Beloved readers, here is the edited trance mission of the 1111 week events. 

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Full Moon channelled on Nov. 6th, 2022.

GFL Career Counselling themed channelled message.

"The Golden Age is just beginning, but because there is no linear time, the Golden Age already exists, you are here and you are there simultaneously, for the Human Soul in a human body there is a sense of linear time or linear progression and if we look at it from that point of view, the linear time, the linear progression, we are only at the very beginning of the Golden Age. We are in a stage of transition of the Golden age and as you move into it, you, the individual Being moves into this phase of Planet Earth, your job, your career, if you will, your life direction, your soul purpose may change dramatically or it may change just a little bit, not what you were doing before, new things start to happen, new things start to appear. 

And this is natural because the new era requires new services, new products and new kind of Being, new ideas, new inventions, new in the sense that they are other than what it is right now, new ways to support the New Earth lifestyles, so don't be surprised Dear Ones if  if your career path starts to change in the coming years, if your life goals start to shift, if you feel that what you've been doing no longer serves you or other people - be open to this change.

It will happen to many of you and it is a necessary transition to support the new times. Part of this transition is that you will come into gifts and abilities that you have not had access to before, and these gifts and abilities will also change what you work with, how you work, who you work with, all aspects of life direction, career, soul purpose, you understand what we mean, lets call it your job and lets call it your job just to keep it simple, your job will change. 

The Light Codes that are entering now are providing an energy that supports this change in your job. The timeline might not be clear to you yet but you can already now call on this energy to guide you. Many of us like to feel that we are choosing what we do in life. That we are choosing actively, consciously, creating or consciously manifesting. To a certain extent this is true but sometimes you want something, you work towards something and it doesn't manifest, no matter how much you try. No matter what rules you are applying, no matter how good it is your intention and no matter how good the outcome would be if you were to do what you want. Sometimes that choice is not given because on the Soul Contract level you have chosen something else and God has a plan for you.  

When your will doesn't align with God's will for you, you will feel conflict, that is a good time to communicate with your Higher Self, and ask for guidance on what it is that is God Source will for you and open up to aligning with that. So you see not everyone has a choice, and what you believe is choice, what you believe is of your choosing only manifests because it is also God's will for you. When you feel that things are not going your way, ask yourself - is it God's will for me?  Allow that to guide you and align you with your Higher Purpose your Highest Good. 

And there are timelines you see, there is a divine timing to why things happen in your life in a certain way and at times, because of the divine timing you might feel that you have chosen what you are doing, and you're on the right path and all is well, and it is true all is well, but at times when you're making choices because of the Divine Timing and because of the Divine Plan, things do not unfold as you imagine. 

And at times on those crossroads the only choice you have is to relax and wait so you see, you still have a choice, you still have free will and the free will is to relax and wait for alignment, for Divine Timing for the highest good to unfold. Life is smooth when you flow with the Divine Plan, and you are not here to struggle Dear Ones, you are not here to struggle.

There is an illusion that “I am in control of my life”. Who is the “I" that is in control of your life? So many struggle to surrender this control, holding on to this illusionary control creates so much struggle and suffering. But when this illusion is dissolved, this illusion of control is surrendered, how beautiful life is, how beautiful life is, then you are at One with the Divine Plan, the Divine Flow, the Divine Stream of Expansion of Consciousness and you are One, you are at peace.

As the Consciousness of the Planet shifts to a higher vibration it is not as easy as it was in the past to choose that which is not for your Highest Good. It becomes harder to not know your Souls Calling, it becomes harder to ignore God's plan for you. You might've noticed in yourself that there is less tolerance, tolerance for that which is not for your Highest Good and this applies also to your job, it applies to all areas in life but also to your job so whatever it is you do, when you choose to do as your job, will more and more need to be aligned with your Highest Good. You will find yourself less and less tolerant of that which is not for your Highest Good. 

Be open Dear Ones that your job in this life, moving forward, might not be what you thought it was. Your job might not be what you have known. Be open not only to new paths in life appearing but new ways of working within what you already do. We speak of this today Dear Ones because there is a strong energy right now moving Planet Earth Beings into the roles that they will inhabit, to both assist and live in the Golden Age. Isn't that exciting Dear Ones? 

How do you know then what is your job in this time and in the time to come?You find the answer in your Heart Codes, you find the answer in your Heart Space. Many do not understand fully that what your heart desires is God's will. This is a truth that is not fully understood - what your heart desires is God's will. So when you deny yourself what your heart desires you deny God's will for you. 

Even though it is the free will to not follow one's heart desires, that is a painful process, a painful path, and in this time you might not even be able to not choose your hearts desire, you might not be able to step away from it as you have done in the past. Because in this time the vibrational difference of stepping away from the desire of your heart will not be tolerated. You might feel like you're losing your free will. We want you to understand that you are not losing your free will. We want you to understand that your hearts desire is getting stronger and as the heart desire gets stronger and your energy, your consciousness moves more through the Heart Space, there will be less tolerance for that which steps you away from your heart desire. It will be less tolerance because the energy of your heart, your heart purpose, your heart connection, your hearts desire, is strong. Do you see what we mean Dear Ones? Remember that your true hearts desire is God's will for you. Your job therefore is to follow your heart. It is nothing new Dear Ones, this is nothing new is it not? Only now the tolerance to step away from it will not be allowed. Do you see Dear Ones, do you see?

There will be less tolerance for stepping away from the heart. That is the vibration of the Fifth Dimension, the Consciousness of the heart. When we say that there is less tolerance for stepping away from your heart, we also say that means it will be easier to follow your heart it will be easier to follow your heart. Creating the life that your heart desires is so much easier now in the fifth dimensional reality. You will see possibilities, you will see opportunity, you will see direction, you will see ways of making things happen that you once thought impossible, that you once believed to be not available. Limitations that you suffered from will fall away, do you see Dear Ones? That is also true of the hearts desire. It will be harder to step away from and it'll be easier to step into it. 

Dream big in this time, dream from your heart, dream for God's will for you. You are guided. So that little thought you had once, “maybe I could” yes that thought “maybe I could”, yes, you can, yes you can, this is the time to draw on that desire, this is the time to pull it forward from the consciousness of your heart. Draw it forwards and through your being and let yourself be guided into the divine flow in the divine timing of your hearts desire, unfolding right in front of you. That thought you once had “maybe I could…”. Yes you can.

So if you are unsure of what your role is in this time is, if you are unsure of what your job is, speak to your heart consciousness, ask your heart consciousness, what is my job, what is my role? You see sometimes we have one job but then it changes. When your job changes you might go through a time when you're not sure what to do, this is natural Dear Ones, it is natural. 

So when you're not sure what to do ask your heart consciousness: what is my job now? What is my role? Let it speak to you, be open to hear its messages, be open to the signs that will communicate with you as your Guides collaborate with your heart consciousness to guide you. And remember what we have just spoken about with divine timing, if an answer doesn't come to you clearly step back. Wait. Especially in these times, in these years that have transpired, in the years to come humanity is an accelerated learning of living in the unknown. An accelerated learning of letting go of control and living with the unknown. Not knowing what's happening today, tomorrow. When you live and reside in your heart space, in close communion with your heart consciousness you will see that that time of the unknown is not to be feared Dear Ones, it does not need to be feared. 

So we are saying to you Dear Ones that if you are unsure of your job, fall into your heart space and wait. So if you've been asking about your job, your role, you haven't yet heard the answer, haven't yet seen the paths. Be patient Dear Ones, Spirit doesn't guarantee instant gratification, Spirit guarantees your Highest Good. Do you see what we mean Dear Ones?  There is a time and place for everything and everything has its time and place. And in the changing times your roles are changing, your jobs are changing, your approach to life is changing because your heart consciousness is awakening, stronger and stronger and that explains a lot Dear Ones. That explains a lot as consciousness expands so too the desires of each heart and soul. That is why the things you wanted to do awhile back you might feel you no longer want or need jobs that you use to enjoy, you no longer enjoy them. It is natural for when consciousness expands that the desires of the heart also changes, a greater attunement with your Soul Purpose, with God's will, naturally unfolds. This is what you ask for when you do spiritual practice, you ask to be aligned with a higher consciousness and as your consciousness expands your desires change but also your gifts and skills will change. As consciousness expands you tap into new abilities and with these new abilities coming to you and through you naturally your job changes. This has always been true but you will see this on a much greater scale today because of the transition of consciousness that is taking place. It will seem far more dramatic.It will seem like everybody is starting over. The decisions made might feel more dramatic simply because of this shift of consciousness and energy. What we mean is you might feel like “no I cannot do this anymore, I have to stop, I have to do something else.”. That type of feeling, that type of thought is not unusual in this time because of the awakening of the heart consciousness. This is what we mean when we say the things you tolerated before that were not as aligned with your hearts desire, you might feel that you do not tolerate it, you have less tolerance towards it. It is harder to go against the heart, it is easier to follow, two sides of the same coin do CD one it becomes harder to not follow the heart the other side of the coin is that it is much easier to follow the heart. So we say it again Dear Ones your job is to follow your heart.  We want you to see what that means, it means that the answer is within you, you hold the key to your heart desire, you are in fact in control even when you get assistance from people around you, from your Guides, from Spirit, of course you receive assistance all the time Dear Ones, all the time, but even if you receive assistance, you receive assistance to hear your heart, you receive assistance to follow your heart, but the answer is still within you, and it is within you that you must travel to hear God's will. It cannot be found elsewhere, cannot be found outside of yourself, cannot be told you by anybody else, you see what we mean Dear Ones. Look within. You are a Sovereign Soul, you are a unique expression of God's divine light of creation, hear the voice of your heart, see the Beauty, the Glory of your heart, know the Truth of your Own Being, 

You emanate a unique Light into this world, let it shine, let it shine Dear Ones, let it shine, that is your job. 

When you see the Radiant Beauty and Glory of your Heart Space there is no turning away from it, do you see what we mean Dear Ones? When you see the Radiance and Beauty and Glory of your Divine Heart, it is impossible to turn away from it.”



11.11 Ascended Masters Portal

“Welcome Dear Ones, Welcome, We are so pleased to be with you here today and we bring with us the blessings of the Ascended Masters. For many weeks now the Ascended Masters Energy, the Ascended Masters Light has been working on the Planetary Consciousness for some weeks now, and today, today's Gateway is the HighLight, the High Light, the High Light, the HighLight of the Ascended Masters Energy coming your way, coming into the Planetary Consciousness and indeed filling all of the Galaxy with its presence.

So We welcome you Dear Ones to the 1111 Gateway. 

We are so pleased to be with you, We are so pleased to share this moment with you. We your Galactic Family, 

Do you know what it means to be an Ascended Master? An Ascended Master is one who has transcended, transcended, lower vibrational patterns, an Ascended Master is one who has transcended lower vibrational patterns and vibrates on the Higher Dimensional Spectrum of Light and Love, pure High Vibrational Being, Transcendental Being. These are the ones who you call the Ascended Masters Dear Ones. And these beautiful Beings, these beautiful Masters, these beautiful Lights, are constantly serving the Galactic Family, are constantly serving Creation, are constantly serving God Source and they are also serving you Dear Ones, and you can also serve them. 

Bring to your Heart, bring to your Mind, an Ascended Master, that you know and connect with, right now bring to your Heart, bring to your Mind an Ascended Master, with whom you feel a deep connection and allow the presence, the presence of that Master to be with you and this is how you Ascend yourselves Dear Ones, each and every one of you has the potential of Ascension, and this is how you can Ascend Dear Ones, by connecting to your Ascended Masters. It is one of the many beautiful paths in Life towards Ascended Living, Ascended Mastery, Ascended Being. 

And these Ascended Masters, they are known as Ascended Masters, also because they have walked on Earth, spread their Light and Energy on Earth, spread their Teachings and Love on Earth and then Ascended to the Spiritual Realms in which they live and work from. They do so much work, so much Service, this is one of the roles of the Ascended Master to serve Humanity, both on Planet Earth and for other Realms, not only Humanity Dear Ones, there are so many other Beings, and through the Great Interconnectedness of All Being, there is a Service to Creation Dear Ones, there is a Service to Creation, a Service to God. This is not limited to Humanity on Planet Earth Dear Ones, it is not limited to Planet Earth. So today we honour the Ascended Masters, we thank the Ascended Masters for their time on Earth and for their continued Service on Earth and for Creation. Such beautiful Light, Dear Ones, such beautiful Light, such beautiful Presence, such Supreme Beings and when you honour this in your Heart, you ascend yourself Dear Ones, you Ascend yourself.”

The Energy transmission of the White Christ Light Codes, we are bathing you Dear Ones, we are bathing you in this Radiant Light, just relax and receive Dear Ones.

When you yourself feel fulfilled, fully filled with this energy, with this Light, send it onwards, pass it through you and to those around you, start spreading the Light that traveled through you, onwards into those around you. The more you give the more you receive. And the more we anchor this vibration, into this Realm into this Consciousness. 

Fill your well, fill your well and then share of these holy waters, fill your well and then share of these holy waters to all who are of thirst, to all who are of thirst, quench the thirst, quench your own thirst, quench the thirst of others.


As sure as you live and breathe in your body and Being, the Ascended Masters have lived and breathed and walked in Embodiment on planet Earth. There are places on Earth where Ascended Masters have resided, where the Energy is particularly strong, particularly powerfully rooted, gridded into the Earth's Consciousness. If these places call you Dear Ones, you should go, you should go and visit those places that call you for they are your direct connection to your Ascended Master Lineage. Do you see what we mean Dear Ones? Sometimes these places, these spaces on Earth, they call you and they call you for a purpose, for you to go and collect the sparks of light that are there to be gathered, that are yours to be gathered but also to anchor your energy, to that of the Ascended Master Lineage to which you feel affiliated or belong.  

There are many such power spots on Earth and at one point in time you might be guided, might receive guidance, your Soul guidance, to visit these spaces and the reason you will feel called is because there is Light, there is Light for you to gather. Where the Ascended Masters have walked on this Earth their Energy is gathered. Encapsuled if you will and 

you feel their presence, you feel the presence of energy in certain places, we know that you know what we mean, and to be in that presence in the earthly realm, in your physical body, where that high vibrational energy has walked, has embodied, can be a truly Heart Opening, Life-Changing experience.

So to those of you who feel called to go to certain places on the planet it can be for this purpose. Sometimes it can be to connect to the Ascended Master Energy but many of you are also Light Workers and it also means that you might be called to certain places in order to anchor energy. First gather, then anchor. Gather, then Anchor. Do you see what we mean Dear Ones? 

That is also the meditation we guided you to just a moment ago, Gather the Light, Anchor Light, and spread the Light through your own Being. And as this 1111 Gateway for days now and a few days to come, weeks to come in fact, will be transmitting the Ascended Masters Energy, in the 1111 Energy, allow yourself to be a conductor, a receiver, a conductor and spread the Light.

We your Guides are happy to assist you, any time you ask, anytime you ask, we are happy to assist you, we are pleased to work with you, let us rejoice in the energy of the Ascended Masters, let us honour and give thanks to the Ascended Masters, let us be present to receive the energy of the Ascended Masters,

 Om Namah Shivaya, Om Na Ma Shi Va Ya, Om Namah Shi Va Ya."

"All is well Dear Ones, All is well. Your beautiful Earth Mother loves you, loves you, all of Her children. Connect with Her, Dear Ones to reassure your Heart that All is well. Allow the constant presence of Her Body, the Earth Body, to reassure you that All is well Dear Ones. When you need reassurance in your Heart, meditate on this, meditate on the constant presence of Mother Earth, the Earth Body, the constant presence of the Planet. Meditate on this to reassure your Heart that All is well. She has been around for quite some time has she not ? Trust in that presence of the Body of Earth, trust in that presence of your earthly home, She has been around for quite some time, She knows a thing or two. By meditating on Her presence, Her constant presence, you can reassure your Heart that all is well.”


Part 2

“Consciousness does not have religious boundaries. If you are drawn to an Ascended Master of another religion know that this does not matter. Consciousness does not have religious borders.” 

“The Third Dimensional reality likes to box things in, this is this box, this is that box, but you see Consciousness does not have these boxes, does not have these boundaries and this creates a lot of confusion for humanity about religion, spirituality and Consciousness.

The evolution of the Soul cannot be contained in a box, and when you move into your Heart, and as the whole of the planet moves into the Heart Consciousness energy of the Fifth Dimensional Being, you will find Dear Ones that your Heart and Soul long for things, call for things, long for places and call for places that you might wonder “what has this to do with me”, “what has this to do with where I was born, how I was raised, what I have chosen to believe” - and you might find that you have to change and go along with the calling of your Soul, the calling of your Heart. As this Consciousness expands you might find yourself Being drawn to so-called religions or people, or Beings, so in this case Ascended Masters who you have never thought you had a connection to, what you have never thought you had anything to do with them. This is Consciousness expansion, this is your expansion, be open to that any of this type of change that we now speak of can happen to you. As you move into Heart Consciousness, as the whole planet moves into Heart Consciousness Fifth Dimensional Being, all of these boundaries, all of these boxes will dissolve.

 Isn’t it liberating Dear Ones? Isn’t it Liberating? Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

So you might be born in Paris but be called to the deserts of Egypt, and so you might be born in the deserts of Africa and you might be called to the Arctic North and so you might be called to move from everything that you know, from everything that you find familiar in order to follow the Souls guidance. We give these examples just to open, just to open, just to open the Mind to Consciousness, to Dimensionality, to the Souls Lifelines, Timelines and Eternal Being.

And if you think it is extreme to go from one climate to another on planet Earth how about going to other star systems, how about going to other galaxies. Do you see that this is the nature of your Soul, your work might not even be on planet Earth Dear Ones.

And as the boundaries and boxes of the Third Dimensional world dissolve and humanity open to a new type of existence, and new type of life on planet Earth, expect what you cannot even, expect what you cannot even yet imagine. The possibilities are endless, the potential is unlimited, your possibilities are endless, your potential is unlimited. 

This is the message of the Ascended Masters, through their own example, through their own Being, the Ascended Masters come to expand Consciousness beyond what is possible, beyond what is considered limits. They move mountains, they walk through walls, they make gold out of nothing, What for Dear Ones, what for? Why do they walk on water and heal the blind, what for Dear Ones? Why do they show up in 10 different places at the same time? What for Dear Ones? The purpose of these miracles are to show you that Life is a miracle.

 And so we Grace the ground that the ascended masters have walked on, we honour the Heart of the ascended masters, for that Divine Promise of Heaven on Earth. 


“Behold the Great Beauty of Creation Dear Ones, through the Heart and Path of the Ascended Masters, through the Heart and Path of the Ascended Masters, through the Heart and Path of the Ascended Masters.”