Love Letter 6: to Sadhana

Posted: 7 August, 2017 By Blog

Dear Crew and Friends,

My teaching term ended with the absolutely wonderful Yoga Varberg weekend at the start of July. I enjoyed sharing 5 diverse and fun classes with interested, curious, open, and caring yogis and yoginis diving deeper into their practice for 3 days by the sea.
Thank you so much.

This month as I was reflecting on what aspect of my last 10 years I wish to give thanks to, it came to me that I need to give thanks to Sadhana itself. The daily practice that is my anchor and sky in every day.

In 2010, I took 8 months sabbatical from work in order to deepen my study in the YogaMonks Method studying with Jonathan and spending time in self-practice, also to visit Kriyaji as much as I could and learn the yogic spiritual practices from my Guru. I wanted deeply to develop my own steady trust and capacity in my daily practice. Some months into that sabbatical - somewhere between London and Sweden and on the way to Sri Lanka - an idea whispered loudly in my ear.

Start a course about daily practice. Teach others the benefit of practicing daily. 

The idea was crystal clear... though it took us a few years to crystallize the courses that we now teach, through successes, trials and errors and many students dedicating time and effort in practice. It is truly the product I am most proud of in my work so far. The Starting Sadhana Courses with the YogaMonks Method. Creating a daily ''daily practice'' for myself each day, filled with my YogaMonks Sadhana and y Guru given Sadhanas, has taken my life experience from ordinary to extraordinary in a multifaceted way.
I see similar experiences in the lives of my sadhana students and I owe the universal inspiration my deepest thanks for whispering in my ear, so loud and clear. 

In honor of our beloved practice we have here an invitation to show interest, if you or someone you know wishes to get on board the daily practice movement with us. Read on for details on how to show your interest via our website. As soon as you or we have gathered a group of 10-15 persons we will start a new course. It is that simple. Just let us know that you are interested.
Anna Dahlman is also inviting all my previous sadhana students who perhaps wish to restart their practice with us to join her Year 2 sadhana group. Read on for details and contact her to pick up where you left off in your YM practice. 

Erica and I soon need to inform Solhälla Kursgård about our booking for Raw Silence in October so the final date to let us know your interest for Raw Silence is July 30th. Thank you for registering on time so we can make this peaceful weekend in October a dream reality.

August 7th I'm officially back at work :) on for details on how to book our annual day retreat in Havstenssund organized by Anna Dahlman. This year involving the beat of drums. Sign up with Anna as per information below at least a week in advance so we know to expect you.

Meanwhile with Love and peace from a serene, sadhana filled and harmonious holiday,

Mithila on work-cation
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