Love Letter 4: to the Partners

Posted: 9 May, 2017 By Blog

at the end of this letter is our list of Summer Events 2017 and save the dates for Yoga Travel in 2018 in collaboration with wonderful partners at play!


Dear friends and Crew,

In these past 10 years I have had the fortune to be part of many partnerships collaborating in creating spaces of practice together. These spaces have contributed in significant ways in becoming the life experience I have had in the past 10 years of my self-employment. These partnerships have been part and parcel of my own creative explorations and without which not only would business not have been possible but it would have undoubtedly been far less enjoyable. I owe gratitude to all mentioned below, and anyone I may have missed to mention, and I highly recommend the studios and retreats I have worked for.

In the beginning I got my first teaching jobs at Hagabadet and Balans Yoga Billdal - I was with them for many years. I rented space for the first time from the talented yogini Anja at Yoga Buddhi Studio in my start phase, which also led to work briefly at Langley Travel on Corsica. I collaborated with Spa expert and entrepreneur Catta Gunnarson at several of her ventures and venues developing my work as a therapist with Catta's and the guidance of GGI Gothenburg. Short term partnerships included opportunities to work at studios/events in Halmstad with Tina, Nike Stockholm, Studio Frid Malmö, and ITS Convention Siberia. My ex-colleagues at IFS Gothenburg also hired me as their yoga teacher for awhile! Such fun!

I also taught several retreats with Sunflower Yoga Retreats in Italy, Ulpotha Yoga and Ayurveda Village in Sri Lanka was my summer home for 2 weeks for 7 years. I worked closely with the leading ladies of the NIA Movement Center - both in renting space, teaching on their schedule as well as their wholehearted annual event for its 5 first years. Equally important has been my long term collaboration with Anna at Yoga Havstenssund, the team at Yoga Varberg and 4 years with the team at Yoga Games. Last year I had the pleasure of joining Yoga Celebration for the first time. 

Thanks to partnering with first Malin Zaki (Zaki/Hernqvist and Zaki Entertainment) and later Jonathan Monks, we were able to contract the studio Our Space that has been our venue for some years. This space itself has been managed thanks to long and short-term partnerships with various organisations and people. 

Anders at Bobolo and I have spent many fun years collaborating on my websites (there have been a few over the years and new ones in the making, I just have too many ideas sometimes :-D) and I have worked with many a talented photographer: London based Debbie Castro, local talents Inez Sebalj, Johan Larsson with Malin Zaki, Christina Blom, Ottoson Photo and most recently Eli Vydrova on Bali. Gothenburg videographers Chris Westerström, and Carl Mezcla also come to mind as I write this lovely list of people and places that I have had the pleasure of working with.  

Liselotte Reivén, Anna Dahlman and Daniel Jarvid have partnered as teachers on my YM Teacher Training and last but never least my partnership with Jonathan in YogaMonks was naturally one of THE most significant partnerships of this decade of devotion.

Some partnerships naturally fell away as our work-schedules and life choices changed. Some partnerships are returning this year in the form of the NIA YOGA DANS Festival which I am in joy to be part of once again, as well as that my dear friend and partner in Raw Silence, Erica Palmcrantz Aziz and I are revisiting our signature retreat concept. This year has developed new partnerships where Mindfulness and Conscious Business Coach Jonas Freeman and I organized Breathe in Bali together - the yoga holiday I just came back from with rave reviews. Daniel Jarvid and I are now entering a partnership organizing holidays in Sri Lanka! This newsletter celebrates many of my current partnerships in full delight. Read on for our retreat and events menu 2017/2018 below. 

Thank you dear partners for you are partly in all that I have created in the past 10 years and you will always be part of some of the best life experiences that are parts of my heart.

To all our future cooperation and abundance in every way,

With Love,


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