Wonder Week

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This program is about creating a maximum 15 minute self care regime per day that after months and years of application will gradually grow organically into more time, enjoyment and relaxation in your day. Delicious! 

–  Are you looking for good, simple, daily or weekly habits that can help support your vibrancy and your vision for the New Year of 2019

–  Are you motivated to discover HOW to become successful in implementing changes in habits and lifestyle?

–  Or Are you simply in need of a digitally detoxing, relaxing, rejuvenating, healthy holiday close to nature with the time to hear yourself?



There are so many things that are good for us and we are informed about them all the time and everywhere in health and happiness stories... yet many of us struggle to find the time and ways to implement holistic, healthy lifestyle enhancers that become more than a spur of the moment or short lasting change. Changes that actually can last and support our daily and weekly routines require a far simpler and more accessible approach than what many of us apply in our busy times.

This program is about creating a maximum 15 minute self care regime per day that after months and years of application will gradually grow organically into more time, enjoyment and relaxation in your day. You will access the benefit of the accumulation of good daily habits that grows in momentum over weeks and months and years. Delicious! THE ADDED BENEFIT is that you will learn how to access gradual change in ANY area where you wish to IMPROVE and ENHANCE your experience of living and thriving.



As a dedicated practitioner and yoga teacher (www.yogamonks.se) with the motto ’’Daily Does It’’. Having now nearly a decade of success in mastering my own daily discipline and helping my students access daily spiritual practice, I have learnt how to help myself and others in adapting any useful habitual change that improves our well-being and supports all we want to do in our daily and weekly lives. This adds up to how we experience ourselves over months and years and a lifetime. 


On a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis I use a number of techniques besides my regular yoga practice to clean, clear, clarify and connect my heart-mind, my body, my soul-spirit and my breath. This includes ayurvedic healthy physical habits such as:

  • ~  Oil-pulling (purification of the tongue and clearing toxins of the digestive system and sinuses)

  • ~  Dry brushing (purification of and assisting the lymphatic system)

  • ~  Lemon/ginger/water cleanses (digestion, general health and immune system)... As well as other tried and tested tools for creating a life of clarity and purpose through...

  • ~  Journaling (finding out what you want)

  • ~  Meditation (being quiet to hear guidance)

  • ~  Breath-work (to tune in and feel more)

  • ~  Visualization (to dream and realize the dream)

  • ~  Silence and solitude (to gather energy, inspirit, and nourish yourself, to enhance creativity and productivity) And more...

Spend 7 days with me in my beautiful and serene countryside dream home.



  • ~  Daily 2 hours of personal consultation time where we together go through a new habit and how to apply it in your life, repetition of principles and practices of the week.

  • ~  Daily 1-2 hours of creative playtime with activities such as painting, mood board making, reading or writing or any other personal artistic endeavor that you wish to pursue during your holiday. Bring your own or I will supply activities for you.

  • ~  Daily 1-2 hours in beautiful nature taking meditative walks, jogs, skips and jumps. I will guide you through finding some form of sustainable physical exercise that suits your body and lifestyle or you already have your personal program that you can spend time on during the week.

  • ~  A day of silence.

  • ~  Daily Delicious meals made together or served for you based on what suits your dietary needs.

  • ~  Free time to rest and digest your day.

    Make this a personal retreat or share the experience with a loved one. Maximum 2 participants per retreat week. 

We will create a bespoke program for your Wonder Week based on your needs from everything with respect to dietary needs for the meals and to previous experiences of the tools that you may already have brought into your life.
We will set the tone and create an accessible practical schedule for implementing these life enhancing changes during your 2019. This program is not about creating a hour or more long self-care regime per day or even per week. This program is about creating a 15 minute self care regime per day that after months and years of application will gradually grow organically into more time, enjoyment and relaxation in your day. You will access the benefit of the accumulation of good daily habits that grows in momentum over weeks and months and years. Delicious!


As a New Service and Seasonal special offering for 2019 available from January to June 2019 only 10 800 SEK.
After June the investment for this ’’one-to-one guided retreat’’ will be at the value of 16 000 SEK per person per week.

So at the value of ONLY the 2 hours per day of personal sessions with Mithila you also receive the food, lodging and creative activities for your stay in this 10 800 SEK week long holiday investment. Shared with a loved one: 9 000 SEK per person (max two persons per week).
Together we decide and book WHEN the Wonder Week will happen in your life.



Can you simply do this yourself? Yes, if we can create a space where we gradually implement change it is possible to study techniques, find what suits you and start doing them. I am offering a ’’Day of Wonder’’ one day introduction to the tools I use, a shorter version of the Wonder Week where you can learn some of the techniques and implement them yourself. However, if you have tried many times

to do this by yourself and still have not reached your personal goals for the healthy balance and well-being experience that you desire, then this guided week is for you.
It will help you understand HOW to do this in a sustainable, inspirational and beneficial way.


To the above week offering rate I will include two hours of preparatory planning before you arrive at my house, and a monthly 30 minute a month video conference follow up to keep you in good practice of your new routines for 6 months after the Wonder Week has been shared. Those who attend the Day of Wonder can deduct the rate of the day event from the Wonder Week total investment.

For testimonials of my work of teaching daily practice I refer to yogamonks.se

Sign up NOW for the Day of Wonder January 1st or April 14th (read separate info), OR email me straight away to book your Wonder Week 2019. Bookings and inquiries: info@lotuslectures.com


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