decade dawning

Posted: 9 November, 2017 By Blog

Dear Crew and friends,

It has been a lengthy month of September and I am now in the middle of teaching the NIA YOGA DANS festival and my usual Sadhana course weekends. Today has been a very long and lovely day of work and I am quite tired but wanted to get this letter in before the month is over :-D.

Each month this year in my letters to you, I have reviewed my past 10 years as a yoga professional, honoring and giving thanks to the past. As I reflected on what I wanted to give thanks to this month I realized that I am not looking backwards anymore. My heart is now focused on the months and years ahead. A new decade dawning. New ideas for future courses, programs, services and more are now fresh in my meditations and I look forward to continue to share these with you. YogaMonks is a major part of that picture but there are also other works at play. My new Facebook page Mithila Kara is under development and I look forward to seeing you there if you are interested in following other creative ventures I am exploring. Welcome to like the page and follow the process.

Thank you to all students and friends who created and joined the big celebration on September 2nd. I had such a great time!
The launched photo book devoted to this past decade and other inspirational photo prints are now available for order via this link.

I am keeping the booking for the Sri Lanka retreat open another month, let me know if you are interested via links below. The retreat to Bali needs to be booked by December 1st.

I also want to give you a heads up for saving the dates of December 1-3rd for workshops with Guru Kriyaji in Gothenburg. Schedule and more coming up next newsletter. 

Wishing you a wonderful auburn autumn and until soon,
with Love

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the YM Method

- relieving you of common aches and pains
- supporting you with better posture and spine health
- giving you ease in movement, breath and being still
- preparing you for Hatha Yoga and other advanced spiritual practices

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Summer of Ceremony

A ceremonial summer of retreats with Mithila. A beauty filled place, rituals of yoga, spiritual talks and time together, good food and rest, gathering for guidance, giving back through prayer and energy medicines to heal ourselves and others and our planet. Maximum flexibility in investment in yourself based on your time and money budgets.

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What God Wants

This months Newsletter article:

''What God wants is so not what I had in mind when I left the city and moved to the countryside to write books, make art and create online yoga courses in 2018. But that is what Expansion will do to you. You will not know what will become of you once you are on that new platform of frequency. You have no idea who you really are in that new timeline.

Have you asked yourself lately: what does God want from me?
I daresay it is an adventurous question.
I wish you the greatest of conversations!''

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Lunar Home Retreat 7 days

Guaranteed a deepening of your personal practice ability and affect.
Be prepared to find meditation very easy in the environment that I create for you.
From February 1st to February 7th you can join me every day for a daily practice spiritual connection.

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