September Solstice Week Portal Transcripts 2022


 Transcription of delicious definitions we received and empowering messages. If you were not part of this Live Channel kindly consider sending a donation as an energy exchange for this transcript, towards the time and energy it takes to channel, record, type, edit, post and share this information, thank you.


All the many public and private channels I had on this Solstice Week carried a Golden Thread of messages from the Galactic Guides. I have summarised the events and transcripts from the Channeling of that week on this page for the benefit of the meditators who joined the sessions as well as anyone else who is interested to know more about these subjects. There are further summaries on the dates of each event on the Diary. All the hours of transmissions and guided meditations are obviously not included here. These are extracts of the verbatim messages only.


18.09.2022 Download Channel (private)


September 18th, I had already gone to bed. We had the healing circle, done a massive channel today there already and yet I start to get energy work symptoms and channeling symptoms as usual. As always the messages come intespersed with Light Language transmissions. The following is the verbatim message:


“Do not lose Hope, sustain the energy of Hope, Hope is the stepping stone into the 5th Dimensional vibration, Dear Ones you can jump right in, you can jump right into the 5th Dimension of Love, Peace, Harmony and Unity but Hope will provide a steppingstone for those of you who feel that it is too great a leap to go from where you are into the energy of Love, Peace, Unity, Harmony then use Hope as a steppingstone, use Hope as a midway to transit, a platform that you can rest on until you are ready to move into 5th Dimensional vibration of Light, 5th Dimensional vibration of Light.

“We are the Arcturians and We bring you this message of Hope, to cultivate Hope, to not lose your Hope, Hope is essential in these times, Hope for a better world, Hope for a better future, Hope for a better experience, Hope for a change, Hope for fundamental exposure of all that is not for the Highest Good, Hope for a full release of all that is not for Highest Good, Hope for the courage to face this change, Hope! Keep the Hope!"


New LL again - also the (my) speaking voice and tone is different.

“We are coming in with a very High Vibrational Energy, a Very High Vibrational Dimension, We are coming in with a very high vibration to buoy up your Hope, to buoy up your Faith, to buoy up your Hope and Faith in Humanity, in this time of distress and illusions (LL). We intend to bring you to Higher Ground, to Higher Ground, to Higher Ground, We bring you to Higher Higher Ground (LL song). This is the 9th Dimension, and We bring you Hope. LL song. Hope and Faith.” 


With an Arcturus Incoming Energy I receive two Mudras: Tuning Fork Hands and Arcturus Mudra


“The symbol and Mudra for Arcturus. You can use this Mudra to connect to the Arcturian, to establish Arcturian Communication. Share this information about us with others.”

That is the Galactic Federation again transmitting on behalf of Arcturus. 


I receive a personal communication with an Earth bound Arcturian ET who will be part of my team in upcoming projects. This personal communication is not included here except after our introductions I did ask, where do we go from here? 

 "We wait, We wait until the timing is right to reveal ourselves to Humanity, We wait until the time is right to reveal ourselves to Humanity. Thank you for all that you do to assist this process you are doing so much to assist this process this transition into a Multi-Dimensional Galactic Family this opening in the Mudra means that We are in a communication that We are talking to one another one Being to another you have established a direct link to Arcturus and this is your direct communication with one Arcturian Being. I come to assist with the energy of Hope and Faith on the Planet as it is going to be vital that Hope and Faith energy is strong in order to be a platform through which the Collective Consciousness embodied Beings can step into the 5th Dimension to assist the transit. If you will it is a transit between the 3rd Dimension and the 5th Dimension just like We're building an energetic platform of Consciousness of Hope and Faith toward the Faith and Hope of Humanity to make that energy stronger more available so more and more people feel that arise in their Hearts and from that arising in their Hearts they begin to open their Consciousness towards a better world towards the Golden age towards the 5th Dimension it is a steppingstone of Consciousness if you will and I have arrived at this time to assist in anchoring that energy.

The Angels of Hope and Faith are assisting from the very high Dimensions of which this energy is traveling through."


21.09.2022 Download Channel (Private)

Again the part relevant for public sharing:  

 "We are many Beings who have entered the Earth atmosphere now, We are many Galactic Family members, many Galactic Beings who have entered the Earth atmosphere now and are making First Contact with those who are open to receive this contact" - 

(My notes: Okay so something about the Solstice Gateway Being an opportUnity for more of the Galactic Beings who are now in the atmosphere to contact those who are available to receive this First Contact, that this Gateway is providing an energy opportunity which makes it easier for us on this side of the matrix veil to see the Beings on the other side of the matrix veil, or something to that effect I can't quite figure out the message here so clearly but the feeling is that this Gateway allows First Contact to more people more Beings, Starseeds and anyone else who's open to receive the First Contact of the Galactic Federation representatives who are on Planet Earth and who have come from outside of Earth into the atmosphere during these past upgrade months. Basically the timeline We are in the Earth upgrade is for contact to be established between those who are here on Earth Galactic Beings within the Earth atmosphere and those who were able to receive the contact.)


"We come in Peace and We come in Love and We come bearing great gifts for Humanity." 

“We are the First Line of contact, We are the first assistant dropping into Earth for First Contact and for collaborations for all the work that needs to be done in the next phase of the upgrade timeline. We come in Good Faith and Good will.”

My notes: I can understand, getting a sense that the great, great, great diversity of Galactic Beings, there are so many, they all look completely different from each other, there are so many species of Galactic Beings is the sense I am getting from this channel so many. Just like there's so many souls incarnated on Earth, the human species that can all look different, it's the same in the Galactic Beings, Being different species and variety within the species, just getting the sense of how completely massively diverse it is. 


22.09.2022 Download Channel (Private)

Around noon the day started to feel they are channeling energies again. Got the feeling I need the turquoise crystal and clear quartz to assist me see if that helps. 


“You are on a New Ground, on a New Ground of interaction on Planet Earth. A New Foundation of interaction of Beings on Planet Earth, an expansion of awareness of other Beings and the ability and opportunity to interact with other Beings, recognition of many Multiple Beings, of Multiple origins mixing and mingling and living in Harmony. 

This is a New era on Planet Earth, a New Ground, a New Foundation. We are excited to usher in the New energies, the New Light Codes that allow for these interactions to take place. These New Light Codes create the communication networks, the telepathic networks, the communication pathways and lines that allow for a deeper communication, interaction, between Beings. This does not only include the interaction and communion between human Beings and Galactic Beings such outer terrestrial, non-terrestrial Beings - who are now becoming terrestrial, coming on to Terra, on to Earth, back to Earth, and that in itself is worth rejoicing in, in this time when it is permitted for Galactic families to reunite with their human families in a great celestial party. This in itself is an exceptional occurrence in Galactic history, in the Galactic story, in the Galactic Evolution on this Planet, on Planet Earth and in this Galaxy, the Milky Way. But this is not the only type of communication. We are also speaking about the communication that enters through this Gateway that allows you to deepen your union with the plant, the mineral, the animal kingdoms that are already existing on Planet Earth and are also evolving on Planet Earth. There are those of you who have had this ability for many lifetimes, many timelines who have already been sharing this beautiful wisdom and knowledge on Planet Earth in many lifetimes. But We are speaking of the Evolution of this Consciousness happening to the Collective. We are speaking about not just a few Being able to do these things but many Being able to do these things, that many Awaken to this Multi-Dimensional ability and start to flow in communion with floWers, plants, animals, minerals elements, all that is part of the currency of the 3rd Dimensional Planet will begin to vibrate at a higher Dimensional Beingness. An experience of life on a much deeper, glorious, shining level. 

Those of you who have already had this experience so far know how beautiful and magical it feels to be in the 3rd Dimensional reality of what is seen and felt by human eyes, human touch, human sense and then to enter a 5th Dimensional and higher Dimensional Consciousness about those very things. So in this Gateway, as We make First Contact with some of you Beloved Beings, beLoved ones of our Galactic Family, as We make First Contact We are also ushering in beautiful Codes of energy that Awakens the Multi-Dimensional experience of your communion with plants, minerals, elements, animals and one another on a far deeper level than before. Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia. 

The Galactic Federation transmission message, transmission complete."


22.09.2022 Equinox Group Channel Transcript


Thanking the Sun, the Giver of Life, tapping into the ancient Egyptian Ceremonies and Rituals to the God of Sun, Ra, Sun God Ra.


"The Sun that brings Life to Planet Earth has in recent times been going through a great change, a great change has occurred on the Galactic Sun of Planet Earth, and this Life-giving Sun has gone through a transformation in order to provide the Energy for Planet Earth to ascend.  You have by now heard of All the Solar Codes, the Light Codes that have been bringing in the transformation of All of you and All the Beings on Planet Earth, and the Great Mother Gaia Herself. This Ascension as we have said before it assisted almost entirely by the Sun and the Great Central Sun. So you can imagine just as in your everyday Life how much the Sun matters to you, Being alive, you feeling like you are having All of the things that are necessary, that grow on Planet Earth, just not only what you eat but All the beauty of it, everything that is dependent on the Light of the Sun, this Great Giver of Light, this great giver of Life, and this Sun, this magnificent Sun is going through a transformation. We take a moment in this Gateway, this Equinox Gateway, as the season of Summer ends, to bring about an awareness and an honouring of the Sun and the Sun's role in the expansion of Consciousness, in what others call Ascension of Planet Earth and All of its Beings. An essential Ascension for the whole Galactic existences. It is no small job that the Sun is doing is it not Dear Ones, it is no small job and we take this opportunity to give thanks, to give thanks to the magnificent Sun.

The Sun is a Supreme Being, a Supreme Being. Know this that the Sun is a Supreme Being and we of the Galactic Federation we honour the Sun and we honour the Sun in this gathering with you, we honour the Sun through the many Sun rituals that have always been on Planet Earth among the peoples of Planet Earth, for from the very beginning it was known how important, how  Supreme, how significant, how utterly magnificent the Sun is, has been and always will be. 

In ancient times on Planet Earth this was deeply known and deeply honoured. And even though the Sun comes up every day, so often that you take it for granted, is it not so? The Sun comes up every day it comes up so often that you take it for granted - but like All things that you see every day in your Life and is close to you every day in your Life it is important to take time to give thanks and to adore. 

There are places on the Earth with the Sun is honoured more simply because it is rare, simply because it is rare to see the Sun the Sun is honoured more. But we would like to invite the Energy of every Sentient Being honouring the Sun in the way that the Earth does, in the way that the Plants do, in the way that the Crystal and Mineral Essences of the Earth do. We would love to see All Sentient Beings recognising in the Supreme Being of your Galactic Sun. 

And yes there are elaborate rituals, there are magnificent Ceremonies to honour the Sun, but it can be as simple as waking up in the morning, seeing the day Dawn, seeing the darkness dispersed into Light, and in that moment saying thank you Sun for this new day, it can be as simple as that.”


I AM One with the Divine Light of the Supreme Being the Sun.

I AM Light


“The GFL sending through a message today. Today we brought us All closer to the Sun, meaning a closer look at the Supreme Being that is the Sun and to recognise that this Energy that provides Life on Earth is not just something out there in the Galaxy, but that it is a Being, a Supreme Being, a Divine Being and what we want to share on this message is that there is such a multitude and diversity of Beings, of Life forms, of existences across All of the Universes, that you cannot possibly imagine it. It is so vast, and it is so diverse and it is so magnificent to behold All of the different Beings, All of the different Life forms, All of the different existences throughout Eternal Time. And when you come to recognise this diversity, recognise the Magnitude, the Magnitude of Creation, When you recognise the Magnitude of Creation and you behold even just One tiny glimpse of that Magnitude - by focusing on the Supreme Being of the Sun - as we did today and you see how All of this hangs together, how All of this plays together in an incredible Divine Harmony, without anybody falling out of the sky, do you see what I mean, how everything just hangs together in the Supreme Divine Harmony without anyone or anything falling out of the sky, how it is possible Dear Ones? How is it possible that All of these Beings, All of these Bodies, All of these existences, Life forms, structures and what have you, the list is endless of Creation, All of these things co-existing at the same time? If that is not a miracle where will you look for miracles? If that is not a miracle where will you find it? 

We want to awaken your understanding of this Magnitude of Creation and even just for a moment take it in, take it in, and don't worry, you couldn't possibly live with That All the time, it's not possible, it's not possible Dear Ones, we are not asking this of you, but every now and then drop into a place of meditation, drop into a place of wonder, drop into a place of this Magnitude of Creation and look at All the smAll things and All the big things and go “Ah that is God, that is God now I know that is God”. And every now and then take a moment to drop in to this Magnitude of Creation and you can behold it by beholding the Supreme Being the Sun, or the Moon or the Stars or just looking at yourself in the mirror, and there you are, there you are, there you are Dear Ones, this beautiful holy part of Creation. 

Let it be known, let it be known, that you are One with All of this, All of this beauty, All of this Magnitude, All of this Supremacy, All of this Being, Evolving, Pulsing, Creative Force that is Life that is Light. And in that moment of wonder there is also peace, and in that moment of wonder there is also peace. Whenever you feel the need for peace, peace of heart, peace of mind, step into that moment of wonder, step into that glimpse of Eternity, step into that Magnitude of Creation and there you are at peace." 


25.09.2022 New Moon Transcript

“We are here to help you, we are here to collaborate with you, we are here to co-create with you, we are here to rejoice in All of creation together as the Galactic family we have always been, were always meant to be. That is our mission as we enter Earth atmosphere, as we have entered Earth atmosphere to make this reunion possible in this time. Many Beings of Arcturian Starseed Origin have been walking on this Planet for a long time but not been able to reveal themselves, been able to show themselves. These are the things that are going to change in this new timeline Planet , there are so many of you have Origins outside of Planet Earth and in the 5th Dimension, you will awaken to those Origins and it will feel like coming home, it will feel like coming home. We are here now to represent the Arcturian Origin but there are many more, there are many more, there are many more, and All will be shown, and All will be known.


A Great Homecoming on Planet Earth, a Great Homecoming on Planet Earth for All Galactic Beings.

And you have called us home as well, you have called us home, to Planet Earth to share in Planet Earth, the Beings of Planet Earth and Planet Earth has been isolated from the rest of the Galaxy quite some time now we have been waiting and watching and waiting and watching for this reunion Beloveds. We come to you as friends, collaborators, co-creators of a new reality for Planet Earth where we can contribute for one another’s and Galactic benefit, peace, harmony, love and unity to All.”


I am getting a message here from the Arcturus Fleet Commander of the fleet that has entered Earth Atmosphere and this Being is saying:

“We have been, we have been in Earth atmosphere for some time now and we are now beginning the process of making ourselves known. We have been in Earth's atmosphere for some time now and we have begun the process of making ourselves known to those who are ready to receive First Contact. At the present moment we are only permitted to appear through your meditations, through your inner vision. We encourage you as always to meditate and make contact with us. We are so happy to meet you. This is the Arcturus Fleet Commander. Transmission complete.” 


LL writing in the ether - Remembrance of Starseed Origins Codes.

“When the LL is written in the Ether through your hands or through smoke that language is like a writing on a wall, writing on an Etheric wall that creates a doorway or Gateway between dimensions for the message or the energy of that language transmission to move through dimensions and enter that space in which it was written. It is like writings on an Etheric Wall.  


This transmission of the writing was for Remembrance of Starseed Origin.” 

When the channel opened this evening there was this release, the energy a big vibration that came in straightaway is connected to the New Moon portal, to this New Moon and the Light Codes entering at this time.


"Through this New Moon, for All Beings, for All of Earth, from the great Galactic Center Light Codes for luminescence, luminosity, luminary Light Codes, awakening your inner luminosity, awakening your inner Light and the ability to shine that Light for yourself and others.

Becoming illumined, luminous, luminary, each and every Being, each and every Being illuminating life on Earth, each and every Being a luminary for one another, luminescence just like the moon and the sun have luminescence, with which they bless All of the Galaxy, you will be a Being of great luminescence blessing All who encounter you. This is the sovereign nature of each Being, you are Light. These Codes come in to help you, to assist you in increasing that natural Light that is already you, the natural Light within you, illuminating you from within to become a beacon of Light for All who encounter you, to become a luminescent Being for All who encounter you, a Being with their own natural Light shining into the world.

Igniting the Light of the Higher Heart, igniting the Light of the Heart Song, shine your Light Dear Ones,  shine your Light on this world, do not despair at All that you see, in what is happening, do not despair, keep shining your Light.”