowing who you really are, we have reached a point of no return on planet Earth, there is no going back. All will be revealed, All will be known, All will be shown, All will be made clear through the Mass Collective Consciousness awakening unfolding on planet Earth. There is no return."


"With this 99 Portal comes a Great shift in the Matriarch Energy and you might notice it in your own families that there is a shift in the matriarch energy, you might notice it in the Collective that there is a change in how the Divine Feminine moves and embodies and births the Evolution of Consciousness in the coming months. You can both receive this for yourself and for the Collective if you should wish to right now. We are assisting from the Great Galactic Center Blue Ray Emanation into the womb energy of your being, of all Beings. Breathe deeply into your physical and energetic womb, relaxing yourself as much as you can in order to receive this transmission."


"Humanity is changing, old beliefs of limitations will be falling away rapidly in the coming years. The ideas of what can be birthed and born into the world will expand greatly. Old limitations on what the human capacity is will change, that which is foretold in the Scriptures, of the super-human, will become the norm once again. We are the Beings called to witness this new birth of a new humanity, we all who are on Earth right now and  we your Great Galactic families, and as we birth these new times together, let us rejoice, rejoice, rejoice in the Bright Light of Human Evolution in the Bright Light of Consciousness Evolution, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice."


“As we have said before Dear Ones, you connect best to the Great Galactic Center through your own Heart, as we have said before your Heart is the very Portal to the Galaxy. That is becoming more and more apparent to more and more of you and also you noticed that a lot of the activations that are coming through the new Light Codes emanating into the Earth's field for the Golden Age transit, for the Golden Age transit, during the Golden Age transit, that the Solar Codes that are coming in, the Light Codes that are coming in have a primary Heart Center activation function, and you noticed this. More and more of you are noticing this by that you are feeling your Heart Center more and more, you find the Heart Center being worked on, being activated, you are receiving, you are communicating, you are present through your Heart Center more and more, and this is the reality of the 5th Dimension of Being, the 5th Dimensional Being is all about the Heart, all about Peace, Love, Harmony and Beingness, Beingness, Beingness, and so too your communication with the Great Galactic Center, with your Galactic Family can happen the easiest through the Heart Center Portal itself. And as we have said before and we will it say again, we invite you to reside in your Heart Center, the Great Galactic Space within yourself, and though there are other Portals and other ways to communicate with your Galactic Family, one of the easiest ways is to reside in your Heart and envision the Vast Cosmic Heart Space. The Vast Cosmic Heart Space within your Heart sense it, it is like seeing the whole of the Universe inside of yourself, it is like seeing Space, the whole black void of it with all of it's glittering Stars and Planets and Beings, within your self. And you can see this and sense this through meditation at any time. If you have any struggle to see the VCHS then call upon us, call upon your Guides, your Galactic Family to assist you to see the Vast Cosmic Heart Space, to enter the Galactic Portal of your Heart Center. We are telling you now that this is available to each and every one of you. This is something that you can practice and you can master, the more you practice it the easier it will become. The more you call on us to help you to enter the Space the easier it will become."


"When you enter the Vast Cosmic Heart Space, when you enter your personal Portal to the Galactic Center you step into the Eternal Beloved Ones you step into the Eternal Stream of Consciousness

…and this is where you find your Heart Song, this is where you find your Heart Song your Heart sound, your personal vibration in the whole of Cosmic Being, how important you are, how important you are, how unique you are,  how needed you are. "

"And these are the Eternal Timelines that you flow through, from your ancestry from both your physical human ancestry and your Soul Family, your Galactic Family ancestry,  your Star seed origin, what ever it is that you are, that you have been, connected through, through time, through timelines, through Space, this flows through you, from the back of your Galactic Heart Center, through the front of your Galactic Heart Center, as a wave, as a wave, as a wave of sound, of Light of energy, of beingness, of resonance, it travels through you and through you and through you eternally, eternally eternally aham.  And this connection is your Galactic Space Center your Galactic Heart space your Vast Cosmic Heart Space your unique Heart song sound.


"...and when we say that Light Codes are coming to activate this space Light Codes are coming to awaken your re-membrance, your memory of this source origin of your soul Family your Heart Family your Galactic Family your human Family all of this which is your energetic ancestry awakens awakens awakens across timelines, across dimensions and travels through you, through your own unique Heart Space Portal. It is all of this that is being awakened in humanity Dear Ones, It is is all of this gradually each to their own process being awakened."

"This remembrance of the Great Galactic Source is awakened through the Portals of September, the Galactic Gateways of September and assists Humanity in the next phase, the now phase of the Golden Age. What we would love for you to understand is that there are many layers of Being. You are multi-dimensional. Human Being is just one aspect of yourself. The Human Being is just one aspect of yourself. There are many more layers of Being that is your existence. Your Cosmic Self is one of those aspects of the Self. Your Cosmic Self is one part of the dynamic nature of your Being. What we would love for you to understand the depth of your dynamics, your energy dynamics, you are an energy dynamic Being, and it is your choice what aspect of your Being you choose to dance with in any now moment."


"And this is the Great Play of the Cosmos, the Great Play of the Cosmos that each representative of the Cosmic Energy can in any new now moment choose to dance with any aspect of their dynamic dimensional Being. We invite you to expand your playground, your playground of Being, even within the Human experience field there is so much more playground and the more you awaken your multi-dimensional Being, through meditation, through connection to Source, such as the Galactic Center or in any way it speaks to you to connect to Source, to Source Energy. Through meditation you can expand your multidimensional Beingness within this human incarnation and play on a Greater Cosmic playground and simply have more fun, have more fun with the creative Life Force Current that flows through you. "


"This is what we want you to know Dear Ones, this is why we are so excited about the multidimensional awakening of Humanity. It is a re-awakening, it is a re-membrance, it is a re-chording, it is not new but it has been forgotten. It has only been known to a few and this is what we wish to change. This is what is permitted to change, this is the Golden Age. 

Let it be known that you are multidimensional, let it be known." 


"We the Galactic Federation of Light, we hold you Dear Ones in the Highest Light, we hold you Dear Ones in the highest Love Light vibrations, we hold you Dear Ones in the highest Love Light vibrations and we thank you, we thank you, we thank you Dear Ones, for your presence on Earth, receiving these energies, for hearing our message, allowing us to communicate with you, we invite you to always call on us, we stand here in Eternal Love in Eternal Light, to connect with you, we are your Galactic Family and we love you, we love you, we love you.”