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Themes in Feb: Transmuting Fear, Invoking Childlike Spirit, 

02.02 Gateway Channel Messages 

“Higher Heart High Light transmission, bathe in the bliss of your Higher Heart Dear Ones, bathe in the bliss of your Higher Heart”

Opening of the Dragon gate to the Higher High Light, the 22 Gateways, the Dragons Power Portal, the reemergence of the Treasures of the Higher Heart, we are being held in this transmission so that we may receive the remembrance of the treasures of the Higher Heart, Higher Heart Way of Life, Higher Heart path of Life, Higher Heart Living Codes, Higher Heart Being. I feel that we are receiving assistance from the Dragon realm in order to transmit and receive this energy exchange.


“The Higher Heart holds the purest emotions of the Higher Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Selfless Service, Divine Adoration, Bliss. The Higher Heart aspects of Purified Emotion, of Unconditional Love, Selfless Service, Divine Adoration and Bliss. 

The Fifth Dimensional Love Light Codes assist each individual in accessing these Higher Heart Purified Emotions. May we all reside in the Purified Emotions of the Higher Heart every day of our life and so it is”.

Lots of Light Language through the whole trance-mission.


“You are what you are and you are more than what you know that you are, you are more than what you know that you are, what you truly are, what you truly are has been hidden from you, you are what you are, and you are more than what you know that you are, you are what you are and you are more than what you know that you are, what you truly are has been hidden from you under a dark lid of illusionary mind games played by forces that are not invested in your Highest Good. Fear has its purpose but when fear is used to manipulate the emotions of the Human Hearts and the Human Mind, to lower the vibration of the Human Consciousness this goes against the will of God fear has its purpose but when fear is used for the manipulation of the Human Heart and the Human mind, to lower the vibration of the Human Consciousness, this goes against the Will of God. 

Wherever you see or sense fear Dear Ones transmute, transmute, immediately transmute, immediately transmute, transmute, transmute. 

Whenever you see or sense fear that does not serve the Higher Purpose, the higher Purpose of Being, the preservation of the Human Body, with the Human Heart to the Human mind but also other beings animals minerals long 

Fear is only to be recognized as a purpose, when it is preventing harm from happening, when it is preventing harm from happening, when it is warning for what might happen, this is the only purpose of the emotion of fear, and it is the only purpose of which the emotion of fear should be recognized, and you in your daily life to prevent Heart fear that arises as a message to prevent Heart to prevent destruction this is the only true purpose of fear 

So when you feel fear that is arriving in order to prevent you from receiving bodily harm or otherwise somebody else receiving bodily harm, when you feel fear that comes from that you feel that you are under attack in some way, in mind or body, or someone else is under attack in some way, mind and body, and that arises fear and you wish to prevent that. That is the only purpose of fear, that is the only healthy purpose of the emotion of fear, any other fear that is caused in you, or in others for any other reason than the physical prevention of hurt or harm should be transmuted immediately, immediately, immediately.

 And that is all. 

Fear that is used to manipulate the Human Consciousness into a low vibration should be transmuted immediately by those of you who recognize that there is manipulation in play, in those of you who will recognize and see and sense that fear arrived within yourself or in others in a way that is lowering the Human Consciousness, act immediately Dear Ones transmute this fear immediately through the power of your Being. You have this power Dear Ones, you have this power. Recognize fear that is being used as a manipulative force and transmute immediately, immediately, immediately.

 And by doing so you will help yourself and you will help the Collective Consciousness to rise out of this fear-based illusionary existence that is lowering the Human Consciousness and it kept the Human Consciousness under lock and key for generations.

You can set this Consciousness free from this lock and key of illusion of fear. You have the power to transmute this Dear Ones, use your power, use your power wisely. Always call upon the Highest Good and transmute, transmute, transmute this fear energy that has been holding people separate, that has been holding people in our inflation, that has been holding people separate, from the Consciousness of Spirit and from the Higher Self, the Higher Heart. All of these blockages that have been in place due to this illusionary fear manipulation of Consciousness is now coming to the surface to be healed. So there will actually be a lot of fear being felt, being felt by the Collective, being felt by yourself, being felt by people around you. This fear is now coming up for purging and every time you see it, every time you sense it, transmute, transmute, transmute, into the Higher Dimensions of Light.

Transmute, transmute, transmute, and together we will free the Human Consciousness Field of these lower vibrations of manipulation. Now they are coming up in big waves of purging of emotion to surface and clean and clear and purify out of the Consciousness Field. And so you are Workers of the Light, you are Warriors of the Light, and you are being called into Action, you are being called into Service. 

Remember your power, remember who you truly are and assist in raising Consciousness out of the fear based illusionary Timelines as Planet Earth and all Her Beings now purge this fear. 

You are called to assist to hold the Higher Vibration of Love, of Light, of the Higher Heart, the Pure Emotions of the Higher Heart, hold them true, hold them pure, connect to Source, connect to the Higher Will of God.

It is all coming to the surface now Dear Ones, it is all coming to the surface, to be healed.

What you see is not what will be, what you see is what is coming up to create space for what will be.”




6th February Full Moon Channelled on the 9.02.2023

LL Song in English 

“I welcome You Beloved Ones

To gather once again

I honour You Beloved Ones

Your Light Your Soul Your Heart and Spirit

I welcome You Beloved Ones 

Into this Circle of Friends

May All that is for Your Highest Good 

Descend Descend Descend


I call on You Beloved Soul, to hear your Spirit voice

I beseech You Beloved Friend, to know Thy Heart

and Come Home, Come Home, Come Home Again

And I call on You Oh Destined Ones, to see the Light Divine

that Shines behind Your Eyes 


"We are called, we are called to gather around the Shamanic Fires to invoke Spirit and Soul back into the Living Element of Human Life. Sweet Soul, Sweet Spirit, Guide Us to know our true destiny as a Human Nation, the Humanoid Form of Creation that allows us to live the Human Destiny on this Earth is unique, unique, unique. Coveted by many due to the wonders of the experience of walking in the Garden of Eden the wonders of life on Earth.

Coveted by many other life forms, treasure this, treasure this, this precious Life in Human Form. You came to play Dear Ones, you came here to play in this Garden of Eden.

Somewhere along the way the playfulness got lost in a tangle of webs. And in this tangle of webs, you, when we say you we mean the Human Nation, the Human Nation Dear Ones, you became mired, mired in these webs. And this playfulness of Spirit has been all but lost except among the children. You have to learn from the children once again, learn it again, learn playfulness, learn from the children, learn from your own Inner Child, the child you once were. 

And it does not matter now if your childhood was not very playful, it does not matter now. What matters is to call on the Spirit of the Child, the playfulness of the Spirit of the Child, the child you once were, the children around you, observe the children and re-learn, re-learn the playfulness of Spirit. Such a great gift of childhood to enter the world with that spirit. Such a great gift of childhood to be in remembrance in those early years of what life is all about. 

Invoke that Childlike Spirit, that Childlike Heart, that Childlike Openness that doesn't know the boxes and the boundaries imposed upon by the webs, the webs of illusion of limitation. When too many people believe in limit then limit exists. When enough people believe in the limitlessness, then limitlessness exists. And so you create your own Consciousness, and so you create your own Reality, and so you create your Existences, and so you create the Timeline, and so you must choose, you must choose to tune in to that Childlike Spirit, that Childlike Openness

Let us bring you into the understanding of non-linear time. Non-linear Time. 

Where you are of all the ages you have ever been all at once, in this now moment, and you are all the ages you will ever be, in this now moment. And so we say to you that Childlike Spirit that you once were, that Child of Remembrance that you were born as, is right here, is right here, it is not far, far away in the past, it's right here. You are right here.

So much confusion and heartache and pain is caused by the concept of linear time so we would very much like to make a revolution of time for you Dear Ones. So you can begin to remember what it was like, once, as a child when you lived very much in the moment. Where in fact it was very difficult to imagine an hour from now or two hours from now or a week from now. What did that even mean? And if you recognise in this moment that you can access every time an age that you have been, right now in this moment, can you see the infinite possibilities of experience that that opens you to?

In linear time you will say “Oh so and so is at the start of their life. So-and-so is at the start of their life and in linear time you will say this about someone who is perhaps in their 20s. Look there is someone at the start of their Life. But we say to you, you are all at the start of your life. You are all at the start of your life, because you're all connected to that moment in linear time when you were 20, right now, right now Dear Ones. So what is stopping you, what is stopping you from starting your life? It is only this concept of linear time is it not? Is it not this concept that only at 20 can you do so and so and such and such. What nonsense we say to you. What nonsense. This is a limitation of linear time, erase it at once Dear Ones. Erase it at once.

And then there is this concept that at such and such an age life is ending, life is coming to a close. We say to you Dear Ones it is not so. The journey of your Soul is Eternal, the journey of your Soul has no limit, and where the physical body ends is only a limitation in the physical reality, it is not a limitation in the far Greater Consciousness of Soul and Spirit. It is but a blip, it is but a mere moment. And so we encourage you Dear Ones to see your progression in linear time as a bounty. That no matter what age in linear time is upon you that you are not limited by that linear reality of what is the beginning and what is an ending.

You are not limited in what years you are allowed to play and what years you have to be serious. You can be both responsible and playful you see. So if there is any aspect of linear time that you feel limited by, that is causing you any stress or strain, any aspect of linear time that holds you to a certain age or certain activity or certain behaviour that is allowed or not allowed, accepted or not accepted, anything that causes you to feel limitation due to linear time, we ask you to take it and throw it out the window. 

Just throw it out the window Dear Ones. This is an illusion. And if there are any aspects of linear time that benefits you, that helps you keep structure, that helps you keep healthy limits, then use it by all means use it, by all means. But observe yourself and recognise if there are thought patterns, behaviour patterns, emotions that you find are linked to the concept of linear time and that are causing you any stress or strain in your Heart and your Soul, in your Spirit, in your way of Being on Earth, observe yourself, recognise if it is connected to linear time and make a full revolution, make a full revolution. Bring yourself back to that Timeline, in your own current life, where you did not feel those limitations and draw on that energy of that time, whether you were a child, whether you were 20, whether you were 30, whether you were 40, whether you were 50. Wherever it was in linear time that you had a certain activity or certain behaviour or certain Spirit of Being that you felt was so much more beneficial to you, then know from what we're saying to you today, that these Timeline are right here in this now moment. They are not in a past or in the future. They are right here. And because they are right here, you can choose to connect to them at will. And what is done now will serve the past and what is done now will serve the future and so it is. 

We invite you to completely revolve your concept of time, bring about the time revolution. You Are Here and We Are All One. 

And we say to you How does healing happen? Healing happens through remembrance. And on this full moon as you are gathered here together to remember who you really are, we say to you remember the Childlike Spirit that lives in you, for it lives in you right here in this moment and it is only for you to remember and to invoke it into being, invoke it into your cells, invoke it, return to that innocence, and let that innocence sweeten every cell of your being.”