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09.10.2022 Full Moon Transcript

Messages during the Cosmic Dance Channel mixed with Light Language Channeling:

"Balancing Codes

Harmonizing Codes

This portal and Cosmic gateway brings you balancing Codes, harmonising Codes, resetting, rebalancing

Right now we are working with a Feminine, Masculine reBalance, one of the ways in which Cosmic Balance is restored within Libra.

The Yin Yang Dance of the cosmos. Restoring Balance and Harmony, in multiple energy equations, across experiences both collective and personal/individual, excesses and shortages are being readdressed, the Yin Yang Dance of the cosmos (Yin Yang mudra), we are attuning you to this energy of the Yin Yang Dance of the Cosmos, everything has its place and there is place for everything, everything has its place and there is a place for everything, Dance with yourself, Dance among yourselves, Dance with yourself, Dance among yourselves. know that you are a part of this great Cosmic Dance, you must know this now // you cannot not know this that you are a part of this great Cosmic Dance, how can it be anything else, everything in motion, everything in motion, everything has been put in motion, everything is moving, do you see Dear Ones?, we encourage you to get used to Space travel, we encourage you to get used to the Galactic Space, the Vast Cosmic Space of your Heart.  

Dip in, Drop In Dive In to the VCHS, you see you cannot separate yourself from Cosmic Space, it is in you and you are it, look up at the sky, look up at the stars, to remember.

There is a time for everything, and everything has its time.

Great Galactic Light Codes for Divine Harmony.

You are powerful, you have the power to restore Harmony in the universe, you simply call it in, I am Harmony, I am Harmony, I am Harmony, whenever you feel a need for Harmony, call it in, I am Harmony, I am the Divine Dance, I am Harmony, call it in. 

I AM Divine Light, I am Divine Harmony, I am Divine Light, I am Divine Harmony, call it in, call it in Dear Ones, call it in. 

If not you then who? Who will call it in? If not you, then who? Take your place, take your place, this is what we mean when we say join the Dance, the Cosmic Dance, take your place, hold your power, take your place and hold your power, 

Take your place, hold your power. 

Draw on the energies of the great Galactic Sun, hold your power, take your place.

Everything is in motion, everything is moving, a place for everything and everything in its place.

You get confused Dear Ones, you get confused, you get confused because you believe that to hold power is of the ego and this confuses you, Dear Ones this confuses you and actually, actually this causes a lot of problems for you, because you forget to hold your power, you confuse it with the ego. True power elevates the ego, you see Dear Ones, true power elevates the ego, the energy of the ego becomes elevated in true power, in true authentic power, in sovereignness, in alignment to God. 

Let us remove this confusion, this illusion of the ego and power. Let us bring that new blueprint into the DNA, true power, sovereignness, alignment to God, dissolves the confusion and elevates the ego to the energy of the Higher Self, the I AM presence and your Galactic origins."


 1010 Spontaneous Channel that I was called in to transmit.

“There are so many places, so many pockets of this universe unknown to man, to know God you have to imagine, to know God even in a small way you have to develop your imagination, without the energy of your imagination nothing new can be known, seen witnessed, created.

To the extent that you can imagine to that extent you also know God, for God is the Great Imaginator, or the Great Imagi, the Magi of All of Creation. How can you imagine God if you cannot imagine a different reality than the one that you experience right now? 

If you are stuck in the experience you are seeing right now and you cannot see any other Reality or any other Existence or any other form of Being or any other Dimension or Realm, in that moment you also cannot see God and you will not understand someone else who sees another Reality, another Dimension, another Existence than the one that you are living, so Imagination, Imagination is vital for Spiritual Health and Well-Being, for Spiritual Wisdom to impart itself on you, for you to know God.

God imagines for you and through you and you must join in this Imagination in order to co-create with God Source and thereby move with the Current of Life Force Creation.

Why is there God? God is there because there is Love, God is Love, think about yourself you meet someone whom you love, you fall in love, you come together and out of that love you bring children into the world you bring in new souls to share the love, to grow the love, to expand the love, to live through the love, to live on and this is just what happens above there is love and from love is born everything else, everything else is an expression of that love, a creation of that love and from that love is born free will, that each Being lives freely, and in many realms the free will exists, in many realms there is free will, and out of Love are born the Angels, the Angelic Realm to support those that God loves, all of God's Creations, supported by the Angelic Realm, the Realm of Service, utter devotion to Creation. And as you create things out of Love, so Love has also created things out of Love, God is Love and Love has birthed more Love, that is why there is God.

When you see things that are not aligned with Love you feel misplaced, displaced, you feel that there is no God and that is true because where there is no Love there is no God but that does not mean that God is not Love, and that Love is not available. Love is available but free will allows you to create things that are not always aligned with Love and it is up to you, you mankind to draw yourself back into alignment with Love, back into alignment with God, to move from separation into Unity, to move from separation into Oneness and find God again, for God is there, God is there watching all of things that they have borne, all of the things that God has born and God has created, and out of Love and out of Love you have been set free, you see, out of Love you have been set free, and that is the experiment of the Cosmic Earth, that is the experiment of the Earth Plane, and there are so many Beings involved, so many Beings on so many Realms and so many Dimensions so many Existences so many Vibrations, all at One Point born out of Love but also lower vibrational Realms, Realms that are not aligned with Love can create you see, Creation is the unifying force and free will, the free will of many Dimensions and Realms and so the Higher Vibrational Realms move in to assist to align things back into the Vibrations of God Consciousness, to assist those who wish to exist in Higher Vibrational Realms to join those energies, those Fields of Existences, those Timelines. 

You cannot know God without Imagination, you have to Imagine a Love so Great, a Love so Great a Love so Unconditional a Love so All-Inclusive, a Love so Beautiful, a Love so Brave, a love so Diverse that it stretches into every corner of the Universe that it exists in every corner of the Universe that even the Universe cannot contain it and of those Universes within Universes, so-called Multi-Verse, so called Multiple Realities, so called Multiple Dimensions, so-called Folding Upon Itself, so-called Folding Upon Itself, within Itself, so-called Dimensionless Dimension, so-called Spinning Vortexes of Existence, are you are getting an idea Dear Ones of the Love that We are speaking on, are you getting an idea Dear Ones of God? God is Here.” 

 - 12-14th Dimensional Energy Transmission Complete -


 24.10.2022 New Moon Transcripts of Messages

Light Language and Verbal Message Transmission, here are only the verbatim messages from the GFL, there was a lot more talk, meditations and guided prayers in this transmission of which you can see a summary in the Channeled Diary. 


“Divine Star Beings, we are so pleased to be gathered with you here today.

We are here to answer any questions you might have about all the goings-on at the moment in your own lives and in the Collective Consciousness of Planet Earth, of the Ascending Gaia. 

Divine Star Beings, Divine Star Beings we love you, we love you, we love you. We are all in some way Divine Star Beings, you see, we are all in some way Divine Star Beings originally.

This idea of separation, this idea of Earth and Earth Beings, being something other or something apart from the Galacy is a deep illusion that is now being put right.

This lost knowledge must now come forth, this lost knowledge must now be known. 

You are all Divine Star Beings, we are all Divine Star Beings. 

As the Planet Earth Beings have been for a long time separated from this knowledge, from this Origin, from this Star Seeded-ness,  to the degree that you do not even see the Planet itself as a Star Being.

How often Dear Ones do you visualise your Planet from Space? How often Dear Ones do you visualiz your Planet from Space? We invite you now to see Planet Earth from Space, see Planet Earth from Space. 

And there She is your Planet, this Great Star Being, this Great Planetary Being, and in being limited in the vision of the Planet as part of the Galactic Family so much misunderstanding is occurring, so much misunderstanding has happened, yes there have been reasons for the veils, there have been reasons for the veils that have been blocking your vision, and there are reasons now for the lifting up of these veils, the unblocking of your vision.

Might have been that there were people within your families, within your ancestry who had the vision. You now are the front line of that lineage, to now receive and be born with that vision, so that you can envision this new life, this new Planet, for this new Era moving forward. But it is not like in the past where those people who had the vision were mocked or harassed or considered simply mad, simply crazy, these type of illusions that have blocked people's understanding of what is the true vision of the Galactic family, the Galactic place and being of family of Planet Earth and all of the other Stars and systems of this Galaxy and beyond. And those who have had vision they have not been honoured, not everywhere, not everywhere, in some places they have been honoured, but not everywhere and not all down the line, do you see what we mean? Not all down the line and there has been heartbreak, there has been suffering, there has been suffering of those spiritual souls who came into bringing new Light into your families, into your ancestry along the way and into the Planet, those who worked with the Planet, those who knew the ancient ways, those who had memory, those who could recall their true origin in some way.

 Their blood travels through you, their essence travels through you, their star seeded-ness  travels through you. All you need to do is to awaken your own and also tap in to that which has been borne for you in the generations before you. 

We now call upon that Energy that had lived in your lineage, all along, the spiritual Energy that has lived in your lineage and moved through your lineage and has at some point also been blocked in your lineage, the physical families, the soul families, the love relationship families, all of these families, all of these connections. The Light Codes entering now through this New Moon supports these processes.”

“ You see Dear Ones, These energies have no place in the fifth dimensional plane, they cannot coexist with the fifth dimensional vibration, Dear Ones these energies, all of these energies that in some way have been less than a vibration of love, peace, harmony and unity must be transmuted, must be now elevated in the coming years, as the Planet and you Dear Ones All reside in the fifth dimensional being, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.”

“Dear Ones, the Consciousness of Planet Earth, the Consciousness of Planet Earth has suffered for a long time, the Consciousness of Planet Earth has suffered spiritual disillusionment, spiritual misuse, spiritual abuse, contamination. It has been a difficult time for true spirituality or true knowing to seep through, to seep through into the cracks of Consciousness and enter the Collective Consciousness. It has been difficult.

 The change you are witnessing now in your own life time, in this lifetime, you have already witnessed a big shift in spiritual awareness, in spiritual Consciousness on Planet Earth and this will become an even greater shift as the Golden age fully blooms into being.

It is a very hopeful time for humanity… but these misunderstandings, the suppression, this abuse, misuse, misconceptions of spirituality have been going on for so long that its made it so difficult for the Collective Consciousness to receive true knowledge, true knowing, true connection to Source, a return to Source, a return to God. And we as a Collective progress in the Ascension of the Consciousness of Planet Earth and all its beings, and at this time we experience a great opening, a great opening to spirituality in the Collective heart Consciousness, a return to God, through the awakening of heart Consciousness” 

"Thank you Dear Ones, thank you for participating in this prayer with us today, may you feel the relief and release of all those whose soul contracts are threaded through with yours, that are part of defining your spiritual experience in this lifetime, may you feel both blessed by their gifts and may you feel relief on their behalf of being acknowledged honoured and returned to God. We of the Galactic FedEration of Light are honoured to be part of this process with you, we love you we love you we love you”. Thank you Thank you.


Part 2


“So as you have heard Dear Ones, the energies entering the Planet at this time are assisting in different kinds of stigma, different kinds of spiritual stigma is being lifted out, removed, healed through the Collective Consciousness. As you might see already now that this is essential for 5th dimensional Collective Consciousness Ascension, it is absolutely necessary that people feel spiritually free, that the stigma, the conditioning of both family and Collective and in terms of Collective in terms of cultural Consciousnesses or cultural conditionings, local conditionings, depending on where you were born and what was the belief system of those places in the world, every corner of the Earth, must, must be uplifted, the veil must be uplifted from every corner of the Earth, do you see what we mean Dear Ones that this process is absolutely essential, absolutely essential for the Ascension of Planet Earth? 

And that is the work that is happening now. And we have planned Dear Ones, there is a plan Dear Ones for the coming weeks, this is happening now to clear the way.

 It is happening now to clear the way for a truly powerful Energy influx that will be entering Planet Earth Consciousness through the Ascension portals of November, 11 11 Ascension Gateway, in preparation for the 1111 Ascension Gateway certain pathways have been cleared in the last few weeks where this new transition that you are in now, is an important step, an important step in creating a vibrational shift in order to draw in as much of the ascended energies and Light Codes that are being prepared, that are being prepared to be sent to Planet Earth field."


Message here for the Light Workers Collective:


“Eclipses, eclipses are like a time of a shadow over the soul, a delicate time for Consciousness, and in this delicate passage of eclipses keep your vision clear to see the Light through the shadow, through the darkness, engage in activities that bring you Light, that bring others Light as you navigate the passage of eclipses that are now happening.

Even though there is a season of eclipses that you are now in, there is a great Light, a greater vibration of Light than you have experienced yet waiting to arrive into the Consciousness of Earth. Every step of this process, every stage of this work, prepares you to be able to receive this great Light, persevere Dear Ones, you're almost home."