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08.12.22 Full Moon Lunar Portal on the 8th

“The Cup that runs over, Infinite Abundance, the Cup that runs over, the Cup that runneth over, infinite abundance, Infinite Abundance Codes.

With this Full Moon Portal we transmit to you infinite Abundance Codes: infinite abundance, infinite joy, abundant joy, the Golden Light, the Golden Ray of Abundance, an Energy represented by Golden Beings and Golden Dimensional Rays, Golden Dimensional Realms, Golden Light Beings. 

We of the Galactic Federation of Light are pleased to present to you today, joyful abundance, abundant abundance, to fill your Cup until it runs over in a never ending everlasting flow of abundance, a continuous flow of All That is for the Highest Good of yourself and others, we ask you to receive Dear Ones, we ask you to receive. Let us fill your Cup and let your Cup run over.”


“Activating abundance is an understanding, is an energetic knowing, a Knowing that you always have enough, that you are always provided for, that you are always abundant, that you are always resourceful, that you are always limitless, that you are All Ways a pure channel for the abundant Energy of All Creation” 

“The moon guides and governs many aspects of life on Earth, there is like a symbiotic, symbiosis, relationship between the moon and the Earth. Depending if the moon is waxing or waning, full or dark, eclipsed, partially eclipsed in relation to the Sun, Planet Earth or any other Planet, all of these constellations provide particular seeds of information that govern many aspects of Life on Earth. It governs Planet Earth Herself, and the Elements of Planet Earth, it governs the animals and of course, you, the Humans. Many Civilizations Human as well as other Galactic Civilizations have known and used this knowledge to adapt their activity depending on whether the moon is waning, waxing, full or dark or any of the other constellations. This science has long been known to Humankind as well as other Galactic Civilizations. As you evolve in your multidimensional expansion you will find this type of knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy, what we call the Galactic Family, what we call the Galactic Family Experience, Knowledge and Knowing, the interrelatedness the Oneness will become clearer to you, as you take steps in your multidimensional evolution. We know for example that Mithila has been saying to us in the last year, she has been saying "I used to be affected by the moon, by the full moon, it used to affect me but now I'm affected by the full moon, the quarter moon, the new moon, every moon is affecting me” and she has been telling us this and we say yes your multidimensional awareness of the interconnectedness, the activity, the symbiosis, as it expands you feel more, you sense more. Some people are already born, are already born with this knowing because it is a skill that they have already evolved in a past timeline. For some of you it will be something you come into in this new, now timelines, as you elevate your consciousness and merge with the Fifth Dimensional Being of the new planet. And as we have said before with this new awareness you might find that you need to change how you approach your life and your lifestyle, for each new awareness, for each new knowing, such as today's gift of the knowing of the abundance of creation, the knowing, the activation of the abundance codes within yourself, for each new knowing it becomes more and more difficult to continue as you have always done. Do you see what we mean Dear One’s?Sso with this new knowing for example, we are gathered for the full moon, when you start to sense the full moon and the activity of the full moon, it’s symbiotic relationship with your planet, with your home and with your being, then it is hard to continue as if that hadn't happened, as if you didn't know as if you didn't feel or sense this relationship, do you see what we mean? 

So with each new knowing, with each new awareness, you will find yourself between the old and the new for a little while, and then eventually stepping into a changed reality where this new knowing can harmoniously abide with you and then we say you are in a new Timeline, do you see what we mean Dear Ones? And in that new Timeline you have access now to Energy that you didn't have before, you grow the skills to navigate that Energy and gradually to co-create with that Energy and your life will be different in some way to what it has been before. On a mass consciousness level this is happening to the entire Planet, do you see what we mean Dear Ones? On a mass consciousness level this is happening to the entire Planet. Circumstances have caused a new awareness, a new perspective to open and as you step into that new perspective, that new world, there is a mass consciousness Timeline Shift. Is that not a New Age Dear Ones? 

That is a new age. And there are those gradual moments, those small steps that then become huge leaps and we say then “worlds are born”. That also means that the old falls away. So you have your Personal Timeline and there is the Collective Timeline and the Collective Timeline is in a progression towards a Golden Age Timeline. You are so to speak “in transit" and we want you to understand that parts of you are already there, do you understand what we mean Dear Ones? There are parts of you, of your consciousness that is already there, the fifth dimensional planet is already formed, but there are many paths in transit and right now at this moment in time, in the Galactic Timeline, there is a significant shift in the Golden Age Manifestation from this now moment on. Do you see what we mean Dear Ones, that within the transit to the Golden Age, now in this moment, in the Timeline, the Galactic Timeline, there is a significant change happening. Many smaller moments, some we have journeyed together on, some you have felt and seen in your own awareness, have led to this point in the Timeline. We have spoken about the significance of the Sun in this Galactic shift, but the Moon also plays a role, for every lunar cycle the Collective Planet Earth Consciousness is moving forward in the Timeline of the Golden Age Manifestation. And as you awaken your multidimensionality, your ability to feel and sense this symbiosis of the Moon with you, the phases of activity that each cycle of the Moon generates supports, activates will become part of your experience, part of your Knowing and will be a source of connection to navigate daily life much in the way that the Ancients have done. Do you see what we mean Dear Ones? In the Ancient Times this Knowing was integrated into life. In recent times, the old Earth Timeline, very few people kept the knowledge of this active in consciousness, in daily life rituals. The significance of this, these symbiotic Galactic Family relationships will play a greater role in the Fifth Dimensional Being. Transmission complete.”


 12.12 Gateway Transcript

“Inner Calm is the gift of this Gateway, Inner Calm is the Energy of this Gateway.

The great paradox Dear Ones, as everything in the Cosmic Energy Fields accelerate, there is a Great Cosmic Acceleration of Frequency, with every month that passes in the transformation of Planet Earth and Galactic Evolution. And the great paradox Dear Ones is that as this acceleration takes place, the best approach is to slow down. Inner Calm is a state of Being, a state of self-mastery and we invite you now to bathe in the sweet Energy transfusion of Inner Calm.

 Sink deep into Yourself and know that you are the calm quiet of the ocean floor. You are the calm quiet of the ocean floor. Even as the most tremendous waves crash upon the surface, rise upon the surface, even as the most most turbulent speeds might be moving the surface, you are the deep quiet of the ocean floor. 

Meditate for a moment on Inner Calm. What does it mean to you to have Inner Calm? What does it mean to you?

Perhaps there is an area in your life in which you wish to have greater Inner Calm. What pops up for you straightaway when you hear these words? What area, situation in your life do you wish to have greater Inner Calm? Let us now together infuse that situation with the vibration of Inner Calm, this sweet scent that is being transfused into this gathering, let us infuse that Energy into the situation you now have in your heart mind. Where you wish to feel greater Inner Calm. So that you can approach that situation with greater Inner Calm, so that you can view that situation with greater Inner Calm, so that you can speak of that situation with greater Inner Calm, so that you can be in that situation with greater Inner Calm. 

Very good Dear Ones, we see you holding that situation, and we are now helping you to bring Inner Calm into that situation. Let it flow, Let it flow, Let it flow. 

"Once again view the situation that is disturbing your Calm, review it now and see, does it feel any different to you? As you view this situation, speak to yourself:

“ I AM Calm, I AM Calm, I AM Calm. I AM the deep quiet of the ocean floor” 

“Sovereign Being Oh Sovereign Being of Light, 

Sovereign Being Oh Sovereign Being of Light, 

May you know your worth, may you know your value, may you know that you are all Sovereign Beings, oh Sovereign Being of Light. Travel into the distant stars, travel into the distant stars, through this Cosmic Gateway, travel into the distant stars to know your Origin, to know your Root Race, to know your Root Race, your Origin Code.”

“When you know your Eternalness you step into fearlessness, when you know your Eternalness you step into fearlessness.”

Energy medicine for connecting to our Galactic Origin being worked on here with the 12 Chakra, 12 chakra Energy system, this gateway the 1212 gateway gives us an opportunity, an opportunity to better access the 12 chakra Energy system, connects us to the stars of the Stellar gateway, awakening of the Star Origin Light Codes, through the 12 chakra system. It is literally like sprinkling stardust on to each Chakra.


21.12.2022 Solstice Transcript

Channelled through my Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Self Priestess Kara (not the GFL today...)

“The crown jewel of the winter season, winter equinox, crown jewel of the winter season, lost knowledge about the seasonal gateways, the seasonal passages of Mother Earth, lost knowledge of the seasonal gateways and passages of Mother Earth, must be remembered.

There were times on Earth when the Ancient Beings lived in harmony with the seasonal gateways, the cosmic alignments of Planet Earth in Her Solar System. In this new Earth creation we expect to see so many more becoming conscious of each of these connections and inter-connections in and of Mother Earth, interplanetary and interstellar.

Righting of the imbalances, righting of the imbalances between Humanity and the Nature the righting all of imbalances between Humanity and Nature. 

As the Northern Hemisphere celebrates the Winter Equinox, the Southern Hemisphere celebrates a Summer Equinox. This is the balance of Mother Earth and with each Equinox there is a new type of Energy entering the Planet and also being birthed from the Planet, for Planet Earth and all Her Beings. These energies carry codes of destruction and creation for the coming months that then unfold into the experience of the Seasons, the Plants, the Minerals, the Animals and the Humans behaviour, needs, purpose, regulating all aspects of Life in each Hemisphere and in between. 

There is a great need for Humanity to come back, to return into remembrance of the interconnectedness with Mother Earth, with Her Seasons, with Her Cycles and the relationship to Her Galactic presence.

The Equinox is a shaking up of energy, a shaking up of energy! Because it is what brings in something new, carries the seeds, the energetic seeds for the change of Season that unfolds in the Time and Gateway from one Equinox to another. The Winter Equinox brings the light back and as the light hours start to grow the energy permeates more and more into the physical field for the building of Spring.

In the Timeline of the Golden Age evolution this Winter Solstice brings very powerful seeds of change. When we pause to meditate on this passage in time we honour the great wisdom of Planet Earth, the Great Mother Gaia in all the forms of Her past, present and future."


M: We are receiving some Awakening of Elemental and Elemental Knowledge, Elemental Wisdom, Elemental Remembrance as part of our reconnection or realignment with Mother Earth and Her cycles which is also regulated by the elements: Earth Water Wind Fire Ether.

Elemental Light Language 

The Elemental Space, and the Elements of the Elemental qualities and properties and Elemental Energy but also the Elemental Beings all the Beings that rule the Elemental Field and Realms. There is a feeling of a reconnection, a re-coding, reprogramming but also clearing of what's in the way of innate knowledge and connection to the elements of Mother Earth and within our own being. Suffusing the interconnectedness that particle, that particle which runs through all of us and Planet Earth, those particles that connect us energetically, physically, that oneness. 

On these Equinox and Solstice Gateways, the Elemental Energy, Elemental Realm is at play.

There is a greater presence and sense and opportunity to connect with the rebalancing of Elements, rebalancing of Elemental Energy, within your self, and a re-harmonization of yourself with your Planet. 

Weaving of the Energy of the Elements into the Auric Field. 

"You are Water, You are Earth, You are Wind, You are Fire, You are Ether, You are the Sun the Moon and the Stars."

“And so we welcome the Great Winter Solstice, the Crown Jewel of the season

Oh Great Galactic Light, Oh Great Galactic Light of the Great Galactic Center"

M: Energy alignment happening in these last few days have to do with the Great Galactic Center aligning with our Solar System. We are just tapping into that Energy alignment is naturally present at this time, this Gateway in Time. This Equinox Gateway also brings in the blessings of Light from the Great Central Sun from the Galactic Center and the alignment with our Solar System and Planet Earth at this time. Our Sun and Solar System and Planet Earth at this time. Just being called to recognise this alignment, to participate in this alignment, to draw High Light into our life, to draw Higher Light into the Holy Days ahead to become a Pillar of Light for ourselves and our loved ones, anyone we meet in the name an example of Christ Amen.


“Oh Great Galactic Center shine your Light on us, Oh Great Central Sun transmute the veils of darkness that are in or around us through the pure blaze of your Divine Presence,  Oh Galactic Sun uplift us into the Higher Vibrational Planes with Divine Mother and Mother Earth anchor us into Your Being.

We closed the trance mission with an Angelic Realm blessing for every person and for the holiday season ahead to bring Light through us to every one we meet, our homes and for everyone entering our homes.


22.12.22 New Moon Transcript

“This is your Safe Haven, This is your Safe Haven” - and this Energy had to do with Christ Consciousness and not very surprising considering the time we are in Christ Consciousness Energy, but was more specific than that, it was about the Heart Energy the Heart of Christ Consciousness, Heart of Christ Consciousness Energy, that and this is your safe haven and the words were “take refuge, take refuge in the Heart of Christ Consciousness”.  Together with the Diamond Quan Yin 3rd Eye Energy Transmission this was mostly a pure energetic and not verbal transmission. In part 2 of the event we received the following words from the GFL / Pleaidian Guides.

“There is no shortage of Energy, there is no shortage of Energy, Energy gets recycled over and over, there is no shortage of Energy, there are no limits to Energy and every New Moon and at certain and at certain points in time, at certain points in time, New Energy enters the Planet. You can think of it as when new money is printed, new money is printed and new Energy then circulates through money on the Planet. In the same way new Energy enters, new Energy enters through New Moons and other points in time, Galactic points in time, bringing in new Energy into the Planet. This happens in all of the Galactic points in time, when new Energy is brought into the Planet. There is no shortage of Energy, you must simply learn to harness it, recycle it, transmute it, transform it. Alchemise.


You see, there is no shortage of Energy. World without End, Amen. 


The real question is what are you going to do with all this Energy? The real question is what are you going to do with all this Energy? Create, create, create, create Heaven on Earth. 


Planet Earth Herself, a Supreme Energy Being, continuously replenishing Herself, isn’t it wondrous Dear Ones, isn’t it wondrous how Planet Earth continuously replenishes Herself? She births Herself a new, time and time, and age and age, through cycles of destruction, of rebirth, of construction, of maintenance, of destruction and so on 


Isn’t She wondrous Dear Ones? You can learn a lot from your Mother about Energy. So when you're wondering what to do with the feeling of shortage of Energy, why ask Her. She's an expert. Ask Her. She is such an expert on the subject of Energy. She is your resident expert so to speak, She is your resident expert on the subject of Energy, She is your in-house resource so to speak, She is your in-house resource. You only need to begin to realise that you have this resource, you only need to begin to remember that She is your co-creator.”