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Posted: 7 December, 2017 By Blog

Dear Crew and friends,

By some speed warp we have as always reached Christmas before we even noticed, and I look back on a year of marvelous change in 2017. This year I dedicated to reviewing my decade of Professional Life as a Yoga Teacher and I am grateful for every experience in this celebration. Every end of year I review my year past and meditate on the year coming to find out what theme, what flavor, what direction the new year is to take me. It is my own little New Years Resolution ritual. What is yours?

I wish you a sparkling Christmas full of love and giving, and that you receive a New Year of Light and Delight in every way. 

I end this year offering you a list of Yoga Holidays that I am planning for 2018. Let this be your travel edition taking you into Silence in May, Sri Lanka in late summer and to Mallorca for a brand new adventure with my dear friend and amazing dance teacher Malin Zaki for our new holiday for Movement Magic! All open for bookings now, and perhaps something to wish for this season of gifts.

I also have two new courses to share with you in partnership with Pilates Complete and stay tuned for future newsletters that will highlight my Drop In Lunch Classes that will be on Thursdays next term at Yoga Treats, the twice a month Evening Open Classes and Special Events with Guru Kriyaji in 2018. We have so much to share and co-create with you. Some of the dates are already on the calendar on the YM website front page. Take a peek to save the dates...

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Testimonial: Thank you dear Mithila, for a wonderful retreat at Kara House. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get away from everyday life for a short while and be blissfully treated and spoiled with Mithi's delicious food, beautiful surroundings and a loving atmosphere. I feel blessed and very grateful. _ Cecilia, silent day-retreat guest June 2019.

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