11.09.2022 Full Moon Channel Transcript

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There is a re-organisation of the Merkabah from the new incoming Light Codes, energies that support the re-organisation of each person's individual Merkabah, or Light Body, as the new Fifth Dimensional planet requires the re-organisation of the Merkabah, that you have been having up to now. This is not a complete dismantling of the previous energy system, the old Merkabah is simply being re-organised. 


"You are Light, You are Light, we want you to remember this because it is so difficult to remember it when you get stuck in all of the physical reality of existence, when you get stuck in the physical reality of existence you forget that so much of your coding is Light, so much of what you are is just pure Light, pure Light, pure Light. You are Light."


"The great Dance and the great Art of Life is to remember this, to remember this, even as you are in the human form, the physical form and living on planet Earth, live, live, live with this Lightness of Being, this Lightness of Being, that is who you truly are, this Lightness of Being, this Lightness of Being is who you truly are. And when you know, when you know more about the light structures that surround your being, that are composing your being that knowledge, that knowing, that knowledge and knowing will assist you to remember that you are Light. This is the great knowledge and the great wisdom of the Sages, the Seers, the Spiritual Masters, the Ascended Masters who have shown the way on planet Earth to remind everyone, remember, remember, remember you are the Light,  God is Light, you are the Light."


"We of the Galactic Federation of Light are here to assist all Earth Being in the transition to the new planet, the New Earth, fear not Dear Ones this is not to happen all at once overnight, this is a process that is going to take some time and everything that is coming through takes time to settle, to expand." 


"The reason we're so grateful is that the more bodies who can receive these codes, physically in the human form the easier it is for the transition to happen on the whole of planet Earth. You see the physical body and the embodied soul is so important for this process of planet Earth and that is why we're so happy to be in this gathering that is why we're so happy that these gatherings happen, so more and more bodies, more and more embodied souls like yourself can receive this energy directly from us in this process. We thank you so much for this assistance, we cannot do this without you. The more who embrace the Fifth Dimensional shift, the more welcoming the higher vibrational Light, the more willing to let go of the story, the old story of the 3-D illusion, fear illusion, the scarcity illusion, the anger, resentment and hatred illusions, the more beings who are willing to step into love, the more beings who are willing to step into Light, the more beings who are willing to know of their true origin, the more beings who are willing to know of the grandeur of the universe of the grandness of God, the more beings who are willing to step into this knowing, the easier the whole process, the transition becomes. And therefore we rejoice in these gatherings, we rejoice in the Galactic parties, we rejoice in your union, we are so grateful for the opportunity to communicate directly with you to speak our mission, to speak our vision directly with you and to share what we know from a higher perspective to be true.  We are you and you have called us in to remind you of who you really are in this moment.  Let us say that again. We are you and you have called us in to remind you of who you really are. It is our job to remind you and we do it gladly, gladly, so gladly Dear Ones. Call on us any time you need to remember who you really are. You are Light." 



 Message from Mithila at the end of the Channel:

"May the Light be with you and may you remember that you are the Light, you are of the Light."