Breathe Better

Posted: 8 August, 2018 By Retreats and Workshops

Course 1: Breathe Better 

We all breathe, yet many of us do not use our breath consciously to improve our well being, our state of mind, our digestion, our mood etc...we can all learn to breathe better than we already do, but this takes practice.

The yogis knew and shared the wisdom of the breath as a path to the enlightenment of the human body and psyche. The first step on this journey, I find, is to start having a loving relationship with our breath bodies. 

On this course I share with you:

- tools to create a relationship with your breath and to get to know your breathing better

- the technique of the full yogic breath for daily self practice

- movement meditations to help you breathe better

- personal guidance to your breath practice 

- a simple practice with life changing results when done daily, to be taken with you after the course to continue on your own ( or with a teacher) with daily devotion 

- inspiration to breathe better


General for both courses

Though I highly recommend movement/excercises/hatha yoga as a complement and pre-cursor to both Breath and Sitting practices these two courses will only cover the specific techniques for these practices and very little movement meditations. For further study in movement meditations as well as Breath and Sitting practices, we refer to our YogaMonks Starting Sadhana Courses and classes and events

Courses are taught in English, though you can communicate with me in Swedish if you prefer.

Dates in Älvsered, Falkenberg, my home studio:

March 3rd, Sunday

April 7th Sunday

May 5th Sunday 

June 2nd Sunday


Course times:
Breathe Better: 11:00-12:30
Simply Sitting:  13:30-15:00

To bring : 

* Your positive decision to commit to daily practice during the course weeks to establish yourself in a long-lasting experience
* A woolen blanket to sit on/lie on.  Or yoga mat.
* A Journal and pen.

*your lunch/snacks

We provide beverages hot and cold.


720 SEK per course ( 4 sessions)

1080 SEK total when taking both courses (8 sessions)

Max class number

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