a decade of devotion

Posted: 19 January, 2017 By Blog

I quit my job. The kind of job that was a 'secure income', a promising career in corporate business and a steady 40-hour work week Monday to Friday. The kind of job that you are not supposed to quit. 

Yet in 2006, I did quit my 6 year career. I had to. 
I was physically unwell. Often and a lot. I was unsatisfied at heart. 
I left and I took a year to recover my well-being and to start my own company. A change of direction to make a living doing something that I felt was truly exciting. Practicing and teaching the path of Yoga. 

Today, 10 years later, I work nearly all weekends, I work often and sometimes a lot and every holiday I take partly involves work in some form or other. I playfully call them work-cations. I love it all.

Many have asked and I have never even once during these 10 years regretted this decision. Not even for a second. Words of regret have not escaped my lips on this matter, nor has the thought of regret even entered my head. This surprises me. At the time I had no knowing on how I would make things work out in this new life, and I could have never predicted the experiences and opportunities the past decade opened up to support what I had chosen. It has been and is utterly extraordinary to me.

I believe that we all have a very unique purpose in life. In finding and living that purpose we feel whole. I feel it daily. Naturally I have had many challenging experiences personally and professionally over the last 10 years and the way I work and live has changed over time and different phases of this decade. I have also not always felt super well in health or wealth or work. There have been months when I could not take out a salary either. 

The one thing that has not changed through-out is a feeling of freedom in my heart. I consider myself most fortunate to have found this and to share with others how to find this. Daily does it.

Every month this year to come, I will be sharing with you a little piece of this decade of devotion to my heART and all the many wonderful people and wonder-filled circumstances that have contributed and created this story. I did not do this alone. I have many to mention and thank and will be doing so month by month in these newsletters this year.

There will be new beginnings this year and there will be a celebratory party. You are invited. Stay tuned for further updates here.

A very happy New Year to you all!

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